31.8.2002 HIGHWAY & SUBWAY USB News
Open letter to all SUBWAY prospective customers
"Economy in Germany is not in a very good condition, and also our small Amiga market is affected by this development. Beneath the usual summer vacations we - as Amiga Classic hardware developper - suffer especially from the (again and again) shifted availability of the new Amiga plattforms. People prefer to save their money for these miraclous machines than to spend it in their "old" hardware.
Due to this fact we have a hard decision to make: at the trade show 2001 in Cologne we presented the SUBWAY - the first USB solution for Amiga Classic. Due to the high demand for the HIGHWAY Zorro version we shifted the SUBWAY production. Read more

Compatibility list enhanced
Problems with Archos Jukebox (USB HDD / MP3 Player) as well as with HP printers (HP 9xx series) were fixed. The corresponding Poseidon update will be available soon. Supported devices

USB for Amiga website

31.8.2002 Amiga RC5 Team Effort News
"The vacation took a little longer than expected (which is good ;), except the backup connectivity broke down in the meanwhile, sorry to those who have been waiting for updates etc. All things are back now, RC5 is ever so closer to being finished at nearly 87%."

New clients out: build 473 is available from the usual place, including description of new features.

Amiga RC5 Team Effort website

31.8.2002 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#020831).

Brad Webb, Amiga Update
31.8.2002 Crossword Evolution
AmigaDE News Zeoneo have revealed their latest Amiga DE game known as Crossword Evolution. It is the first crossword product engineered from scratch specifically for the digital consumer. It sits in your PDA or cell phone (or even on your personal computer), providing hours of challenging crossword solving fun. Read more

Amiga Flame website
Zeoneo website
30.8.2002 ACG Göteborg: Logo Contest
"There's a logo contest at http://amiga.merseine.nu/ that gets the winner 10% off of the price of an A1 motherboard+cpu. Something for the visionary people?"

"As you can see, we don't have a good logo, just some text. We want to change this! We want a stylish, clean logo (not something you can barely read). We will use the winning contribution on this site, on t-shirts and on banners at bigger events." Read more

Andreas Loong, ACG Gbg

31.8.2002 AROS status report
Sebastian Bauer has been working on Wanderer, our file manager/Workbench clone. A limited set of features has been implemented, but browsing files can finally be done graphically in AROS!!! He also made a small test program for lwIP. Martin "Mason" Merz has made some more icons. Read more

AROS homepage
30.8.2002 Digital Almanac III News
News of DA III V4.9Beta3
The Virtual Moon Atlas has been implemented in DA III V4.9Beta3, which contains a large collection of images of Earth moon objects. Take a look at the developer page!

New saling status for Digital Almanac III
We all know what to think about product annoncements on the Amiga market.... nothing. The availability of AmigaOS 4.0 seems to be unreachable as the stars. That's the reason for new saling conditions for DA III:
1. As long as AmigaOS 4.0 does not exist, I won't spend a thought on DA IV. When time comes...
2. Because of the many changes and new features in DA III V4.9, this update will not be available on the Internet, but it will be sold on a CD-ROM, as a full version or update. The price for the full version will stay the same. The update price is considered to be 10 EUR (plus shipping) vorgesehen. There is more than 30 MB of new data!
3. To make no announcements that I cannot keep, there is no specific point of time planned for the release of DA III V4.9.

Digital Almanac Homepage

29.8.2002 No more G-Rex? Well at least 1/2 of that is incorrect!
ANN is reporting: "Regarding to Michal Bergseth (norwegian print magazine Amitopia), who visited Germany, DCE has stopped the production of the G-Rex and the development of drivers for it because of the big competition of Elbox."

VGR.com comment: "He could be 1/2 right. Visit the DCE site for their production information. As far as the software & drivers, this has always been the work of VFD, not DCE. There are still many things planned and in the works on the software side of things.

CyberGraphX homepage

29.8.2002 Pegasos Show Announcements
MorphOS News A news item as just been posted on MorphOS-News.de about the shows where the Pegasos will be presented including this shows:
- A-Expo in Tain l'Hermitage, France 7-8 September
- Florence, Italy 21-22 September
- Gothenburg, Sweden 22 September
- Meeting of the Finnish Amiga Users Group in Oulu, Finland on Saturday September 28th, 2002.

Read more

ANN website
MorphOS-Mews.de website

29.8.2002 Software News
Today was released Privoxy v3.0.0 (stable), a useful and powerfull proxy server ported to the AmigaOS.

Privoxy is a web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting privacy, filtering web page content, managing cookies, controlling access, and removing ads, banners, pop-ups and other obnoxious junk. It is based on the Internet Junkbuster.

Privoxy SF page

28.8.2002 NORWAY ethernet module for HIGHWAY USB
NORWAY 10MBit ethernet addon module for HIGHWAY USB card is finally available.
"Sorry for the long delay (we encountered technical problems in our production process)."

USB for Amiga website
28.8.2002 Amiga Future Mag mp3
"For our birthday make Psyria and Yel.C a Song for the printmag Amiga Future. You can download the MP3 on http://www.amigafuture.de/download/download.php
(For all users with small internet account: We release the MP3 on our CD-ROM 39, too)

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
28.8.2002 Interview with Gunne Steen
Johan 'Graak' Forsberg published an interview with Gunne Steen who runs GGS-Data, which is the only Amiga dealer left in Sweden.

Johan 'Graak' Forsberg via ANN
27.8.2002 Kaliko.net back online
"We have had some serious trouble with the DNS during the last couple of weeks, our website (www.kaliko.net) has been unreachable and all e-mails sent to a @kaliko.net-adress has gone astray. So, if you have sent anything to a @kaliko.net-adress during the last three w eeks please resend."

"Kaliko is a team developing games mainly for AmigaDE and the next generation of Amiga computers, but we also work with other platforms such as the classic Amiga, Windows and Linux. Our goal is to create high-quality, fun-to-play games for a wide variaty of gamers."

Kaliko website

26.8.2002 Software News
A new update of the XFDmaster.library & XADMaster.library has been released today, you can find the updates Here.

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
25.8.2002 Next Update 31.8.2002
Sorry guys, next update 31.8.2002, I'm off due my university exams!

25.8.2002 New MasonIcons
The following new and reworked archives are available on the MasonIcons homepage:
IBrowseMI (7th release) - new navigationbar with round buttons
PicShowMI (2nd release) - more images for the toolbar added
TurboPrintMI (1st release) - GlowIcons for TurboPrint
VoyagerMI (6th release) - new navigationbar with round buttons
WebPlugMI (1st release) - GlowIcon and toolbar images

Visit www.MasonIcons.de for further informations and previews.

Martin Merz, www.MasonIcons.de

25.8.2002 Catweasel ISA: New windows drivers in the works
New drivers for the PC/ISA version of the Catweasel floppy controller are finally in the works. They will run on the windows-versions Win98, Win2000 (professional) and Windows XP. The core routines will be based on the Amiga drivers, so reading and writing all disk formats will be provided starting with the first release. The Amiga filesystem will be included in the first release, and more filesystems will be added shrtly after. Reading and writing Image-files can be done without filesystem support (for example .d64 and .adf files). The new drivers will be available for a free download in about 14 days.

individual Computers website
25.8.2002 Announcing the MorphOS T-Shirt Contest!
MorphOS News "Here is the picture and the message in German. In English, the message will be: 'It is not about having what you want; it is about wanting what you have!'
Please post here in this thread the proverb from your native language and we will have it on a special version of the t-shirt for each culture/language at all upcoming Pegasos Shows!
All submissions accepted in other languages should be culturally appropriate proverb to reflect the same MEANING and not be a direct translation. If your selection is accepted for your language/culture, you will win a t-shirt!"

MorphOS-News.de website
24.8.2002 Metroplex Commodore Computer Clubs 16th annual show
"I am the vice president of the Metroplex Commodore Computer Club in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. Our club is having its 16th annual show..."
What: Metroplex Commodore Computer Clubs 16th annual show and Flea Market
Where: Brookside Convention Center, Hurst, Texas
When: Saturday, October 19, 2002
Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Admission: Free
Club web address: http://www.AmigaMCCC.org
Contact person: Ned Kelly.

Ned Kelly
24.8.2002 Computer Shows
This is an announcement from GGS-Data
In co-operation with other organizations and persons we will show two new computersystems in Göteborg (Gothenburg) the weekend of 21-22 September.

Saturday 21 September - Aone Gothenburg 2002 Fall Event!
Here we will show the new AmigaOne for the first time in Sweden and in Scandinavia. You will find all information about this event at the homepage at this address; http://www.amigbg.com. Please, keep your eyes on the webpage for updates and news that will show up.

Sunday 22 September - Pegasos Gothenburg Show 2002!
Here we will show the Pegasos computer for the first time here in Sweden and in Scandinavia. You will find all information about this event at the homepage at this address; http://www.pegasos.org Please, keep your eyes on the webpage for updates and news that will show up.

This means that you who are travelling can make the most out by a visit in Göteborg (Gothenburg) that weekend, in being able to see two new computersystems. Free entrance !

Gunne Steen, GGS-Data

24.8.2002 Software News
MakeCD v3.2d beta10
The archive of the tenth public beta of 3.2d only contains new binaries. You still need V3.2c for a full installation. Beta 10 added recognition of Yamaha CRW2100E, CRW2100S, CRW2200E, CRW3200E, CRW3200S and Plextor PX-W2410A, PX-W4012A, bugfixes etc...

Amiga MakeCD Support Page
24.8.2002 AF: User-Workbench-Screenshot Gallery Update
Today we Update the User-Workbench-Screenshot Gallery on the Amiga Future Homepage. You find the new pictures at the end on the gallery.

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
23.8.2002 Total Amiga Magazine - OUT NOW!
Issue 12 of Total Amiga Magazine is now out and as with previous issues we expect this baby to sell out within a week if not sooner. Total Amiga Magazine sales increase month on month.
Why? Because it`s written by Amiga users and produced on Amiga Machines for all Amiga users worldwide.
To find out just how good Total Amiga Magazine is subscribe today via: Total Amiga Magazine, Fore-Matt Home Computing, Kicksoft.
The following world wide vendors sell Individual Issues:- Australia - AnythingAmiga, Europe: Computer City, UK: Eyetech USA - Compuquick Media Center, USA - Mr. Hardware Computers.
Total Amiga Magazine, because anything else just wouldn`t be good enough.

Michael Carrillo, Total Amiga Magazine
23.8.2002 Amiga Servers Down
We have just learned that our T-1 lines at Amiga HQ are down. This effects some of our servers (such as amigadev.net and lists.amiga.com) but not all of them. Amiga.com and amiga-anywhere.com are business as usual. We are working to get the lines re-established and get them working soon. Thank you for your patience and we appreciate your help.

AmigaInc. website
23.8.2002 PageStream Platform Survey
Pagestream folks are asking what platforms they should develope for:
"This survey is to determine the level of interest in port(s) to another platform. This survey is not just a case of highest interest wins. It is possible there will not be enough interest in any platform, or sufficient interest to develop several new platforms."
"If you are already living the DTP dream, and don't need PageStream on a new platform, but would like to see new features in PageStream (or improvements to existing features), this is not the survey for you. Don't worry, that survey will be coming soon!"
"Last but not least, please help get the word out! These platform surveys will be collected until September 9th, with a public announcement of the conclusions drawn from this result made shortly after. The announcement will be posted here and on the PageStreamSupport list on yahoo groups. We do reserve the right to continue the survey if needed!" PageStream Platform Survey

Amiga.org website
Grasshopper LLC website
22.8.2002 ExoticA News
Updated ExoticA's mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection to version 5.0 There has been some significant changes since the last version (4.6) and I recommend you to read the announcement text before downloading - update32.txt.
The collection now contains 18,616 Commodore 64 tunes. ExoticA offers the music individually via a simple to use HTML Interface or you can download them all in one large GZIP'd TAR Archive - HVSC.tar.gz. For in depth changes, you can refer to the update logs in the DOCUMENTS/ Directory.
The ExoticA Guestbook is now discontinued in its current form. To replace it, we have now a Forum This is far more flexible than the guestbook, allowing discussion about the various areas of the site, and the ability for people to get support or submit information easily.
I have not been able to retrieve the list of subscribers for the old mailinglist. We now have another list set up on the main ExoticA server, so everyone who was on before please do rejoin. Information on joining can be found on the Support Page.

ExoticA website
22.8.2002 Pictures from the Slach4-Party
MorphOS News Pictures from the Slach4-Party, where the Pegasos "Betatesters" were demonstrated.

ANN website
22.8.2002 Software News
SuperTV v0.6Beta
Peter Gordon has released his Beta V0.6 version of SuperTV to the public. You can find information on SuperTV and all other Mediator programs on the 3rd Party Mediator Software Page.
SuperTV is a replacement for Elbox's TV program, with loads of cool features such as: 'No more messy channels directory'.

CyberGraphX homepage
21.8.2002 AmigaFest Update: Pegasos to be demonstrated in Dayton, Ohio
AmiTech-Dayton Amiga User Group is pleased to announce that they will be privileged to have live demonstrations of the Pegasos computer system during this years AmigaFest at the Dayton ComputerFest¨, August 24th-25th. We are quite excited that they have accepted our invitation and hope to see many of our long time Amiga friends come by to see this much-talked about platform.
Also, we would like to announce our other vendors participating in AmigaFest 2002. Read more

Len Carsner
21.8.2002 AWeb Open Source project website: Lightning Strikes Again
Sunsite.dk had suffered from another damage from lightning on August 20th, which caused two harddisks to die. This forced them to shutdown some services (project websites and ftp), but backups have been restored and they are running again.

AWeb Open Source project website
21.8.2002 Software News
Darius Brewka released v.0.62 of his startmenu/launchbar Amistart, which will be on Aminet soon. But as usual you can download it here first. Lots of new features have been added including new and beautiful Glowicons by Martin Merz for the AmiStart-MUI interface. Download AmiStart.lha (343 KB)
For more information on AmiStart read our interview with Darius Brewka here.

GFX-BASE website
20.8.2002 GoldED Studio AIX News
A trial version of GoldED Studio AIX is available for downloading now. It is fully functional if used with small documents.
The AIX version is a previously unreleased service pack combined with material developed for GoldED Studio 7. It stands between release 6, the last public release, and release 7, now canceled. While initially not planned as a public release but as a final source code clean-up job, a lot of new material actually has found its way into this snapshot (AIX stands for Aix-La-Chapelle, where this software was made).

GoldED Studio homepage
20.8.2002 SoundFX 4.2 Final Version
After more than a year of development and testing, the final version of SoundFX 4.2 has finally been released! The program can be downloaded from here. Make sure you get LZX archives, as the LHA archives still contain V4.1.
WinUAE/AmigaXL/Amithlon users can try the 060 version. It should run without any problems on their systems. The list of new features and bugfixes is here.
SoundFX is a powerful sound-processing package for AmigaOS, developed by Stefan Kost. For a shareware price it offers professional features, many of which are quite unique on the Amiga. It is a real must for every Amiga sound designer or music producer.

Dan "Trixie" Jedlicka
SoundFX homepage
20.8.2002 Tales of Tamar News
"The next two weeks, we will only be limited reachable. Boxes, manual and the compact discs for Tales of Tamar are currently in production. Between September 5th and September 15th, we will make final preparations and shipping of the base set will take place between September 15th and October 1st.
The first 200 sets will be signed by the developers and thus become real collectibles. We are at the beginning of a wonderful game and would love to welcome you to our world."

New AMIGA version V0.44 R6
This version fixes a few bugs and add PPC support for onscreen animations. This is especially noticable on 040 systems.

Tales of tamar homepage

20.8.2002 Interview Nicolas Ramz (Nogfx)
Another GFX-BASE interview: This time with Nicolas Ramz (Nogfx), the developer of MuiFind, FlashNG, ScummVM 68k and other interesting Amiga applications. In this interview we were especially interested in NoGFX' latest release, MUIFind, which is a handy search tool for AmigaOS. We were also talking about the Arkanoid clone FlashNG and the development of his StrICQ version and more. Read it here.

GFX-BASE website
19.8.2002 IOUSB System 2.0 Update with OS 4 support
IOUSB, developed by IOSPIRIT, is a system for USB-device-drivers that allows them to access USB stacks via a uniform API. Thus any driver that builds upon it can theoretically be used with every USB-stack on the AMIGA.
Apart from the already existing support for Poseidon (Highway/Subway, MorphOS), support has been added for the Sirion-stack (Thylacine, Highway/Subway) in cooperation with the AmigaOS 4.0 development team. Thus it is now also possible to use devices covered by IOUSB with the Thylacine USB-board and the upcoming AmigaOS 4.0.
The update to version 2.0 can be found on our download-page. It also contains an update to version 1.1 of the iousbscanner.device fixing a timing-problem with the Epson Perfection 1650.

IOSPIRIT website
19.8.2002 Project Petunia FAQ
Project Petunia pages (680x0 JIT emulation for PPC processors, that will be used in AmigaOS4) updated and extended with a FAQ.
Álmos Rajnai: "After a long period of checking forums, chatboards and answering e-mails I decided to add a FAQ part into the project page. I hope I can clean up all the important questions arising in you. If something is not clear enough feel free to write a mail."

Project Petunia pages
19.8.2002 CAPS Project: Update
The CAPS (Classic Amiga Preservation Society) project website has been updated with a new German translation. A WIP update, and the usual list of latest games dumped.

CAPS website
19.8.2002 Classic AmigaOS Emulation - A Guide for WinUAE
Windows News Another article by Mike Bouma on OSNews.com
"As Amiga Inc is about to re-enter the computer arena with new AmigaOS4 powered desktop systems as well as with 3rd party embedded products utilizing AmigaDE technology pre-installed, there are a growing number of people who wonder what an advanced classic AmigaOS currently offers. This was an important reason for me to write a simple to understand WinUAE tutorial, so this would hopefully help interested people with setting up a fun and easy to use emulated AmigaOS environment on widely available mainstream Windows computers. This article also includes many WinUAE screenshots and information on acquiring and using freely available software." Read more

19.8.2002 Version 3 of the patch system GPatch is finished
The program is prepared for a new generation of Amigas: GCompare has a new high speed mode with a three-dimensional search array, but for this it needs more than 256MB RAM. With this mode it works faster than all other compare programs and produces much shorter files. The readme contains a comparison for a fictitious patch.
Here you have the preview of the Aminet upload. It contains only the 68k version, PPC ports are not yet finished: GPatch version 3 preview Bug reports are welcome.

Amiga.org website
19.8.2002 Games & Software news
Payback news
Four new maps and one updated map have been added to the Payback Extra Maps page.

New Linux drivers for Catweasel
Michael Krause has published a new version of the Linux driver for the PC/ISA version of the Catweasel floppy controller. Users of version 0.3.0 are urged to upgrade, because a bug in that version can destroy data on disks permanently. Download

Apex Designs website
individual Computers website

18.8.2002 Vote for a new Amiga Club logo and name
Vote on what you think should be the new "I Am Amiga" club logo and new name.

AmigaInc. website
18.8.2002 PowerD v0.20 alpha1 release of powerful programming language
PowerD is modern programming language, slightly compatible to AmigaE. Has many features and is very easy to learn. Requires OS3.0, 020, fpu and some additional memory.
Some of news of this alpha release:
- several bug fixes
- several enforcer hits in debugger removed
- added support for static local variables
- added russian catalog
- added new examples by Michel Bagmeijer
- several modules improved by Michel Bagmeijer
- x2d tool improved to support pragma and c-header files
- parts of ppc code generator are rewritten to provide better usage
- and much much more

- Uploaded also updated MUI, Picasso96, DBPlayer, Warp3D and Identify dev packs.

Developing such project is very difficult and I have only few betatesters. If You want to help me with it, test it or write examples, modules etc. please email to kuchinka@volny.cz. If You want more information about it, email me, or visit my homepage.

Martin "MarK" Kuchinka

17.8.2002 AROS Community website
Yes you read right we have are making the first site dedicated at making a AROS community! You can help beta test it at: http://aros.polarboing.com.
If there is anything missing or erros please register there and let us know in our forum this way we can both beta test the forum and get help/ideas.

ANN website
AROS Community wesite
17.8.2002 USB News
Yet another Poseidon Update available (v1.26)
Poseidon USB Stack Update 1.25 - software solution that unleashes the possibilities of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) and the devices with USB interface, ranging from mice, keyboards, tablets, joysticks, printers, scanners, webcams, digicams, flash card readers, zip drives, floppy disk drives, harddisks, memory sticks, ethernet adapters, scanners and audio adapters to less common things like power supplies, GPS location devices or finger print readers. It is intended to be a solution for all systems. readme

Subway-Highway USB News
Added several devices to the list of supported USB devices. Thanks to everyone providing us with these informations !

Platon's homepage
USB for Amiga website

17.8.2002 Software News
DiskMasterII v2.5RC4 - one of the best known Amiga Directory Utilities ever made.
documentation in Amiga-Guide format / "translators only" version of the guide (both v1.99)

Diskmaster2 Official Homepage
16.8.2002 dfx: is not a Catweasel!
A lot of inquiries about the dfx: interface have reached us during the past week. The most frequently asked question was if dfx: uses Catweasel technology. The answer is no! If you are looking for a floppy controller for a Pegasos, AmigaOne or Amithlon that is as flexible and as fast as the Catweasel, your only choice is the original.
In time with the release of the new mainboards, we will have a Catweasel that fits on them.
Pre-orders are NOT taken. Even if it has become common use in this market to charge money for things that are not even developed yet, individual Computers only takes money for things that we can ship next day.

individual Computers website
16.8.2002 Cheapest Advertising in the World&Ever! - On 100% AMIGA
Advertise from just $10! 100%AMIGA is undergoing a major revamp this month. Our old interface has been completely scrapped and replaced, so future issues will be compatible with ANY CD equipped classic Amiga, AmigaOne/OS4, Amithlon and in fact any computer platform you happen to have!
This will mean a substantial increase in our readership, so if you are an Amiga dealer (or organisation) you really can't afford not to take up our unbeatable new advertising rates which start from just $10 per month! The new updated magazine goes to press at the end of August (September issue) so email John Wilson now for more information: sales@forematt.co.uk

100%AMIGA CD Magazin website
16.8.2002 Open Letter from Raquel and Bill
MorphOS News Yesterday, Apple doubled the number of CPUs on their products -- but the price remains the same -- dual 1Ghz G4s for $1699. Unbelievable!
For Raquel and I this means one thing (beyond Apple has finally and completely fallen for the obvious clock speed, etc. numbers game): Alternative (as in A-Expo, 7-8 September) operating systems have become important -- very important!
This makes us really feel that our approach to *eventually* sell Pegasos main boards as they are is RIGHT ON TARGET. Apple will certainly not do this! Linux or MorphOS interested people want to do what they want to do. Read more

Morphos-news.de website
16.8.2002 Software News
Latest Beta Version of Directory Opus 4.17 Pre 14
This is the latest beta release of DirOpus4. This archive contains only the files that changed since the last public release, so you have to install the latest public release before installing the beta version. See History for details.
Watch out for serial debug data. Use Sushi/Sashimi to redirect it from serial port to WB window.

AmiDynDNS v1.1 available
The worlds moste extensive and best DynDNS.org client for Amiga is now in the new version 1.1 available.
We're very sorry for the long time which has gone since last release, but there was really no way out.
AmiDynDNS has become a CLI/GUI hybrid now. As the public beta version 1.0 already showed, there is now a GUI to simplify the usage whithout cutting the ability to use it completely from CLI.
Additionaly there were some minor features added and some other things were removed. More information on this topic could be found in the documentation. As usual AmiDynDNS is for free download from our download section available. Because the website is still in german only, here the direct download link.

Directory Opus 4 Research Project page
Costel 'Cyborg' Mincea, Remedy Systems

15.8.2002 AONE Gothenburg 2002 Fall Event site online!
From today, the 14th of August, the AONE Gothenburg 2002 Fall Event website is online. Visit this site now and then for latest news about the activitites that will occur during the AONE event in Gothenburg on the 21st of September!
Welcome to Gothenburg in September to see the first new Amiga computer in ten years! Free entrance!

AONE Gothenburg 2002 Fall Event website
15.8.2002 RetroSystems changes focus - Sort Of
RetroSystems' website has changed and expanded.
Kermit's original version told only of selling finished X86 based systems inside A1000, NES, & Atari 2600 cases. Now do-it-yourself kits are for sale.

"Build the system yourself. We offer these conversion kits at way low prices. You simply supply common parts, such as hard drives and other bits, and our kits supply all the hard-to-find parts and fully illustrated plans so you can save money and enjoy building this yourself!"

Amiga.org website
RetroSystems website

14.8.2002 Software distribution via IOSPIRIT
IOSPIRIT, known worldwide for its high product quality and its well-accepted service, is expanding its distribution activities. Thus we are looking for interesting programs and projects, that lack a distribution partner or that want to open up new market segments.
Distribution activities include the wide-spread mail-order distribution and popular, modern Electronic Software Delivery (ESD), where everything is handled digitally - from the customer´s payment to the product delivery. Besides we also offer support aids like mailinglists and a FAQ-system.
Advertising (both banners and print), flyers and our presence at exhibitions allows us to introduce the products distributed through us to a broad public. Furthermore we already have a strong customerbase within and outside Germany.
More general information and information about the advantages of our distribution services can be found on the page "Distribution services" under "Information" (left bar) or at the end of this message. Don´t hesitate to contact us directly, if you are interested and want to learn more.

IOSPIRIT website
14.8.2002 Amiga Arena Interview with James Jacobs (Saga, Repot+, WormWars)
New PD and Shareware games for the Amiga are very rare in the last time. Now for all people who like to kill monsters, capture treasures and lead big Kingdoms you will like the board conversion from 'Saga: Age of Heroes'. Read in the Interview about the new freeware game and if you like to see a german version too so please contact 'James Jacobs'!

Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena
14.8.2002 Pegasos Gothenburg Show 2002
MorphOS News This is a first announcement of the first showplace of the Pegasos-computer in Sweden and in Scandinavia. Pegasos Gothenburg Show 2002 will be held on Sunday 22 September. On the show you will se Pegasos demonstrated and working for the first time here. Pegasos is a dual G3/G4/G5 MicroATX computer. At the moment it is possible to run either MorphOS or Linux operatingsystem on it. Organizer of the event is GGS-Data in co-operation with Thendic-France and betatesters of Pegasos from Sweden. Thendic as well as other important persons behind the Pegasos will join the show. More information will follow soon. Welcome ! Gunne Steen for GGS-Data

Gunne Steen via ANN
14.8.2002 Software News
Ogg Vorbis 1.0 binaries (060/MOS) - the audio codec that will conquer the world! Ahwell, maybe, maybe not, time will tell... in the meantime you can atleast play around abit with it yourself.
Ogg Vorbis is quite a resource hog though, so only 060 (barely usable on my 060/50) and MorphOS binaries included (ixemul required).
Finally, the encoder works! Updated all the binaries with some minor fixes from CVS, and changed some options for slight speedup.
For more info on Ogg Vorbis, check out Ogg Vorbis homepage.

Amiga Alternative Audio Page
13.8.2002 Elbox: Mediator PCI 1200 SX
Elbox Computer, the leading manufacturer of hardware for Amiga computers, the company that introduced the PCI standard to Amiga computers, is proud to announce expanding the MEDIATOR busboard product line with the new Mediator model for towerised Amiga 1200 computers: Mediator PCI 1200 SX.
With this product Elbox offers Amiga 1200 users the opportunity to use up to 6 PCI cards significantly improving the computer performance. Additionally the new Mediator model has the Power Management Interface, which allows waking up the computer with external events (e.g. with USB or LAN signals) and shutting it down controlled by software. Read more

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
12.8.2002 AmigaFest 2002, The Show Within a Show at Computerfest®
For the fourth year in a row, AmiTech-Dayton, Amiga Computer Users Group, is sponsoring AmigaFest, a show within a show at Computerfest®. The purpose of AmigaFest is to provide a concentration of Amiga oriented vendors and exhibitors in the show to provide improved support for the Amiga Community. If you are a current or former Amiga user, or are just curious about the platform, stop by AmigaFest 2002 and find out what is currently going on with Amiga. There are many new developments on the horizon and we will have some available for demonstration or sale at the show. Read more

Len Carsner
12.8.2002 Amiga Demoscene Archive: Amiga Releases from Assembly 2002
Added the 3 major amiga releases from Assembly 2002 (which took place a week ago): Humus 3/Push Entertainment [1st at 4k intro competition pc and amiga], Sotakyrpa/Spaceballs and Ephidrena [3rd at 4k intro competition pc and amiga] and Future visions/Potion [2nd at 64k intro competition pc and amiga].

Amiga Demoscene Archive website
12.8.2002 USB on the back of a Thylacine
USB is now available in Australia for all Zorro based Amigas. Many scanners work with Thylacine as do other USB devices such as hubs. The Thylacine is named after the almost legendary & officially extinct Australian mammal which is subject to scores of sightings each year. Go to MC1 http://connect.to/amiga and mention this ad to get free freight Australia wide!

Michael Czajka
11.8.2002 Total Amiga Issue 12 - Faster, Better, Surfer!
"Our latest issue has just been completed and is now at the printers. It should be ready for posting to subscribers by the 23rd of August. A full contents list and an image of the cover can be found on the Current Issue page."

Total Amiga Magazine website
11.8.2002 New Feature at STRICQ.com
"After a recent harddrive partitioning screw-up, I lost all of the STRICQ.com website, but I did manage to recover the vast majority. The one part that I could not recover was the Coldfusion-based message area that I had written from scratch -Ouch! Instead of recreating all that work, I just installed XOOPS. Yeah, I know its the same thing that Amiga.org is running, that's where I got the idea. It was quick, easy and has lots of cool stuff. If you're interested, I know present the new STRICQ.com Message Base now based on XOOPS."

Douglas McLaughlin, STRICQ.com
10.8.2002 Submit your Logo and Club Name suggestions to Amiga!
Greetings Amiga Community/Club members,
We are sponsoring a contest where your logo design may be chosen for the "I Am Amiga Club" t-shirt. We are also accepting suggestions for a new name for the current "I Am Amiga" club.
All you need to do is submit your original logo and/or suggested club name to us at the e-mail address specified below. Read more

AmigaInc. website
10.8.2002 "Butterfly Edition" of ScummVM
MorphOS News Today the "Butterfly Edition" of ScummVM for MorphOS was released. The core is the current CVS version of ScummVM 0.2.0.
The "Butterfly Edition" contains many improvements and optimisations in the MorphOS interface that affect the general usability. The update is thus highly recommended. Comments and suggestions are welcome as usual. Download
Due to a bug in the beta version of the cdda library, the CD audio of Monkey Island may not work with certain CD-ROM drives. Regrettably, the current version of the library does not work anymore with the public MorphOS demo. Those with access to later betas may request a bugfixed version from me by e-mail.

Rüdiger Hanke via ANN
10.8.2002 Obligement 34 is now out
Issue 34 of the famous French e-zine is now available. You can read in this issue : latests Amiga news, interviews of Paul Carrington (from Vulcan) and Cyril Denis (from Revival), reviews of Day Of The Tentacle and AWeb 3.4, all the news about emulation on Amiga, article about CygnusED and Arexx, and lots of others good things !

David "Daff" Brunet, Obligement E-Zine
10.8.2002 AWeb Open Source project News
Bugzilla has come online at a secret location for burn-in testing by coders and betatesters. Later it will be open to the public so you can see which bugs and new features are being worked on.

Slightly reorganized AWeb Open Source project website for increased browsing pleasure. :-)

AWeb Open Source project website

9.8.2002 DiscreetFX Announces The 2003 Amiga Art Calendar
"Attention Amiga Artists now is a chance to get your best Amiga artwork seen by thousands and share in the proceeds of the sale. You only have until October 5th 2002 to send in your artwork for consideration for the 2003 Amiga Art Calendar. This Calander is being produced exclusively on the Amiga and will go on sale in time for the 2002 Christmas holidays. All submissions must be created on an Amiga and or Video Toaster (Amiga version) and must include a list of what software/hardware was used to create the artwork. A panel of 12 judges/Amiga enthusiates will select the 13 pieces of artwork that will be included in this years edition. Please send all submissions to discreetfx@yahoo.com on or before October 5th 2002."

Amiga.org website
Bill Panagouleas, DiscreetFX
9.8.2002 dfx: Amiga - PC floppy interface
Compatible with Amithlon, UAE, possibly Classic Amigas & AmigaOne. Provides the ability to Read and Write to Amiga floppy disks on a standard PC floppy drive. Aiming to provide functionality for Classic Amigas also. So they can use inexpensive High density floppy drives. Board is designed to go between Floppy header and Floppy drive. Separate ROM for target hardware. Exrtra ROMs purchaseable as an add-on. More Details to follow.

A.Scott Pringle
9.8.2002 The Register News
IBM lays desktop PowerPC on Cupertino lawn
IBM is to release a version of the dual-core Power4 processor aimed at the desktop, and will disclosed details at Microprocessor Forum in October.
The new chip designed for "desktops and entry level servers", and will be an 8-way superscalar, SMP-ready design capable of 6.4GB/s throughput. Tantalisingly, the processor has it own "vector processing unit implementing over 160 specialized vector instructions."
The "over 160" number is quite significant: the AltiVec vector unit for the PowerPC G4 has… 162 instructions. Read more

Amiga revs OS, wins more phone blessings
The rejuvenated Amiga company, Amiga Inc., this week released the a feature list for the latest version of its OS, bringing support for the recent hardware to the platform. Read more (be carefull, this artisle is a "little" confused :-)[ExiE]

The Register

8.8.2002 Subway-Highway USB News
A download page for updates and additional Poseidon related stuff is available. You will find recent versions of software there.

First benchmarks of mass storage devices are available.

Recent test results of the big Amiga magazines can be found on the index page. We are very happy about the many good results!

USB for Amiga website

8.8.2002 "Amithlon" Xine demo pics
Amithlon News Here are some pics of Bernie demoing Xine (multimedia player) and running 5 monitors simultaneously on "Berniethlon" v2.
Pictures courtesy of Melbourne Amiga User Group.

A.Scott Pringle via ANN website
8.8.2002 WinUAE News
Windows News Amiga emulator for Windows WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 1 changes
New features
- full harddisk image support (hdtoolbox, RDB, custom filesystems etc..)
- uaescsi.device improvements (more compatible, disk change support added, direct scsi shouldn't be necessary anymore)
- Action Replay 1 support (breakpoints don't work)
- CPU idle (tries to detect use of STOP-instruction, may not be complatible with all Amiga software..)
- floppy speed slider is back
- new AHI code and driver (Bernd Roesch)
- Amiga «» Windows clipboard support (Bernd Roesch)
- on the fly switching between OpenGL and DirectDraw mode
- on the fly switching between vsync and non-vsync mode
- compressed Kickstart ROM image support
- build-in screenshot function (Sane)
- experimental (and much slower) cycle-exact cpu and blitter emulation mode

WinUAE Official homesite
8.8.2002 Amiga OS4 Features
The list of Amiga OS4 features has been updated.
"Listed below are the modules that make up the core of AmigaOS 4. Most of the OS modules (including the kernel) are finished and being tested internally by the OS 4 development team.
Current work centers around Intuition and Reaction, 2D/3D drivers, A1 Bios, additional kernel functionality (virtual addressing and page-based memory handling) and the integration of the 68K emulation into the system.
Here are the modules that make up AmigaOS 4:

Henning Nielsen Lund
AmigaInc website
7.8.2002 SoundFX news
There will be an update to the final 4.2 release shortly because of some bugs that have escaped the betatesters' attention.
Therefore, the Aminet upload of SoundFX 4.2 archives will be delayed a little bit. If you can't wait and desperately want to try the new version before the update comes out, get it from here. Make sure you download the LZX archives, as the LHA ones still contain V4.1.

Dan "Trixie" Jedlicka
Sonic Pulse website
7.8.2002 Software updates
First Poseidon Update finally available
Poseidon USB Stack Update 1.25 - software solution that unleashes the possibilities of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) and the devices with USB interface, ranging from mice, keyboards, tablets, joysticks, printers, scanners, webcams, digicams, flash card readers, zip drives, floppy disk drives, harddisks, memory sticks, ethernet adapters, scanners and audio adapters to less common things like power supplies, GPS location devices or finger print readers. It is intended to be a solution for all systems. readme

Amithlon News Amithlon Update
A third collection of patches, drivers and utilities for Amithlon has been made available in the updates section. Make sure you read the README files carefully!

New RC5/OGR clients for AmigaOS
The v2.8019-473 distributed.net RC5/OGR clients for AmigaOS (and other platforms) were made available for pre-release today.
Changes since v2.8018.472 for AmigaOS
- chg: all: increased buff-in.* limit to 2000 packets
- fix: all: processed RC5 random blocks even if RC5 was disabled
- fix: amigaos: fixed problems with font requester opening in GUI prefs window when clicking other gadgets
- imp: amigaos: can be shutdown by pressing escape key in GUI

Platon's homepage
Amithlon.net website
Amiga.org website
The Amiga RC5 Team Effort website

6.8.2002 Assembly 2002 Results
Results from this years Assembly party are in. Read them here. There were no Amiga entries in the demo compo this time to "defend" MatureFurk's victory from last year (AFAIK). However, Amiga still ruled the 4k intros with humus3 by Exploder/PUSH Entertainment taking the first spot by a clear margin. Also, in the 64k intro compo, Future visions by Potion came in second. All the releases from the party can be downloaded here.

Teemu I. Yliselä via ANN
6.8.2002 Amitopia interview Amiga Inc regarding MorphOS
There is a short interview with Amiga Inc. on Amitopia regarding MorphOS by Michal Bergseth.
Please note that some questions predate the Amiwest 2002 announcements.

Amiga.org website
6.8.2002 Getting the Pegasos Market Going!
MorphOS News This is a message for traditional 'Amiga Community' Resellers.
Since our involvement and the earliest threats against MorphOS, we have had German and European experts checking the applicable law. If fact, in spite of the latest threats, we are looking forward to the timely release of MorphOS. Read more

MorphOS-news.de website
THENDIC France website
6.8.2002 DigiBooster Professional Community page is back
"It's done! After an unfortunalety longer time out, in case that we moved on another server, some difficulties with the transfer of the data and a new Webmaster (Marco Frischkorn) in our team, we are back online. http://www.highantdev2.de/dbpro is at present our attainable URL. http://www.digiboosterpro.de is back at the beginning of September."

Dennis Lohr via ANN
6.8.2002 Amiga Games Classifying: July / August 2002
Here the ranking of July / August 2002:
1. (2) Napalm - 175 pts
2. (1) Payback - 144 pts
3. (5) Earth 2140 - 144 pts
4. (3) Quake - 142 pts
5. (4) The Settlers - 132 pts
6. (6) Heretic 2 - 124 pts
7. (13) Slam Tilt - 97 pts
8. (9) Worms / Worms DC - 96 pts
9. (10) Sensible World Of Soccer - 95 pts
10. (7) WipeOut 2097 - 74 pts
11. (12) Foundation - 60 pts
12. (16) Civilization - 53 pts
13. (11) Shogo - 53 pts
14. (8) Freespace - 49 pts
15. (23) Colonization - 47 pts
16. (25) UFO - 44 pts
17. (32) Exodus : The Last War - 43 pts
18. (29) Xtreme Racing - 42 pts
19. (14) Beneath A Steel Sky - 41 pts
20. (24) Super Frog - 39 pts
Next votes (AMIGA GAMES ranking of september/october 2002) will begin in mid-September.

David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Classifying
6.8.2002 Software News
SoundFX version 4.2 is out now
Stefan Kost: "Finally, I have made it! It has been more that a year since the last release, so expect many fixes and changes. In the next days I will update the archives several times, as new translations come in."
SoundFX is a shareware editor for digitized audiodata (samples). SFX is designed in a modular fashion and has a comfortable graphical user interface. With SFX you can apply digital effect to samples (which are absolutely unique on Amiga), as well as you can cut and trim you recordings.

SRename 3.5.0 beta
"I have just released a public beta version of SRename 3.5.0 which can be found at my web page." SRename is a powerful rename utility for AmigaOS.

Sonic Pulse website
Costantinos Nicolakakis

6.8.2002 Syndeecate Apocalypse 2002 Invitation
Syndeecate Apocalypse 2002 is like Syndeecate 2001 party. The difference is in number of platforms. Last year, there was only one - i386. This year, four platforms are planned and supported: Amiga (every model 68k/PPC), ZX Spectrum 128, Apple PowerMAC, i386. You can compete on any platform. The party will be held 16-18th September 2002 in Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic. Read more

Lahve, www.scene.cz/syndeecate
6.8.2002 AF: New WB Shots
"Today, we update the User-Workbench-SCreenshot-Gallery on the Amiga Future Page."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
5.8.2002 Frogger 2.02 released.
Frogger 2.02 is available! This release fixes most of the bugs reported by users, there is also one new codec (Motion JPEG). Last, but not least, Frogger can now display .mp4 files, created with QT6. For a full list of changes, please refer to changelog, included in Frogger archives. Please note, that codecs were updated as well, if you already have them installed, you can just grab update archive, otherwise get archive with all codecs.

Frogger homepage
5.8.2002 birthday party at individual Computers!
It's the birthday of the owner of individual Computers, so we have a small present for our customers: A free tool called X-Clip that lets you share the clipboard of a PC that networked with the X-Surf Ethernet board through a file. Every computer in the intranet can have access to other clipboards in the intranet. The tool is currently only available for Windows-based PCs. We hope for support from Amiga-programmers to port it. Further, a readme file is not yet included in the archive, but the program is pretty much self-explanatory - just right-click on the "X" in the toolbar after startup of the program, and choose the same path for all computers in the network. A full manual will be added in the next few days.
Download: xclip100.exe (72 KByte)
Not only our regular customers, but also the ones who want to become customers are invited: As a summer-special, the Catweasel-models "Catweasel ISA" (PC-version) and "Catweasel Z-II S-Class" are discounted by 10,- EUR starting today, until the end of august. The ISA version is now 59,- EUR, and the Amiga-version for the Zorro bus is 79,- EUR. Orders are either taken by our resellers, or directly via eMail.

individual Computers website
5.8.2002 AROS News
"No, we aren't dead yet...
Since it's been such a long time since the last news update, I thought I'd just sum up the most significant updates since the last post here. We'll try to get the news updated a bit more frequently in the future.
First, some general news. We decided to go with Zune as our main GUI toolkit, so most of the prefs programs, tools and other things will be implemented in Zune. Read more

AROS homepage
5.8.2002 Amiga Arena Interview with "Lukas Stehlik" (AmiGOD)
With "AmiGOD" the Developer "Lukas Stehlik" wants to be a appreciate follower to develop to the old Benchmark programms like "SysInfo" ans "Sysspeed"!
Read in the Interview about "AmiGOD" and some more Information about the Future and the language "PowerD".

Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena
5.8.2002 Second part of the AmigaAnywhere tutorial
AmigaDE News AmigaAnywhere Tutorial part 2 by Nicolas Mendoza

AmigaDE at polarBoing
5.8.2002 TF Announcing BETATESTER and Team Betatester!
MorphOS News The time has come for Thendic-France/bplan to start selling machines. We are not going to call it the Pegasos for now. We are going to call the pre-release version of the Pegasos with the pre-release version of MorphOS for PPC: BETATESTER. MorphOS may not be ready for regular computer users, but it is ready for developers. This coming weekend we will begin to sell the machines directly from Thendic-France. We will sell all 15 machines we take with us for the SLACH PARTY CONTEST in Bordeaux to people that agree to join «Team Betatester». We can take as many orders as there is interest. We have decided to do this because in two weeks we will begin to receive delivery of the first *1000* lot of BETATESTER mainboards. These will be completely configured and ready to sell to developers who join Team Betatester by Thendic-France. (Note: any mainboards not sold as BETATESTERS will be sold with firmware only to our Linux distributors). Read more

MorphOS-news.de website
THENDIC France website
4.8.2002 Eminence front
Eminence front - new article by John "Squid" Shepard.
"Near as I can figure, there's some OTHER Squid's Amiga Page & Rumor Mill out there somewhere, in a parallel universe, sharing this URL, and that for some reason, due to a random cross-dimensional anomaly, everybody read the latest issue of THAT instead. It's the only explanation that makes sense."

Squid's Amiga Page and Rumor Mill
4.8.2002 Amiga Arena: Interview with Vladimir Javorski
The following is a Amiga Arena inerview with Vladimir Javorski who programmed AutoDocArt.

Amiga.org website
Amiga Arena website
3.8.2002 EXCLUSIVE: Amiwest 2002 picture report
CLICK HERE to find a selection of pictures from the first day of the AmiWest 2002 fair in Sacramento (CA), taken by Mario Kurtic. Thanks Mario!

Mario Kurtic
3.8.2002 Pianeta Amiga 2002 News
Pianeta Amiga 2002 website has been updated with and english section too. The Amiga show will be held in Empoli (Florence)'s Palaesposizioni the 21 and 22 September 2002.
New exhibitors has been announced: Bitplane, Darkage Software, Haage&Partner, Power Computing Ltd., Virtual Works.
Eyetech and Hyperion confirmed that there will be the chance to see AmigaOne and AmigaOS 4 during the show.

Pianeta Amiga 2002's unofficial support site
2.8.2002 Amiga Samba 2.0.7 (and maybe 2.2.5) on the way
"I have been working on something I didn't really want to tackle: write my own 'C' runtime library to port Samba 2.2.x with. Some 430 functions later I now have a codebase at hand which just about covers the ISO 'C' (1994) functionality, minus the wide character support. That was a hell of a lot of work to be done, I can tell you. One of the many nice things this library does is to compile both with SAS/C and GCC. This makes testing with a source level debugger possible. Other neat bits: socket I/O is transparently integrated into the file I/O architecture of the library, stack size checking and extension is supported (for GCC), the library is plastered with debugging and checking code, Amiga operating system functions are used wherever this is convenient (e.g. locale), and almost everything is written in portable 'C'.
As an exercice, I started to port the SAS/C Samba 2.0.7 port to GCC, using the new library." Read more

Amigart website
Olaf Barthel via Amiga Samba ML
2.8.2002 100%AMIGA CD Magazine Issue 27
The August issue of 100%AMIGA is now complete. Summer is here so we are feeling in a playful mood and are focusing on games. We take a look at upcoming games Maim & Mangle and Rage Hard as well as a review of the Bust A Move clone Puzzlebobs. We go arcade with our timewarp review and hints tips and cheats plus we have included 10 great arcade games FREE! And if that's not all, subscribe now and you will get a free games collection CD containing loads of must have classic Amiga releases. Check it!

FORE-MATT Home Computing website
2.8.2002 AONE Gothenburg 2002 Fall Event
On the 21st of September, a showcase for the AmigaOne will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden. Beta testers from Norway and Denmark will attend this event. This event is a scandinavian kick-off for the AmigaOne!
This showcase is hosted by the user group AmiGBG together with GGS-Data.
More detailed information will soon be published on http://www.amigbg.com.

Amiga.org website
2.8.2002 New Amiga version of Tales of Tamar (Updated 4.8.2002)
New Amiga version (0.44 R3) of Tales of Tamar is now ready for download. Tales of Tamar will be sold on September 1st 2002. The packages are already in production. For more information, download and preorder visit: www.tamar.net.

Tales of Tamar is the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows.

(4.8.200) We would be pleased if you of our play to report:
Sooner than expected, we were able to add a few new features that were only planned after the release of the base set:
There are now elves and dwarves on Tamar! Elves were seen looking for suitable land, but couldn't find a proper place yet. Nobody so far has seen the dwarves, but their are around as well.
The new release also allows you the plunder foreign trade ships and thus to make a living as a pirate. The rich merchants will bring the largest bounty. We've already seen the first pirates at large.

Tales of Tamar homepage

1.8.2002 New OctaMED SoundStudio V2
Currently a NEW Amiga version 2 of OctaMED SoundStudio is slowly being developed.
However, the new authors require input from potential users so they know that all there work is going to be worthwhile.
If you truly want to see the next V2 completed, you are requested to send an e-mail to: KatoDev, and in the subject area place: "I want a new Amiga V2"
In the main message window please tell them that you desperately want to see the new Amiga version. If they receive enough input it will spur them on to complete the V2 for you. Of course, if you can offer help with programming, Joern is VERY eager to hear from you and if you are writting to offer help, please place: "Can I help?" in the subject line instead! Read more

MED SoundStudio website
1.8.2002 New product: Flickerfixer Indivision
Our external flickerfixer for all Amiga models solves a year-old problem in a way like no similar product did before. The special thing: Even if the Amiga is connected to video-mixing equipment (so-called genlock interfaces), Indivision will show a perfect picture.
Today's monitors and flatscreens cannot display certain Amiga screen modes that are closely related to video standards. A Flickerfixer converts the picture to a format that complies with the VGA-standard. Technically spoken: The line frequency is 31.25 khz, and the vertical frequency is at least 50 Hz (60 on NTSC).
Indivision is available in quantities. The price is 99,- EUR including the German VAT of 16%. Orders are either taken directly via eMail, or through our resellers.

individual Computers website
1.8.2002 iFusion Depends on the Market!
"[..] I asked Virtual Programming's sales deaprtment the following: 'Will Virtual Programming be continuing sale of the FUSION and iFUSION products for the Amiga in the future? Will the company be continuing the development of the product with Jim Drew and Microcode Solutions?'
'It depends upon the market. Certainly there is no market for the classic Amiga now, but we are in touch with the right people to see about an OS4 version of iFusion. We will have to see how this develops.'"

Shouldn't delivering either non-functional (BlizzardPPC) or half-functional (CyberStormPPC) software for 150 GBP, then considering the situation resolved, be a illegal? [ExiE]

Amiga.org website

1.8.2001 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#020731).

Amiga Update website
1.8.2002 Virus Help Denmark Amiga New's
The boot-abel disk have been removed from the Danish VHT Site, and will now link to VHT Canada where Charlene will update the disks in the future, you can check the area Here.

Virus Help Denmark Amiga website