Dear Amiga users,

during the last few days a lot of missunderstanding happened, regarding
our original news, covering the letter of Djordje Djurdjevic, probably
the former programmer of ClickBoom. We received letter from  Sofia
Tsiotsikas, asking us to not post links to unchecked story...

But we discussed a lot about it, and decided to don't do so, just
because the story seems to be too real to be constructed. Yes, it was
our choice, but you should also understand, we consider ourselves as an
independent news service, and eventually hurting some company by someone
else's statement is not our bussiness, so all we did was - we covered
some news for people visiting our news site, while having nothing
personal against ClickBoom. Try to believe us on this....

A few days ago, we found out, there is another site covering the story,
but not only the original article, but also covering correspondence with
PXL Computers Inc., threatening author of the page
(, Johan Roonblom,
with filling the legal action against him, because of breaking some
copyrights. We discussed the situation, and decided to not publish link
to above site, unless we will not be sure, more information is available
to us. The communication between Johan and PXL seems to be over, and now
everyone of us can make his/her own conclusion.
My own conclusion is that I don't understand, why PXL regarded situation
to be so bad to threat someone with filling legal aciton against him.

Hadn't Carl Sassenrath or Jim Drew provided us both with similar story
about their former emloyers?

What is the difference? What's the point asking us to remove such story?
How can we know, the story is really untrue? We simply can't. Beeing
ClickBoom or PXL I would stay silent, not commenting on anything, or
just provide us with its own story. That's how I think company should
act. Asking news service for removal of an article, is in my opinion,
well, unprofessional, at least without further explanation. How I said -
it's my opinion. And I have the right to have my own opinion. Everyone
has! We are not robots. It seems we live in the world of commerce, full
of press releases and lawyer, forgetting we are human beeings. Working
for some company, emloying 12000 people, meeting management people on
daily basis, I know what I am talking about. More friendly and open
communication wouldn't hurt anyone of us, including me, of course.

The day after, in the evening, when preparing new news articles, we
found one interesting on AmiSITE news page. You can read how we covered
the news. Sadly, it seems my knowledges of English did very bad job
here. I was slightly dissappointed, why ClickBoom provided exclusivity
to AmiSITE. Why? Just because in my opinion every amiga news service
knew already of new, prepared, not online yet web site of ClickBoom -
the portal. So I called it "the secret page". Sofia, as you can see now,
I was not pointing at "the article" page, but ClickBoom's "secret" page,
as I know the address, but most people don't. Then I tried to be a
little bit ironic, saying something like "maybe we should remove the
article, when asked", because I couldn't understand, why also another
news services not received the invitation to enjoy web site opening. So
that "you can read between the lines". But probably the most problematic
part was quoting the AmiSITE news article. I was informed by Sofia, it
looks like saying "above sentences were written by ClickBoom", but hell
no! I didn't want to let it look this way. It was just my inability to
properly translate what I meant. The Czech traslate was of course
alright, because I had really no bad intentions to hurt ClickBoom.

So, I would like to take this oportunity here, to apologize to ClickBoom
and AmiSITE, for saying something that could hurt them, and will follow
with further explanation:

We are from Czech Republic, as you surely know, the name of our service
says it all. Our country is just only some 10 years away from the
communism. Can anyone of you imagine, what does it mean? You know, we
were forced to learn russian here in Czech Republic. I remember that
times very well. So nowadays, maybe even children in the basic school
knows better english than me. I think even this letter is full of bugs,
but well, you have to choose what we should to do.
I sit in front of computer for more than 12 hours daily and all I do for
the Amiga is just voluntary job, not beeing cheep for me (price vise).
During the week, I sleep only 4 to 5 hours daily, because of preparing
the news. Together with ExiE we both feel ourselves very tired
sometimes, as our work on Czech Amiga News site is hard and everyday
work, not beein all that fun from time to time. We are just two people
doing the job. AmiSITE suggested we should take some translator, but
well, it would have to be the person becoming part of our news service,
working with us on a daily basis, on-line, because we can't accept even
1 day delay, so we don't think the situation is solvable for us

Well, that's all for now. The letters from Sofia (ClickBOOM)
and Tom Hurst (AmiSITE) are attached.

My last note to so called "article". - It would be against my morale to
hurt ClickBoom, as I have no personal relation to the content of "the

Thank you for your attention ...

Sincerely yours,

Petr -pekr- Krenzelok
Czech Amiga News