From: "Rune Elvemo" 
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Subject: New Amiga Web Magazine!
Date: 16 Aug 98 11:59:28 +0100

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(Posted on behalf of Phil Price)

Amiga Central , (working Name) Online magazine, plans, and notes.

Hello fellow amigans, following the recent departure of Cu-Amiga,
from the Amiga world :( Many users were getting annoyed that
their would only be 1 true Amiga magazine (100% Amiga). I was
hanging about on irc and too of my friends on #a51 (Barry Jack,
Anthony Sherrat) were having some sort of argument/conversation
about CU Amiga, or something. I said 'CuAmiga is dead' Ant ,
replied 'I know' :( Then the usual things about Amiga Format
followed, then I had a flash of inspiration (du-darr) and I
thought that, as my new boss said that I could have
www.(whatever).com, I said 'Hey why not et up our own online
magazine' every 1 on the channel was pretty exited, and ideas
flew about for about 15 mins or so. So then it was decided that would be set up, but various other net works
have used the name Amiga central, even though that is not their
URL ( for example, and I don't want to get into
legal fight about the name, so could some one come up with a
name ? And that is how this whole project came into existence.

About AmigaCentral:

 []. Amiga central will be a NON-PROFIT (all donations are
     gratefully accepted :)) organization, it will be free for
     all who want to browse though it. Any money made will be
     used for buying equipment, and paying for the  server.
     Any extra will be kept for if/when , Amiga central

 []. A sponsor will be needed, or, some other form of Amiga
     companies to advertise, maybe like a yellow pages, style
     thing, I don't know, but i know that a some form of funds
     will be needed , for the cost of hosting the site, and
     postage. (see later)

 []. AmigaCentral, Will be a online magazine, that will be
     wither , monthly, or just, and archive of added information
     I'm not sure what to do, but I think that monthly should
     be better.

 []. I'm looking to have 20 full-time, actual members of
     amigacentral, These Are:

   1. Chief WebMaster / Boss [That's me]
   2. Co. Webmaster / CO Boss
   3. Maintainor (to look after the bits and bobs)
   4. Head Technical/Serious Reviewer
   5. Head Games Reviewer
 6&7. Dept. Tech. / Game Reviewer.
8-20. General Writers and reviewers.

    Their a a few requirements for these positions, they are,

   1. You must LOVE the amiga
   2. You are not looking to gain any money from this (it's
      non profit remember)
   3. That you live in the UK (sorry) This is because, if
      and when companies send their goods to be reviewed, they
      will first be sent to  me (phil price) then i will send
      them onto the others, who would like to review that
      thing (s/w-h/w).
   4. And that you must not spread / copy and of the software
      you receive.
   5. Determination & Commitment.

 []. I will make a series for templates ,at a later date, for
     reviews, and news, etc.. that the reviewers can just
     cut and paste there txt into it, if thy are not too
     keen, on doing this, they can just send a .txt file to
     me and I'll do this.

 []. The proposed sections are , in no order. (not real names,
     they can be changed)

     Games Previews
     Games Reviews
     Technical Pre.
     Technical Re.
     Serious Pre.
     Serious Re.
     Best Of Aminet
     PD stuff
     Mod of The Month. (MED,XM, DBM, Also)
     Readers Mail
     Reader Questions (like help)
     Tutorials (music, Creative, Programming etc..)
     Trial s/w For Download.

 [] The Colour Scheme Will be Red , White and Greys, like the boing
    ball, I need some 1 to do a real good logo, when the name is
    decided, I'm a bit handy at the o'l graphics too so I shall,
    make one and let you lot decide which is the best.

 []. Due to AmigaCentrals, nature, NO money is needed to get it off
     the ground, so a 'demo' site can be set up for companies in a
     matter of a couple of weeks.

 []. We need to pester, All Amiga Companies to make them aware of this
     online magazine :)

Well I hope This has been a good read for you and that you can join,
you can all mail me at, for you to ask questions,
ideas, graphics, proposals, money :) ect.ect. Also Join #amigacentral,
On IRCNet, ( and A meeting will take place every Sunday
(including this one) from 8:45 onwards.

Most important is deciding a name for us, so i can get it set up on
Monday. :)

Thanx Alot

Phil Price

PS. Spread This Message all about, every where :)

Rune Elvemo --- Octagon / Digital Minds