Makers of Capital Punishment for Amiga and PC
              (copyright clickBOOM / PXL computers)
                and conversion of Myst for Amiga
      (copyright clickBOOM / PXL computers / Cyan / Sunsoft)

Belgrade, 11. feb. 1999.

The latest reactions from clickBOOM / PXL Computers regarding the development
of the games "Capital Punishment" and "Myst" have forced us to react and to
make a public statement about the facts exposed in the letter from Djordje Djurdjevic.

We've been silent for a long time and left all of this behind us because we were
cheated on from the beginning by Aleksandar Petrovic/clickBOOM/PXL Computers
and we wanted to forget about all this. We could not believe that this story could
go so far and we are very shocked to see how clickBOOM / PXL Computers, which should
be a serious Amiga games publisher, is denying the truth. In those reactions clickBOOM
indicated that we didn't work on any of these projects : Capital Punishment and Myst
for Amiga. This is completely untrue!

We all affirm and we can all prove that we are the real authors of Capital Punishment
(Amiga and PC version). Also we are the authors of the source code (about 70%)
for the conversion of Myst for Amiga (excluding the idea, all the graphics and all
the sounds from the Myst game, copyrighted by Cyan and Sunsoft).

As Authors we have all the material regarding the development of Capital Punishment
for Amiga and PC. We are in possession of all sources, graphics and music, and every
other utility that was made by us and used in the development of "Capital Punishment"
& "Beach" game projects. Also we are in possession of some unpublished materials
such as : extra Amiga level and character for Capital Punishment, the whole game
and hires menu for PC, etc...

Capital Punishment for PC is a completely finished game that has never been published,
but was supposed to be published before the Amiga version.

The "Beach" project that is also stated in Djordje's letter, is available for Amiga
and PC (but it is not finished, however).. Also we have the source code for the Amiga
conversion of Myst (about 70% of it).

The name of the team "clickBOOM" and the name of the game "Capital Punishment" were
given by Vladimir Ignjatovic, one of the former members of the team. As those names
are copyrighted by PXL Computers, we can't use them as if they were ours. Therefore
we will use the name "JUICE" as the name of our team.

We want, hereby, to warn all the Amiga community and all others to pay a great
attention about who they are dealing with. Young talents are being used by "bad money
hungry people" to make profit by getting quality games for a low development cost.

We hope you all can understand how much effort, knowledge and life time we have
invested in those projects.

We are calling all the people (fans, Amiga companies, game magazines, lawyers, etc...)
who could help us in any way to bring the truth to light.

Expect us to react on every following clickBOOM statement on the Internet concerning
the truth about us.

For all information, you can contact us at :


and at our home URL (we will announce the address soon)

We apologize, in advance, if we didn't mention all the copyrights
regarding the names of the games "Capital Punishment" and "Myst".

from the former members of the clickBOOM team and the members of the
team JUICE :

Dragan Jakovljevic           GFX          (alias jamon)
Dusko Gojovic (Dusan)        GFX          (alias pain)
Vladimir Ignjatovic          Amiga coding (alias kozmo)
Djordje Djurdjevic           Amiga coding (alias madcat)
Djordje Konstantinovic       Amiga coding (alias joe)
Vitomir Jevremovic           PC coding    (alias vita)
Bojan Belovic                PC coding    (alias fodder)
Nikola Tomic                 Music        (alias DJ.Nick)