From Sun Jun 13 13:07 MET 1999
From: Peter Price 
To: Amiga Universe ML 
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 12:02:41 +0000
Organization: The Amiga Universe Organisation
Subject: AUML: Statement re:

It is with regret that, following 100 hours of FTP server downtime, I
announce the closure of Amiga Universe, as hosted at

My reasons for this should be clear if you have been a regular visitor to
this site since May 1st. Fasthosts, the company who are pretending to host
the site, have repeatedly had long downtimes which have prevented both
visitors from reading the site, and now, me from updating it.

The events of this weekend have been the last straw. Fasthosts, in their
infinite wisdom, restored a two month old backup index.html which points
users AWAY from the site back to our old U-Net one.

I don't often make these kind of attacks, but Fasthosts must be one of the
most shambolic (dis)organisations I have ever had the displeasure of
encountering. I would not recommend them to my worst enemies. I doubt they
could plug in a kettle, much less a whole hosting company.

For the time being, until another host can be found, Amiga Universe will be
moving back to the U-Net site at This site
should be up and running again within the week.

My apologies for the repeated problems that have dragged AU through the mud
during the last 40 days. It has affected our visitor numbers, our
reputation, and had serious consequences on the colour of my hair and amount
still on my head.

Never, ever use Fasthosts, for your own good.

Until AU can find a hoster we can afford, this is me, signing off.

Best Regards
Peter Price                     Amiga Universe
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