31.5.2002 The InstallerNG is about to become an integral part of the new AmigaOS 4
The InstallerNG is freeware replacement for the official Installer tool, distributed with the AmigaOS system.

Negotiations are under way to integrate the InstallerNG into the new AmigaOS 4.

The Official InstallerNG Homepage

31.5.2002 PRETORY Subsidiary Ships first Pegasos PPC Computer
Thendic-France SARL, a subsidiary of Pretory USA Inc., an emerging technology-based leader in security, detection equipment and medical devices, today announced that is has shipped the first Pegasos PPC computer. The Pegasos was developed by bplan GmbH of Frankfurt, Germany. Thendic-France SARL has acquired the rights to organize and manage the worldwide distribution of the Pegasos.
PRETORY Subsidiary Ships first Pegasos PPC Computer

A somewhat terse announcement by Thendic via PenguinPPC.org states that the Pegasos will ship as promised from Saturday 1st June... but without MorphOS, only Yellow Dog Linux.

Thendic-France website
Amiga.org website

31.5.2002 CAPS appearing at Extreme Computing 2002 !
Not an Amiga-only event - but as the event you have is old - what about this one...
If you are in the UK and can get to London, why not check out the Extreme Computing festival 2002 - http://www.xcom2002.com.
CAPS - The Classic Amiga Preservation Society (http://www.caps-project.org) - is going to be there showing a bit of the technology at our stall and handing out a limited amount of free copies of Abandoned Places 2 + we will have some Amiga games to play at the stall.
If you are in the UK and can get to London, why not check out the Extreme Computing festival 2002
CAPS is going to be there showing a bit of the technology at our stall and handing out a limited amount of free copies of Abandoned Places 2 + we will have some Amiga games to play at the stall.
Any suggestions on good games to bring welcome (if we have them), please visit the website!
There will be other great retro-gaming people going including developers from the C64 and Speccy era. See the XCom site for more details.
Anyway, if you fancy coming along to challenge us at a few games or just want to pop along for a chat then please do!
It is on Sunday 9th June and is only £3 entry - be there and be square.:)

Kieron WIlkinson
The Classic Amiga Preservation Society website
31.5.2002 Second developer snapshot for Digital Almanac III
For the very curious among you, here is the second developer snapshot for DA III. You will find the update on the download page.

Digital Almanac Homepage
30.5.2002 Eyetech release AmigaONE update
Eyetech have released their AmigaONE update... those who read Total Amiga would have known this information for the past week (The Alan Redhouse exclusive!) but others can now learn about the progress of the system and the G4/dual-G4/G5 update program/offer!
AmigaOne Update

Alan Buxey
30.5.2002 The USB card HIGHWAY is available now
The USB card HIGHWAY is available now. KDH Datentechnik has delivered the HIGHWAY board to customers and Amiga dealers who did pre-order the HIGHWAY card. The scope of delivery includes the USB Stack Poseidon. The currently supported USB devices are listed here. KDH offers you at a special bundle price the Memorycard-writer/reader device "HexaMedia Drive" from Lacie. This allows you to read in all pictures from your digital cameras into your Amiga and to change or print them with your favorite graphic program.

Amiga.org website
30.5.2002 Sufferers of the SB & 100BaseT lockup problem on Mediator!
The worlds oldest Mediator support pages have been updated with PatchInt (and ResetInt) information. Mr. Matthew Allatt has released his PatchInt (and ResetInt) to the public.
"Dear sufferers of the SoundBlaster and FastEthernet lockup problem. If you have been using ResetInt for the last couple of days to clear these problems, then you may be getting fed up of having to run that program every time that error happens. I have now written a version, called PatchInt, which you can put in the user-startup. You need to run it with the line: run nil: PatchInt"
You can find information on PatchInt and all other Mediator programs on the 3rd Party Mediator Software Page.

2nd release of PatchInt removes possible problem with distortion when playing MP3's through SoundBlaster. This version should clear that up.

CyberGraphX homepage

30.5.2002 Software News
StrICQ v2.8.2 Beta - it just has two bugfixes. Offline messages show up again. An incoming message won't steal window input focus "most" of the time.

Douglas F. McLaughlin via StrICQ ML
StrICQ website
29.5.2002 IOSPIRIT brings USB-scanners to the AMIGA!
Finally its going to become a reality! Thanks to the continuous development of fxSCAN 4.0 you will be able to use current USB scanners, interesting both in price and technology, with the release of the latest version!
The required drivers will be made available seperatly in the "IOUSB Scanner Package" (IOUSB SP) with the appearance of fxSCAN 4.0. By building upon the IOUSB technology, it will be possible to use the drivers with both the Poseidon stack (Highway®, Subway®, MorphOS) and the stack contained in AmigaOS® 4.0. Read more

Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT
29.5.2002 Software News
MAS-Player Version 1.3f - the software works with both MAS-Player versions and supports the G10 and G12 version of the mas-chip!
MAS-Player is the hardware-based MPEG audio decoder for the Amiga parallel port.

DCR Software & Hardware website
28.5.2002 New Screenshots From AmigaOS 4.0: HDToolBox Replacement
Check these preview screenshots of the HDToolBox replacement for AmigaOS 4.0.

AmigaOS website
28.5.2002 Software News
Windows News Amiga emulator for Windows WinUAE WinUAE 0.8.21 Release 4 is now available. Download / changes

"Finally, passagen.se fixed their harddrive problems so now I can finally upload this update. Anyway, A/NES CGFX v1.26 is finally released. One ugly CPU-emulation bug was fixed. Check it out in the download section.

WinUAE homepage
A/NES CGFX homepage

27.5.2002 Scan like the pros! Calibration targets for fxSCAN 4.0 and ICS
You can now order professional calibration targets at a very low and attractive price that give you best scanning results when used together with ICS and fxSCAN 4.0.
Order it now together with fxSCAN 4.0 and save packaging costs! The delivery starts with the availabilty of fxSCAN 4.0.

IOSPIRIT website
27.5.2002 New Amiga version of Tales of Tamar
Tales of Tamar V0.43 R3 - with new version, a lot of changes have come for the Amiga version. ToT has been ported to gcc and we are now able to implement PPC code. Amongst other new features, ships can now be used to transport infantry, cavalry, artillery, settlers and scouts. This is changing the world of Tamar drastically.
For the first time, a realm can expand without any limits. There can be invasive fleets and inter-island wars. Scouts can explore other islands. Settler can be brought to foreign islands and build new towns. Players can flee from an overwhelming enemy and start again somewhere else. The last things on our list are battles between ships and some text for BardsTale.

Tales of Tamar is the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows.

Tales of Tamar website

27.5.2002 Amiga Demoscene Archive News
For all demo freaks, some pretty amazing productions have been added to Amiga Demoscene Archive in the last weeks. Highlights include the amazing slideshows Seven Seas/Andromeda, Artcore/Scoopex, Never liked Uno/Lego and the amazing demos Relic/Nerve Axis and Killer/CNCD. Currently 176 demos and 1472 quality screenshots. Discover the amazing world of the best demo machine ever at A.D.A.

ANN website
Amiga Demoscene Archive website
26.5.2002 The AmigaOne in Leeuwarden (photos)
The AmigaOne WAS presented in Leeuwarden today. Unfortunately, only openfirmware bios was shown. Photos of the presentation at http://www.amigascene.nl/nieuws/nieuws.htm.

"At around 15.00 Computer City brought the AmigaOne motherboard. It is the first sample of the 1.0a board. Because the motherboard was different from the one that Eyetech had, it was not possible to use the Linux from the old board. Because there was no more time for a new installation, we had to do only with the openfirmware bios. There are installed a IBM processor (without cooling!), 128MB, Soundblaster soundcard and a ATi Radeon 7500 AGP. It now waits for OS4."

ANN website

26.5.2002 USB-Poseidon: Compatibility list for Poseidon USB devices
A list of working USB devices is available now. We hope that many users will send us entries for this list so that this list will grow.

"The USB device market has grown considerable. There are literally ten thousands of devices out there, many of them in different revisions regarding firmware and hardware. Many of them carry different brand names but are internally the same devices. We can't get each USB device for testing. That's impossible.
So we need your help. It's easy: just send as a list of devices you have connected to your HIGHWAY or SUBWAY board, with a small comment if it is working or not. By this our list will grow and help other users deciding if a certain USB device is worth buying or not."

Highway/Subway USB homepage

26.5.2002 AIO issue 59 is out
Issue 59 of AIO is out and should be soon on Aminet and the site. Featured is an interview with the Bitmap Brothers and lots of other good stuff so start downloading.

Mark Tierno, AIO
26.5.2002 Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack review
Amiga anywhere "There are tons of games available for today's Palm and Pocket PC based PDAs but very few have provided any real competition to devices such as the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance. But that might be changing as nicer displays and faster processors such as Intel's XScale chip begin to capture the attention of bigger software developers at this year's E3 in Los Angeles.
One company, Amiga, has just launched its new Anywhere Entertainment Pack, which is specifically focused on the Microsoft-based PDA gaming crowd. The pack offers four somewhat run-of-the-mill games that take advantage of the speedier features of Pocket PC and Windows CE based PDAs."

Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack review on TechTV website

TechTV website

25.5.2002 SimpleMail News
Version 0.16 of SimpleMail released! The changes are:
requires version 18.12 of NListtree
speed up within the mail list
scrollbars in readwindow for datatypes
you can drag attachments from the readwindow and drop them on to the workbench now (requires OS3.9)
New Config option: Possibilty that SimpleMail only auto downloads if Miami is online
New Config option: Execute an ARexx script if new mails has been arrived
New Config option: Download at startup
New Filter actions: Play sound and execute an arexx script
No longer popups the error window if aborting
bug fixes

SimpleMail is a new mailer for the Amiga classic platform but it is intended to be as portable as possible...

SimpleMail website

25.5.2002 Digital Almanac News
Digital Almanac supports images of "Digitized Sky Survey" (DSS)!
From now on DA III supports implementation of DSS images. Because of technical reasons, DSS images can only be used in planetarium mode (equatorial coordinates) and with field angles smaller than 3 deg. Size and name of Deep-Sky objects and stars can also be drawn into the map. Click here for an example picture showing you a DSS image of the Andromeda galaxy.

Developer status in English language
The page with the recent developer status for the new beta versions of DA III are now available in English.

Digital Almanac Homepage

25.5.2002 DCE: new website
DCE Computer Service GmbH webpage has had a complete makeover with a new look. It seems to have all the same information as before the mid February makeover but looks much nicer now. Back online now are the Amiga download page and Amiga product page.

DCE is a German company, witch produces CyberstormPPC, BlizzardPPC and G-REX PCI!

On their page you can also see pictures from Pegasos under production.

CyberGraphX homepage
DCE Computer Service GmbH website
Henning Nielsen Lund

24.5.2002 AmiMPC in-car MP3 player web site updated
"I updated the AmiMPC web with details of a new head unit I have been working on, which is greatly improved over the old one. See the web site for more info.
My new head unit looks almost factory, and features a digital potentiometer based volume control. I think I'm finally 100% happy with the system!See the AmiMPC website for more details."

Paul Qureshi, AmiMPC
25.5.2002 Petition: AmigaOS distribution policies and PPC hardware
There's a petition aimed at Amiga Inc. set up at http://www.petitiononline.com/amigaos/ to sign for everyone who disagree with Amiga Inc's presented plans regarding compulsory OS/hardware bundling and licensing.

"Is there a "I agree" petition?" [ExiE]


24.5.2002 Software News
A new beta of AmiDog's Movie Player has been released. AMP is the Movie Player for your PPC Amiga!
Read the included BETA.txt before using it!

SuperTV v0.5 -ewer GUI front-end for TV on Mediator with a lot of features like: Fullscreen borderless mode, Can change channels with number keys and many more. readme

MorphOS News Two new versions of MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) have been released for MorphOS Download version 0.37b16 and 0.60 from Fabien Coeurjoly's homepage.

AmiDog's Movie Player homepage
Elbox Mediator PCI Busboard 3rd Party software pag
MorphOS-news.de website

23.5.2002 AmigaOne Presentation in Leeuwarden doubtful
"Originally Computer City (the 13-5 announcement) planned to show a working AmigaONE in Leeuwarden on Saturday the 25th. We now can not gaurantee that this will happen. According to the Eyetech the board will be send on friday by UPS express and we hope it will arrive on Saturday. But we, AGGF and Computer City, can't guarantee that we receive this board on Saturday. For the people which are traveling from far, we let you now as soon as possible if the AmigaONE is received by Computer City on saturday so that you won't travel for nothing. Offcourse our market with new and secondhand Amiga stuff will normally be hold in Leeuwarden."

Amiga-news.de website
23.5.2002 AmigaRulez interview with Martin Blom
Johan 'Graak' Forsberg: "I've done an interview with Martin Blom for AmigaRulez. Read it here."

Johan 'Graak' Forsberg via ANN
23.5.2002 3sat TV show update
"bplan regrets to inform you that the television report scheduled for May 27th at 9:30 pm
neues - das Computer- und Telekommunikationsmagazin auf 3sat
has been cancelled due to the interference of third parties. At this moment, we are not able to supply further details about the circumstances surrounding this matter. However, we do expect that the television report will be rescheduled in the not too distant future when these matters have been resolved. We are moving diligently to expedite the now required process. Thank you for your interest and support!"

bplan GmbH website
23.5.2002 NEW drivers for FastATA 4000 and FastATA ZIV controllers
ELBOX COMPUTER has released today the NEW drivers for FastATA 4000 (Power Flyer 4000, Winner 1200 High-Speed) and FastATA ZIV (Power Flyer ZIV, Winner 4000 High-Speed) controllers:
* FastATA.driver ver. 2.5
* FastATAPrefs ver. 2.5
* AllegroCDFS ver. 3.3
The compatibility with AmigaOS3.9 with BB2 has been added. From FastATA.driver ver. 2.5 on, there is no need to add the 'SKIPROMUPDATES scsi.device' or 'NONSD' options in the Setpatch command.
For more info about FastATA 4000 controller see: http://www.elbox.com/products/fast_ata_4000.html
For more info about FastATA ZIV controller see: http://www.elbox.com/products/fast_ata_z4.html

23.5.2002 NEW drivers for FastATA 1200 controller
ELBOX COMPUTER has released today the NEW drivers for FastATA 1200 (Power Flyer 1200, Winner 1200 High-Speed) controller:
* ATA3.driver ver. 6.1
* ATA3Prefs ver. 6.1
ATA3.driver: * Corrected procedure of PIO mode changes on the fly
ATA3Prefs: * Error made good in displaying the MASTER/SLAVE description in ATA3prefs
For more info about FastATA 1200 controller see: http://www.elbox.com/products/fast_ata_1200.html

22.5.2002 AIO Interviews The Bitmap Brothers
Amiga Information Online interviews The Bitmap Brothers. Creators of Speedball I & II, Choas Engine and many other classics.

Chris Seward via ANN
AIO website
22.5.2002 Amitopia is now on-line!
"The Amitopia website is now up and running. Amitopia is a Scandinavian Amiga magazine, and you can buy it from GGS-data in Sweden, from monday on! And we do not boycot Amiga INC or MorphOS or anything else. We just care and sent a letter to Amiga INC. about the near relationship with M$. We feel that there is a need for competition!"

Amiga.org website
Amitopia website
21.5.2002 AmigaOS 4 - Unofficial Developers FAQ
There is an unofficial AmigaOS 4 developer FAQ at the eXec magazine website. All developers interested in writing AmigaOS 4 programs should feel free to read and send additional questions to os4faq@amiga.pl.

eXec magazine
21.5.2002 Amigart: A small interview with Ben Hermans about AmigaOS4.0
A small interview with Ben Hermans about AmigaOS4.0.

Ben Hermans: "OS 4 is almost ready, please be patient a while longer whilst we complete our testing and integration. Hyperion doesn't release untested software. I know there have been some delays but the end-result will be the best AmigaOS ever."

Amigart website

21.5.2002 Digibooster Professional stands before advancment, if...
"It is unfortunately for a long time ago that there was a new Digibooster Pro version. Meanwhile the Community is located again in contact with the programmers.
In order to be able to give now the developers of DBPro an overview of the current user number, we started an inquiry. This inquiry is really extremely important for the future of Digibooster Professional! Please you participate, and contribute you also to the fact that the development continues!"

The Unofficial Homepage of DigiBoosterPro
21.5.2002 ATI Radeon driver in AmigaOS4 to be developed by Forefront
Forefront Technologies, Inc. (previously Progressive Data Systems), the guys that are doing the OS4 ATI drivers have put their updated webpage online with offical OS4 overview and limited ATI driver info.

"Forefront Technologies, Inc. has agreed to develop the ATI Radeon 2D video card drivers for the next Amiga operating system. AmigaOS 4.0 will arrive with Amiga's first new system hardware in almost a decade, the AmigaOne*. The ATI Radeon will provide the highest graphics performance available for the new AmigaOS out-of-the-box."

CyberGraphX homepage
Forefront Technologies, Inc. website

21.5.2002 Pegasos presentation in 'neues' cancelled!
MorphOS News The Pegasos presentation in 'neues - das Computer- und Telekommunikationsmagazin on 3sat' has been cancelled. An official statement will follow.

MorphOS-news.de website
21.5.2002 Amiga Arena Interview with "jah" (AmiSAT)
The Amiga Arena talked with "Jah" the developer from AmiSAT! AmiSAT is the Amiga port of OpenAG which is an open source Audiogalaxy client. Read all about the future, new features and the OS that will be supportet!

Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena
20.5.2002 Fleecy Moss clarifies on ANN
"For those of you lacking the stamina to wade through the 300+ posts-thread on ANN (named 'the next ppc amiga'), Fleecy Moss, CTO at Amiga Inc, made a short surprise visit to dispell some rumours about the BPlan-AmigaInc situation (apparently after getting the thumbs up from AmigaInc's legal advisors)." Read more

ANN website
20.5.2002 Amiga Future: Workbench Screenshots Update
"Today we have a big Update for oor Workbench-Screenshot Gallery.
Many new Pictures.
When you have a Screenshot from your Workbench for this gallery, send it to: redaktion@amigafuture.de."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
20.5.2002 Software News
A new update of VirusZ III has been released today. You can find the new v0.9a update Here. readme

BarsnPipes v1.13 - MIDI sequencer Bars&Pipes further developed by Alfred Faust (Freeware).
New in this version: Screenmoderequester, gadtools-GUI, most requesters may be used by keyboard-shortcuts, CAMD-Library, new 32 colors design, Localisation - a german catalog is included, and much more. For further information read the included BnP_Addenum.guide.

Carl Svensson released gW3S beta3, small freeware web server for AmigaOS, written in ARexx.
New features include stand-alone CGI arexx scripts and the possibility to use a custom 404 'Page Not Found' document. Read more

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA
Alfred Faust's homepage
gW3S homepage

19.5.2002 CyberGraphX V4.3 RC5 released
CyberGraphX V4.3 RC5 Update (V4.3beta Release Candidate 5 Update Archive) has been released. This upgrade is for Amiga bus based cards that includes Zorro 2 bus, Zorro 3 bus, CyberStormPPC/MKIII Bus, BlizzardPPC Bus, Atéo Bus, Wildfire Bus and DraCo bus. This archive has support for Inferno, Picasso II, Picasso IV, Piccolo, Piccolo SD64, Pixel64, Spectrum, Rainbow III, CyberVision64/3D, CyberVision64, DraCo Altais, Retina Z3 BLT, A2410, BlizzardVisionPPC & CyberVisionPPC. As with all CyberGraphX V4 updates you will need your orginal CGX CDROM for the update as it is used as a base for the new files. You can find RC5 and more on the CGX V4 Page.

CyberGraphX homepage
19.5.2002 Pegasos video released
MorphOS News Thendic France has released a Pegasos video. It shows the installation of the hardware, booting of MorphOS and a small CandyFactory Pro test. Download Pegasos.mpg (92MB), readme

MorphOS-news.de website
19.5.2002 Software News
RAPlay v3.1 finally hit Aminet! RAPlay can play/decode RealAudio v1/2/3 files. readme
News for v3.1:
Fixed stereo output
Updated liba52
Minor cleanup

An additional bunch of patches for Amithlon has been made available in the updates section. Updated and new patches now available here. Read the README file carefully.

The Amiga Alternative Audio Page
Amithlon.net website

19.5.2002 Technomages Update Art Avenue Puzzle Games
Amiga anywhere Technomages have announced that two brand new editions of Art Avenue Puzzles (1 and 2) are now available. These new editions include larger images, a new interface, an art slide show, harder difficulty modes, and more. Current owners of Art Avenue Puzzles 1 and/or 2 can go to the Amiga Anywhere web site and download the new versions free of charge.
The new versions of Art Avenue Puzzles 1 and 2 have an "Easter Egg" (A message, graphic, sound sample, or some unexpected event in response to undocumented keystrokes, input or conditions) built into the game. The first person to find one of the Easter Eggs and e-mails Technomages with a detailed description of what happens will win a free Technomages game. If you find the hidden easter egg, then e-mail Technomages at support@technomages.net.

AmigaFlame website
Technomages website
18.5.2002 A Fistfull of Dollars
A few dollars is all you'll need. Be they Australian Dollars or US Dollars, you can now use them to buy Total Amiga Magazine!
Total Amiga Magazine are pleased to announce that with immediate effect, Anything Amiga, Australia and Compuquick, USA will be selling individual issues of our magazine.
Get the latest issue with our AmigaOne Exclusive by Surfing over to: Compuquick (USA)
Anything Amiga (Australia)
Computer City (Netherlands)
An overseas subscription costs as little as £17(ukp).
Full details can found on our website http://www.totalamiga.org.

Michael Carrillo, Total Amiga Magazine
18.5.2002 What GFX card for pegasos?
Mr. Mariak and Robert Reiswig finished updating the CGX board support page. You can find a list of currently supported cards.. along with that currently works directly with MorphOS.

Robert Reiswig via MorphOS ML
CyberGraphX homepage
18.5.2002 Amiga Developer Site by LouiSe
Amiga Developer support site by LouiSe feature:
- 10 function groups (AmiTCP, AmigaDOS, AmigaOS, BlitzBasic, C_Keywords, GeekGadgets (POSIX), MUI, Picasso96, PowerD, Warp3D) with over 5600 keywords and over 300 example programs
- full and partial keyword searching in function groups
- full keyword and example program listing for function groups
- on-the-fly crossref generation for every function definition
- forum for each functions
- upload/download/view (for example programs) for each functions
- no java, no sql, no javascript - works with ALL Amiga browsers too
- upload and forum post history (bottom right side of screen)
- very simple function group addon
- the site and the support is in active development satus!
- but i need your help with expanding the database with other languages, compilers like FreePascal, Rebol, AREXX, AHI, CyberGFX, SDL, AmigaE, Sonic, etc.

LouiSe, louise.amiga.hu
18.5.2002 AROS site in maintenance (after 22.05.2002)
"Our machine is going to be moved once more and that means it's going to be unavailable for a few days (I guess you're already used to this; it happened once or twice every year :-)
So don't worry when aros.org doesn't work after 22.05.2002. It will be up again, soon."

AROS homepage
17.5.2002 DiamondBOX News
"Nikolaj Kiær Thygesen is the author of the paint-application 'DiamondBOX'. This software is so good - it is hard to believe that you can download it for free. DiamondBOX is a paint-program similiar to Photogenics providing all the 'big features' of commercial paint-packages like layers, lots of filters, drawing and text tools, splines, image-manipulation and much more. It also gives you a intuitive and beautiful (glowicons by Martin Merz!) interface!
Now, Nikolaj Kiær Thygesen just released a new version of DiamondBOX, version 1.50. You can download this version at the updated DiamondDice website. Also, Nikolaj created a short Q&A session exclusively for GFX-BASE."

GFX-BASE website
DiamondDice website
17.5.2002 ToT: Exchange of experiences with programmers and musicans wanted
Martin Wolf: "Because of a exchange of experiences we are urgently looking for an Amiga-programmer who is experienced in StormC gcc especially in the optimising and who can help us a little bit.
Tales of Tamar has been ported to gcc. Unfortunately not everything works fine as it should afterit has been started to optimate. Each help is welcome!
Besides this we are still always looking for somebody who wants to create cool Amiga moduls for ToT (Digibooster or Soundtracker-format). These moduls are not a must but they are a funny extra (besides the main soundtrack)."

Amiga-news.de website
Tales of Tamar homepage
16.5.2002 Interview with Hans-Joerg Frieden
Juha Niemimäki asked Hans-Joerg Frieden of Hyperion Entertainment to do a tiny little interview and was very delighted when getting a bunch of long and interesting answers in return ...about AmigaOS4.0, new games, Quake 2 and more. Read the interview here

ANN website
16.5.2002 INET DIAL v3.851 provides dynamic link to your Home Server
Registered users of Inet Dial v3.851 (ID) now have dynamic links to their Home Server. Users with dynamic IP addresses can now access their Home Server via dynamic link service on the MDR website. Users can now link via the Internet to their Home Server LOGIN page or to their WEBCAM.
ID supports login from full size browser or PDA. ID provides internet and remote computer connectivity for PCs, AMIGAs and PDAs on local area network.

MDR Interfaces Ltd website
16.5.2002 Amitopia needs more staff writers!
"Amitopia needs new staff writers. Both from Sweden and Denmark. We also need people wich is interested in making a International version of Amitopia. Please send a mail to: amitopia@amiga.ca.
Next Amitopia Issue, will be out next week! With some exclusive AmigaOS4 news and more!"

Amiga.org website
16.5.2002 bplan on german television 3sat
MorphOS News "The bplan GmbH would like to inform you about the Computer Magazine taking place on the 27th of may at 9.30 pm.
neues - das Computer- und Telekommunikationsmagazin auf 3sat
One subject of the show will be the Pegasos Hardware Platform developed by bplan GmbH in conjunction with MorphOS. Our team is looking forward to the following live chat after the show, in which we will be gladly respond to any of your questions."

bplan GmbH website
16.5.2002 Software News
Mathias "AmiDog" Roslund released new version of FPSE (Free/Final PlayStation Emulator).
"A simple MUI GUI has been added, should make FPSE/Amiga easier to use. A while back I started working on a Warp3D GPU renderer, but it's far from finished. When run in fullscreen, it will run in a kind of debug mode showing a lot of textures and such. IMPORTANT: If you run the Warp3D version from CLI, you MUST direct all output to NIL:, if you don't know how, use the GUI instead. Also, some more screenshots has been added."

AmiDog's Emulation Corner
16.5.2002 Full (?) WinUAE 0.8.21R4 feature list
Microsoft News Estimated release date for WinUAE 0.8.21R4 is end of May.
Full (?) WinUAE 0.8.21R4 feature list:
- EXPERIMENTAL: added configurable input device (mouse, joystick, keyboard) support
- EXPERIMENTAL: added OpenGL mode (for best results set lores and disable line-doubling)
- printer support fixed (Bernd Roesch)
- midi updates (Bernd Roesch, Alfred J. Faust)
- custom chipset updates (Superfrog,Exile,Apocalypse,Rainbow Islands,Torvak the Warrior etc..)
- CPU idle patch (no more 100% CPU usage)
- HOME + F5 opens state restore dialog and SHIFT + HOME + F5 opens state save dialog
- vsync updates (50/60/100/120 frequencies are now always selectable. Useful for Powerstrip users)
- AVIoutput improvements (can be started later, stops when re-entering GUI)
- Picasso96 updates. Mouse trails are now 100% fixed (Bernd Roesch)
- refresh rate selection only affects Amiga display modes, Picasso96 always uses default refresh rate
- "16-bit mode detect" crash fixed
- removed useless 8/16-bit sound selection. Sound output is now always 16-bit
- sound adjust slider reimplemented. (if you have bad sound, move slider left until sound gets better)
- build-in gzip and zip support (autoselects first adf-image or Amiga executable if zip contains multiple files)
- executable to adf support, just "insert" Amiga executable in to floppy drive
- improved external decompression support (xdms.exe)
- configuration save option is now available even after emulation has been started

WinUAE official homesite
15.5.2002 fxSCAN 4.0 with enhanced OCR-engine and PDF-Export
"We´re pleased to announce to you version 4.0 of our powerful scannersuite fxSCAN.
Among others, new features are a strongly enhanced and accelerated OCR-engine (based on gocr 0.3.5, now also PPC-native and with the ability to export embedded pictures and HTML), the all-new PDF-export, an enhanced copying function with preview and correction features, support for Turboprint® and an all-new documentation (in German and English) with many illustrations in HTML- and PDF-versions.
A detailed list of all new features, first screenshots, a list of supported scanners and much more can be found on the fxSCAN 4.0 site.
fxSCAN 4.0 is available starting from end of June on CD-ROM and as Downloadversion and can now be preordered from our website! Be one of the first to hold this exciting product in your hands! Orders via creditcards are charged only a few days before delivery."

Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT
15.5.2002 Amiga Games Classifying - May/June 2002
"It's time to vote at the AMIGA GAMES CLASSIFYING May/June 2002. We need the classifying of your prefered games actually.
Send us your classifying (20 games max) at our adress : daff1@club-internet.fr. You can also vote at: http://agcweb.online.fr.
Remember you can put all kind of games (commercial, freeware, old, new,...). Final classifying will be published in early-June.

Amiga Games Classifying
15.5.2002 Amiga Arena Interview with Mark Reynolds
After a long time on of the best 'Grafity Force' Clones for the Amiga is Freeware and will be developed in the future again! The Amiga Arena talked with Mark Reynolds about the past and future of 'Roketz'.

Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena

15.5.2002 New Up Rough Soundsystem release
"Up Rough Soundsystem has released a new musicdisk. 'Hits for kids LP' a cute 10-track chip experience. Music by Goto80, famous for his many C64 SID's. Get it here."

spot, Up Rough Soundsystem
15.5.2002New website with AmigaOS ports
Diego CR: "http://Amiga.sf.net - there you can find my AmigaOS SF Ports (most important are: cURL, HyperMail, SoX, Swish-E, etc) and others programs like Dicci or Mail.comForward made with RxMUI..."

Diego CR, http://Amiga.sf.net
14.5.2002 dynAMIte - Special Collector's Edition CD-ROM released!
AmigaZeux is proud to present the long awaited "dynAMIte - Special Collector's Edition" - CD-ROM. Features:
- new dynAMIte Version
- all maps, all styles + exclusive new styles for the CD-release!
- new "dynAMIteAI.library" for 68k and PPC (MorphOS)
- 3D-Intro-FMV-Sequence
- Audio-Tracks
- detailed HTML-documentation
- many Extras, Backdrops, early-Intro-tests, first test-versions of dynAMIte, and many more!
- in contrast to the nomal version, you require about 93 MB of free harddisk space this time!
- The f"irst 50 discs are limited, an "extra"-feature is included

The pre-ordered discs will be mailed today!
If you now think "dynAMIte is becoming commercial!" you aren't right since the game itself will stay freeware. We just want to give the fans of that nifty little game we all love the chance to purchase a "bigger, better, faster, more" edition which is even a way to say "thank you" to the programmer. The price is as low as possible, we think every Amiga user nowadays can afford 15 Euro for a good game and its extras. It's available for: Germany: EUR 15,-, Great Britain: GBP 11,-, Europe: EUR 18,-, USA: USD 15,- All prices including shipping-costs.

For more information visit the official dynAMIte Homepage.

official dynAMIte Homepage

14.3.2002 Software News
MorphOS News ScummVM 0.2.0 was released today
New features (since the last CVS snap, not 0.1.0!) include:
- first non-Scumm games supported: Simon the Sorcerer 1 & 2
- in addition to the games that could be completed before, Loom CD-ROM version, Zak McKracken 256 color and Simon 1 are fully playable now
- 32 color Amiga versions are supported
- choosable sound driver (Adlib, Midi, Midiemu)
- updated PDF manual (please read, because some command line options had to change!) including compatibility chart
You can get the MorphOS distribution from here or later tonight from the sourceforge project page.

MorphOS News CD audio library This is a high-level cd audio playing library designed to make your life easier if you want to write games with CD audio, but it's equally suited for writing a CD player with it. Features include automatic drive recognition and search features, (kind of a) resource manager, direct CDID support, callback event hook for time updates, track crossings, etc. The archive can be found on ScummVM page.

Ruediger Hanke via MorphOS ML

13.5.2002 First user group to offer membership on-line: MAUG!
"In what we think is a first for Amiga User groups MAUG (Melbourne Amiga User Group) www.maug.org.au now has on-line sign ups.
We recommend Scott of www.boing.net (a MAUG member) as someone who can make small volume transactions viable for many Amiga businesses. Normally small businesses cannot afford the astronomical fees of a secure web site. At Boing our only fee is a percentage of each transaction which goes to Boing.
Boing is an Amiga friendly business. Boing hosts a number of Amiga businesses (MAUG too) and is a pleasure to do business with.
NB. On-line sign ups are eligible for a special discount from http://connect.to/amiga (also hosted at Boing)

Michael Czajka, MAUG
Scott Pringle
12.5.2002 Hyperion is looking for outside help with writing manuals
Ben Hermans, Hyperion Entertainment: "We're looking for a native English speaker who can assist us with writing the manual for our powerful HDToolbox replacement for OS 4. Any candidates must know what a partition is, what an Rigid Disk Block is and some details about mounting an FS under Amiga. Additional assests would be knowledge about the most important fields of the partition and filesystem structures. If you are interested in giving us a hand, please contact me."

"We're still evaluating options with respect to printed or electronic manuals.
If you ask me, I'd go for printed in a second but it's all a question of cost.
If OS 4 sells well, then I'm sure we can come up with that for 4.1.
One thing that's for sure is that OS 4 will come with a PDF reader (xPDF) annex PS printer (Ghostscript) so you can read PDF's comfortably and print them out.
The plan is that this solution will also serve as a plug-in for Ibrowse."

Ben Hermans via ANN

12.5.2002 Coder needed for a payed job
"You code in C, you know Reaction, you're fed up to work for nothing, this one is for you: I was planning this post for a long time. Maybe it's time now. I'm looking for a coder to enhance an already existing WB tool. You must know how to code Reaction. You must have enough time NOW.
Basically what is needed is:
- change the main program (no GUI), knowing how to identify if the user clicked a leftout icon, identify the original file from the leftout icon, identify an appicon
- change the prefs program (Reaction GUI) to add a new feature.
Why you should do it ? This is your contribution to "your" OS adding a feature no other OS can do. (no other, really!) And I consider all job should be rewarded, so you'll be paid for this. If you're interested, write to me ASAP!"

Philippe 'Elwood' FERRUCCI via ANN http://elwoodb.free.fr
12.5.2002 New Web sever for AmigaOS written in ARexx
Carl Svensson, the author of mp3Play, has released gW3S 1.0 Beta, small web server for AmigaOS, written in ARexx. It is FreeWare.
Please note that gW3S is in the early beta stage and he'd be more than happy to recieve bug reports, suggestions and other feedback.
HTTP/1.0 200 OK
HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found
Rudimentary request logging
Built-in directory listing (for dirs without an index document)
Embedded ARexx command execution
Execution of external ARexx scripts (with QueryString as argument)
Read more

gW3S homepage
11.5.2002 Total Amiga Magazine World Exclusive!
"Humph! humph! Humphhhh! hurrghhh! Humph! hurgh!!!!"
That's Alan Redhouse of Eyetech, the man behind the AmigaOne. Alan writes for Total Amiga Magazine and in the May issue he reveals exclusive new information on the AmigaOne not seen anywhere else before!
Sadly for Alan, he will have to stay gagged until every copy of Total Amiga Magazine is sold before we let him go.
"humph, hurrgh!"
Stop the cruelty, Free Alan Redhouse, buy a copy of Total Amiga Magazine now!

Total Amiga Magazine is out May 17th and can be purchased from Eyetech and Computer City. Alternatively you can subscribe via Fore-matt home computing and Kicksoft, or from our website http://www.totalamiga.org.
Total Amiga Magazine, it is, are you?

Michael Carrillo
Total Amiga Mag website

11.5.2002 GFX-BASE interview with Lorence Lombardo
"Lorence Lombardo is the author of the recently released mpeg-player 'PegaThlon' and other great tools like HTMLStrip and AmiDiction. He also made lots of anim tools like Anim2gif, Anim2mpeg or Anim2qt.
We were especially interested in his latest release called PegaThlon, a small and free mpeg-player. Of course, we also asked our usual questions - Read more here.

GFX-BASE website
11.5.2002 Amiga Arena - Interview with Mauro Fontana
'Back from dead' - Mauro Fontana brings on of the best Editors back to Life! Since the 'BlacksEditor Upgrade pack 1' Mauro Fontana released BlacksEditor now as Cardware!
The Amiga Arena talked to Mauro Fontana about the Future and past of BlacksEditor!
It is up to you if we see in the future another piece of Software for the Amiga, so please mail to Mauro Fontana for ideas, bugs or wishes...

Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena
11.5.2002 Software News
A open source version of AudioGalaxy Satelitte OpenAG v1.1.1 Full release + exe update (CVS 1.38) is now available for AmigaOS. readme

New versions of NList (0.90) and NListree (18.12) MUI Custom Classes released.

AmiSAT (OpenAG port for AMIGA) homepage
Sebastian Bauer's Homepage

10.5.2002 AmigaInc updates website
Now you can choose one of the following sub-topics:
Amiga Anywhere - www.amiga-anywhere.com
Amiga OS - os.amiga.com
Amiga Support Network www.amigadev.net
Amiga Corporate - www.amiga.com

Mario Klier
AmigaInc website
10.5.2002 Computer City to Port Inga to Amiga
Computer City is pleased to announce that they have obtained a licence from Inutilis software that will enable them to bring the Inga gaming system to all Amiga platforms. Read the Computer City Announcement here.

10.5.2002 Amiga One on Tour
Computer City will be displaying the AmigaOne on the AGGF meeting in Leeuwaarden (The Netherlands) on the 25th of May.

Amiga.org website
10.5.2002 AmigAIM's LiveJournal
Richard H. Poser II: "I've got a paid account now, so I made an AmigAIM community in which I may actually make a note about my internal version from time to time, and perhaps take suggestions..."

Official AmigAIM Website
9.5.2002 REBOL nominated for Webby in technical achievement
The Webby Awards, the leading international honors for Web sites, today nominated REBOL for a Webby Award in the category of Technical Achievement of 2002. (Google and Sony also nominated.) As a nominee for a Webby Award, REBOL is also eligible to win a People's Voice Award. Voting is open to the public from April 29 to June 7th at http://www.webbywards.com/peoplesvoice/. You can read more about it here.

REBOL homepage
9.5.2002 Hyperion spills beans over Matrox G1000 in OS4, No Warp3D V4 driver
Hyperion Entertainment's Managing partner Mr. Ben Hermans posted to ANN.lu about "spill the beans" over Matrox G1000 for OS4. "It destroys the Geforce 4 completely. We've seen it in action already." Later he posts "They have much more than samples. Yes, it will be supported by OS 4. But not right away, this type of advanced architecture requires Warp 3D V5 ("Nova"). It's simply miles ahead of anything out there on the market now. The only that comes close is the P10 from 3DLabs. I'm glad I can finally spill the beans about this. Remember all the nay-sayers whining about Matrox and saying the AmigaOne would be a pile of crap because we didn't have nVidia drivers? This goes to show that just because you are the fastest at one point in time, this doesn't ncessarily mean you will remain the fastest for ever. Think about that when you start another "x86 is so much faster than PPC" thread. PPC used to be faster than x86, then Motorola hit their infamous 500 Mhz G4 ceiling overtaken. But I can assure you that just as Matrox is reclaiming the crown now, the G5 will do the same."

Amiga Future News page
9.5.2002 VGR.COM: USB Poseidon + Trident GUI pictures
"I asked Poseidons author (Chris Hodges) for a few snapshots of Trident (GUI for Poseidon) and he sent over a few images of the GUI. Very nice looking! Vgr now has a USB page setup with some basic information and pictures for the 1st USB stack for the Amiga: vgr.com/usb.

CyberGraphX homepage
9.5.2002 ARM issue 2 will be out in a few days
"The number 2 of the Spanish Amiga Magazine, Amiga Rulez Magazine, (100% Maded in Amiga of course) will be out very soon, show the changes, contents etc.. in http://armagazine.iespana.es/armagazine. Enjoy it"

Amiga.org website
Amiga Rulez Magazine homepage
9.5.2002 First developer snapshot for Digital Almanac III
For the very curious amon you, here is the first developer snapshot for DA III. You will find the update on the download page.

On this page you can take a look about the latest development status. Additionally you can read informations and view some screenshots of the recent developer version of Digital Almanac.

Digital Almanac Homepage

8.5.2002 Payback News
New Payback Intent Status Report
James Daniels: "I've posted the second status report (including screenshots) on the progress of the Intent conversion of Payback.

New Maps
Also, three maps (one new, two updated) have been added to the Extra Maps Page.

Apex Designs website

8.5.2002 AmigaOS 3.9 and boot partitions beyond 4GB barrier
Martin Steigerwald, Haage & Partner: "Use a boot partition within the first 4GB of the hard drive as long as you are not absolutely sure that you really understand in which circumstances you can use a partition not within the first 4GB and are in absolute agreement to take the full responsibility on what you are doing and promise faithfully that you will not contact AmigaOS 3.9 support when something goes wrong."

"Simply put, boot partitions beyond the first 4GB partitions are NOT officially supported; but can work under special circumstances at your own risk."

Official AmigaOS 3.9 FAQ page

8.5.2002 WinUAE: New features coming soon...
Microsoft News - OpenGL output mode with configurable scaling/smoothing and scanlines
- full joystick/mouse configuration (full keyboard configuration will be implemented later)
- fixed border bug (Superfrog, Exile etc..)
- internal zip and gzip support
- much better xdms.exe support

WinUAE homepage
7.5.2002 clickBOOM: 666 (FILE 19: THE BEAST)
"OK, OK, I have 5 games to announce! But, not all of them at once. :-)
And before I do, I would like to remind any interested programmers, that it is because of these five games that we are looking for another Amiga/PC programmer who would be able to help with development of our other Amiga titles (N2,Z).

666 - Last month I told you about our new "unnamed" game. Now I can finally announce the name to you. It's the ever-frightening, ever-demonic, the one and only sign of the Beast. It's 666. This is our new original game. We've been working on it for quite some time, and it's shaping up quite terrifically, thank you. However, it is very far from being finished, and there are no screenshots yet. It's probably better not grouping it in any particular genre, as you'll see for yourself once it's ready. But, if I had to find a category for it, it would probably be a 3D action-adventure, but with many, many new twists. 666 is a very ambitious project, certainly our biggest. [..] 666 is currently planned for PPC Amiga / PC / Mac. ETA Q3/03. Read more

clickBOOM website

7.5.2002 Amiga Arena Fullversion - "LOG!C"
With the permission from "Jochen Heizmann" (Sounder of Games like Flyin High,T-Zero,Samba Partie,Space Station 3000) the Amiga Arena brings you the Mind/Puzzel Game "LOG!C".
LOG!C has a playfield width and height of 14 units. At the right stones in a 3*3 field appeared. The player must try to copy this formation of stones to the 14*14 playfield, by setting the stones with the mouse. And trym that you`re enemy can`t set his formation!!! The game stops, if the time is over, if one player doesn`t have a stone at all or if it`s not possible to copy anything. LOG!C was published by APC/TCP and thanks to Andreas Magerl for the permission too!

Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena
7.5.2002 Amitopia issue nr.3/2002 comming soon
Michal Bergseth: "Amitopia Issue nr.2/2002 came out about 3 weeks ago and now Issue nr.3 will be out sometime next week.
Amitopia is made on Amiga with Pagestream v4.1, TvPaint and PerfectPaint. We want to show the world that an 060 Amiga today, is a brilliant system.
In the next few days, Amitopia will get its own homepage. More info will come!"

Amiga.org website
6.9.2002 USB Poseidon author on Highway Z2, USB on Amiga
The USB card HIGHWAY will be general available by May, 31st 2002 and will be distributed by KDH Datentechnik. This is the first time that Amiga users can connect and use modern USB devices in connection with their classic Amigas. Read more

Chris Hodges, author of Poseidon USB stack for the Amiga: "USB is not the holy grail and a solution for everything or everybody. Too bad it has become some kind of standard on the PC. Too bad Zorro2/3 is not capable of the bandwidth required for USB2.0. Too bad that 99% of the USB devices available are still USB1.0/1.1 devices. I even bought a 10/100MBit USB 1.1 ethernet card on ebay for EUR 10,- -- and I know this is not sensible at all. But hey, the transfer speed sure is enough for connecting to the DSL modem, eh? Some of you people will never be satisfied with what they get. But I don't really care. I've spend a lot of time on Poseidon (and still do), Michael did the same with his Highway / Subway boards. We did this for the users that want to benefit from USB. Not to make a killing."

ANN.lu website

6.5.2002 Elbox: No SharkPPC, SharkPPC+ & SharkPPCPro until OS4 is released!
Darek Dulian, Elbox Computer: "Hello, As we spoke about this issue many times: production of ShakPPC cards will start as soon as the AmigaOS4 is released." - Status of Shark FAQ: "The website update is under construction." - With OS4: "You will find answers to your doubts in the FAQ to be published in our website."

CyberGraphX homepage
5.5.2002 TLAS had Closed Shop - Farewell To All - God Bless
"The time has come to say Goodbye! We have now closed the deal with Scott of Centsible Software. Scott has purchased all remaining Inventory. PLEASE check out his website and let him know that TLAS sent you there.
He may be able to give you a good deal on software.It will no doubt take Scott two or three weeks to sort out his new batch of Software and get them listed on the website for you but email him anyway and tell him to get on the ball. Ha.... :>)
Centisble Software should have the largest selection of Amiga Software that you are going to find. Thank you one and all for the many GREAT Years that we at TLAS have had! This is the last mailing you will receive from me but I will always be thankful that so many of you were customers for a very long period of time. (some as long as ten years)"

Amiga.org website
Terry L. Fike, former Turtle Lighting Amiga Software
5.5.2002 Maim & Mangle News
"A new website to provide information on the development of the game Maim & Mangle has been opened. Development of the game was put on hold for a time rather than cancelled and now has been restarted with most of the original development team. Check the page for more info and original screenshots.

Maim & Mangle homepage
5.5.2002 Software News
Glenn Hisdal: "I have uploaded a new version of the ReAction GUI. readme
If it crashes on your Amiga, please send me enforcer/cyberguard output (or output from similar tools). You can use my private email."

Glenn Hisdal via StrICQ ML
4.5.2002 Delfina Flipper: Technical changes
The preparations for the soundcard "Delfina Flipper Edition" have reached the last phase before production. Some technical details had to be changed in order to keep the announced price.
Here are the most important changes:
A cable for connection to the A1200 clockport will not be included. A connection kit will be available separately for 10,- EUR. To use the Midi-ports, a separate cable is necessary. It's a standard Midi cable that is also used by PC soundcards, and it will not be included with the Delfina Flipper. It can be ordered separately for 9,- EUR.
Pre-orders for the Delfina are taken by your reseller.

individual Computers website
4.5.2002 First impressions of the "new" Digital Almanac
.As announced in the last time, things will change in future versions of Digital Almanac. I have already done some changes in the program. Recent changes mainly refer to: system requirements, functionality and GUI layout.
On this page you can take a look about the latest development status. Additionally you can read informations and view some screenshots of the recent developer version of  Digital Almanac.

Digital Almanac Homepage
4.5.2002 Temple of Technology Interviews Fleecy Moss
Vidar Langberget published an interview with Fleecy Moss, Amiga Inc. You can find the normal version here and for those using Amiga browsers, use this link.

Vidar Langberget via ANN
4.5.2002 MorphOS Software News
MorphOS News Titan Computer: Motionstudio screenshots
You can find new screenshots of Motionstudio on Titan Computer´s Motionstudio website. Motionstudio is a new videoediting software exclusively for MorphOS. Some of the outstanding features are free definable particle effects which can be used on any b-w mask, 40 video effects, very intuitive GUI and much more.

MorphVNC News
Version 1.1 of MorphVNC has just been released.
Changes include: Support for zlib encoding, 10-20 times better bandwidth-utilization over raw encoding. Overall speedups. Lots of fixes :)

MorphOS-News.de website

3.5.2002 Jarno van der Linden from Amiga Inc., Interviewed!
Jarno van der Linden, one of the brilliant minds behind Amiga DE, has taken time to be interviewed by the GetBoinged! crew.
Read the Interview

Paul J. Beel
GetBoinged! website
3.5.2002 100%AMIGA CD Magazine Issue 24
The May issue of 100%AMIGA is now complete. This month we have the first UK magazine review of THE FEEBLE FILES plus a feature on the progress of OS4 containing screenshots and a final word from Ben Hermans of Hyperion. In the news we have an exclusive report on a revolutionary new floppy CD, Broadband from BTOpenworld and the usual Amiga specific news. We also take a look at a new demo collection CD as well as our usual mix of reviews, free games and useful utilities, patches and upgrades. More details available from Amiga Online Superstore or 100%AMIGA website.

FORE-MATT Home Computing website
3.5.2002 The Crypt 23 - The Dragons Lair - is now out
So what do we have for you in Issue 23?
The Dragons Lair looks into the myths and legends of the dragon from around the world. And as usual we bring you the latest news and reviews from the computer world. This time we focus on the new and soon to be released Amiga OS4, with the latest press releases and actual screenshots of the OS4 in action. (Drewl!)
Eyetech announce who will be selling the AmigaOne motherboard, and Melina Softworks bring you the latest news on the Spiders Web and Nostalgia, what are they? read their article to find out. On the PC side of the market we find out about Opus 6 and news of the latest release (This is one piece of software I couldn`t be without). Then our very own Ian Urie looks at Irfanview a free graphics viewer that works very well with Opus 6, and he also shows us how to install several piece's of PC hardware, including a TV card, Digital camera, DVD drive and USB hub. Last issue Birdy showed us how to set up and use AmIRC on the Amiga, well for this issue Bruce Steers shows us how to setup and use mIRC for the PC.
Then we have a multitude of articles from our readers and Staff members covering such wide topics as - The Orkney Islands during the World war, Caravanning equipment, Dr Suess on why computers sometimes crash, and a nostalgic look back at the Amiga computer in it`s early years. Of course there is a lot more to read than just those, but I`ll leave you to read these for yourselves.
Our beloved Ferret has delved into the past of his home country of Scotland and looks at the people and customs of "North of the Border". we have our usual pages of jokes/cartoons for you to laugh yourself stupid with, and a page of recipe's to tempt you into the kitchen.
Vulcan software announces that another Amiga classic game is to be ported over to the PC, what is it? The Games page will tell you all you need to know. Along with a new Amiga game, The Feeble Files. There are another collection of brain teasers for you to figure out, and for lovers of the Steam locomotive we have features on the Strathrail network and the North Norfolk railway.
So with 8mb of articles and pictures for you to enjoy, we hope this new HTML version of The Crypt will keep you busy till our next issue comes out in the summer.

Steve Evans, The Crypt
2.5.2002 GREX and Warp3D performance problems
"It has come to our attention that the GREX consumer-version suffers from serious performance problems when used in conjunction with Warp3D and a Voodoo 3.
The same Voodoo 3 Warp3D driver-code runs substantially faster on the Prometheus and the Mediator which is clearly a sub-optimal situation considering the much higher bandwidth available on the Cyberstorm PPC/GREX 4000 combo.
We can only conclude that something in the consumer-version of the GREX is interfering with the normal operation of the driver, be it the software, be it the hardware itself or a combination of both.
It's equally unclear if the same problem arises also on the GREX-1200.
We want to take the opportunity to strenuously deny the rumour spread by certain dealers that we are trying to extract an additional license-fee from DCE to correct this problem.
Time permitting, we would be most happy to correct this problem although we fear this may well prove impossible without the cooperation of DCE."

Timothy De Groote & Ben Hermans, Hyperion Entertainment
2.5.2002 Software News
Glenn Hisdal: "I have put up a new version of the ReAction GUI. readme file
I have only made some minor changes:
- The contactlist is correctly updated when you go offline.
- The read message window now displays the UIN of the sender and the message date.

Glenn Hisdal via StrICQ ML
1.5.2002 New Project Petunia benchmarks (part of AmigaOS 4.0)
"I placed new benchmarks to my web pages from the recent vesion of the dynamic recompiling based M68k emulator for AmigaOS4."

Dynamic recompilation (or also called just-in-time compilation or simply JIT compilation) is a technique of translation of the emulated processor machine code to an executer processor machine code on-the-fly.

Ben Hermans, Hyperion: "On a 600 Mhz G3 with on-die L2 cache and a 133 FSB, you can expect much more than a 150-200 Mhz 060. I would consider a 300 Mhz 060 to be the absolute minimum. The current benchmarks of Petunia are being held back by several factors even on the current PPC cards:
1. The 68K is still stealing cycles from the PPC just by being "awake". If you put it to sleep completely, this results in substantial performance gains.
2. Dual CPU architecture with context-switches and cache-flushes.
3. WarpOS not Exec SG is used.
All in all I expect the emulator to reach at least 060/50 performance even on the lowest (160 MHz) BlizzardPPC."

Álmos Rajnai via ANN
Project Petunia homepage

1.5.2002 clickBOOM S-FILE 18 & New Website
"Believe it or not, we have 5 games to announce! But, instead of giving you an information overload, we will be announcing them every few days. Aren't we sneaky? :-)

And, lastly, I would like to remind any interested programmers, that it is because of these five games that we are looking for another Amiga/PC programmer who would be able to help with development of our current Amiga titles.

I hope you like the new look of the site!"

Read more

clickBOOM website

1.5.2002 dynAMIte V2.0 available - You are a player, right?
"Back from a fantastic trip to Hamburg, where we demoed our latest #amigazeuxAnywear collection, we wanted to take the time to get the Amiga community caught up on our flagship project, dynAMIte.
Contrary to the nonsense that is being spread about legality of other products, dynAMIte is more than alive and well and we have very exciting plans for the future with amazing new products introducing several other exciting and amazing Amiga-like, mind-blowing features." Read more
download / history

Matthias Böcker, dynAMIte
1.5.2002 New DSL-drivers for X-Surf
The xsurfadsl.device for our networking card X-Surf has been updated. More than one DSL-modem is supported now, a bug that led to a crash when hanging up has been removed, and the debug-output of the appp.device for Genesis users has been removed, so the full performance is also reached on systems without a graphics board. Download

individual Computers website
1.5.2002 ClassAction and StartMenu News
Martin R. Elsner: "ClassAction 4.40 and StartMenu 1.20 are ready, with many of your proposals implemented.
Some changes: ClassAction has an improved way of copying, classes for volumes and assigns, "Open with" and "Copy to" submenus, an own file attribute window, and many little improvements like file comment display and vertical arranged listers.
StartMenu has now lost the nerving bugs; it can control commodities, opens on other screens and has an improved window button display. All MRE modules only contain the English language. I will prepare the translations, they will follow in the next weeks."

Martin R. Elsner's homepage
1.5.2002 Looking for SoundBlaster & SoundBlaster Live! Dev Docs
"Stefan Wøntermiyer emailed to VGR.com last week and was interested in doing SoundBlaster & Sound Blaster Live! drivers for the G-Rex. They were looking for any developer docs or example code on how to program the Soundblaster or Sound Blaster Live! cards. They placed a few files they found online here. If you know of anything better please email sb@vgr.com. Thanks!"

CyberGraphX homepage
1.5.2002 Software News
New AmIRC 3.5.24beta is now available for registered users only.

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