June 10th, 1999 - Blittersoft have announced today that as a special offer
we will be giving Fusion and PCx 68K emulation
packages away free to all customers who do not own this software and are
willing to prepay for the PPC modules.

Fusion and PCx PPC modules will be released *IF* it can be assured that 500
pre-orders for each module are received.

In order to make this viable, Microcode Solutions need to receive a minimum
of 500 pre-orders.

So, if you are interested in Macintosh or PC emulation, but only wish to own
PPC versions, you can now do so without having to purchase
the 68K programs as well. This will amount to an additional saving to those
supporting the PPC pre-order offer.

This offer is strictly limited to those pledging to pre-order until the 500
minimum quantity is reached and *only* to those who do not already
own the programs.

If you would like full details on price and release schedules, and the
chance to make your pledge, please visit the following page on our

Please register your support and make this happen!