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Subject: Jim Collas
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 1999 07:18:43 GMT
From: vivekvp@yahoo.com
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Just thought i would share this - i emailed jim collas of amiga with my
opinions.  he emailed me back the next day:
From: Victor Prasad 
Sent: Thursday, April 08, 1999 1:11 AM
To: jim.collas@amiga.com
Subject: Amiga opinions

Read you open letter from the Amiga Web Directory. My opinions are relatively
simple but I think they are valid.

1. The longer the wait - the more support is lost. ie. show something soon
 to the existing community.  morale is important too.

2. Marketing. Amiga does not market very well. Let the word out. People remember
Vic20, C64 and Amigas - computer nostalgia will bring in new people

3.  More software for Amiga - people want spreadsheets, browsers and word
processort - they expect them as standard

4. Net/Web integration - look into high speed internet access like norte's dsl

5.  people do not like changing computers every 12 months - like macs - they
change ever couple of years.

6. nice tight programming - no memory pigs - 12 megs for netscape???!

7. a cheap naked stripped down machine that does the job - something like an
imac - but a better amiga version.  that amiga os still is pretty amazing.

thanks for the info - and support.  i am still hanging in there...

victor prasad

From: "Collas, Jim" 
To: vivekvp@Spliced.zzn.com
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 10:45:23 -0500

Victor,  Thanks you for your support and input. One your comments:

1) We are working as fast as we can. You will see continuous progress in the
next several months.

2) We will turn on aggressive marketing when we have some significant new
technology by the end of the year.

3)We are working closely with software companies for more standard software.

4)Net/Web integration is a strong requirement that we will address.

5) I agree with stability. People in the PC industry change because of extreme
O/S and architecture inefficiency. We will not need to do this.

6)Nice tight programming is a must. This is why we have chosen QNX as a  kernel.
The QNX kernel is a micro-kernel and everything they do is extremely tight.
We will continue this.

7)We will have a great new low-end but high-performance machine. Hange in there.

Thanks again for the insight and support

Sincerely, Jim