30.9.2002 AmiBlitz2 / Blitz2000 updates
The latest beta version of AmiBlitz2 has been released on the Blitz2000 homepage.
AmiBlitz2 is the name for the free version of Blitz Basic 2, the basic programming language for the Amiga. The latest beta release (2.27b2) fixes some bugs in the optimiser, and produces smaller and faster code.
Other files updated on the Blitz2000 site are the distributions of AmiBlitz which now contain an updated "all.res" resident file (used for dealing with OS structures) which allows you to use the OS structures with their correct names, or their "broken" names with underscores from previous versions of the OS resident file. The all.res file is also available for separate download.

David McMinn, Blitz2000 homepage
30.9.2002 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#020930).

Brad Webb, Amiga Update
30.9.2002 AmiBench moving hosts
AmiBench has been moved to a new machine; some users may be unable to reach it for the next couple of days.
The DNS records for AmiBench's domains all had a time to live (TTL) of a week, and were only changed to an hour a few days before the move. If you see random-works.co.uk instead of AmiBench, your DNS records are out of date. This should resolve itself within the next couple of days. In the mean time, you can try flushing your DNS caches (Miami users have a sysctl such as net.dns.cache.flush they can tweak, Unix users can restart named, Windows users can run ipconfig /flushdns) or you can try a different domain.

AmiBench is currently accessable from the following addresses:

If anyone has any questions relating to the move, or if you have any technical problems such as mail bouncing or CGI's breaking, you can mail me at freaky@aagh.net.

Thomas Hurst via ANN
AmiBench website

30.9.2002 WinUAE 0.8.22R2 work in progress update
Windows News Expected release date: end of October/beginning of November

Major new features:
- Kickstart 1.3 RDB and regular hardfile autoboot/automount support
- keyboard/mouse/joystick handling rewritten for DirectInput

Following features require Windows 2000 or Windows XP
- "unlimited" hardfile size (2G limit removed), uaehf.device now supports TD64 and NSD -style 64-bit addressing NTFS filesystem required (FAT32 max file size is 2G)
- ability to mount real harddisks with full RDB automount/autoboot support
- Amithlon partition support (not yet tested)

Screenshots: Harddrive configuration window, HDToolbox

WinUAE Official Homepage

30.9.2002 Ottawa Amiga Show 2002
On Saturday November 9, 2002, the Amiga.info user group will be hosting the second Ottawa Amiga Show.  Once again, the show will be held at the Routier Centre, 172 Guigues Street, in the market of downtown Ottawa, Ontario.
With all of the interest in alternative operating systems, this is an excellent opportunity for the public to see the latest offerings from Amiga, Inc.  This includes the AmigaOne, the first new hardware for the platform since 1993, and the binary portable Amiga Digital Environment (DE), currently available for Microsoft Windows, x86 Linux systems, ARM and MIPS processors. Read more

Ottawa Amiga Show website
30.9.2002 Software News
Thylacine USB Software Update V1.1a
Thylacine Install Software V1.1 is now ready for download in DMS and LHA formats.

Porting of various software packages over to the Amiga
Released: Harvest (a distributed search system), eggdrop (IRC Bot), flac (Audio codec), hotway (Hotmail POP3 Gateway).
Also I created a all-ports-in-one-page ...for the guys that dont have time to see every page... :P
Visit Amiga.sf.

Thylacine homepage

29.9.2002 Hyperion completes the AmigaOne firmware based on the GPL'ed PPCBoot project.
Leuven, Belgium - September 27, 2002. Hyperion is pleased to report that it has completed the AmigaOne firmware based on the GPL'ed PPCBoot project. Below you will find a description of the implemented hardware support and functionality. We want to thank everyone who has contributed to this project.
Hardware support for the following devices:
- serial port
- USB keyboard
- USB storage devices
- PS/2 compatible keyboard
- i8259 interrupt controller
- 3com 3c920 ethernet with full busmastering
- VIA IDE controller (A and B revision)
- Real time clock (RTC)

Read more

Amigart website
29.9.2002 AIO 63 is out
Issue 63 of AIO is ouw now and should appear on Aminet soon enough. Highlights include another TestGear article, Web Wanderer, and more.

Mark Tierno, Amiga Information Online
29.9.2002 Amiga Arena: Hilt2
The Amiga Arena released one of the best RPG Strategy Games for the Amiga - Hilt2 from Scorpius Software. But thats not all! Exclusive you can download the Mission Editor and the full Guide for the Game! Enjoy!

Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena
28.9.2002 Why Queue Up?????
The World of Amiga show is fast approaching, there is just over a month to go to one of the most eagerly anticipated Amiga shows this year.
As always, doors will be open at 12 Noon, However, like last year we anticipate a large queue at opening time.
So if you want to waltz past everyone, why not get your tickets before the show? Buy five tickets or more and you pay only £3.00 each instead of the usual £3.50 per ticket.
Tickets can be purchased in advance from the following Amiga dealers;
Forematt Home Computing (Visa, Mastercard and Cash)
Kicksoft (Visa, Mastercard, Delta, JCB, Solo, Switch and Cash)
Even more interesting news soon!

Michael Carrillo
World of Amiga South East 2002 website
28.9.2002 News about Tales of Tamar
The final Release version is completed now. Newest feature are moving computer races on the map.
The number of inhabitants of a town is now calculated by the buildings in thata that and not simply based on the town level.
In he last months, we have fixed another 50 to 100 small bugs. You wouldn't believe how many bugs can hide in such a game.
Next planned feature is an extension of the map screen. On a second menu, we will have a overview, a jump table for your units and the option to freely scroll in every direction. It will be added with the first downloadable update and show how ToT will continue to be upgraded in the future.
If you are interested in this game, you will always something new.

Alexander Johannes, Valley OF Tamar
Tales of tamar homepage
28.9.2002 New MasonIcons
18 new and reworked archives are available on MasonIcons.de ADocArtMI - new toolbar images for AutoDocArt
AmfMI - new toolbar images and an icons for AMF
DBackupMI - new images for Daily Backup
FFNewsMI - new toolbar and status images for FFNews
mapMlugMI - new toolbar images for MapPlug
moreHTMLMI - new toolbar images for moreHTML
MReaderMI - new toolbar and status images for MagicReader
MUISearchMI - new images for MUISearch
pEditorMI - new toolbar images for pEditor
PintMI - new status images for Pint
PlotterMI - new buttons for Plotter3D
PoWinMI - new images and an icon for Power Windows
ProRenMI - new toolbar images for ProRen
ScalosMI - added the missing 'ShowAll' image
TransCatMI - new toolbar images for TransCat
VoimariiMI - new toolbar images for Voimariini
UpdaterMI - new toolbar images for WordPad
I would like to thank Klaus Bublitz who submitted the information that this tools support changeable toolbar images.

Martin Merz, MasonIcons.de
28.9.2002 PCI Modem Card next after PCI Serial/Parallel driver
"Matthew Allatt gives a update status on PCI Serial+Parallel project and what project is next. 'Parallel is being worked on by someone else. I've not heard from him in a little while, but I've got an early demo which works with my printer (using turboprint). Doesn't do reads yet, which is what you'd need for a scanner. Once I've got the final version running, I think I'm going to move on to doing a Modem card driver. Is anyone interested in one of those?'"

CyberGraphX homepage
28.9.2002 Software News
SuperTV v0.7B
A new version (0.7B) of SuperTV has been released, which fixes some bugs and adds some features. SuperTV is a replacement for Elbox's Mediator TV software. SuperTV changelog
· No more messy channel directory
· Channel select gadgets in the window border
· Easy channel tuning
· MUI preferences
· Fullscreen borderless mode
· Keyboard control
· ARexx controllable *NEW*

Porting of various software packages over to the Amiga
New updates, and design.. at my hp: http://amiga.sourceforge.net.

Peter Gordon via ANN

27.9.2002 The Crypt 25 - The Druid Stones - is now out!
Right what goodies do we have for you in this Issue? "The DRUID Stones"
Read our article describing the Original Druids, Were they a Mystical Cult offering Human sacrifices, or simply a Religious order of bygone times ...You decide.
This issue we re-introduce a name that a lot of Amiga (or Ex Amiga) users will surely be familiar with. Dr Martin Reddy ...Author of "EDWORD PRO" a powerful (even by Todays standards) Text Editor for the AMIGA. Some good news for those who have not tried Edword or those who may have tried the PD Version ...EDWORD PRO (Full Version) is now available to download FREE from Martins Website.
Our own Mr Urie has excelled himself in this Issue, Not only has he found a Rock Group that used the wonderful Amiga Program "Lightwave" to Design their Album covers, He also succeeded in getting us an Interview with Darrio Mollo :)
Continuing on the "Lightwave" theme, Check out the Superb examples and Tutorials for this program on our featured website by Jack Thewlis. Interested in Art work but can't afford (Or find) Lightwave, Then read our Review of Drawstudio, Another excellent Package for the Amiga.
Of course we have not forgotten readers using the PC ...Check out our reviews on GRANDPRIX 4, or C&C Renegade.
However if you are in a more lighthearted mood, We have our normal selections of Jokes and cartoons, A full taste of the Orient, Or check out our "Steam Corner" Page for a taste of nostalgic travelling.

Steve Evans, The Crypt magazine
26.9.2002 Official AWeb Open Source project News
Finally there are browsable archives of the two AWeb APL mailinglists available! The announce list aweb@sunsite.dk can be seen here: http://lists.sunsite.dk/aweb/
and the developer list aweb-dev@sunsite.dk can be seen here: http://lists.sunsite.dk/aweb-dev/

A HTML compatibility list for AWeb is now up.

Official AWeb Open Source project website

26.9.2002 First pics from Pianeta Amiga 2002 show finally online
Here you can find the first available pictures taken from Pianeta Amiga 2002 show held latest week-end in Italy: http://www.amigapage.it/pa2002.htm

Short report from Pianeta Amiga 2002 translated by Andrea Maniero.

ANN website
MorphOS-news.de website

26.9.2002 distributed.net completes rc5-64 project * RC5-64 HAS BEEN SOLVED!
On 14-Jul-2002, a relatively characterless PIII-450 in Tokyo returned the winning key to the distributed.net keyservers. The key 0x63DE7DC154F4D03 produces the plaintext output:
The unknown message is: some things are better left unread
Unfortunately, due to breakage in scripts (dbaker's fault, naturally) on the keymaster, this successful submission was not automatically detected. It sat undiscovered until 12-Aug-2002. The key was immediately submitted to RSA Labs and was verified as the winning key. Read nore

distributed.net website
26.9.2002 Software News
Thylacine USB Software Update V1.1
Thylacine Install Software V1.1 is now ready for download in DMS and LHA formats.

UAE 0.8.14 with CD32 joypad support
SixK released modified UAE 0.8.14 (68k) to use lowlevel.library. You will now be able to play UAE with a CD 32 pad and maybe in a near futur with a PC Joypad connected to your sound blaster card.

Thylacine homepage
Amiga Community website

26.9.2002 Pegasos Demonstration at Computer City
MorphOS News On saturday october 5th, Computer City will host a demonstration of Pegasos and MorphOS by Thendic-France. The demonstration starts at 13:00 and lasts to 17:00.
For those who want to combine the demonstration with a trip to Rotterdam; there is an excellent Grand Café located direct next to Computer City, and the centre of Rotterdam is very easy to reach from the shop, either by car or by public transport.
For more information please email info@compcity.nl or call +31-(0)10-4517722.
Computer City
Zebrastraat 7-9
3064 LR Rotterdam

For a route description see: http://www.compcity.nl/route.htm.

Computer City website
25.9.2002 USB board SUBWAY will be produced
The SUBWAY poll has been finished. Due to the relatively high number of users who want to see the SUBWAY on the market E3B will (together with KDH Datentechnik) produce a small series of SUBWAY modules. We will operate hardly on the economical edge, but don't want to see the A1200 users to miss out. The scope of supply is expected to stay the same. A delivery date is not fixed yet and will be announced as soon as all material for production is available (which is not easy for small series production). Distribution will - as before - be done over KDH Datentechnik and its distributors. Due to the small number of modules produced pricing might slightly vary; we will try anyhow to absorb fluctuations. E3B wants to say Thank You to all of you who contributed in an objective way in the poll and who support us in developping innovative Classic Amiga hardware!

kdh datentechnik via ANN
25.9.2002 Elbox Spider sales began
We are glad to inform that the Spider USB 2.0 High-Speed card is on sale now from our distributors. To find the distributor near you, please go to our Where To Buy section at http://www.elbox.com/buy.html.
We have also set up the official Spider USB 2.0 High-Speed card website at http://www.elbox.com/products/spider_usb_20_pci.html

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
25.9.2002 Pictures from Pegasos Gothenburg Show!
MorphOS News Pictures from the event taken by Johan 'Graak' Forsberg

BTW According to Johan 'Graak' Forsberg who attended both fairs (AONE Gothenburg 2002 Fall Event and Pegasos Gothenburg Show), "there was a LOT more people at the AmigaOne fair than at the Pegasos fair."

ANN website

25.9.2002 Haage&Partner: Amithlon Statement
Amithlon News (19. September 2002) The current differences between every party involved with the Amithlon project are by way not that easy as they are described in the internet discussions - often from one perspective only. Our contract regarding the distribution rights for Amithlon is still valid. We have been reluctant with public statements, cause we try to resolve the differencs between the parties privately. We want to resolve the problem and would like to see the contract being fulfilled by all parties. The internet audience can not help with these negotiations and will often be used, to spread the own oppinions as the only ones that are true. Also the one, who cries the loudest, just expresses the own perspective. To solve the conflict round on Amithlon it is important to mediate between the different perspectives in private negotiations.

25.9.2002 Software News
Scalos beta version 40.22 had some missing theme files. The new archive has just been uploaded to the usual place. Sorry for the error.

Scalos website
24.9.2002 Poseidon Update 1.30
"I've finished a new update. Not everything I intended to do was completed for this version, but as I'm off for doing university stuff this week, I just thought I might release it anyway.
Download the archive from the usual place.
Users, who registered Poseidon (this is mainly for Mediator/Spider users), will need this update due to a stupid mistake inside the licence code in V1.28, removing the keyfile from the configuration after pressing Online.
But now the more important stuff: This version includes lots of bugfixes. Evil and minor ones. Overall, the system should get more stable. Read more

Chris Hodges
24.9.2002 New KDH website
New KDH's homepage http://www.kdh-shop24.de/ online.

Most interetsing part:
AmigaOne G3-SE     14.10.2002
Dual G3/G4 microATX Mainboard     25.11.2002
Pegasos MoBo im Acryltower     25.11.2002
Amiga OS 4.0 für Cyberstorm PPC     07.12.2002
Amiga OS 4.0 für Blizzard PPC     07.12.2002

kdh datentechnik: "We have to rely on the information given by the respective manufacturer. As these information are very vague or are not available at all, we try to give our best assessment. As the availablity dates become more reliable, we will update those dates accordingly. We thought this information might be useful for our customers, especially if they dont follow all the news threads here or on other news sites."

kdh datentechnik website

24.9.2002 GFX-BASE Interview with Alexandre Balaban
Mister Balaban not only helps out with translations and more here at GFX-BASE, he also took over the source of Paul Hill's Shockwave-player, called 'swfplayer'. In our interview we asked him lots of questions regarding his development-plans, like AmigaOS.4.0, MorphOS and Amithlon support, planned features or supported Shockwave-formats. Read about his very interesting ideas and concepts here.

GFX-BASE website
24.9.2002 ScummVM News
MorphOS News New ScummVM (MorphOS)-CVS Snapshot updated with fixes for Radeon graphics cards.

ScummVM is an interpreter for the great old LucasArts SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) adventures and more.

Rüdiger's MorphOS Program website

23.9.2002 Amiga Mini Show 2002 in Slovenia
Amiga computer club D.A.D. from Slovenia organizes AMS 2002 which will be in Skofja Loka on 19th October from 10:00am to 06:00pm. Point design from Graz will attend the show under O.A.S.E. on tour name and also we got confirmation from Cloanto to be present. Stars of the show will be AmigaOne, AmigaOS4.0(preview), Mediator boards, Highway (USB) and Norway (Ethernet) and some other surprises. We are greatful to KDH Datentechnik for lending us Highway and Norway cards. More infos will be available at Amiga racunalniski klub D.A.D. site in a few days.

Damir Arh, D.A.D.
23.9.2002 VHT-Denmark Homepage down
Due to some personal reasons the Danish Virus Help Team's website is temporally down. We can say for how long, but we will be back...
But you can always go to Virus Help Team Canada's website, for all the lastes news about Amiga viruses, software and news. There is a free maillist you all can join, just like this one...
The web-adress for VHT-Canada is: http://vht-can.shadow-realm.org/index.html
Also all Virus Help Team Denmarks email adresses will be down, but you can get in contact with Charlene at VHT-Canada, I will still have some contact to her...
Sorry about all this, but it is out of my hands...

VHT-Denmark website
22.9.2002 New product for the Video Toaster Flyer, AmigaOne & Pegasos
DiscreetFX Announces Wild Flyer For The Amiga Video Toaster Flyer®
Our beta testers have reported no major problems with the latest build of Wild Flyer so we will be shipping it shortly to our Video Toaster Flyer customers. What is Wild Flyer you ask? It is a Front End application to the very powerful and often misunderstood program WildFire. Wildfire 7 is a ADO animation sequencing, 3D effects, transitions, and animation package by Andreas Maschke. It can be compared to $200,000 dollar SGI Flint or Flame systems and it is capable of creating amazing 3D effects by mapping video sequences. Read more

Bill Panagouleas, DiscreetFX
22.9.2002 AONE Gothenburg 2002 Fall Event Reports
Johan Rasténs show report at devicetop.com: http://www.devicetop.com/site/forum/viewmsg/msg-12517

SlimJim´s show report at amiga.org: http://amiga.org/modules/news/article.php?storyid=1062

First pictures from the event taken by Johan "Graak" Forsberg


22.9.2002 HUGE O.A.S.E. 2002 Reports
"The GFX-BASE team at the O.A.S.E. 2002 in Graz/Austria. We created a huge report including 40 pictures and lots of informations on the highlights (Pegasos, AmigaONE, USB-solutions, new ELBOX products and more) of the show. We not only have some pics of the MorphOS desktop Ambient, we can also show you some AmigaOS.4.0 preview screenshots, thanx to Jürgen Schober, who sent them to us. Enjoy!"

GFX-BASE website
22.9.2002 World of Amiga South East tickets at kicksoft
Tickets for the forthcoming World of Amiga Show are now avaliable to order from Kicksoft ltd. Tickets £3.50 each.

Ray Mccarthy, Kicksoft ltd
22.9.2002 AmigaOS4.0 IDEA screenshots
"Finally I`m home. But army is not over yet... It will be on december the 7th :) Anyway, I was following AmigaOne and AmigaOS4.0 progress via the net and, to be honest, I espected a lot more. So I decided to create my vision of what OS4 should LOOK like. AmigaINC really needs good artists and icon / background designers because what they displayed as OS4.0 feels very, very cheap and unattractive :( Today I played a little with Photoshop and created something what I would like to see in AmigaOS4.0.
So please go to http://www.djnick.co.yu and select one of two OS4.0 ideas in .jpg format. The first one consists comments over the image [1024x768, 299kb] and the second one is without them [1024x768, 194kb]. I hope these images will help AmigaOS developers our dream finally come true!

djnick [d-tronic]
22.9.2002 Winners of the GFX-BASE WB-screenshot-competition
Yesterday, we have been discussing 35 WB-screenshots for hours. Finally, here are the two winners of the GFX-BASE WB-screenshot-competition.

GFX-BASE website
22.9.2002 Software News
Frogger 2.03 released!
This release fixes lot of bugs, introduces new codecs (3ivx, indeo, mace, vorbis), and new file format - Ogg. Last, but not least, lot of optimizations were applied to video/audio decoders, they are much faster now. You can download it from download section. Please note that due to plugin api changes you have to download and install all external codecs. Old video codecs may work, audio wont.

Frogger homepage
21.9.2002 Kato Development Group News
Katodev intends to do new hardware in 2003
Because of the new media ebay Katodev intends to re-invoke development activity. Many things are easier and cheaper because of the online market.

Katodev offers prototyped hardware at ebay
Katodev offers two CDTV clockport Interfaces at E-Bay which never sold before.

2001-2002 Drivers for Amithlon and others
Thorsten Hansen of Katodev hardly works at high-quality drivers for Amiga-OS on foreign Soundhardware (Mainboards using chipsets of SIS, VIA, INTEL and Soundblaster PICs).

Kato Development Group

21.9.2002 Amiga Future: User-Workbench-Gallery Update
Today we update the User-Workbench-Gallery on the Amiga Future Homepage. Youn found the new screenshots at the end of the gallery.

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
21.9.2002 ACG Gothenburg Logo contest
The contest is nearing an end and the contributions sent in has been put up on the web - http://amiga.merseine.nu/bidrag_09-18.html

The contest itself is located at http://amiga.merseine.nu/tavling.html. (both pages are in swedish and english)

Andreas Loong

21.9.2002 New MasonIcons
There two new archives available: IBrowseMI and ScalOSMI

IBrowseMI - new default images and a new transfer animation
ScalOSMI - Images and Icons in the GlowIcons design

Please visit MasonIcons.de for further informations.

Martin Merz, www.MasonIcons.de

20.9.2002 Off Topic: 64 bit PowerPC
A 64bit processor to continue the PowerPC line from IBM. Hopefully, despite rumours of Motorola pulling out of the desktop market, PowerPC still has a future. Read more

Amiga.org website
eWeek website
20.9.2002 Elbox explains Poseidon issue
This is an official statement on behalf of the Elbox Computer company aimed at explanation of the recent misunderstanding concerning support for the Spider USB cards in the Poseidon stack.
Chris Hodges, author of the Poseidon stack, approached our company several weeks ago with the proposal of co-operation. He suggested that we prepared hardware drivers for Mediator for the Poseidon to enable operation of USB cards, the support to which under our own USB stack was to be released in a short time.
The proposal from Mr. Hodges was analysed in detail and accepted after many additional mutual considerations.
Its basic principles were presented in the mutually accepted announcement: http://www.elbox.com/news_02_09_11B.html.

To clarify the issues once and for good: Read more

Amiga Future website

20.2.2002 Warp3D = NOVA; No Warp3D V5 in OS4.0
Hans-Jörg Frieden, Hyperion: "Warp3D will be named 'NOVA' on OS 4 (Ami3D on AmigaDE). The initial release will still be Warp3D V4.x. The original plan called for Warp3D V5 to be delivered with OS 4, but that was at a time where we where to do Warp3D and OS 4 would come from someone else :-) In the final NOVA release, we'll include developer guides, tutorials and example source code, and hopefully one or two bigger show-off demos with source code."

CyberGraphX homepage
20.9.2002 Games News
New Payback Map
A new map (Destra City) as well as an updated one (Alabastra City) has been added to the Payback Extra Maps page. If you want to be notified when Apex Designs' website is updated then please join their mailing list.

Apex Designs website
19.9.2002 PageStream Platform Survey Results
Deron Kazmaier: "The results from our platform survey are in and counted! The volume was higher than expected, and we thank those who took the time to fill out the survey. The results of the survey distinguish three platform choices above the rest. Amiga OS 4.0/AmigaOne PPC, Mac OSX, and Linux i86 being the heads above the rest. Here is a loose review of these three platforms and how development will be handled."

"Amiga OS 4.0/AmigaOne PPC - Development for this 'platform' has two interesting twists to it. First, PageStream Amiga should run in emulation mode on this system, so Amiga customers can leverage their existing version of PageStream. Second, customers don't actually have this "platform" yet, so while there is probably going to be a decent installed base, there is of course currently no existing installed base of customers! All that being said, if Amiga OS 4.0 and AmigaOne PPC is released in a form similar to what is being talked about, and a reasonable number of our customers get the "platform", we will be developing a new version of PageStream which is compiled natively on the PPC, and will use what OS 4.0 functionality is deemed appropriate for PageStream. We also expect to make an i86 version of PageStream for Amithlon as well. The costs to develop these versions and the perceived demand will determine if they are bundled with the 'classic' Amiga version of PageStream, or sold separately. Most likely this development will be done by Deron Kazmaier, as he is the most involved these days with the Amiga libraries. Luckily for him, this development can't begin until the new OS is released, since he has enough to keep him busy right now." Read more

Grasshopper LLC Publishing website

19.9.2002 AMIGAplus 09/2002 on its way
The new issue 09/2002 (#128) of AMIGAplus will be sent to the subscribers on Friday, September 20th, 2002. It is also available directly from the publisher and an various Amiga shops. Watch a shot of the latest cover (and more) at www.amigaplus.de. Details about the content of this issue will be released on Monday. Expect some major changes of the layout and content as well as further actions to be made in the next weeks and months.
AMIGAplus - Anything for your girlfriend.

AMIGAplus website
19.9.2002 Tales of Tamar: MorphOS Beta Testers wanted
MorphOS News According to some Internet sites, there are already MorphOS systems out there. Since we neither have received the motherboard we ordered from BPlan or Thendic nor a current MorphOS release, we would like somebody with such a system to test ToT on it for us. Please contact us at eternity@pride.de.
Tales of Tamar is completed. Boxes, manuals and CD-ROMs have been manufactured. Unfortunately, the cardboard boxes are faulty. The print on them is 2.5mm off.
Since we had the boxes especially made to have a high quality product, we negotiated with the manufacturer and they agreed to do a new, better production run. But this also means that it will take another two weeks until the game is ready to ship.
We hope that this was in your interest and hope to welcome you on Tamar soon.

Tales of Tamar homepage
19.9.2002 Thylacine USB-Ethernet devices
Here is the current list usb-ethernet adaptors for use with Thylacine. Thylacine is a USB 1.1 Card for Amiga 2000, 3000 & 4000.

A.Scott Pringle via ANN
Thylacine homepage
19.9.2002 Software News
New version of AmiStart released and new website
Darius Brewka released v.063 of AmiStart. AmiStart is a Windows-like startmenu and quick-launch bar with drag&drop support and a very customizable GUI which allows transparency, rounded edges, background-patterns and much more. In this new version, AmiStart now also provides so-called Shape-Layer, which are customizable and programmable Skins for controlling external applications via Arexx. (For examples there's a cool looking skin for Songplayer available already).
AmiStart website is now hosted at GFX-BASE, where you now download exclusively the new versions of AmiStart and a new Songplayer Skin.

Version 2.1 of Pixload has been released. That tool allows, similiar like Amidock does, to launch programs and scripts via an icon using MUI.
- Drag and drop is now available on Pixload bar and also on each icon (three first icons from left, others detect file types)
- Icons are scalable
- All settings of each icon are saved and can be loaded again

GFX-BASE website
Pixel-Art Asc. website

18.9.2002 Amiga Games Classifying - September/October 2002
It's time to vote at the AMIGA GAMES CLASSIFYING September/October 2002. We need the classifying of your prefered games actually.
Send us your classifying (20 games max) at our adress : daff1@club-internet.fr.
You can also vote at : http://agcweb.online.fr.

Remember you can put all kind of games (commercial, freeware, old, new,...). If your list don't have change since last time, simply reply this mail with the subject "no change for me". Final classifying will be published in early-October.

David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Classifying

18.9.2002 DFx News
The first picture of DFx is available here

dfx:Amiga - PC floppy interface is compatible with Amithlon, WinUAE, Classic Amigas and hopefully AmigaOne. With DFx you can connect PC HD floppies to Classic Amigas as DF0: (requires KS3.0 & 020) or read and write Amiga floppies on PC with Amithlon/WinUAE.

DFx homepage

18.9.2002 More photos from O.A.S.E. 2002
More photos from Open Amiga Southeast Europe 2002 are uploaded in NEWS | Tradeshows & Events. See: http://www.elbox.com/graz2002p.html

Wojtek Kozlowski, ELBOX COMPUTER
18.9.2002 Merlancia Situation Clarified
Once again it seems we are left to clarify a normally easy to understand issue that really is not important to those outside the company/corporate staff.
The short scoop: Merlancia is still alive and well, despite wishes of those who would plot for our demise out of spite and malice...
Plesse read this Merlancia Press Release on this matter for further details.

ANN website
Merlancia Industries website
18.9.2002 Elbox End-runs Poseidons' Author So Not to Pay Licencing Fee for USB Stack
check '20.2.2002 Elbox explains Poseidon issue'

CyberGraphX homepage
18.9.2002 Mediator can not use normal PCI USB Card? Custom "adjustments"?
It seems that the Mediators might not be able to use normal PCI USB cards. Michael Böhmer posted "I had the opportunity to talk quite some time to Mr. Binek on OASE show in Graz last week end. He seemed to be a nice guy, and also explained me why Elbox has choosen the "Spider" USB card. According to Mr. Binek, the Spider USB card needs some "special PCI interface adjustments" to work in the Mediator board. He couldn't tell me, anyhow, which modifications these were."

CyberGraphX homepage
17.9.2002 Pictures from Amiga shows
Over the last 4 years, I have visited a number of European Amiga shows. The pictures that I've taken at those shows have until now been stowed away in a dark and largely unknown corner of cyberspace, where only relatively few people have actually seen them.
They are now accessible on my new site dedicated to the purpose: http://nbache.frip.dk/
So far, pictures from the last four Cologne shows have been put online. Given time and space, I plan to add some more in the future. Check out the list on the front page.

Niels Bache
17.9.2002 Buy the SharkPPC & SharkPPC+ Online at ELBOX
You can now buy the SharkPPC+ and SharkPPC online at the Elbox Online Store. (Shipping Status: Q4 2002)

SharkPPC(+) should be the most powerful PowerPC accelerator for Amiga 1200, 3000 and 4000 computers (with the Mediator PCI busboard).

CyberGraphX homepage
Elbox Online Store

17.9.2002 Elbox photos from O.A.S.E. 2002
Photos from the ELBOX at Open Amiga Southeast Europe 2002 are placed in NEWS | Tradeshows & Events. See: http://www.elbox.com/graz2002.html.

Wojtek Kozlowski, ELBOX COMPUTER
17.9.2002 Commodore CDTV Information Center News
"As you may have noticed there haven't been that many updates to this CDTV page, I have just been very busy working on the Coldfire project however this has not stopped the CDTV world from moving, I have managed to buy the Expander prototype, Phase5 TurboCD prototype, An A570 SCSI interface and finally a complete set of Commodore`s CDTV Developers documents covering everything from code numbers for the CDTV prototype ethernet card to a late edit saying the memory card slot was upgraded to take 512Kb memory cards...
I hope to contact Amiga soon and see if I can get permission to upload the developers documents.
I will be doing a redesign of the site soon, Not because it doesnt look fine but because of the menu system, Anyway this will mean the web site will go off-line for a couple of hours while I edit the web sites preferences, Hopefully you wont notice it but just dont be shocked if you get an error...
As for the coldfire project, The design is moving along reasonably well and although the prototype is designed for the A4000 a CDTV version will defintaly follow... For more information visit www.cdtv.org.uk/coldfire/."

Commodore CDTV Information Center website
16.9.2002 Nova Design, Inc. online Store Now Open
Nova Design, Inc. now has online ordering for all of their products. To celebrate this we are offering free shipping for all orders placed online!
Visit us at www.novadesign.com and select the store option to browse and shop.

Amiga.org website
Nova Design website
16.9.2002 World of Amiga South East 2002 - Update
We are happy to announce that our regular website http://www.worldofamiga.com. is back up and running!

New! to our Exhibitors List:
100% Amiga Magazine
Total Amiga Magazine

For those of you who have been away from Planet Earth this weekend, the World of Amiga Southeast Show will be taking place on Saturday, 2nd of November 2002 in the UK.
Tickets are available in advance from ForeMatt Home Computing.

Michael Carrillo
World of Amiga South East 2002 website

16.9.2002 IOSPIRIT: Many small updates
Under downloads you can now find three small updates:
fxSCAN Update 4.04
This update fixes small problems with Turboprint and leads to a drastic improvement in the recognition rate of the 68K-versions of the OCR-engine.

IOUSB System Update to 2.1
This update fixes a "Portleak"-problem in the iousb.library that had led to problems especially with Epson Perfection 1650 scanners.

VHI Studio 5.71
The integrated FTP-client is now more tolerant when used in conjunction with FTP-servers that don´t conform to the FTP-standard.

IOSPIRIT website

16.9.2002 Tim Wright on the Web (Psygnosis' domestic composer)
Tim Wright, the famous domestic composer of Psygnosis, former Amiga games forge with titles the likes of 'Shadow of the Beast', who are now an inhouse team at Sony, has for some time now had his personal domicil under www.coldstorage.org.uk.
There you can find, besides 9 MP3s (a.o.t. two revamped songs from Wipeout, which btw were created using Bars&Pipes on an Amiga), also the two original tunes from the graphics classic 'AGONY', which in this form never managed it into the game, incl. interesting background stories. Additionally there are also the original modules from 'Shadow of the Beast II' and 'SotB III' (the music from 'Shadow of the Beast I' was done by Richard Joseph).
And finally you may contact Tim Wright directly, via eMail and forum, and maybe motivate him to produce further mixes of his old Amiga songs.

Amiga-News.de website
CoLD SToRAGE website
16.9.2002 Thendic France sponsors German soccer team
MorphOS News The MorphOS Team is proud to announce that it will sponsor a soccer team of 11 and 12 years old boys in Mönchengladbach, Germany. You can see the team at http://members.surfeu.de/home/markus.tillmann.

MorphOS-News.de website
15.9.2002 Amiga Inc. Attending Micromart Show
Amiga Inc will be demonstrating products from across its wide range of hardware and software solutions at the upcoming MicroMart show, to be held at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre on the 21st and 22nd of September.
The Blackpool Amiga Club, along with Sven Harvey of AmigaMart will be demonstrating 68k and x86 Amiga products, Fleecy Moss, the CTO of Amiga will be demonstrating the AmigaDE on desktop and PDA form factors, and the brand new PowerPC based AmigaOne, courtesy of our partners, Eyetech will also be in attendence.
"The Birmingham NEC is one of the premier exhibition venues in the UK, and the MicroMart will bring in thousands of computing enthusiasts from many platforms to see the latest and greatest," said Bill McEwen, CEO of Amiga Inc. "We are delighted to be able to demonstrate both the strength of the existing Amiga line and the promise of our future products."

Amiga Inc. website
15.9.2002 Immortal 2 CD out now
Finally, the sequel to Immortal - the definitive Amiga game music album - has been released. Immortal 2 includes music by such legends as Chris Huelbeck, Jochen Hippel, Allister Brimble, Richard Joseph and others, with each track rearranged with studio equipment by the original artists themselves. The CD is now available from synSONIQ Records.

ANN website
15.9.2002 Epic Interactive ships Software Tycoon
e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment will ship the economy-simulation game Software Tycoon on the 16.09.2002. It will then be available from your local Amiga dealer.

gfx-base website
e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment
15.9.2002 AWeb Open Source project News
Bugzilla is now open to the public, so everyone can see what bugs, the AWeb developers are aware of. The address is http://bugz.naff.dk. To sign up, you must be listed here, and send either the site maintainer or the Bugzilla maintainer a mail to get an account.

Official AWeb Open Source project website
15.9.2002 Software News
A new beta of AMP - movie player for your PPC Amiga has been released. Read the included BETA.txt before using it!
AMP currently support the following multimedia types: MPEG1/2 video, MP2/MP3 audio streams, AC3 streams, (S)VCD, CD-i and DVD.

DiskMasterII v2.5RC5 - one of the best known Amiga Directory Utilities ever made.
documentation in Amiga-Guide format / "translators only" version of the guide (both v1.100)

AmiDog's Movie Player homepage
Diskmaster2 Official Homepage

14.9.2002 Ask Petro
Petro Tyschtschenko, who worked at Commodore Büromaschinen GmbH since October 1982 continues to work on his long-awaited memoirs. One of the chapters planned allows Amiga fans to ask Petro questions, which he will answer.
Petro Tyschtschenko, a well-respected figure in the Amiga community was chief of Amiga Technologies, a branch of ESCOM, which bought all rights of Commodore and the Amiga in April 1995. As Escom also got into bankruptcy 1996 Petro tried everything to ensure the survival of the Amiga and became chief of Amiga International, Inc. after Gateway 2000 bought the rights in 1997. He encouraged the further development of the AmigaOS, then released in version 3.5. In April 2001 he retired officially from AMIGA Inc.. He has not left altogether as he still goes to Amiga events to talk with Amiga fans who were customers and are now friends.
The Amiga Community now has the opportunity to put forward some interesting questions about his life and the Amiga. You can e-mail your questions to: mail@commodore-amiga.de.

Amiga Flame website
14.9.2002 Screenshots of Morphos/Ambient
MorphOS News Gunne Steen from GGS-Data (Sweden), has taken some screenshots of Ambient (MorphOS Workbench clone) /Morphos running on Pegasos.

16.9.2002 screenshots were REMOVED upon request

GGS-Data website

14.9.2002 AmithlonXL world premiere at O.A.S.E.2 event in Graz
The O.A.S.E.2 event, which will be held this weekend in Graz, will see the first public demonstration of AmithlonXL components. Some of the parts shown would regularly be first available only with the release of the announced OS4 operating system. Read more

Harald Frank
14.9.2002 AmithlonXL Statement from Bernd Meyer
Read the statement here.

ANN website
13.9.2002 10O%AMIGA now RTG/Amithlon/OS4 Compatible
Issue 28, September 2002, is now available and has been completely re-written from scratch. Many of you with graphics cards and non-AGA machines had difficulty running the old Scala interface. This has now been replaced and you can now run 100%AMIGA on ANY computer with a graphics card or AGA and 4Mb ram. 100%AMIGA is now AmigaOne/OS4 ready... or for that matter, can run on Amithlon, MorphOS, Windows, MacOS etc.

So what is on it? This month we have features on OS4, FXSCAN4, and an exciting new monthly publication. We review Drawstudio 2 CD edition as well as our usual news roundup read to you by our newsreader. Come here, there's more - also on the CD we have a collection of free games and utilities for your Amiga.

Still here? OK, Subscribe direct to us now and we will also include the full speech CD version of Sixth Sense Investigations FREE! Not still here? You drive a hard bargain! Last offer - Subscribe direct to us NOW for 6 months or more and you will get 3CD's - 100%AMIGA 28, 6th Sense and Best of Gremlin CD compilation! See it, Hear it, Experience it!

FORE-MATT Home Computing

13.9.2002 Spider USB 2.0 presentation at O.A.S.E. in Graz
The first public demonstration of the Spider USB 2.0 Hi-Speed PCI card working in the Mediator system will have place in the Open Amiga Southeast Europe show in Graz (Austria) on 14-15 September 2002.

The fastest Amiga USB solution will be presented with various USB devices like USB ZIP, USB HDD, USB CD and USB mouse units. Spider USB 2.0 will be presented working in the PCI slot of the newest Mediator model: the Mediator PCI 1200 SX.
The Mirage 3000 system will also be presented.

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER

13.9.2002 Finnish Amiga Users Group's Meeting Will Showcase Amiga Community Progress
Finnish Amiga Users Group will host its annual meeting on Saturday September 28th 2002 in Oulu, Finland. In addition to an official general meeting agenda, the users group has used this opportunity to invite prominent parties from the extended Amiga community to showcase their progress.

Anu Seilonen, Finnish Amiga Users Group
13.9.2002 Pianeta Amiga 2002 update
The countdown is quite over. 21 and 22 September will be the days of the biggest Amiga event in Italy for ages. The unofficial support site has been unpdated with a lot of new exhibitors and news announced.
Amiga OS 4.0 componets demoed (on a standard Amiga), AmigaOne, Pegasos, MorphOS, Supreme, FXScan, Highway, Mediator A1200 SX, Bitplane issue 5 and a lot more new products... There will also be many conferences and presentations.
Since 10/09/2002 the following have announced their partecipation. (there will also be a lot of non commercial exhibitors and user groups)

Nicola Morocutti via ANN
Pianeta Amiga 2002 website
13.9.2002 Repulse sold out
"The repulse soundcard is sold out. This product has been an inspiring and outstanding success."

"The Aliendesign website is online again. Blame our provider for the inconviences. We are sorry. The good news is that the website was updated while it has been restored."

Aliendesign website

13.9.2002 Rumble in the Jungle 2002
Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to the clash of the year, presenting, In the Red Corner, all the way from Germany and the UK, with years of experience, a true survivor - Amiga OS4 supported by AmigaOne! Presenting in the Blue Corner, from Germany and France, the new young pretender to the crown, MorphOS supported by Pegasos! The main event will be held at the World of Amiga Southeast Show in Poplars Hall, Brentwood, Essex, England, (UK) on Saturday November 2nd 2002.Read more

Michael Carrillo
13.9.2002 Software News
IBrowse FAQ page now online
"A list of frequently asked questions has been compiled, based on messages sent to the mailing list (mostly regarding IBrowse 2.3). Be sure to read the FAQs before repeating a question on the mailing list :-)"

New Scalos 1.3 Beta
Scalos beta version 40.22 has just been uploaded. Visit the Downloads page as usual...
There are some instructions in the readme file in the archive so you should read this before installing.

IBrowse homepage
Scalos homepage

12.9.2002 Elbox ships Spider USB 2.0 PCI card for Mediator
Elbox Computer is proud to introduce the first USB 2.0 host controller for the Amiga computers. The Spider USB 2.0 PCI card provides a simple and affordable way to add five Hi-Speed USB ports to Mediator-equipped Amigas.
The Spider USB 2.0 Hi-Speed PCI controller is backward-compatible, which means it works also with older USB 1.1 peripherals. Read more

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
12.9.2002 Something for Everyone
AmigaAnywhere equipped mobile phones and PDAs, AmigaOS 4.0, the AmigaOne and a chance of laptops running the product-formerly-known-as-Amithlon... Something for Everyone, new article by John Chandler on suite101.com.

suite101.com website
12.9.2002 Are you an Amiga (68k) ASM programmer ?
ClickBOOM are currently looking for an experienced Amiga ASM programmer to help with porting of realtime strategy game 'Z'. Email them at info@clickboom.com.

clickBOOM website
12.9.2002 Screen Dragging in OS4? No!
Olaf Barthel posted on the topic of 'draggable screens': "I believe that screen dragging is useful and has its place in the Amiga user interface and application software design. [..] I'm still rooting for getting the draggable screens back into the operating system."

Ben Hermans, Hyperion Entertainment's Managing partner and manager of the AmigaOS4 project followed up in the same thread to Olaf's post with "You and me both. They'll be back, just not for OS 4.0 due to a lack of time."

CyberGraphX homepage

12.9.2002 ExoticA News
Updated the Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 4.33. Also updated the Compilation Disk Reference Manual to version 1.23 which is found on the same page.
Updated Scenery 64 to version V1.40 (September 2002 release). Scenery is a guide to groups, parties and releases on the c64/Amiga demoscene (pc is in development), and features what is likely the biggest, best and most comprehensive scene party index ever made public. It's an attempt to cover an important part of digital history, to accurately document things and events that otherwise might be forgotten.
There is a new gallery area up - Amiga City II. It's another section with some lovely photos of a contributor's Amiga game collection. Take a look!
Since the update on the 27th July, the UnExoticA game music section has had 3 updates, bringing the archive to 5985 files packed into 1162 archives. Thats over 330 megabytes of awesome tunes!
and more...

ExoticA website
12.9.2002 'DCE article' written by Michal Bergseth REMOVED
"Due to DCE's wish. Amitopia must take the DCE article down due to a e-mail witch Amitopia got from DCE. Were sorry for what we have done. We wanted the article to be as a warning against bad Amiga supportive companies. -editor So from today on, the original article is gone, until we've rewritten it, so its much more understandable."

Amitopia website
12.9.2002 Interview with MacroSystems
"Here is our interview with MacroSystems. One of the best video-editing companies in the world. We asked them about what they do, AmigaOS4 and more. Click here to read our interview."

Amitopia website
11.9.2002 Mediator PCI USB drivers for Poseidon stack
Elbox Computer is pleased to announce that its drivers to PCI USB cards in the Mediator busboard operate under the Poseidon USB stack.
These drivers have been prepared by Elbox programmers as a result of co-operation started a few weeks ago by Chris Hodges, author of the Poseidon stack.
As the Poseidon stack is already supported by authors of third-party commercial software, we have decided that releasing another, our own, USB stack for Amiga under such circumstances would mean doubling effort of Amiga programmers. Read more

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
11.9.2002 Mediator UP 3.2 & Mediator Multimedia CD UP 1.16
The MediatorUP 3.2 update for Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200, Mediator PCI ZIV and for the newest Mediator model--Mediator PCI 1200 SX has been made available today.

The MM CD 1.16 update for the users of Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 SX, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV busbords, who are registered owners of the Mediator Multimedia CD has been released today. Read more

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER

11.9.2002 Workbench clone for AROS
The first release of a Workbench clone for AROS is ready. Just download the latest PC floppy image and enjoy.

Matt Parson's AROS distribution website
11.9.2002 Another Pictures from the Alchimie 2 Show
Some other photos of Alchime2 / AExpo 2002 by AFLE.

Other photos of Alchimie2/A-Expo taken by Polymere.

ANN website

10.9.2002 Interview with Thomas Frieden: OS4 questions and answers
A few weeks ago, the amiga-news.de community collected a bunch of questions related to OS4 and forwarded them to Thomas Frieden, in the hope that he may answer some of them.
Guess what? Not only did he answer all of them, he even answered them in English, for you poor souls outside of Germany ;-)
Interview with Thomas Frieden

BTW Ben Hermans/Hyperion wrote: "In actual fact Jörg (who currently maintains SFS) is an OS 4 developer and he has already agreed to port SFS to OS 4."

Amiga-News.de website

10.9.2002 VHI Studio 5.7 and IOUSB DigiCam Package available
We´re proud to announce you the availability of a new and expanded version of VHI Studio today.
New features/improvements in VHI Studio 5.7:
* USB-support (Digitalkameras, Webcams)
* new, integrated FTP-client for the webcam-functionality
* completly newly written .mov-animationexport
* automatic framerate-recognition
* an ARexx-port has been added
* heavily advanced webcam- and timelapse-functionality
* example-webcamfiles with elegant design in the archive
* extended PPC-support (e.g. JPEG-decoding)
* now uses fxWARP 9 technology
* native CPU-modules for PPC (PowerUP, WarpUP, MorphOS) and x86 (Amithlon)

Along with the availability of the new version we also have relaunched our VHI Studio-pages.

VHI Studio is the award-winning software for videoboards, digicams, webcams and other video sources on the AMIGA with the broadest hardware-support. Functionality includes recording and cutting of videoclips, download of images from digital cameras, still-picture-grabbing and their optimization, watching TV on the Workbench, a full-blown webcam-software (besides, this feature also works with videoboards, digicams, etc!) and the easy creation of timelapse-animations.

Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT

9.9.2002 AmigaOS4.0 Status Update
As shown at the French Amiga show this week-end, here is the status update of the AmigaOS4 project.

ANN website
9.9.2002 Elbox releases MediatorUP 3.1
The MediatorUP 3.1 update for Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200, Mediator PCI ZIV and for the newest Mediator model--Mediator PCI 1200 SX has been made available today.
The update includes new versions of the following drivers:
* pci.library
* MediatorNET.device
* Voodoo.card
Read more

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
9.9.2002 Elbox releases MM CD UP 1.15
The MM CD 1.15 update for the users of Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 SX, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV busbords, who are registered owners of the Mediator Multimedia CD has been released today.
The update includes new versions of the following drivers:
* FastEthernet.device
* sb128.audio
* tv.library
* Voodoo.card
Read more

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
9.9.2002 Pegasos und Amiga One @ O.A.S.E. show
Pegasos and Amiga One will be shown at the O.A.S.E. - Open Amiga Southeast Europe show in Graz, Austria this weekend.
On the comming weekend we are proud to present you the Pegasos and the Amiga One to the public. The Pegasos computer will be demoed by the german Thendic France partner DYXS GmbH. We already recieved the new Rev. "B" Amiga One G3SE mainboard and will present the board running the new updated BIOS. We hope Linux will make it until the weekend. Beside MorphOS we will demo current pieces of the AmigaOS4 and the Thylacine and Highway USB solutions incl. peripherals. Also, the first time in Austria: Linux on the Playstation 2.

Join the O.A.S.E. - Open Amiga Southeast Europe show 14. and 15. September, Hotel Europa, Graz, Austria.

Jürgen Schober via ANN
O.A.S.E. website

9.9.2002 Pictures from the Alchimie 2 Show
The first photos from the Alchimie 2, mirror in Sweden

According to first reports, Thendic demonstrated 10 Pegasos computers with the current if not yet finished version of MorphOS.
On show were a.o. 'Ambient' (the MorphOS workbench), which sports a.o. 24bit PNG icons and a lister a la Magellan 2.

Pictures of Alchimie 2 and Amiga Expo in France

Amiga-News.de website

9.9.2002 New Up Rough Release!
Super Sharp Shuriken EP feat. Samuel aka Substance & Nasley is out! Four jazzy d'n'b tracks. This one also includes a brand new and STUNNING paperdoll by Royal. Get your copy today!

spot, up rough
9.9.2002 Supreme 1.0 will be presented at Pianeta Amiga 2002!
Darkage Software is proud to announce the release of Supreme, their latest software for stunning video effects. The program will be officially presented at the next Pianeta Amiga expo in Empoli (Fi), 12-22 September 2002. Fore more info please visit www.darkage.it.

Paolo D'Urso, Darkage
8.9.2002 Amiga RC5 Team Effort News
Updated the THINK Cancer research client's description which is now called LigandFit, see the misc section. We have someone working on an Amiga client for a silly project that counts keystrokes called Dolphin too, more on that later :) If you have a Windows system you could already join the existing Amiga team, it doesn't take exactly a lot of CPU time so can be run together with other clients.

Completely forgot to mention that the Amiga RC5 Team Effort is now 5 years old! (as of 20-Aug-2002) Time flies when you are having fun (and discover just how long "Two More Weeks" is :)

Amiga RC5 Team Effort website

8.9.2002 Games News: Another port of Quake 2
AmigaPlus announced that Frank Menzel has released the first port of Quake2 for Amiga. Requirements are a PPC processor, a graphics card, 128MB of memory and WarpOS.

ANN website
8.9.2002 WinUAE News
Windows News Amiga emulator for Windows WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 1 is available for download
New features
- full harddisk image support (hdtoolbox, RDB, custom filesystems, SFS and PFS3 confirmed working)
- uaescsi.device improvements, confirmed compatible with CacheCDFS, AmiCDFS and AsimCDFS
- Action Replay 1 support
- CPU idle
- floppy speed slider is back
- new AHI code and driver
- Amiga Windows clipboard support
- on the fly switching between OpenGL and DirectDraw mode
- on the fly switching between vsync and non-vsync mode
- compressed Kickstart ROM image support
- build-in screenshot function, shortcut key: F11
- experimental (and much slower) cycle-exact cpu and blitter emulation mode
- wkeykill.dll support (disables Windows-keys)
- OpenGL scanline brightness slider added

WinUAE Official homesite
8.9.2002 Software News
Version 0.17 of SimpleMail released! The changes are:
shows user@popserver in the check single account sub menu
added possibility to add the recpient of an e-mail later
closing the compose window will not discard the current edited mail
search function added

SimpleMail is a mailer for the Amiga classic platform but it is intended to be as portable as possible...

SimpleMail website

8.9.2002 Boot MacOS X in MOL 0.9.65!
LinuxPPC News According to MacOnlinux website, it is now possible to run MacOS X within MOL. Both MacOS 10.1 and 10.2 are supported. The new MOL version also contains support for little endian (remote) X displays. A couple of performance improvements have also gone into this release.

Amigart website
7.9.2002 Amiga Flame: Time To Get Serious
In the heyday years, the Amiga was felt to be an incredible machine due to its creative and talented users who produced all kinds of software for the art, music, and business world. In addition Amiga users strode to encourage others to create software for themselves by providing all the developer tools they would need. At this time magazines such as Amiga Shopper and Amiga User International were felt to be essential monthly buys if you wanted the low-down on the serious side of the market. They played an important role for they not only reported on the serious side of the market, they gave confidence to serious software developers and thus encouraged development. Many years have gone by since the demise of Amiga Shopper but it is my belief that the time has come for the void to be filled. Read more

Amiga Flame website
6.9.2002 Bill McEwen's September 2002 Executive Update
Bill's latest update touches on a plethora of topics including the Sacremento show, the Amiga club, the AmigaOne, PDA/Cellphones, Bernie Meyer's product and the possibility of new product(s) from Amiga. Read the September/2002 executive update here.

AmigaInc. website
6.9.2002 Preview of AmigaOS 4 AmiDock
You can see the new AmiDock screenshots here.
AmiDock is a completely redesigned version of OS3.9's AmiDock. There are a lot of improvements in terms of usability, loading-speed and optical feedback.
Included here are a few screenshots to give you a general idea of what you can expect of AmiDock...

AmigaInc. website
6.9.2002 Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Issue 12 of Total Amiga Magazine is almost sold out, if you are wondering what all the fuss is about, here is what some Amiga notables are saying about us...

Urgent! We are looking for additional writers/contributors, if you have software or hardware that you wish to review, top tips, tutorials or even a rant or rave that you want to share, send it in to us and we will consider it for publication in the next issue.

Visit http://www.totalamiga.org for more information and while you at it why not join our discussion forum, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/totalamiga/messages.

Total Amiga Magazine; we are, are you?

Michael Carrillo, Total Amiga Magazine

6.9.2002 Amiga Arena Fullversion
With the permission from Klass Hermanns,the Amiga Arena released the fullversion from the FileX. FileX is a binary file editor which offers the following features:
- Several files can be modified in several windows and/or views at the same time. - The edit windows can be opened on any public screen
- Clipboard converter
- Fontsensitivity
- Locale support
- Undo and Redo (only limited to your free memory)
- Search and replace with history
- Extensive blockfunctions
- ARexxport with 77 commands and asynchronical command shell
- Printing as hexdump
- `Grab memory' to show and modify memory
- AppWindow

Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena
5.9.2002 Some components of AmigaOS4 will be demonstrated at A-Expo.
Next Saturday afternoon, at the French event "A-Expo/Alchemie 2", some components of the AmigaOS 4 will be demonstrated on Amiga 4000 with CyberstormPPC.

These components are:
The new Intution
Roadshow (the TCP/IP stack)
MediaToolBox (the new HDToolBox)

Amiga-News.de website

5.9.2002 Poseidon & Norway Updates available
There is a new version V1.28 of the Poseidon USB Stack available from my website (http://www.platon42.de/poseidon.html), aswell as an updated driver for the Norway Ethernet Addon which sits ontop of the Highway.
There's now a VHI driver for the Pencam and compatible webcams. However, to work 100% correctly, you probably need version VHI Studio 5.7 which is scheduled for release next Monday. Read more

Notice: "Don't be worried about the registration form included starting with this release and the 'demo version' restrictions: The Highway and Subway boards come with an OEM licence and you do NOT have to register Poseidon.
This is only for third party hardware drivers which do not have a licence. In this case, the user has to buy a keyfile, if he wants to make use of Poseidon."

Chris Hodges

5.9.2002 An Octet of Operating Systems
"With all the publicity that Windows and Linux get, you may be forgiven for not being aware of a number of other operating systems. Yet there are many other choices that I find interesting and as useful alternatives."
The Byte Magazine article discuss 'other' operating systems like AmigaOS... Read more

Five Desktop Alternatives:
OS/2 Convenience Pack from IBM
eCS, OS/2 plus enhancements from Serenity Systems
OpenBeOS, an open source version of the OS developed by Be
BeOS 5 personal
Amiga, the phoenix of operating systems

BYTE Magazine website

5.9.2002 GFX-BASE WB-Screenshot competition: 1 Week left!
The competition will end in ONE WEEK! So submit your unique, beautiful and creative screenshot of your WB before it's to late.
The first price is Earth2140 or WipeOut, the second winner will receive a copy of PuzzleBOBs. All games support gfx-cards of course. For more information and the rules click here.

GFX-BASE website
5.9.2002 Betatester II scheduled for 12 October, Hilton Hotel Frankfurt
MorphOS News Thendic-France and bplan will host Betatester II at the Hilton Hotel, Hochstrasse 4, Frankfurt from 9:00 to 18:00, a buffet lunch will be served.
Highlights of the conference will be:
Presentation of the commercial release of MorphOS
Demonstration of new and old applications
Release for testing of three new peripheral devices: the smart card and reader for security and loyalty/payment systems (the 'Trusted Community'), the DataPlay disc drive, and a wireless mobile camera. Ten Developers will be selected for testing with the DataPlay and the camera based on performance as a Betetester and relevant development experience. All Betatesters will receive a personalized smart card and smart card reader.

All key individuals from the Thendic/bplan will be present.
All Betatesters and the MorphOS Development Team will be admitted free of charge.
All others will be admitted for an afternoon demonstration from 15:00-18:00 for 10 Euros. All participants will receive a Thendic/bplan T-Shirt and non-alcoholic drinks will be available.

MorphOS-News.de website
Thendic-France website

5.9.2002 Pegasos: Vesalia named 'Master Distributor' for Germany
MorphOS News Vesalia has been named the Master Distributor and Customer Service Manager for Germany. Pegasos systems will be on sale in October.
Betatester systems will continue to be sold directly from Thendic-France. Betatester systems and the Betatester program will continue to evolve to include peripheral devices. The Betatester will become the development platform for the eclipsis (see products at www.thendic-france.com).

MorphOS-News.de website
Vesalia website
4.9.2002 Morphos runs on AmigaOne too
MorphOS News Bill Buck posted a comment on ANN that says: "Also, we might as well let the thread know that MorphOS runs on the A1 too. We have one of 'their' boards and it works! That should settle the issue of 'write once, publish anywhere'... Plus, we are happy to sell a Pegasos to Mr. Hermans and his team or anyone else. Ben, you can have one from the next production and you do not even have to be a Betatester...;)"

ANN website
4.9.2002 Teron CX "consumer version" soon for sale
Mai will be selling their Teron CX boards in a "consumer version" (as opposed to the "evaluation version" sold until now, distributed as "developer boards" by Eyetech). The initial target price will be about USD 500. Mai Logic press release

"Since the public press release is out by now I guess I'm free to say that Bill Mueller, the Mai engineer who designed the Teron CX / 'AmigaOne', has told me that this 'consumer board' will be equipped with the newer VIA 686B southbridge (ATA100 interface etc.) and that the shared AGP/PCI slots on PCI bus 1 will be simultaneously usable. This is the same board Eyetech will be redistributing under the 'AmigaOne' trademark, apart from that Eyetech's boards will ship with a modified firmware. The Teron CX will be on sale in 'a couple of months', and Mueller did not yet know what firmware their boards will be shipped with."

Amiga.org website
Mai Logic website

4.9.2002 Jim Sachs Interviewed by GetBoinged!
"He is an amazing artist! Remember Defender of the Crown? The now famous AmigaWorld cover? Take a trip back in time and find out what Mr. Sachs is doing now! Read it here

Paul J. Beel, GetBoinged.Org website
4.9.2002 Amitopia: DCE article
Michal Bergseth, editor of norwegian magazine Amitopia visited DCE (Oberhausen, Germany) some days ago.
"My DCE article is now modifyed and rewritten a bit because of mails from the company. The article is ment as a "be better DCE" article. I've got mails from people wich says that they've waited over 2 years for their PPC board, and due to this they dont want to support DCE anymore."

Amitopia website
4.9.2002 Software News
Version 2.0 of Pixload has been released. That tool allows, similiar like Amidock does, to launch programs and scripts via an icon using MUI. With this version "drag and drop" is implented.

Amiga-news.de website
Pixel-Art Asc. website
3.9.2002 Attractive fxSCAN-sidegrade-offers
In a time-limited offer until the 1st of October 2002, we are giving you the possibility to sidegrade fom your current scanner software (ScanQuix, ScanTek, ArtecScan, other software on request) to fxSCAN 4.0.
Therefore please send in your old software (original disk/cd-rom with serial number/key in resellable constitution) and a filled-out sidegradeform (see downloads).
fxSCAN 4.0 offers, as the only scannersoftware on the AMIGA, OCR- and PDF-export-capabilities. Besides this, you can also make copies (incl. unique finetuning!), optimize your scanning results, print, convert or send images to fxPAINT for further processing.
More information regarding fxSCAN and the sidegrade offer can be found on the pages about fxSCAN 4.0.

Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT
3.9.2002 Visit of Thendic-France in photos
"Some photos taken the 13th August 2002 at Thendic-France in Paris have been posted here: http://photosamiga.free.fr/Thendic0802/album.html
. Thanks to Thendic, and enjoy the visit with the Pegasos/MorphOS ! :)"

Sébastien 'Jedi' Jeudy
3.9.2002 AmIDE goes open source
Today AmIDE was announced as GPL and is available for all interested Amiga developers to join the team and make AmIDE a powerful integrated development environment for Amiga computers.

"AmIDE - Amiga Integrated Development Environment is a modern MUI based IDE system that should make the Amiga developer able to use his favourite Compiler system with a modern looking GUI System with features like filetype handling, Build/Make, TextEditor"

AmIDE SF website

2.9.2002 www.ibrowse-dev.net - the new home of IBrowse
IBrowse Development Team: "As many of you will know, IBrowse has been without a proper home on the web for a while, until now. Obviously, this website is a bit minimal at the moment, but we are planning to address this situation soon. We are currently busy preparing IBrowse 2.3 (68K) for release - as yet we have no indication of a firm release date, but good progress is being made and we are doing our best to get IBrowse 2.3 ready for release a.s.a.p. In the meantime, for those of you who are not already aware of it, you are invited to join the mailing list."

IBrowse homepage
2.9.2002 Software News
New YAM2.4 Dev version
Click here to download the latest YAM v2.4 development version, compiled 3.8.2002. Fully optimized 68020 version only. ChangeLog
This version is currently in development, and may not work perfectly!
PLEASE do not complain about these development versions! If you want to continue getting developer versions, please read the ChangeLog file before reporting bugs.

GPatch Version 3 completed
The 68k version 3 of the patch system GPatch has finally been completed and put on Aminet.
There have been many improvements over the previous version: New seach algorithms, new coding methods and easier execution of the patch. For those who don't know it yet: GPatch is the only program of its kind with the ability to combine any number of different data in one patch file in order to automatically update different older versions of a program to the newest one. GPatch.readme

YAM2.4 Dev page
Amiga.org website

2.9.2002 MorphOS statement about its legal status
MorphOS News "There have been many rumours regarding MorphOS and its legal standing. After careful consideration, we have concluded that those allegations are unfounded, those most frequently raised being the following two." Read more

MorphOS-Mews.de website
1.9.2002 GoldED Studio AIX: Piggy Bank Week
For one week, starting today, GoldED Studio AIX is available at a reduced price: Until 8/Sep/02, no costs for p&p are added to orders - shipping is completely free ! Terms and conditions: the Piggy Bank offer can not be combined with other discounts.

GoldED Studio homepage
1.9.2002 Team dynAMIte Arena 2.1 - Ultimate T-Shirt Edition
This is an amazing time for #amigazeux, and The Players. You have all been impatient and bored, and have dealt with more craptalk and disinformation by all kinds of Ben's and Bill's than any one group of people should ever. Yet, and happily, we are moving forward and are about to release dynAMIte 2.1. As you know dynAMIte is our extremely exciting awardwinning multiplayer game and offers true rich multimedia content. Admittedly, we have not been very public about anything to date, but you are many and we are pleased to be bringing this fatal piece of software to you, The Players, as well.
We are also excited to announce the dawn of the "I Am Explosive" club. You can gain membership in several ways; drinking gasoline, is one of them. Read more

dynAMIte homepage
1.9.2002 Virus Help Denmark AMIGA News
A new update of Mill has been released today. You can find the new v0.7 update Here.

MILL is the base program of the MILL antivirus project. It's major task is file scanning using the powers of XVS, XFD and XADMASTER as well as built-in routines. The GUI of MILL allows to run or call other components of the package. MILL.readme

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website

1.9.2002 AIO 62 is out
Issue 62 of AIO is now out and should be soon available on Aminet and the AIO site.

Mark Tierno via ANN
Amiga Information Online website
1.9.2002 Software News
A/NES CGFX v1.27
A/NES CGFX v1.27 is out. Some spritefixes has been done and the optimization below is also implemented for example. Get it in the download section. I've also added some screenshots, check out the about section.

Amithlon News AC97Mixer
AC97Mixer v2.1 (giftware) for Amithlon SB128 soundcard, VIA onboard sound, SB Live. Features: +20dB MI; dynamic 3D enhancement slider if supported; show&hide of every mixer; ARexx; Surround support VIA onboard sound, SB Live.

A/NES CGFX homepage
Bright Light Software website