30.4.2003 Bill McEwen - President/CEO of Amiga, Inc. to attend AmiWest in Sacramento
Snoqualmie, WA 98065 - Amiga, Inc. announces that Bill McEwen the CEO of Amiga, Inc. will once again attend AmiWest.
"There is a great deal of activity going on at Amiga, and I am looking forward to sharing it all with you. We have kept ourselves focused and stayed the course toward success. I look forward to seeing all of you again in Sacramento." Read more
Bill McEwen, President/CEO, Amiga, Inc.
30.4.2003 AmigaWorld website opened
"www.amigaworld.org is now back. A product by the Amitopia staff. There is guides, articles, news and more.
AmigaWorld.org is a advertfree website at the moment, with only Amitopia promotions on it. I hope you like it."
AmiDelf, AmigaWorld
29.4.2003 Amiga Information Online to close...
"In what will be exactly six years in the making of the long running and popular magazine Amiga Information Online will see it finally cease publication. We would like to thank the Amiga community for their continued support.
Please feel free to email your goodbye commets to goodbye@aioworld.com or use the form on our website www.aioworld.com.
The May 2003 due for release at the end of May will be our last.
Chris Seward, Amiga Information Online
29.4.2003 AMIGAplus 04/2003 - Bandwith
Bandwidth does matter. Higher, faster, broader - "Everything for your girl-friend". Read those and more articles in the new AMIGAplus 04/2003:
- Special: Bandwith-knowledge
- Special: Review of 8 hardware-routers
- Special: Review of DSL-Modem LGE LAM200E
- Special: MiamiDX as software-router
- CeBIT 2003: Interview with Genesi
- AmithlonTV: TV and more for Amiga
- Birdie Shoot: Moorhuhn-Killer
- Amiga Status Report: Old and new stories
- TCPA: Where do you want to spy today?
- Workshop Video & DraCo, part 2
- Workshop SDL-Programmierung, part 4
- TFT-Screens from EYE-Q and Belinea
- and much more

New: AMIGAplus-Mini - Exclusive Simple DirectMedia Layer Reference in German: Cut it out, fold it, pack it and take your knowledge everywhere. AMIGAplus is available via subscription, direct order or through your local Amiga dealer for 5,- EUR.
AMIGAplus website
29.4.2003 First AmigaOne boards batch in Italy
The first AmigaOne boards batch has reached Italy yesterday.
Both G3-XE boards and G4-XE boards are available.
Soft3 website ExiE
29.4.2003 Software News
Jabberwocky news
4th Preview of Jabberwocky V1.4 is now ready. You can get it here. List of changes
Jabberwocky is a jabber client software for Amiga. It is open source and released under the GNU GPL License. Jabber is an instant messaging system, similar to ICQ or AIM, yet far different. It is open source, absolutely free, simple, fast, extensible, modularized, and cross platform. Server modules (transports) allows cross messaging between other networks (AIM, ICQ, MSN, IRC, etc).
Jabberwocky homepage
29.4.2003 NewOS to be Ported on Pegasos
MorphOS News As announced at BeGeistert 010:
"A long time ago Be inc. shipped a Box with PowerPC processors. Later they abandoned the PowerPC in favour of the x86 CPUs. Ex-Be inc. Kernel developer Travis Geiselbrecht is to port NewOS to the Pegasos motherboard. Axel Dörfler is then to work with those changes and port OpenBeOS to Pegasos. Whats the big deal about this? Pegasos is a PowerPC motherboard, Be is going home! More details of Pegasos along with resellers can be found here. A G4 upgrade is planned for July.
Later in the Year Pegasos 2 shall be launched with support for DDR RAM, 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports and support for G3 and G4 CPUs. A dual G4 card is also under consideration."
28.4.2003 IOSPIRIT server moves tomorrow
"Our server hardware moves on the 28th of April to another part of the same computer center. Also, we´ll get new IP-addresses and thus our website and email may be temporarily unavailable, although we´ll of course try to keep the downtime to a minimum. Thanks for your understanding!"
IOSPIRIT website
28.4.2003 Music: New piece of Music on the Psyria HomePage
"Psyria is back on track! After scarcely 5 months Psyria is back for the first time in the year 2003. The main reason was the time. But at this time i have also worked on new Tracks. Since this is now the first official release for this year, we want to wave off also directly and give the Amiga again one to the best. A new Theme is able to download http://www.psyria.de in the Download-Area.
Psyria homepage
28.4.2003 AncienToys - Amiga Abandonware Page
Tibor Endredy launched site about Amiga games and music. You can find many games in ADF format, utils for emulation (many platforms), Amiga game and demo music in mod format, Amiga wallpapers, hardware gallery, discussion forum, etc.
Amiga.org website
AncienToys website ExiE
27.4.2003 New Amiga Inc. CEO?
According to Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco they have spoken with Amiga Inc's new CEO Garry Hare a couple of weeks ago. [link]

Fleecy Moss' answer of "Has Amiga Inc changed CEO?" question:
"As of this moment Bill McEwen is the CEO of Amiga and if a new CEO was to be brought in, it would be because of Amiga expanding as a company and Bill needing to concentrate on being Chairman and President - currently he is CEO as well and three top jobs in a company that is attracting the attention we are is at least one job too many.
Any CEO to be brought in would be as part of the team and would be totally in sync with the current strategic direction of the company.
If someone is posting information to the contrary then it can only be for ulterior motives." [link]

There is a scan of Garry Hare's CEO bussiness card flying around (Amiga.org) - looking like a FAKE! [link]

27.4.2003 Weekly Q&A with Fleecy Moss - Week 7
AmigaWorld are proud to announce that Amiga's Chief Technology Officer Fleecy Moss has agreed on offering us weekly Questions and Answers sessions. You can ask your questions and check already asked questions here on our forums as well.

Week 4 of the Weekly Questions and Answers sessions with Amiga's Chief Technology Officer Fleecy Moss is now up online at Amigaworld.net.

27.4.2003 AIO issue 70 is out
AIO issue 70 is out and should soon be up on Aminet. Included is a review of Storm C4, an article on how to clean and maintain your Zip drives, and a big announcement.
Mark Tierno, Amiga Information Online website
27.4.2003 Sponsor AROS development
Adam Chodorowski, part of the AROS Development Team: "I have two months of free time this summer, which I would love to spend on coding on AROS. The problem is that I have to pay my bills, and therefore I would need to get some temporary job. This ofcourse means there would be very little time to code on AROS... :-/
The solution to this would be if someone were willing to sponsor me for coding on AROS one month or two. I don't ask for much money, just enough to pay my bills and to buy food. For that I would code 60 hours / week, which is more than fulltime. In total, this would mean around 240 hours of work going into AROS each month, to improve any part you (the sponsor) wants me to. Read more
27.4.2003 Software News
DiskMaster News
DiskMasterII v2.5RC10 - one of the best known Amiga Directory Utilities ever made.
Documentation (v1.102) in Amiga-Guide format, TransGuide (v1.102) - a "translators only" only version of the guide.
Diskmaster2 Official Homepage
26.4.2003 YAM 2.4 released
The YAM Open Source Team proudly presents YAM 2.4. This new release introduces a hierarchical folder list, email address caching, automatic code page detection, extended documentation and much more. Requires AmigaOS V39+ (OS3.0+). You can get it here or directly from http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/yamos.
David Rey
Amiga YAM homepage ExiE
26.4.2003 Genesi wants to attend at AmiWest show
MorphOS News Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco today announced that Genesi wants to attend at the AmiWest show, held in Sacramento, CA on July 26th and 27th 2003. Genesi wants to present the new G4 CPU card for the Pegasos1, the new software bundle and maybe also a prototype of the Pegasos2 motherboard and of course MorphOS.
MorphOS-News.de website
26.4.2003 Software News
AWeb 3.4 APL full package New packaged executables of AWeb 3.4 APL are now available! The program executable is the same as before, but are now a full package with plugins, transfer-animations, icon-sets and installers. Versions for 68020, 68030, 68040, 68060 and now also MorphOS are available here.
Official AWeb Open Source project website
26.4.2003 Vesalia Shipping AmigaOne XE
Vesalia Computer (Amiga Vendor and Distributo based in Germany) has started to sell AmigaOne XE boards. A1-XE comes with:
Debian Linux Install CD
Debian GNU/Linux PPC Binary 1
UAE (Amiga Emulator) incl. Kickstart 3.1 ROM-Images
Magic Softwarepacket
Amigart website
25.4.2003 Amiga Arena - AlphaBase fullversion and sourcen
With the permission and in co-operation with Maik Schmidt, the Amiga Arena brings you first of all the free fullversion from "AlphaBase".
"AlphaBase" is a user friendly database program. The traditional Amiga workbench drop menus are augmented with buttons that give easy access to each of the available function. The buttons carry standard function symbols or graphics with a further one line help script that appears in the bottom window whenever the cursor is placed over a button. Two types of database design are supported at present. The first is a formless address type and the second is a data record handling type with allows the inclusion of text, pictures and sound with each record. Requirements: OS 3.0 workbench & libraries, 1MB ChipMem + 2MB FastMem of working space.

Source Code available!
If you would like to develop on AlphaBase (Blitzbasic) in the future, please contact Olaf of Amiga Arena.

Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena
25.4.2003 AROS News
"Almost another whole months has gone by, which means that it's definitely time for another status update. I'm sure you're all perched for information about what's happening with AROS. ;-)" Read more or check new screenshots.

Martin Blom found some free time and ported AHI, although there are no drivers yet (except for the filesave and dummy ones). This is a great step forward for providing sound support to AROS! Writing a driver for hosted should be fairly simple (the only problem is time, as always).

AROS homepage
25.4.2003 Software News
Benchmark: AmigaMARK LPA 2003
New version 0.950 beta of AmigaMARK LPA 2003 - AmigaOS-/MorphOS benchmark suite has been released. Changes
AmigaMARK LP homepage
24.4.2003 Dietmar Eilert working on MorphED
MorphOS News "Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco today announced that Dietmar Eilert, developer of GoldED, is working on "MorphED" since Friday, April 18th 2003. Currently no information is available if this is a completely new editor or a special MorphOS native version of GoldED. We hope we can provide more information about this interesting software project soon."
MorphOS-News.de website
24.4.2003 CatCon Party News
"The CatCon party of this year is approaching... You can expect a good presentation of Pegasos/Mophos, some amiga enterprises will bring new products, a lot of demoscene and funny contests, etc. The party wil be the next weekend: 3rt and 4th of May in Calella, near to Barcelona (Spain). The party will be free for foreigners, but please, confimate your asistence."
Carles "Doraemon" Noheras
CatCon 2k3 website
24.4.2003 CRONOSOFT - New Software House
CRONOSOFT is a new software distributor for NEW software or Old UNreleased software for older platform systems, whether commercially unsupported or still supported, as with the Amiga for example. CRONOSOFT invites anyone, from any part of the world, who still develops software and wants to sell it ( Games, Utilities, etc. ) but doesn't want the hassle of packaging and distributing it to buyers themselves, to submit their programs for evaluation. If accepted, your software will be sold via the main website, and other outlets such as eBay for example, complete with color inlays or covers, which can be created for you at no extra cost if you don't/can't provide your own, plus documentation, etc. also at no extra cost to you. Read more
ANN website
23.4.2003 Software News
PerfectPaint V2.925 is available
New version 2.925 of PerfectPaint is now available at http://gothic.fr.free.fr/amiga/index.html and soon on Aminet.
PerfectPaint is great FREEWARE! proggie for painting, animation and manipulating pictures from 1bit to 24bits. What's new
PerfectPaint's page
22.4.2003 Mediator Multimedia CD UP 1.23
ELBOX COMPUTER News The MM CD 1.23 update for the users of Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000i, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 SX, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV busbords, who are registered owners of the Mediator Multimedia CD, has been released today.
The update includes new versions of fm801.audio, sb128.audio, mixer.library, FastEthernet.device and tv.library.
The current developer documentations for tv.library and mixer.library are enclosed in the MM CD 1.23.
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
22.4.2003 Mediator System Files updated - MediatorUP 3.7
ELBOX COMPUTER News The MediatorUP 3.7 update for Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000Di, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 SX, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV has been made available today.
The update includes new versions of:
pci.library ver. 5.10 - PowerOff function (for controlling ATX PSU) added
MediatorNET.device ver. 2.7 - compatibility with the RoadShow stack added
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
21.4.2003 Pegasos Software Bundle Discussions Ongoing
MorphOS News Genesi started a discussion today on MorphZone and apparently in weeks past on the Phoenix mailing lists that seem on target for the future. Genesi intends to license a full bundle of software and provide it to all Pegasos I Users at a deep discount. Raquel and Bill will use this as the means to fully and finally test the web-based purchase strategy they are planning for the Pegasos II and Genesi in the Fall of 2003. The Pegasos I Software Bundle will be sold this summer at the same time as the Pegasos I G4 upgrade. "It is not just the online purchase we are concerned with, it is the whole order/shipping/warranty/customer relations management system that we are concerned with and that needs to be working perfectly. Finally, all this effort (which must be constantly monitored) has to tied into solid support for users and developers." Read more
MorphOS-News.de website
21.4.2003 Software News
WHDLoad News
WHDLoad v15.2 usr & dev archives - AmigaOS friendly Harddisk-Install package. Minor fixes and changes.
Check the same page for many new game installers!

A/NES CGFX v1.32 released, with P96 support
Today A/NES CGFX v1.32 was released and now it even has support for Picasso96. Check out the official website at http://hem.passagen.se/anescgfx/ for more detailed information.

WHDLoad Support page
Morgan Johansson, A/NES CGFX
20.4.2003 Weekly Q&A with Fleecy Moss - Week 6
AmigaWorld are proud to announce that Amiga's Chief Technology Officer Fleecy Moss has agreed on offering us weekly Questions and Answers sessions. You can ask your questions and check already asked questions here on our forums as well.

Week 4 of the Weekly Questions and Answers sessions with Amiga's Chief Technology Officer Fleecy Moss is now up online at Amigaworld.net.

20.4.2003 Amiga Flame: Nomad Team Seek Help
Last week Amiga Flame revealed the Nomad Team's impressive first title, a powerful game/ multimedia creation system. To help with the development of this title and on their top-secret project, which they describe as "a musician's dream" they would like interested programmers to step forward.
The Nomad Team are particularly looking for programmers with experience of C++ and/or Java and must be available to work at least three hours a week. Benefits include a percentage of the company's income and the possibility to suggest and work on a project of your own.
If you're interested in joining the team, then e-mail the Nomad Team.
Amiga Flame website
Nomad Team website
20.4.2003 WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 6
Windows News WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 6 (19.04.2003) is now available. New features:
- compressed state files
- rewritten and more compatible serial port emulation, serial link game support
- more compatible blitter speed in non cycle-exact mode (Spindizzy Worlds, PP Hammer..)
- turbo-floppy speed enables fast writing
- disable screensaver when WinUAE is active
- improved configurable CPU idle-function
- screenshots saved to ScreenShots-directory
- input configuration joystick port swap and device disable-button implemented.

Bugs fixed & more
WinUAE Official Homesite
19.4.2003 Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena CD - Games Edition 2002 update
After the first release,the CD "Amiga Arena - Games Edition 2002" is overwrought and another classic game is on it. With the permission from "Tuna Technologies Ltd.", the racing Game "X-Treme Racing" is with all Data Disks on it too.
What is on it? With more than 50 games from the commercial and shareware domains, a great number of classics from the genres Action, Adventure, Board/Mind, Manager, Platform and Strategy are to be found, the offerings being topped off with sceenshots, solutions and cheats.
Bonus: WHDLoad with a special offer (50% rabatt)!

What said the press?
AMIGAplus 1/03 Review: 6 / 6
AMIGA Magazin 5/03 Review: 90 %
Obligement Issue 38 Review: 8 / 10
Publisher: Fun Time World
Price: 10 EUR

Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena
19.4.2003 Software News
A/NES CGFX v1.31 released
A/NES CGFX, the NES emulator for CyberGraphx users, has been updated to version 1.31. For example, a new exciting feature called "auto framerate" has been added. Be sure the check out the website for more information.

MorphOS NewsMame v0.67
Fabien Coeurjoly released new version 0.67 (~6MB) of his MAME MorphOS port.
"Mame being slower and slower, I'll keep older versions such as 0.60 and 0.37b16..."

Morgan Johansson, A/NES CGFX
Mame Morphos support Page
19.4.2003 G4 Upgrade card to be released on July 1st, 2003
MorphOS News Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco have announced that the promised G4 CPU Upgrade card for Pegasos1 owners will be available on July 1st, 2003 for 200Euro. Pegasos1 owners can buy it at www.pegasosppc.com when pegasos-usa.com is integrated into the new site. There will also be a new software bundle available then.
Bill and Raquel also confirmed that the CPU cards for the Pegasos II are the same as the CPU cards for the Pegasos I. That way every Pegasos II user, who already got a Pegasos I, can use his old Pegasos I CPU card and Pegasos I users can buy Pegasos II CPU cards.
They also made clear that this offer has no impact on the Pegasos-I-trade-in offer. You can still get a Pegasos II including a G4 processor card for your old Pegasos I machine plus 200Euro.
MorphOS-News.de website
19.4.2003 Compuquick's update April 2003  
AmigaOne G3 XE-800mhz and G4 XE-800Mhz boards have shipped to us from Eyetech on 4/17/2003. We expect to see them next week. Boards will be shipped to those that have ordered after that. We will be building complete systems starting next week to ship to those of you that have ordered and ship subsequently. Now that the boards are shipping those waiting and undecided are urged to talk to your friends who have ordered boards/ systems from us and please take a decision to take the plunge in the world of new Amigas. However, please note that the early bird offer will now not apply and you will have to pay separately for OS 4.0 when it becomes available. Read more
CompuQuick Media Center website
18.4.2003 IncaGold and Hyperion Entertainment enter into comprehensive license agreement
IncaGold GmbH and Hyperion Entertainment VOF announced today that they entered into a comprehensive license agreement which will see many of IncaGold's current and future entertainment software titles converted for the Amiga, Linux and Macintosh platforms.
Hyperion's first target for conversion is Midnight Racing which offers players the excitement of realistic night driving using a state of the art 3D engine. Read more
Hyperion Entertainment website
18.4.2003 AmigaOne XE boards shipping
Alan Redhouse, Eyetech Group Ltd: "...we are currently (from Wednesday last) shipping the A1-XE in volume, first to the dealers, then to the developers who ordered the SE way back but decided to change to the XE, then to board purchasers by order date, then to system purchasers by order date. We expect to get the backlog cleared by the end of the month, but only if people avoid the temptation to ring up and ask how their order is doing - all that does is slow things up for everybody."
Eyetech AmigaOne Yahoo! group
18.4.2003 Update: The Extreme Amiga 600 Upgrading Page
The Extreme Amiga 600 Upgrading Page has again been updated. Latest highlight: The Amiga 600 has been equipped with USB ports! Additionally, this site features extensive information about the smallest Commodore Amiga. In English.
Christian Krenner, The Extreme Amiga 600 Upgrading Pag
18.4.2003 Realms of Power website News
Realms of Power website incl. english section has been placed online today. There you'll find information about the game, screenshots and its state of development.
The Game Realms of Power is a so called roundbased, strategy game for AmigaOS. It has much elements out of the game Civilization and beside this there are some out of the gameColonization.
Realms of Power homepage
18.4.2003 Genesi at CeBIT Australia
MorphOS News Genesi would like to invite all visitors to the CeBIT Australia 2003 event to visit our booth. We will be exhibiting in hall 5, booth 561.
The show is from may 6th - 8th in the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center, Darling Harbour, Sydney.
For more information please check the official CeBIT Australia 2003 website: www.cebit.com.au.
Ron van Herk, Genesi
17.4.2003 Happy Birthday Petro Tyschtschenko
Today is Petro Tyschtschenko's 60th birthday. Petro has seen four Amiga companies (Commodore-Amiga Inc. (1984-94), Amiga Technologies GmbH (1995-96), Amiga International (1997-2001) and Amiga Inc. since the year 2000 from which he was later retired) in over 20 years. Since then he has been at various Amiga shows, one of the last ones was the C= Show on which he presented the Pegasos and MorphOS.
MorphOS-News.de website
17.4.2003 Elbox Spider II sales began
ELBOX COMPUTER News We are glad to inform that the Spider II USB 2.0 High-Speed controller with drivers for Mediator and Amithlon is on sale now. To find the distributor near you, please go to our Where To Buy section. For purchase directly from Elbox go to the Spider II page in the Elbox Online Store.
The detailed specification of the Spider II USB 2.0 controller: see the product page.
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
17.4.2003 3D-Shooter for AmigaOS4 under development 
"A straight new play project is in development. Final result is to become a 3D-Shooter, which will appear for Windows and AmigaOS4. Up-to-date still on Windows one develops. As soon as the AmigaOne together with. AOS4 is there, can with the Portierung of the finished parts be begun.
Core of the whole one is already the 3D-Engine Cruiser3D progressed very far. After the out agendas development this engine lay it naturally close equal a complete play to develop. The 3D-Shooter will appear probable in the horror garb. Here we did not commit ourselves however yet entgueltig."
Amiforce website
16.4.2003 Screenshots taken from AmigaOne G4/XE
PointDesign have published some screenshots taken from AmigaOne G4/XE.

A1 Configuration:
800 MHz G4 7450, 256 MB 133MHz SD-RAM
Debian Linux, XFree86 4.3, Gnome2.2
Radeon 7500 AGP (64MB RAM)

Amigart website
16.4.2003 Amiga Forever and MaxUAE on Mac OS X
Apple News New step-by-step configuration instructions for using Amiga Forever (CD-ROM and cross-platform Online Edition) with MaxUAE on Mac OS X have been posted in the FAQ section at amigaforever.com.
Cloanto via ANN
Cloanto website
15.4.2003 AmigaSource finally reaches the 1400+ link mark
After a few weeks of little to no updates I'm happy to report I'm back and AmigaSource.com has finally broken the 1400+ link mark. Please drop in and look around and help spread the word!
Scott Pistorino, AmigaSource
15.4.2003 Obligement 38 is now out
Issue 38 of the Amiga magazine Obligement is now available. You can read in this issue latests Amiga news, a report of the Equinoxe Party, reviews of Crossfire 2 and Amiga Arena Games Edition 2002, interviews with Jérome Senay (coder of Word Me Up) and Stefan Burstroem (author of IBrowse), an article about installation of LinuxPPC on Pegasos, and lots of others interesting articles. Download it at the adress: http://obligement.free.fr.
David "Daff" Brunet, Obligement E-Zine
14.4.2003 Interview with Felix Schwarz
"Today we release a german and english interview with Felix Schwarz on the Amiga Future Homepage."
Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
14.4.2003 Software News
DA III V5 English version - status
Some people asked me so far, when the English version of DA III V5 will be available. Well, I must say "Maybe never". The reason is eays. There are simply no requests or orders for DA III V5. Please understand, that I need about 20 preorders to finish the English version. It doesnt make any sense for me to do all the work with less preorders. I am sorry, but that is the general Amiga market situation.
Anyway, DA III V5 can be used in the English version. But... you will only get the "old" documentation of V4.

New zlib.library V3.1
On the Aminet you can find a new version of the zlib.library. Unfortunately this version contains a stupid bug that makes the library work only under PPC systems but refuses to work under plain 68k systems. A bugfixed version does exist and will be uploaded to the Aminet as soon as possible. People being interested can request the bugfixed library via email.

Digital Almanac Homepage
13.4.2003 Weekly Q&A with Fleecy Moss - Week 5
AmigaWorld are proud to announce that Amiga's Chief Technology Officer Fleecy Moss has agreed on offering us weekly Questions and Answers sessions. You can ask your questions and check already asked questions here on our forums as well.

Week 4 of the Weekly Questions and Answers sessions with Amiga's Chief Technology Officer Fleecy Moss is now up online at Amigaworld.net.

12.4.2003 Amiga Flame: Nomad Team Officially Reveal NomadGMS
"Set up only this year, the Nomad Team specializes in the creation of utilitarian software and programming tools for personal and mobile computing platforms. They aim to produce software that provides "a truly enjoyable experience that gets the job done with minimum effort". Their first piece of software for the AmigaDE and AmigaOS is the Nomad Game and Multimedia System, a powerful game/ multimedia creation system.
The Nomad Team believe that Nomad will help developers especially those working in the mobile market where problems such overpriced game development kits and the use of low-level APIs for generic purposes remain unresolved. Nomad aims to fill in this gap, as an affordable development system providing both a generic game API for any purpose as well as built-in functions for pre-defined genres like 2D horizontal scrolling shooters or 3D first-person perspective games. It will also allow easy game/multimedia development in C++ for the AmigaOS platform.
Nomad is made up of six main areas; 3D, 2D, Audio, Network, Artificial Intelligence, and Application Framework. Read more
Amiga Flame website
Nomad Team website
12.4.2003 Software News
New AHI release
AHI 5.5 aka AHI 6.0rc1 and paula.audio 4.29 is availabe from the usual place (68k/MorphOS).
There is also a rewritten paula.audio 4.30 for MorphOS (written by Sigbjørn Skjæret and Harry Sintonen) available for download.
Martin Blom
12.4.2003 GFX-BASE interview with Benjamin "Titan" Vernoux
"We have another GFX-BASE interview for you: This time SOL-Invictus talked to Benjamin Vernoux about his project OpenPCI and MOS-drivers."
GFX-BASE website
12.4.2003 Amiga Game Packs now online at CompUSA 
Amiga anywhere News The Amiga Game Packs distributed by Microsoft have been available for several weeks at selected CompUSA stores, now they're also available Online.
Follow the link and search for "Amiga" you will be taken to a page with the two Amiga packs:
Amiga Games MMC Pocket Pak 1 for Pocket PCs
Amiga Games MMC Pocket Pak 2 for Pocket PCs
AmigaWorld website
11.4.2003 AmiDock Article Released
Amiga releases an article describing AmiDock in AmigaOS4. The article originally appeared in the March issue of Club Amiga Magazine.
Amiga Inc. website
11.4.2003 Catweasel: new multidisk.device
The new multidisk.device for Amiga OS (version 2.0 and up) and MorphOS now recognizes the Catweasel MK3 PCI/Flipper in a PCI-slot of an Amiga, Amithlon or Pegasos. With this, individual Computers delivers what the vendor of the Pegasos did not deliver before: a working floppy-driver, which brings the aspiring system one step closer to the big role model "Amiga". Burning CDs to transfer small amounts of data is no longer necessary, now you can use floppy disks of all common disk formats like Amiga 880K, Amiga 1760K, PC720K, PC1440K and many more.
The device is a public beta version, and it uses OpenPCI to recognize and activate the board. Unfortunately, neither the authors of OpenPCI, nor we could get hold of developer information about the Mediator PCI board, so this will not be supported until further notice.
Download: mdisk363.lha (16KBytes)
individual Computers website
11.4.2003 Catweasel: supported by SIDPlayer
Linux News New version 4.3 of SIDPlayer, adding support for the SID option of the Catweasel MK3 PCI card under Linux
Cebix' Home Page
10.4.2003 C-One production started
After more than two years development time, the C-One production has started. It'll start selling on may 5th in Germany and the Netherlands. Our other European partners should have the boards by may 9th, when the board will also be launched in North America.
Many projects have dealt with re-configurable computers so far, but none of them is as consistent and flexible as the C-One. Other projects only kept parts of the hardware re-configurable, but the C-One can change the behaviour of it's chipset even during runtime. Therefore, the C-One is the world's first re-configurable computer. Read more on the official homepage of the C-One.
individual Computers website
10.4.2003 Hyperion offering repair of CSPPCs awaiting AOS4
For you who can't read Swedish, the release of AOS4 for CSPPC is drawing closer. Hyperion have found a reliable repair shop repariting broken Cyberstorms for them.
Hyperion is making an offer to relay the broken boards of GGS's (and other scandinavian resellers') customers to this repair shop. This relay-offer will rotate between the various Amiga dealers of the world so as not to swamp the repair shop. First off are the Scandinavian resellers.
GGS is now asking people to send in their broken CSPPC:s to them for batch-sending to Hyperion. The price is 1250 SEK (135 euro). If the card cannot be repaired within 3 months, it will be returned by Hyperion at no cost.
If you are an interested Scandinavian (or just really, really impatient), contact GGS data at GGS contact form (Other Scandinavian resellers should have got the same offer).
AmigaWorld website
10.4.2003 Amigaone-Pegasos-AmigaDE present at Webb.it
Virtual Works, Soft 3 and Bitplane Magazine will be present together at the next edition of "Webb.it", one of the most important IT shows in Italy, attended by thousands of visitors every year. Virtual Works and Soft 3 will show the more recent development on the Amiga platform offering the possibility to see in action the two new systems, the AmigaOne and the Pegasos, together with some AmigaDE products. Bitplane, the only Italian printed Magazine with CD, will be present with its more recent issue. This year the show will be held in Padova in the days 9, 10, 11 of may at "PadovaFiere" (Padova Exibition Center). We'll be pleased to meet all the Amiga users at our stand to let the world know that Amiga is finally coming back!
Joachim Thomas
Bitplane website
10.4.2003 LBreakout 2 MorphOS port available
MorphOS News "The polished successor to LBreakout offers you a new challenge in more than 50 levels with loads of new bonuses (goldshower, joker, explosive balls, bonus magnet ...), maluses (chaos, darkness, weak balls, malus magnet ...) and special bricks (growing bricks, explosive bricks, regenerative bricks, indestructible bricks, chaotic bricks). And if you're through with all the levels you can create complete new levelsets with the integrated easy-to-use level editor!" Download (2.5 MB)
MorphOS-News.de website
9.4.2003 Funatics and e.p.i.c. interactive announce "Northland" for the Mac and MorphOS
MorphOS News Funatics Software Gmbh and e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment gmbh announced today that Cultures 2 sequel "Northland" will be ported to the Apple Mac and MorphOS.
"We are very happy to be able to bring one of the most popular Godgame series to gamers on the Apple Mac and MorphOS" said Thomas Steiding, CEO of e.p.i.c., about the deal.
Thomas Friedman, CEO of Funatics added: "e.p.i.c. is the ideal partner for us to bring "Northland" to an even larger audience. Unfortunately users of systems like Macintosh or the new MorphOS are poorly supported when it comes to innovative new games. We intend to fill this gap with the release of "Northland" for these platforms.
The story of "Northland" begins where the plot of "Cultures 2 - The Gates of Asgard" ended. After perilous adventures our four heroes defeated the Midgard serpent and thus saved the world. But one day they were disturbed by a call for help from their friend Hatschi. Hatschi's homeland was plagued by mysterious monstrous serpent creatures, which spread chaos and destruction through the country. Without hesitation Byjami and Crya hurried to help him and stumbled right into a new adventure, in which the sly god Loki will play an important role...
Features Northland:
Stand-alone Adventure Strategy game.
* Single player campaign with 8 missions including several sub missions.
* The exciting plots tells the story of Viking God Loki who tried to take revenge on Godfather Odin for his banishment from Asgard to Earth. For that he abuses our four human heroes with his intrigues and traps.
* 8 additional free single player missions (non campaign).
* 3 difficulty levels to make the game fun for everybody from beginners to experts.
* Special effects like weather effects, fog, ghost units etc.
* Based on the enhanced technology of "Cultures 2 - The Gates of Asgard"; enhanced AI.

More information on "Northland" can be found at http://www.gmxmedia.net/northland or here.
e.p.i.c. interactive website
9.4.2003 Compuquick to get AmigaOne XE's in 12 days 
In an announcement, Compuquick Media Center said it expects to receive its shipment of AmigaOne XE's in about 12 days, shipping orders to those who ordered bare boards first. Read more
CompuQuick Media Center website
9.4.2003 TerraSoft cancels Articia based Teron motherboards - Barbie board to use different northbridge too
Linux News Terrasoft today announced that they cancel the TeronCX and TeronPX based "Boxer" PowerPC mainboards. The board uses the ArticiaS northbridge by MAI. The same northbridge is also being used in the Pegasos I mainboards however there together with the April2 chipset which fixes some bugs in the ArticiaS northbridge. Read more

Also Ross Heinlein who was developing the Barbie PowerPC mainboard today announced that he will not use the Articia northbridge in this product any longer. Also his Linux development for the Articia based motherboards has stopped.

MorphOS-News.de website
9.4.2003 SETI@home securty update (3.08)
There is an low risk security problem with SETI@Home as such there been update to version 3.08 for the screensaver.
To join the on going Amiga effort
For more information on this subject then view these sites
To download SETI@Home 3.08 then goto http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/download.html.
Andrew Guard
8.4.2003 GoldED Studio News
C/C++ IDE Updated
The cprefs program (used by GoldED's C/C++ mode to set compiler options for gcc and vbcc) has been updated and now includes online help for all options.
Screenshot | Download

PayPal Promotion
Requested by many UK Amiga users, PayPal has now been added as payment option and should significantly simplify UKP/EURO conversion. To promote this service, a massive 50% discount is given for all UK orders via PayPal on the first day (9/Apr/2003)! Read more

GoldED homepage
8.4.2003 Spider II: The new USB 2.0 controller for Mediator and Amthlon users
ELBOX COMPUTER News Elbox Computer is proud to announce release of Spider II - the new version of the ground-breaking Spider USB 2.0 Hi-Speed controller. Spider II is based on the newest USB 2.0 PCI chipset, improving data transmission by up to 20 percent of bandwidth as compared with the previous USB 2.0 chipset.
The Spider II USB 2.0 PCI card is a simple and affordable way to add five Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ports to Mediator-equipped Amigas or to computers running AmigaOS under the Amihlon emulation. Read more
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
8.4.2003 Software News
New delfina.library online
The new version of the delfina.library now supports the soundcard on all clockports that are available on Zorro cards by individual Computers. This includes X-Surf, X-Surf 2, VarIO, Buddha Flash and ISDN-Surfer. The library can be used on the new Delfina by individual Computers, or on the old clockport version by Petsoff.
Jens Schönfeld via ANN
individual Computers website
8.4.2003 20 more Pegasos I boards now available to Phoenix members
MorphOS News Genesi Sarl will offer up to 20 more Pegasos I machines with the April2 patch to Phoenix members for $299 through the Pegasos-USA website. This offer includes:
the Pegasos mainboard and G3 600MHZ CPU module
an ATX backplate
MorphOS 1.3 CD
MorphOS Games: Birdie Shoot, Feeble Files, Tales of Tamar, Software Tycoon
ProStationAudio Titanium
DebianPPC for Pegasos with Mac-on-Linux
a MorphOS "We have a Present for You" t-shirt
two stickers for your case
A4 connector guide
Read more
MorphOS-News.de website
8.4.2003 AMIGAplus 03/2003 - DraCoZilla
DraCo lives - and so does AMIGAplus. Read all those and more reports in the current issue 03/2003 (#134) to be ordered at http://www.amigaplus.de:
DraCo lives: Workshop Videoediting
Review: Knights and Merchants - Grande Strategicale
Review: VHI Studio 6 - Take your pics to the studio
Review: IBrowse 2.3 - Surfing with comfort
Review: BoXiKoN - Tetris Deluxe
MorphOS-Compatibility: How AmigaOS-strong is MOS?
Amiga Status Report: SNAP! SNAP!
Baseknowledge: CD-Burners
News: What's up in the markets?
Workshop: Games Development with SDL, part 3
Up in the north: Kindergarden #%00001010
Cover-CD #20: Crossfire II Big Demo, ARC 2002 Video etc.
and much more
AMIGAplus website
7.4.2003 AmiNetRadio (shoutcast + MP3 player)
For years, we felt there was a huge need for ANR. The Amiga already had some players that could play Shoutcast streams, but they had the tendency to either hang and crash a lot or were really bad at playing faster streams, and you still had to surf the website for URLs, so we made our own player. It features:
- Load and playing of shoutcast streams with no locking, hanging or crashing!
- An attractive, powerful and fully skinnable GUI with lots of nice effects!
- Powerful and flexible shoutcast search tool. No need to waste time browsing!
- Optional streaming mp3 to disk - save those favourite streams for later!
- Attractive scopes, and an AmigaAMP scope API - use AmigaAMP scopes with ANR!
- OpenURL support - visit the shoutcast stream's radio website in a click!
- Paste URLs as IP addresses or DNS names.
- Plays mp3 files from disk as well as internet streams
- Fast and efficient - no 2MB exes or waiting ages for it to load!
- It works on an Amiga! No x86 system needed!
- System friendly and usable on MorphOS, probably also OS4 and emulators!
AmiNetRadio homepage
7.4.2003 First Pegasos Boards for User Groups arrived
MorphOS News The first Pegasos boards for the user groups (299USD) today arrived. Including in the package:
the Pegasos mainboard and processor module
an ATX backplate
MorphOS 1.3 CD
a T shirt
two stickers for a case
A4 connector guide
3 MorphOS Games as bonus: Feeble Files, Tales of Tamar and Software Tycoon
MorphOS-News.de website
7.4.2003 New RC5-72 clients
A new versions v2.9005.483 of the RC5-72 clients for AmigaOS [68k/PPC WarpOS/PowerUp] are now available. Download
distributed.net website
7.4.2003 Mediator t-shirts for Amitopia subscribers!
Order Amitopia for 1 year and get Mediator t-shirt with the first Issue right to your door. Visit our website for more info and prices! (At the moment, we have 8 t-shirts left!)

Would you like to see the English Amitopia magazine in paper born? Then we need more contributors for the English version of Amitopia. The release has been held back because of people not signing. Its so easy! Write for Amitopia.

We also searches for more contributors for the magazine distributing in Scandinavia. mberg@broadpark.no if you are interested...

Read more
Amiga.org website
Amitopia website
6.4.2003 Weekly Q&A with Fleecy Moss - Week 4
AmigaWorld are proud to announce that Amiga's Chief Technology Officer Fleecy Moss has agreed on offering us weekly Questions and Answers sessions. You can ask your questions and check already asked questions here on our forums as well.

Week 4 of the Weekly Questions and Answers sessions with Amiga's Chief Technology Officer Fleecy Moss is now up online at Amigaworld.net.

David Doyle, Amigaworld.net
6.4.2003 Amiga Games Hit Parade - Results of March/April 2003
Here the ranking of March/April 2003:
1. (1) Payback - 118 pts
2. (5) Slam Tilt - 116 pts
3. (4) Napalm - 107 pts
4. (2) Quake - 96 pts
5. (6) The Settlers - 93 pts
6. (3) Tales Of Tamar - 87 pts
7. (8) Foundation - 80 pts
8. (7) Sensible World Of Soccer - 76 pts
9. (9) Earth 2140 - 73 pts
10. (12) Quake 2 - 57 pts
11. (18) Worms / Worms DC - 55 pts
12. (25) Super Stardust - 52 pts
13. (15) Fields Of Battle - 52 pts
14. (45) Crossfire 2 - 52 pts
15. (14) Exodus The Last War - 46 pts
16. (19) Moonstone - 46 pts
17. (11) WipEout 2097 - 44 pts
18. (26) Turrican 2 - 42 pts
19. (13) Freespace - 40 pts
20. (10) Heretic 2 - 38 pts

Next votes (Amiga Games Hit Parade of May/June 2003) will begin in mid-May.

David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Hit Parade
6.4.2003 USB for Amiga: New benchmark page
The benchmark page has been completely rewritten. Transfer rates for new Zorro II USB controller ALGOR can also be found there.
This page tries to give you an overview over the available benchmarks of the Zorro II USB controllers ALGOR / HIGHWAY and the clockport USB controller SUBWAY. All benchmarks were made with normal production cards.

Compatibility list has been enhanced...

USB for Amiga page
5.4.2003 C.A.P.S. Update!
The Classic Amiga Preservation Society (C.A.P.S.) preserves 100% pure original Amiga games for the future. Update includes: First German release - Fatal Heritage, New work-in-progress report, Plugin updated to support "flakey bits" (see WIP) - to play Fatal Heritage, you will need this updated library! New comprehensive scanning guidelines for boxes, manuals etc. See the website for more info: http://www.caps-project.org.
Kieron Wilkinson, C.A.P.S.
5.4.2003 Amiga Arena - Virtual Karting fullversion
With the permission and in co-operation with Fabio Bizzetti, the Amiga Arena brings you first of all the free fullversion of Virtual Karting one and two.
Virtual Karting is a kart racing game and is full playable from HD.
Virtual Karting part II will be released later on the Amiga Arena.
Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena
5.4.2003 Software News
Bars&Pipes News
BarsnPipes v1.20 - MIDI sequencer Bars&Pipes further developed by Alfred Faust (freeware).
New: Screenmoderequester, gadtools-GUI, most requesters may be used by keyboard-shortcuts, CAMD-Library, new 32 colors design, Localisation - a german catalog is included, and much more. For further information read the history in the included BnP_Addenum.guide.
Homepage von Alfred Faust
4.4.2003 FOREMATT gets hard on Classic Amiga
Whilst many traditional Amiga hardware dealers are dropping classic Amiga support, FOREMATT are pleased to announce that we have now added a great range of hardware boards and controllers to our website. UK customers can now order the great range of add on cards produced by Individual Computers including the latest Delfina Flipper edition sound card and interface.
FOREMATT Home Computing
4.4.2003 France-special in cooperation with KDH
To increase the availability of our products in France, there's a special in cooperation with KDH Datentechnik, Germany. Every parcel that contains a Catweasel, a Delfina or an X-Surf 2 will be shipped at discounted shipping cost. With an allowance that is paid by KDH and individual Computers, shipping cost can be as low as 11,- EUR in the best case.
The special is valid until April 30th, 2003. Just drop by at KDH and compare prices! International payments are conveniently handled with credit cards or through PayPal.
individual Computers website
3.4.2003 Delfina introduced successfully
"Our new soundcard Delfina was introduced successfully last weekend at the AmiGBG show in Gothenburg, Sweden. Meanwhile, all important European dealers have been supplied, so the anticipated delivery date of April 7th can be kept without problems.
The module that is available now is ready to be used on nearly any Amiga. The included 22-pin cable for the A1200 clockport can also be used to connect to an X-Surf Ethernet card in a "bigbox" Amiga.
Probably the most important reason to buy this card is the DSP, the digital signal processor. For example it allows playing back MP3 nearly without CPU load. MP3 is a popular audio format that is also used by artists to put demos on the internet. Free music samples and full titles are available on sites like Entertainment-Mafia. With the Delfina, an Amiga can playback MP3 even without an accelerator in the best possible quality.
individual Computers website
3.4.2003 Duke Nukem 3D Source Code Released
3D Realms have released the source code to Duke Nukem 3D. Available now for download, the source code is being released under the GPL license - they retain copyright on the game (plus they will continue to sell Duke Nukem 3D).
According to 3D Realms this was one of the most often placed requests, over the years, and they decided that now was the time. In the archive are some thoughts about Duke Nukem 3D by Scott Miller & George Broussard of 3D Realms.

Linux NewsDuke Nukem 3D ported to Linux
After 3D Realms released the source code a couple of days ago, the popular site Icculus has ported Duke Nukem 3D to Linux.  Icculus did a lot of cool ports of the Rise of the Triad source a few months ago, and they're at it again with Duke.  For the latest updates on their work, check out the Icculus Duke3D page.

MegaGames website
3D Realms website
3.4.2003 AROS News
Finally some real news about AROS, together with a set of new screenshots!
Fabio Alemagna via ANN
AROS website
3.4.2003 Color backgrounds for mobile Amigans
"Hi! I have updated my "Amiga Segodnya" wap-site. Now you can download color Amiga/MorphOS backgrounds to your mobile phone. Visit English section at wml.amitoday.spb.ru.
Note: you must use GPRS mode for download some pictures more than 4Kb size.
djv, Amiga Segodnya
2.4.2003 suite101.com AmigaOne Latest
"After a short break, the editorial is back with the latest information on the AmigaOne - though no review just yet..."
AmigaOne Latest, new article by John Chandler on suite101.com.
suite101.com website
2.4.2003 Amiga Total in Germany?
Fun Time World and Amiga Arena in collaboration with Robert Williams are discussing the possibility to distribute the print magazine "Total Amiga" also in Germany. First, however, they would like to find out how great the demand for this magazine is. The price per issue would be about EUR 4.50 + p&p (ca. EUR 1.50). Readers who are interested in a subscription should send us an e-Mail to mail@funtime-world.de.
At least 50 interested people are required for a positive decision. You would receive further details from us via e-Mail. In this case we would define the term 'subscription' as 'readers who are willing to buy the magazine regularly', i.e. you only pay for each issue received. Subscriptions for a certain number of issues will be only set up on request.
The current issue has a volume of 52 pages, 44 of which are without advertising. You can find this issue's table of contents here. In order to convince yourself of the magazine's quality, you are welcome to have a look at one of the PDF issues. The following link will take you to issue 12.
The magazine is mainly created on the Amiga and is currently published quarterly. Monthly publication is planned for as soon as the Amiga market begins to develop. The magazin is in black and white. You will find further details about the magazine in the next days on our home pages: Fun Time World or Amiga Arena.
Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena
2.4.2003 Software News
New relase software for Combo2/Combo3 programmer
Combo2 dla AmigaOS is software to run and operate Combo2/Combo3 programmer on your Amiga. You can get it here. Changes: fixed some bugs in Combo2 and full localized Tester2 software.
Marian Guc, Combo2 dla AmigaOS
1.4.2003 AmiPR ImageLayer - Thumbnail-Image-Preview in a Workbench Window
AmiPR ImageLayer adds the feature of previewing images in the standard Workbench directory lister to the Amiga (just as WinXP). Visit the AmiPR ImageLayer homepage for further informations.
The program creates thumnails of the picture for every image. Your old Workbench icons will not be deleted. For files which are not images, the normal icon will be displayed. AmiPR ImageLayer needs OS 3.5/3.9 as the Preferences tool is based on Reaction. Please visit the AmiPR ImageLayer homepage for download, detailed informations and some preview images.
Martin "Mason" Merz via ANN
masonicons.de website
½.4.2003 AmiGBG 2003 News
Peter Gordon have transcribed Alan Redhouse's AmiGBG2003 speech. It can be viewed here.
AmiGBG 2003 media files:
   Alan's speech at the AmiGBG fair 29/3/2003 (MP3)
   Alan's speech at the AmiGBG fair 29/3/2003 (Real Video8)
   Screenshots of Alan's slides
SlimJim's Not-so-short AmiGBG Fair Report
½.4.2003 Elbox announced Spider USB drivers for Amithlon
ELBOX COMPUTER News Elbox Computer is pleased to announce completion of the development of the new Spider drivers. New drivers for the Spider USB 2.0 PCI cards extend the range of supported hardware with computers running AmigaOS under Amithlon. Read more
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER