AmigaSoc the UK usergroup UGN representative body will be hosting a
Shareware stall at World of Amiga 1999.

Basically there are a number of reason why we are running the shareware
scheme, and none of them is to make money!

We have been involved with the Amiga for a long time now, and we recognise
that a large part of the software available for the Amiga is, or has been
at some time, shareware.

Software is what keeps a computer alive and with the decreasing commercial
market we realise that shareware is becoming more and more important
on the Amiga.

Here is a list of Shareware authors who have confirmed their participation
so far and have agreed for us to sell their products for them.

Vapourware Products

Virus checker II                   Alex van Niel

F1GP-ED                            Oliver Roberts

CyberShow                          Helmut Hoffmann

Mapplug                            Esteve Box

MagiC64                            Michael Kramer

Diamond Caves I
Diamond Caves II                   Peter Elzner

Star Trek: A Call To Arms          Frank Mathieson

MysticView                         Timm S Mueller

We are also in negotiation with:
Jean-Francois Fabre and his famous Amiga games patches/hard drive

A large number of Amigans use shareware programs but have never registered
them. Many want to, but to be honest, find it is too much hassle with
conversion rates to change money into foreign currencies, etc.

We want to support the Amiga and you in any way we can. We would like to
see shareware authors being rewarded for the hard work they have done, and
we hope our scheme will encourage you to keep supporting the Amiga.

We don't hope to gain anything out of this free service A small fee of
maybe 50 pence extra will be charged to customers, to cover our costs of
duplicating disks, stand hire, etc),

As an organisation we hope to keep the Amiga going, with your help we can.

The World of Amiga attracts thousands of Amigans annually. Don't miss out.

If you would like to help us to help you, then please contact Chris
Livermore of AmigaSoc at for further details.

Other resources:
World of Amiga website
AmigaSoc website
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