AMIGA has annouced that Dr, Allan Havemose, Vice President of Engineering,
will be present at AmiWest'99 along with two members of his staff, Richard
Lipes, Director of Multimedia Services, and Jim Miller, Director of User

Dr.  Havemose has a long history with the Amiga.  He was the European
Technical Support Manager for Amiga - building the European Amiga
developers program at Commodore ESCO, Manager Amiga Software Development
and Director of Systems software for OS 2.1 to 3.1 at Commodore
International in the US.

Dr.  Havemose will be presenting a technological update on the New
Generation Amigas at the show and also conducting a question and answer
round table discussion as one of the seminars.

Mockups of the new Next Generation Amigas are expected to be shown at the
show.  We also expect a presentation on the new Amiga 3.5 OS for the
Classic Amigas at the show.

Another Amiga pioneer, Carl Sassenrath, will also be present at AmiWest to
present seminars on his well known Rebol language.  Carl was the Manager
of Operating Systems for Commodore Amiga, Inc.  and designed and
implemented the original Amiga OS.

AMIGA has also donated two Amiga 1200HDs with Magic Packs which will be
given away as grand prizes at the end of the show days on both Saturday
and Sunday.

Hourly raffles will be held on both Saturday and Sunday where prizes,
donated by the vendors and other sources, will be given away.  These can
include hardware as well as software.  You must be present at the raffle
to obtain your prize.  We will not ship prizes.

AMIGA has also provided an assortment of the round Amiga mouse pads and
the "Back for the Future" CDs which will be given away during the hourly
raffles.  Among the other prizes so far donated by vendors are Directory
Opus Megellan from GPSoftware, four packs of the Magic Software Bundle
from Compuquick, and various prizes from Software Hut.

Remember, AmiWest99 is being held on Friday through Sunday, July 23-25, at
the Holiday Inn, Sacramento NorthEast, in Sacramento, CA.  Classes and
seminars will be held Friday through Sunday with the exhibit hall being
open on Saturday, July 24th from 10 A.M.  - 5 P.M and Sunday, July 25th 10
A.M.  - 4 P.M.

Specially priced tickets for AmiWest99 are available in advance by mail.
Prices are: two day admission tickets, $12 and one day admission ticket,
$8.  If you elect to purchase tickets at the door, the prices are:  two
day ticket at the door, $15 and One day ticket at the door, $10.  If you
are ordering a one day ticket by mail, please specify which day (Saturday
or Sunday) you are attending.

There will be a banquet dinner on Saturday evening, July 24th.  Price is
$35 per plate.  Banquet tickets must be purchased in advance.  They will
NOT be sold on Friday nor Saturday due to the hotel needing attendance
figures for planning the banquet.

You can mail your requests for advanced admission and banquet tickets to:

      c/o Sacramento Amiga Computer Club
      P.O. Box 19784
      Sacramento, CA 95819-0784

Make checks payable to "AmiWest".

Special hotel room rates are available at the Holiday Inn for those
attending AmiWest99.  Room rates are $ 79 (Single) and $ 89 (double) if
reservations are made by July 1.  You must mention that you are attending
AmiWest to get the special rate.  You can phone the Holiday Inn at
1-916-338-5800, 1-800-388-9284 (Tool Free - Hotel directly) or
1-800-465-8329 (Toll Free - Holiday Inn Reservation Number) to make hotel

Hope to see you at AmiWest99 on July 23-24, 1999,

John Zacharias, Chairperson, AmiWest99
AmiWest website