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Dear players,

we are always especially pleased when we are able to release a new
update. Since V0.48R5, these changes have been made:

- the granary now takes the number of trade offices into account
- report for failed piracy
- report for successful piracy
- report for victims of piracy
- dragons and undead
- coronation screen
- third diplomacy screen
- tenth activated in tax screen
- vassal contracts in diplomacy
- new sounds for coronation and dragons
- AnimFX V2 (new animation subsystem)


- rebelling towns still could create scouts and settlers. fixed
- cargo can no longer be unloaded onto the ship itself
- fix in diplomacy
- scouts or settlers loaded on a ship can no longer be disbanded
- maximum confidence limited to 500
- figures in the water are deleted upon clicking if they are no loaded
onto a ship
- dependency on anims removed again

As a world premier, ToT now has a extensive system to manage vassals
and aftervassals. The players can now make vassal contracts, and climb
in the feudal ladder. There are eight different titles on Tamar:
Baron, Viscount, Count, Marquis, Duke, Archduke, King and Emperor. For
each ascending in title, there will be a separate animated screen.

But titles are not only a symbol of status, they are also worth real
money! Each rank is entitled to a number of free turns per month. If
you ascend high enough, you can play ToT almost for free.

The piracy reports were added upon numerous requests from players and
tester. Piracy should be an even better feature now.

Dragons were seen!

The dragons are a very old race of winged lizards. These enormous
creatures like to settle in far off regions. On Tamar, there are several
kinds of dragons, distinguishable by their skin color. They all have
some things in common: They hatch from eggs, are carnivore, use their
fiery breath as a weapon, love gold and gems and are very powerful.

Dragons live hundreds or even thousands of years. Because of their long
history, they tend to look down on younger races like men.

Tamar is the home of different kinds of dragons. Legend has it that some
can even be summoned by elves and dwarves if they are in danger.

The strongest and most powerful of them all is the Golden. His fire can
destroy whole towns. Fortunately, he is not very aggressive and of a
lawful disposition.

Contrary to the Red Dragon. This chaotic-evil creature has nothing in
mind but fiery death to all races. He is not as powerful as the Golden,
but his aggressiveness knows no limits. He sinks ships, destroys towns
and defeats large armies, if need be. Everybody be warned about this dragon.

Dragons usually appear in small flocks of 1 to 4.

Take a look at We hope you will enjoy the new look and
consider to buy this unique new game.

The ToT-Team

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