Session Start: Mon Aug 24 06:04:21 1998

«pekr»      a few further questions ... :-)
«TA»        ok
«pekr»      why Amiga classic on PCI card is needed for OS5dev box, when
            new OS is not supposed to run on old hw?
«TA»        The new OS will not run on old hardware. The Inside-Out is so
            developers can still run amiga software.
«pekr»      aha, so is it needed for OS5 dev?
«TA»        I do not think so. But it will be helpful.

«pekr»      My imaginations of programming model of
            emulated-on-another-platform OS is limited, but when I want
            to write progs for such OSdev, I need some language (C++
            probably), so is Ainc. decided what language will be supported?
            Will developers need to buy it separately?
«TA»        I have heard that C++ and Java will be hot topics.
«pekr»      yes, I understand it so far, but let's say I simply wanna
            write some app for OS5dev, so I need some language to acomplish
            it ...
«TA»        C++ and Java.
«TA»        most any OO language.
«pekr»      Yes, but :-) - do I have to buy it? Hey, it costs something :-)
            Maybe that's the reason they should use linux, because of "free"
            languages ...
«TA»        I don't know if you will have to buy it or if it will be part of
            the developer package that comes with an ICOA membership.
«Dave_C»    pekr: There are free and shareware C and C++ packages
«pekr»      will be Olaf's RKMs published in CD-ROM version and distributed
            via ICOA too?
«TA»        Either by ICOA or AI.
«pekr»      Dave: of course, for all mentioned platforms? (windows, be, linux)
«Dave_C»    C/C++ *should* be cross portable....
«Dave_C»    that's the whole idea of the languages.
«Dave_C»    basic ANSI stuff anyway.
«pekr»      Will OS5dev include MMCR emulation?
«TA»        yes, in some ways. It wouldn't be a developmental box if not.
«Dave_C»    API specific stuff would require the api specific includes etc.
«pekr»      Dave: I know, I mean - if we can find C++ for Windows let's say
            free of charge

«pekr»      Also mentioned somewhere - dev box (concerning hw) will has some
            extras(?), so when I will have some super-duper PC at home (PII,
            400 MHz), could I use it?
«TA»        pekr: Yes, you could probably use it as far as we know right now.
«Dave_C»    afaik, any x86/233 or better will work, but the A/V cards will
            be limited.
«Dave_C»    or rather the supported drivers will be limited as the Dev box
            is a temporary machine and we shouldn't be 'on' that machine
            too long.
«pekr»      Yes, do you know what one or two cards are going to be supported?
«Dave_C»    nope.. not yet
«TA»        pekr: Not yet on the cards.
«Dave_C»    only speculation
«pekr»      so drivers don't exist yet :-)
«Dave_C»    speculation is something that GW has and usues.
«Dave_C»    not to *my* knowledge
«TA»        pekr: That isn't what was said by me. We have not been told yet
            what cards will be supported.
«TA»        That will all beannounced closer to November-December.
«Dave_C»    yup....
«pekr»      december - the show time :-)
«Dave_C»    as I said, all we have ATM is speculation
«TA»        also, don't expect OS dev5 to be a complete roll-out then.
            I think they will roll it out in modules.
«Dave_C»    if it was me, I'd use something that I had access to.....but
            I'm not AI or Gateway.
«pekr»      modules - enought to start studying APIs
«TA»        yes ...
«TA»        sections, pieces rather than a complete OS beta. I just suspect
            it will take longer than till Nov-Dec to get the whole OS written.
«pekr»      I'm confused by kernel question :-) OS5dev is going to have
            different one from final version ... From the programmers point
            of view, does it matter?
«TA»        pekr: The kernel is something to ask fleecy about.
«TA»        I just don't have answers about the kernel.

«pekr»      will there be complete OS team announced by Cologne?
«TA»        or the chip.  :)
«TA»        pekr: That isn't AI's style to announce a "team". Dr Allen
            Havemose is heading that up and that is all they will probably
«TA»        Notice on the web site, they only list managers.
«TA»        whereas on Amiga Int site they list everyone.
«TA»        well, gotta run. Bedtime here for me.
«TA»        see you guys later.

«pekr»      I just wonder how all that NDAs work :-) Don'T you think it is
            strange just some AInc. knows of some chip development?
«TA»        pekr: NDA's are strange things. I do not have an NDA. All of Ainc
            knows about the chip development.
«TA»        my NDA is my word and my honor.
«pekr»      Some under-X-Files company develops some super-chip, just to be
            used in Amigas? Maybe MS is negotiating too about porting their
            crappy OSes to it :-)
«TA»        I have no idea and have nothing I can say about the chip.
«pekr»      I hope RKMs are going to be available for cologne too ...
«TA»        for amigaNG or for OS3.1?
«pekr»      3.1
«pekr»      When aproximately ICOA starts registrations?
«TA»        Hopefully they will be. They are working on the latest
            stuff Olaf sent in.
«TA»        anyways,cya!