31.7.2001 Image FX 4.5 Announced
Nova Design, Inc., the leaders in graphics software for the Amiga, announced and demonstrated a brand new upgrade to their award-winning package ImageFX at the AmiWest 2001 show on July 28th and 29th. Read More

Nova Design, Inc. website
31.7.2001 Gary Peake's (Amiga Inc) thoughts about AOS4-PPC,A1 and Amithlon
"We did it because we think it "might" bring back some of the ex-Amigans who are now using PC's. This gives them a chance to see OS3.9 running. If we get back just one, that is one more Amiga user
The way forward is PPC AmigaOne and AmigaDE as we (Amiga Inc) have stated numerous times in every mailing list.
This emulator is to bring back people from the past to the future.
To get the good stuff AmigaPPC developers are now coding, they'll have to get an AmigaOne. But they won't know there IS an AmigaOne nor that we have gone PPC if we give them no incentive to look. There are plenty of 3.9 apps that run on the emulator so the ex-Amigans can see what we have and get interested again. It is also pretty cool to run at work and blow some people's minds when they walk by and see ImageFX fired up on your work PC. :) We hope you don't waste your time going backwards. Eyetech and Hyperion (amongst others) are the way to the future for us all.
Help me explain "it is an emulator for OS3.9 with no AGA", but it runs 3.9 RTG apps really fast. :)"

Amigart website
Gary Peake, AmigaInc. via AmigaOne ML
31.7.2001 Statements on AmigaOS x86 annoucement
Rüdiger Hanke's statement on Amiga's AmigaOS X86 annoucement.

PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX's comments regarding the Amithlon development.

My (ExiE's) point of view:
"I think the biggest mistake with AmigaOS 1.0 x86 is what Amigalnc's referred to it as in their AmiWest speech. IMHO it would make sense to call it simply 'Amithlon or (Amix for example) the 68k Amiga emulator' and there would be no confusion what's going on and what's the purpose of this software."


31.7.2001 Suite101.com July Update
Not one but two new ways to run AmigaOS and applications on x86 hardware fast. 'What Are The Odds...?', new article by John Chandler on suite101.com.

suite101.com website
31.7.2001 Amiga Arena: Interview
"A big and interested interview with Rüdiger Hanke is now online! Rüdiger Hanke is the developer of Amiga version of Exult - role-playing game engine capable of running Ultima 7 data files, Ghostscript Amiga port and many filters for PageStream. (German/English)

Amiga Arena website
31.7.2001 Unofficial Micronik Busboard Support Site has moved
Mike Woods: "I have just finished moving my support site from it's old hosting with freeservers to paid hosting and a new address, the site can now be reached at www.microniksupport.n3.net or www.planetheck.co.uk/~micronik."

Mike Woods, Micronik Busboard Support Site
31.7.2001 Earth 2140 Mission Pack
The release of Earth 2140 Mission Pack for both Mac and Amiga is scheduled for late august. The Mission Pack brings over 80 new missions to the original EARTH 2140 as well as 2 new buildings, 6 completely new units and one new terrain.

e.p.i.c. interactive website
31.7.2001 The Commodore Billboard Has Been Updated
Lots of classic Commodore marketing material has been scanned and added to The Commodore Billboard. List of changes

The Commodore Billboard is the internet's largest archive of Commodore marketing material such as adverts, brochures, tv-commercials, merchandise etc.

Amiga.org website
The Commodore Billboard website

31.7.2001 Exotica Updated
Updated Scenery (Amiga and C64) to version V1.20 (29th July 2001 release). Scenery is a guide to groups, parties and releases on the c64/Amiga demoscene (pc is in development), and features what is likely the biggest, best and most comprehensive scene party index ever made public. It's an attempt to cover an important part of digital history, to accurately document things and events that otherwise might be forgotten.
Updated ExoticA's mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection to version 4.2. The collection now contains 16,320 C64 tunes. ExoticA offers the music individually via a simple to use HTML Interface or you can download them all in one large GZIP'd TAR Archive - HVSC.tar.gz. To see whats new you can check out the e-mail announcement text - update27.txt. For more in depth changes, you can refer to the update logs in the DOCUMENTS/ Directory.

Exotica website
31.7.2001 REPULSE Audio Card Review updated slightly
"I updated my review of the REPULSE Audio Card slightly, due to some useful info and feedback I received and heard indirectly from other REPULSE owners, Alien-Design, etc.
My Review of the REPULSE Audio Card by Alien Design now contains some extra info, user tips, and a few other improvements. It has finally shown up on Aminet under MyRepulse2.txt."

Brent Santin via ANN website
31.7.2001 Software News
WarpTIFF.datatype v44.1 - freeware TIFF picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS). Supports 5.0 and 6.0 TIFF spec, including Packbits, Thunderscan, CCITT (fax), Pixar, LogLuv (CIE and SGILog) and Deflate (zip) encodings, and uncompressed files. LZW and JPEG encodings are currently unsupported.
NEW: Initial release.

WarpDTPrefs v44.5 - freeware preferences program for WarpJPEG, PNG, BMP, PSD & TIFF datatypes.
NEW: Added support for WarpTIFF, recompiled with VBCC 0.8.

Beta version 40.7 of Scalos has been uploaded. See the Version History page for what's changed in this version. Get it from the Downloads page. Again, if you find any bugs, please be sure to report them using bug reporting page here.

Oliver Roberts' homepage
Scalos homepage

30.7.2001 Hyperion blasts idea of x86 Amiga OS
Following the recent article in AmigActive and the announcement of the "Amithlon" product at Amiwest, we received quite a number of e-mails of people asking us our opinion about the desirability of a x86 AmigaOS as opposed to a PPC native OS.
Would we support it? What would be the consequences of a native x86 for Amiga developers?

In one word: disastrous. A native x86 Amiga OS would spell the end of all serious commercial development for Amiga OS. Read more

You should also check this thread on ANN.

Ben Hermans, Managing partner Hyperion Entertainment

30.7.2001 Reaction to AmiWest Announcements
"Following recent announcements and discussions about an Amiga emulator running on x86 hardware (note: Amiga's announcement at AmiWest concerns a different product to the one mentioned in issue 23 of Amiga Active), we'd like to know what you - the users and developers within the Amiga community - make of it all. Note: Amiga hope to have official announcements on their web site within a few days."

Amiga Active mag website
30.7.2001 Kaliko Looking for talented people
"Kaliko is a new development-team dedicated to create games for Amiga, AmigaDE and other platforms. Our first game will hopefully be published in a couple of weeks and we have many ongoing projects. We are currently looking for talented people to join our team and to help us create high-quality games. We are looking especially for graphicians and coders, but we welcome all interest. If you are interested, please email fredrik@kaliko.net."

Fredrik Schultz, Kaliko
30.7.2001 Nordic Global News
Holger Kruse: "I am afraid during the last year I have had virtually no time for Amiga-related things, have not been able to respond to communication on a regular basis, and my Amigas along with parts of my user and registration list have been powered down for quite a while. This is unlikely to change any time soon, although I expect to have some time during the next two months to at least partially catch up with email and help with registration-related issues. Whether I will have time for further development and participation in mailing lists etc. I don't know yet. Recently users have tried to contact me in very aggressive ways, e.g. through my employer. Please do NOT do that ! I cannot and will not respond to any Miami-related query sent to my employer. At best any emails sent there will be forwarded to my regular email address. Same for phone calls: my private line is NOT a support line, I only pick up calls from known callers (caller id), and support-related phone calls will not be returned. I have neither the time nor the inclination to come home from work only to deal with even more "computer stuff". I am sure you understand. For urgent, registration-related issues, bugs etc. please send email to "miami-support@nordicglobal.com". This is a new mailbox, so far spam-free, allowing me to respond a little more quickly than recently. It may still take a week or two though, depending on how much time I have. Please check this web page for new information."

Nordic Global website
18.6.2001 Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena Interview Action!
A big Interview with Frank Reibold Developer from MicroBase and Micropaint is Online (German/English)!

Amiga Arena Special Offer
MicroPaint and Microbase are avaiable for a Special Offer!

Only for the last days you can get LangTool, XADmaster, GeoWorld and SoundFX for a special Offer too!

Olaf Köbnik, Amiga Arena

30.7.2001 Big Book of Amiga Hardware Updated
Big Book of Amiga Hardware updated: many new entries, pictures and updated/corrected informations...
The complete list of changes

Big Book of Amiga Hardware website
30.7.2001 JabberWocky development has stoppped
Gürer Özen, the author of JabberWocky said this on the mailing list: "I completely stopped developing amiga software. That means there won't be new versions of Jabberwocky." It might be possible for another coder to take over development if Gürer releases the source code. Or for another coder to make a Jabber client, as the standard is well documented.

Richard Brooklyn via ANN
30.7.2001 Software News
ACUP (Imagine Amiga Constant Upgrade Program) status update: added 3 new AREXX scripts for the Stage editor to the ACUP download area.

"The first public beta of version 3 of the rename program SRename is available at my home page at http://users.forthnet.gr/ath/cnicol/index.htm.

A new version 1.24 of A/NES CGFX has been released. Some minor stuff has been added/fixed. For example, better timing (a little faster) & an accurate palette has finally been included.

CAD-Technologies website
Constantinos Nicolakakis
Morgan Johansson, A/NES CGFX homepage

29.7.2001 AmiWest links
Unofficial and incomplete Amithlon FAQ
Slashdot's coverage of the AmiWest Amiga news
UGN: AmiWest 2001 pictures

29.7.2001 Cloanto joins Saku 2001
VANTAA, FINLAND - July 29, 2001 - Cloanto's president Michael C.Battilana has agreed to join Saku 2001. Newest versions of Amiga Forever and Amiga Explorer will be demonstrated.
Fleecy Moss, Vice President of Amiga Inc., will attend the show and demonstrate the latest Amiga products such as the AmigaDE. A representative of Matay company will present their new PCI bridge, the Prometheus. The Mediator PCI bridge will also be demonstrated with a Voodoo3 graphics card. Latest versions of Nova Design's ImageFX and Aladdin4D are available for testing. Finnish Amiga retailer Gentle Eye Ky offers a variety of Amiga products to buy at the venue. Other highlights and competitions are planned. Read more

Finnish Amiga Users Group website
29.7.2001 ArtEffect Plugin Collection
"Finally - the biggest effects and filters collection for ArtEffect is available. It consists of more then 333 loaders/savers, borders, filters and special effects.
We heavily extended this collection since our first announcement. Now it also contains AE Superview with about 30 loader and saver modules." Read more

Haage & partner website
29.7.2001 Amiga Security Page Updated
Amiga Security Page Update ASP offers new documents about active firewalling, basic hackerdetection, interactive firewallrules and the future plans and project, which need to be done to increase security. Highest priority has the sshd port. Updates and new tools and documents nearly daily.

Cyborg via ANN
Cyborg`s Amiga Security Page
29.7.2001 AIO issue 49 is now out
AIO issue 49 is out and available at AIO page or on Aminet (soon).

Amiga Information Online webpage
29.7.2001 New section on Amigapage
"Grafica is the new section of AmigaPage' site. With this new project we want to publish images of WB Screen Grab, FunArt, Pictures, Paints and Photos of someone who want to see his works on internet. So this section is for everyone who visit AmigaPage. I usually think to a slogan for advertise this project and my conclusion is: "AmigaPage' site made by yourself". This kind of initiative is to make user more involve to AmigaPage and at same time permits him to partecipate. Make AmigaPage Grafica section bigger than now... we look foreward you!"

Marco Lovera, AmigaPage
28.7.2001 Software News
New Amiga version 0.36R7 of Tales of Tamar the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Linux/SDL and Windows released.

Lame MP3 encoder version 3.89 (WarpOS). This fixes some endian problems which were present in the previous compile. sources

htmldoc v1.8.14 (WarpOS) - converts HTML to Postscript and PDF. sources

Tales Of Tamar homepage
Page of Amiga projects by Jarmo Laakkonen

28.7.2001 AmiWest News
AmigaOS PPC (4.x) and Eyetech's AmigaOne are scheduled for November 1st 2001.
Merlancia have rights to the Walker and MCC designs.
There will be SHEEP preview with-in 90 days.

There will be also new 68K emulator codaname Amithlon for x86 platform. It boots a very small part of linux first, and then runs the emulator. But the linux is not visible anywhere, you only see some BoingBall at boot time. According to betatesters it is fastest 68k Amiga ever made :-) All apps that runs on AmigaOS and uses the OS APIs will run fine.

Amiga plans PR material to be relesaed before wednesday, so watch out for it!

AmiWest IRC log


28.7.2001 Audio streams from AmiWest
Keynote speech, Question and Answer session and other mp3 streams from AmiWest you can find on http://korvil.myip.org/amiga/ or http://trinity.refused.net/amiga/.

#amiwest irc channel
28.7.2001 Payback PPC screenshots
"Two new and two updated cities are now available for Payback in the Extra Maps section. I've also added a new 3D mode to the upcoming PPC version of the game which rotates the view according to the speed and direction of the player. I've posted some screenshots of this feature in action on the screenshots page."

Apex Designs website
28.7.2001 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#010727).

Amiga Update website
28.7.2001 Exclusive Interview With Edivision
Patrick Roberts, Jeremy Engelman, and Steven Haun. The team from Edivision, one of Amigas latest partners. Amiga.org interviewed them last week about their Amiga links, opinions and their forth comming products.

Amiga.org website
28.7.2001 Voodoo 3 3000 AGP at 20 UKP from Blittersoft
Blittersoft have acquired a batch of Voodoo III 3000 AGP cards. These should be suitable for the AmigaONE, seeing as it is to support AGP.
Blittersoft has a limited amount at a special price of £20 UKP plus VAT (if applicable) and shipping. To order securely online, go to: http://www.blittersoft.com/cgi-bin/ams/shopzone30.cgi/st_prod.html?p_prodid=523.

Amigart website
Blittersoft website
28.7.2001 Software News
env-handler v1.10 - HappyENV replacement. env-handler is a RAM disk specialized for enviroment variables that are usually located in RAM:Env. readme.

CVS v1.11.1p1 (Concurrent Versions System) - version control system, which allows you to keep track of all of your files (usally source code), keep a log of who, when, and why changes occurred, etc., like RCS or SCCS.
Bug fix release.

Stephan Rupprecht's Homepage
CVS AmigaOS port homepage

27.7.2001 Audiolabs will buy you a ticket to AmiWest!
Audiolabs will be back at AmiWest this year, and everyone who purchases a copy of ProStationAudio Millennium will be reimbursed for the price of their AmiWest ticket!
This is in addition to the current special price of $275USD for the Millennium package which includes ProStationAudio v4 with 32 channel capability ($325USD value), AudioLab16 release 3 ($125USD value), a full complement of DSP plugins, sample projects, tutorials, and movies on a set of three compact discs.
And finally, all buyers will receive a bottle of cheap italian red wine to wash all that down with, compliments of the US distributors, EMRL Media Group.

Floyd Diebel via ANN
AudioLabs website
27.7.2001 H&P: Just haggle a bit.....
On 25. July 2001 the German discount law was suspended, so vendors can give discounts.
Hence Haage&Partner start a project: "Tell us for which price you would purchase a product and we will see whether we will do business with you.
Enter your name, e-mail address, desired price and a nice reason into a form - and then we will see..."

Amiga-news.de website
Haage & partner website
26.7.2001 The Feeble Files for Amiga
Thomas Steiding of e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment GmbH wrote: "Last week we received a few more pre-orders for a possible Amiga port of the cartoon adventure The Feeble Files. At this time we have altogether 298 pre-orders, so 102 still are missing, which should be sent either to us (order@epic-interactive.com) or to a stockist like KDH Datentechnik, who participate in this project. This pre-order project will be valid thru 12. August 2001. If there will be less than 400 pre-orders until that date, unfortunately an Amiga version of The Feeble Files (and probably any further Amiga port by e.p.i.c.) will be impossible to be done."
Reminder note: The Feeble File requires an Amiga with a 4 MB graphics board, 32 MB of memory, an a 68060 OR a PPC CPU. The game costs 99,95 DM and will be shipping on 2 CD's with both German and English version.

Amiga-news.de website e.p.i.c. interactive website
26.7.2001 Interview with Hyperon Entertainment
"Amiga Future released today an interview with Hyperion Entertainment (english/german). Go to http://www.amigafuture.de and click on the "english" button. There you will find the list with all english interviews available."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
26.7.2001 Amiga Security Page Online
"Thx to Aminet admins, the Amiga has now a Security Webpage. You can find tools for analysing router- & miami logfiles, a fast workaround for the birc exploit and ofcourse Amiga`s most advanced portscanner in a new release. In the Firewall Section we develop a firewallsetup and will show how to protect your amiga and other`s. We just started so it will take time to increase tools and documents. I work for a NIDS System based on MiamiDX (hopefully working on other stacks :) If you wanne be part of it, mail me."

Marius Schwarz via ANN Cyborg`s Amiga Security Page
26.7.2001 H&P: Special Summer Sale
For a limited time you can buy some of H&P's products at a special price:
ArtEffect 4 for only 89 DM (~39 USD)
AmigaWriter 2.2 for only 89 DM (~39 USD)
Fontmachine for only 69 DM (~30 USD)
HyperCOM1 for only 39 DM (~17 USD)

Haage & partner website
26.7.2001 Software News
AmigAIM 0.9428 BETA - an AIM Client for the Amiga by Richard H. Poser II. history

MySql_3.23.40 (base archive for 040). New error messages have been added, so you'll have to copy the binaries and language directory too, if you just want to upgrade. For those who wants to use special character set, just have a look at the startmysqld script and mysql:language/charsets/ directory.
For more informations about changes in this version, look at the official MySql Site.

Official AmigAIM Page
Da SixK Port Page

25.7.2001 Amiga USB cards prototypes
Amiga USB Central has published some photos of USB Amiga 1200 clockport and Zorro 2 prototype boards.

Amiga USB Central website
25.7.2001 Amiga Active Issue 23 Out Tomorrow!
Take a look at what's inside issue 23 of Amiga Active magazine - out tomorrow!

Subscribe and Win Tickets to WoASE!
"We're giving subscribers to Amiga Active magazine the chance to win a free pair of tickets to this year's World of Amiga South East Show on November 3rd. The draw will take place on August 31st 2001. If, on this date, you're a subscriber due to receive issue 25 of Amiga Active, you'll be in with a chance of winning those tickets!
So what are you waiting for? If you're not a subscriber yet, head on over to our secure online order form and be in with a chance of winning those tickets! Winners will be announced in issue 25 of Amiga Active.

"Issues 21 and 22 Now Available
Issues 21 and 22 of Amiga Active sold out rather quickly, but if you didn't manage to locate one at your local newsagent, fear not - you can now order them direct from Pinprint Publishing via our secure online order form. Go get 'em!"

Amiga Active mag website

25.7.2001 What's New in Warp3D 4.2 Permedia2 Driver
Thomas Frieden: "...the reason is that the new Permedia 2 driver implements real additive blending which was used in Heretic 2 to render the fires and spell effects. The old driver couldn't do that, so we emulated this feature in the Amiga version of H2 (this is why the fires looked different from the PC version). The new driver implements this feature with some obscure Apple QuickDraw mode the Permedia 2 can do, and with some tricks, this results in real additive blending."

Amigart website
25.7.2001 Amiga RC5 Team Effort News
"Due to a failed motherboard replacement in the main effort machine (desktop Amiga 4000) the mailing list will be down for a week (this is the dealer promised period for the replacement, it took a month to get the replacement mobo for the ailing one in the first place), idem for site updates (such as membership list, news items, stats). Apart from this, due to vacation no website updates will occur between the 10th and end of August. Unless the motherboard replacement doesn't happen before then the mailinglist will continue to function during the vacation period. Keep your fingers crossed :)"

Amiga RC5 Team Effort website
25.7.2001 Software News
A updated Drawstudio manual is now back online. Goto Kicksoft.co.uk for details.

WarpPNG.datatype v44.18 - PNG picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS). Changes since 44.17:
Faster decoding of interlaced images - 80% faster for 8-bit images on 68k and 20% faster on PowerPC. 50% faster for 24-bit images on 68k and 10% faster for PowerPC.
Updated with libpng 1.0.12.
PowerPC versions recompiled with VBCC 0.8.
Added French strings to the installer.

Ray McCarthy, Kicksoft
Oliver Roberts' homepage

24.7.2001 UGN webcast from AmiWest 2001
"The UGN invites you to join us at the AmiWest 2001 show. This year we will start on Friday 27th at 7:00 PM PST (GMT -7) at 8:00 PM PST we will webcast a keynote speech by Bill McEwen. On the 28th and 29th we will have live coverage from the show floor, visit the UGN website for information on who will be available to chat with. "

Amiga.org website
UGN website
24.7.2001 Pagan Games News
"Despite popular belief, Pagan Games has not folded or ceased production! We've just been busy...in the pub...eying up the busty barmaid. Here's a quick run down...
Dafel Bloodline: Still in production
Scavengers & MagicK: On hold...not ceased
New projects: We have some new projects in development. Some exciting new projects...more news to be released when we're ready..."

Pagan Games website
24.7.2001 Save iBrowse
"Anyone interested in IBrowse can go to this site and write a message of support to the author as it appears the author is abandoning development maybe the users can change his mind ?"

Amiga.org website
Save iBrowse
24.7.2001 Merlancia hiring... multiple positions (continued)...
Merlancia-Industries: "As a note, we would like to mention that for most immediate positions, your location is largely unimportant. No relocations will be needed.
Merlancia Industries is currently looking for individuals with skills in the following areas:
Professional graphic design (must be able to create metallic images) Hardware and software/firmware engineering Marketing & PR."

Amiga.org website
Merlancia Industries website
24.7.2001 Motorola: New blazing fast MPC7450 processor
"Delivering the highest performing PowerPC processor on the market today, Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced the 867MHz MPC7450 processor with AltiVec technology. Continuing to deliver on Motorola's leading PowerPC roadmap, the MPC7450 is designed to provide powerful and innovative solutions for the networking, telecommunications, high-end embedded systems, scientific computing, and desktop computer markets." Press Release

Motorola, Inc. website
24.7.2001 Warp3D News
Hyperion Software released Warp3D V4.2. This release includes final PPC and 68K drivers Voodoo3 gfx chipset running on Prometheus PCI Card. Permedia2 drivers for BVision and CVisionPPC are also updated to V4.2.

"To use the new P2 driver with Heretic II you'll need the Voodoo update for H2 that is going to appear on our site in a few days. If you don't install that update, the colors will come out wrong. The reason is that we've added something to the Permedia2 driver that I am not going to tell you right now :-)"
Download Warp3D V4.2 from Matay Website

Amigart website
Hans-Joerg Frieden, Hyperion Entertainment

24.7.2001 Concurrent Versions System (CVS) v1.11.1p1
CVS v1.11.1p1 is a version control system, which allows you to keep track of all of your files (usally source code), keep a log of who, when, and why changes occurred, etc., like RCS or SCCS. Changes since last version:
rewrote all smakefiles to make it easy to compile a version for different CPUs
. added CPU dependent version string.
fixed bug in the time calculation which occured in convert_fileinfo_to_stat()
fixed crash if a user tried to break a checkout/checkin process with CTRL-C.
fixed crashes on "cvs init" usage.
Verified the ssh changes from Olaf and ported them to the latest 1.11.1p1 version of CVS.

CVS AmigaOS port homepage
24.7.2001 Software News
DirOpus 4.16 Beta 2 - improved version of great filemanager from GP Software. The directory windows should now display correct sizes for partitions bigger than 2GB. See History for details. This archive contains only the files that changed since the last public release, so you have to install the latest public release before installing the beta version.

WBStartEmu v45.2a - OS3.9 version of wbstart.library. readme
IconDT44.lha v44.3a OS3.5+ datatype for .info files. readme

WarpJPEG.datatype v44.22 - freeware JFIF/JPEG datatype (WOS/68K/MOS). Changes since 44.21:
Added a workaround to the WarpOS version to stop the Exec memory list getting trashed if/when the datatype is flushed from memory, due to a bug in VBCC 0.8.

masmpeg.device v1.4 - Commodore standard device by Chris Hodges which can be used in conjunction with AMPlifier and other software that supports the mpeg device class (Frogger, MPEGMovie, etc.)

Directory Opus 4 Research Project
Stephan Rupprecht's Homepage
Oliver Roberts' homepage
MAS-Player homepage

23.7.2001 H&P: New Wacom pages
"We completely re-designed our Wacom area the last couple of days and can now offer the complete range of products. The professionel tabletts from Wacom can be used with nearly every kind of computer and operating system, e.g. Windows, Macintosh, Amiga, Be, Linux, SGI, Solaris. We deliver all Wacom tablets in the Amiga version with the PC dirivers and with a specialized Amiga driver and ArtEffect SE."

Haage & partner website
23.7.2001 Prometheus: Final 3D drivers for Voodoo3 available
The final 3D drivers for Voodoo3 graphics boards, both PPC and 68k versions, are available to download from here.

Matay website
23.7.2001 boing.net hosting available, resellers welcome
Boing! International is happy to offer Amiga Friendly hosting to end users and resellers. For more information on the services and plans goto http://boing.net/hosting/.
"We have been offering Domain name registration for a long time and are now very happy to be able to offer hosting as well. From a small starter site to a dedicated e-commerce server, we have what you need. Resellers feel free to check out the plans and see what we can do for you, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised. go get boinged!"

A.Scott Pringle via ANN
23.7.2001 Merlancia hiring... several positions open
"Merlancia Industries is currently looking for individuals with skills in the following areas:
Professional graphic design (must be able to create metallic images) Hardware and software/firmware engineering Marketing & PR.
If you feel that you would qualify for any of the above positions, please contact Merlancia Industries and/or send your resúme to: merlancia@merlancia.com"
Merlancia Industries
3516A West Cactus Road
Phoenix, AZ 85029 USA

Merlancia Industries website
23.7.2001 Games & Software News
New Amiga version 0.36R5 of Tales of Tamar the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Linux/SDL and Windows released.

"We released our new games compilation, Amiga Classix 3, few weeks ago. Now an update for the Windows version is available."

Scalos v40.6 has been uploaded. See the Version History page for what's changed in this version. Get it from the Downloads page. As always, if you find any bugs, please be sure to report them using our bug reporting page.

AWeb PowerPC GIF Plugin v0.1 - first version, not very fast, not very stable :-(
Download / How to install

MorphOS News Sigbjørn Skjæret released an m68k-targeted ISO/ANSI C crosscompiler PPC hosted (MorphOS). This is an updated version with some enhancements and bugfixes. Grab it here or, if you already installed the version from the 10th June, grab the patch here.

MorphOS News Nicholai Benalal released new MorphOS version of PC X86 Emulator Bochs. Here are the most notable features:

  • Built in preference editor
  • Improved control over error handling
  • New, and more interactive, disk image creator
  • Dual hard drive support
  • multiple processor emulation (SMP)
  • VNC remote viewer mode
  • Bugfixes
Download / Read more

Tales Of Tamar homepage
Darkage website
Scalos homepage
carrott.org page
MorphOS homepage
22.7.2001 Free proof-reading service for all Amiga writers
Matt King: "As of 22 July 2001, I am offering a brand new *FREE* proof-reading service. This is open to anyone in the industry, Native English speakers or not, who would like someone to read through articles and correct any grammar and/or spelling mistakes.
If you have something you would like checking, please e-mail it to me (preferably in plain ASCII text form) at matt@schming.freeserve.co.uk."

Schming's Homepage
22.7.2001 dynAMIte V1.6 available
"After more than 3 weeks of stealing ideas from players, trying to rethink them and sell them as our ideas, we came to the conclusion that it would be simpler to just sign a contract with some people who have ideas.
The result of our efforts is the now official dynAMIte 1.6 release with updated SDK and all new styles."

dynAMIte homepage
22.7.2001 Software News
Charon v2.0 should be out in about month or so. Charon is great shareware easy2use download manager.

AmiSSL v1.1 is an Amiga port of OpenSSL. It's a library that makes it possible for Amiga programmers to write programs that use SSL
NEW: Minor upgrade which fixes a bug in amissl.library. Installation script included.
Note: Version 1.x of AmiSSL does not work with IBrowse v2.2! AmiSSL v2.0 should be appear at the same time as IBrowse v2.3.

DiskMasterII v2.5beta11 - one of the best Directory Utilities ever made.
documentation in Amiga-Guide format
german version of the docs
"translators only" only version of the guide

Charon page
AmiSSL page
Official DiskMasterII homepage

21.7.2001 Matay: Special offer for user groups
Matay is proud to announce a special offer for all organised Amiga fans in the countries with no Matay distributors. If you happen to be a member of an organisation that associates Amiga users, you and your friends can order a batch of our Prometheus PCI bridge boards for a special, much lower than a regular end-user, price. For more information, please contact us at filipdm@matay.pl or by phone: +48 603785100 or +48 8129432.

Matay website
21.7.2001 AROS website temporarily down
Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla: "As anounced, the aros.org domain is temporarily down. I'll announce it when the routine problems have been solved. Until then, the mailing lists can be reached on lists.hepe.com and the CVS server is at sbb.hepe.com (use updatecvspath in AROS/scripts/ to change it). Party on :-)"

AROS website
21.7.2001 REPULSE audio card full review uploaded to Aminet
"I've just uploaded a full review of the REPULSE Zorro II audio card to Aminet (docs/rview).
The Repulse Audio card is the new 24 and 16-bit audio card for all Amigas with card slots, by Alien Design. It was released in June 2001. The review describes the product and details my experiences with it."

Brent Santin via ANN
21.7.2001 Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena Full version!
In Cooperation with Denis Unger the Amiga Arena presents the Fullversion from "Foreign Language Master"! FLM is a program, which can be used as an electronic dictionary, for text translating and word learning. It disposes of a very large number of words that can be expanded much more, however.
Dennis Unger is still Developing FLM! Please send your Feedback to Denis Unger.

Amiga Arena website
Foreign Language Master homepage
21.7.2001 Software Hut NewsLetter
Software Hut's latest newsletter. "We have recently received in stock many new titles and hardware pieces in the last couple of weeks. From Games to hardware conversions and add-ons, there is something for everyone."

Amiga.org website
20.7.2001 Exult role-playing game engine
Exult is a role-playing game engine capable of running Ultima VII data files. Ultima VII is despite its age still a tremendous role-playing game with a huge world, epic storyline and insane detail level. Thanks to the Exult team, Amigans get their chance to play this gem now, visit familiar places and meet old friends once more.
Exult is currently in alpha state, but Black Forge can already be completed without cheating. Exult supports both games (Black Gate and Serpent Isle), as well as the add-ons (Forge of Virtue and Silver Seed). Download / Read more

Rüdiger's Amiga programs page
20.7.2001 Kicksoft news
"Kicksoft are pleased to announce a 30% price reduction for Frogger PPC and SoftCinema PPC. Plus order before August 1st and still recieve a FREE GRAPHIC CD ! See Kicksoft.co.uk for details."

Ray McCarthy, Kicksoft ltd website
20.7.2001 AmIRC 3.5.17beta
A new public beta is available for all registered users. Several minor enhancements, bug fixes and now DCC support for people with "dumb" IP-NAT (without internal DCC support) gateways.

VaporWare website
20.7.2001 Genetic Species on 100%AMIGA
100%AMIGA and Marble Eyes are proud to announce that the Amiga's best ever first person shooter, Genetic Species, will be on the August edition of the premier Amiga CD magazine. Subscribers getting issue 15 of 100%AMIGA will get a special 2CD set including the full commercial release of Genetic Species FREE. 100%AMIGA - 100%BIGGER and 100%BETTER than any other Amiga magazine. Issue 15 will be available from 5th August. Subscribe Now!

100%AMIGA website
Marble Eyes website
20.7.2001 Nova Design to make announcement at AmiWest
According to Amiga.org Nova Design, Inc. will be making an exciting announcement for Amigans and fans of ImageFX at the upcoming AmiWest show in Sacramento, CA. Don't miss this show!

Amiga.org website
Nova Design, Inc. website
20.7.2001 Software News
DocDatatypes v40.20 is a set of Datatypes classes for documents. The list of supported formats include: MS-Word(Windows, Mac, OS2), RTF, WordPerfect, Write, MS-Works, AmiPro, WordStar, WordStar 2000, Pocket Word, Quill, XyWrite III, Psion Word, Psion TextEd, Palm DB TEXt Doc(pdbdoc), First Word Plus, Mac Write and Mac Text.
New for this version is the support of writing Compressed Palm Docs and the fixing of the Mac Write descriptor. Also all datatypes have had some speed improvements and memory optimisations.

Toolbars for AmigaWriter and ArtEffect
"The team of Thomas Peterseim, Heinz Andreolla, Marco Schärfchen and Oliver Tacke kindly allowed us to publish their new toolbars for AmigaWriter and ArtEffect.

Audiomaster 2000 v0.77 - shareware MUI Sample Editor supporting all AHI devices. This is a demo version (saving disabled).

DocDatatypes homepage
Haage & partner website
Bright Light Software website

19.7.2001 Feeble Files: 162 preorders missing
Thomas Steiding, e.p.i.c. interactive: "As announced last week we require at least 400 pre-orders to enable an Amiga port of the cartoon adventure The Feeble Files. Including today's entries we received 232 pre-orders and we are hoping, that the following days will bring the rest. The game can be pre-orders from us (order@epic-interactive.com) or from any stockist." There is also short FAQ
[..] "Theoretically it would be possible to port to the Amiga more games currently available for the Apple Macintosh. But since license fees for other games, e.g. like in case of the Settlers clone Knights&Merchants or the RPG-mix Gorky 17, are much more expensive (and hence the number of sales to be expected for an Amiga version must be higher), it is clear: If The Feeble Files port will not become reality, we don't need to start thinking about more games."

Amiga-News.de website
Epic Interactive website
19.7.2001 MorphOS News
MorphOS News Today has been added a Development support page to the MorphOS website.

MorphOS website
19.7.2001 Overview of the Sierra Amiga Adventures
"The Amiga Games Database proudly presents (along with its other 820 odd reviews) the Sierra Adventures Overview. Veteran reviewers Seppo Typpo and Joachim Froholt have painstakingly chronicled Sierra's involvement with the Amiga and produced an in-depth analysis of the games themselves. Check out their superb efforts on the AGDB at: http://www.angusm.demon.co.uk/AGDB/AGDB.html"

Angus Manwaring
The Amiga Games Database site
19.7.2001 Amiga FFE Project
Michael Asse: "Today I would like to announce the official start of the AmigaFFE project in which I would like to tackle the port of the ´Frontier First Encounters´ game to the Amiga with help of other interested people.
As a fist step I defined preliminary project aims to which you can, may and shall send me suggestions and tips, etc., since this is my first project and I don't have the specialised knowledge to do this perfectly.
Please, don't send me any "What should that gain...?" mails. I would not reply. The provisional time limit to send suggestions for the project aims was set to 31. August 2001."

Amiga-News.de website
Amiga FFE Project page
19.7.2001 Interview with Matay
There is an interview with Filip Dab-Mirowski of Matay online on no risc no fun page. (english)

no risc no fun website
19.7.2001 AmigaDE Review
"You can see here, the review I made about AmigaDE. It's in both html and pdf form, and has been tested on Voyager and apdf, for html and pdf formating, so that I could be shure that it could be seen on Amiga as I intended it to be.
It's my (small) contribution for a community that always gave me so much...I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed in doing it!;)"

ANN website
19.7.2001 GRex4000T available from August
Andre Geisler: "This moring I called DCE on the phone. From this call I learned, the definite there will be a PCI expansion for the Amiga4000T (and A4000D built into a case), which will be connected to the PPC board's bus, as usual. This would be available from the end of August, the latest on the Cologne show."

Amiga-News.de website
DCE website
19.7.2001 Software News
Imagine ACUP status update: released maintenance update of the S.A.R.E submit tool - V1.1.

A few days ago Sigbjørn Skjæret released version 2 of his RealAudio/Media player "RAPlay". (68K/PPC) There is a better RealAudio 1 & 2 support. download

CAD-Technologies website
Amiga-News.de website
Amiga RealAudio-player support page

18.7.2001 Aminet Set 11
AMINET Set 11 offers you everything that was added to the archive since AMINET SET 10 was made, plus full versions of TurboCalc 4.0, Capital Punishment, SuperView Productivity Suite und Wildfire 5.
AMINET® Set 11, dated July 2001, consists of more than 3 gigabytes of software in over 3,000 archives. Read more

This Aminet Set contains the Aminet CDs 40 to 43 as a bundle without modifications!

Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe website

18.7.2001 Special offer on ProStationAudio (Millennium version only)
ProStationAudio Millennium V4, 16 track / 32 channel non linear editor for AmigaOS (325 US$)
all the realtime ALPS plugins for ProStationAudio included
AudioLab16 processing software for AmigaOS (125US$)
unlimited tech support for ProStationAudio
Now you can get all the software listed above for just 275 US$, offer expires on August 5th 2001!
ProStationAudio T8, 8 track / 16 channel, is still 235 US$
ProStationAudio runs on AmigaOS (classic only, no DE versions planned) systems (Amigas and Dracos). An additional version (for Windows) is in the works.

AudioLabs website
18.7.2001 Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena Interview
A new Interview with Richard Fhager, developer of the the Breakout Clone "BabeAnoid" is Online! (German and English)

Amiga Arena - Blade Hints
Mark Sheeky and the Amiga Arena makes a Guide with Hints for "Blade"! (German - English)

Amiga Arena Fullversion
With the permission from Mark Ford the great Rolegame "The Prophet" is Online!

Amiga Arena website

18.7.2001 Elbox and Hyperion have settled
According to Amiga.org early this morning on the Mediator mailing list an invitation was extended to Hyperion and the Warp3D developers to finalize the contract proposal for Warp3D drivers on the Mediator. Mediator mailing list

Amiga.org website
18.7.2001 Interview with Inutilis
"Amiga Future released today an interview with Timo Kloss, Inutilis (english/german). Go to http://www.amigafuture.de and click on the "english" button. There you will find the list with all english interviews available."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
17.7.2001 StormC for Students
"Due to many reque'sts from Amiga users we decided to offer StormC 4 for students and pubils at a reduced price of 298 DM (~129 USD). They will get this offer when they send us a valid document from their university or school together with the order."

Haage & partner website
17.7.2001 ELBOX responds (at last)
"Elbox have finally broken their long silence over the Hyperion/Warp3D situation on the Mediator mailing list. Seconds out, round two..." Read more

Darrin via ANN
17.7.2001 Antivirus News
A new update of Safe v16.2 has been released today. Safe is small CLI command to detect linkviruses in Your system. readme

Added info about the new 'SMEG2' virus.

A new update of the CheckX v1.85 has been released today. This program uses xfdmaster.library and xvs.library for packer and virus scanning. readme

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website

17.7.2001 Software News
MorphOS News Webalizer v2.01-06 (binary for Morphos) - tool to generate stats in HTML format from apache log file. This version is a bit more faster than 68k one (1.8s Vs 11s with the same apache log file)

WBStartEmu.lha AmigaOS 3.9 version of wbstart.library (v45.2) readme

WarpJPEG.datatype v44.21 - freeware JFIF/JPEG datatype (WOS/68K/MOS). Changes since 44.20:
Fixed bug in the JPEG descriptor file, which caused some types of file not to be recognized.
Added support for various webcam images that weren't recognized before, including images from the NASA site.
Further optimizations to the memory management code.
PowerPC versions recompiled with VBCC 0.8.

Scalos crew updated the old Scaols autodocs and uploaded some new ones. You can find them on the Developers page.

Da SixK Port page
Webalizer official site
Stephan Rupprecht's Homepage
Oliver Roberts' homepage
Scalos homepage

16.7.2001 Edivision Teams Up With Amiga To Develop Exciting New Content
Edivision announces it has teamed up with Amiga to provide applications and key pieces of the new AmigaDE system. Read more.

AmigaInc. website
16.7.2001 Finnish Amiga Users Group Announces Saku 2001 Web Site
"Finnish Amiga Users Group is pleased to announce that the Web site for its fourth Amiga event, Saku 2001, is now open. The Web site features highlights, directions and other vital information for interested visitors and exhibitors from Finland and abroad. Two webcams will be available from the venue. We are also planning an IRC channel."

Anu Seilonen, SAKU
16.7.2001 Hyperion publishes Permedia2 vs. Voodoo3 benchmarks
Hyperion Entertainment recently conducted some tests benchmarking the Permedia 2 based Cybervision PPC against a Voodoo 3 / Prometheus combo. The test is a timedemo in Heretic II.
Cybervision PPC
640x480: 14.9 FPS
800x600: 9.9 FPS
Configuration: Cyberstorm PPC 604e/233-060/50, 128 MB of RAM

Voodoo 3 (Prometheus)
640x480: 18.6 FPS
800x600: 18.6 FPS
Configuration: Cyberstorm PPC 604e/200-060/50, 96 MB of RAM

For more detailed informations you may check the Amiga Extreme website.

Ben Yoris, Hyperion Entertainment
Amiga Extreme website

16.7.2001 Genetic Species port for Gameboy Advance
"I recently got myself a Gameboy Advance, because I really like handheld consoles. Then I was looking at screenshots of first person shooters that were in development for the GBA and I thought they looked a bit disappointing. That's when I thought about Genetic Species, the great FPS for the Amiga. GS is atmospheric, with great lighting and transparency effects as well as varied gameplay, missionbased with cool elements borrowed from the game Paradroid.
Although the game received rave reviews all over, it didn't sell very well on the Amiga, the developers worked for three years on this game and meanwhile the Amiga market hat schrunk a lot, a part from that, piracy played a major role in the low sales, which really disappointed the developers.
I coined the idea of a GBA port at the Gameboy Advance board at www.ign.com and people got interested in this game, it went to the point that the developers (Marble-Eyes) are now looking into the possibility of a port.
So if you would like to see this awesome game ported to the Gameboy Advance, visit the (basic first version :^) of the 'Genetic Species for Gameboy Advance' pages and PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION:
It would be awesome to have this game for the GBA and it would pave the way for a version on other handheld systems as well."

Milan Pollé
Marble Eyes website
16.7.2001 New MasonIcons Pack
"New Masonicons pack for several Amiga applications is now available:
ClassMI - for ClassAction 4.2
eNoteMI - for eNote
MD2MI - for MicroDOT II toolbar
PlayMI - for PlayGUI
For further informations please have a look at the 'Projects' page of Mason.Home."

Martin Mason Merz, Mason.Home
16.7.2001 Software News
IconDT44 - datatype for .info files v44.3 (AmigaOS 3.5+). readme

SimpleHTML v0.17 - HTML Offline Browser.
html-dt.lzx - beta version of HTML datatype.

Stephan Rupprecht's Homepage
SimpleHTML site

15.7.2001 Amiga Inc. Announces Support for OCPA
"Amiga today announced its support of the Open Content Platform Association (OCPA). The Tao Group, along with Sharp, JVC and Kyocera, launched the OCPA today to promote the creation of a flexible and open environment that will benefit hardware vendors and content developers." Read more

AmigaInc website
15.7.2001 Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena Fullversion
With the permission from the developer Mark Ford,the Amiga Arena presents the Fullversion from "The Prophet"! The Prophet was released by "Alive Media Soft" in 1999 and is on of the last Roleplaying Game for the Amiga! Amiga Format gives 81% for The Prophet! Special Thanks to Mark Ford for his Support!

The Amiga Arena is a non-profit shareware support site (selective link collection, full versions, keyfiles) offering temporary special prices for shareware software to the visitors.
The special price projects shall release pulses and all attention to shareware software to show that it is taken care and development continues.

Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena

15.7.2001 REBOL/Zine 1 Issue 3
"Jeff Kreis from Rebol Technologies decided to start Rebol e-zine, kind of community magazine. Rebol/Zine will serve as another source of tips & tricks, and everyone is allowed to send his/her articles." Issue 3 contains:
1. Lit-Word!
2. REBOL Puzzles and Idioms
3. Parsing financial statements - sort of.
4. Doing the impossible - shell access without shell access
5. Iterated Fields?? (an iterator intro and iter-field howto(-fakeit))
6. Get-Word!

Rebol Forces website
15.6.2001 Amiga RC5 Team Effort: Status update
"The OGR-24 project is now on its first anniversary. Judging from the small amounts of work done every day by only a couple of people (and decreasing), it should really be closing out the last bits. Hopefully this means we will hear soon about the results. OGR-25 is going strong, as is RC5-64 (now over 52% done). The THINK project has 47 members in the Distributed Amiga team now with over 6 CPU years contributed (the stats page compilation is out of date for the rankings since a couple of weeks now, we have progressed quite a bit since what the last available data portrays there). Also of note: this is why you shouldn't run clients just anywhere unless you are authorized to do so. D.Net has confirmed the story (see nugget's .plan). It should be interesting to see this unfold, hopefully the absurd penalties the prosecution asks for will be dealt with swiftly."

Amiga RC5 Team Effort website
15.7.2001 Merlancia Torro Systems to Be Atari Compatible?
Merlancia Industries has stated their interest in putting the TOS operating system on their upcoming and extremely powerful new line of computers. They have even went as far as posting a public message in the comp.sys.atari.st newsgroup, stating: "We are interested in making Atari TOS available on our Torro multimedia system series that will be debuting this fall, and we would need to negotiate with the actual owners of the operating system. If anyone has information on [the owners of Atari TOS], pleasee-mail, write, or call..."
"Torro line of computers would use the MorphOS to emulate (among other operating systems) TOS on a Motorola G4. MorphOS' emulation, by the way, provides the full 68k user instruction set up to 68060 (FPU is also supported). Further, Milan GmBh, the current legal holders of the Atari TOS, revealed to st-computer that they would infact be interested in a co-operation with Merlancia, provided a solid proposal and concept plan was established." Read more

MagiC online website
Merlancia Industries website
15.7.2001 Software News
On 15. July 2001 Andreas Wolff has released a new version of his gcc-m68k port for the Amiga on Geek Gadgets. This one fixes problems with the compiling options: '-fbaserel' und '-fbaserel32'.
gcc-2.95.3-3-bin.tgz (7,3M)
gcc-2.95.3-3-diffs.gz (296K)

Amiga-news.de website
Geek Gadgets website
14.7.2001 Amiga announces partnership with H&P for release of development environment
Amiga Inc is pleased to announce that it is partnering with HAAGE&PARTNER GmbH, in order to provide Amiga developers with a world class development environment - StormC. Click here for more details.

It looks like there are some people who don't think it is positive news so they can also check short explanation (advertisement :-) written by Steffen Haeuser, Hyperion Entertainment.

AmigaInc website
Amiga-news.de website

14.7.2001 Global 'Open Contents Platform Association' To Be Launched
World's leading consumer electronics firms push to create premium contents platform standard. Sharp, JVC, Kyocera and the Tao Group today announce the launch of the Open Contents Platform Association. This move, initiated by Japan's consumer electronics giants, will promote the global standardization of the intent(R) media platform as a core on home and mobile connected devices, such as PDAs, phones, web tablets, digital cameras and smart phones. Read more

Amiga.org website
Tao Group website
14.7.2001 Exotica Updated
Some changes to the BP-SoundMon area
Added a whole load of missing Newsflash diskmags to the Newsflash Section.
Updated ExoticA's mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection to version 4.1. The collection now contains 15,808 C64 tunes.
Big update to the Demo Scene Reference Manual which is part of the Scenery Information System. Current version is now 3.93.
The tracker history which was temporarily taken offline for changes is now back online at the Info Section.
Read more

Exotica website
14.7.2001 Event: AMIGA World 2001 website online
The website of the AMIGA World 2001, which is held from 20th to 22nd September 2001 in Cologne together with the maxpo2001, can from now on be reached at www.amiga-messe.de and contains the first, preliminary information. The English version should be available this weekend.
If you want to book a booth at the show, please note that the definitive deadline for booking is the 31st July. Later bookings are not possible.
Please send organizational or technical questions to info@amiga-messe.de. If you are an exhibitor and want to publish news on the show website, please send them to nico@amigaos.de.
Please note also that the phone and fax numbers of the show organizer falkemedia have changed. The new numbers are (+49)-431 200766-0 and (+49)-431 200766-1 respectively and will be available from tomorrow on.

Amiga-news.de website
14.7.2001 Software News
Titlebar Clock Plugin
There's a new plugin available. It's a clock plugin and it allows you to add clock and date functions to the Scalos desktop title bar. You can get it now from the Downloads page.

Scalos homepage
13.7.2001 Voodoo 3 driver update
"We are pleased to announce that our Voodoo 3 Warp 3D V4 drivers for Prometheus (both 68K and PPC) are now fully completed. We are currently in the process of rewriting the Warp 3D license agreement so you can expect the full driver package in the course of the next week.
As we are still getting e-mails about the Elbox situation, we would like to point out that we have not heard from anybody at Elbox for over two weeks now. At this point it appears to be highly improbable that we will ever see 3D drivers for the Elbox's range of PCI products. Again, we would like to ask everybody mailing us about 3D support for Elbox PCI hardware to contact Elbox rather than Hyperion Entertainment. We cannot be held responsible in any way for the lack of 3D support. If 3D graphics are important to you, we advise you to look into purchasing a competing PCI product."

Ben Hermans, Managing partner Hyperion Entertainment
13.7.2001 Some updates from Matay
New SDK version is available
A new Prometheus SDK version is available. The 1.49 version also contains an installer script. You can download it from http://www.matay.pl/ANGarchives.html.

New Voodoo drivers
From now on the Prometheus package contains a final version of Voodoo3 2000/3000 drivers with full hardware acceleration and overlay feature. The drivers are also available from our download page.

Grzegorz Juraszek, Matay

13.7.2001 Amigaversion of The Feeble Files?
e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment start a preorder campaign for an Amigaversion of cultadventure The Feeble Files.
"In recent weeks we received quite a few e-mails and requests for an Amigaversion of our upcoming Mac conversion the cartoon adventure The Feeble Files. Since porting the game to the Macintosh is now completed we have evaluated the possibility of an Amigaversion of this great game. An Amigaversion would require a 060/PPC equipped Amiga with 32 MByte Ram and a graphicsboard (4 MB). The game would come with complete english and german speech versions and will come on minimum 2 CDs. You can find more information on this great title in the projects section of our homepage. Because the Amigamarket has declined over the past 12 months and porting a game to another platform is alway also a financial risk we have decided to start a preorder campaign for The Feeble Files Amiga: If we receive at least 400 preorders for this game we will bring The Feeble Files to the Amiga. Porting the game from the Mac to the Amiga should not take more than 6 weeks, so that the game could theoretically be with Amigausers by early septembre. Please send orders with complete adress to order@epic-interactive.com. The game will cost Euro 51,10 (plus shipping). If you wish to pay by creditcard please contact kdh-datentechnik.

e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment website
"Kicksoft ltd are pleased to announce that we are now able to supply a range of commercial serious software as well as a growing range of quality shareware. To co-inside with this our web site at: http://www.kicksoft.co.uk has been revamped to allow purchases using the following Currencies: UK Sterling, Dollar, Mark, Franc and Euro using the following cards: Visa, Mastercard, Delta, JCB, Solo & Switch.

To celebrate this ALL orders received from Today until 1st of August will receive a FREE GRAPHICS CD.
Thank you to all those customers who have purchased from us over recent months & we hope to be able to serve you in the future."

Ray McCarthy, Kicksoft ltd website

13.7.2001 Party Pack Public Demo - Kansas City, U.S.A
The Kansas City area's first public demonstration of the Amiga DE - Party Pack will take place at the next regular meeting of the Amiga Users Group of Kansas City meeting. Please join us Monday, July 16, at 7:00pm CDT.
Meetings are held at the Johnson County(KS) Library located at 87th Street & Pflum. Admission has always been free. If enough developers, or potential developers show up we'll be glad to let them break out into a corner of the meeting room.
For further information reply to erwin_k_r@yahoo.com, or call Bob Kennedy, VP, at 816 761-9678.

Bob Kennedy, Vice-President
Amiga Users Group of Kansas City
13.7.2001 AmigaSDL form StormC4
AmigaSDL linker libraries for StormC4 (68k and ppc) has been uploaded to Aminet. Some example programs that uses SDL and some other linker libraries for StormC4 can be found on my homepage.

Glenn Hisdal, 's homepage
13.7.2001 New TaskiSMS
New (2.58) version of TaskiSMS has been released. News in this release:
  • updated HandyLand plugin
  • updated Lycos plugin
  • added GoldenTelecom plugin
  • fixed sms split routine, it's now more inteligent
Using this program you can send SMSes to cellular phones to over 160 countries around the world. You can download demo version from TaskiSMS home page or from AmiNet.

Pawel Filipczak, Taski
12.7.2001 Dave Haynie now CTO of Merlancia Industries
Dave Haynie, infamous for his many hardware creations at Commodore, as well as the creation of 'The Deathbed Vigil', is now apparrently CTO of Merlancia Industries.
You can read a short writeup about Mr. Haynie here, on Merlancia's web site.

Amiga.org website
Merlancia website
12.7.2001 PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX's address changed
The new address of PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX as of 1th July 2001 is (mail to the old address won't get lost, just to calm you down):
Andreas R. Kleinert
Rabenflugstrasse 1
D-57074 Siegen
Phone, fax and email remain unchanged. Please visit http://www.ar-kleinert.de for other news.

Andreas R. Kleinert, PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX
12.7.2001 Antivirus News
We have updated the antivirus boot-able disk's with the new version of the xvs.library. And also made a disk with VirusExecutor. You can download them here.

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
12.7.2001 Software News
Scalos News
"We've uploaded the latest beta executable. This is version 40.5 and fixes a number of bugs reported by users. Get it from the Downloads page. Remember, it's only a BETA, so if you find any bugs, please be sure to report them using our bug reporting page here."

LamePPC v3.89 (WarpOS) - MP3 encoder. source code.

Scalos homepage
Amiga projects by Jarmo Laakkonen

11.7.2001 Matay and Nova Design join Saku 2001
Matay company will join Saku 2001 to present their new Prometheus PCI bridge. Nova Design Inc. has provided the latest versions of ImageFX and Aladdin4D for demonstration. The Mediator PCI bridge for the Amiga 1200 will also be demonstrated with a Voodoo3 graphics card. Fleecy Moss of Amiga Inc. will also attend and show the latest Amiga products such as the AmigaDE and PDA. Read more

Anu Seilonen
Finnish Amiga Users Group homepage
11.7.2001 StopMenu & ClassAction News
From now on I will continue the development of the start menu StopMenu from Damir Arh. The program will be published as shareware, but you can get a full version at AmigaArena (with some errors I regret). A new version will probably be ready in the next weeks.

Unfortunately there was a version in the last archive that had still some errors. If your program file has not the date 6th of July, please download the updated archive on my homepage and replace the old program file by the new one.

Martin R. Elsner, 's homepage

11.7.2001 Software News
MorphOS News Apache 1.3.20 + php 4.0.6 binary for Morphos. A small file to test php has been added in the archive and must be executed by apache (http://localhost/test.php). Use it with the official amiga apache archive: www.amiga-apache.org.

Da SixK Port page
10.7.2001 Virus Help Denmark AMIGA need your help!
"We need your help to get our "Amiga Virus Encyclopedia" on our website up to 100%. So we are looking for a few persons that can help us with to translate about 200 German virus documentation into English. If you will help us, we are waiting for your reply. We have about 200 tests that we need translations for, so we do need more that one person. We can't pay you any money for your work, but you will support the a 'Good Case'... Contact Jan Andersen."

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
10.7.2001 Why is there no PPC-version of ArtEffect or its Plugins?
"There were some requests of Amiga people on that topic, so we decided to do a statement on it. The German version was done some days ago - here is the English one: Statement."

Haage & partner website
10.7.2001 H&P: More Summer Sale
"We just added some more products that we now sell at very low prices. Due to the good exchange rate from DM to USD Americans and some others might also save a lot those days." More Sales: ArtEffect 4, AmigaWriter 2.2, FontMachine, HyperCOM 1, Tornado3D 3.0 Update.

Haage & partner website
10.7.2001 Software News
MAS MPeg Device v1.4 - CBM compat. device for Dirk Conrad's MAS Player. readme

env-handler v1.9 - HappyENV replacement. env-handler is a RAM disk specialized for enviroment variables that are usually located in RAM:Env. readme.

Platon's homepage
Stephan Rupprecht's Homepage

9.7.2001 3ivx News
3ivx Delta 3.5 is released. The codec is 10 times faster in encoding than previous versions. Check the press release or go straight to the download page (only Win & Mac versions ready).

3ivx homepage
9.7.2001 Interview
Today AF released interview with AlphaSoft. Go to http://www.amigafuture.de and click on the "english" button. There you will find the list with all english interviews available.

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
9.7.2001 Updater v1.31
The Updater v1.31 for the The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition CD-ROM was just released on the Airsoft Softwair Homepage. A heavy bug was fixed so I recommend that you download this version immediately. Additionally I added some quotes from the press to the information center about the The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition CD-ROM. So you can read first what the press says about the CD-ROM and then decide if you buy it or not.

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
9.7.2001 New Musicdisk Released!
"Up Rough Soundsystem has released a new fresh house EP called "Twangin´Ep" with some badass house mods by Mortimer Twang. Run bwoy!"

Up Rough Soundsystem website
8.7.2001 Airbus A320 on AMI Sector One
"On AMI Sector One you can now get for free and legal the wellknown flight simulation 'Airbus A320'. This game is very complex - it is something for manual readers. There is also another game by the same programmer Rainer Bopf: It is called 'JU 52 Fligh Simulator' and is similar to the Airbus game. However, you fly a JU-52 airplane. With kind permission from former 'Microdeal' programmers there are now the Amiga games 'Airball' and 'Amiga Soccer' which was one of the best football games in the year 1988. Of course there are further games, musicdisks, applicatioons and other stuff. Visit AMI Sector One and read the latest news text for further information."

Bernd Gmeineder, Ami Sector One
8.7.2001 3ivx possible server problems
"Due to changes in server location it is possible that our web or mail server is temporarily not reachable, please be patient and try again later."

3ivx homepage
8.7.2001 Payback PPC news on amipal
A small interview with James Daniels of Apex Designs about the PPC version of Payback which is under development. Visit the News section of the amipal website.

Paul Laycock, amipal
8.7.2001 Code Warrior develop IDE for DE
AmigaDE News Chris Moore quotes a message by Amiga Inc.'s Gary Peake from the A1 ML: "As you may or may not know, Code Warrior has agreed to develop a professional IDE for the DE. We are still taking details so I can't give any at this time."

Amiga.org website
8.7.2001 Software News
Scalos WB39 plugin has been updated to V45.12. Get it from the Downloads page.
This plugin is for OS 3.5/9 users only. It provides Scalos with some missing functions that will now allow some other software to work correctly, e.g. AmiDock. It also features an integrated volumeguage for OS3.5+ users. It now loads in OS3.5+ volume gauge preferences as set in the Workbench prefs. Also, more system checks have been added to make it more stable.

ASp v0.80 Alpha - best Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator for the Amiga. Read more
"I figured I haven't released anything in months, so here is a PREVIEW of TZX-loading version of ASp. No Tape Browser, no Tape Noise, no Tape Deck Controls, but Extra Bugs and Glitches. Not a general release, only for the enthusiastic."

Scalos homepage
ASp homepage

7.7.2001 The Crypt 18 is now out
"Issue 18 is about the summertime, and all the fun that can be had at this great time of year.
There is another Crypt exclusive, with pictures and an interview with Fisherking about his wooden Amiga tower case.
The very latest news from Amiga Inc on the progress of the AmigaOne and the OS4. Check out the hilarious dog food adverts from New Zealand.
This time we have a look at two programs for the PC that were born from the Amiga. The first one is Warblade written by Edgar Vigdal, who wrote one of my favourite games for the Amiga, Deluxe Galaga. And here he has converted it to the PC. Check out Ian's article and screen shots. And the second one for the PC is Opus6, what more can I say about Opus? Apart from it's the must have program for the Amiga, and one program I definitely couldn't be without, and here they have converted it to run on Windows. So how good is it? Find out for yourselves inside.
We also have a lot more User Groups advertising in The Crypt now, so if you want to know if one of them is close to you, or if we have missed any and you would like to advertise your User Group in The Crypt for FREE, then drop us an e-mail. And as usual, I couldn't list everything here that we have on offer..."

Steve Evans, The Crypt
7.7.2001 CD32 Emulator for Windows
Windows News "The first CD32 emulator for Windows, the CD32 Games Install Kit, was just released on the Airsoft Softwair homepage. This emulator works in connection with the famous WinUAE. Exactly like in the Amiga version, patches are applied to every single game. This gives a very good compatibitliy. Even digital CD audio is already supported. However you will require a custom version of the WinUAE which can be downloaded from my web page. Currently the CD32 Games Install Kit for Windows is only available for owners of the The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition CD-ROM (download it in the protected update area!)."

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
7.7.2001 ClassAction - Back to the FUTURE
"After a long waiting time it's now time to let the users enjoy: ClassAction V4.2 - The Next Generation!
Many proposals have been implemented, such as configurable icons, more images, better archive handling, easy configuration, many many new options, ...
You will find ClassAction on my homepage, and soon in Aminet. This will not be the last version - I have a list of other features that will be found in V4.3. But for today, accept this version - you can't loose!
Many thanks to all who have contributed to this version - betatesters, translators, and of course all users for their good proposals and encouraging words!"

Martin R. Elsner, 's homepage
7.7.2001 Games & Software News
Freeciv v1.15 - latest developer release of turnbased multiplayer strategy game (Civilization clone).

AmigAIM 0.9427 BETA - an AIM Client for the Amiga by Richard H. Poser II. history

Sebastian Bauers Homepage
Official AmigAIM Page

6.7.2001 Beta Testing-AmigaOS & AmigaDE
"From the AmigaOne & Amiopen mailing list: "For those who bought Party Packs or SDK's and wish to beta test new AmigaDE apps and for those who wish to beta test for us under AmigaOS the procedures are the same. Simply go to http://www.amigadev.net and click the "Join Amiga Support" link. Fill in the form with all information and a breif description of your computer hardware. Check the "beta tester" block and either AmigaOS or AmigaDE or both. If you wish to beta test sensitive IP from Amiga or developers, you must also go to the "legal" menu and grab a copy of the Non-Discloure Agreement, sign it, and either fax it back to 425-396-5671 or snail mail to:
Amiga Inc.
34935 SE Douglas #210
Snoqualmie, Wa 98065
Sincerely, Gary Peake Amiga Inc."

ANN website
6.7.2001 Interviews
Today AF released interview with Filip Dab-Mirowski, CEO of MATAY, producers of Prometheus PCI extension. Go to http://www.amigafuture.de and click on the "english" button. There you will find the list with all english interviews available.

Few days ago, Nikolaj Thygesen released a new version of his layer-based paint-package, DiamondBOX. Maybe you already downloaded the program - but maybe you also want to know more about its author? Just in time GFX-BASE bring you a fresh interview with Nikolaj, in which he reveals the new features of the latest version, new plans, how everything started and a lots more.

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
GFX-BASE website

6.7.2001 Audio and Video broadcasting of the VIP 3 (French coding/demo party)
"The AFUA (French Association for Amiga Users) will broadcast the VIP 3 (this week end) in partnership with AMedia Software, in his Radio and TV station in order to non present people being able to follow the event on the internet. More informations are available on the AFUA website (french)."

Amiga.org website
6.7.2001 Amiga Active Subscriptions - Have Your Say
"Is a subscription to Amiga Active good value? Out of your price range? Would you like more options? This is your opportunity to have your say about subscriptions to the world's only remaining professional, mainstream English Amiga magazine. Take a look at our subscriptions survey!

Amiga Active mag homepage
6.7.2001 Rides to AmiWest 2001 in Sacramento, CA
Rides to AmiWest 2001 in Sacramento, CA: http://get.to/amiwest
This is a new page to provide a place for people seeking/giving rides to meet up. The more people there the better! See you there!

6.7.2001 Software News
SoftCinema v0.13 beta - movie/animation player for the Amiga equiped with PowerPC processor. This release does not work wihout keyfile! Added Divx;) codec! (YES that codec :-)

LAME 3.89beta - mp3 encoder.
"As I have been temporarily locked out from honeypot.net due to server-change, I have made the latest LAME available here at PolarBoing so that all you eager mp3'ers can enjoy it until honeypot.net has been fixed and I get access again...

ttf2pt1 (68K/PPC/WarpOS) converts Truetype fonts to Postscript Type 1 fonts.
afm2pfm (68K) converts between AFM (Adobe Font Metrics) and PFM (Printer Font Metrics) files.
Download / Readme

MorphOS News Apache 1.3.20 binary for Morphos. This binary is not compiled with php module, but this is in progress. Use it with the official amiga apache archive: www.amiga-apache.org.

SoftCinema homepage
Sigbjørn Skjæret via ANN
Rüdiger's Amiga Program
Da SixK Port page

5.7.2001 100%AMIGA Issue 14
"The July edition of 100%AMIGA is now available for sale. This month's magazine features the start of our new monthly "Easy to Understand" Assembly Programming Tutorial. So you think there is not enough Amiga programs? Then write your own or brush up on your skills with this non-technical guide to technical things!
Alternatively, browse a great new collection of icons or just sit back and let us take you through a visual tour of the recent K4 Show, Land of Genesis from Clearwater Interactive as well as our usual news and latest previews."

FORE-MATT Home Computing
5.7.2001 Benelux Amiga Show Picture report
I`ve created a picture report of the Benelux Amiga show which was held on the 23rd of June in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Have a look here!"

Mike Bouma
5.7.2001 Interviews
Action is proud to present the first of hopefully many interviews with famous Amiga individuals, first up is Rob Northen, the man who wrote the copy protection system and loaders on many Amiga games! Exclusive intervie with Rob Northen

Today AF released english version of interview with Martin Elsner, author of the program "ClassAction". Go to http://www.amigafuture.de and click on the "english" button. There you will find the list with all english interviews available.

Bored Seal
Action website
Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future

5.7.2001 Software News
DirOpus 4.16 released! A new public release can be found in the download section. It is also available from Aminet already. DOpus4 is now localised, the following languages are included: Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish. Further translations (Portuguese, Norwegian, Russian, Czech) will be released soon. History

Universal Filter v2.10 - the image filter for the Amiga PageStream DTP Program v3x/4x by Wolf Faust. The filter does add support for new image formats to your PageStream program. It also improves loading image formats already supported by PageStream.

DA III update V3.8 released! Inside the DA III mailing list, you can find the update to the new version 3.8 of DA III. Please read the Readme file for full information about changes and bugfixes. An Aminet upload has been performed, so the archive should be soon available for all users.

DiamondBOX v1.12 is out!
"This one adds a few superficialities like "Open Private Screen", "Select Font (in the icon)", less screen space consuming Tool Manager and Martin Merz once again helped me out with a couple of new buttons for the Layer Manager. On the functional side a bunch of new stuf has entered the stage: "Sphere Tracer" is a limited ray tracer creating spheres in different colors and wrapping pictures around them, "Wrinkley" sort of paints wrinkles on stuff, "Alpha Painter" lets you paint the alpha channel right onto the picture in effect controlling all subsequent effects... and much more."

ReqToolsLib v39.0 - back port of the AROS reqtools.library - which itself is based on the original Amiga ReqTools sources - to AmigaOS. readme

Directory Opus 4 Research Project
Universal Filter homepage
Digital Almanac Homepage
Nikolaj Thygesen, Diamond Dice

4.7.2001 World of Amiga is Back - In the UK!
"Time to make a comeback! On Saturday, 3rd November 2001, Amiga Active magazine will be sponsoring the World of Amiga South East Show, to be held in Brentwood, Essex, UK. Exhibitors already confirmed, are as follows..
* Amiga Active
* Eyetech
* Fore-matt Home Computing
* 100% Amiga
* Analogic
* Blittersoft
* Kicksoft
...with more to follow.

We are also very proud to announce that Amiga CTO, Fleecy Moss will be in attendance to show the latest AmigaOS on the latest hardware.
If that isn't enough, this could be your first opportunity anywhere in the world to see and even buy the AmigaOne and OS 4.0. Discounted tickets will soon be available via selected Amiga dealers and via the show's website, which will be launching soon. Further details on this, including additional exhibitors and guest speakers, will follow shortly.
World of Amiga South East, is organised by SEAL, Kickstart, ANT, ASA and Sponsored by Amiga Active Magazine from Pinprint publishing. This year's planned SEAL-O-RAMA show has evolved into something bigger!"

Mikey C
4.7.2001 AGC website is open
The website of Amiga Games Classifying (AGC) is now open. This website is focused on the games scene. Enter the website and vote for your best games ! The adress is http://agcweb.online.fr

David "Daff" Brunet,
4.7.2001 Company aims to emulate PowerPC and Mac OS on PC
Emulators Inc. President Darek Mihocka boldly suggested at the MacHack conference that low prices and the considerable power of X86 processors make it more attractive than ever to run the Mac OS on X86 hardware instead of Apple hardware. New software PowerPC emulator for X86 processors will allow the company to emulate the Mac OS up to version 9.1. (Mac OS X will follow) Read more

4.7.2001 Amiga Chatroom and Discussion Forum
"#Amigaworld the IRC channel on Undernet IRC has started to see a revival, it now regularly gets 15 to 20 users nearly every night (GMT). Also now includes a discussion forum that is also becoming very popular, in just 2 weeks it has had 30 members with 89 posts in 31 topics. We are now the only Amiga channel on undernet remaining, so why not join us and give us your support."

Amiga World website
4.7.2001 Software News
vbcc v0.8 is highly optimizing portable and retargetable ISO C compiler (68k/WarpOS/PowerUp/MorphOS) by Volker Barthelmann. Archive contains the compiler, preprocessor, assembler, linker, frontend, message browser, startup codes, C-libraries, amiga.lib replacements as well as several other tools to generate code for AmigaOS/68k, WarpOS, PowerUp and MorphOS. readme

AmigAIM 0.9425 BETA - an AIM Client for the Amiga by Richard H. Poser II. history

DevFilter is a new Scalos plugin that filters bad disk icons from the desktop. With OS3.5+ it also allows filtering of any devices specified in the standard Workbench prefs too. Get it from the Downloads page.

Windows News Amiga emulator for Windows WinUAE 0.8.16 Release 4 is now available. Download / history

vbcc homepage
Official AmigAIM Page
Scalos homepage
WinUAE homepage

3.7.2001 Payback News
One new and one updated city are now available for Payback in the Extra Maps section.
"Also, the PPC upgrade is taking longer than expected because I'm trying to make sure it uses all the available CPU power. I don't expect to release it for another month but I hope you'll agree that the wait was worth it when it finally is ready."

Apex Designs website
3.7.2001 Online ordering by credit card
It is now possible to order my programs with a credit card via RegNet. More information is available on the Airsoft Softwair homepage in the section "order". Especially for all users from overseas this is a real easy method to order for example the "The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition" CD-ROM. RegNet accepts all major credit cards, checks and money orders. Ordering by phone is also possible. Please see the Airsoft Softwair homepage for more details.

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
3.7.2001 Microdot-II 1.4.15beta
A new long awaited version of Microdot-II is available. Many new features are available like multiple POP3 support, settable headers, improved mailing-list handling and less bugs.

VaporWare website
2.7.2001 VirusWarning.Guide v3.3
A new update of 'VirusWarning.Guide v3.3' has been released today. And please spread the archive as much as you can.

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
2.7.2001 Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena Fullversion
In Cooperation with Damir Arh the Amiga Arena presents the Fullversion from "StartMenü"! StopMenu is a start bar program for Amiga. StopMenu offers the following functionality:
- starting programs installed on your Amiga
- controling system commodities (a replacement for Exchange)
- direct access to preferences programs (in 'SYS:Prefs')
- controling screens and creating their IFF snapshots
- controling windows on the Workbench screen
- displaying how busy your Amiga is

Amiga Arena Fullversion
The Nice Puzzel Games "Tautrix" and "OffColours" are now ready for Download too!

Amiga Arena website

2.7.2001 Napster
All previous versions of Napster have been disabled (incl. Amiga clones Amster and aNapster). "We're making this change as part of our ongoing effort to comply with the court's orders. It will take some time for our new filtering technology to accurately identify files; so initially, the number of files available will drop."
You should upgrade your Napster application to version 2.0 beta 10.3 for Windows or version 1.0 beta 2 for the Mac or use OpenNap servers which are open, and generaly provide far more content than Napster.

Napster website
2.7.2001 Linux in new improved edition
"Seems like Mr Linus has new ideas about how to sneak the platform into our homes." :-) Click here

Arnljot Arntsen
2.7.2001 Software News
af_pcemulator v1.0 - PC emulator for 68K/PPC WarpUp that emulates a PC with a 8086 CPU. Its a completely new developement, e.g. it is not a port from another platform or program. Read more

VCDImager (WarpUP/68K) - tool to convert MPEG Stream Files to Video CDs, different sorts of Video CD Formats are supported. VCDImager generates .bin/.cue files. readme

af_pcemulator homepage

1.7.2001 REBOL/Zine Volume 1 Issue 2
Jeff Kreis from Rebol Technologies has published second issue of the REBOL/Zine magazine. REBOL/Zine is another source of tips & tricks, and everyone is allowed to send his/her articles. Check it!

REBOLforces website
REBOL website
1.7.2001 Amiga USB Central
This website collects all known information about Amiga USB projects and is linking to other information sources. There are images of first running prototypes, too.

Amiga-news.de website
Amiga USB Central page
1.7.2001 Software News
Voodoo-X v1.5 - MUI based front-end for Dirk Stoecker's powerful unarchiving system xadmaster.library (shareware). This version takes advantage of new version 10 of XAD system.
Voodoo-X allows you to quickly browse an archive's contents and view individual files (with filetypes) like pictures and documents just by double clicking your mouse. This method of browsing archives proves to be highly effective.

Smart Filesystem 1.190a - new version of very fast Amiga filesystem. This filesystem is BETA, so be carefull!

Voodoo-X homepage
Jörg Strohmayer's homepage