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Subject: Re: Next Gen Amiga hardware
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 04:30:50 GMT
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In article <>, wrote:
> A potato resembling Briggsy miraculously spoke thus:
> > A lot of people have been posting their ideas of how the next
> > generation of Amigas should do graphics, sound etc...
> Judging from this month's Amiga Format interview with Jim Collas, the
> new Amiga is 'just' going to be a very high-spec PC running QNX.

I haven't read Ben's write up yet but I don't recall saying anything to
the effect that the new Amiga will just be a high-end PC. This isn't an
accurate statement if you are referring to a Wintel PC. The new Amiga
will be very different than a Wintel PC. The only elements we will
share are industry standards like PCI, USB, etc. These are computer
industry standards and not Wintel PC standards. I think it's obvious
why we need to support good industry standards when possible. CPU and
core chipset will definitely be different and we are still evaluating
graphics alternatives. The O/S, GUI, APIs, software structure, etc.
will all be completely different. The new Amiga will be as similar to a
Wintel PC as the Apple Mac is.

> To be honest I doubt the MMC ever existed, as he mentions Transmeta,
> MIPS, DEC Alpha, PowerPC, Project X and Glaze3D as all being possible
> candidate sfor the NG processor.
I am not sure what you mean by this.
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