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«pekr»      ha, Fabian Jimenez & Gary Peake here? :-)
«NiteFlite» hmmm
«jamesc»    Well that was all very interesting...
«pekr»      what was interesting? :-)
«TA»        yes, what was interesting?  :)
«jamesc»    But what was it? :)
«TA»        HBO has one heck of a fight on between arturo gatti and robinson.
«jamesc»    Okay. Learning time. 1. Who are HBO?
«TA»        Home Box Office, a pay for view cable channel.
«pekr»      and who's robinson?
«pekr»      Newtek, eh?
«TA»        Boxing After Dark is the name of the series and they have had
            some reaaly good boxers.
«pekr»      hmm, my English, doesn't understand context what are you talking
            about :-)
«TA»        Robinson is a former stable mate of Gatti's. They used to be
            sparring partners for one of the light heavy-weight boxers whose
            name I can't recall.
«TA»        pekr: Boxing, ring fighting, 10 rounds type stuff.
«pekr»      yeah, something like Tyson eating ears ...:-)
«TA»        you got it.
«jamesc»    Well that all makes sense now :)
«TA»        pekr: where are you from?
«pekr»      Gary: you and Fleecy are doing damned good job in c.s.a.m - it's
            better support one could wish ...
«pekr»      me? OK, Czech Republic, maybe former known as Czechoslovakia,
            but Slovak Rep. wanted to go own way ...
«TA»        pekr: Thanks, it took a while to get him to do that, but I am glad
            I could talk him into it. We may get Bill M there as well.
            He is almost persuaded. :)
«TA»        pekr: Good to have you visit us here.
«pekr»      But one important question I haven't seen covered yet: it was
            said OS5dev will not run on Windoze soft, so what OS is going to be
            used? - It's not IMHO belonging under NDA....
«TA»        Kinners: Fleecy has agreed to do a monthly irc chat with us. He
            will also try to bring a special guest when he comes. The guest will
            always be a surprise though.
«Kinners»   oooh.. mystery guest :)
«TA»        pekr: OS5Dev will run under M$ IF you want to, either windows or
            NT. But you can use anything else as well, Linux, Beos, etc
«pekr»      TA: yes, I will visit you as much as possible - my friend (ExiE)
            wants some news for Czech Amiga News (
            the only one problem is - timezone, and well, our English :-)
«TA»        pekr: Anything you do not understand here, just ask for an explanation.
«pekr»      aha, thanks - and, will it be possible to just buy Amiga Card and
            use PC I have at home? Is it already known, which one or two gfx
            cards are drivers going to be provided for?
«TA»        pekr: Basically, yes, except the actual developer system will be a
            special system devloped for that purpose as far as speed, etc is
«Kinners»   TA: How fast a PC will I need?
«TA»        It will not be the standard PII you find out on the street now.
«TA»        Kinners: 233 at least to be effective.
«TA»        more if possible.
«Kinners»   As per usual :)
«pekr»      As for your email to TA ML replying to Dr. Kittel's argument
            about shortage of AGA, what about Mick's AA+?
«TA»        Gateway will probably actually build the reference developer
            machines for AI.
«TA»        pekr: Mick Tinker is going to be an integral part of the whole plan
            real soon now. His Amiga Inside-Out is gonna fly under Siamese.
«pekr»      Do you think it will be possible to get some HW directly at
            Cologne with some price-down?
«Kinners»   Will any be given (for free) to big name development companies?
«TA»        And the AA+ stuff should prove quite good.
«pekr»      TA: is Inside Out the same PCI card covered on the Siamese web site?
«TA»        pekr: Yes.
«pekr»      Kinner: hey, they should pay for it, as me, the ordinary man :-)
«TA»        Kinners: None of the big name developers want that. They just want
            support if they come with us.
«TA»        AI is going to give them that support!
«Kinners»   ok
«pekr»      Gary: one important question, is ICOA registration possible now?
            I mean registration for that 25 USD & what I can get by registering
            in this category?
«TA»        pekr: Not yet, we are redoing the entire web site and will eventually
            move it to another server owned by the icoa. As soon as this is done,
            then we will have our database up and running.
«TA»        For the $25 annually, you will get read only access to the icoa
            mailing lists, plus some extra's like notes from DevCon's, etc.
«pekr»      how many separate ML's are running under ICOA wings now, as public
            ICOA channel seems to be almost dead?
«TA»        pekr: We have 6 mailing lists tight now. The public icoa mailing
            list is probably dead as none of the principals really attend to it.
            It is done by Alain Penders.
«pekr»      TA: OK, let's say I am a programmer, just in PC field (working on
            IS for sales dep of some company), but am not familiar with Amiga
            programming yet. Let's say I want to register as regular developer,
            but as far as I have read - one has to proof his capabilities, but my
            Experiences with coding on Amiga are not so good yet. Will ICOA
            enable me registering in developer category?
«TA»        pekr: Yes. What they try to do is keep out people who are only
            there to lurk or who have no idea what is going on.
«TA»        If yuou know C or C++ or any of the OO languages, you will have no
«TA»        also, Java is vitally important to teh AmigaNG.
«pekr»      TA: one advance: as Dr. Kittel and Joanne stated, we need
            something to get students to new Amigas. Hey, students are
            potencional future IS managers, and when they will not meet Amigas
            in colleges, it's not good, so one app&company to Bill's list:
            Matlab of Mathworks :-)
«TA»        ICOA is a very focused group. From reading the mailing lists you
            will see that the people involved are very serious about what they do.
«pekr»      OO programming I use:  (textbox{SELF,"bla
            bla",oWin:str(oDBServer:Recno)}):show() :-)
«TA»        pekr: I will make sure he gets that. BTW, I speak with the AI guys
            on a regular basis, so anything they need to know I try to alwasy
            opass to them in case they have missed it.
«TA»        pekr: Then you have no problems if you know OO.
«pekr»      C++, something Carl Sassenrath and Fleecy Moss loves so much :-)
«pekr»      oh, bug in my code :-), str on wrong place....
«TA»        someone brought up trying to develop a new VisualAmigaBasic.  :)
«Kinners»   How will advertising be done?  Will it be left up to the
            companies making the machines, a joint venture between those companies
            and AI, or just AI?
«TA»        pekr: I think fleecy doesn't like C++ so much ... :)
«pekr»      I will try to dig with more classical areas as databases (I work
            with it some time on PC and has several experiences ...)
«TA»        Kinners: A combo of all sorts of things once the OS5Prod is
            available. Keep in mind that AI is going to develop a reference platform
            for hardware and ONLY STB's to sell plus the new OS to license. Other
            hardware will be left tothird party strategic partners like Pios or Mick
            or whoever might sign on.
«pekr»      Nor Carl, reading his first articles after Viscorp debacle is
            about full of junk: MS, C++, HTML, etc. :-)
«TA»        pekr: Of course, both Carl and fleecy have the ability to design
            their own languages if they desired (REBOL) for instance.
«TA»        pekr: That makes them a little more cynical of what is out there to use.
«pekr»      One thing I don't understand about MMC yet - is it something like
            a Hombre in design, I mean, if I can use some real processor with it,
            and use it just for multimedia?
«pekr»      REBOL rulez, I am just pre-beta testing it ... well done job IMHO
«pekr»      if you can't say something, just say NDA :-)
«TA»        pekr: The MMCR is actually a chip that can be used as a cpu or as a
            multimedia chip if desired. It is programmable. It can also
            be used in multi-processor enviroments.
«TA»        pekr: But I can't say more than that. That is fleecy and
            AI's area. It is hands off to me.
«pekr»      TA: what was all the Amiwest(?) mess about - Billy saying
            something like -we are investigating three chips now? Does it mean
            several companies are working on similar products?
«TA»        pekr: Nope, there are several strategic partners want AI to use
            their product. Bill M and Fleecy are or were negotiating with
            them all.
«TA»        I don't think AI is willing to close any doors on what may be a
            good deal for us and them.
«pekr»      several partners of MMCR production, if I understand correctly?
«TA»        pekr: But there are others working in similar areas. I didn't mean
            "NO" to that part. The thing they are doing is looking at all
            options and taking the best.
«TA»        pekr: Right, several production partners they are talking with.
«pekr»      MMCR, what's "R"? :-)
«TA»        risc I think.
«pekr»      are all the MMCR's going to be revolution in computing? I mean -
            PPC G4 in copper with SOI and Altivec is not going to be bad
            IMHO too.
«TA»        Took that from the amiga inc slideshow slides from amiwest.
«pekr»      yes, thanks, now I remember
«TA»        pekr: What is happening is actually a whole generation is
            computing is being skipped or jumped over at this time. We will
            soon be able to do things with computers that people would have
            never dreamed just a year or two ago. And it will happen by the
            year 2000.
«pekr»      But as someone already stated. Isn't it about say nothing or say
            everything? If someone wants to spy AInc. - they will get here
            and on c.s.a.m., etc ...
«TA»        Advances in electronics and chip making and powering those chips
            has taken a full life jump in the last six months or so.
«pekr»      TA: interesting :-)
«TA»        pekr: So far, nothing said can be taken very far. What fleecy and I
            have been saying is almost what all the computer companies
            are saying.
«pekr»      But how are you sure MS is not investigating this area too and
            providing WinXY for it?
«TA»        pekr: Think of this ... what used to take 5 volts to power a chip
            as lowly as the 68000 can now power a chip 2-10 times as powerful
            as the 68000 in 1 volt.
«TA»        That means less heat, more power in the same box just by using a
            new chip.
«pekr»      TA: why the decision of kernel was not announced as planned?
«pekr»      wow, god, what's that? :-)
«pekr»      IBM with SOI and PPC announced chips in 1.8 volt and 3 watts
«TA»        pekr: Think of this 25mhz was at about 3-5 volts. Now we have
            400mhz at one volt.
«Kinners»   Interesting stuff about the iMac, bodes well for a new Amiga -
«pekr»      TA: what is Intell going to do with their crap in year 2K? I
            think some dreams about super-duper Merced are shaking ....
«TA»        pekr: The kernel is being worked on and fleecy is talking about it
            in c.s.a.m. now.
«TA»        Kinners: I agree, the IMac spells good news for the AmigaNG.
«TA»        pekr: I agree that Merced is shaky right now.
«pekr»      yes, but not even answered my question, if it is some kernel we
            already know, with some specialities added for ainc's needs
            or something completly new done by third party ...
«TA»        pekr: The OS5DEV kernel is being made from bits of a kernel we
            already know. The OS5PROD kernel will be all new as I understand.
            But fleecy is the expert there, so do not quote me.
«pekr»      I just wonder, the MMCR maker is not someone of classic processor
            makers, 'cause when you look at IBM's, it's just
            about top technology in business
«TA»        Check DejaNews for his postings in c.s.a.m. for the kernel info.
«TA»        I am just not familiar enough with it to give you an answer that
            makes sense.
«Kinners»   TA: That article says that 13 percent of people buying an iMac
            (from a particular chain of stores) were replacing a Windows based
            machine.  Also, with NT5 probably not available till sometime in the
            next century, companies will be able to get really interested in
            a new OS.  And companies are getting interested in Linux, which I
            guess shows they are open minded to other platforms
«pekr»      OSprod all new? But it has to have the same capabilities, how
            could one develop for it? The same third party doing new kernel for
            OS5prod I hope :-)
«TA»        Kinners: What I have been told is that many large companies are
            lookingfor alternatives.
«TruKr»     Sure, M$ bites
«TA»        pekr: Kernel questions really should be saved for fleecy or from
            his c.s.a.m. posts. I am no expert in that area and I may be telling
            you worng.
«pekr»      OK
«TA»        My understanding is limited there.
«pekr»      It's a shame, you can't show MMCR demo to some hw folks as Dave
            Haynie. When do you think The company enables someone to see it?
«TA»        pekr: Q1 99 it will be available.
«pekr»      and announcing let's say - Corel package for AOS in development?
«TA»        pekr: Sorry, any talk of strategic partners is off limits.  :)
«pekr»      yes, not asking of Corel, but when strategic partners will be
            annouced :-)
«TA»        many are scared that if word leaks, then M$ will nail their
«pekr»      IMHO Corel doesn't care about MS too much :-) Look at their Linux
            or set-top-box tries ...
«TA»        Partners will be announced when THEY decide to make announcements,
            meaning they have product almost ready, have been thru almost
            all R&D for it.
«TA»        Too many lawyers are involved in the Partner issue for me to get
            involved. :)
«pekr»      aha, do you think they will start looking in OSdev already or
            will be waiting for regular OS to appear?
«TA»        pekr: Some are already looking and talking to AI.
«pekr»      nice ...
«pekr»      What's GW saying to it? They bought Amiga just for some patents
            and now revolution behind the doors? :-)
«TA»        yes ... they were quite shocked that we would tag along.
«Fredy»     Any work on the QickPak thing
«Fredy»     word, duh
«TA»        heck, dogs need taking out. be back in a couple of minutes.
«TA»        Fredy: No, I have heard nothing yet.
«Fredy»     :(
«TA»        be right back.
«pekr»      TA: one thing came to my mind when looking on clock. What about
            doing some app on TA web site, when one could just select his country,
            and all schedules for planned IRC sessions would appear in time of his
            local place? :-)
«Fredy»     This is COOL, a BBS with IRC :)
«TA»        back
«TruKr»     front
«jamesc»    Left
«Fredy»     top
«jamesc»    Amiga!
«TA»        pekr: Great idea! I will try to get that implemented.
«Fredy»     rules
«jamesc»    (Only slightly biased) :)
«Fredy»     Amiga/CNet Amiga BBS, what more could ya want?
«TA»        Fredy: Very nice product in my humble opinion.
«jamesc»    Some sort of Graphical ability...
«Fredy»     IRCing from it now :)
«TA»        I really need to read the docs and get it up and running here.
«TruKr»     Yes Fredy, I DO have a COOL BBS, no? heheheheheheh
«jamesc»    It's a very "Neat" program to run, and more or less makes
            Internet access dead easy for folks with just a terminal.
«TA»        jamesc: My problem is getting enough time to set it up in the first
            place here. Ray sent me a beta to test it out.
«bumbler»   What prg?
«TA»        CNet BBS
«TruKr»     CNet is GREAT, IRC, FTP, Telnet, I-Net Mail, user groups ect,
            yup, nice :)
«TA»        pekr: Any more questions?
«TA»        We would like the Chech people to get the word on the new amiga,
            so feel free to ask.
«pekr»      Is Clinton innocent? :-))
«TruKr»     OH, and speaken of groups, it dose news groups frome the net too
«TA»        pekr: Nope, :)
«bumbler»   I've ignored BBS's for a while, but it sounds like they are
            working as part of thew internet now, rahther than just local services.
«TruKr»     peker: who cares
«pekr»      Czech people? :-)
«TruKr»     I don't anyway
«TA»        pekr: Sorry, my english is worse than yours it appears.  :)
«Fredy»     ?, I don't give a wag
«pekr»      I wouldn't say so ...
«TA»        for me it is late and I get stupid the later it gets. I need beauty
            sleep, but I don't get any prettier when I get it so ...
«pekr»      More questions? well. When aproximately new AInc.'s and ICOA
pages       are going to be launched?
«TA»        pekr: We are working on them now. Fleecy wants them up at month end
            and he usually gets what he wants, but it is going to be hard to
            do that quickly.
«TA»        But, AI's pages won't be new ... sorry if I gave that impression.
            Just the ICOA's will be new ones.
«pekr»      I hope placing ICOA on means we will have real net
            of amiga infrastructure on the net, don't forget we need to be best!
«TA»        pekr: That is what we are intending to do, yes.
«pekr»      yes, but Fleecy told some changes to AInc.'s web site are going
            on, so we could hear more regular news .... One news in two months
            are not too much representing the company...
«TA»        pekr: Oh, yes, they will be more responsive, but the general layout
            isn't changing.
«pekr»      I think the last question:
«TA»        ok
«pekr»      As I understand it: there was some announcement planned for WOA,
            but some strategic partner "failed", so could it be said who it was,
            and at least what area it was concerning? (kernel, hw ....)
«bumbler»   The Amiga community has enormous resources online, and setting
            up more links to theseservices would be helpful..
«TruKr»     Fredy: say nite nite, I am about to pull the net connection and
            got to bed, you can stay on the BBS, but the net is going bye bye.
«pekr»      bumbler: my impression is - we are back, and on attack :-)
«TA»        pekr: Sorry, fleecy will have to be the one to answer that one. It
            is off limits for me.
«Fredy»     ? huh, awww
«Fredy»     OK, Niteers
«TA»        cya
«bumbler»   bye
«pekr»      thanks Gary
«TA»        bumbler: That is what Team AMIGA web pages will be doing shortly.
«pekr»      wait:)
«TruKr»     :), Nite PPL, I gotta go to be
«TruKr»     ?
«pekr»      could i post link to our discussion on our CAN?
«TA»        pekr: No problem, anytime, feel free to ask. Information is very
            important to all of us right now.
«TruKr»     Nite
«pekr»      I think no info breaking nda was said, but some info covered
            could help others
«pekr»      so, thanks once again ....
«pekr»      will be TA team present in cologne?
«bumbler»   TA: Eventually offering the same sorts of services as eg Apple,
            but via ponters to the Amiga community rather than corporate sites.
«MMeg»      sorry guys my isp belched or burped.
«MMeg»      kill TA
«MMeg»      hmmm
«MMeg»      pekr: What was your question again?
«pekr»      yours presence at cologne
«MMeg»      no, I don't think I will be able to make it. Too many expenses
            here unfortunately.
«MMeg»      you asked about linking the log?
«pekr»      yes, I will do it and provide link at our Czech Amiga News ...
«TA»        pekr: OK, no problems. That is a great idea. Also, logs of the Help
            Team channel here are being uploaded to aminet on a weekly basis.
«pekr»      so, don't forget of Billy and Matlab
«TA»        No problem.
«pekr»      and, the app saying what time is what in another world area, it
            would be cool imho
«TA»        I will try to find something that will enable me to do that.
«pekr»      maybe some another command for TA ML :-)
«TA»        pekr: what command is that?
«pekr»      send TIME Czech IRC (Fleecy)
«TA»        hehehe
«pekr»      or something like that. planned IRC session could have their
«pekr»      REBOL short script, now I see it :-)
«TA»        That one was almost totally unplanned. Fleecy just happened to get
            a free nite and agreed to fionally come here. The next ones will be
            better planned.
«TA»        Fleecy has agreed to do that at least monthly.
«pekr»      and others? Alan for e.g.?
«TA»        pekr: Allan is busy as hell, but he may come. Fleecy will try to
            bring guests with him.
«pekr»      Or - special TA - featuring Bill Gates :-)
«TA»        No thanks!
«TA»        Bill M is a likely guest for instance.
«bumbler»   TA:It would be nice if the NDA's were lifted for discussion of
            specific subjects where broader input/interaction is possible
«TA»        Fleecy is the holder of the NDA, not me. I have no NDA's with
            anyone. Just use good common sense as was agreed with AI and me.
«TA»        bumbler: Fleecy gets pretty loose if you ask specific questions.
            He will let people know if they gert clkose to an NDA.
«pekr»      oh, well so guys, let's sand a few beers to TA, hi is not under
            NDA, maybe we will succeed
«TA»        So never fear asking anything you want in here. It may not get
            answered, but you always have the right to ask.
«bumbler»   I assume this is more or less inevitable as more info is released,
            but I'm equal parts enthusiasm and impatience.
«TA»        bumbler: You should chat with fleecy as much as I do. Everyone at
            AI wants it to happen yesterday, but it just can't.
«bumbler»   TA:  The real world and all that...
«pekr»      TA: things are moving at least, it means it's OK
«TA»        exactly!
«pekr»      do you think OS could not become bloated with such beast as C++?
«TA»        well, I don't think Havemose will let that happen. He likes the
            amiga because of the lack of bloat and he is doing the OS design now.
«bumbler»   My questions are too many - time will tell.  I was wondering
            about the "affiliate" ICOA.  Still no linls except to "developer"
«TA»        bumbler: We are redoing the entire ICOA site now and moving it to
   Once that is done, we will establish all the proper
            database stuff tomake that happen.
«pekr»      OK, leaving ...
«pekr»      nice to meet you all ...
«TA»        cya pekr Come back again.
«pekr»      of course I will ....
«bumbler»   pekr:  good night
«pekr»      thanks and bye
«TA»        and feel free to bring more questions.
«pekr»      good morning here in Czech Republic :-)

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