From: Chris Seward 
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 14:49:19 +0000
Subject: NEWS: Amiga Competition phone line!

NEWS RELEASE 10/07/99:

Amiga Information Online magazine is proud to present the first Amiga
only competition phone line open to users ALL over the world. This
competition line is sponsored by Access Technology - 0800 0 83 20 53

Each month we will be offering a main BIG prize to the lucky winner who
can answer the question required. As this is an Amiga competition
line there will be a BIG chance of winning.

Each month you will beable to enter the competiton by phoning,


*0906 613 57 50*

(Calls charged at 60p per min, calls should last no longer than 1 min,
ie. JUST 60p a call)

Rest of World :

*+44 906 613 57 50*

(Please check with your telephone company for call charges)

*This months prize* :

Complete Amiga/PC audio setup including brand new dual standard 56k voice
modem with built in speakerphone, headset  microphone, stereo speakers,
earphones and s/w for either PC or Amiga (STFax Pro or SuperVoice Pro)

Worth : *=A385.00*

*This months question* :

The name 'Amiga' was used as a codeword by its original inventors, but
what does it mean?

1) It's Greek for 'machine'
2) It's Spanish for 'girlfriend'
3) It's Italian for 'the very first'

If you think you know the answer then phone the competition line on,

Uk : *0906 613 57 50* or RoW : *+44 906 613 57 50*

Each month a new prize will be available so phone once per month after
each new issue of Amiga Information Online is released (

Sponsored by Access Technology - 0800 0 83 20 53

Chris Seward
Editor of Amiga Information Online
Amiga website