a few people already wondered why there wasn´t much
development in terms of Javascript from pre2 to pre4.
This warrants a bit of explanation.

Currently, there are two people working on the core V codebase;
that is me and David "Zapek" Gerber. For historical reasons -- the
V code is entirely from me originally -- David is concentrating on
adding new GUI features, working on the plugin API and doing
bugfixing on the more "obvious" part of the code base.

Doing Javascript and any core debugging is left for me, as I´m more
efficient in doing them -- I know the code better.

Now, during the pre3/pre4 cycle, I´ve personally totally
concentrated on debugging reported crash bugs. My goal is to
make V3 stable as a rock on all kind of Amiga platforms, and thus
I refraigned from adding features or trying to fix "light" issues (like
HTML layout problems or missing features, or missing Javascript
features -- esspecially Javascript is currently hardly usable mostly
due to NYI stuff, not bugs in the existing code)

Tracking down memory trashing, overflow or other crash-inducing
bugs is a time-consuming task, though. The last "major" crash bug
in V (the "large page" one) took nearly a week of work to trace,
track and kill.

That´s the main reason for the "slowdown" in development.

I´m quite sure, however, that with yesterday´s internal alpha all
reported crash issues are gone. I´m waiting for internal feedback
now, and if everything goes well, you will be able to enjoy a really
rock solid pre5 this weekend.

After that, I´ll be back on working on the JS implementation.
Oh, and PPC image decoders :)


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