Paul Lesurf
Date    Thu, 14 Oct 1999 23:13:49 +0100
Subject [FUSION] Fusion PPC - Poor User Response

To all Amiga emulation users,

Blittersoft would like to make a statement regarding the response to the
Fusion PPC Amiga situation.

Whilst Microcode Solutions announced the 60 day countdown on September 20th,
there was not the required 500 prepayments that were supposed to trigger

As announced by Microcode Solutions, Blittersoft made the commitment for 500
orders to enable this product to actually see the light of day. This was
made with some confidence given the many users who stated they would pay
after the countdown began.

Unfortunately, despite over 600 pledges, we have seen about a third actually
prepay. Many have declined to authorise and the situation is that we have
backed this process believing the Amiga community who made a commitment
would actually follow through and keep their word. This is despite the
countdown being close to half way.

Whilst I accept that there will be those who circumstances may effect the
ability to complete their pledge, I think it is fair to say that this would
cater for a handful. It is sad to report that many people who pledged must
have done so without ever considering the consequences of failing to meet
this pledge.

Well, the consequences are that Blittersoft will not make this type of
gesture again. The same situation could well happen with the PCx PC
software. Again, there have been many requests (about 350) and it is
Microcode's intention is to begin the countdown for this after the Fusion
PPC is released and 500 pledges become 500 payments.

Blittersoft will be prepared to make the same gesture and back the product
to the tune of 500 orders if we receive the level of support promised by the
Amiga emulation community.

Everyone knows the situation with Amiga development. Piracy is still a big
problem and now it seems that even planned schemes to secure development can
also not be trusted.

The bottom line is that the Amiga needs quality support by it's users if
there is still to be quality development.

I will end with a simple request:

If you did pledge your suppport to pre-pay Fusion PPC and have not done so,
please reconsider and do so now.

Best wishes,

Paul Lesurf