San Diego, CA - June 10th 1999 - Amiga announces availability of Nomination
Forms for the Amiga Advisory Council. 

As the company moves forward, the advisory council will be influential in
helping to set the future direction of Amiga, with a special focus on the
needs and desires of the existing Amiga community.

The Council will be made up of representatives from the Amiga community.  Once
the Nomination forms have been faxed in, then Amiga management will select
representatives from the developer, press, dealer/distributor, user group, and
general user communities.

Amiga will be evaluating and selecting the candidates based on the following

* Experience with the classic Amiga products
* Experience with the various Amiga user groups or similar Amiga community
  organization (such as ICOA, Brainiac, UGN, Team Amiga, Jay Miner Society,
  AmigaSOC, D.A.U.G.)
* Amiga Dealers and Distributors
* Amiga Developers
* Communication with the Advisory council will be in English and will primarily
  be done via the Internet.

Amiga has already begun receiving numerous Nomination forms, and we are closing
the nominations on June 19th, 1999.

The council will be selected and announced the first week of July.

Nomination forms can be found at the Amiga Web Site.

It is also available at several other web sites throughout the Amiga Community, here
are two other locations where the form can be found:

Czech Amiga News or News

"In order to make Amiga a great company, delivering the type of innovative products
that users desire, it is imperative that the Spirit of Amiga flow throughout our
products, and that Spirit is the community."  Said Jim Collas - President of Amiga

Please visit one of the web sites listed above, and nominate your Amiga Advisory
Council member.