31.78.2002 AmiWest 2002 Show Report!
Larry Anderson has been kind enough to provide the world a show report from the recent AmiWest 2002 fair in Sacramento, CA/USA. The report comes complete with photos (including the Amiga Limousine).
Although the report focuses on the Commodore One computer system, it should still be of interest to any avid Amiga user.

Amiga.org website
31.7.2002 Amiga Demoscene Archive News
"Finally A.D.A. reaches 200 productions. Never thought it would turn out that big :). New update introduces the first diskmags and we start with two very famous and very nice diskmags: Seenpoint/Sardonyx and Scoopex (13 screenshots) and R.A.W./Pure Metal Coders and Spaceballs (26 screenshots). Nearly all issues of both diskmags have a screenshot. Enjoy"

Amiga Demoscene Archive website
30.7.2002 Lifetime club membership!
The winner of the "I Am Amiga" Club Membership coupon draw is John Hindle of Lancs, England. He will receive a free AmigaOne with AmigaOS 4.0.

You can get your coupon now to receive lifetime club membership!
Lifetime membership promotion ends 0700 GMT, Aug 1, 2002. Anyone who signs up after midnight the 31st of July will not receive the coupon or the lifetime membership to the club. After the July 31, 2001 deadline, club membership will become an annual subscription. Those who purchase/join before July 31, 2002 will not have to renew annually.

AmigaInc. website

30.7.2002 Sendo Device to Feature Amiga Anywhere Content
Amiga anywhere (Fri Jul 26 2002) Amiga, Inc. and Sendo announced today that Amiga Anywhere and Amiga Anywhere content will be shipped with, and extended content made available for the Sendo multimedia Z100 Smartphone. The applications are being developed by the highly talented Amiga Development Community and range from well-known games to messaging services and business applications from Amiga's impressive catalogue and its long standing position as a pioneer in multimedia development. Read more press release on Sendo's website.

Sendo website
30.7.2002 MasonIcons News
The URL of the MasonIcons homepage has changed to: MasonIcons.de and there two new archives available:
- redesigned DefIcons for PPaint

- a full set of GlowIcons for PerfectPaint

Visit MasonIcons.de for further informations and don't forget to edit your bookmarks.

Martin "Mason" Merz, MasonIcon

30.7.2002 Software News
New Reaction GUI for StrICQ V2
"A new version of the ReAction GUI for StrICQ v2 can be found on Glenn Hisdal's homepage.
Changes since last version:
- Fixed status change bug
- Fixed resize problem with main window
- Keyboard focus is set on the write-message-gadget in the message window
- Added possibility to iconify the main window
- In multiline mode, messages are sent on RAmiga+S or RAmiga+Return
- RTF messages are converted to plain text before they are inserted into the history window.

download / readme

Updates from Amiga.sf:
abcm2ps v3.1.0
aggregate v1.6
Anubis v3.3.0
Ctags v5.3
CVSGraph v1.3.0    
FreeHA v0.9.1
InTeGrIt v3.01
LazyRead v1.7
Mangle v3.0.6
NewsPost v2.0    
nmap v2.54b37
PIPEViewer v0.2.5
RingToneTools v1.07
SWFTools v0.4.1

Glenn Hisdal via StrICQ ML
dcr8520, Amiga.sf

29.7.2002 Sendo Device to Feature Amiga Anywhere Content
Amiga anywhere Amiga, Inc. and Sendo announced today that Amiga Anywhere and Amiga Anywhere content will be shipped with, and extended content made available for the Sendo multimedia Z100 Smartphone. Read the full Sendo Press Release here.

AmigaInc website
29.7.2002 Amiga Arena: Interview with Davy Wentzler (Audio Evolution 4)
Since some days you can read on the Homepage from Davy Wentzler that the new "Audio Evolution 4" will be ready only for AMIGA OS 4.x! Audio Evolution is an audio harddisk recording, arranging and editing system similar to programs like CubaseSX, Logic and ProTools on the PC/Mac. The "Amiga Arena" talked to "Davy Wentzler" and you can read in the Interview the first forthcoming features from "Audio Evolution 4" and many more interesting information about the future of "Audio Evolution 4"!

Amiga Arena epilogue!
Davy Wentzler is one of the first developers who developed official for AMIGA OS 4.x and will force the future! So we all must do it too! You all AMIGA Useres show the developers that the AMIGA OS 4.x markt is worth to support and help them with bug reports,feedback and buy in the future Software! We have only one chance to bring the AMIGA OS back! We all! Dont waste the time with discusses - be AKTIV!

BTW According to Ben Hermans, Hyperion "actually there is already an OS 4 cross-compiler running on Linux. We're working on other distributions right now." [ExiE]

Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena

29.7.2002 Software News
Pixload v1.76c - AmiDock-like toolbar. It allows to you load (and run) any program or script by one click on it's icon. Read more At the same page you can also grab a new version of a EPS2PDF converter.

AmiComSys v2.2 (Amiga Communicator System) - program which you use to communicate with other people on the Internet ie. instant-messenger for Amiga. Read more

Pixel-Art website
AmiComSys homepage

28.7.2002 Information from AmiWest show
The AmiWest 2002 show was held this weekend in Sacramento, USA. As with other Amiga shows, UGN provided Amigans live webcam and audio coverage (mp3) of this event. On this page you can find list of currently available mirrors of all files from the Saturday and Sunday:

Alan Redhouse Interview (Eyetech; AmigaOne)
      Alan hopes that "the AmigaOne will be a nice Christmas present to the Amiga Community."
Ben Hermans Interview (Hyperion; AmigaOS4.0)
Thomas Frieden Interview, (Hyperion; AmigaOS4.0)  brief summary
      Thomas is "fairly sure OS4 will be released before the end of the year."
Bill McEwen Speech, Interview, Q&A,... (AmigaInc.)  brief summary of Bill McEwen's banquet speech
and more (videos)

Amiga.org website
SWAUG website

28.7.2002 Exotica News
After many months, the Games Box Gallery has finally been updated. Some of the changes were infact in place back in October last year, but I never had time to complete the update. The following scans have been added (All complete with author information and links to the music if available):
0-9: 1869, 3D World Boxing
A: Abandoned Places 2, Advanced Ski Simulator, Afrika Korps, Afterburner, Alien Breed, Alien Drug Lords, Alien Fires, Alien Legion, Anarchy, Arkanoid (Alternative Scan), Arnie 2, Astaroth, Astaroth (Extra large poster scan), Atax
B: Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja, Balance Of Power (The 1990 Edition), Ballyhoo, Batman Returns, Battle Isle Scenario, Beach Volley, Beavers, Berlin 1948, Berlin 1948 (Alternative Scan), Beyond Zork, Big Business, The Black Cauldron, Black Tiger, Blade Of Destiny, Bombuzal, Brataccas, Brigade Commander
C: California Games, California Games 2, Capital Punishment, Capone, Challenge Golf, Challenger, Champions Of Krynn, Christmas Lemmings 94, Chuck Rock, Corruption, Club And Country, Clue Master Detective, Colonels Bequest (Alternative Scan), Covert Action, Covert Action (Alternative Scan), Creature, Crime Does Not Pay, Crime Time, Crossbow, Crown, Cutthroats, The Cycles

This update brings the gallery to 1164 Scans!

Updated the Game Information Database on the Info Section.

UnExoticA has had another 2 updates since the 14th July. For information about additions and changes please read the Updates Page.

Exotica website

28.7.2002 AIO 61 is out
Issue 61 of AIO is now out and should be soon available on Aminet and the AIO site. Featured is another TestGear article, Dynamite and Codename Hellsquad reviewed, and more.

Mark Tierno, Amiga Information Online
28.7.2002 PowerD v0.20 alpha0 release of powerful programming language
PowerD is modern programming language, slightly compatible to AmigaE. Has many features and is very easy to learn. Requires OS3.0, 020, fpu and some additional memory.
What's new? Nothing amazing, just the PowerPC support is from now much more stable! Many bugfixes and so...
Developing such project is very difficult and I have only few betatesters. If You want to help me with it, test it or write examples, modules etc. please email to kuchinka@volny.cz. If You want more information about it, email me, or visit my homepage.

Martin "MarK" Kuchinka, 's homepage
27.7.2002 New OS4 Screenshots
Screenshots that first appeared in OSNews article written by Mike Bouma and few others previously unreleased are now published in Amiga Inc's AmigaOS4 Page. Amiga OS4 Screenshots.

These screenshots are very preliminary and must not - by any means - be considered as the definitive appearance of the AmigaOS 4.0 GUI!!!

AmigaInc. website

27.7.2002 MasonIcons News
New and reworked archives are available on the MasonIcons homepage:
AmiStartMI (1st release)
- icons based on QuadraMI and AppMI
- image size of 24 x 24 pixels
- new textures
- a GlowIcon for Amistart

AWebMI (5th release)
- a new full set of GlowIcons for AWeb
- a new navigation bar with round buttons
- new images for the documentation

eNoteMI (3rd release)
- redesigned toolbar images for eNote

EvenMI (3rd release)
- new and redesigned icons based on AppMI
- a new Evenmore GlowIcon for the Workbench

STFaxMI (1st release)
- new toolbar images for STFax

YamMI (early Beta version)
- images for the YAM2.4Dev toolbar based on AppMI
- new status images and folders
- no documentation about the installation and the usage is attached

Martin "Mason" Merz, Mason.Home

27.7.2002 Software News
NetBSD 1.5.3 with support for 20 architectures incl. Amiga has been released few days ago. More information is available in the 1.5.3 release announcement.

New Reaction GUI for StrICQ V2
"A new version of the ReAction GUI for StrICQ v2 can be found on my homepage.
The homepage will look quite bad in the Amiga browsers, as I have coded it according to the xhtml 1.0 standard (which means css is needed). A html 4.01, non-css version is planned." download / readme

Tom Parker's 68020-060 JFIF plugins from Aminet are now available from AWeb Open Source site.

NetBSD/amiga website
Glenn Hisdal via StrICQ ML
AWeb Open Source homepage

26.7.2002 "I Am Amiga" Club Membership/Promotion Status
Current status: 940 memberships/coupons sold
The promotion has ended. Coupon count may still rise as third party dealers submit their sales. Winners will be announced soon.

AmigaInc website
26.7.2002 Audio Evolution 4 announced for AmigaOS4.0
A new version of the professional audio harddisk recording software Audio Evolution has been announced and will be available for Amiga OS4.0 only. No other informations have been released yet.
"Coming soon... Audio Evolution 4 for AmigaOS 4 only!!"

Audio Evolution homepage
26.7.2002 Supercharged, customized, Amiga 1000 to premiere at AmiWest
Kermit Woodall and Nova Design, Inc. will premiere a new project - the retrosystem Supercharged Amiga 1000!!
At the Nova Design booth at AmiWest this weekend Kermit Woodall will premiere his latest project: The retrosystem Amiga 1000 Project!
In a nutshell this project marries a classic Amiga 1000 case with ultra-small x86 based hardware. The Amiga 1000 case was restored and highly specialized components were used to stuff a full x86 based system inside. A complete power supply, 30gb hard drive, cdrom, floppy drive, motherboard and more!
This system is Amithlon compatible, Windows compatible, QNX compatible and Linux compatible. It includes TV-out like the classic Amiga and also offers S-Video, Firewire/DV ports, and much more.
You can see this system at www.retrosystem.com as well as a preview of the other models that will be coming in a few weeks!

Kermit Woodall, Nova Design, Inc. via ANN
26.7.2002 Assembly '02 Next Week
The largest demoscene event in the world, Assembly, is gearing up once again. Assembly '02 is held on August 1st - 4th in Helsinki, Finland. Amiga demos are, as usual, prominently featured. Last year RJ Mical, the father of Intuition, presented the prize for the Amiga demo Lapsuus that won the combined PC/Amiga compo.

ANN website
Assembly '02 website
"Just a brief note for all of you who will attend the Amiwest 2002 Show in Sacramento this weekend.
At our booth we will have a demo of AmigaOne G3-SE running Suse Linux !!
This we are able to bring to you at the encouragement of Alan Redhouse and the intelligent hard work and cooperation of Adam Kowalczyk of Ontario, Canada. A brilliant developer and a true Amigan.
Please come in large numbers at the show. We will have all your other Amiga products on sale and the AmigaOne G3-SE on demo. Something that we have all waited for for so long.
Again thank you for your support as always and LONG LIVE AMIGA !!!"

Amiga.org website
25.7.2002 AmigaOne Update from Alan Redhouse
"[..] Nevertheless I think its time for a brief update.
Many dev board purchasers were clearly motivated by the 10% discount rather than their ability to contribute to the developer process. The initial boards were therefore shipped to those who could make a real contribution to developing drivers etc, and porting Linux/UAE distributions. Their progress has been astounding IMO with no less than 5 different linux distributions (SuSE, Debian, Mandrake, Yellow Dog and TurboLinux) being ported within a couple of weeks.
However the Softex open firmware we had originally shipped with the dev boards (incidently as seen on the Pegasos video) has several shortcomings (although this has been used to boot the 5 linux distributions and the OS4 kernel) and we are currently developing/extending the alternative PPCBoot open firmware for use on the production AmigaOne boards. This will allow us to build in Amiga- specific boot etc options, a well as a more comprehensive multi-boot environment." read more

Alan Redhouse, Eyetech via AmigaOne ML
25.7.2002 Amithlon: Cross-compiler environment
Amithlon News Jens Langner released a GCC cross-compiler environment and binaries for compiling/porting existing applications to Amithlon (x86).
x86-ami-gcc.lha (3,8 MB) - this archive contains an uptodate version of a AmigaOS (68k) hosted gcc cross compiler environment for compiling/porting existing applications to Amithlon (x86). readme

x86-ami-bin.lha (2,9 MB) - this archive contains the binutils 2.9.1 version of the AmigaOS (68k) hosted binutils for compiling/porting existing applications to Amithlon (x86). Readme

GFX-BASE website
Homepage of Jens Langner

25.7.2002 Games & Software News
New Payback Maps
One new and two updated maps for Payback are available to download here. If you want to be notified when our website is updated then please join our mailing list.

YAM News
YAM2.4 Dev page has permanently moved to http://yam.boing.net/.

Click here to download the latest YAM v2.4 development version, compiled 24.7.2002. Fully optimized 68020 version only. Click here to view the last ChangeLog.

Apex Designs website
YAM2.4 Dev page

25.7.2002 Alchimie 2 and A-Expo: The biggest event of the year in France!
The TripleA and AFUA french Amiga users associations are proud to present you the Alchimie 2 and A-Expo event.
It's the combination of an Amiga party (Alchimie 2) and an Amiga Expo (A-Expo) at the same time. This event will be held in Tain l'Hermitage near Valence in France the 7th and 8th of September 2002.
We already had the confirmation of the coming of both Eyetech Group Ltd and Thendic-France SARL and so AmigaOne and Pegasos will be demonstrated there!

ANN website
A-Expo website
25.7.2002 Pegasos/Morphos presentation
MorphOS News Pegasos/Morphos at A-Expo in France
The Pegasos mainboard and MorphOS will be presented at A-Expo 2002 in Tain l'Hermitage, France on September 7th and 8th.

MorphOS News Pegasos will be presented at Slach Party 4
The Pegasos system will be presented at the demoparty Slach 4 from August 8th to August 11th in St. Caprais, France.

Morphos-news.de website

24.7.2002 Prometheus: Development is back on schedule
Filip Dab-Mirowski: "First of all, Matay is not dead, nor Prometheus, as some could think or even hope.
The large delay in the works on firmware upgrade was a direct outcome of my and Grzegorz Kraszewski personal situation, which was not connected to the Matay itself, but it harmed the development. [..] The development is back on schedule, older developer team is now supported by some not-associated, lone coders.
Firmware upgrade and programing devices are done. We are focusing on the drivers now (surely, there`s no use of upgrade without drivers, right?).
That`s all I can say for now, one delay is enough, for which I`d like to sorry all of you. No more promising, facts will speak for us. Expect an official announcement in around two weeks time."

Filip Dab-Mirowski, Matay via Amiga-Prometheus ML
24.7.2002 Amiga PCI Mailing List now open
"I've just set up a new list for Gerneral Amiga PCI chatter on Yahoogroups. It's for all the open pci talk, all chatter about what stuff you would like to see on a PCI solution, items you are working on, problems, solutions etc.
Everyone is welcome to join the list and on the whole it is fairly flexible and open - however we will not allow Slander against companies or individuals."
To Subscribe send an email to: AmigaPCI-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
To post send a message to: AmigaPCI@yahoogroups.com

Sam Byford via ANN
23.7.2002 "Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1 receives 4 star rating from PC Magazine
Amiga anywhere PC Magazine review Neil J. Rubenking gives the Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1 a 4 star rating (4 of 5). See it here.

AmigaInc. website
23.7.2002 Software News
New Dev version of YAM
Click here to download the latest YAM v2.4 development version, compiled 23.7.2002. Fully optimized 68020 version only. Click here to view the last ChangeLog.

DigitalAlmanac III V4.9Beta3
There are new features in the DigitalAlmanac III V4.9 Beta3 version. Take a look at the developer page!

Digital Almanac Homepage

22.7.2002 fxSCAN 4.02 with native x86-support (Amithlon)
As the first bigger application fxSCAN now supports Amithlon with x86-native versions of its CPU-modules. Thus fxSCAN now runs on native on 680x0, PPC (WarpUP, PowerUP, MorphOS) and x86 (Amithlon) with full speed. The portation of the OCR-engine and the servertask (one for every sytem) again brings at least a doubling of speed compared to the emulated 68K-CPU.
Under "Downloads" you can now download a free patch from version 4.0/4.01 to 4.02.
All changes since V4.01:
* direct support for TurboPrint (no more only via Graphics Publisher), incl. copying. Partly leads to greatly enhanced printing speed.
* x86-native versions of the servertask and the OCR-engine in Amithlon.
* when saving JPEGs, the DPI-information is now saved, too.
* version 8 of the fxWARP3-system (new "fxWARP Memory Guard" to work around bugs and limitations of WarpUP)
* the standardtool saved in NewIcons can now be changed with the PICTURETOOL-tooltype

Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT
22.7.2002 AWeb News
Info aweb@sunsite.dk is now a read only announcement list. We now use the existing Yahoo! Groups list for user discussions. To subscribe: awebml-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Tom Parker's WarpOS JFIF and GIF plugins are now available for download on AWeb Open Source site.

AWeb Open Source site

22.7.2002 AF: Workbench Screenshots
Andreas Magerl: "Some days ago we update the User Workbench Screenshots-Gallery on the Amiga Future Homepage."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
22.7.2002 CVS v1.11.2 AmigaOS Port update released
On the 22nd, the authors of the AmigaOS port (Olaf Barthel & Jens Langner) of CVS (Concurrent Versions System) released a new, updated version 1.11.2 of the development system. Beside the update to the newest cvs version, also some bugs in the ssh implementation were fixed.
So everyone interested can grab a new version from: http://amcvs.light-speed.de/

Jens Langner via ANN
21.7.2002 Games & Software News
ScummVM 0.2.0 for 68k ready for download
Play your classic LucasArts Adventures with the new ScummVM 0.2.0 interpreter. It is available for download from the official Amiga-ScummVM-Website: http://www.sebelinteractive.de/scummvm/.


Stella - Atari 2600 emulator
With the aid of Amiga SDL there are now WarpOS and MorphOS versions of the Atari 2600 emulator Stella (v1.2). You can download both versions and changes to the official sourcecode at Amig@club.

Sebastian Beloch, ScummVM Website
ANN website

20.7.2002 "I Am Amiga" promotion extended through July 25,2002.
At the request of participating dealers carrying the "I Am Amiga" promotion and due to the number of orders still being received, the deadline to join the "I Am Amiga" club has been extended through July 25, 2002.
Join the "I am Amiga Club"

AmigaInc. website
20.7.2002 GoldED Studio AIX 3rd BETA
GoldED Studio AIX is the latest and last update for AmigaOS 3, replacing GoldED Studio 6. A public beta version is available for downloading now. The new GoldED Studio CD is on sale at a 25% preorder-discount during the betatest-week from 16/July to 22/July.
Release: third beta (note: can not be installed over previous beta versions). File size: 9.5MB. Hardware requirements: 4-8 MB RAM and AmigaOS3. Graphics card recommended (the software can not be used with screen modes below 640x400). This is a demo version. Read more / download

GoldED Studio homepage
20.7.2002 ProStationAudio workshop
German magazine AmigaPlus will publish an interactive workshop about ProStationAudio starting with their September issue (9). The project will cover following issues for 4 or 5 months, Nico Barbat, editorial director of AmigaPlus, says.
The workshop will be developed by PSA's expert Marcus Steblei (see here some notes on Marcus' audio works at the Munich planetarium). Readers may take part by sending their own audio material.

AudioLabs website
20.7.2002 Tales of Tamar: New Amiga Version
New version V0.44 R1 for AMIGA
It is done. The Amiga base set of Tales of Tamar is completed. Sales will start September 1st 2002. It will be the first Massively Multiplayer Strategy Game on the Amiga market. Follow us in this fantasy world and experience this unique mixture of strategy and role playing. Download
Preorders can be placed at www.tamar.net.

Tales of Tamar homepage
20.7.2002 Poll for APUS IDE/last_ipl problem
We have discovered a problem with the more recent Linux APUS kernels (2.4.14 and up) which affects many users. The symptoms of the problem are either non-bootable kernel and/or getting output messages such as: last_ipl[2] already set to 2f, now 2d!
To help us find out where this problem originates we, the developers of APUS, are conducting a poll to examine system configurations. If you are an APUS user and/or have tried the newer kernels please spend some time by using the follwing form. Read more (Non Linux users can help too)

Linux/APUS Website
20.7.2002 Software News
Ogg Vorbis
the audio codec that will conquer the world ("What are we going to do tonight Brain? The same thing we do every night Pinky .. Conquer The World!")...
Ahwell, maybe, maybe not, time will tell .. in the meantime you can atleast play around abit with it yourself... Enjoy.
Ogg Vorbis is quite a resource hog though, so only 060 (barely usable on my 060/50) and MorphOS binaries included (ixemul required)... Oh, and sadly we cannot bring you the encoder yet, as it is thouroughly FUBARed (massive memtrashing), but you should be able to find lots of goodies to play with over at the Ogg Vorbis music page.

Amiga Alternative Audio Page
19.7.2002 Alan Redhouse comments on ANN over Amiga Membership/Coupon
Alan Redhouse posted the following comment on the "I am Amiga club" on amiga front page within ANN
"I cannot speak for other dealers, but we will certainly be giving priority of shipment to purchasers of the club/voucher scheme. In the first manufacturing run we will build more A1's than the number of vouchers sold, but not a huge amount more. If the demand from non-voucher holders is high there may be a significant delay in fulfilling their orders.
As Bill McEwen said, the scheme is to try to assess initial demand. If you don't want to be counted, don't expect priority treatment when you order. Conversely if you want priority treatment you still have a few hours to join the club."

Mike C via ANN
19.7.2002 Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena Interview with Frode "Zerox" Hansen. (D.I.S.C.)
The "Amiga Arena" talked to a long aktive Scene Member Frode Hansen one of the makers from the Scene Mag "D.I.S.C."! Read all about the "Scene" and will be there in a future a Scene too for the Amiga? Many interesting Infos!

Amiga Arena in touch with the Scene!
After 10 years the "Amiga Arena" released some never seen before Demos made with the "Data Becker Demomaker"! If you like real Oldschool than take a trip...!

Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena

19.7.2002 Silent Auction at Amiwest to benefit Amiga Expo
Nova Design will be hosting a silent auction out of their booth as a benefit for this March's Amiga Expo they held.
You will be able to bid on various items including insync's Speed Razor editing software (Win), rare Amiga memorabilia, and unusual collectables signed by Amiga celebrities!
So take a moment while you're enjoying AmiWest to support the new east coast show Amiga Expo and grab yourself some cool merchandise!

Amiga.org website
19.7.2002 No OS4 on Elbox SharkPPC(+|Pro), specifications & prototype needed
Ben Hermans, Hyperion Entertainment posted a message in responce to the Elbox post on the subject of OS4 on the Elbox SharkPPC(+|Pro): "I'm sorry but this is not how it works. Even if the Bios initialises the hardware, things like device drivers and adaptation of the HAL(timerchip, IRQ mappings etc.) need to be carried out. Especially if one considers that the SharkPPC will be located on a PCI bus. Without detailed specifications of the hardware and a prototype we won't be seeing OS 4 on the Shark PPC."

CyberGraphX homepage
19.7.2002 AmigaOS petition update
"As it's a cloudy summer day here today, I took the time to do some updating of the information site for the AmigaOS Distribution Policies petition. If you have not signed the petition yet, please do so here.
Since a couple of days we are over 700 people who publicly express our wish that AmigaInc. should not apply any artificial and unnecessary chains restricting future versions of our favourite OS and its market by only letting it run on licensed versions of third party hardware from licensed distributors.
The first batch of signatures were sent off to AmigaInc. almost one month ago by now, but we have yet to hear a reply from the company.
I have also added a new selection of comments from disappointed users and developers.
(While I'm at it, I'd like to ask new signatories to please use their full names when signing. If you wish to use an alias/nickname, please check the box to make your e-mail address "available to the petition author". It's been quite a chore to bug PetitionOnline to track some people down to verify/delete signatures.)"

ANN website
18.7.2002 AmiWest 2002 UGN Press Release
The UGN invites YOU to join us at the AmiWest 2002 show. This year we will begin the broadcast at 11:00 AM PST (GMT -7) on Saturday the 27th and cover the show till it ends on Sunday the 28th at 4:00 PM PST. I have been in contact with Bill McEwen and he will be available on Saturday for a live interview! The time has not been worked out but I promise to get that information to the website (http://ugn.amiga.org) as soon as it is available. Read more

Bill Borsari, Director UGN
18.7.2002 IOSPIRIT: Now also possible online registrations
"If you´ve bought a product directly from us after the 10th of April 2002 (no matter whether download-version or package-version), you´ve been automatically registered. Still if you bought our products via a dealer, you had to fill out and send in a registration-card or -form. As we always try to improve and easify our service for you, you can now save time and postage and directly register online.
A link to the online registration can be found in the left sidebar under "Service" or directly at http://register.iospirit.de/.

IOSPIRIT homepage
18.7.2002 AWeb Open Source News
Mailing list changes
aweb@sunsite.dk will become a read only user list. Users are encouraged to use the Yahoo! Groups AWebML instead. To sign up: awebml-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Bug reports should be posted there until we get Bugzilla up and running. We will catch up on them. :-)

A list of the people at AWeb Open Source is now up. Positions are open!

AWeb Open Source page

18.7.2002 Another CAPS update!
Finally it is finished... (phew) CAPS, the Classic Amiga Preservation Society, has had another huge update.
o Site completely redesigned
o Huge WIP including list of current protections known and an example format descriptor!
o List of all the games dumped in the last couple of months
Visit us here: http://www.caps-project.org

Kieron WIlkinson, CAPS website
18.7.2002 Download AMOS Now!
For those who are using an Amiga emulator, ADFs of the original AMOS disks for virtually all versions of Easy AMOS, AMOS the creator, AMOS Professional, AMOS 3D, and the AMOS Compilers have been released for free. They can be downloaded from the wonderful Back 2 the Roots web site in the /Tools/Dev/ directory. Use these disk images to continue using AMOS on your favorite emulator or to backup your currupt AMOS system disks!

AMOS Factory website
Back 2 the Roots website
17.7.2002 GoldED Studio AIX 2nd BETA
GoldED Studio AIX is the latest and last update for AmigaOS 3, replacing GoldED Studio 6. A public beta version is available for downloading now. The new GoldED Studio CD is on sale at a 25% preorder-discount during the betatest-week from 16/July to 22/July.
Release: second beta. File size: 9.5MB. Hardware requirements: 4-8 MB RAM and AmigaOS3. Graphics card recommended (the software can not be used with screen modes below 640x400). This is a demo version. Read more / download

GoldED Studio homepage
16.7.2002 Amiga Games Classifying - July / August 2002
It's time to vote at the AMIGA GAMES CLASSIFYING July / August 2002. We need the classifying of your prefered games actually.
Send us your classifying (20 games max) at our adress : daff1@club-internet.fr You can also vote at : http://agcweb.online.fr (now forms work with all browsers)
Remember you can put all kind of games (commercial, freeware, old, new,...). If your list don't have change since last time, simply reply this mail with the subject "no change for me". Final classifying will be published in early-August.

David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Classifying
16.7.2002 CyberGraphX V5 working with ATI Radeon Cards: Updated!
There are a number of new VFD CyberGraphX V5 driver projects in the works. One such project has been with ATI. The CyberGraphX V5 driver has been working with the Radeon range of cards from ATI for a few months now. Most all of the real work is now done by the CGX drivers not externaly.. such as display setup/init, 2d, ect. This means in time that the driver can be back-ported to run on any PCI adaptors such as the G-Rex PCI adaptor. The Radeon VE and Radeon 7500 models, along with a few others have been tested and are working great. Currently the driver supports the PC based BIOS Radeon cards out of the box. Here is a snapshot of MUIScreenMode running under CGX V5 on a ATI Radeon.

CyberGraphX homepage
16.7.2002 GoldED Studio AIX BETA (Demo)
GoldED Studio AIX is the latest and last update for AmigaOS 3, replacing GoldED Studio 6. A public beta version is available for downloading now. The new GoldED Studio CD is on sale at a 25% preorder-discount during the betatest-week from 16/July to 22/July.
Release: first beta. File size: 17.5MB. Hardware requirements: 4-8 MB RAM and AmigaOS3. Graphics card recommended (the software can not be used with screen modes below 640x400). This is a demo version. Read more / download, Discounts apply

GoldED Studio homepage
16.7.2002 Distributed BASIC
Distributed BASIC is a new BASIC interpreter released in form of a shared library. It is designed to be used by developers to add scripting capabilities to their software. Once loaded by an application, a BASIC scripting library will be available in the background, ready to execute BASIC programs. Distributed Basic was developed to provide clean and clear interfaces around it. It is easy to embed the language into an application and use it as a macro language like Rexx.
(L)GPL'ed release with full ANSI C source code. File size: 1 MB. Hardware requirements: AmigaOS3 for running the included binaries. Download

GoldED Studio homepage
16.7.2002 Software News
Updated: Mail.comForward v0.4, speex v0.5.0, muhstik v3.12.5, Anubis v3.2.3, abcm2ps v3.0.19, bnclient v0.1.
See History.

dcr8520, Amiga.sf
15.7.2002 OSnews: A Closer Look at the New Amiga Systems
Mike Bouma: "This article includes many exclusive pictures, 5 new AmigaOS4 screenshots and some exclusive AmigaOS4 information. Within the first section of this article I will try to give some relevant background information about the history of new Amiga products. Then sections will follow regarding the new PowerPC based Amiga hardware platform, the new AmigaOS4, how users can contribute and finally I will write about the potential niche markets for new Amiga systems." Read more

OSnews website
15.7.2002 Every Monday ! Chat with the Programmer of WHDload
Every Monday from 6-8 o'clock PM (MET) is an IRC-Chat with the Programmer of the tool WHDload.

Entrance data:
Server: irc.phat-net.org
Port: 6667
Channel: #whdload

Dennis Lohr via ANN

15.7.2002 Games & Software News
A new version of Freeciv (1.17) released
Freeciv is a turnbased multiplayer strategy game, released under the GNU General Public License. It is generally comparable with Civilization II®, published by Microprose®. The latest packages for Amiga computers are available on these sites.

SDL 1.2.4 beta released
This version updates SDL to the latest source tree and fixes some bugs of the previous version. The most important one is the SixK P96 fix for hicolor modes, I hope to get some reports of success or bug reports to release this to aminet and to libsdl.org in the next weekend. Read more

BibleView 1.2 on Aminet
Version 1.2 of BibleView bible text viewer has been uploaded to Aminet (text/show/BibleView.lha). BibleView supports multiple translations (currently King James Version, Vulgata, Finnish 1938 and 1992 versions), multiple windows, both 68xxx and WarpOs etc.

Sebastian Bauer's Homepage
Amiga SDL Home Page
Marko Raina

14.7.2002 Exotica News
Updated the Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 4.29. The following changes have occured since the last reported 4.19 release at ExoticA.

The Tracker History was updated to version 1.05.

Updated Scenery (Amiga and C64) to version V1.39 (June 2002 release). Scenery is a guide to groups, parties and releases on the c64/Amiga demoscene (pc is in development), and features what is likely the biggest, best and most comprehensive scene party index ever made public. It's an attempt to cover an important part of digital history, to accurately document things and events that otherwise might be forgotten.

Since the last news item on the 29th April, the UnExoticA game music section has had 9 updates, bringing the archive to 5718 files packed into 1131 archives. Thats over 321 megabytes of awesome tunes! For details of what has changed please read the Updates Page.

The old mailing list is unfortunately dead. A new list is available and I will post details on joining it soon. Hopefully I will be able to get hold of the list of subscribers to move them to the new list to save old subscribers some trouble.

Updated the ExoticA Intro Page with a second place entry drawn by TsunAmi for the Intro Logo Competition. You can view the full lossless PNG version on the Competition Page.

Read more

Exotica website

14.7.2002 Rainboot4 exclusive Screenshots and Infos
Rainboot4 is currently in development. In prior versions Rainboot was only a program to show stunning demos during the Amiga's boot process. But with Version 4 it made its step to become a complete multimedia authoring system, which means that it has now a programming script language, which allows the programmer to create applications in a very easy way. The programmer can use many of Rainboot4's functions which save him a lot of time. For example, you do not have to care if your application runs on Picasso96, Cgfx, AGA or ECS. That's Rainboot4's thing now! It does everything for you and it does it system friendly. Here's a short overview what's currently possible. Screenshots of Rainboot4

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
14.7.2002 Software News
Benchmark tool: AmigaMARK LPA 2002
Rupert Hausberger is working on a new Amiga Benchmark tool. With this program you can exactly analyse the performance of CPU, memory and drive. For the time being 16 CPU, 24 memory and 15 drive tests have been implemented. 2D and 3D Benchmarks will follow later in a separate tool. The first public beta will be released for 68k and MorphOS and needs the help of beta testers who may register at a given time...
More info and first beta screenshots available here

MorphOS News Sigbjørn Skjæret has released a new version (0.8.5) of ttflib for MorphOS. Changes: improved libcode. It's now much faster than before.
"I never thought it could be that fast! It's incredible!" -- a happy user

Amiga-news.de website
AmigaMARK LPA 2002 homepage
MorphOS homepage

13.7.2002 Webinterface for mailinglists on iospirit.de
"We offer free mailinglists as part of our service. By subscribing to a mailinglist you can discuss with other users, exchange the latest tips or just receive the latest news.
Starting with today, we also provide you with a webinterface that allows you to view all mails in a mailinglist that have been submitted until now.
You reach the webinterface by clicking on a list´s name in the mailinglist-overview (see "Service" on the left bar)."

Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT
13.7.2002 Software News
Andreas R. Kleinert released akPNG.datatype v45.3. Starting with V45.1 datatypes akJFIF/PNG/TIFF are Freeware, specifically targeted to high-end 68k machines and some Amithlon/UAE- specific optimizations have been made too.

PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX website
12.7.2002 Games News
P96 color problem resolved in few SDL binaries
SixK: "I have corrected the color problem with SDL & P96 with little-endian screens. You will find a couple of corrected binaries in this archive. This archive contains binaries for: epiar, freecraft, SDLInvaders, xsoldier.
For freecraft fullscreen seem's to not work anymore. Fullscreen for the other binaries is not tested but shouldn't work fine."

Little-endian version of Mame 0.60
SixK: "I have just released, with the help of Fab1, a little-endian version of Mame 0.60. This version will permit to have right colors with mame using little-endian screens with P96/CGX. This version will be particuly usefull for amithlon users like me that only have little-endian modes and can't play mame with the right colors.
Don't use this version with big-endian screen, this is only a fast and dirty hack, I hope to be able to make a version that will work in little-endian and big-endian mode, soon."


12.7.2002 Software News
New driver for Mroocheck PC Mouse Interface
ELBOX COMPUTER has released today the NEW driver for the Mroocheck (Punchinello MK II, Topolino MK II) PC mouse interface: Mroocheck.driver v2.0
The new driver allows calibration of A/D converter parameters in Amiga, independently for each direction of wheel movements.

New version of AmiStart out and available at GFX-BASE
Darius Brewka: "Hi to all, here is a new Final Release of AmiStart, perhaps not many new features, but for CGX and P96 users there is a nice Option to use AntiAliased TrueType Fonts.
Screenshot - showing the use of antialiased Truetype Fonts in AmiStart.
Please look in the documentation/history to take a watch on the news and how to use em. Especially I have removed some ToolTypes and leaved them out in the Global Prefs. Download AmiStart

GFX-BASE website

11.7.2002 GoldED Studio AIX
In a few days a final update for GoldED Studio will be released which combines the existing editor (release 6) with material from the aborted development of version 7: all-new graphics, an improved UI library and various updated add-ons. The package will include the Distributed BASIC interpreter with GPL'ed source code.
Preview: http://members.aol.com/golded6/images/snapshot.gif

Dietmar Eilert
11.7.2002 AmigaOneG3SE and AmigaOne XE Photos from AmigaMania in France
Photos from the meeting ArtBastringue/AmigaMania in Toulouse (FRANCE) June 22-23 2002
Gallery 1 AmigaMania13_1
Photos 13 - 20: AmigaOne G3 SE (ArticiaS Chipset, G3 600Mhz)
Photo 34: AmigaOne Running Linux
Photos 96 - 103: AmigaOne XE (Teron PX Board)

Gallery 2 AmigaMania13_2.
Photo 64-68: AmigaOneXE
Photo 68: AmigaOne XE CPU Module
Photos 37-40: AmigaOne running Linux

Amigart website

11.7.2002 H&P Special Sale: Freespace - The Great War
For a limited time (until 16. August 2002) H&P offer the full version of the amazing space-combat simulator from Hyperion at a very special price of 24 Euro. Buy it now or get more information on the game.

Haage&Partner website
11.7.2002 Akiko 1.6
Akiko 1.6, the CD32 & CDTV emulator for Windows was just released on the Airsoft Softwair homepage. This version can run more games and the compatibility was increased. Additionally this version contains now a cover archive with more than 160 covers for CD32 and CDTV games (of course they've been prepared to be displayed in the Akiko GUI). Therefore there are now two different versions of Akiko for download: One version that contains all the covers (8 MB) and one version that comes without covers (1.5 MB). Akiko 1.6 can now be downloaded from the Airsoft Softwair web page. Please have also a look in the documentation because I'm looking to buy some CD32 games and I still need some CDTV games for Akiko.

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
11.7.2002 HIGHWAY / SUBWAY YahooGroup
For customers and people interested in the HIGHWAY / SUBWAY boards a Yahoo group was founded. This mailing list is supposed to be a place for general information exchange on USB boards on the Amiga an experiences gained, as well as a helping hand for any problems encountered. Moreover, developers should also contribute to this list. You can find the group on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/highway_usb/
Read more

Amigart website
USB for Amiga website
11.7.2002 Software News
DirOpus 4.17 Pre 13 - improved version of great filemanager from GP Software. See History for details.
Please note that the catalog files are not up to date yet. You may encounter some strange/untranslated strings. This isn't a real problem though. If you don't like this, just delete the catalog files and use the English strings. Updated catalog files will be provided soon.

Directory Opus 4 Research Project page
10.7.2002 Mai Logic Inc. And Eyetech Group Ltd. Partner to Capture New Amiga Territory
Mai Logic Incorporated, a technology design house of integrated circuits/systems, today announced an agreement with Eyetech Group Ltd. to distribute the Teron CX and PX development systems in Europe, and to distribute production systems based on the Teron CX and PX designs to the Amiga market worldwide. Terms of the agreement emphasized both companies' long-term commitment to foster an unshakeable partnership and to create a bright future for the Amiga customers and partners. Read more

Mai Logic Inc. website
10.7.2002 Short Interview with Elbox
Mr. aracnet made a short interview with with Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER.

Amigart website
9.7.2002 Free hosting offer for Amiga related content sites
Merlancia is offering free web hosting for nonprofit Amiga, MorphOS, AROS, Be related websites.
"We are running our servers on a true T3 now, so we have plenty of bandwidth and space available. If anyone has Amiga content related sites that they need hosted, I have authorised our staff to offer free hosting on one of our machines to them. There really are some nice sites out there that are endangered of going away due to cost issues, which is a sad, but true reality for many web designers and creative individuals who deserve better [..]
Our servers have PhP4, Perl5, RebolView/Core and MySQL installed, so all of the above are available to you.
So if anyone needs a content site (e.g. non-commercial site) hosted, we can arrange this with you at no cost to you. This applies to Morph, AROS, and Be related sites too." Read more

ANN website
9.7.2002 Software News
Andreas R. Kleinert released another update of akMPEG4 V5.06 - MPEG video player (68K) with some optimizations with Amithlon (x86) in the mind.

A new update of the PatchBrain v1.42 for VirusExecutor has been released today, you can find the update Here. readme

PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX website
Virus Help Denmark Amiga

9.7.2002 Payback on Windows and Linux
"Payback is coming to Windows and Linux! We hope to get it finished in about two months. In the mean time, there's short status report (including some early screenshots of the software renderer) here.

Apex Designs website
8.7.2002 DBPro-Community: We are moving to a new Server
The homepage of the Digibooster Professional Community will not be attainable for some days, since a server removal lines up. Furthermore the DBPro Community found now a new Web master, which cares for the HP. www.digiboosterpro.de will be availble as fast as possible again :)
If you want to get in touch with us: Visit our IRC-Channel on server: irc.phat-net.org; port: 6667; cwhannel: #digiboosterpro

8.7.2002 Software & Games News
A new update of antivirus software VirusZ III has been released today. You can find the new v0.9b update Here. readme

SixK released RMC 0.4, the Reaction MySql Client. This release have far less bugs than the latest.

SixK: I've just added Freecraft 1.17.2.
Changes since last release:
- multiplayer is tested and work on amiga
- few bugs fixed
- Sound still disable for amiga

For all SDL games, you can have the good colors with P96 when you play SDL games in window mode with a 16 bits (not 16 Bits PC) Workbench.

Virus Help Denmark Amiga

7.7.2002 Amiga Flame Articles
AmigaOne Software Line-Up
This week Amiga Flame responds to the requests from readers for more details about AmigaOne titles by presenting a line-up of some AmigaOne software. I hope this feature will help convince readers that by the time AmigaOne is launched, there will be a wide range of software; games of all genres and serious software to suit your every need, whether it be browsing the internet or for creativity purposes.

Convincing the Undecided
In an effort to encourage Amiga users to purchase a $50 coupon from the Amiga Anywhere Shop I have decided to post each day some of the messages posted by Amiga users in forums, mailing lists, and in other places. I am confident that you will take a real interest in reading what they have to say and I hope that you will be convinced that we must get involved and show developers that their will soon exist a viable and thriving AmigaOne market.

Kickoff 2002 - The Legend is Back
Amiga Flame also reveals that Virtual Programming have formally announced that they have reached an agreement with Anco, which will allow them to produce an Intent/ AmigaDE conversion of Anco's Kickoff 2002. Intent/ AmigaDE will soon have its first soccer game.

Philip Cosby, Amiga Flame

7.7.2002 Pegasos: Pictures from the Thendic France Presentation in Bordeaux
MorphOS News This weekend there was the first french public presentation of Pegasos and MorphOS done by Thendic France in Bordeaux.
These pictures and video were taken by Bertrand "Frodon" Presles.

7.7.2002 Screenshots...
Screenshots of SIN LinuxPPC Demo Running on AmigaOneG3-SE
Ole Egil has posted new screenshots of SIN Linux PPC demo version running on his AmigaOneG3-SE. (Game runs at 800x600, software renderer, all options enabled, 16 bit textures config.)

Zune screenshots
There are 2 new screenshots of Zune (a MUI clone for AROS) showing the Locale, Input, Serial and Font preference programs and also a barebone Zune prefs editor and another little application, testing the layout engine. You can see how Zune is improving!

Screenshots of MacOnLinux Running on AmigaOneG3SE.
There are 2 screenshots (pic 1, pic 2) of MacOnLinux (MOL) running on AmigaOneG3SE. One has a window open with details of the system processor and shows OS9 loading. The other one is a pic of the Mac version of Netscape running on OS9 running on MOL running on an AmigaOne displaying Amiga.Orgs webpage. These pics have apparentlly been posted on the Slashdot thread.

Amigart website
Ole Egil's Screenshots from Linux on the A1G3-SE page
ANN website
AROS homegae

7.7.2002 Software News
Richard Griffith released ttf.library v0.8.5 - truetype compatible font engine for AmigaOS.
Changes since last version:
Fixes in family support. To correct family support problems, reinstall of family enabled fonts is required.
Memory use on large fonts should be reduced.

Separate archives are available with optimized versions for 68020, 030, 040 and 060, as well as generic 68000 series CPU's.

Hyperion have released the source code for MiniGL on Aminet.
MiniGL is a 3D API which is compatible to OpenGL(tm). It implements a subset of that API and was designed for speed. Therefore it directly interfaces with Warp3D. This also means that there is currently no software mode. readme

ttf.library homepage

6.7.2002 100%AMIGA CD Magazine Issue 26 - Out Now!
The July issue of 100%AMIGA, the World's only monthly interactive Amiga CD magazine is now available. This month we go behind the scenes in "The Making of 100%AMIGA", we take a look at M.R.E. and we see if the only remaining Amiga Word Processor, AMIGA WRITER 2.2, can do the business! Plus all the latest headlines read to you "TV style" by our very own newsreader. Click here to see our new summer look and a glimpse at some of our content.

FORE-MATT Home Computing website
6.7.2002 Bring out yer AROS bootlogs!
"Want to help AROS development but don't have programming knowledges? Don't worry, here's a way for you to contribute to the AROS effort.
If you have two computers at home, one of which must by force be a PC IBM AT compatible, please try out this floppy image and follow the instructions below:
1) Connect the two machines trough a null-modem cable
2) Start a terminal program on one machine and set it to 9600 bps, 8 data bits, No parity, 1 stop bit. Start logging.
3) Boot up the AROS image on the PC and let the boot log flow trough your serial cable.
4) When finished, please email the log to aros-bootlogs@lists.sourceforge.net

The more time you keep AROS running the more informations will be logged, the more you'll help AROS development. Thank you for your support!"

Fabio Alemagna, AROS Developer
6.7.2002 The Crypt 24 - Alien Encounters - is now out
This issue explores the concept of whether we`re alone in the Universe. All the facts are placed before you to make up your own mind, and we have some very tangible facts as well from sources all around the world. This issue is nearly 10mb in size, and we have plenty to keep you interested on these hot summer days (Yeh!) So come inside and have you own Alien Encounter.

Steve Evans, The Crypt
6.7.2002 The Support Bernie! (Amithlon) Petition
Kelvin Shirley has set up a petition to show the community's support to Bernie Meyer and Amithlon. You can sign it here.

ANN website
6.7.2002 Software News
Free key for ak datatypes pre-45.x
Anyone who wants to use the pre-45.x versions of ak datatypes (akJFIF/PNG/TIFF) with a PPC card now can do so, with these free keyfiles. readme

akMPEG + new download page
"I've done some x86 elf plugins and other optimizations for akMPEG now, with Amithlon in the mind. On my Athlon 1800 it's now possible to achieve better audio/video results than I previously could with any PPC card."
New Amithlon-optimized versions of akMPEG and ak datatypes can by download from this page.

Click here to download the latest YAM v2.4 development version, compiled 6.7.2002. Fully optimized 68020 version only. Click here to view the last ChangeLog.

Andreas Kleinert

5.7.2002 CompuQuick July Update
CompuQuick's Update for July 2002.

Amiga.org website
5.7.2002 New manager for DigiBoosterPro
APC-TCP thinks that DigiBoosterPro should be developed further for the users and of course for its own purpose. Because of that and that a new version of this unique can be soon published it has been decided that Dennis Lohr will be the new manager for DigiBoosterPro.
You will get information etc. directly from him. His new email address is: music@psyria.de. The DigiBoosterPro community is available under www.digiboosterpro.de.

Amiga-News.de website
5.7.2002 Software News
BarsnPipes v1.15 - MIDI sequencer Bars&Pipes further developed by Alfred Faust (freeware).
New in this version: Screenmoderequester, gadtools-GUI, most requesters may be used by keyboard-shortcuts, CAMD-Library, new 32 colors design, Localisation - a german catalog is included, and much more.
For further information read the history in the included BnP_Addenum.guide.

Paul Heams released new beta version of Sid4Amiga (3.40). - ultimate C64 Sid Player for 68k or PPC Amigas! It's full release with DSP Reverb and SidPlay Emulation Libraries.

Alfred Faust's homepage
Sid4Amiga homepage

4.7.2002 A Nudge In The Right Direction
The AmigaOne and AmigaOS 4.0 are nearly here, but it's time to pledge support prior to release... A Nudge In The Right Direction, new article by John Chandler on suite101.com.

suite101.com website
4.7.2002 fxSCAN 4.0 benchmarks, special offer ends soon!
On the fxSCAN-website you can now also find benchmark-results that document the speed increase of version 4.0 and 68K/PPC when compared to version 3.0. All in all the OCR´s speed has increased by 650 percent even on one of the slowest PPC-boards.
The delivery of fxSCAN 4.0 has already started. Nevertheless our special offer (save 10 EUR!!) is still valid until 07.07.2002. So don´t wait any longer and save money by placing your order now!

Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT
3.7.2002 New snapshot of AROS available
"I have made a new binary and source snapshot release of AROS. Thought it might be a good idea, since there aren't any nightly builds available and the latest snapshot release was 7 months ago. :) You can download it from SourceForge, at the AROS download page
I haven't done much testing, but i386-pc does boot on my machine atleast. :) There's a huge number of changes since the last snapshot which I won't go into (since I don't really remember them all). One new thing to play with though is Zune (our MUI clone) which is included in this release (in contrib)."

Adam Chodorowski via ANN
4.7.2002 News about Tales of Tamar
Again once pieces of news regarding valley OF Tamar gives Ladies and Gentlemen. We would be pleased if you of our play to report:
Finally, Tales of Tamar can be preordered. We also took the opportunity to redesign our homepage to make it even easier for you to order. :-)
Take a look at www.tamar.net. We hope you will enjoy the new look and consider to buy this unique new game.
Tales Of Tamar will be shipped in September/October 2002.

Alexander Johannes, Valley OF Tamar
4.7.2002 Software Hut newsletter
Welcome to another edition of the Software Hut Newsletter. As the 4th of July approaches and all of us are complaining about the heat (I know I am) things are also heating up in the Amiga market.

Amiga.org website
3.7.2002 Computer City: 'I am Amiga' Club
Rotterdam, july 3rd 2002 - starting today, Amiga users in the Benelux can order their 'I Am Amiga' club membership through Computer City. Various payment methods are offered, including bank transfers to Belgium and Dutch bank accounts.
A (Dutch) webform is set up at http://www.compcity.nl/iamamiga. For more informarmation please contact Ron van Herk at info@compcity.nl.

Computer City
3.7.2002 AmigaOne runs MOL (MacOnLinux)
"Just thought I'd let it be known to the people interested in running Mac apps that I successfully ran MOL on my AmigaOne developer board. It was able to boot Mac OS 9 from a partition on a SCSI drive from my PowerMac 8500 that I installed in my AmigaOne. It took less than 30 minutes to download, compile, install, and configure following the instructions on the www.maconlinux.com website. It runs at least as well or better then MacOnLinux ran on my 8500 running YDL 2.1 Linux.
I'm under the impression that MOL runs better with the newworld ROMs and will be testing that shortly. The nice thing was that there wasn't any problems in getting in running. PS. I'm running YellowDogLinux 2.2 on my AmigaOne"

Adam via AmigaOne ML
3.7.2002 Titan Computer: New screenshots of Rage Hard
MorphOS News Titan Computer released few screenshots of their upcomming 3D shooter Rage Hard.

Michael Garlich via MorphOS ML
Titan Computer website
3.7.2002 Software News
A new update of VirusExecutor 2.24 has been released today. VirusExecutor is a virus killer that's meant to be easy to use You can find the update here. readme

SatraDB still under development
Development of SatraDB has been very slow over the last few months due to commitments in other areas. The project has not been forgotten about and is being progressed as time allows.
SatraDB is a database management system for AmigaOS (3.5). Designed as a database server, SatraDB will provide standard database services like, transaction processing, read consistency and deadlock detection.
Development is progressing well, current development is on the transaction processing module. Work on the SQL engine is complete providing a basic SELECT statement with inner joins, Cartesian products and a where clause. A full list of completed features will shortly be available on the product details page. The design of SatraDB is 87% complete with development reaching 76% complete. Take a look at the SatraDB product details.

HSMathLibs final versions nearly finished
HSMathLibs V.44.50 Beta 2 (for MC68881/82) and 8 (for MC68040/060) nearly finished
Matthias Henze: "Finally the German version of the HSMathLibs is finished. Betatests are closed and translations are under work. After a very long time there will be a new version of the HSMathLibs again. This is for all registered users. But there will be a new demo version as well. I can´t tell an explicit date of release now, it depends on how fast the translations will be finished.
I am sorry that there has been no new version of the HSMathLibs for so long, but there was no other possibility and there were reasons. With my comment regarding the news "HSMathLibs Version 44.50 Beta 2 und 8" from June, the 22nd 2002 I wrote some issues about that."

Virus Help Denmark Amiga
Satra Systems website
Amiga-news.de website
HSMathLibs homepage

3.7.2002 Another Software News
Updated: muhstik (v3.12.1), Anubis (v3.2.1), speex (v0.4.0) .
Added: GnuYahoo! v0.3.pre0, java2html v1.7, xmlclitools v1.25, cave v1.0, abcm2ps v3.0.16.
Also there is available a new section, for Developers, with Libs and others dependencies for GCC. See History.

dcr8520, Amiga.sf
2.7.2002 KDH Datentechnik: 'I am Amiga' Club
KDH Datentechnik: "We offer you the opportunity to join the 'I am Amiga' Club at Amiga Inc. Being a member you will receive a T-Shirt dispalying your membership in the 'I am Amiga' Club. You will also receive a voucher with a value of EUR 50,00. This voucher can be used if you buy an AmigaOne and /or AmigaOS 4.0 with KDH. In addition you will receive a newsletter which will inform you about any News happening at Amiga Inc. You will receive the T-Shirts and the Newsletter directly from Amiga Inc. Please observe the 'I am Amiga' Club activity is a promotion under the resposibility of Amiga Inc.. KDH Datentechnik is just offering help to easy the entry into the club mebership.
Orders and payments (EUR 50.00) are accepted via our Shop There is no shipping cost for this promotion, even if the shop says so :) This promotion is valid till July 2002 - 12pm."

KDH Datentechnik website
2.7.2002 Vesalia Computer: 'I am Amiga' Club
Vesalia: "The 'I am Amiga Club' promotion is entirely carried out by Amiga Inc., Vesalia Computer is only the mediator to collect the funds for Amiga Inc. The dispatch of the shirts, the coupon discount and the prize draw are done by Amiga Inc."
For further informationen and details about the club and the prize draw, please have a look at Amiga Inc.'s website: AmigaDE Shop: I am Amiga Club.

Vesalia Computer website
2.7.2002 Payback News
One new map and one updated map have been added to the Extra Maps Page.

Philipp Bödeker and Ricco Clemens have also written a Payback Workshop to guide you through Payback's Map Editor.

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2.7.2002 AmiWest 2002 information release #4
"Some of you may not be on the Amiga Inc. mailing list, so we have decided to send this Amiga Community message from Bill McEwen to our AmiWest 2002 mailinig list. Our apologies if this is a duplicate. Notice, as well, that AmiWest 2002 will be the venue for some very important announcements about the new machines and software. AmiWest 2002 information release #4

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2.7.2002 Yet another USB stack is comming
When asked what USB stack Elbox will use for their Mediators Darek Dulian of Support Department with Elbox Computers wrote:
"Hi, We use our own USB stack. Best regards, Darek Dulian"

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2.7.2002 Software News
Jabberwocky v1.2 - jabber client software for Amiga. There are only small changes: Fixed embarrasing enforcer hit.
Jabber is an instant messaging system, similar to ICQ or AIM, yet far different. It is open source, absolutely free, simple, fast, extensible, modularized, and cross platform.

Sebastian Bauer released new versions of NList (v0.92) and NListree (v18.14) MUI Custom Classes.

akMPEG4 V5.00 (w/o PPC support, w/ Amithlon optimizations) is now available for download.

Jabberwocky Amiga client homepage
Sebastian Bauer's Homepage
Andreas Kleinert

1.7.2002 Bill McEwen on the Amiga Promotion
In this updated Executive Update, Bill McEwen discusses the current Amiga promotion and elaborates on qualifying products, global availability and a change in the promotion. Read the Executive Update here.

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1.7.2001 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#020630).

Brad Webb, Amiga Update
1.7.2002 Software News
Frogger 2.0 (aka NG) preview released!
Its been a while since last Frogger release, but I belive it was worth waiting ;) Version 2.0 has been basically written from scratch, and can now play, besides mpeg and str movies, also avi (Windows Media), qt (Quicktime), rm (RealMedia), asf/wmv (Advanced Streaming Format) and roq (ID games movie format) files. See features to learn more about what this baby can do for you. You can download version for PPC (PowerUP, WarpUP and MorphOS) as well as 68k version here. Most of audio/video codecs are now distributed as external plugins, so remember to download codecs, either ppc or 68k, depending on what version you prefer. Please note, that this release should be considered as beta, with lot of things still missing, and with lot of bugs (some known, check included documentation for more info, and some still waiting to be discovered...) Now enjoy.

ProStation: AudioNew ASD-1 ALPS plugin
ASD-1 is a new recursive delay with echoes running at different speed and pitch than the master signal. DSP implementation, not reproductable with analog fx devices. Works with any version of ProStationAudio for AmigaOS. Speed can be manually modulated in realtime (for recording to disk "realtime modulation performances" a full version of ProStationAudio is needed). Download ASD-1 here.

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