ShadowWorks Software announces the Version 1.8b update to NewsRog, the
most advanced newsreader available for the Amiga platform.  NewsRog has
a wealth of features for the power user, many of them unavailable in
any other newsreader on any platform.

Version 1.8b includes 15 changes and improvements to version 1.8.

For a full list of major changes in this version, as well as
descriptions of major NewsRog features and example screenshots, see the
NewsRog preview page at:

The version 1.8b update is free to registered users and may be
downloaded from the "Updates" section of the above web page.


NewsRog is priced at (US) $35 plus shipping and handling.  Orders may
be placed by telephone by calling:

   (US) 1-303-659-4028

Or online via major credit cards from either of the following pages:    (unsecure)    (secure)

Free NewsRog updates may be downloaded from the Support web page.


NewsRog requires:

   o  MUI 3.8 or later
   o  8 Mb RAM & 8 Mb HD (more recommended)
   o  AmiTCP, Miami, or other compatible networking software
   o  A 68020 or faster CPU (68040+ recommended)

Only the Amiga version is available at this time.

See the NewsRog preview page at: