31.8.2001 Webcam and IRC channel at Saku 2001
Finnish Amiga Users Group's Saku 2001 Web Site will host two webcams from the happening, and you can also chat with the people attending the show on our IRC channel #saku2001 (IRCnet). Read more

Anu Seilonen
Saku 2001 website
31.8.2001 AA Issue 24 On Sale Now
Loading Nextgen... - The Amiga's future is deserving of more attention. Here's why.
Repulse - New Amiga soundcard from Alien Designs reviewed and rated.
Customise Your Amiga - It's not just Apple who can make attractive desktop computers. You can too! We show you how.
MathEngineering - Making games come to life is a tricky task, but one that Oxford-based MathEngine have risen to.
Read more

Amiga Active website
31.8.2001 Eyetech News
For a limited time Eyetech are offering brand new A1200 3.1 Roms for just £10 (plus £3 UK carriage) if you send them your old 3.0 Roms in return. To order, send them your Roms along with payment and address details (and a contact telephone number). After testing the 3.0 Roms to be OK, they will despatch the 3.1 Roms to you. Note that if the Roms test faulty, the full price of £29.95 will apply. Read more

Eyetech Group Ltd website
31.8.2001 AmigaOS XL from Haage & Partner
Haage & Partner is about to announce "AmigaOS XL" which is a very fast Amiga emulation running on QNX. Check out AmigaOS XL Homepage at Haage & Partner website.

Amigart website
Haage & Partner website
31.8.2001 Oliver Wagner speaks on OS 4.x/Amithlon
Oliver Wagner: "The fact that we are supporting MorphOS NOW isn't anything exclusive. Be rest assured that if AmigaOS 4 reaches a state of usability, has a devkit and everything that we'll happily take a look, and possibly port over. The same is true with other interesting developments. There's now a project which involves a "classic" m68k emulation running on x86 PC machines which has reached a state of usability -- it has the means of running "integrated" x86 assembler code, and I've been discussing the possibility of either compiling V completely for x86, or at least offload some of the more time-criticial things notably, the image decoders)to native x86 code." Read more

ANN website
31.8.2001 Software News
Spitfire² v1.8 - shareware Palm Desktop for the Amiga. It provides a connection to 3Com's Palm computer or compatibles, and allows a user to HotSync these devices with their Amiga. Changes
Version 1.8 corrects problems with the HotSync Manager and the installation script.

New version of AmiVNC (v.1.0.0) has been released to Aminet. This version solves looong standing "mouse scaling" bug which showed on some configs, improves mouse button support, thus now compatible with MagicMenu and other tools, is half the size of the previous release (around 35K instead of 70K), but faster and more stable, thanks to StormC4. Adds 68020 binaries to the distribution (because some users reported that the 060 version would not run on 020 machines). As a side note, author have made a PPC/WarpOS beta release of AmiVNC, being tested at the moment, much faster and 0% 68K CPU ! And also he have an improved version of sKulpt W3D (both 68K and PPC) which will pop up at Aminet soon.

Spitfire² homepage
Stephane Guillard

30.8.2001 Pegasos meets MorphOS
In observance of the development schedule, the Pegasos system officially offers as of today a second operating system platform. In addition to Linux (since this years` second quarter), MorphOS now also supports the development systems in its full functional range.
[..] As an additional feature MorphOS includes a highly optimized Motorola® 680xx emulator, which allows full usage of the actual programms of this widespread family of processors. Here, the achieved speed exceeds the capability of the native 680xx systems many times over. With the integrated mixed-mode-ability, developers are enabled to port there applications step by step, for example in performance-critical areas to power PC® native code. This reaches out far beyond the capabilities of a standard emulating-system and presents itself superior even to highly optimized JIT Compilers. Read more

bplan website
30.8.2001 Protect your Miggy
A new update of Safe v16.5 has been released today. Safe is small CLI command to detect linkviruses in Your system. readme [..] added analyze of HitchHiker5.00 the most advanced polymorphic bastard in the Amiga universe!

A new update of 'xvs.library v33.31' has been released today. With this update you can find and remove 99.9% of the virus Hitch-Hiker 5.00 and it's known installers. You can find the update here.

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website

30.8.2001 Exotica News
Another big update to the Demo Scene Reference Manual. This update brings it to version 4.00 (Release date 26.08.01). Additions and changes since the last release can be read at the bottom of the manual.

Exotica website
30.8.2001 Interview with Maturefurk
Here`s an interview with one of the members of Maturefurk, the winners of the largest demo-party ever! A record breaking figure of 5,000 people attended this year`s Assembly party and they voted the Lapsuus demo (DivX video) for the Amiga as the best of all. This is quite remarkable since they only used a 50 mhz 68k Amiga with an AGA chipset (released in 1992) for this demo. It`s a great demonstration of the 3D capabilities which existed on Amigas since a decade ago. Read more for more information regarding the origin of the Demo Scene and other relating info written by Mike Bouma, a long standing Amiga user.

OSnews website
30.8.2001 Zorro soundcard REPULSE is available again
KDH: "A revised version of the Zorro soundcard Repulse is now available at KDH. The Repulse board is slightly revised and has now golden contacts. The CD, the documentation and the drivers which come with the Repluse have been reworked as well. There will be a new Toccata emulation and this will be the only Toccata emulation which is able to work together with Movieshop of the Vlab Motion board. Therefore, the new Repulse soundcard the only complete substitution for the former Toccata soundcard."

ANN website
KDH website
30.8.2001 Voyager News
Oliver Wagner will be leaving for a 16 day holiday to France tomorrow. Since his email address is apparently in every single spam address list on this planet and he will temporarily close his email account.
"We actually have a new V build scheduled for release; there is some outstanding work regarding the HTTP RESUME function to be done by Zapek; if we don't manage it by tonight, Zapek will do the release on the weekend or so." Read more

30.8.2001 New Amiga site
There is new Amiga site for all spanish Amiga users - HISPAMIGA.
At the moment only availabe in spanish. Check it.

30.8.2001 Boing! turns 2!!!
"boing.net turns 2 on the 11th of September. To celebrate our 2nd birthday there are several deals including free setup on some of our reseller accounts for the whole month. The yearly special deal for customers will continue till the end of September also, as will the current User Group special.
Resellers signing up this month receive free setup on accounts 2, 2+ 3 & 3+. This is a saving of between USD$75-USD$100.(depending on which account option you select).
Customers signing up for yearly hosting this month will receive free setup and 12 months hosting for the price of 10. This is a saving of between USD$30-USD$80. (depending on which option you select).
Users Groups signing up this month receive a USD$15 setup and yearly hosting for USD$60. That works out to be USD$5 / month to give your users there own email address and a central website to share information on. Come check out what we can do for you as we turn two."

ANN website
A.Scott Pringle, boing.net
30.8.2001 Software News
NetInfo 2.9 - network information viewer utility. It integrates the functionality of the well known standalone Traceroute, Ping, Whois and Finger programs into one seamless GUI application.
This update to NetInfo fixes an problem with Traceroute which only showed up with the upcoming Roadshow TCP/IP stack, and some other minor things, like a refresh problem with PING.

Spitfire² v1.7 - shareware Palm Desktop for the Amiga. It provides a connection to 3Com's Palm computer or compatibles, and allows a user to HotSync these devices with their Amiga. Changes

VaporWare website
Spitfire² homepage

29.8.2001 Amiga-news.de 3 years old
Today, Amiga-news.de celebrates its third anniversary. Congratulations! Read more (Germam).

Amiga-news.de website
29.8.2001 New Exhibitor and Vaporware Registration Service at Saku 2001
Finnish Amiga Users Group offers a Vaporware product registration service for visitors at Saku 2001. Broadline Oy, a long time supporter of Saku and a well-known Finnish Amiga retailer has also decided to join the fun. Read more

Anu Seilonen
Saku 2001 website
29.8.2001 Simon the Sorcerer with speech
"The CD32 Games Install Kit v4.5 NG was just released on the Airsoft Softwair Homepage. This version makes it possible now to play Simon the Sorcerer with the full "talkie" soundtrack. The CD32 Games Install Kit is the first CD32 emulator which makes this possible! The new version can now be downloaded by all owners of the The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition CD-ROM from the protected download area. If you do not own the CD yet, you can order it from my homepage."

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
29.8.2001 Software News
Arturo Franzin: "I translated catalog of HomeBank 1.8 for italian amiga users, in the archive there is also an italian example of account.
I translated also the guide for Medication 1.0 for all italian Mediator users! On the Aminet there is also Nostalgia 2.0c with my italian catalog."

Arturo Franzin
28.8.2001 Saku 2001 brochure available in PDF format
The four-page brochure on the Finnish Amiga Users Group's Saku 2001 event is now available for download in PDF format from the official web site at http://saku.amigafin.org/saku2001/.
Visitors are able to sell their second-hand Amiga goods at Saku 2001. The service is free of charge and available for all private persons, membership of the user group is not required. A couple of the latest Amiga games are also available for testing at the venue: both Payback and Shogo: Mobile Armor Division are demonstrated.

Anu Seilonen, Saku2001
28.8.2001 New Mediator drivers: MediatorUP 2.4
"We are happy to announce the first release of the shared MMU & NO_MMU version of Mediator drivers.
The new pci.library 4.1 can currently work in both modes. Along with the new pci.library we release new versions of all the drivers released so far.
All the new drivers have been re-written to co-operate with our newest software: drivers for PCI Sound and PCI TV cards released in the Mediator Multimedia CD. Read more

28.8.2001 E2140 Mailing List & Support
Pagan Games have launched an Earth 2140 mailing list for gamers to discuss strategies, game play, updates, and mission pack issues. The developers of Amiga version of E2140 are available on this list and we'll try and answer you questions as soon as possible.
Subscribe: pagan-e2140-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Unsubscribe: pagan-e2140-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
Post message: pagan-e2140@yahoogroups.com

Jason Hayman
Pagan Games website
28.8.2001 CompuQuick August 2001 update
"Here's CompuQuick's August 2001 Update. It's a little behind schedule..."

Amiga.org website
28.8.2001 Software News
env-handler v1.11 - HappyENV replacement. env-handler is a RAM disk specialized for enviroment variables that are usually located in RAM:Env. readme.

Stephan Rupprecht's Homepage
27.8.2001 New swiss onlineshop offering Amigaproducts
Gutzwiller+Dozic Systems, a dealer from Switzerland, is proud to announce the opening of there onlineshop. The shop offers mobilephones, digitalcameras, as well as hardware and software for the Playstation2, PC and Amiga. Later on there will be products for the Macintosh and for Audio and Video available, too.
Marc ´Gutzi´ Gutzwiller of Gutzwiller+Dozic Systems: "I would like to mention that the Amiga-area is still beta. We know that the Amiga market is very small and that it is not possible to earn money in this market. There are only some but really good Amiga-dealers. Due to this facts we will offer Amiga products as long as we do not loose any money by doing this. Because I am using Amigas since the good old Amiga 500 I hope that we can support Amiga as long as possible. Feel free to mail what you think about our shop. We are pleased about any reaction."

Amiga-news.de website
Gutzwiller+Dozic Systems website
27.8.2001 Repulse-driver for NetBSD/Amiga
A driver for the "repulse" board by Aliendesign was added to the NetBSD-current yesterday.
Repulse is a Zorro II interface to an AC97 compliant Audio CODEC and additional S/P-DIF circuitry. The NetBSD driver currently only supports 8-48 kHz mono or stereo 8 or 16 bit audio data from/to the analog part. The missing features will be added later.
The driver was added to NetBSD-current, the development branch of NetBSD. The NetBSD projects invites volunteers to test this code. Problems should be reported on the NetBSD port-amiga mailing list or (preferred) through the NetBSD bug tracking system.
The repulse driver is expected to be available in the NetBSD-1.6 formal release.

Amiga-news.de website
NetBSD AMiga page
27.8.2001 Almost Real free CD
Almost Real is a collection of simulations and includes: Airbus A320 Vol.2, Approach Trainer, Aufschwung Ost, Aunt Artic Adventure, Charon 5, Hannibal, Ju52, Ports of Call, SeaLance, Space MAX, Tie Break, Train Driver and Wreckage.
Almost real is freeware-cd-rom for Amiga computers. Freeware means not only that the included software are freeware, but also that the whole cd-rom itself is free to copy and spread it around. It is not allowed to change it. There are three ways of distribution: You can order it directly from the Faces of Mars-homepage for 2,5 Euro (plus costs for stamps and sending). You can buy it from the local Amiga-dealer. Or you can get it from your friend. Read more

The Faces of Mars website
27.8.2001 Melina Softworks announces...
After some times in silence, Melina Softworks is comming back with some new exciting annoucements and products. After a complete lifting of the website, Melina Softworks is proud to announce Vodoo Wars, the next generation of RTS gaming ..."
Vodoo Wars is a collaboration between Melina and the T.D.S. crew but the official homepage is at Melina's Homepage. Here you'll find all the informations you want concerning Vodoo Wars but also Nostalgia (the multi emulation system), SpiderWeb (the global server) and SkyLights (the multimedia system).

ANN website
Melina Softworks website
27.8.2001 Software News
Digital Almanac III V4.1 update is out!
The new update of DA III has been uploaded to Aminet.
Please note: Download both the V4.0 and the V4.1 archive from Aminet. Then install V4.0 over your current V3.x and then install V4.1.
Also note: The automatic update function in DA III works only for the V4.1 update! So you still must manually unpack and decrypt the V4.0 archive. If this all sounds too complicate for you, feel free to contact author for help.

Mahjongg Tiles v1.2
Fixed version of Mahjongg Tiles can be found at http://www.amiga.pl/redgroup site. This time, fixes will be useful not only for AGA users but for everyone (read more in readme file).

Digital Almanac Homepage
Sensei, R.E.D.Group

26.8.2001 Viper 530 Relaunch Project
Today a web site has been started to drum up suport for a limited relaunch of the Viper 530 CPU upgrade for the Amiga 500. This upgrade was the last A500 upgrade (Along with the Viper 520) and it held a full SCSI 2 interface, 2 3.5" IDE ports 1X 2.5" IDE port, Upto 128 Meg fast ram upgrade and OS 2.04. This card never went into mass production but DCE are now willing to relaunch the card if enough people want it. If you are looking to kickstart your A500 (Heading to the goal of running OS3.9) then this is the card for you. Put your name down and lets see if we can get it relaunched. Do it now, You may never be able again. Read more

Amiga.org website
The Commodore CDTV Information Center website
26.8.2001 S-FILE 12: LEGAL MATTERS
"On July 9, 2001, in the Ontario's Thornhill court, PXL computers Inc. filed a lawsuit against Duplium Corp.
Over the past 9 months Duplium Corp., our long-time CD duplication and media fulfillment partner, had failed to produce replacement CDs for the Nightlong video game. Therefore, we had no other option but to go to court and fight this reckless behaviour.
We regret this unfortunate turn of events, but we simply had no options left. We valued our partnership that we cherished over the years with Duplium Corp, however, we made it clear to them that our Amiga players come before anyone else.
Legal actions are never quick, but we will be patient and prevail in this matter. We will keep you posted.
Thank you for your understanding,
PXL computers Inc. / clickBOOM"

clickBOOM website
26.8.2001 AIO issue 50 is now out
AIO issue 50 is out and available at AIO page or on Aminet (soon).

Amiga Information Online webpage
26.8.2001 Mahjongg Tiles v1.1
"New, fixed version of this MUI based, solitaire game can be found at http://www.amiga.pl/redgroup site. Original version was using invalid minterm and therefor the graphics was not correctly rendered on native chipsets. New fixes are in progress!

Sensei, R.E.D.Group
26.8.2001 Amiga port of Sarien
"If you like old Sierra AGI games, rejoice, as Sarien has arrived on the Amiga. Check this screen shot out here. More news and info at sarien.sourceforge.net. This will let you play any v2 or v3 AGI games from Space Quest 1 to Larry, Gold Rush, Police Quest, etc. Its a bit slow and we need some amiga hackers to help finalise the port!"

Amiga.org website
sarien.sourceforge.net page
26.8.2001 Software News
AmiDog's Movie Player v2.03 - shareware movie player for Amiga (PPC)! Changes since AMP v2.02:
Added 24bit BGR/GRAY renderer, it's 27% faster than 32bit ARGB with the same quality!
Added new CSS-key extraction code, made all DVDs I have work.
Rewrote the motion compensation routines, made the MPEGV decoder 14% faster.
Rewritten the audio.device routines, these are completely free from any context switches what so ever.
Wrote generic requester routines, just as ugly as the DVD ones, but now also used for VCD and CD-i playback.
Added OS9 (CD-i) and ISO9660 (VCD) filesystem parsers.
Using the 56KHZAUDIO CGFX env-variable, one can now get 44100Hz playback through audio.device.
Added pause (SPACE, ENTER to continue) and windowscreen switch (L-/RAmiga + ENTER).
The window title now contain filename and video size.
GUI: Updated to work with the new AMP executable.

Amidog's Movie Player homapage
25.8.2001 Amiga Announces a New Amiga Product and Content Delivery System
AmigaDE News "We are very excited to announce a brand new product and service from Amiga; the AmigaDE Player and the AmigaDE Shop. With this combination, you will be able to purchase, download and enjoy content on your Windows or Linux system." Read more here

"You can purchase the AmigaDE Player at the new AmigaDE Shop where you will soon be able to check out the latest DE applications and purchase them for your own use."

AmigaInc. website

25.8.2001 Amiga Flame Feature
"This week Amiga Flame gives you the users and developers an insight into the PDA market in order to better understand the role the Amiga is set to play. There are interviews with Fleecy Moss of Amiga Inc and Thomas Steiding of Epic Interactive. To emphasize the growing number of Amiga games in development for PDA devices Amiga Flame provides info on those known to be in development."

Philip Cosby, Amiga Flame
25.8.2001 Amithlon Demo
"Bernie Meyer the author of Amithlon gave our user group AUG Vic Aust a talk and demo of Amithlon on his 1.3GHz Athlon machine. Very very impressive. Quake on a 680x480 screen ran at 46 fps and sustained hardrive reads of 20 megabytes per second are the norm. Reboot time took 5 seconds and ever seen an Amiga with half a gig of ram. Can't wait till he releases it."

Amiga.org website
25.8.2001 Innovative Survey 2001
"In order to finetune our future product policy and to get a realistic picture of the current market-situation after the turbulences in the AMIGA market during the last few months, we have decided to create a survey. You're welcome to take part." To the survey
To the survey (SSL encrypted)

Innovative website
25.8.2001 Software News
ac3dec 0.9 (PPC & 68k) Audio decoder released. Almost 5 times faster on 68k, slightly (10%) on ppc.

Frogger homepage
24.8.2001 Amiga to Announce Amiga Content Distribution Network and Store
Soon, Amiga will begin selling content.  Some of this content will be the same content that is available through Sharp Space Town but will be made available from an Amiga-hosted Web site. Read more

Amiga Support Network
24.8.2001 Merlancia.com gets face lift!
Merlancia.com (The website of Merlancia Industries) has received a major overhaul and a total face lfit this week. See for yourself at http://www.merlancia.com!

Merlancia Industries website
The new virus Hitch-Hiker v5.00 is a little more tricky. It seems like it changes in size and looks. That means that the xvs.library v33.30 can NOT remove the virus 100%. Jan Erik Olausen has been working very hard to make recog for this virus. We have been able to talk Markus Schmall (Former programmer of VirusWorkshop, to have a look at this. So please wait for more info about this...

A new update of Safe v16.4 has been released today. readme

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website

24.8.2001 FScreen v0.21
New fixed version of FScreen v0.21 is now available at http://www.amiga.pl/redgroup. FScreen is native graphics chipset accelerator, so this is only interesting software for OCS/ECS/AGA users, which utilizes MMU (if available). FScreen does the same job as MuEVD and other MMU versions of Shapeshifter or Fusion emulators but in AmigaOS. In some cases it's speeduping refresh twice or more... FScreenPPC is ready but we would like to check it more before relesing.

FScreen authors, R.E.D.Group
23.8.2001 Eyetech News
Last of the Giveaway items available at even lower prices
Eyetech've cut the price of the last of their giveaway items as follows: Full set of brand new Workbench 3.1 disks, Workbench, A1200 and Harddisk manuals, Magic pack application software/games covering Wordworth, Datastore, Turbocalc, Photogenics, Personal Paint, Whizz and Pinball Mania, Manuals for the above software. Read more

EZMouse with free 2-button PS2 mouse back in stock
"We're pleased to announce that we are once again able to offer our highly-regarded EZMouse adapter with a free PS/2 mouse for just £19.95!
The EZMouse allows use of standard PS/2 mice with the Amiga, and also supports a mouse wheel (for window scrolling) and upto 2 extra mouse buttons for user-configurable functions."

Eyetech Group Ltd website

23.8.2001 Software Hut NewsLetter
Software Hut's latest newsletter. "This issue brings about so many things that many of you have been asking for. You spoke, and we listened!"

Amiga.org website
23.8.2001 Software News
ASp v0.81 - Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator for the Amiga. Somewhat less buggy TZX support, plus the addition of a tape browser. There is now also some crude tape noise. Most TZX files will be useable, but there are several TZX blocks which are ignored still. See the docs for more info.

ASp homepage
22.8.2001 Matay survey
At Matay homepage there is a survey which aim is to help the company choose the next hardware release for the Amiga community. Dear Matay customer (present or future), please take a look and fill it, thank you!

Grzegorz Juraszek, Matay website
22.8.2001 Kommunity Systems Limited Formed To Further KOSH
Kommunity Systems Limited was incorporated in the UK on 14th May 2001 to provide a legal entity to further the aims of KOSH. The KOSH project has certainly lost a lot of ground, but it is still alive - despite the odds.
The KOSH project fell on hard times long ago, disrupted by communications problems and lack of focus... with more than a little bad luck included. A core of enthusiasts remained from the troubles and continued the work of structuring the ideas of ethical, community-driven software and hardware development.
Kommunity Systems Limited will be working towards an initial cross-platform development package for later this year, using off-the-shelf open source tools. Kommunity Systems Limited is pleased to announce this will be undertaken in support of hardware developer Ideas2Reality.

John Chandler, Kommunity Systems
22.8.2001 Metaview reduced at Kicksoft
Kicksoft are pleased to announce that METAVIEW - the Amigas premier vector clip art viewer and converter has been reduced for a limited time to £15.
Metaview is is the perfect companion to Drawstudio, Pagestream, Image fx etc It allows easy conversion and viewing of PC clipart into more friendly Amiga formats. Visit www.kicksoft.co.uk for details.

Amiga.org website
Kicksoft website
21.8.2001 Prometheus News
First Prometheus utility from an independent developer
PromInfo is a MUI combination of PrmScan and RomDump executables that can be found in the Prometheus software package. This small utility was written by Daniel Eriksson. The author will appreciate any input from other Prometheus users.

Fixed Voodoo drivers, more cards supported
In the Files section you can find fixed Picasso installation package (should stop the "no suitable screenmode" problem). The Picasso Team reports that it should support not only Voodoo3 2000/3000 cards but also Voodoo4 4500. The files are as follows:
Picasso96_Prometheus.lha - Picasso96 full fixed installation package
V3_Aug17.lha - archive containing only fixed library and driver
P96API_fix.lha - fixed Picasso96API.library
EMU_fix.lha - fixed emulation.library

Network driver beta 0.17 available
A RTL8029 based network cards driver for Prometheus is available from files section. It is still beta, yet should be stable and useful. Any found bugs please report to krashan@matay.pl.
We would also like to inform our customers that Blittersoft (United Kingdom), Vesalia Computer (Germany) and Virtual Works (Italy) have joined our distributors network in Europe. From now on, you can buy Prometheus PCI bridge also from them.

Matay website

21.8.2001 AmigaFest 2001
AmigaFest 2001 - The Show Within a Show at Dayton's Fall Computerfest®. This will be the third year that AmiTech-Dayton has sponsored an Amiga section within Dayton's fall Computerfest®. Computerfest® is Saturday, August 25 & Sunday August 26 at the Hara Arena and Convention Center Complex, northwest of Dayton, OH. Read more

Seminar Schedule for AmigaFest 2001 - A Gathering for Amiga Users
AmiTech-Dayton Amiga Users Group has released the schedule of events for the upcoming AmigaFest 2001 Show.

Amiga.org website

21.8.2001 Back to the Roots Amiga-News 232
"Back to the Roots is far away from being dead. We are happy to announce that our traffic problems are fixed, as we now have a dedicated server in norway. A new problem which occured, ISDA the site terminators, tried to shut us down behind our back. We believe we fixed that issue, but unfortunately they don't have the culture to respond email communication they initiated themselves, so we decided to update and not let you all wait for them further. Read more about their attack on our news page." Read more

Bobic + Hippie2000, Back to the Roots
21.8.2001 Payback News
Warp3D support has been added to Payback - you can see some screenshots of the game in action on the screenshots page. James currently expect to release Update 4 (which includes all the features he've been talking about for the last couple of months) in just over a week!
Two new cities have been added to the Extra Maps section.

Finally, Payback has recently been voted the best Amiga game of all time! Click here to see the full poll and here to see other quotes about the game.

Apex Designs website

21.8.2001 APC&TCP released 2 new CD-ROMs
The Scene Archives #11 Doppel-CD-ROM
This CD contains Disks 9751 to 10730 of the "The Scene Archives" collection. There are myriads of interesting Scene Productions on this CD, including the following categories: Animations, Dentros/Demos, Digis, Intros, Magazines, Menus, Miscellaneous, Music Demos, Demo Packs, Slideshows and Trackmos. Now Includes "Scene Archives Search Utility" (SASU), to make "The Scene Archives" even easier to use.

Brave New World CD-ROM
It´s a Brave New World! This CD contains hundreds of Amiga programs in the following categories: 1982 (classic Amiga game), Babylon 5, esoteric, fantasy, faces of Mars, games, Internet, languages, mathematics, misc, music, pictures, science, science fiction, space, star trek and star wars. All programs are tested with AmigaOS 3.9.

Andreas Magerl, APC&TCP

21.8.2001 Hyperion on Linux Games
Despite the Linux market being much bigger than the Amiga one, this interview with Ben Hermans of Hyperion would seem to suggest that it isn't much more lucrative for games.

AmigaExtreme website
21.8.2001 PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX: Price Reductions
"All of our RegNet registration fees have been adjusted, most were heavily reduced (effectively between 22%-33% reduction for most bundles).
For example, the cheapest bundle (#5553) now is $11 instead of $14 (22%), bundle #5565 is $42.5 instead of $63.5 (33%) and the most expensive bundle (#5563) is $47 instead of $65 (28%).
See http://www.ar-kleinert.de/regnet_e.html or regnet_d.html. An overview also is included with every new datatype release."

Andreas R. Kleinert, PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX
21.8.2001 Software News
SoftCinema v0.14 - great shareware movie/animation player for the Amiga equiped with PowerPC processor.
NEW: · Added GSM 6.10 audio codec
· Completly rewriten replayer routine
· Fixed and optimized DivX;-) decoder
· Faster MP3 decoder

WarpTIFF.datatype v44.3 - freeware powerful, fast datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS) capable of reading images using the TIFF image format that adhere to the 5.0 or 6.0 TIFF spec.
NEW: Added fax scaling and low->high resolution fax expansion options.
Fixed bug in 1, 2 & 4-bit pixel expansion code, which could have caused the first few columns of an image to be shown incorrectly.
Discovered a bug in the CyberGraphX picture.datatype, concerning error numbers which would have resulted in an unknown error being reported by application software if bitmap allocation failed - added workaround.
Modified internal structure of the WarpOS version, to totally safeguard against cache conflicts (may have been causing rare random crashes)

WarpPNG.datatype v44.19 - freeware PNG picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS).
NEW: Added option to allow the alpha channel to be ignored, for images which have one.
Now supports the PDTA_GetNumPictures and PDTA_WhichPicture tags.
Discovered a bug in the CyberGraphX picture.datatype, concerning error numbers which would have resulted in an unknown error being reported by application software if bitmap allocation failed - added workaround.

WarpJPEG.datatype v44.23 - freeware JFIF/JPEG datatype (68K,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS).
NEW: Added greyscale output mode option.
Fixed bug in memory manager, which could have caused crashes under certain low memory conditions.
Now supports the PDTA_GetNumPictures and PDTA_WhichPicture tags.
Discovered a bug in the CyberGraphX picture.datatype, concerning error numbers which would have resulted in an unknown error being reported by application software if bitmap allocation failed - added workaround.

WarpDTPrefs v44.6 - freeware preferences program for WarpJPEG, PNG, BMP, PSD & TIFF datatypes.
NEW:Added greyscale JPEG output mode.
Added TIFF fax options.
Added PNG alpha channel mode selector.
Corrected default PNG image gamma value (was 0.5 - now 0.45455).
Now uses less stack.

akDatatype series V44.121 has been uploaded to the support of PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX's WWW site area today. akJFIF, akPNG, akTIFF (68K/PPC/WOS) mainly docs and cosmetical changes over 44.112 - with the exception of TIFF, which got zip, logluv and pixarlog compression support.

AmigAIM 0.9432 Beta - an AIM Client for the Amiga by Richard H. Poser II. history

SoftCinema homepage
Oliver Roberts' homepage
Andreas R. Kleinert, PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX
Official AmigAIM Page

20.8.2001 VIRUS WARNING ...and more
A new trojan has been found. The trojan will delete every file that has the "key" in the name of the file. This trojan is just like the that has found of the 15'th of August, named MZ-Makey trojan. But this trojan was found on Aminet, but removed now.
Archive name: Muahaha.lha
Archive size: 39.217 (lha packed)
You can read and download the warnings right here!!!

Alex van Niel programmer of VirusChecker II has desided to make VirusChecker II FREE for all. That means that you can now get a FREE KEY-FILE for VirusChecker II. You can download the key-file right here. readme

A new update of VirusExecutor 2.20 has been released today. You can find the update here.

A new update of 'xvs.library v33.30' has been released today. With this update you can find and remove the new virus Hitch-Hiker 5.00 and it's known installers. You can find the update here.

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website

20.8.2001 AMI Sector One: Covers and Manuals
Today there is an upate with many new high quality cover scans und useful ASCII manuals for games which you can download. The new cover scans are of course in the scans section. The manuals can be found on the downloading pages for the games.
Now cover scans (all front and back): Better Dead Than Alien (Electra), The Black Cauldron (Disney / Sierra), Chrono Quest (Psygnosis 1988), Colossus Chess X (CDS), Desert Strike (Electronic Arts), Incredible Shrinking Sphere (Electric Dreams ), Netherworld (Hewson), Oxxonian (Time Warp), Project D (Utility/Disk copy Program) (Fuller Computer Systems), Quadrel (Loriciel), Quarterback Tools (Central Coast Software), Qwak (Team 17), Return of the Jedi (Domark), Solitaire's Journey (QQP), Volfied (Oxford Digital Enterprises / Empire), X-It (Psygnosis).
The user manuals: 688 Attack Sub, Airbus A320, Amberstar, Arthur - Quest for Excalibur, A-Train, Black Crypt, Das Boot, Budokan, Chuck Yeager's ATF 2, Debut, Earl Weaver Baseball, Ferrari Formula One, Fire & Ice, John Madden Football, Keef the Thief, Monster Business, Omega, Populous, Ports of Call, Powermonger WW1, Severed Heads, Sim Ant, Sim City, Sim Earth, Sword of Sodan, Syndicate, Ultima 3, Ultima 4, Ultima 5.

AMI Sector One website
20.8.2001 Interview with ClearWater Interactive
"Amiga Future released today an interview with ClearWater Interactive, formerly known as Crystal Software (english/german). Go to http://www.amigafuture.de and click on the "english" button. There you will find the list with all english interviews available."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
20.8.2001 User Group Hosting at Discounted Rates
Boing! International are happy to be able to offer discounted hosting to user groups. Give your members more value for their subscription with an email address and a central place to share information. The User Group hosting plan details are here: http://boing.net/ugspecial.htm

A.Scott Pringle via ANN
19.8.2001 Interview with Dave Haynie
"A BeOS user has done an interview with Merlancia`s CTO Dave Haynie regarding Merlancia`s upcoming hardware projects. Dave talks about Ryan`s interest in Dave`s convergence computer "Phoenix" design and also about the mistakes made by Be Inc."

Amiga.org website
19.8.2001 Coyote Flux News
"Since early July 2001 we have moved to Paris to live and do some classified projects and as expected they are all Amiga-projects. This doesn't mean that our previous projects are discontinued, but as expected these projects are slightly delayed. PPC680x0 2.0 is reaching the final state of development, with several big improvements and bug-fixes in the Floating Point engine and all the additional features from the PPC680x0 page.
The 3D engine is our main focus at the moment, developed to be a games engine as well as professional photogrammetry/mapper software. More information on the 'Mapper' (which is finished) will be released soon as well as some screenshots. Little note about the speed: Both the 68060 (80-bits FPU) and PPC604 (64-bits FPU) versions are written in optimized assembly language and the 604/233MHz runs the same program 15 times faster than the 68060/60MHz which is quite an improvement. The 64-bits FPU 3D engine renders 3 million "real" depthcued polygons in less than 4 seconds using several realtime correction filters.
We are working on an Amiga hardware project as well, although this is currently strictly confidential. Details will be released soon... :-)"

Coyote Flux website
19.8.2001 AROS: IBM-PC/native on one single floppy disc
Matt Parsons released a new native version of AROS for IBM-PC compatibles, which can be installed to one single floppy disc for direct booting. This version contains a working format command and allows to install AROS to a harddisk or partition. With the boot disk this harddisk installation can be used. The graphical output still is very simple, so don't expect AROS to benefit from the speed of your board, at this time. The readme included to the archive describes how to create a boot disk under Windows 95+ or Linux.
AROS is an open source project to implement a portable version of AmigaOS v3.1.

Amiga-news.de website
AROS website
19.8.2001 Software News
Scalos beta version 40.10 has been uploaded. See the Version History page for what changes there are. Get it from the Downloads page. If you find any bugs, please report them using our bug reporting page here.

Scalos homepage
18.8.2001 The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition Nr. 1 in USA
On the Airsoft Softwair homepage there are now some statistics about the The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition CD-ROM available. For example, you can see which computers are used by the majority of the owners of the CD-ROM or from which countries the users come. The most CD-ROMs were shipped to the USA, followed by Great Britain and then Germany. The most used Amiga was the A1200, the processor was 68030 followed by 68060. All statistics are now only on the Airsoft Softwair homepage.

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
18.8.2001 ELBOX Computer explains its policy about driver pricing
'[..] The MEDIATOR PCI busboard line is designed to enable expanding the Amiga with a wide range of standard PCI cards like Graphic cards, Ethernet and Fast Ethernet network cards, Modem cards, ISDN cards, USB and SCSI cards, Sound cards and Multimedia cards: TV tuner and MPEG-2 hardware decoders. [..] Expanding the Amiga with the MEDIATOR PCI busboard opens the way to employing the power of the latest PowerPC G3/G4 processors in Amiga, around which SharkPPC and SharkPPC+ cards are based. [..] As a starter, we have included some drivers in the initial pack of the Mediator busboard [..] These drivers have never been free. Their price was included in the original design costs. New drivers have to be calculated separately because...' Read more

Amigart website
18.8.2001 Individual Computers "Offline"
Jens Schönfeld, known to many Amiga freaks by his "Individual Computers" company, was involved to a serious road accident, few says ago.
It is to expect that support questions, etc. will not be replied for some days or weeks. After convalesce he will report his return himself, which hopefully will be soon.

Amiga-news.de website
individual Computers website
17.8.2001 Amiga does Comdex IT show (Australia)
The joint Australian Amiga User Groups have got together and taken out a stand at one of Australia's largest IT show http://www.key3media.com.au/itexpo/ 5-7th September. Expect to see ADUG, MAUG, AUG, ESEUG and more. We've got the SDK, Amithlon (Bernie is a local), PPC Amiga's with Mediators, hot A4000 towers. Who knows what else Bill McEwan might see fit to fling our way if we get lucky. The show usually attracts around 35,000 people so it's fairly big. Any Amiga hardware or software company that wants to get exposure is welcome to contact us to make sure we have their products on display (or preferrably in action). Visitors can also tap into the local user groups at http://go.to/maug.

Michael Czajka MAUG Treasurer, AUG member, ADUG member and Comdex stand organiser
17.8.2001 New linkvirus Hitch-Hiker 5.00
There are 2 archives that installs the new linkvirus Hitch-Hiker 5.00. You can read and download the warnings right here!!! Spread the warnings as much as you can!

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
17.8.2001 Carl Sassenrath on ABC News
Carl Sassenrath, CTO of REBOL Technologies comments on so called X-Internet topic on ABC News site. According to the article, "The biggest problem with today's Internet is that it's too static and too isolated". All of this had better be pretty simple to use," Sassenrath said. "Considering the time it takes to boot, configure, fix, and shut down [PCs], I sometimes wonder: When multiplied by a hundred million users, that's a lot of wasted time." You can read the article here. You can find more references to so called Executable Internet (X-Internet) on Rebol Technologies website.

ABC News page
17.8.2001 GFX-BASE: review of the Art Effect PlugIn CD-ROM and more
"At the GFX-BASE you can read review of the new Art Effect PlugIn CD-ROM. We describe the features, installation and usage. (we also have a tip for WinUAE users)."

GFX-BASE website
17.8.2001 Games and Software News
Freeciv 1.12.0 - native Amiga (v1.16) compile of Freeciv. Freeciv is a Civilization like multiplayer game and divided into sever and client. It's also possible to play freeciv on a single machine. readme

DirOpus 4.16 Beta 3 - improved version of great filemanager from GP Software. See History for details. This archive contains only the files that changed since the last public release, so you have to install the latest public release before installing the beta version.

Freeciv Amiga homepage
DOpus homepage

16.8.2001 Listen and Watch: Sound & TV in Mediator PCI
Elbox Computer has released its brand new Mediator Multimedia CD package to open the world of PCI Sound and TV cards for Amiga users.
This CD has been prepared to provide you with the selection of drivers for PCI sound cards, TV tuner cards and graphic cards for Mediator PCI busboards for Amiga 4000, Amiga 3000 and Amiga 1200 computers. The basic features of the Sound, TV & Graphic drivers. Suggested Retail Price (VAT and local taxes excluded): EUR 24.95

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
16.8.2001 Amithlon Benchmarks
Check out these Amithlon benchmarks.
Bernie Meyer: "I have compiled the results for a range of easily accessible benchmarks. I hope that this may give some idea of the relative performance you can expect from an Amithlon system."

Bernd "Bernie" Meyer's page
16.8.2001 Debian 2.2.r3 Installation Guide For PPC Amiga
Yurdaer Dönmez has prepared an useful "Debian 2.2.r3 Installation Guide For PPC Amiga". Click here to read more

Amigart website
16.8.2001 Movie from AmiWest2001 Banquet
Douglas McLaughlin released AmiWest2001 Banquet movie on his page.
'It won't be there very long, and you MUST have the bandwidth to view this 913 MB, yes MB, file.'

Douglas McLaughlin via STRICQ ML
16.8.2001 New Darkage Software website
Darkage Software is proud to present its new website, with products pages updated! Watch the first screenshots of Supreme, their new product for the Amiga computers! Reach it at www.darkage.it!

Paolo "Mod3m" D'Urso via ANN
16.8.2001 Software News
xvs.library has changed its name to 'The eXternal Virus Support Library'.
A new update of xvs.library (v33.29) has been released today.
Added MKG Trojan File virus
Readme / Download

am 0.6 - modified version of the am binary for AGqt. This version will allow you to use the binary ag directly, to queue MP3, without using the unix function sh like in the original binary. Technicaly, to put an album in queue, copy this file in the AGqt directory, then type the following command: am "author" "album" exemple : am "bjork" "homogenic" Titles from the album will be automatically put in queue for downloading.

Andreas R. Kleinert released new versions of his ak datatypes: akJFIF.datatype V44.112 (68k/PPC/WOS), akPNG.datatype V44.112 (68k/PPC/WOS) and akTIFF.datatype V44.112 (68k/PPC/WOS).

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
Da SixK Port Page
PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX website

15.8.2001 New TROJAN found today!
A new trojan was found today. This trojan says that it will make a key-file that will work with over 250 programs. Well, I guess that there are someone that will fall for this kind of program. The trojan will delete every file that has the "key" in the name of the file, in your S:, Libs:, Devs: and L:. This is what we know of the trojan:
Virus Type.... : Trojan
Trojan name... : MZ-MAKEY trojan
Trojan size... : 34.548 bytes (packed with StoneCracker)
Trojan size... : ? (we have not been abel to unpack the file)
Archive name.. : MZ-MAKEY.lha
Archive size.. : 34.734 bytes (lha packed)

You can read and download the warning here.

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website

15.8.2001 Aminet CD 44
Aminet CD 44, dated August 2001, contains more than 1 Gigabyte of (uncompressed) software in over 650 archives. Since the release of Aminet 43 numerous new software has appeared. The current edition includes the full version of the well-known game Genetic Species. Read more

Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe website
15.8.2001 Question answered on DE integration in OS 5.0
Amiga.org user pods wrote Amiga Inc with questions about the upcoming systems. (AmigaOS4.x/5.x and AmigaDE) Read more to find out what they had to say.

Amiga.org website
15.8.2001 Airsoft Softwair homepage News
The Airsoft Softwair Homepage is now available in a separate German version. This version can be accessed on www.airsoftsoftwair.de. The English version is now online at www.airsoftsoftwair.com. Please change your bookmarks if you want to read the English version and you have www.airsoftsoftwair.de in your bookmarks!

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
15.8.2001 Software News
MySql_3.23.41 (binary for 040) - 2 New error messages have been added, so you'll have to copy the binaries and language directory too, if you just want to upgrade. For those who wants to use special character set, just have a look at the startmysqld script and mysql:language/charsets/ directory.
For more informations about changes in this version, look at the official MySql Site.

AGqt_0.6 -this version now work with the new version of the AudioGalaxy Site and some bugs have been removed.
AGqt is composed of 2 complementary binaries to seek and queue MP3 files that you want to download from the AudioGalaxy server. Once your files are queued, you'll be able to download them at work, school or with your mother's PC (the one she use to write 2 word documents in the year) thank's to unix or windows satelites that can be download at www.audiogalaxy.com. AudioGalaxy is a MP3 server similar to napster, all you'll have to do is to register on AG site and them configure the .aqrc file that is in the agqt archive, before putting your mp3 to the queue Sources of this tool are available on www.freshmeat.net.

Da SixK Port Page

14.8.2001 Info About Ami3D (3D API for AmigaOS 4)
Thomas Frieden, Hyperion Entertainment: "Ami3D will mostly be Warp3D, with the name changed. This makes sense, I guess, as there's no reason to reinvent the wheel, and it gives us the opportunity to clean up the API a bit. It will also allow us to stay Warp3D compatible on OS4, and will make the use of the Matrox drivers possible on OS3.9.
So the progress is "pretty much done". We will start the Matrox driver soon...
Ami3D will also be available on AmigaDE, and will be source code compatible to the OS4 version if you're using C/C++. Currently, we're recoding Warp3D/Ami3D in VP assembly (it will be very small that way ;)"

Amigart website
Hyperion Entertainment
14.8.2001 Eyetech News
EZTower Mk4 and Mk5 now in stock for 89-95 inc keyboard and adapter.
Eyetech now have some limited stocks of the EZTower Mk4 and Mk5. They are offering the towers in the following deal - you can get (for £89.95 inc VAT!):
A Mk.4 or Mk.5 tower (please state when ordering)
A PC keyboard adapter
A PC Windows 95 keyboard

A novel idea for giveaway A1200 desktop cases
Eyetech still have their giveaway taking place, in which you can obtain A1200 desktop cases, PC Netstation cases (no PSU), A1200 manual sets, Magic Pack software sets for just £1 each!
Dont think you need anything? How about using a modified A1200 case as a unique Amiga Tower 5.25" faceplate - complete with extra LED's!

Eyetech Group Ltd website

14.8.2001 Interview with Jools Smith
"Amiga Future released today an interview with Jools Smith (english/german). Go to http://www.amigafuture.de and click on the "english" button. There you will find the list with all english interviews available."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
14.8.2001 AmigaMall closed
Amiga.com: "AmigaMall is closed until further notice. Please visit your local dealer to purchase Amiga products."

Amiga.org website
Amiga.com website
14.8.2001 Finnish Amiga Users Group Announces Saku 2001 Theme
Finnish Amiga Users Group is proud to announce the theme song for its Saku 2001 event. Bass Cadet's "Saku 2001 Theme" is available for download as 128 kbps and 192 kbps versions from the official web site at http://saku.amigafin.org/saku2001/. A special audio CD will be available for purchase at the venue with extended mixes of the theme. Read more

Anu Seilonen
Saku 2001 website
14.8.2001 RiVA 68K MPEG Player News
"I'm the author of the 68k MPEG Player called RiVA and would like to announce that a new release coming out in the next few weeks with some bugfixes and a new GUI. Also many people asked for an online registration option, so I've added RiVA to regnet, now it can be registered through the following link: https://secure.reg.net/product.asp?ID=9546. Also I'm looking for help with VCD support, I would be greatful to anybody being able to give me some example sources and/or info on VCD track reading."

Stephen Fellner
14.8.2001 Software News
A new update of the 'PatchBrain v1.36' for VirusExecutor has been released today. Readme

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
13.8.2001 Warp3D for Mediator
Elbox Computer and Hyperion Entertainment are proud to announce that they have entered into a license agreement.
Hyperion will support Mediator PCI 1200, Mediator PCI ZIV, Mediator PCI 4000 and Mediator PCI ZIII busboards with fully-featured Warp3D Voodoo3 drivers for 68k and PPC processors.
Warp3D Voodoo3 drivers will be available for registered users of Mediator directly from Elbox.
Drivers for Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV busboards will be released first, to appear within 3 weeks.

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
13.8.2001 Release date of "CLeo" delayed due late payment
Merlancia Industries (Phoenix, AZ) are now more than four weeks late with the payment for the projekt CLeo, that's why the already finished prototype has not been shown on the Amiwest show in Sacramento, CA. Further, shipments to Merlancia are pending because payments are overdue for more than six weeks now. For that reason, we have to recommend our customers to stick with the established Amiga resellers in North America like Software Hut and Compuquick.

individual Computers website
13.8.2001 GoldED Studio: Summer Special
For a limited time a free and fully funcitonal version of GoldED Studio 5 can be downloaded from this web site. This is an older release of our GoldED Studio software. Download GoldED Studio 5

GoldED Studio homepage
13.8.2001 MP3-TagED KeyFile
"Lot's of people have e-mailed me about a keyfile to MP3-TagED. BUT I don't have a working amiga anymore :( so I haven't been able to create keyfiles - so I was wondering if someone with Amiga C Programming knowledge could create a keyfile maker for me or maybe create a public keyfile. (I have the templates and keyfile generation code here) contact me at vigard@home.se."

Christian Vigård
13.8.2001 Jambo! AmiEmu Search Updated
The largest Amiga emulation search on the internet, Jambo!, has been updated with an improved site index,lots of new games and a db cleanout.

Jambo via ANN
Jambo! website
13.8.2001 Software News
A new update of xvs.library (v33.28) has been released today.
Fixed bug in the memory check routine for Smeg2
Readme / Download

New virus translations added to the Amiga Virus Encyclopedia.

AmigAIM 0.9431 Beta - an AIM Client for the Amiga by Richard H. Poser II. history

Bruce Steers has created and submitted his StackWindow plugin. This plugin will allow you to stack your Scalos desktop windows so they appear a little neater on the screen. Get it from the Downloads page.

Ian Kumlien released new version 2.58 of AmIRC plugin Lamer Killer This plugin adds some nifty commands like /dns (full asynchronous lookup), /type and undernet/ircnet specific mask commands. It also adds a preference panel to the AmIRC Setup GUI part. Whats changed:
- Fixed (rewrote) /crazy colors, made it more compliant to standards
- Fixed /lkset, there was some dodgy code in there =/
- Added async dcc checkup (checks with dns, currently uses the dns settings so if you have nslookup off, you won't notice it...

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
Official AmigAIM Page
Scalos homepage

12.8.2001 New Prometheus software pack
At Matay's download page you will find a 1.50 version of the Prometheus software package with some changes and improvements:
header files for GCC, VBCC, SAS/C and StormC compilers added
the source examples now can be compiled under each of those mentioned above
PCI interrupt handling description in developer.guide added
some minor bugfixes in prometheus.library were made (a bug caused PrmScan to do an infinite loop if no PCI card was present in PCI slots).

Matay website
12.8.2001 Software News
WarpTIFF.datatype v44.2 - freeware TIFF picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS). Supports 5.0 and 6.0 TIFF spec, including Packbits, Thunderscan, CCITT (fax), Pixar, LogLuv (CIE and SGILog) and Deflate (zip) encodings, and uncompressed files. LZW and JPEG encodings are currently unsupported.
NEW in this release:
Now fully supports multi-image TIFF files, allowing applications to choose which image to decode, by using the PDTA_GetNumPictures and PDTA_WhichPicture tags.
Added support for CMYK based images.
PixarLog decompression support was broken - fixed.
Files with a missing StripByteCounts tag no longer cause crashes.
Files that don't declare the number of samples per pixel now load ok.
Fixed handling of images with separated colour components.
Reworked/improved error handling and error return codes.
Removed some redundant code

Oliver Roberts' homepage
11.8.2001 Rebol Zine #4
New REBOL Zine #4 was released some week ago, but only recently found its way to Allen Kemp's RebolForses website. New issue of e-mail zine discusses various topics. Probably the most interesting part is Maarten Koopman's Rubgy client server architecture, which shows the real strength of Rebol - easy TCP/IP based communication, which makes LDC (lightweight distributed computing) term what it does stand for!
remote-exec/with [some-remote-machine-func param]

RebolForces website
11.9.2001 Interview with e.p.i.c.
"Amiga Future released today an interview with e.p.i.c. (english/german). Go to http://www.amigafuture.de and click on the "english" button. There you will find the list with all english interviews available."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
11.8.2001 A glance at a uniquely customized Amiga 500
Gregory Donner: "Photographs of a uniquely customized Amiga 500 recently donated to our User Group."

Gregory Donner
11.8.2001 boing.net offers yearly hosting deals with free setup
Boing! International is pleased to announce that due to popular demand yearly hosting deals are now available. The yearly plans include Free Setup and 12 months for the price of 10. So come and check out the plans there is something that is bound to fit your needs, resellers are welcome too.

A.Scott Pringle via ANN
11.8.2001 Software News
WHDLoad 14.4 usr & dev archives - AmigaOS friendly Harddisk-Install package. Some fixes and changes.

WHDL support page
10.8.2001 Amiga sells Walker and MCC case designs to Merlancia Industries
Official annoucement: Amiga Inc. has sold the Walker and MCC case designs to Merlancia Industries. The Walker and MCC designs (created by Frogdesign and Pentagram respectively) are now owned exclusively by Merlancia Industries. These designs will be implemented in Merlancia's MMC/Torro line of multimedia PowerPC products. Read more

AmigaInc. website
10.8.2001 Obligement 28 is now available
The 28th issue of the famous french e-zine Obligement is now available. You can read in this issue an interview of Gary Peake (Amiga Inc) and Bernard Noel (author of the game Imperator), review of Land of Genesis, Reports of the Amiwest and Amiga Benelux Show, an article about the Prometheus PCI card and much more ! You can download it at the adress: http://obligement.free.fr.

David "Daff" Brunet, Obligement E-Zine
10.8.2001 New information web site for french people
By waiting for the return of Amiga Impact, Amedia Software opened a section 'current events' for every knowledge of the current events of the world Amiga in Frenchman.

En attendant le retour d'Amiga Impact, Amedia Software a ouvert une section 'actualité' pour que vous puissiez connaître toute l'actualité actuelle du monde Amiga en français.

Lionel Thillot
Amedia Software website

10.8.2001 New Virus Help Denmark AMIGA member
"Great news, a new member has joined Virus Help Denmark, and the Amiga crew has now grown 100%. Now we have 2 Amiga antivirus members. :-) Jan Erik Olausen (programmer of VirusExecutor and xvs.library) has joined the VHT-DK team." Welcome!

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
10.8.2001 Another Cinemaware's classic available
Defender of the Crown is now freely available from Cinemaware's website on multiple formats inc. Amiga disk version.
"Now YOU can relive this classic, as you must find the lost crown of King Richard!"
To download Defender of the Crown, click here.

Cinemaware website
9.8.2001 The future development of iFusion
"We are pleased to announce agreements with several partners to bring new features and enhance iFusion. This is part of our commitment of continued development."

Microcode Solutions - When Blittersoft purchased iFusion, we did so with an agreement to allow Microcode Solutions to add new features for us. We are pleased to say that we have now agreed the following news features to be added:
Direct SCSI - Allowing direct CD-ROM, Scanners, etc. (with appropriate Mac drivers)
Networking - Allowing networking between iFusion and another computer
Parallel/Serial support - Allowing printing and modem use.

Merlancia Industries - We have signed a developer agreement with Merlancia Industries. This will initially provide a new GUI for iFusion, but other features are possible in the future.

Haage & Partner - We have signed a developer agreement with Haage & Partner. This is to devote more time to the Blizzard PPC problem with iFusion. Other features are also possible.

Blittersoft website

9.8.2001 Hyperion Entertainment moves and improves its website with new fatures!
Hyperion Entertainment is very proud to announce our webmaster has completely revamped our website and migrated it to a more powerful server.
The new website can be reached on www.hyperion-entertainment.com.
Key-sections of the site including the general FAQ and the corporate info have been updated.
Apart from a new progress report on Freespace, the new site now also has a download section where users can register their copies of Heretic 2 and Shogo:MAD.
Registered users will be able to download updates of Heretic 2 and Shogo:MAD which will address certain issues with the Voodoo 3 drivers, squeeze out more performance and boost visual quality.
Registered users will moreover enjoy further priviliges such as early access to new versions of Warp3D and be eligible for beta-testing of our future titles.
Please take the time to register your copy of Heretic 2 and Shogo:MAD!

Ben Yoris, Hyperion Entertainment
9.8.2001 Hyperion Entertainment releases new patch for Heretic II
As of today, registered users of Heretic 2 can download a new patch which offers new functionality, better framerates and improved visual quality.
Speed. The new version is up to 25% faster depending on the hardware. Especially users with relatively weak hardware (BlizzardPPC with 040/25) will notice a significant speed-up.
Mouse Wheel support. Heretic II now supports mouse wheel adaptors that map to rawkeys 122/123 (newMouse etc.).
Improved visual effects: 'new' Permedia 2 additive blending mode (requires Warp 3D V4.2) (see before and after screenshots) and full Voodoo 3 support.

Hyperion Entertainment website
9.8.2001 Warp3D Voodoo3 driver for G-Rex
Warp3D Voodoo3 driver for G-Rex is now ready for download.

The DCE homepage has a new layout.

David Scheibler via ANN
DCE Computer Service GmbH website

8.8.2001 AROS web site
The AROS web site is online again at http://www.hepe.com/aros/.

Philippe Ferrucci
AROS homepage
8.8.2001 Brand new PowerPC assembler
Rafal 'DiamondPotion' Grembowski has created a new (fast!) PPC Assembler called PtnAsm. Main features include:
  • creates objects in EHF format
  • 603 and 604 instructions and all 32-bit extended mnemonics are supported
  • complete floating-point support
  • uses the same syntax as PowerASM
  • support for most of the popular directives
PtnAsm has also some extended features: "With PtnAsm it's posible to write a code as a sequence of equations. What does it mean? Instead of writing addi r3,r4,3 you can write r3 = r4 + 3. This gives the same result. It's possible to acces almost all instructions in this way. The general format is destination [.][o][s] = source1[operator source2 ...] ".
Alternatively to Aminet, you can download the archive directly from www.amiga.z.pl/stuff/PtnAsm.lha.

8.8.2001 AE Quakeworld Server
"There's currently a Quakeworld server available, as a matter of fact, the Amiga Extreme QuakeWorld Server (tm) ;-)
The Amiga Quakeworld client will be available from the binaries section soon. However, if you don't have it, you can download it from http://devnull.owl.de/~frank/quake_e.html.
It's running as a test currently, I don't know how the DSL connection I've got will cope with the bandwidth, but I guess that'll show." Here's the info:
MaxClients: 16
MaxSpectators: 4
Maps: DM6, DM4, E1M2 (more will be added)
Fraglimit: 25
Timelimit: 15
IP Address:
Port: 27500
Have Fun!

Amiga Extreme website
8.8.2001 Interview with James Daniels
"There is a little interview with James Daniels here. James is the author of Payback, one of the most talked and played Amiga game in 2001. It is a 3D game based on a criminal's life and it is full of car stealing, explosions, law-breaking and police sirens."

Amiga.org website
8.8.2001 Software News
David 'zapek' Gerber: "Ian Kumlien took over an AmIRC plugin I started some years ago (LK). He now did the first public release which can be found here. This plugin adds some nifty commands like /dns (full asynchronous lookup), /type and undernet/ircnet specific mask commands. It also adds a preference panel to the AmIRC Setup GUI part."

A new update of xvs.library (v33.27) has been released today.
Added Penetrator 2001 Link virus, CCCP Clone Bootblock virus, Smeg2a Installer File virus, Smeg2a Link virus, Smeg2b Link virus, Fixed bug in recognition code for DKG-Blum file virus again
Readme / Download

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website

7.8.2001 More pictures from AmiWest'2001
Todd C. Gustafson and Daniel Reichen, from the Northwest Amiga Group posted some more pictures of AmiWest'2001 show for you to view. These can be found in the AmiWest Photo Gallery.

Amiga.org website
Northwest Amiga.ORG
7.8.2001 Matrox G550 Review
Ace's Hardware has popped up a review of the Matrox G550 graphics card that will be in many AmigaOnes. Here's a snip:
"Matrox new G550 still has the same qualities as the G450: superb 2D-quality, the most productive Dual display solution and good 2D-speed. The G550 comes with solid Linux and Windows drivers, a very nice software bundle (DVD-player, Simply3D...) and has a comprehensive, well-cared-for manual. Combine this with the very sharp 125$ price tage, and this is still the best card for the 2D-professional. The 3D Gaming performance of the G550, although it is definitely better than the G450, leaves a lot to be desired." Read more

Amiga Extreme website
7.8.2001 Software News
AmigAIM 0.9430 Beta - an AIM Client for the Amiga by Richard H. Poser II. history

Official AmigAIM Page
6.8.2001 Amiga won the party
The biggest demoparty in Finland Assembly 2001 is now over. Amiga won combined democombo and 4k-intro compo. Lapsuus by MatureFurk looks really impressive on AGA.
Assembly'01: official results, Download

ANN website
6.8.2001 e.p.i.c. announces development plans for AmigaDE
AmigaDE News "e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment announces its plans to release applications for the Amiga Digital Environment. The first three titles that e.p.i.c. will create for the AmigaDE are "Boxikon", "Piles O' Tiles", and "Pegger". All three are puzzle games with superb graphics and presentation layout. In its upcoming releases, e.p.i.c. will create other kinds of games such as card games, action shooters, puzzlers and sport games." Read more

AmigaInc. website
e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment website
6.8.2001 Amiga University site updates
"We've done quite a bit of work since the last update, and while that was too long ago (mid May, blame too much work travel! :) we've got some cool stuff up there now for you! Read more.

Kevin Orme, Amiga University
6.8.2001 Software News
Scalos language packs available! These packs change various Scalos message strings into your chosen language. Currently supported languages Dansk, Deutsch, Espanol, Français and Svenska. They're available from the Downloads page.

DiskMasterII v2.5beta12 - one of the best Directory Utilities ever made.
documentation in Amiga-Guide format
german version of the docs
"translators only" version of the guide

Scalos homepage
Official DiskMasterII homepage

5.8.2001 Clubbed Issue 8 Now Available
"A brand new issue of Clubbed, South Essex Amiga Link's quarterly subscription Amiga magazine, is available now. All subscriber copies have been posted and should be received in the next week.
We are also happy to announce that you can now buy your Clubbed subscription online from Kicksoft using a variety of credit and debit cards.

Highlights of issue 8 include:
Networking Explained: Find out how you can connect several Amigas or integrate your Amiga into a network with other platforms. This feature is complemented by a tutorial on setting up network printing with Samba.
Photogenics 5: What did we think of the latest release of this well known art and image processing package?
DrawStudio Tutorial: We guide you through combining bitmap and structured elements in this recently re-released drawing package.
Plus much more (including our first Reader's Wives section!)

If you'd like to know more visit our website at www.seal-amiga.co.uk for a full contents list and sample articles from previous issues. A4 issue subscription to Clubbed costs 10UKP or a single trial issue is available for 2.50UKP, both including UK postage (see website for world wide rates). Clubbed is a not-for-profit publication."

Robert J Williams, SEAL website

5.8.2001 Amiga Games Classifying : July/August 2001
Here is the final classifying of July/August 2001:
1. (4) Payback - 113 pts
2. (1) Quake - 84 pts
3. (2) Napalm - 81 pts
4. (3) Earth 2140 - 81 pts
5. (7) The Settlers - 78 pts
6. (14) Foundation - 66 pts
7. (19) Exodus The Last War - 58 pts
8. (11) Bubble Heroes - 57 pts
9. (5) Worms / Worms DC - 51 pts
10. (8) Slam Tilt - 50 pts
11. (22) Sensible World Of Soccer - 48 pts
12. (6) WipEout 2097 - 41 pts
13. (12) Colonization - 40 pts
14. (31) Dune - 37 pts
15. (15) Shogo - 36 pts
16. (16) Civilization - 36 pts
17. (18) Dune 2 - 36 pts
18. (55) Genetic Species - 34 pts
19. (20) Project X - 34 pts
20. (9) Heretic 2 - 33 pts
Visit http://agcweb.online.fr and give your opinion about Amiga games. For more info, contact David Brunet.
Next votes (AMIGA GAMES ranking of September/October 2001) will begun the 20th of September.

David "Daff" Brunet
5.8.2001 AMI Sector One Update
"With 'Paradox Software' and 'Hartwerk' there are another two companies which allowed us free distribution of their Amiga software on our website AMI Sector One. Some of the programs of these firms you can now legally download are 'ST-Protector', 'War Zone' and the translation program 'Translate It'. Also there is Ed Scio's futuristic flight simulation 'Armour-Geddon'. Many interesting Public Domain games and new Emerald Mine clones complete this small summer update."

Bernd Gmeineder, AMI Sector One Network
5.8.2001 AROS News
At the moment there are DNS problems, so to reach the AROS' site please use http://sbb.hepe.com.

Fabio Alemagna via ANN
5.8.2001 Software News
A new update of Safe v16.3 has been released today. readme

Another release of the popular CVS v1.11.1p1 (Concurrent Versions System) AmigaOS port fixes enforcer hit that could have happened if a error occured while using the internal SSH client. Beside from this bugfix also two new features where added to make live easier while working with cvs and the internal ssh client...

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
CVS AmigaOS port homepage

4.8.2001 Update: The Feeble Files
Thomas Steiding of Epic Interactive has revealed that they only require 72 more pre-orders in order to start development on the Amiga conversion of The Feeble Files, an unofficial sequel to Simon The Sorcerer II.
Paul Burkey, creator of Foundation will lead a British development team to port The Feeble Files with it expected that you will be able to play this cartoon adventure game on your Amiga about 6 weeks after they get started. Epic Interactive have emphasized that if they cannot reach 400 pre-orders by 12th of August then ports of games like Settlers clone Knights & Merchants or the RPG mix Gorky 17 will not happen.
The Feeble Files will require an Amiga with a 4 MB gfx board, 32 MB Ram and either an 68060 or a PPC CPU.

Amiga Flame website
4.8.2001 Z-Squad
A newly founded development team known as Bonehead Development is seeking help for their first game project known as Z-Squad.
Z-Squad, a mix of horror, 3D action, humour, beat'em up and strategy is in the early stages of development. Fredrik Robertsson describes Z-Squad as being "a bit like X-Com with base management and squad based combat but this will be 100 times nicer and with some features not even seen to the PC market today."
The developers are in need of GFX artists, coders, sketch artists, musicians, and sound artists to help with the games development. Z-Squad it is hoped will be released for the Amiga and the PC.
If you're want to become involved in the development of Z-Squad, then e-mail Fredrik Robertsson of Bonehead Development at denebis@algonet.se.

Amiga Flame website
4.8.2001 Software News
"Another Scalos beta! This time version 40.8 of Scalos has been uploaded. See the Version History page for what changes we've made. Get it from the Downloads page. If you find any bugs, please report them using our bug reporting page here.
"Note that we have changed menu and palette preferences so you no longer have to worry about changed preferences (menu.prefs -> menu13.prefs, palette.prefs -> palette13.prefs). Both Scalos and preferences try to load the new prefs files, falling back to the old ones if no new ones can be found. Saving prefs always generates the new files."

Scalos homepage
3.8.2001 Alan Redhouse (Eyetech UK) comments AmigaOne, OS4-PPC and Amithlon
"Well apart from unduly cluttering up the *AmigaOne* mailing list I think Gary has handled the points raised admirably. Of course a lagre proportion of posters appear to have completely ignored his answers and have started indulging in even greater realms of virtual computing fantasy. I dont really see it as a particularly good use of my time or the lists bandwith to comment until the party atmosphere has died down a little.
However, since you ask, this is how I see things, (having first discussed it with Bill, Fleecy & Gary) Read more

Amigart website
3.8.2001 AmiWest related news
"Check out http://emrl.com/amiwest to view a nine minute movie made at the AmiWest 2001 show. x86 reactions, opinions on the boxer, programming for DE, amiga tattoos, and SOCK PUPPETS.
Low and high bandwidth versions are available, in MPEG video format. Starring Kermit Woodall, Joe Torre, the lovely and talented Dr. Ryan from Merlancia Industries, and many more!"

There is also mirror site where you can find the AmiWest .mp3 files and the movies, along with Fleecy's Sheep (AmigaDE) screenshot. This should be much faster than the original location.

Amiga.org website
ANN website

3.8.2001 UPDATE: ArtEffect PlugIns-Collection now available
"Supplement: We added a special area that demonstrates all effects. In addition we are now supplying ArtEffect 2.5, because of problems with the border effects.
All details on the ArtEffect PlugIns-Collection
Samples of the border effects (the package contains 250 borders!)
Overview of the effects with samples
The ArtEffect Plugins Collections offers a comprehensive collection of sensational effects and postprocessfilters for the bestseller ArtEffect. The collection will be supplied with ArtEffect 2, so that one can start using it immediately."

Haage & partner website
3.8.2001 English PageStream manual available
"Grasshopper just released the English manual of PageStream 4 for Amiga, Windows & Macintosh as a PDF file. Customers of Grasshopper will find it in their secure download area. Our customers that registered for the online service will get the information by e-mail. Those of our customers that still did not register for our online service can do so now: www.pagestream.de."

Haage & partner website
3.8.2001 Eyetech News
Limited Stocks of EZTower Mk4 and Mk5 available next week
Good news for users who have been trying to obtain an Amiga tower from us! Next week (beginning 6th August) Eyetech will have some limited stocks of the EZTower Mk4 and Mk5.
We are offering the towers in the following unbelieveable deal - you can get:
A Mk.4 or Mk.5 tower (please state when ordering)
A PC keyboard adapter
A PC Windows 95 keyboard
For just £89.95 inc VAT!

Special offers on 12-10-40 CDRewriters and MakeCD
We have managed to obtain a limited number of IDE 12/10/40 CD-Rewriter drives. They incorporate BurnProof technology so that the drive operates at the fastest speed your system is capable of - no more coasters!
We are able to offer these drives at the special price of just £109.95 (inc VAT) while stocks last.
What's more - you can obtain a 15% discount off MakeCD 3.2 TAO (needed for Amiga use) when purchased at the same time as one of these drives! (normal price £38.95 inc VAT)

Eyetech Group Ltd website

3.8.2001 Jambo! Moves
"Jambo! - The largest Amiga Emulation search on the net, with over 10000 games in the database - has moved servers. The site can now be found here."

Amiga.org website
Jambo! website
3.8.2001 RB2Exe v1.5 released
A major update for RB2Exe is available now on the Airsoft Softwair homepage. Version 1.5 allows you to use all great features of Rainboot3+ in your executable shows! Additionally the memory routines have been optimized and the generated executables' memory usage was reduced by almost 60 percent (!). Also, the GUI's functionality was improved and bugs were fixed. Online help is available now too. This version is only available for owners of the The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition CD-ROM.

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
3.8.2001 Software News
AGqt is composed of 2 complementary binaries to seek and queue MP3 files that you want to download from the AudioGalaxy server.
Once your files are queued, you'll be able to download them at work, school or with your mother's PC (the one she use to write 2 word documents in the year) thank's to unix or windows satelites that can be download at www.audiogalaxy.com.
AudioGalaxy is a MP3 server similar to napster, all you'll have to do is to register on AG site and them configure the .aqrc file that is in the agqt archive, before putting your mp3 to the queue. Sources of this tool are available on www.freshmeat.net.

Da SixK Port page
2.8.2001 Amiga makes a number of exciting announcements at AmiWest
Bill McEwen, President and CEO of Amiga Inc., made a number of exciting announcements at the AmiWest show in Sacramento, California. Read about it here.

Christoph Meier
AmigaInc website
2.8.2001 GoldED 6 price reduction at Kicksoft
Kicksoft are pleased to announce that to clear the way for GOLDED 7 the final few copies of the excellent GOLDED 6 have been reduced to: £25.00 a saving of £5.00. This purchase also entitles you to a upgrade to version 7. Plus you will still recieve a FREE GRAPHIC CD !!!
"Last few remaing, first come first serve basis !!. Once there gone thats it at this amazing price!"

Amiga.org website
Kicksoft website
2.8.2001 Software News
Version 0.8 of SimpleMail has been released! Changes since last release were:
SSL support for POP3 Servers. Needs AmiSSL
POP3 servers can be individually deactivated and they are ignored
Menubar in the main window; needs to grow though
A new read setting, so that smilies can be replaced with images (images created by Richard Kapp)
Groups can be deleted now
To report bugs please use now the Bug Tracking System and if you want special new featutes the Feature Request Tracking System should be used.

To report bugs please use now the Bug Tracking System and if you want special new featutes the Feature Request Tracking System should be used.

First official beta version of the X-Surf PPPoE driver
From now on the first public beta version of the xsurfadsl.device is available. Only experienced users should try the installation, since inconvenient patches are necessary because of limitation of the known TCP/IP stacks. An extended readme file informs you about the details.

SimpleMail homepage Amiga-News.de website
individual Computers website

1.8.2001 AmiWest Images From Harv Laser
Looking for pics from AmiWest? Well Harv Laser has taken some pictures from the show and you can find them on his site here.

Amiga.org website
The installer of the new linkvirus SMEG 2a & SMEG 2b has been found. You can read and download the warning here!!! (Please spread the warning as much as you can)

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
1.8.2001 Software News
AmigAIM 0.9429 Beta - an AIM Client for the Amiga by Richard H. Poser II. history

akPNG.datatype v44.100 - shareware PNG datatype (68k/PPC/WOS).

Official AmigAIM Page
PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX website