30.9.2001 Amiga World 2001 News
Amiga Future magazine on their website report about the 'Amiga WORLD 2001' to take place on 17th and 18th November 2001 in the 'Mediapark 6' in Cologne. About 400 m² of exhibition space is available there. The Falke Verlag is organizer of this fair.
According to AMIGAplus magazine the following exhibitors would attend this show: Amiga Inc., AmigaPlus, Amiga Active, Amiga Future, APC&TCP, bplan, Cloanto, COOLbits, DCE, Eternity, e.p.i.c. interactive, Haage & Partner, Hyperion, individual Computer, KDH Datentechnik, Matay, Merlancia or Vesalia.

Amiga-News.de website
30.9.2001 More C= Commodore TV-commercials
A 16 second videoclip (mpeg) showing "Commodore Amiga präsentiert - Seaquest DSV" recorded from German RTL television is now available for download at The Commodore Billboard in the "Commercials -> Amiga" section. Audio preview available too.

Søren Ladegaard, The Commodore Billboard
30.9.2001 Amiga Arena News
"Felix Schwarz the developer from Innovative Software (FxPaint) talks with the Amiga Arena about the future and updates of his software!

Janne Jalkanen the developer of "PPT" speaks about the future and the AmigaDE!
Read all new interviews in English!"

Amiga Arena website

30.9.2001 AIO issue 51 is now out
AIO issue 51 is out and should be available at AIO page or on Aminet (soon).

Amiga Information Online webpage
30.9.2001 Software News
Martin Blom released ahi.device v5.17 for PPC/68k and paula.audio v4.27. This release includes bugfixes for AmigaOS, MorphOS and Amithlon. Download

Cathedral v1.1 (68k/PPC PowerUp, WarpUp) - program made to create really phat reverb effects on audio samples.

DECH v1.4 - AmigaE-Compiler handler.

TheMPegEncGUI v2.08 - GUI that you can use to simplify your work when you're encoding Mpeg Audio (MP3) with some of the most popular CLI-based Mpega Audio encoders on the Amiga!

"If you have some minutes over, please fill out their little survey at: http://www.onyxsoft.nu/survey.html.

Amigart website
Stefan Blixth, OnyxSoft

29.9.2001 AmiBid -Amiga Auctions Website is Open
An Amiga only FREE auction site is here. Got some Amiga Hardware or Software you want to exchange for a bit of cash then Go to AmiBid and get to work. Its FREE to post auctions and Bid on them.

Amiga.org website
AmiBid website
29.9.2001 Virtual Programming Ltd Explained
Virtual Programming, a relatively new company on the Amiga scene has bought out Blittersoft, a long established company, which provided users with Amiga hardware and software.
Virtual Programming is a UK company based in Bournemouth with a great deal of mystery surrounding their arrival to the Amiga scene. They first rose to prominence a few months ago when they advertised in Amiga Active seeking talented individuals to work on entertainment and application software for the Amiga DE. Since then they have been linked with Clearwater Interactive when it was revealed that both companies were working together on a number of Elate games. This latest development, the takeover of Blittersoft has revealed perhaps some startling details about the company as it has been suggested that Mark Hinton, Publisher of Amiga Active is a Director in Virtual Programming. Read more

Amiga Flame website
VP Ltd website
29.9.2001 Scanner calibration software ICS for AmigaOS 4?
Volker Grabbe has asked Wolf Faust, the programmer of the scanner calibration software ICS, about the future development of this software. With permission by Wolf Faust we release the questions and answers.

Amiga-News.de website
ICS homepage
29.9.2001 Digital Almanac III News
Good news for all users of and people interested in Digital Almanac III. After the sales of the astronomy software had to be stopped because of defective hardware it can go on again. There's hardware again, so the development and the sales of the CD-ROMs can restart.

Amiga-News.de website
Digital Almanac Homepage
29.9.2001 Update: Amiga PDA Games
The first wave of PDA games for the Sharp Zaurus will soon be available from the Sharp Space Town web site and the Amiga DE shop. Please remember that PDA games are being worked on for a number of PDA devices. Read more

Amiga Flame website
29.9.2001 Software News
WarpDTPrefs v44.6a - freeware preferences program for WarpJPEG, PNG, BMP, PSD & TIFF datatypes.
NEW: ATO locale update: catalogs, documentation and installer updated.

Oliver Roberts' homepage
28.9.2001 ProStationAudio on G-Rex 4000 with Terratec audio hardware
ProStationAudio compatible with G-Rex PCI busboards by DCE and Terratec PCI audio boards. Frank Mariak, DCE's software designer of drivers for the G-Rex, confirms that drivers they just made for the 128i and 512i Terratec models have passed preliminary tests for analog I/O with ProStationAudio. Drivers for the 512i are being extended with S/P-DIF support.
G-Rex makers and AudioLabs are actively cooperating to provide the best compatibility between this new PCI busboard and ProStationAudio.
The G-Rex PCI busboard, available in two models for the A4000 and A1200 is a solution developed specifically for owners of P5/DCE CyberStorm and Blizzard PPC and/or 68K CPU cards. The G-Rex 4000D replaces the stock A4000 backplane, offering slots for PCI and Zorro cards. ProStationAudio takes advantage as well of PCI graphic cards installed on the G-Rex.

AudioLabs website
28.9.2001 Good news for G-Rex owners: TV/Video & Sound drivers will be Free!
The Visionary & Sound Mixer software was going to be released with the G-Rex 4000 boards last week, but with the redesign of the board (adding a fan in the middle of the board to help 'solve' heat problems, ect...), the release date was pushed back a bit. The release is still tied into the G-Rex 4000 boards release. If the boards are not released by the next target date Visionary & Mixer software will be released sometime in October.
The software will be free for all G-Rex owners. A Pro version of Visionary will probably be done. It will have more advanced features like teletext and other cool things. No set date on that yet.

CyberGraphX homepage
28.9.2001 Prometheus software update
Matay has released new version of SANA-II driver for Ethernet PCI cards based on RTL8029 chip. New version has been extensively tested with five models: Genius GE2500-III SE, D-Link DRN-32CT, Edimax 5200PXA, Net-LynX EP-312V, Wisecom WS-R320CT and should work on every card with this chip. Another released program, NetMeter 1.0 is a small, nice looking network traffic monitor for Ethernet PCI and PCMCIA cards. Both can be downloaded from Prometheus support page.

Grzegorz Kraszewski, Matay website
28.9.2001 Kicksoft News
Kicksoft ltd are pleased to announce that Amidog- The DVD player can now be purchased from their website.
Kicksoft has also added Turboprint 7, OS 3.9 and Photofolio V2 to their ever expanding range of titles.

Ray McCarthy, Kicksoft Ltd.
28.9.2001 AmigaOS XL: Frequently Asked Questions
"We just release our first list of answer to frequently asked questions. This list is in German. We are just doing the English translation. Please give us some more time. Thank you for your understanding. FAQ List

Haage & Partner website
28.9.2001 Look and feel of the OS4.0 upgrade
"Here is an E-mail I received from Fleecy about the look and feel of the OS4.0 upgrade. His response makes a lot of sense when you think about it. I find that the main priorities should before anything else (eye candy)."

Amiga.org website
28.9.2001 Software News
Windows News Amiga emulator for Windows WinUAE 0.8.17 Release 2 is now available. Download / history

DocDatatypes v40.22 released. DocDatatypes is a set of Datatypes classes for documents. The list of supported formats include: MS-Word(Windows, Mac, OS2), RTF, WordPerfect, Write, MS-Works, AmiPro, WordStar, WordStar 2000, Pocket Word, Quill, XyWrite III, Psion Word, Psion TextEd, Palm DB TEXt Doc(pdbdoc), First Word Plus, Mac Write and Mac Text.
New for this version (40.22) is the support of writing Compressed Palm Docs and the fixing of the Mac Write, Mac Text, Mac TeachText and WordPerfect 4 descriptors. Also all datatypes have had some speed improvements and memory optimisations.

WinUAE homepage
DocDatatypes homepage

27.9.2001 ELBOX approves software
Elbox Computer is pleased to announce formulation of its new policy aimed at ensuring total compatibility of software written for Mediator PCI busboards by external developers with hardware and software designed and produced by Elbox.
Medication by Richard Brooklyn is the first program for Mediator to obtain the status of "Approved by ELBOX." Read more

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
27.9.2001 MorphOS version of Visionary PPC up and running!
MorphOS News "I had a chance to ask the Visionary Program Manager a few quick questions on IRC about Visionary, here are his answers:"
VGR: Will Visionary run with MorphOS?
VPM: "Visionary has been successfully tested with MorphOS, soon you can enjoy TV on your MorphOS Workbench(tm)."

VGR: So a PPC version of Visionary will be released?
VPM: "Yes, that is what is being testing currently."

VGR: Will it take a long time to fully support G-Rex? VPM: "Not much additional work was needed because MorphOS fully supports the G-REX PCI interface natively."

CyberGraphX homepage

27.9.2001 Hardware: Water cooling for Cyberstorm-PPC & Amiga 1.2000
A do-it-yourself project which might be of special interest for overlockers, since water is known to cool better than air does. This is said to run trouble-free up to know - at this time the author has in mind to utilize a peltier element together with the water cooling. Even if one would not try this himself, it is vital to take a look at the picture of this reconstructed CSPPC on the page - somehow fascinating :-).

You should also check page of Amiga 1.2000 computer, based on the original format of the Amiga 1200, but with a brand new design and surprinsing features like the "EASY OPEN" case, automatic power-up, 24x cd-rom with double audio output, fast SCSI II controller, 3D accelerated graphics for applications, games and digital video, risc processor at 300mHz, Powerlan ethernet pcmcia card for local network or Internet trhought ADSL, 3d glasses output and a modular system, upgradeable to its next generation.

Amiga-news.de website
AMIGA 1.2000 website

27.9.2001 dynAMIteXXL
dynAMIteXXL has been released! Get the updated release here. dynAMIte now needs identify.library V13!
dynAMIte is a bomberman/dynablaster-clone that can be played (only) over the internet (TCP/IP) by up to 8 players! readme

dynAMIte homepage
27.9.2001 Software News
AmiDog's Movie Player v2.04 - the Movie Player for your PPC Amiga!
"Due to numerous reports about PPC alignment exceptions I decided to make a new fixed release although many of the planned fixes and feature still has to be added. The main new feature in this release is the LORES option. This will decode the MPEG at one fourth of the original size. This was added to make DVD playback possible on just about any PPC as long as the DVD-ROM and interface is fast enough. You most likely need a SCSI drive and a fast SCSI interface since the internal IDE ports used in Amigas usually are very slow. Also, please remember that this kind of decoding most likely violates any MPEG standard in existence and that due to rounding errors in the motion compensation code you may get a few small dark horizontal lines on the screen when there are a lot of movement. Also, the LORES mode hasn't been all that well tested yet and I'm sure there are MPEG streams which will not work too well. The LORES mode can ofcourse be used to speed up SVCD playback as well."
Changes since AMP v2.03

AmiDog's website
26.9.2001 End of Amigan-St. Louis - Amiga Shows ?
Over the years, Amigan-St. Louis, (Bob & Diana Scharp), have brought you many years of Amiga fun and edification. Namely the Amiga shows we hosted in St. Louis, MO. U.S.A. Since early 1994, we have been involved with providing the Amiga community with some of the best Amiga shows ever put on. Eventually we formed our own company, Amigan-St. Louis, to run these shows as they got too big to handle with just volunteers. Read more

Bob Scharp, Amigan-St. Louis
26.9.2001 Virtual Programming Ltd announced as exclusive UK distributor for AmigaOS XL
"Virtual Programmming Ltd are pleased to announce that we have been appointed official UK distributor for the new AmigaOS XL package.
We are currently taking back orders, which will be processed upon the release of the product.

For details, and to order securely, please visit our web site at: www.vpltd.com."

Paul Lesurf, VP Ltd

26.9.2001 Huddersfield Amiga User Group's Alt-WoA 2002 Show
"The North of England's Second Great Amiga Show coming up on the 23rd February 2002.
3 floors of attractions including a much larger games area and a series of workshops throughout the day. More details coming soon at: http://www.alt-woa.org.

Geoff Milnes
Huddersfield Amiga User Group's Alt-WoA 2002 page
26.9.2001 AmigaOS 4.x on BlizzardPPC and CyberstormPPC ? Maybe...
Thomas Dellert (DCE GmbH CEO) said the following in G-Rex ML: > Are there any plans by DCE to enable BlizzardPPC/Grex and CyberstormPPC/Grex equipped Amigas able to run the up coming AmigaOS 4.x ?
"Yes, why not, but we have to talk with Haage & Partner about their Software. Kind regards, Thomas Dellert."

Amigart website
G-Rex M/L
26.9.2001 C64: Release date for Retro Replay
"The multi-function module for the classic computer Commodore 64 that we announced in April will start shipping on monday, october 1st, 2001. The price is 99,- DM. A new technical description can be found in the support area of this site, a product page will be added in a few days. We take orders via e-Mail and fax. After serving all pre-orders, we'll ship to the known resellers and to the Go64! magazine (presumably before october 5th)." Read more

individual Computers website
26.9.2001 New layouts
Haage & Partner's website has been slightly changed. As the dominating colour you will find a dark red with white characters - based on the traditional Amiga-colours. On the right border the information column has been placed again.

ex-Blittersoft website has been updated with a new look after the buyout by Virtual Programming ltd. Includes separate sections for Amiga, Mac and Intent products. White White White...:-)"

Haage & Partner website
Amiga-news.de website
ex-Blittersoft website

26.9.2001 Software News
Anubis v1.0.2 - anoymous mail sender featuring WinGate support, Encrypted TSL/SSL connections, Anonymous Remailers and News Posting, and much more.

Medication is a tool for every Mediator owner. It allows you to configure all your cards in one easy to use GUI. No more fiddleing around with tooltypes or messing around with enviroment varibles. Just start Medication, change what you want and press save.
These are *preview* screenshots of the new version that is currently being developed.

Fr3dY's Amiga Web Page
Medication page

25.9.2001 Visionary comming soon to a G-Rex
The Visionary page is now open. On Sep 3rd vgr placed online an information support page for Visionary with examples, screens shots and general information. As of today (Sep 24th) DCE was kind enough "die vgr.com Visionary webseiten auszuleihen" and translated them for us. You can find the German translation version of the Visionary page on the DCE News Page.
What is Visionary? Find out on the Visionary support page. Currently there is no set date for a release. Visionary needs CGX & G-Rex. Visionary is very modular... support for just about any TV/Video card chipset & tuner could be added with documentation.

CyberGraphX homepage
DCE Computer Service GmbH website
25.9.2001 AmigaOS XL Roadshow
"We already announced that we want to demo AmigaXL on several occasions because one can hardly believe the potential of AmigaOS XL without having a look at it with you own eyes. Here are the first dates:
20.-21. October 2001: Pianeta 2001, Empoli, Italy, Info
3. November 2001: World Of Amiga 2001, Brentwood, Essex, UK. Info
17. November 2001: Amiga-User-Club Bremen
Further information as well as more dates will be published soon."

Haage & Partner website
25.9.2001 Pagan Games to release arcade PDA game
AmigaDE News Pagan Games have created an exciting new action game called Blobula. It has been designed for the PDA market but will also be playable on desktop computers with the AmigaDE player announced by Amiga Inc.
It is based on gravity and can probably best be described as Tetris meets pool in space. There are three game modes in Blobula. Read more

AmigaFire website
Pagan Games website
25.9.2001 New ProStationAudio 4.20: enhanced plugins support.
ProStationAudio 4.20 is ready, with enhanced support for ALPS plugins. Starting with 4.20 it's now possible to operate on plugin panels even when the timeline is stopped. This is possible as plugins are now fed by a new auxiliary timebase generator when the timeline is not running (main timebase generator in stand-by).
This enhancement is completely transparent to existing ALPS plugins, just upgrade to 4.20 and all your currently installed ALPS plugins will now be active continuously. A side effect of the new scheme is that now you can also interact with plugins whose insert slots are in "by-pass" mode (not possible previously).
ProStationAudio 4.20 for AmigaOS is on sale since today, customers are receiving their free update.

AudioLabs website
Blittersoft has been bought out by Virtual Programming Ltd. As a result, VP will assume all rights to the product range owned or distributed by Blittersoft, as well as carrying other Amiga products.
VP are a UK based company who will be supporting both the Classic Amiga and new Amiga markets. All exisiting Blittersoft customers will be supported by VP and further development will continue.
Paul Lesurf will join Mark Hinton as a director in VP.
The new VP website will be active this week, but until then this website will remain open for product orders.

Paul Lesurf, ex-Blittersoft
24.9.2001 Amithlon Demo in the UK
Blackpool Amiga Club are holding a demonstration of Amithlon at their headquarters on the 1St October 2001. For further details check out http://www.alt-woa.org!

Geoff Milnes
Huddersfield Amiga User Group's Alt-WoA 2002 page
24.9.2001 New Amiga shop in Italy!
DKGStore is a new e-shop selling DVD, Music Cd and Software, and has also an Amiga section (in collaboration with Paolo D'Urso of Darkage Software). The website is in italian only, and it has been tested with A-Web 3.4 and Ibrowse 2.2 with no problems. Reach it at http://www.dkgstore.com!

24.9.2001 Interviews
"Amiga Future released today an interview with Back to the Roots Team (german/english [soon]). Go to http://www.amigafuture.de and click on the "english" button. There you will find the list with all english interviews available."

The Amiga Future Team search people who can help them to translate all their interviews. Write to redaktion@amigafuture.de.

Amiga Arena: A new interesting interview with Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz, developer of the Frogger/SoftCinema is online!

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
Amiga Arena website

24.9.2001 New Game Demo On Aminet - The Power Of The Ginger
"The Power Of The Ginger is back with a new 10 level demo. It is still shareware and still £4 but it's still a fine 2D platformer shoot 'em up. Kind of RetroMania if you like. For info on registering e-mail me at ma@dowl.fsnet.co.uk. The archive on Aminet is ginger12.lha in the game/jump category."

Mark Dowling
24.9.2001 Information About MorphOS Quark Kernel
"The heart of MorphOS is the Quark kernel. It's a small kernel, with multitasking, multthreading, multiproc, memory protection, virtual address space, resource tracking, etc. support. Quark knows nothing about 68k or AmigaOS. It only runs native ppc tasks/threads." Read more

Emmanuel Lesueur via MorphOS ML
24.9.2001 Warp3D-Mediator delayed "due to incompatibilities in Elbox's Picasso96 drivers
Thomas Frieden via warpup-ML: "[..] there has been some delays due to incompatibilities in Elbox's Picasso96 drivers, the time they need to correct this, our three week deadline is suspended." Complete quote-post: "If you've heard that, you've heard something wrong. The contract was *announced* a few weeks ago, how could the drivers be released a feww weeks ago ?" - "Here's the deal: We have three weeks to finish the driver *after the contract is going "active"*. This was *not* the time that Elbox chose announce it. In fact, it need the small detail of Hyperion signing the contract as well. Don't worry, we did so directly after receiving the signed contracts from Elbox. I'm not going to discuss further details of the contract, as I think this is nothing that is supposed to be discussed in public. However, there has been some delays due to incompatibilities in Elbox's Picasso96 drivers, the time they need to correct this, our three week deadline is suspended." -"We will announce the availablility in due time. You might be impatient, but believe me, I've grown extremely weary of this whole affair."

CyberGraphX homepage
24.9.2001 Software News
WarpJPEG.datatype v44.24 - freeware JFIF/JPEG datatype (68K,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS).
NEW:Added support for files containing non-standard data, preceding the JFIF header.
WarpOS version reworked, now working in a fundamentally different way, to completely banish any possibility of cache conflicts - it also brings a speed increase of 2%.
Minor speedups for the 68k and MorphOS versions.
Fixed a bug which could cause a system deadlock if the dither control or pen precision options were enabled when using picture.datatype V44 or higher.
Optimizations made to the dispatch engine.

WarpPNG.datatype v44.20 - freeware PNG picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS).
NEW: 68k and WarpOS versions now 4-8% faster than before, depending on image size/type. 4% speedup for larger images in the MorphOS version.
WarpOS version reworked, now working in a fundamentally different way, to completely banish any possibility of cache conflicts.
Fixed a bug which could cause a system deadlock if the dither control or pen precision options were enabled when using picture.datatype V44 or higher.
Optimizations made to the dispatch engine.
Updated with libpng 1.2.0.

WarpTIFF.datatype v44.4 - freeware TIFF picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS).
NEW:WarpOS version reworked, now working in a fundamentally different way, to completely banish any possibility of cache conflicts - it also brings a speed increase for compressed images of around 2%.
Fixed a bug which could cause a system deadlock if the dither control or pen precision options were enabled when using picture.datatype V44 or higher.
Optimizations made to the dispatch engine.

WarpBMP.datatype v44.5 - freeware BMP picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS).
NEW: Added options to control the precision/quality of pen allocations for when an image is displayed on a palette-based display (8-bit).
WarpOS version reworked, now working in a fundamentally different way, to completely banish any possibility of cache conflicts.
Fixed a bug which could cause a system deadlock if the dither control or pen precision options were enabled when using picture.datatype V44 or higher.
Discovered a bug in the CyberGraphX picture.datatype, concerning error numbers which would have resulted in an unknown error being reported by application software if bitmap allocation failed - added workaround.
Optimizations made to the dispatch engine.
PowerPC versions recompiled with VBCC 0.8.
Added French and Spanish strings to the installer.

WarpPSD.datatype v44.2 - freeware Adobe Photoshop® picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS).
NEW:Added options to control the precision/quality of pen allocations for when an image is displayed on a palette-based display (8-bit).
WarpOS version reworked, now working in a fundamentally different way, to completely banish any possibility of cache conflicts.
Fixed a bug which could cause a system deadlock if the dither control or pen precision options were enabled when using picture.datatype V44 or higher.
Discovered a bug in the CyberGraphX picture.datatype, concerning error numbers which would have resulted in an unknown error being reported by application software if bitmap allocation failed - added workaround.
Optimizations made to the dispatch engine.
PowerPC versions recompiled with VBCC 0.8.
Added French and Spanish strings to the installer.

Version 0.11 of SimpleMail has been released! Changes since last release were:
UIDL Pop3 command support, so mails won't be downloaded twice
Improved Startup time
Bug fixes

David 'zapek' Gerber: "Well, V beta delayed some more because I'm changing a bit more stuff than planned. I also have to find a place where to hide from Olli's whipping."

MorphOS News "For MorphOS users, it's not necessary to upgrade to vapor_toolkit.library 15.8 as the MorphOS version seems to be thread safe for the MPZ_Pow() function (haven't looked at it too closely though so if in doubt..)"

Oliver Roberts' homepage
SimpleMail homepage
David 'zapek' Gerber, V3Portal

23.9.2001 Amitopia website is now on-line!
"Amitopia is one of Norways Amiga magazines in paper. It contains about 20 pages with tests, interviews and news + much, much more!
From 1st October 2001, Amitopia becomes a only pay-per-Internet magazine. Visit the website and order your exlusive copy today! Next Issue will be out 20th of October 2001!"

Michal 'amidelf' Bergseth, Amitopia
23.9.2001 A real Amiga IRC channel for real Amiga users
Tired of going to channels on net after net searching for some real Amiga users who use real AMIGAs?
Tired of being in channels where there seems to be an ongoing linux or windows chat?
Tired of being ragged on by clone owners who think your silly to be on amiga still?
Feel like trying a channel where amiga is the only topic and there is talk about everything from amiga hardware to software?
Does the thought of an amiga emulator bother you?
There is such a place,its called #DIEHARD and its on arcnet! Feel free to stop in,and be sure your using your Amiga!
If you answer yes to the above questions,then maybe this is the channel for you. It was created by Amiga users for Amiga users who were tired of emulator, Windows and Linux being talked about in so called amiga channels. Read more

#DieHard website
23.9.2001 The Commodore Billboard Newsletter #13
The Commodore Billboard Newsletter #13
The Commodore Billboard Celebrates Its First Birthday! Check the new very rare Amiga1000 tv-commercial not previously available on the internet.

The Commodore Billboard is the internet's largest archive of Commodore marketing material such as adverts, brochures, tv-commercials, merchandise etc.

Amiga-Future website
The Commodore Billboard website

23.9.2001 Amiga Arena News
With permission of Thomas Kessler, developer of CDBoot, and Richard Small (distribution by Schatztruhe) the Amiga Arena makes possible the release of 'CDBoot'. You can start almost any CD32 game on an A1200/4000 using 'CDBoot. (More information are to find on the CDBoot disk.)
Note: Of course Schatztruhe will not offer any support for 'CDBoot', anymore. Special thank to Thomas K. and Richard S. for their permission.

Olaf Köbnik, Amiga Arena
23.9.2001 Amiga OS XL pre-orders Taken
"Amiga OS XL pre-orders are being taken by Boing! International. Everyone who orders from boing.net goes in the draw to win:
1 Domain Name(.com .net or .org) for 1 yr Valued at USD$20+GST(if applicable)
1 Years Hosting on the Usergroup Special plan valued at USD$75+GST(if applicable).
For entry details and to purchase Amiga OS XL goto http://boing.net/amigaosxl/."

A.Scott Pringle via ANN
boing.new website
23.9.2001 DCE's Mr. Thomas shows newly redesigned G-Rexs
Mr. Sjoerd posted on the G_Rex ML: "Afteral I have been to Rheine yesterday in Germany where Thomas Dellert dit show the G-Rex versions. One of the reasons why the G-Rex-4000D was not available, was a change of design. There is now a fan in the middel of the board, just to solve heat problems. The printed boards did arrive on fryday from the manuafactor. And he build 2 for the demonstration. Also the was a A4000T 3 PCI board..."

CyberGraphX homepage
DCE Computer Service GmbH website
23.9.2001 Software News
MySQT_0.1a - MySQL Simple Query Tool is an utility that will let you to do queries to a MySQL database with an MUI Gui.
"MySQT is actualy an early alpha version. That mean, it has been programmed like some Kro$oft software and will only let you to do "SELECT" queries on small tables. Yes, I have not implemented dynamical memory allocation yet, but this will come. Before starting MySQT dont forget to edit icon Tooltypes to fit your Database access. As usual, you use MySQT at your own risk and I can't be responsible for any dammages, Bla,Bla,Bla... You all know the music..."

WHDLoad 14.5 usr & dev archives - AmigaOS friendly Harddisk-Install package. Some fixes and changes.

Da SixK Port Page
WHDL Support page

22.9.2001 Pianeta Amiga 2001 official homepage
Official Pianeta Amiga 2001 homepage finally opened: www.pianetaamiga.it!

Jares Cappelli
Jasa communications website
22.9.2001 SAVE THE CHANNEL CAMPAIGN - 1st to 7th October 2001
"#AmigaWorld is now the only Amiga IRC channel (chatroom) still active on Undernet, help us save this channel from the fate of the other Amiga channels on Undernet, by being on the channel as much as possible and inviting your friends during 1st to 7th October 2001. Together we can make this channel popular once again."

#AmigaWorld homepage
22.9.2001 Titan Software's Forthcoming Titles for MorphOS
MorphOS News Michael Garlich: "[..] we and some other companies are working on several titels that will be available for MorphOS:
MotionStudio (Video-editing)
Candy Factory V2
Papyrus Office
Rage Hard (Multiplayer strategy shooter)
BurnIT Pro (CD-Recording)"

MorphOS ML
Michael Garlich, Titan Computer Software Development
22.9.2001 AWeb price reduction
"Kicksoft ltd are pleased to announce a £2.00 reduction in the price of the Aweb OS3.5/3.9 upgrade pack. Now Only £28.00"

Amiga.org website
Kicksoft website
22.9.2001 New V beta out due tomorrow
Oliver Wagner: "It appears that Zapek was slouching off while I was on holiday, and no V beta was released. We were passing by Geneva by only about 200 Km on the way to france -- I really should have taken the time to divert and give him a good whipping :)
Anyway, the reason for the delay was that Zapek was doing some serious work on the download management, and is now about to have it finished. Our current plan is for a public beta release on Sunday evening."

Oliver Wagner, V3Portal
22.9.2001 Software News
vapor_toolkit 15.8
Applying to nearly all Vapor applications, there is a bug fix in "vapor_toolkit.library" which fixes the possibility of a crash if several applications were started at once. Find the update in the download section in the misc drawer.

A new update of Safe v17.0 has been released. Safe is small CLI command to detect linkviruses in Your system. readme

VaporWare website
Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website

21.9.2001 Some Information about AmigaONE
Alan Redhouse: "1. OS4.0 is based on OS3.9 which does need 3.1 ROMs
2. Backwards engineering/testing for OS3.0 compatibility would add weeks onto the already late OS4.0
3. Of course some of this stuff can be put in flashrom/hard disk but this would require a hugh effort in retesting/linking bits of code from various sources adding further to the cost/delay of OS4.0.
4. As I have said several times before on this list the boot sequence for the A1/OS4.0 is:
PPC boots from flash ROM & initialises A1 main board, including any A1 graphics and any available A1 board boot devices (HD, CDROM, SCSI, USB etc drivers)
PPC loads 68K emulator from flash rom and executes an emulator reset
Emulator executes A1200 boot sequence which looks round for boot devices (A1200 HD, FD, PCMCIA & A1 HD, CDROM, SCSI, USB etc)
Emulator boots OS4.0 from the highest priority boot device
5. From OS4.2 the bootstrap loader (& main drivers) will be in the A1 flash ROM and the 68k emulator will only look on the A1 board for boot devices (inc USB floppies, CDROM's etc etc)"

Amigart website
Alan Redhouse, Eyetech Group Ltd
21.9.2001 ProStationAudio Millenium, T8 and Remix compatible with SoundBlaster PCI boards
ProStationAudio is successfully working with Creative's SoundBlaster PCI boards installed on Mediator busboards, under AmigaOS.
The software has just passed tests at an audio production facility, under daily working conditions. The test setup includes a Mediator PCI busboard, SoudBlaster 128 PCI, and VooDoo graphic card for displaying the ultra-hi-res PSA GUI. Read more

AudioLabs website
21.9.2001 Saku 2001 - Cloanto's speech and webcam in Aminet
The speech of Cloanto's Michael Battilana at Saku 2001 and Saku 2001 webcam animation are now available from Aminet:
For more info, photo report and Fleecy's greetings:

Anu Seilonen
Saku 2001 homepage
21.9.2001 Looking for Alibaba
Olaf Köbnik has the permission to put the game "Alibaba" on his website but he can't find the fullversion of the game in whole Germany. Is there anyone outside who can help him? Write to olaf.koebnik@online-club.de.

Olaf Köbnik, Amiga Arena
21.9.2001 DigiBoosterPro Vote
"The DigiBoosterPro community page is starting a topical survey, today, to learn how much are interested in DigiBoosterPro being further developed. This survey has a 30 days duration. We then will analyze the data and contact the developers. Thus I ask for your active participation."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga-Future
Unofficial DigiBoosterPro homepage
21.9.2001 CD32 Games Install Kit v4.5
The CD32 Games Install Kit v4.5 was just released on the Airsoft Softwair homepage. This is the first public version of the program since version 3.9. Until now, versions 4.0 to 4.5 were only available for owners of the The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition but now the InstallKit is available as Shareware again. The demo version can be downloaded from the Airsoft Softwair homepage. Since version 3.9 many things have been changed: For example there is now a MUI GUI, the stability of Install2001 was increased and much more games are supported now, for example Simon the Sorcerer with talkie soundtrack. Also the integrated emulator which runs games straight from the CD was greatly improved. Additionally the InstallKit can now be ordered by credit card through RegNet. And finally there is now an own section on the Airsoft Softwair homepage which covers information about the program (in the products section).

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
21.9.2001 Amiga Future Top5 Games
The german mag "Amiga Future" search your Top5 games for Amiga. http://www.amigafuture.de/interactive/charts.html You can win 1 x Myst game.

Andreas Magerl, Amiga-Future
21.9.2001 What happened to previously annouced GoldED Studio 7?
"Please dont't hold your breath regarding GoldED 7, it's not yet ready. That's due to a drastic cutback of Amiga software development on my side in the last months (motivation problem because I feel that it's basically wasted time to develop Amiga software these days). That does not mean that GoldED 7 is canceled. It means that you will have to wait longer because the amount of time going into the project right now is very limited. I won't try to give an estimated release date. I'm definitely not in a hurry. Also, don't expect too much from it. It will offer little in terms of new features and probably alienate some Amiga users with its prominent Windows traits. As to people wondering whether to spend money on GoldED 6 now with GoldED 7 already announced, don't worry: the GoldED 7 CD will be free for you (actually for all customers who made a GoldED purchase this year)."

Dietmar Eilert via GoldED Support forum
GoldED Studio website
21.9.2001 PixelView Play TV and SoundBlaster 128 from KDH
KDH Datentechnik is selling PixelView PCI Play TV/Radio Board (149 DEM) and SoundBlaster 128 PCI Sound Board (49 DEM) for Mediator.

Amigart website
KDH Datentechnik website
20.9.2001 Saku 2001 Pictures and Fleecy's Greetings Online
"Following the tradition of the Finnish Amiga Users Group's Saku events, Saku 2001 generated a lot of material in the form of pictures, sounds and text, which is now available online. All material, including Fleecy's letter to Saku 2001, can be found via the official page of the Saku 2001 event at http://saku.amigafin.org/saku2001. Read more

Anu Seilonen
Saku 2001 homepage
20.9.2001 The Evil Toothbrush now in DivX!
"For those with slower connections, I reuploaded DivX version of the Evil Toothbrush music video that is more than 3 times smaller now (53 MB). You can download it from here: www.d-tronic.com/music/DJNick-eTb.avi."

20.9.2001 G-Rex Software
The latest collection of software for the G-Rex
CyberGraphX V4.2 release2 drivers update: cgxv42grex_r2.lha [www@dcecom | mirror@vgr] (424K).
Warp3D V4.2a drivers for G-Rex with Voodoo3: Warp3D-4.2a.lha [www@dcecom | mirror@vgr] (1.2MB).
G-Rex 1200 Driver Disk V1.0 (CGX, Network, Docs): grexdriver1_0.lha [www@dcecom | mirror@vgr] (335K).
G-Rex 1200 BlizzardPPC PCI 1.3 updated Flash: BlizzPPC_PCI_1_3.lha [www@dcecom | mirror@vgr] (1.3MB).
G-Rex manual in PDF format (German & English): grex1200de.pdf [www@dcecom | mirror@vgr] (3.0MB).
The latest G-Rex flashroms & files along with other CPU card software can be found on the DCE download page.

CyberGraphX for DCE G-REX-PCI board support pag
20.9.2001 Amiga "errorwear" t-shirt
"Check out this excellent "Guru Meditation" t-shirt."

Gary Storm
20.9.2001 Amiga Arena: Interviews
"New interviews with Marcio E. (KidHTML) and Radoslav M. (Ablaze Entertaiment) are online. Read about the Future!"

Amiga Arena website
20.9.2001 An interesting summary of available/announced orientations
Simple questions needs sometimes simple answers

At last, a try to summarize all evolutions for our beloved Amiga for die-hard fans. This brings a clearer view for end-users - at least for some - until we reach the other side of the sea. Please visit this page and feel free to complete or clarify the view.

Michel De Michel De Meerleer, Alan Buxey, Bill Hoggett, David McMinn, Olivier Fabre

20.9.2001 Amiga.org: We Have Explosive, No Wait... Its Prizes.
"Vince Pfeifer from Amiga Inc has come to the rescue with prizes for our Demo Competition. As far as we know they will cover both first and second place in both the 4k and 64k categories. Keep watching for details tho. Read more

Amiga.org website
20.9.2001 Software Hut NewsLetter
Software Hut's latest newsletter. "The great guys over at Software Hut have sent along a message for the Amiga users out there, as well as their September update. Enjoy..."

Amiga.org website
20.9.2001 Software News
Updated Ixemul Libraries to v48.2. Download

Anubis v1.0.1 - anoymous mail sender featuring WinGate support, Encrypted TSL/SSL connections, Anonymous Remailers and News Posting, and much more.

Fr3dY's Amiga Web Page

19.9.2001 AmigaXL/AMIthlon mailing lists and more...
Haage and Partner are running two separate official mailing lists for AmigaXL and AMIthlon.
"Beginning of this week we set up two discussion groups at Yahoogroups. To be able to join them you have to first register at Yahoogroups and the you have to join the group(s) (enter amigaxl or amithlon in the search fild).
Important note: We recommend to use the amigaxl group now, because most of you will not know which emulator the will use at least. So having all discussions in one group would be the best for all of us. A more detailed instruction will follow tomorrow."

Answering to requests has highest priority
"We are currently answering all requests on AmigaOS XL. We will then compile more detailed text for Amithlon/AmigaXL that outline the advantages and the limitations. Please allow us 1-2 more days for that ;-)"

There is also an unofficial AMIthlon mailing list available here, providing support for the emulator from sources independent of the official distributors.

AmigaOS XL site

Bill Hoggett via

19.9.2001 New GLquake beta 7.0 on the way
"New GLQuake beta 7.0 on the way ! After a long time a new beta 7.0 is ready to be released. It reaches 32.1 fps with timedemo demo1 on my 604/180Mhz, with a huge speed increase over the old 6.2 beta. I suggest everybody to write at the following email address: glquake@libero.it reporting all the know bugs of the old beta. This way I'll fix them before releasing this new version. Ciao"

Massimiliano Tretene via ANN
19.9.2001 Software News
Windows News Amiga emulator for Windows WinUAE 0.8.17 Release 1 is now available. Download / history

WinUAE homepage
18.9.2001 Buy! Buy! Buy! World of Amiga Tickets can now be purchased ON-LINE!
"We are happy to announce that our show sponsors, Amiga Active Magazine have set up an online service for you to buy WOA southeast tickets in advance via their secure server.
Why queue outside in the cold November weather whilst you can waltz straight in with your pre-purchased ticket?
Remember if you purchase 5 or more tickets, you pay the reduced fee of just £3.00 per ticket!
Alternatively, tickets can still be purchased via our exclusive Telephone/Mail order, sales re-seller, Fore-Matt Home Computing on +44 (0)8700 112234.
Visit our website for ticket purchasing information http://www.worldofamiga.com."

Mikey C
18.9.2001 Motorola completes 1.6GHz PowerPC G5
"Motorola taped out the PowerPC 8500 - aka the G5 - last week and is set to go into volume production real soon now at speeds of up to 1.6GHz - a higher clock speed than AMD's latest- generation, 'Palomino' Athlon is expected to ship at.
[..] The new CPU will be offered at 800MHz, 1GHz, 1.2GHz, 1.4GHz and 1.6GHz, and while the first two are nominally aimed at the embedded space - the others are aimed straight at the desktop [..]
Beyond far higher clock speeds, the G5 will be a full 64-bit chip, but will support 32-bit addressing at full speed. The part will also support multi-processor configurations. The G5 will sport a 400MHz frontside bus - like Intel's Pentium 4. Read More

The Register website
18.9.2001 Mediator Multimedia CD UP 1.04
Elbox Computer has made available the MM CD 1.04 upgrade today for registered Mediator Multimedia CD users.
The upgrade removes a bug, which resulted in incorrect setting of the Sound Blaster PCI128 playback frequency.

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
18.9.2001 New Music Video for Download
"If you are interested to see & own "the Evil Toothbrush" music video with weird but funny scenario and Amiga computers "acting" in the background, you can download it from this URL: ftp://ftp.intro.hu/pub/Flag2001/anim/ (but beware: it is ~170 MB!).
Author: [djnick] [dee-tronic]
Resolution: 384x288 25 fps
Format: Intel Indeo 5.10 .AVI
Duration: 4 min. 50 sec.
For more info, visit [www.d-tronic.com]

18.9.2001 ALiENDESiGN: Repulse CD read errors
Some CDs, that were delivered with the Repulse Gold soundcard, have read errors. Affected are CDs that were delivered with Repulse Gold soundcards with a serial number between 51-32-2-0000 and 51-32-2-0069. We will exchange these CDs. Should you have such a CD then please contact ALiENDESiGN.

Amiga-news.de website
ALiENDESiGN website
18.9.2001 PC monitors and Amiga
"Sometimes comes the day, the monitor is defect! Amiga-monitors are not in production since some years. And now? Or you monitor is working, but you would like to have a 17" or 21" monitor? In both conditions help the small text who have write one of our readers. German article on http://www.amigafuture.de"

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
18.9.2001 Eyetech: EZTower-Z4 towers for the A1200 back in stock
Eyetech now have the popular EZTower-Z4 for the A1200 back in stock! The EZTower-Z4 has been the most popular EZTower to date, which is a custom tower case allowing the fitting of an A1200. It has 7 slots on the back which line up with the latest expansion boards for the A1200, such as the Z4-busboard and the upcoming AmigaOne. Read more

Eyetech Group Ltd website
18.9.2001 MagicMenu searching new home
Mario Cattaneo: "Olaf Barthel, the actual programer of MagicMenu, is leaving. Unfortunately he hasn't enough time anymore for the project as other works take too much time (e.g. the programming on AmigaOS 3.9...). For this reason Olaf has sent me all sources of MM with the request to find a successor. So, everybody with interest to continue the project may send me his/her application. ;-) This week there'll be an update to version 2.31. This will probably be the last update done by Olaf. Further information should follow soon on www.magicmenu.de.

Amiga-news.de website
MagicMenu homepage
18.9.2001 Software News
A new update of Safe v16.9 has been released. Safe is small CLI command to detect linkviruses in Your system. readme

A new update of 'xfdmaster.library v39.13' has been released today. You can find the update here. The XFD system is for single file decrunching. readme

Spitfire² v1.9a - shareware Palm Desktop for the Amiga. It provides a connection to 3Com's Palm computer or compatibles, and allows a user to HotSync these devices with their Amiga. Changes

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
Spitfire² homepage

17.9.2001 AmigaOS XL for x86
"On Friday we put the information on our new emulator package AmigaOS XL online. The topic has been discussed a lot since then. We will publish more information on live demonstrations and more details the next days. Those who have more questions on AmigaOS XL can use the online form that is on these pages in the "contact" area."

Haage and Partner website
AmigaOS XL site

17.9.2001 AMidi 1.05 released
"Version 1.05 of AMidi, the MIDI device for AmigaOS, is now available on my homepage. In particular two features have been added that were requested by many users. One is the possibilty to store the GUS patches for the software driver anywhere on the harddisk and not necessarily on the system partition. The other one is an AppIcon that allows to break off playing MIDI files from Workbench with PlayMIDI.
Other than that two bugs in the preferences program were fixed and the annoying gap shortly before end of play was removed. The documentation now contains information about the tools PlayMIDI and Simon2Jukebox as well as an FAQ. The biggest change of the update however is an internal restructure of the software driver which should have no consequences for the user but avoids some ugly programming techniques."

Rüdiger Hanke, Rüdiger's Amiga Program
17.9.2001 GoldEd Forum opened
A discussion forum has been created for visitors of this site to share comments and opinions with other users of our software. On occasion of opening the forum, the first week's visitors will get a 50% rabate on all prices in our shop (while stock lasts). To claim your discount, log-in to the forum and register your e-mail address during the process. Go to forum...

GoldED Studio website
17.9.2001 GREat Effects Development page moved
"Hello, Please note that our website address has changed to http://on.to/greed.
The redirection pages at www.greed.nl will only be there for less than a month so please update your links to us and spread the word."

GREat Effects Development are known as developers of Professional File System (PFS).

Hugo Hoekstra, GREat Effects Development

17.9.2001 AMIGA GAMES CLASSIFYING September/October 2001
It's time to vote at the AMIGA GAMES CLASSIFYING September/October 2001. Send your classifying (20 games max) to David "Daff" Brunet at his adress: daff1@club-internet.fr. You can also vote at http://agcweb.online.fr.
Remember you can put all kind of games (commercial, PD, old, new,...). If your list don't have change since last time, simply reply this mail with the subject "no change for me". Final classifying will be published in mid-October.

David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Classifying
17.9.2001 Eric Schwartz's New Cartoon
Here is Eric Schwartz's new cartoon about tragedy in New York.

Amigart website
16.9.2001 dynAMIteXL for 68k - The most functional Bomberman ever
Germany, 16th September 2001: AmigaZeux and Batmam are proud to present dynAMIte1.7 for 68k.
On the demonstration computer system most popular Amiga-68k bomberman clone perform 10-20 times as fast as on a traditional 68000 system. This enormous speed increase is achieved by using an upgraded and highly clocked 68k CPU.
The presentation machine is a standard Amiga with 50 MHz Motorola CPU and components that are typically fitted to a mid-range specification Amiga.
The host operating system for dynAMIte is AmigaOS 3.x. It is not included in the package. dynAMIte has many similarities with other bomberman clones. It has bombs and the puppets all use separate colors. Like puppets and bombs in other bomberman clones these can be destroyed, resurrected and stopped. This makes the game extremely fun and long-lasting. Read more

Matthias Böcker, dynAMIte
16.9.2001 Genetic Species for Gameboy Advance UPDATE
"A short while ago, I posted a newsmessage here about a petition we had set up to gauge interest in a port of the great Amiga classic Genetic Species to the Gameboy Advance. A lot of people voted for this port with even more Amiga users voting than people from the IGN Gameboy Advance forum. After a period of silence, I just received the following e-mail:"

Marble-Eyes has recently started cooperation with Danish game developer Entale on porting GS to Game Boy Advance. Armed with sales documents, screenshots and rave reviews, Entale representatives have attended the ECTS 2001 show in London to meet publishers and show them the potential of GS.
We are all very excited and looking forward to a possible revival of GS on the GBA console. GS and Amiga lovers out there, thank you for the great support!
For future news on the progress of GS Advance, please visit www.entale.com. For any questions or encouraging words, feel free to write Entale at geneticspecies@entale.com.
Martin Halberg, Marble Eyes Development

Milan Pollé
Martin Halberg, Marble-Eyes

16.9.2001 Amiga Logos contest
The well known french Amiga specialist AMIGA Center is giving away an A1200 Magic in a little logo contest. Have a look at http://www.amigafrance.com/jeu.htm (the contest and the site is in French).

Amiga.org website
AMIGA Center website
16.9.2001 Digital Almanac III - News
"Distribution of the astronomy program 'Digital Almanac III' must be put on hold for an undefined period of time due to the Amiga computer being defective.
Because of occupational reasons also further development of DA III was stopped for the time being (lack of time).
At this time no decision was made regarding a possible OS 4.0 port for the AmigaOne board.
Support and mailing list is being continued without any cutback."

Digital Almanac Homepage
15.9.2001 Developer kit: Inga on the shelves
The Inga developer kit for graphic adventures is from now on available in the shops. This system is already used for the adventure "Ermentrud" that is in development right now and can shine with the following features:
Graphics: 640x480 pixel in 256 colors (CyberGraphX required)
Voice and sound output via AHI possible
Music from audio CD possible
Easy usage without classical verbs list
Easy to use developer tools
Script language for flexible story design
The package contains three installation disks and a comprehensive printed manual.

System requirements: CPU: 020 (060 recommended), Graphics card with CyberGraphX or compatible (P96), AmigaOS 3.0 (3.5 recommended), Hard disk.

Amiga-news.de website
Inutilis Software website

15.9.2001 The Future Of MUI?
Remco Komduur, writer for the AmigaScene, wrote an interesting article about the future of MUI. The 'Magic User Interface' haven't been updated for ages and seems to be stranded, time for us to find out if something is still happening.

"Well, everybody knows what this software is and does but we haven't heard from it since ages! So this is a plea to the original author, Stefan Stuntz, or the current source holder to at least break the silence."

Amiga.org website

15.9.2001 NetBSD 1.5.2 released
NetBSD 1.5.2 released with support for 21 architectures. More information is available in the 1.5.2 release announcement.

NetBSD/amiga homepage
14.9.2001 Haage and Partner announces AmigaOS XL
The previously postponed announcement from Haage and Partner has now arrived. AmigaXL and AMIthlon are to be published in one package.
AmigaOS XL is delivered complete with Kickstart 3.1 license, AmigaOS 3.9 license, QNX 6.1 and the emulator packages on three CD-ROMs. Recommended retail price is 299,- DM.
Availability: The delivery will start about 41st week. Pre-orders are already taken.
Read press release here

Bill Hoggett
Haage and Partner website
14.9.2001 Prometheus DMA comming
Matay's guy, Grzegorz Kraszewski, posted on the Prometheus ML: "Since RTL8139 requires DMA the driver will be available after we finish Prometheus firmware upgrade."

CyberGraphX homepage
Matay website
14.9.2001 Amigan FX for Winamp (AVS plugins) & Clock as Amiga Ball
Windows News "I`ve recently found a neat Winamp plugin on winamp.com. Its called AMIGAN FX. I assume this demo-style AVS plugin is created by a former Amigan, Daniel Joe Tandiman. Unfortunately, it works only for Windoze and requires Winamp 2.76." You can grab it here.

Windows News Analog Clock for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. This tool is basically a "desktop improvement" - an analog clock which is shown without window and frame. The background can be chosen from a list of provided graphics. Of course there is a possibility to create own graphics for the background. An individual color can be set for hour, minute and second clock-hands to achieve an optimal user-defined design.

Amiga-news.de website

14.9.2001 DeepSilence - The Secret of my Soul is back
The game developer team DeepSilence is back with their game ´The Secret of my Soul´. For a long time, the developer team DeepSilence did their name great credit. Due to the lack of personnel we had to put our activities for some time on ice. Now we have found a new programmer as well as a new storywriter for our game. Also, our page is back online with a new exclusive demo of SOMS. The demo comes with PPC and graphics card support, as well as new effects and brand new graphics. You can reach our page at http://soms.fanhp.de (no advertising) or at http://soms.debox.de.
Sadly we have to say that our newsletter does not exist anymore. We thus ask the subscribers for some patience. There'll soon be a new newsletter. Also the IRC channel #Amigafun at ie.altnet.org is now the official SOMS chat channel. Here you can chat with some of us (Sylvio K. = MangaClub and Markus B. = Trojan) and ask questions. Details are at http://amigafun.stefan1200.de.

Amiga-news.de website
DeepSILENCE - The Secret of my Soul Homepag
Elbox Computer hereby announces availability of the software update for the Sound Blaster PCI128 sound card for all the users of MEDIATOR PCI busboards, who have registered as users of the Mediator Multimedia CD package.
This update expands the list of supported operation modes of the AHI drivers with the '++' modes and introduces support for the Sub_Update AHI function used by tools software for edition of music.
The Sound Blaster PCI128 card working in the DMA mode loads the Amiga processor when playing back uncompressed music files much less than any other sound card connected through Zorro II or the clock port. This feature, combined with high playback quality and flexibility of configuration resulting from the number of mixed inputs/outputs makes Sound Blaster PCI128 the best sound card offered at any time for Amiga computers.

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
13.9.2001 Prometheus Network drivers update
Matay's guy, Grzegorz Kraszewski, posted on the Prometheus ML: "Version 0.22 of Ethernet RTL8029 based cards is available... Two significant bugs have been removed." You can download it here.

Prometheus support page
Matay website
13.9.2001 MicroMart Amiga coverage under threat?
In the issue of MicroMart published this morning in the UK (issue 663), not only is the topic of AmigaOne gaming covered but the letters page includes opposing points of view on Amiga coverage in the mag. The editorial response was to ask the readers to write in and let them know what they think, to see if its worth continuing Amiga coverage. You can contact MicroMart at opinions@micromart.co.uk.

Amiga.org website
MicroMart website
13.9.2001 Frank Fenn: Development of Amiga programs stopped
"Because my Amiga 3000 died and I haven't found a replacement yet all further development is suspended. Registrations are also not possible. Donations to revive the A3k are always welcome. In the meantime I've started some development for MacOS X."
Frank Fenn aka Bright Light Software developed many utilities incl. Audiomaster2k and ToccataMixer.

Amiga-news.de website
Bright Light Software
13.9.2001 Software News
AGqt_0.8 - "some minor bugs have been removed and A new "favRate" option has been added to the configuration file, which allows you to select your favorite bitrate (takes precedence over minRate/maxRate).
On Amiga the query tool Am has been modified to call the queuing tool Ag directly without the need of the shell Sh. Note that after having queued a complete album, agqt say that all requested songs were unsuccessfull. Dont take care about it. this is a bug I'll fix when I'll find a little time AGqt is composed of 2 complementary binaries to seek and queue MP3 files that you want to download from the AudioGalaxy server.
Once your files are queued, you'll be able to download them at work, school or with your mother's PC (the one she use to write 2 word documents in the year) thank's to unix or windows satelites that can be download at www.audiogalaxy.com".

AudioGalaxy is a MP3 server similar to napster, all you'll have to do is to register on AG site and them configure the .aqrc file that is in the agqt archive, before putting your mp3 to the queue.

Da SixK Port Page
12.9.2001 Amiga makes statement about events in New York, U.S.A.
"Today is indeed a difficult day for America and for the world.
We at Amiga lift up in prayer the families of those who were killed and injured in the attacks today.
It is truly a sad day for all of us, and our thoughts and prayers go out to our nation's leaders, as they must now deal with this situation.
God Bless us, and may we be ever mindful of our blessings.
Bill McEwen

AmigaInc. website
12.9.2001 H&P: Cancelled annoucement
"Since the beginning of the incredible events in the USA we are speechless watching the pictures that are transferred by German TV stations. Our sympathy goes to the victims and their relatives.

Due to these events we also cancelled the planned announcement of AmigaOS  XL. We will do this the next days. Thanks for your understanding.
Markus Nerding, Manager

Haage & Partner website

12.9.2001 Matay survey results
Here are the results of Matay's survey. Nearly 600 people voted during one week while the survey was available. Please take a while and check them. The commentary is included below graphs.

The most desired product is Prometheus A4000 daughterboard with price between 200 and 300 Euro and 3D graphics driver, network and sound card driver.

Matay website

12.9.2001 REBOL Technologies introduces REBOL Internet Operating System
"IOS lets people work together in real-time from anywhere in the world. It transforms physically separated groups into productive, unified teams by providing a direct, secure, and responsive environment for collaboration and sharing." The REBOL Internet Operating System has been announced for twelve platforms: Windows, Macintosh, Solaris, Linux, IBM AIX, HP/UX, SGI, BSD, BeOS, Amiga, QNX, SCO. Read more

Amiga.org website
REBOL Technologies website
12.9.2001 Amig@lien homepage offline until 18th September
Ricco Clemens: "Because we protest against the attack of the USA this page is offline until 18th September 2001.
Only our forum has open. We hope that much sites follow us."

Ricco Clemens, Amig@lien homepage
12.9.2001 4º Amilive Brazil
Brazilian Amiga User Group will have his 4º Open Event in the next september 16th in São Paulo city. Read more

Marcelo Gurgacz
AmiLIVE! website
12.9.2001 Software News
MySql_3.23.42 (binary for 040). 1 new error message have been added, so you'll have to copy the binaries and language directory too, if you just want to upgrade. For those who wants to use special character set, just have a look at the startmysqld script and mysql:language/charsets/ directory.
For more informations about changes in this version, look at the official MySql Site.

Da SixK Port Page
11.10.2001 The terrorist attack in New York and Washington is a tragedy
At 8:45 a.m. EDT, the first of two airliners crashed into the World Trade Center, opening a horrifying and apparently coordinated terrorist attack on the United States, which saw the collapse of the two towers into surrounding Manhattan streets and a later attack on the Pentagon.

"This is a dark day indeed. Hard to put words on it..." [ExiE]

TV, inet

11.9.2001 Screenshots of Akiko
Informations and screenshots of the new CD32 emulator Akiko for Windows were just released on the Airsoft Softwair homepage. Akiko runs with the help of an adapted version of WinUAE. Owners of the "The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition CD-ROM" can download a first version now. This version already supports over 80% of the CD32 games including CD audio and joypad emulation.

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
11.9.2001 Saku 2001 Displayed New Amiga Products
Saku 2001, the biggest Amiga event in Finland and organized by the Finnish Amiga Users Group, gathered about 300 visitors around Finland on September 1st.
Cloanto's Michael C. Battilana showed the latest JIT compiler version of Amiga Forever emulation software, which will be available as a free upgrade to all Amiga Forever users. Michael also hinted that Cloanto will soon release a completely new software to the Amiga emulation community.
AmigaDE Party Pack was demonstrated with three computers, two if which also ran the AmigaDE Player demo version, which was supplied for Saku 2001 by Amiga Inc. Other programme included an Amiga demo marathon in the auditorium, a Payback game competition, Mediator PCI demonstration and a popular Vaporware registration service. ImageFX, Aladdin 4D, Shogo and AmigaOS 3.9 were also available for testing. Read more

Anu Seilonen
11.9.2001 Cloanto at Saku 2001
Cloanto had the pleasure of joining Saku 2001, the Amiga event organized by the Finnish Amiga Users Group and held at Heureka, the Finnish Science Center, on September 1st.
During the event the public and Cloanto developers had a chance to exchange ideas about the Amiga universe in general and Amiga-PC connectivity and emulation in particular. The latest experimental version of WinUAE, which includes a just-in-time (JIT) compiler created with the gracious contribution of Bernd Meyer, was available for testing, and impressed for its amazing speed. Read more and check the pics

Cloanto website
11.9.2001 Interview with Bjorn Lynne
"Amiga Future released today an interview with Bjorn Lynne, also known as Dr. Awesome (english/german). Go to http://www.amigafuture.de and click on the "english" button. There you will find the list with all english interviews available."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
11.9.2001 Amiga at Comdex show makes major Australian IT newspaper
The Amiga presence at the Melbourne Australia Comdex IT-Expo makes the IT section of the Melbourne AGE. The article called "Amiga DE in a meeting of minds" received second page billing with half a page dedicated to it and featured a picture of AUG MEMBER Michael Czajka under the AUG banner. Read the article.

Tony Mulvihill
11.9.2001 Santra Systems News
SatraDB is currently in development. SatraDB is a database management system for AmigaOS (3.5). Designed as a database server, SatraDB will provide standard database services like, transaction processing, read consistency and deadlock detection.
Development is progressing well, current development is on the transaction processing module.
Work on the SQL engine is complete providing a basic SELECT statement with inner joins, Cartesian products and a where clause. A full list of completed features will shortly be available on the product details page.
The design of SatraDB is 87% complete with development reaching 76% complete. Take a look at the SatraDB product details.

Satra Systems website
11.9.2001 Digitally Remastered version of Cinemaware classic games
Cinemaware, Inc. and clickBOOM today announced exciting news of production of Digitally Remastered version of Cinemaware classic games for retail release. Answering the requests of thousands of Cinemaware fans around the world, digitally enhanced versions of everyone's favorite classic Cinemaware games are in prodction and to be made available at retail in the near future. Each remastered game will be produced for multiple platforms on single CD-ROM. Currently targeted platforms include PC and Macintosh. The games are planned to ship at a value price point of US$14.99 - $19.99. Read more

clickBOOM website
Cinemaware website
11.9.2001 e.p.i.c. interactive website
MorphOS News [..] "Another project that is in the final stages of development is an arcade fun shooter. This is our first original release and it will come as a budget title to MacOS, Windows and MorphOS. Expect more information on this title in our projects section soon."

e.p.i.c. interactive website
11.9.2001 Software News
Version 0.10 of SimpleMail has been released! Changes since last release were:
configurable headers for the read window
can read message/rfc822 content type properly
can decrypt encryptet pgp message using pgp 2.6.x
minor other improvements
filter has been improved
wordwrapping for composed messages

To report bugs please use now the Bug Tracking System and if you want special new featutes the Feature Request Tracking System should be used.

SimpleMail homepage
10.9.2001 AMidi MIDI device for AmigaOS
Today I released AMidi, a MIDI music playing device for AmigaOS that can be used from any programming language from which system devices are accessible. It has the same unit/driver concept as the printer and AHI devices. Currently it can emulate a MIDI synthesizer in software and play through AHI in very high quality (PowerPC processor is required), or send the MIDI data to external hardware via camd.library. More information about the drivers and requirements can be found on my homepage at http://www.muenster.de/~tomjoad/.

The first program to use AMidi is my Exult port. With the new update available from my homepage as well, all Avatars can now journey through Britannia with the atmospheric soundtrack in the background. Since it's terribly easy to use (of all Exult MIDI support sources, the AMidi code is the shortest one along with the Be code), I hope releasing a game without music is no longer necessary in future (Simon II says hello ...).
Also included in the AMidi package are two little tools - one allows playing MIDI tunes from Workbench/Shell, the other one is the "Simon 2 Jukebox" which buyers of epic's port of Simon 2 may find interesting as it can be used to listen to all 171 tracks of the game music.

Ruediger Hanke, Rüdiger's Amiga Program

10.9.2001 World of Amiga Southeast News!
Only two spaces remain and the entire exhibitor's area will be sold out for this year's show!
If you are an Amiga dealer and would like to take the opportunity to retail at one of the worlds largest Amiga shows, please send an email to exhibitors@worldofamiga.com
Due to a cancellation, both spaces can be purchased for £50.00 ukp.
Note to Attending dealers, your information packs will be sent out this week. Please act upon receipt and return as soon as possible.

Tickets for this year's event are £3.50(ukp) and are limited. To avoid disappointment please contact our exclusive telephone/mail order dealer, Fore-Matt Home Computing, on +44 (0)8700 11 22 34. Don't forget if you order more than 5 tickets you only pay £3.00(ukp) for each ticket.

All this plus the WOASE discussion forums from www.worldofamiga.com

World of Amiga southeast is sponsored by Amiga Active Magazine.

Mikey C

10.9.2001 Morphos News
Frank Mariak: "There will be another Morphos release soon, it has been delayed due to all the changes for the openfirmware (non cs-ppc bound) version of the software. It will also support all G-REX devices."

Worried to miss cool MorphOS releases, softwares and news? Subscribe now to the MorphOS announcement mailing-list. Everytime this page is updated you'll get a new mail with the relevant informations. To subscribe, just send a mail to morphos-announce-subscribe@meanmachine.ch. This is a closed, announcement-only mailing-list.

Sigbjørn Skjæret strikes again by doing a PPC version of the bzip2 client for the XAD system. Enjoy high compression ratios at a mind blowing speed. You can find the file here.

Amigart website
Morphos website

10.9.2001 Worm Wars 6.8 and Report+ 5.03 released
Worm Wars 6.8 and Report+ 5.03 have been released today by Amigan Software. They are available for download from http://users.interact.net.au/~cjaj/amigan.html.
Report+ is a freeware ReAction/GadTools-based utility with twelve functions.

Amigan Software website
9.9.2001 Amiga Fleamarket Extravaganza '01
The Amiga Metroplex Commodore Computer Club (AmigaMCCC) is holding its fifteenth annual Amiga computer show on Saturday, October 20, 2001. The Amiga Flea Market Extravaganza '01 will be at the Brookside Convention Center in Hurst, Texas (Dallas/Forth Worth area) from 1:00 to 4:00pm and admission is free. For more details check out the web site at: http://www.amigamccc.org/.

Mark Stodola, AmigaMCCC
9.9.2001 New DOpus Themes CD Availabe
A Brand New Directory Opus Themes CD is to be released. It features Themes for DOpus Magellan II, Icons for OS3.9/OS3.5 and New Icons. And Its a Bargain! Read more

Amiga Utils website
9.9.2001 News around the OCR-engine in fxSCAN
Starting with today you can find the altered sourcecode of the GPL OCR-engine gocr 0.2.7 that is used in an hand-optimized and fxSCAN-adapted version in fxSCAN on our new FTP-server. The altered sourcecode therefore also is issued under the GPL. BUT: fxSCAN itself remains commercial, only the OCR-plugin-file (fxSCAN:ocr/engine) is under the GPL!
For the future we plan a closer cooperation with the gocr-developers and the integration of optimizations and (per define on/off-switchable) fxSCAN-specific extensions into the gocr-sourcetree. Currently we are working on an fxSCAN-adapted version of gocr 0.3.8 that will bring enhancements in the recognition of special characters and speed.

Innovative website
9.9.2001 NewInstaller v1.7
NewInstaller v1.7 was just released on the Airsoft Softwair Homepage. This version can now even replace the old Commodore Installer! So every installation will be like a real multimedia show! Additionally NewInstaller runs now finally with ScalOS! All other features like automatic skript creation, online registration, multimedia themes and so on are of course also implemented! NewInstaller supports the languages Bosnian, German, Spanish, Czech, French, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Polnish, Portuguesian, Russian, Slovenian, Turkish and of course English. The program with the "impressive concept" (AmZeiger 6/99) can now be downloaded from the Airsoft Softwair homepage. NewInstaller is Shareware but the registration fee is only $8 USD. Owners of the "The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition" CD-ROM can download this update for free from the protected area for CD-ROM users! If you want to inform yourself about NewInstaller, go to the new "products" area on the homepage. Screenshots of NewInstaller in action are also there! Additionally the keyfile can be now ordered through RegNet with credit card!

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
9.9.2001 Software News
AmiGenerator - Sega MegaDrive/Genesis emulator for PPC Amigas.
"A new release, and it's about time too! Actually, it's more like two releases, beacuse there are two versions included. One using the portable consol interface which has many features but isn't all that fast, and one version with few features but better performance. I've also decided to start using the version number from the official releases which is why the number actually decreased with this release. The Amiga port do not support automatic frameskipping currently, so you'll have to remember to set a descent value yourself. Also, AGA is no longer supported, if you really need this, let me know and I might add support for it again."
Download AmiGenerator v0.33

AmiDog's Emulation Corner page
8.9.2001 Protect your Miggy
A new update of Safe v16.7 has been released today. Safe is small CLI command to detect linkviruses in Your system. readme

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
8.9.2001 Amiga in MicroMart
Following the introduction of the AmigaOne in MicroMart a little over 2 weeks ago, not only has a regular news section on Amiga developments appeared in the magazine as of the latest issue, but the AmigaOne article is now available online.
Issue 660 Of the UK mainstream computer weekly magazine, as published on August 23rd 2001, contained an article introducing its readers to the AmigaOne. This article can now be read on-line at The MicroMart website. The latest issue of the weekly magazine, issue 662 published on 6th September includes the first in a series of news pieces from the Amiga market, which, if enough interest is shown, could become a regular feature. Issue 662 of micromart is on UK shelves now priced at £1.25, and is published every Thursday.

Sven Harvey
8.9.2001 Amoralplayer1.6 Now also plays Sid songs!
Amorel is a multiformat songplayer which now supports C=64 Sid songs. Other than that it will play Octamed SoundStudio, Octamed 8 ch., Meds, Mods and Digibooster songs, plus 8 bit iff samples. Also it features playing playlists(also randomly) and can unpack xpk and powerpack files. This program has regular development and updates.
It is fully functional, but shareware. Costing only $5,- Donations are very welcome :-)
Download it here and check the readme for details.

Amorel homepage
8.9.2001 Amiga Arena Special Offer
In co-operation with Ronny Schüzt the Amiga Arena presents a special offer for XTrace.
XTrace is an image processing program, which can convert bitmap pictures to vector pictures by automatically tracing the original picture. These vector images are very useful for DTP (DeskTop Publishing). English Dokument for Registration is Online!

Amiga Arena website
8.9.2001 FxPaint & FxScan @ Kicksoft ltd.
Kicksoft ltd. are pleased to announce that the excellent FXPaint and FxScan can now be ordered from their website.

Amiga.org website
Kicksoft website
8.9.2001 Tales Of Tamar
New Amiga version 0.37R1 of Tales of Tamar the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows released.

Tales Of Tamar homepage
8.9.2001 IT Expo (Melbourne, Australia) Amiga display
The joint Australian Amiga User groups got together to man a stand at this large business only IT Expo. Around 35,000 people were projected to walk through this expo. The user groups were able to field a
1) classic amiga (A1200/060, in a tower with PCI slots and PCI graphics/network cards)
2) The Amithlon Emulator which runs about 4 times faster than a G2 604e PPC amiga along with demo's by its author Bernie Meyer
3) A laptop running the SDK (Party Pack) showing off the AmigaDE
We had a huge amount of interest in all 3 machines and were able to get many of the exhibitors to also come down and take a look at the next generation hardware agnostic Amiga eg. Sharp (they didn't realise their Zaurus runs Amiga Apps!), AMD (the Amithlon runs a 1.3Ghz Athlon) and many other firms that required things like thin internet applications (applications that don't take much bandwidth). People went away suitably impressed. You can see pictures of the show at http://boing.net/comdex/ or there are a number of show reports in AUG and MAUG e-groups plus an article that was written specificallyf or the show in the MAUG file area (left hand side of the screen).

Michael Czajka, IT Expo Amiga stand co-ordinator
8.9.2001 Warpsnes V7.0 Released!
Based upon SNES9x 1.37c. Asides from AmigaOS only Linux and Windows have a port based on 1.37c !!! All other ports are older!
Sound Emulation rewritten and now faster even with the new sound emulation more accurate and then more cpu consuming. AutoFrameSkip enabled. Download

David 'Raist' Gonneau, Warpsnes
7.9.2001 World of Amiga tickets and group discount
"FORE-MATT Home Computing have been appointed exclusive reseller for telephone/mail order sales of World Of Amiga South East tickets. Tickets cost £3.50 each or a special group booking price of £3.00 per ticket is available for groups of 5 or more people. Tickets for the show are limited, so call now and order using a Visa or MasterCard on 08700 11 22 34. Full contact details are available on our website at www.forematt.free-online.co.uk or www.worldofamiga.com.

FORE-MATT Home Computing website
7.9.2001 The Future Draws Near!
"We are proud to unveil the opening of the new World of Amiga southeast Discussion Forums.
  • General - for discussions about the forthcoming show.
  • Wanted - After a particular bit hardwaresoftware? Want to buy it at the show and save postage? Then log on and post your requirements. If an attending dealer has it, they will reply to you on the forum.
  • Travel. Need further information on getting there by roadpublic transport? What about overnight accommodation? Are you willing to Car share? Then post here!
  • Games Arena. The forum for discussing any aspect of the gaming arena which is sponsored by Hyperion Entertainment.
The World of Amiga Southeast show is sponsored by Amiga Active magazine, taking place on Saturday 3rd November 2001 in Brentwood Essex.
Visit http://www.worldofamiga.com today!

Mikey C
7.9.2001 Turboprint News
Turboprint Pro v7.20 with Canon S600/800 and other Canon & Epson drivers.
The current Turboprint Pro 7.20 contains many new printer drivers:
Canon BJC 1000, 2000, 4400
Canon BJC 3000, 6000, 6100, 6200, 7100, 8200 with full support for photo cartridge
Canon S 400, 450, 600, 800, 4500 with full support for photo cartridge
Epson Stylus Color 460, 660, 670, 760, 860,880, 900, 980
Epson Stylus Photo 750, 790, 870, 890, 1200, 1270, 1290 with full photo ink support
HP DeskJet 810, 812, 815, 830, 832, 840, 882, 930, 950, 970, 98x, 99x

"Please understand that we can't make these new drivers available as a free upgrade." Ordering information

IrseeSoft homepage
7.9.2001 Photogenics Nominated for Best Graphics Software!
"We are honoured for Photogenics to be nominated by Pocket PC Magazine in the 'Best Graphics Design/Drawing Software' category." Read more

Idruna Software website
7.9.2001 First Photo of GREX 4000T
DCE has published first photo of retail version of GREX 4000T. GREX 4000T is aimed for A4000T and CyberstormPPC. The board should be available on 20.9.2001.

DCE Computer Service GmbH website
7.9.2001 ADUG AmigaDE SDK giveaway Winner Announced
"The Winner of the ADUG AmigaDE SDK is John Green of Melbourne. The winner was drawn at random from all those who entered at the IT/Comdex show which was held in Melbourne over the last three days. John can choose between an SDK for Linux or Windows. Congratulations John, may it inspire great things."

Amiga.org website
7.9.2001 PlayMOD v1.0
PlayMOD was just released on the Airsoft Softwair homepage. PlayMOD plays, as the name says, Protracker and Noisetracker modules however with a slight difference from all the other players: PlayMOD is primarily meant for playing MODs by double clicking the icon of the file. So it's useful for CD-ROMs with a lot of MODs with icons which have PlayMOD as the default tool. PlayMOD was also used on the "The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition" CD-ROM. Additionally it plays also any size IFF-8SVX files. PlayMOD is a small, system-friendly program and runs either with or without a GUI (user-configurable!). PlayMOD is Freeware and can be downloaded from the Airsoft Softwair homepage which is http://www.airsoftsoftwair.com/.

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
6.9.2001 LaunchHTML v1.0
LaunchHTML was just released on the Airsoft Softwair homepage. With LaunchHTML HTML files can be displayed by just double clicking their icon on the Workbench. LaunchHTML opens then the system's default browser and displays the file. The system's browser is determined by the OpenURL library which LaunchHTML uses. LaunchHTML is extremely useful for use on CD-ROM. It was also used on the "The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition" CD-ROM to display the HTML files. LaunchHTML is freeware and can be downloaded from the Airsoft Softwair homepage which is http://www.airsoftsoftwair.com/.

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
6.9.2001 Protect your Miggy
A new update of 'xvs.library v33.34' has been released today. The code to remove HitchHiker 5.00 should be fixed now. We got a helping hand from Georg Hoermann, the former programmer of VirusZ and xvs.library. You can find the update here.

A new update of 'VirusExecutor v2.21' has been released today. VirusExecutor is a virus killer that's meant to be easy to use. You can find the update here. readme

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website

6.9.2001 AudioLabs: Update pack for ALPS realtime plugins
Apparently some graphic board models don't handle masked images correctly. A update pack for ALPS plugins is now available to fix display problems with images placed on plugins' front panels. It uses a different masking method, now working with any model. Direct download here. Updating is as simple as decompressing the archive to the plugins drawer and rebooting.

AudioLabs website
6.9.2001 Annuaire Amiga Francophone #10 / Sept.2001 available
This new number has been sent to all its subscribers : 563 !
"ANNUAIRE AMIGA FRANCOPHONE" is The List of the french AmigaUsers around the World (France, Belgium, Swiss, Quebec,...). Join the hundreds of Amigans since July 2000 and find contacts in your region ! :-)
annuaire-amiga@libertysurf.fr - http://www.annuaire-amiga.org

Sebastien Jeudy
6.9.2001 New Repulse sound card drivers
New drivers can now be downloaded here. The new version has some bug fixes.
With the new drivers comes a complete new toccata emulation. It supports MovieShop for the first time, but remember it's still in beta phase.
There's a fix for SoundFX. Now repulse users can enjoy the full version of SoundFX.

All newly delivered repulse cards will have gold plated zorro contacts. This will fix some contact problems.

Repulse homepage

5.9.2001 1... 2... 3... Sound, Graphics & TV
Elbox Computer is pleased to inform that the Mediator Multimedia CD will be available from our distributors beginning with tomorrow.
Software developed by ELBOX for the Mediator busboard line enclosed in the Mediator Multimedia CD is prepared in a way aimed at obtaining the maximum versatility in supporting various models of PCI cards.
What we do is always following the basic ELBOX software motto of: UNIVERSALITY and PERFORMANCE.
Please find the list of TV, sound and graphic cards supported by the software in the Mediator Multimedia CD.

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
5.9.2001 Ami3D Details
Hans-Joerg Frieden posed the following on c.s.a.games about the Amiga OS4.0 3D system, Ami3D:
"Thomas and I are already working on that [the OS 4.x 3D API], but it's not really a new API, but rather the continued development of Warp3D. We're adding a few things, like Vertex Shader support, Multitexturing and all this stuff that is only available in the newer cards. Multitexturing will probably be next, because it also works with the Voodoo 3.
Basically what new chips have in terms of features is the fact that more of the 3D pipeline is moved into the 3D card itself. Up to now Warp3D used to be a rasterizer, much like Glide, but Vertex Shaders for example are a way to offload 3D calculations to the graphics card, and therefore Warp3D/Ami3D will need to grow, approaching things like OpenGL and Direct3D in terms of functionality."

Amiga Extreme website
5.9.2001 Did you know that AmiBench will be 4 soon?
"Alot's happened over the last 4 years.....
I still remember the day that AmiBench went live, September the 26'th 1997. I remember very vividly on christmas day of the same year, clicking on the refresh button in Ibrowse and seeing new adverts everytime I hit it.
I couldnt even begin to re-count how many emails I've had from well wisher's over the year's and how many friends I've made for life through AmiBench being what it is.
I guess there's alot to be said for the Amiga Community. I am sure that some of you know that I've not used a real Amiga in about a year (I just kept blowing them up..), Even through I dont have an Amiga, I'm still here... AmiBench still goes on, and I live in somekind of vain hope that maybe this year We'll be able to release version 2 of AmiBench...
I've long since given up guessing on when (if?) AmiBench 2 will go live, I don't know. All I do know is that We try our best, but not having the resources that we need to dedicate ourselves to making it happen in 3 weeks means it takes ages to finish. All I can say is sorry guys!, it'll happen one day...
Ugh, this little post sounds really depressing... Sorry :(
Anyway, We usually celebrate AmiBench's birthday by holding somekind of Quiz. This year I've sadly not had time to approach anyone and arrange anything. Is anyone interested in giving away some gifts for us to use as birthday prizes? If so please do drop me a mail as soon as possable!"

Mark 'tecno' Wilson, Team Member of AmiBench
5.9.2001 Search v1.2
Search v1.2 was just released on the Airsoft Softwair homepage. This program makes it possible to search through text files, especially CD catalogs, with a small GUI. The program can be fully user-configured, so that it's also useful to use the program as the search tool for a complete CD-ROM. For example, it was used as the search tool for the "The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition" CD-ROM. Additionally Search supports different languages through locale.library and the results are presented in a nicely formatted AmigaGuide file. Search is freeware and can be downloaded from the Airsoft Softwair homepage.

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
6.9.2001 Amiga.org Demo Competition'01
This is the first Demo Competition for AmigaDE, and we hope will not be the last. There are two categories, 64k and 4k, and you can use Java or VP for either. For more information read on.

Amiga.org website
5.9.2001 Amiga Security Page: DDOS with the Amiga?
"After yesterday the firewall section and the first steps with Miami´s IPFW have been upgraded now a first application for this upgrade is ready to demonstrate what DDOS-technology is, how you can find it and where it has its disadvantages.
The presented program could also be an enrichment of the Instant Messager scene on the Amiga if anyone would write a GUI."

Amiga-news.de website
Cyborg`s Amiga Security Page
5.9.2001 Software News
Printmanager for AmigaOS3 (39.33) - printer-spooler, it intercepts all printer.device calls to the parallel-/serial.device and saves the printer specific raw data to a file. This way, programs sending data to the printer don't have to wait for the slow printer to continue. PrintManager also gives you some control over the data send to the printer. You can even print files directly from inside PrintManager using the datatypes-system. readme

env-handler v1.12 - HappyENV replacement. env-handler is a RAM disk specialized for enviroment variables that are usually located in RAM:Env. readme.

"After some weeks without any more bugreports about the latest version of the AmigaOS CVS v1.11.1p1 (Concurrent Versions System) released today my latest release which includes some minor bugfix to the wildcard expansion.
With fixing this bug, all known bugs of this AmigaOS port release are fixed now but if you still find some nasty bugs, please keep writing me email about them.

Stephan Rupprecht's Homepage
CVS AmigaOS port homepage

4.9.2001 Countdown date for Mediator Voodoo3 Warp3D drivers not started?
On August 13th, 2001 Elbox released a press release on the subject of "Warp3D for Mediator" stating: "Drivers for Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV busboards will be released first, to appear within 3 weeks." It now has been over 3 weeks and the Warp3D drivers are not released. Yesterday, September 3rd should have been the release date (a fortnight + a week).
Hans-Jörg Frieden: "Not wanting to disappoint you, but the three weeks countdown started on the day the licence agreement became active, not on the day of the announcement. [..] Rest assured that the availabilty of the drivers will be announced as soon as they are finished."

CyberGraphX homepage
4.9.2001 Land of Genesis Soundtrack
The Soundtrack by nofuture music studio for the recently released Amiga-CDRom Game "Land of Genesis" by Maurizio Gemelli (published by ClearWater Interactive) is NOW AVAILABLE!
Just visit SynSoniq Records or check out nofuture's website (for sound Demos)!
Soundtrack contains tracks from Computer-Styled, Pop, Techno to Soundscapes. CD includes 13 original digitally remastered Audio Tracks from the Game plus 4 previously unreleased Audio Tracks!

Amiga.org website
3.9.2001 Time for a Comeback! Elbox are coming
"As reported exclusively in Amiga Active Magazine #24, Elbox CE0 Mr. Maciek Binek will be attending the World of Amiga south east show at Brentwood, Essex, UK on 3rd November 2001. Elbox will be presenting their newest hardware solution: the Zico compliant, Mediator busboards line and SharkPPC cards.
Elbox have confirmed they will also be exhibiting in the main exhibition hall.
AmigaOne, Mediator/SharkPPC and Amiga OS4.0. This could be the best Amiga show in a long time! Make sure you dont miss out!
Visit www.worldofamiga.com where our online ticket purchasing service will be opening shortly.
World of Amiga South East is brought to you by, ASA, ANT, Kickstart & SEAL usergroups and is sponsored by Amiga Active Magazine.

Mikey C
3.9.2001 Amiga Active Are Two!
Amiga Active is two years old. They'd like to know what you think of their past 24 issues, in as much detail as you care to give them!
"We've survived for a whole two years in the Amiga market, so we think we're entitled to a little celebration. Our next issue will be the first of our third year in production - our quarter-century issue, no less - so we thought we'd ask you, our loyal readers, to give us your thoughts on the past 24 issues..." Read more

Amiga Active website
3.9.2001 Amiga Arena News
DocDatatypes - Special Offer!
Amiga Arena presents a special version of DocDatatypes called DocDatatypes Lite! For just 10 pounds sterling you will recieve a special DocDatatypes Lite version. The Lite version supports the following formats:
MS-Word(1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 95, 97, 98, 2000)
WordPerfect (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
Rich Text File(RTF)
MS-Works (3, 4)
Write (3.1)
Pocket Word (1, 2)

The Special Formular is available in the Amiga Arena!

Olaf Köbnik, Amiga Arena
3.9.2001 Drawstudio manuals avaliable
Kicksoft Ltd are pleased to announce the availability of ring bound Drawstudio 2 manuals for just £5.00. There are only limited stocks so once they are gone, they are gone.
Metaview -the premier clipart viewer is still available for just £15.00.

Amiga.org website
Kicksoft Ltd website
3.9.2001 Warp Emulation Suite
Hitman/Code HQ is pleased to announce the release of WES v1.0. WES (Warp Emulation Suite) consists of a master controlling program, WarpKickstart, and a suite of emulation engines, which allow you to emulate a large number of machines. As time goes by, more and more engines will be added to the suite. It currently supports six, most of which are currently related to MAME, as follows:
WarpMAME - Based on v0.37 Beta 16 of the PC sources
WarpMAME Classic - Based on v0.37 Beta 5 of the PC sources
WarpNeoMAME - Based on v0.37 Beta 16 of the PC sources
WarpNeoMAMEClassic - Based on v0.37 Beta 5 of the PC sources

The reason for there being two versions of MAME in the Suite (WarpMAME and WarpMAME Classic) is that MAME is getting bigger and slower all the time, and is moving to a 16 bit only screen mode system. This will make it too slow for our old Amigas. So WarpMAME Classic was born. Play your old favourite games using WarpMAME classic and the latest MAME games using WarpMAME - probably quite slowly until the AmigaOne comes along! :-)
WarpNeoPocott is an early and quick port of a Neo Geo Pocket emulator.

Code HQ website
3.9.2001 AROS - even more updates
Matt's AROS Disk Images has been updated again.
"The whole operating system fits on to one disk! This version doesn't have a desktop, but it does have a very powerful AmigaDOS ® compatible Shell and an Intuition ® compatible graphical user interface. But there is still much to be added, even so, the release versions of AROS should still just about fit onto a single disk. We hope to include a web browser on the same disk too, so that will make it very usable indeed!!!"

AROS was updated again, and the same goes for their webpage. Aaron Digulla is updating the page more frequently now.

ANN website
AROS homepage

3.9.2001 Simple Mail
Version 0.9 of SimpleMail has been released! Changes since last release were:
improved addressbook
predefined text phrases
periodical mail download
requires now the popplaceholder mui custom class

To report bugs please use now the Bug Tracking System and if you want special new featutes the Feature Request Tracking System should be used.

SimpleMail homepage
3.9.2001 Software News
Frogger 1.66(6) (The Evil Release) has been released today. Full list of changes can be found here. Frogger can be downloaded from http://frogger.rules.pl or http://highantdev.de/frogger/.
Please note, that audio is disabled in 68k version, due to bug I could not find. As soon as Ill fix it, version with audio enabled will be released. MorphOS version is also almost finished.

LinuxPPC News Linux APUS Team has released Linux APUS Kernel 2.4.9. Also there is a new FAQ about using ATAPI CD-Writers under Linux-APUS.

A new update of the 'PatchBrain v1.38' for VirusExecutor has been released today. readme

Frogger homepage
Amigart website
Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website

2.9.2001 Protect your Miggy
A new update of 'xvs.library v33.32' has been released today. Fixed a big bug in the Hitch-Hiker 5.00 removal. You can find the update here.

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
2.9.2001 AmIRC 3.5.19
A new public beta is available for all registered users. Added URL underline colours, fixed reconnect - now reconnects to the current server and joins the current channels, implemented clever renaming of incoming DCC's with long filename support.

VaporWare website
2.9.2001 Software News
Perfect Paint v2.7 - great FREEWARE ! proggie for painting, animation and manipulating pictures from 1bit to 24bits. Requirements 030 + FPU, AmigaOS 3.x, CGX or P96, Render.library, Jpeg.library and XPKmaster.library. Changes since v2.6

Printmanager for AmigaOS3 (39.32) - printer-spooler, it intercepts all printer.device calls to the parallel-/serial.device and saves the printer specific raw data to a file. This way, programs sending data to the printer don't have to wait for the slow printer to continue. PrintManager also gives you some control over the data send to the printer. You can even print files directly from inside PrintManager using the datatypes-system. readme

Scalos team have uploaded a BETA German language pack. It's for those of you using Scalos BETA executable who don't want to see their text strings in a mixture of languages. Get it from the Downloads page.

PerfectPaint's page
Stephan Rupprecht's Homepage
Scalos homepage

1.9.2001 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#010831).

Amiga Update website
1.9.2001 ImageFX plugin
There's a new version of the SViewIV ImageFX loader/saver available for download on Andreas R. Kleinert's site.
It now allows to save images as well (previously only worked as loader), the loading process is much more efficient and less memory consuming and support for saving of paletted (imagefx-rendered) images has been added. This module requires a SViewIV keyfile to work. Read more

Andreas R. Kleinert, PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX
1.9.2001 The Crypt 19 is now out!
"Murderous Madness is the NEW issue of The Crypt, and it's a Big One! 5 whole disks worth of the best material for you to enjoy. So what do we have for you this time?
As the title states, we go where no one else would take you, and bring you the truth behind the Murderous Madness. We have the indepth stories of the worst killers this world has ever known, and we tell you what really goes on in their twisted minds. But so that you don't feel to depressed we bring you our biggest ever collection of graphical humour, to really put you in the mood for the rest of the mag. Then we have all the latest news from Amiga Inc. Including an exclusive interview from our friends at Obligement with Gary Peake. Next is a massive collection of your contributions, and the very funny mailing list story, which our friend Ray Elf has made some wonderful graphics for. And if you run a PC, we have not forgotten you, as we have the essential articles about how to back-up your PC and how to properly re-install Windows OS. And of course, the Amiga has a very important article from Craig Daines on Port attacks and online protection, which is a must read for everyone who has their Amiga online. Then we have a WORLD EXCLUSIVE interview with Dr. Greg Perry of Directory Opus fame, which makes for very interesting reading. Then where would The Crypt be without it's renouned humour section? Next is news of the forthcoming WOA-se show on the 3rd of November, where you will have the opportunity for the first time anywhere to purchase a NEW Amiga, and meet Fleecy Moss in person!
But as always, there is to much to list here, so I will let you get on and have a read for yourselves."

Steve Evans, The CRYPT Magazine
1.9.2001 AmigaOS XL from H&P (specification and speculation:-)
Taken from H&P advert in Amiga Active 24:
* The most powerful AMIGA you have ever seen!
* Just in Time compilation makes it possible to emulate a much faster Amiga - up to ten times faster!
* Very high performance: equivalent to a 450MHz 68040 (Figures from SysInfo running on a 1 GHz Athlon)
* Supports all common graphics, network and sound cards as well as PS/2 and USB keyboards and mice
* Virtual memory for the whole AmigaOS
* Networking support over TCP/IP and direct within your LAN
* Web Browser with SSL, JavaScript, Java, Macromedia Flash-Player, MPEG Player and RealAudio-Player
* Direct access to Amiga hard drivers
* and much more...

Taken from latest issue Amiga Plus magazine:
* The emulator allows to launch QNX native applications (like the QNX Voyager or Opera) from within the emulated AmigaOS. Hence the browser.

Amiga.org website
Haage & Partner website
1.9.2001 Prometheus PCI master, Zorro III slave - Amiga is PCI card
Matay's guy, Grzegorz Kraszewski, posted on the Prometheus ML about the status of the bus for the Prometheus: "Current Prometheus firmware is unidirectional, it means Prometheus acts only as a PCI master and Zorro III slave. [..] After firmware update it can be bidirectional, and in the result any PCI card acting as a master will be able to access Amiga hardware. In other words - Amiga hardware will be seen from G4 point of view as another PCI card."

CyberGraphX homepage
1.9.2001 Software News
DirOpus 4.16 Beta 4 - improved version of great filemanager from GP Software. See History for details. This archive contains only the files that changed since the last public release, so you have to install the latest public release before installing the beta version.

DOpus homepage