> just wondering, what happened to company called Pios, when there is no
> web site. Is pios now know as metabox?

Basically. At the shareholders' meeting on August 19, the shareholders
voted to change the name from PIOS Computer, AG to Met@box Infonet, AG.
The primary reason for this was beyond our control -- the trademark
lawyer PIOS retained in Germany failed to discover that another company
had applied for the PIOS trademark, roughly two week before we filed. 

> And why so change after so much long time spent on Pios One development.

Again, it's beyond our control.

> Is Pios One computer project cancelled?

No. However, we are not large enough to do everything at once. Since the
beginning of the PIOS One project, we've been, in some way or another,
either chasing or being chased by the MacOS. PIOS' main income has been
PowerMac "clones" (using Motorola and UMAX motherboard, and first
others', then our own CPU modules). This market is, soon enough, coming
to a permanent end, as there are roughly 25,000 UMAX motherboards left,
they're the last ones in the business of making these, the only with a
license, and they are not continuing in the Power Mac market. 

Because of this, and Apple's former decision not to license, we're
caught without a large market product. The PIOS One, with MacOS, could
have had a broad enough appeal to very likely follow up and even expand
on our MacOS business. Without it, we have BeOS and Liunx -- both fine
operating systems, but not necessarily large enough markets, today, to
carry us on this single product.

Meanwhile, we negotiated exclusive rights to a unique
data-over-television broadcast system, working in conjunction with the
German telecom group that funded the original research on this.
They approached us about building a low-cost player, ironically very
similar in concept to the PowerAmiga machine we had envisioned while
working for Amiga Technologies.

This is now the Met@box, and it's the product our investors are the most
excited about, thus the number one priority. The
machine-formerly-known-as-PIOS-One is not cancelled, but won't get
additional work until the Met@box work is done, hopefully early this fall
(at least on the hardware side).
I have been assured by the highest level management that there's still
interest in completing the PIOS One. While this additional and unforseen
delay is unfortunate for all the fans of the work we're trying to do
with the high-end systems, obviously building a new system to our ruin
serves no one. 

> Will be Pios/Metabox interested in AmigaOS NG?

Quite. The Met@box currently runs Liunx, but something like AmigaOS NG
would probably have been a much better choice, had that been an option.
We also looked at using the BeOS here, but Be, Inc. clearly doesn't
understand the licensing differences between a $500 set-top computer and
a $1500 desktop. We couldn't affored BeOS here, and quite frankly, the
networking support in Liunx, more critical than you might think for the
way it handles its unique networking tricks, is more mature under Liunx

Most of us are Amiga fans from long ago, still, and we're certainly
interested in the directions that AmigaOS NG will take. Given the
flexibility of the PIOS One architecture, it's quite possible that we
could support any and all CPU/MMC/etc. magic they're planning for the
Amiga NG reference platform. This could give us the first system on the
market, if we get the details in time. Obviously, it has to stand as a
sound business decision.

And as much as I'm sad to delay the One again, I'm also glad to see the
company working to stay alive. After years of stupid management
decisions at Commodore, I'm certainly more than prepared to make the
right decisions, even if they're not the easiest ones for me personally.

Dave Haynie  | V.P. Technology, PIOS Computer |  http://www.metabox.de
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