13.5.2003 No comment!
12.5.2003 Cebit Pictures Australia 2003
MorphOS News "Here are some more pictures from Cebit Australia 2003.
Thanks to all who helped out (Kat, Jen, Rodney, Francois, Sue & Sebastien) and to those who offerred their support when visiting us at Cebit, you kinds words & encouragement are much appreciated.
We will hopefully see you all again in September when Pegasos II is ready."

Another set of CeBIT Australia photos

MorphOS-News.de website
12.5.2003 Nova Design Website Updated!
"Nova Design has updated their website - in addition to making the existing design faster loading and less graphics intensive - many new links to online reviews, articles, tutorials and more have been added! Visit us today!
While you're there - don't forget our big sale still going on now!"
Amiga.org website
Kermit Woodall, Nova Design
12.5.2003 WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 7 WIP Info
Windows News Estimated release date: End of May 2003
New features:
- emulation compatibility improvements Elfmania, Rainbow Island (broke accidentally in R6), Mission Elevator (properly fixed this time...), Old Timer, Sargon History, TBL demos etc..
- analog joystick (paddle) ports emulated
- improved hard/ZIP disk RDB detection
- Action Replay 2/3 state file support
- sound "power led" filter emulation
- freely selectable sound sample rate (8000 - 48000)
- "direct" serial port support, fixes PC to PC Lotus 2 serial link problems. (two player only, 3 or 4 players require lower serial latency that is not possible under Windows)

Read more
WinUAE Official Homesite
11.5.2003 Webb.it show reports
AmigaInc.: Virtual Works, Soft 3 and Bitplane magazine demonstrated the AmigaOne and AmigaOS4 beta at the Webb.it show in Padova, Italy. Read more about the Webb-it show.

Quantum Leap has published some photos of AmigaOS4 and AmigaOneXE-G4 Demo at Webb.it computer show in Italy.

Webb.it picture gallery

AmigaWorld.net: Francesco Z.'s short show report

11.5.2003 Weekly Q&A with Fleecy Moss - Week 9
AmigaWorld are proud to announce that Amiga's Chief Technology Officer Fleecy Moss has agreed on offering us weekly Questions and Answers sessions. You can ask your questions and check already asked questions here on our forums as well.

Week 4 of the Weekly Questions and Answers sessions with Amiga's Chief Technology Officer Fleecy Moss is now up online at Amigaworld.net.

10.5.2003 The Professionals are back!
No we don't mean Bodie and Doyle, we mean Amiga Legends Richard Drummond, John Chandler & Andrew Korn!
Total Amiga Magazine is proud to announce that as of issue 15 some of the finest Amiga Journalists to have ever graced the Amiga scene will be donating some of their spare time to write for us!
Richard Drummond "Began writing for Amiga Format, before moving on to Amiga Active Magazine, eventually moving on to Linux Format."
John Chandler "Has written for several Amiga magazines, Including Amiga Active and has a regular column on Suite101."
Andrew Korn "Was CU Amiga Magazine's Deputy Editor and went on to become the launch Editor of Amiga Active Magazine."
All this and the regulars: News, Os4 Update, Morphos News, Features, Reviews, Tutorials, Plus regular columnists, Fleecy Moss and Alan Redhouse

Congratulations to Louis Vidal of NYC, USA on winning our earlier QUAKEII competition. Don't forget there is yet another chance to win a copy of Quake II, courtesy of Hyperion and Forematt Home Computing in issue 15.

For Subscriptions, list of worldwide stockists and free Downloads of previous issues visit Total Amiga Magazine at http://www.totalamiga.org. Total Amiga Magazine, Does what it says in the name.

Mikey C, Total Amiga Magazine
10.5.2003 Amiga.info wants your Amiga stories!
Amiga.info, the Ottawa (Canada) based user group is looking for funny or memorable Amiga-related stories to be read at the upcoming meeting [Wendesday, May 21, 2003 7pm to 9pm]
If you have a funny or interesting Amiga-related story, email it to amintt@amiga.org and we'll print them out and have them read at the meeting.
The best stories will be put up on the Amiga.info web site so everyone can read them.
Amiga.org website
Amiga.info website
9.5.2003 Webb.it: showing Amiga One and Amiga OS 4 beta (68k)
Virtual Works, Soft 3 and Bitplane magazine are demoing Amiga One and Amiga OS 4 beta (68k) at the Webb.it show in Padua (Italy)
An Amiga One XE G3 800Mhz with Debian Linux PPC and an Amiga 4000 with Os 4.0 beta are present and running at the booth of Virtual Works, Soft 3 and Bitplane. Also an ipaq with Amiga Anywhere is present and the last issue of Bitplane magazine is available. Attenders seems very interested about the Amiga One and the OS 4. Tomorrow Elena Novaretti will show her own Pegasos running MorphOS. We will release more info about the show progress (it will last until sunday) tomorrow.
Nicola Morocutti via ANN
9.5.2003 PageStream News
New Pagstream Web Site Survey
New survey asking for your input on future features of PageStream.

eDTP World Issue #3
The third issue of the PageSream news and help is now available online. Text copies will be emailed to registered users as well. Enjoy!

PageStream Sale Ends May 16th
We have been inundated with requests to continue to offer our discounted price for PageStream full copies and upgrades. Of course who can blame them! Paying less than 1/3 retail for a powerful desktop publishing program like PageStream, not to mention discounts across the board on upgrades sure does help the pocket book. For those new customers who have joined the PageStream crowd, welcome aboard! However, all good things must come to an end! After May 16th, PageStream's pricing returns to our normal great price!

Grasshopper LLC website
9.5.2003 Webserver gW3S v2.0.6 released
The gW3S Open Source Team is proud to announce the first release in the 2.x branch!
gW3S is a small AREXX based webserver that can run simple and complex websites from your Amgia (and also works on Amithlon too)
New in this version:
- GZIP Encoding (static and on-the-fly)
- Better HTTP compliance.
- Cleaner code.
- Browser cache handling.
- Minor bug fixes.
Kelvin Shirley, gW3S open source project
9.5.2003 Big Book of Amiga Hardware is now back online
The site for the Big Book of Amiga Hardware is now back online after an extended period of downtime.
BBoAHW is the largest Amiga Hardware Reference on the net!
ANN website
Big Book of Amiga Hardware website
9.5.2003 MicroMart: It's The Amiga!
"In a competition that has proved that many older formats are still very much live and kicking, the Amiga has emerged victorious to claim the crown as Micro Mart readers' favourite home computer. Ever.
It's won a competition that started way back in November, as week by week arguments were put forward for sixteen of the most popular home computer formats. Since then, you've been voting as two formats at a time went against each other, with several upsets along the way. Who'd have thought, for instance, that the Atari ST would head out in the first round, beaten by the AMSTRAD CPC which then overtook the Commodore 64/128 in the next round - by one vote! The BBC Micro surprised us with the amount of support it received too." Read more
Micro Mart website
9.5.2003 Pegasos and MorphOS to be shown at webb.it
MorphOS News Tomorrow Elena Novaretti will show her own Pegasos running MorphOS at the Webb.it fair in Padova, Italy at the booth of Virtual Works, Soft 3 and Bitplan. Pegasos and MorphOS are the only available hardware and software combination that can run AmigaOS 68k, PPC and MorphOS PPC applications.
MorphOS-News.de website
8.5.2003 Annuaire Amiga Francophone #12 / May 2003 available
After 1 long year, Annuaire Amiga is back with this new number sent to all its new subscribers: 208 !
"Annuaire Amiga Francophone" is The List of the french speaking Amiga & Pegasos Users around the World (France, Belgium, Swiss, Quebec,...). Join the hundreds of Amigans since July 2000 and find contacts in your region ! :-)
You can write to annuaire.amiga@free.fr.
Sébastien Jeudy, Annuaire Amiga Francophone
7.5.2003 RC5-72 Distributed.net Clients Released
New AmigaOS clients (build 483) are now released with faster RC5-72 cores on both 68k and PPC. You can get it from distributed.net website.
The Amiga RC5 Team Effort website
distributed.net website
7.5.2003 Amiga Forever 5.2
Amiga Forever 5.2 is now shipping. It is available in a CD-ROM, CD-ROM Upgrade, Online Edition, Online Upgrade and Cross-Platform Online Edition.
Amiga Forever contains state of the art software to satisfy two major needs of many Amiga users: to use their existing Amiga software and data on non-Amiga hardware, and to share data between Amiga and other systems. Additionally, software, tutorial and reference files which are likely to be of interest to any Amiga enthusiast are included. Read more
Amiga Forever Home Page
7.5.2003 The Curse Of Monkey Island (Monkey Island 3) on Amiga! Finall :-) 
ScummVM 0.4.0 release will approach in a few weeks, "Chaozer" will do then a new 0.4.0 WarpScumm version!
"The Curse Of Monkey Island", "The Dig" & "Full Throttle" will then be fully playable on Amiga for the first time!
ScummVM - Amiga Ports homepage
6.5.2003 Amiga.org: Installation guide for the CatWeasel MKIII on a Pegasos motherboard
The CatWeasel MKIII is an excellent piece of hardware, unfortunately the installation on anything other than a traditional Classic Amiga can be a daunting task. Installation guide
Amiga.org website
6.5.2003 AROS bounty program
The AROS support group TeamAROS has initiated a bounty program through which people can donate money for AROS development. The program has so far received a total sum of $1050 coming from Genesi (through Phoenix), Randy Vice and Bernard Giltrap.
ANN website
AROS homepage
6.5.2003 Software News
Amiblitz (2.32) released
  A complete full distribution of Amiblitz (v2.32) has been released on the AmiForce homepages. The last distribution unfortunately contained some errors. Furthermore, there had not been an up-to-date German version of either Amiblitz2 (compiler), or PED (editor) in the archive. Due to these problems, the old archives have been completely removed from the server.
This latest distribution now contains the updated German files, and the guide has been enhanced and translated into German. Also, errors in the previous install script have now been fixed.
Changes to Amiblitz v2.32:
Many internal biugfixes
Fixed Gadtools.lib that i.e. removes the limitation to four colors in shape gadgets.
MUI is now completely supported thanks to MUI2.res.
AHI is now really supported.
OpenGL is now via StormMesa possible.
Amiforce website
6.5.2003 New Genesi/Phoenix Mailinglist for Demo Coders
MorphOS News The DemoScene@phinixi.commailing list is open for business.
The Peagsos I is out to about 600 avid users now and things are starting to get whipped up for the introduction of the Pegasos II in September 2003. We have always had respect for true Demo Teams because of the way technical and creative skills are intertwined to produce unique results with a computer. We decided that to truly be a success the Pegasos and MorphOS needed to do their best to support the Scene. The Scene can bring things to the Pegasos that no one else can. Read more
MorphOS-News.de website
5.5.2003 Free Shipping with Purchase of Mediator
ELBOX COMPUTER News Elbox Computer, the manufacturer of hardware and software for Amiga computers, announces free shipping for all Mediator purchases from the Elbox Online Store between 05 - 20 May 2003. For details, see the Special Offer page at http://www.buy.elbox.com/cgibin/shop?show=910M12S. Order your Mediator Now and get FREE Shipping!

* This offer is good for ALL countries in the world
* Offer available ONLY through Elbox Online Store
* Offer valid ONLY from 05 May 2003 to 20 May 2003
* Deliveries are shipped by International Air Mail

If you have any questions or comments about this offer, feel free to e-mail us at sales@elbox.com.

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
5.5.2003 Amiga Demoscene Archive: best quality demo update ever?
"First update from Breakpoint and The Gathering. Let's start with the bad news: not many amiga releases, in fact no 64k intro at all, 6 demos in total and 3 4k's sum up all the releases from both parties. But there also is very good news: the quality from all releases is extremely high! So in this update, amazing releases by Iris, Ephidrena, Spaceballs and The Black Lotus. In a way, i feel this is the best quality demo update i have ever done for A.D.A. I hope to include the other releases from Scarab, Madwizards and Spaceballs demo in next update."
Amiga Demoscene Archive
5.5.2003 A Sizzling Hot Deal for loyal DiscreetFX customers
Own the Amiga/Video Toaster version of Pyromania or ScaryFX? Own a Video Toaster [2] or an Amiga with or without a Video Toaster? Then we have a deal for you! For being a loyal DiscreetFX customer you can get a flaming hot discount on our new product Spontaneous Combustion® until the end of the month.
Spontaneous Combustion®: The unofficial sequel to the Amiga/Video Toaster Flyer version of Pyromania from Bill Panagouleas. In development for over two years S.C. gives you much more than just fire, explosion and smoke effects. Read more
Bill Panagouleas, DiscreetFX
5.5.2003 The OpenBSD/amiga port has been discontinued
From the 1st May 2003 the new release of Open Source Unix Operative System OpenBSD is available. Sad to know that after version 3.2 the Amiga version was discontinued.
There is currently no one working on bringing this port back to life. The source code is still available in the CVS Attic, and code can be found in NetBSD as well. But it was decided to stop supporting it and remove the code from the tree.
If you want to let Amiga OpenBSD revive by maintaing it by yourself, then contact Niklas Hallqvist at Amiga OpenBSD site.
ANN website
Amiga OpenBSD site
4.5.2003 Weekly Q&A with Fleecy Moss - Week 8
AmigaWorld are proud to announce that Amiga's Chief Technology Officer Fleecy Moss has agreed on offering us weekly Questions and Answers sessions. You can ask your questions and check already asked questions here on our forums as well.

Week 4 of the Weekly Questions and Answers sessions with Amiga's Chief Technology Officer Fleecy Moss is now up online at Amigaworld.net.

4.5.2003 Miami & MiamiDX mailinglists 
Fred Wright: "As you may have noticed, The Miami and MiamiDx lists have been resurrected  on a new server, following the demise of the old one. Gary Peake (of Team  Amiga and Amiga, Inc.) has been kind enough to provide server resources for the new lists, and I'll be acting as admin.
"Everyone who was subscribed to either of the old lists should now be subscribed to the corresponding new list, and should have received the Majordomo welcome message, including un-subbing insructions. Please bear with us while any glitches are sorted out.
These are the only two NordicGlobal lists still active enough to warrant keeping alive. The remaining lists mentioned on the NordicGlobal site are permanently defunct. The website should get updated in the near future to reflect the current status."
AmigaWorld website
3.5.2003 Win a copy of the NEW Amiga Arena CD
In the latest edition of The Crypt Issue 29 (Ghosts and Ghouls) We have a FREE to enter competition to win the brand new Amiga Arena CD. Click here to enter.
Steve Evans, The Crypt
3.5.2003 MetaView is now freeware
"MetaView (v2.9), probably the best vector gfx converter crated by Henk Jonas, is now freeware. You can get it here (incl. sources in E for MetaView and the supporting AMFF-Libraries.), readme. Supports graphic formats: AMF, CGM, CLP, DR2D, DSDR, DXF, GEM, WMF, WPG, XFIG, CMX, EPS, AI.
Henk´s Home Page
2.5.2003 AmigaInput Article by Steffen Haeuser Released
As new Club Amiga Mangazine issues are released, selected older article will be released for the Amiga community to read. This month, we release to you, The AmigaInput article by Steffen Haeuser.

"AmigaInput is a driver system consisting of a main-library and a set of drivers, which are actually AmigaOS 4 shared libraries."

AmigaInc. website
2.5.2003 Pegasos, Amiga ONE and the CatCon Show
AmigaSuperbit, are going to be present at the Catcon 2k3, as you know well it's celebrate on 3th and 4th of May in Barcelona. New AmigaOne G3 & G4 (800 Mhz) boards and Pegasos PPC will be available and will be shown there.
Also, AmigaSuperbit are going to give a Amiga present for each visitor of the Catcon 2k3.
Emilio Jiménez , Isabel Bujeque y Juan Manchón, AmigaSuperbit
2.5.2003 BarsnPipes being ported to MorphOS
MorphOS News Alfred Faust: "I've just started a attempt to port BarsnPipes to the MorphOS - Pegasos - system. It is near unbelievable how fast this system is. Compiling is done 20 - 30 times faster than on my 68040/40-AMIGA. The loading process of the 500 pics for BarsnPipes at startup is done in 1,5 seconds (!). Because porting to MorphOS is real a hard work, I must terminate the furtherdevelopment on the AMIGA-line for the moment. I don't know if I can port BarsnPipes completly to MorphOS ... but I try it."
MorphOS-News.de website
Alfred Faust, barsnpipes-mailing list
Homepage von Alfred Faust
1.5.2003 USB for Amiga News
New pictures of ALGOR and ROMulus
The pictures of ALGOR and ROMulus were updated. First cards from production made it possible to remove the prototype pictures.

Updated USB device list
Our list of compatible USB devices has been updated. Unfortunately some reports were not put to the list the last weeks, but with this update, all reports from our users should be included.

USB for Amiga website
1.5.2003 Amiga Arena - Blade online again!
Blade,the 3D Iso Action RPG Game from Mark Sheeky, is online again. Choose your members from the Team and enter the Dungeon. "CU Amiga" reviews Blade with 86%!
Amiga Arena website
1.5.2003 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#030430).
Brad Webb, Amiga Update