30.4.2002 Virtual Programming offer Bubble Heroes at a special low price
The game "Bubble Heroes" can now be purchased for a special low price of just £5.00 UK. Details and secure online ordering (via Netbanx) can be accessed here

Virtual Programming Ltd website
30.4.2002 Are You The One?
A brief look at the Eyetech AmigaOne, already available to developers and testers and soon to be publicly available. Are You The One?, new article by John Chandler on suite101.com.

suite101.com website
30.4.2002 The NEW 'Made on Amiga' is now live
"As promised, the new Made on Amiga web site launched today (29th April).
The site can now be found at: www.MadeOnAmiga.com
The full press release about the re-launch can be found in the MoA 'Site News' section (pdf). MoA has been completely re-designed, and has a number of new features."

Made on Amiga is the internet's only fully searchable directory listing only sites that were made or are maintained on Amiga computers.

Made on Amiga website

30.4.2002 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#020430).

Amiga Update website
30.4.2002 Software News
A open source version of AudioGalaxy Satelitte OpenAG v1.1.1 (CVS 1.38) is now available for AmigaOS.

DiskMasterII v2.5RC3 - one of the best known Amiga Directory Utilities ever made.
documentation in Amiga-Guide format
"translators only" version of the guide

AmiSAT (OpenAG port for AMIGA) homepage
Official DiskMasterII homepage

29.4.2002 Exotica News
For your downloading and viewing pleasure, the complete intro and outro movies for the classic Amiga CD³² game Alien Breed Tower Assault have been converted to MPEG-1 from the original CDXL version by XtC.
This new area can be accessed from the Miscellaneous Section. Also included is an amusing story outline, and the full credits for the production.

Since the last news item on the 20th March, the UnExoticA game music section has had 3 updates, bringing the archive to 5161 files packed into 1043 archives. For details of what has changed please read the Updates Page.

Updated the Demo Scene Reference Manual to version 4.19.

Updated the ExoticA Intro Page with a second place entry drawn by Mark Janssen for the Intro Logo Competition...

Exotica website

29.4.2002 Motorola 68060 CPU Deal Extended
"Vernal Elm LLC (68060.com) has extended the 68060 offer through May 6, 2002. They say that they recently added a secure server and a shopping cart system to accept credit cards directly, and that customers who didn't use Paypal were asking for an extension of the offer."

sales@vernalelm.com, Vernal Elm LLC
29.4.2002 Bill McEwen in The Seattle Times
"Opening the Seattle Times to the business section today, I was suprised to see part of the page taken over by a storm of red checkered boing balls!

The interview can be found here or on the front page of 'Business'."

Amiga.org website

29.4.2002 Amiga Arena - Interview with James Conwell
"The best strategy game of the World on Amiga? 'James Conwell' the Leader from Team Chaos is on the way to do it with 'TotalChaosAGA'!
In the Interview with the Amiga Arena, 'James Conwell' talked about 'TotalChaos' and why it is the Ultimative startegy game, about other Games, AmigaOS and the Future!"

Olaf Köbnik, Amiga Arena
29.4.2002 Amiga University Site Updates
It took longer than we planned, but some good site updates for you:
New midi, Jay Miner, Monzoom, C++, games, history pages and many new international news sites added.
Slight color scheme changes to allow less 'squinting' - I had it my way for 2 years, time for a change :).
New samplitude opus archive/download mirror, thanks to the great guys at A.C.T.
Site completely link checked and updated accordingly.
Still looking for more mirror site and site archive opportunities - let us know if you want us to preserve/mirror your amiga site online, no charge. Enjoy!

Amiga-news.de website
Amiga University website
29.4.2002 Workbench Screenshot
"Today we update the Workbench-Gallery from the Amiga Future Homepage. When you like, you can send us a Screeshot from YOUR Workbench.
The Amiga Future Teams search a new member who can translate some englisch articles to german..."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
28.4.2002 StrICQ News
StrICQ v2.8.1 Beta fixes what all was broken in v2.8. Be sure you read the v2.7 -> v2.8.1 Installation Instructions

Changes since last release:
1. Fixed an incomplete record clear when an internal database was reset.
2. Now actually resends preferences to the gui and socket processes when the current owner is changed.
3. Fixed a few other enforcer hits dealing with both the gui and the main process.
4. When going offline, all the contacts in the list will be reset to OFFLINE as well.

Glenn Hisdal: "I have updated the ReAction GUI for StrICQ to work with StrICQ v2.8.1. For more details see the readme file

Douglas F. McLaughlin via StrICQ ML
StrICQ website
Glenn Hisdal via StrICQ ML

28.4.2002 Schatztruhe GTI News
Aminet CD 48, dated April 2002, contains over 900 Megabyte of (uncompressed) software in hundreds of archives. The current edition includes the full game - Imperator.

Aminet Set 12 offers you everything that was added to the archive since AMINET SET 11 was made, plus full versions of Genetic Species, Extreme 2.0, Virtual Karting 2, and the complete Amiga Future website.
This Aminet Set contains the Aminet CDs 44 to 47 as a bundle without modifications!

Schatztruhe GTI website

28.4.2002 AIO Issue 58 is out
Mark Tierno, AIO editor: "AIO Issue 58 is out and should soon be on the site (www.aioworld.com) and Aminet. So what happened to issue 57? Issue 57 was to come out on the CD but that CD has been delayed (usual technical reasons); thus the AIO CD and #57 may very well be out concurrently. When "AIO The Survivor Years" is available for purchase then details will be posted on both the site and all the usual news channels."

Mark Tierno via ANN
28.4.2002 MorphOS-News.de now also available in English
MorphOS News As of today morphos-news.de is available in German and English.

28.4.2002 Software News
AmigAIM 0.9443 Beta - an AIM Client for the Amiga by Richard H. Poser II. history / docs (AmigaGuide)

MorphOS News A new MAME port has been released for MorphOS by Fabien Coeurjoly. You can find here NEOMAME (a neogeo specific version of MAME) and MAME beta executables for MorphOS.

Official AmigAIM Page
Mame Morphos support page

27.4.2002 AmigaDE: CodeWarrior?
AmigaDE News "Some of the Amiga Inc efforts to obtain support for the AmigaDE were revealed this week when a Metrowerks representative surprised Amiga users by suggesting that they were to meet senior members of AmigaInc in London.
Metrowerks is an important company in the computing world as their product, the CodeWarrior helps developers to create and deploy content and applications for a multitude of media devices with a minimal amount of porting. The fact that Metrowerks are meeting with Amiga Inc could signal that they intend to supply development tools to Amiga developers. The Metrowerks representative stated, 'we are aware this is a thriving and active 3rd party community out there and we are eager to support your endeavours'."

Amiga Flame website
27.4.2002 New MasonIcons (Again :-)
17 reworked archives are available on the MasonIcons homepage.
AWebMI (4th release) for AWeb
ClassMI (2nd release) for ClassAction
DataMI (2nd release) for DataM II
EvenMI (2nd release) for Evenmore
EZPagerMI (5th release) for EZPager
GiambyMI (2nd release) for GiambyNetGrabber
IBrowseMI (6th release) for IBrowse
MicroDotMI (2nd release) for MicroDot
NRogMI (2nd release) for NewsRog
NCoaster (2nd release) for NewsCoaster
PlayMI (2nd release) for PlayGUI
TaskiSMSMI (3rd release) for TaskiSMS
VideoMI (2nd release) for VideoMUI
VoyagerMI (5th release) for Voyager
WB2000MI (2nd release) for Workbench 2000
WorkOnMI (2nd release) for WorkOn
PhotoMI (3rd Ausgabe) for Photogenics; reworked images based on AppMI (24x24); new image set (16x16) for lower resolutions (e.g. 800x600)

Martin 'Mason' Merz, MasonIcons
27.4.2002 Amiforce: Amiblitz version 2.26 available
From today on you can download the updated archive of Amiblitz version 2.26. Soon you can also download it from the Aminet (already uploaded).
For a problem-free work with Amiblitz 2.26 and PED 2.26 you should also install the disassembler.library which is part of the MMUlib-package (available on Aminet). But Amiblitz do work without this library. A requester will remind you to install it. ;-)
For the information of further changes and bug fixes please read the history which is a component of the archive. Besides a mailinglist there is also a forum for interested people. Please also visit http://www.blitz-2000.co.uk for a big archive of Blitz2-material and much more.

Amiga-News.de website
26.4.2002 The Digital Universe
"Syzygy is offering "The Digital Universe" V1.03 for the Amiga at a fraction of the original price, via online distribution. The cost of the software is now $25 Canadian (roughly $16 US dollars). The Mac updated version is gorgeous. If you would like to see the Mac PPC version ported to the new PPC Amiga, you might want to let them know."

Amiga.org website
SYZYGY Research and Technology Ltd. website
26.4.2002 Amiga Arena - Fullversion "Breed96"
"After a long time to try to get the permission - we a proud to give you one of the best Amiga Shareware Games ever released. With the permission from "Damian Tarnawsky" the developer you can download the Version 1.3 vom "Breed96".
Breed96, developed by "Damian Tarnawsky" is a space colonisation game with similarities to Sim City and Deuteros. You have to set up a colony which must produce food, ore, power. You must manage conditions such as meltdowns, famines and alien attacks. You can choose to trade with other races or to wage war with various ships, weapon and shield strengths, and alliances.
"Damian Tarnawsky" have no orginal version so we can only give you a Crack Version! If you have a Keyfile or a full version from "Breed96 1.3b" please contact me!"

Olaf Köbnik, Amiga Arena
26.4.2002 Software News
New LAME non-beta version 3.92 binaries for 020/NoFPU/040/060/PPC.
"Sorry for the delay, but my A4k died recently, so I've been kinda out of touch with the world, however I've managed to borrow one, which enabled me to make this release for you, enjoy..." history / Documentation

New Realtek RTL8029AS Networking Card Driver released for G-Rex users
VFD has released a new Realtek RTL8029AS Networking Card Driver V1.5 for G-Rex users. Whats new? A updated for Genesis owners (Exiting Genesis). Also some speed improvements with the new driver. You can find the new NIC driver along with all G-Rex software on the G-Rex Support Page.

The Amiga Alternative Audio Page
CyberGraphX homepage

25.4.2002 SoundFX News
SoundFX 4.2 has entered the final betatesting stage. If things proceed well the final release will appear in a couple of weeks. Important internal changes have been made to the new version so that advanced features (like realtime processing) are possible in the future. Many bugs have been fixed, and a number of useful features added. Among them there are: saving selected ranges, faster ARexx port, Tips of the Day, About-window with extensive system information, direct access to SoundFX homepage from within the program, improved Hall operator, and more.

SoundFX is a sound-processing package developed by Stefan Kost. For a shareware price it offers professional features, many of which are quite unique on the Amiga. It is a real must for every Amiga sound designer or music producer."

Dan "Trixie" Jedlicka
SoundFX homepage

25.4.2002 Jabberwocky MorphOS developer wanted
"I've taken over from Gurer Ozen as developer for Jabberwocky. The sourcecode has #ifdefs and makefiles for morphos, but i don't run MorphOS at the moment. I would like someone to compile and test a MorphOS version of Jabberwocky every now and again.
The code is licensed under the GPL with some optional extensions to allow use with MUI and is available on sourceforge. It currently has a few significant bugs that ought to be sorted out soonish.
It shouldn't be too hard to compile with gcc. I haven't tried vbcc."

Tom Parker via MorphOS ML
25.4.2002 AmigaOneG3-SE dealer list
AmigaOneG3-SE dealer list added to dealer page.

If you are an Amiga dealer, and wish to distribute the Eyetech AmigaOne boards, you can join our AmigaOne dealer mailing list. To apply to join, please email us at a1dealerapp@eyetech.co.uk.

Eyetech Group Limited website

25.4.2002 Amiga Anywhere takes Windows Powered devices to the next level
AmigaDE NewsMicrosoft News April 22, 2002 -- Amiga has announced the availability of the Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack # 1. The Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1 is available for download at a price of $ 29.95 and exclusive Game Card™ versions are available for $49.95 (Compact Flash), or $59.95 (Secure Digital) from the Amiga website.

Microsoft Mobile Devices
24.4.2002 The Latest Interview with Ben Hermans
"Hyperion Entertainment and co are working hard to get the AmigaOS ported to the PPC platform. Ben Hermans (the managing partner of Hyperion) can be described as the leader of the project - he's very busy man but still agreed on doing a 'little' interview :) I hope that the following paragraphs fill some gaps and ease the waiting..." Interview with Ben Hermans by Jon Niemima

ANN website
24.4.2002 VHI-drivers for USB-digicams and USB-webcams
"We are very happy to announce that VHI-drivers for USB-digicams and USB-webcams will soon be available.
It will soon be possible to also use more recent cameras with VHI Studio and benefit from all its advantages. In contrast to a USB-cardreader VHI Studio communicates directly with the camera via the VHI driver. This opens up completly new possibilities to the user, making it possible to create timelapse-animations, use the digital camera as a webcam, make changes to internal settings via a comfortable userinterface, correct pictures using its correction-tools or just creating a quick overview of the pictures in the camera." Read more

Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT
24.4.2002 New PageStream version
There has been an update for PageStream to version for Amiga, Macintosh and Windows released.
Registered users can download the update here.

Grasshopper LLC website
24.4.2002 AFUA visited Thendic-France
The French Amiga user group AFUA visited the Thendic-France headquarters and met with Bill Buck and the Coyote Flux guys. Read their report here.

ANN website
24.4.2002 New Amiga version of Tales of Tamar
Tales of Tamar V0.43 R1 - the statistics screen has been ported from the PC version. Additionally, the Amiga version now supports SMTP-Auth.

Tales of Tamar is the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows.

Ulrich Panzer, Tales of Tamar

23.4.2002 AmigaRulez interview with Thomas Frieden (AmigaOS 4.0 developer)
A very interesting interview with Thomas Frieden (of Hyperion/AOS4 fame) was posted on amigarulez.org. It was conducted by Johan "Graak" Forsberg and relays questions/concerns from people on Amigarulez.

ANN website
AmigaRulez website
23.4.2002 Official Press Release: Amiga® Anywhere" Entertainment Pack #1 for PocketPC
AmigaDE News "Amiga Anywhere takes Windows Powered devices to the next level! Amiga has announced the availability of the Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack # 1. The Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1 is available for download at a price of $29.95 and exclusive Game Card" versions are available for $49.95 (Compact Flash), or $59.95 (Secure Digital) from the Amiga website at the Amiga Anywhere Shop. Read the Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1 for PocketPC press release here"

AmigaInc. website
23.4.2002 ZDNet article on Sendo Smartphones
AmigaDE News ZDNet reports that Sendo has licensed Amiga Anywhere technology to bring Amiga gmes to their line of Samrtphones. Read more here

"Microsoft and Sendo, the UK-based makers of the upcoming Z100 smartphone, have unveiled the first applications for the long-awaited device. Games are seen as key to the platform's success.
[..] Sendo said it has licenced technology to bring Amiga Anywhere games to the platform. The Java-based Intent platform from Tao Group supports Amiga games as well as games designed for the Java Mobile Information Device Profile."

AmigaInc. website

23.4.2002 Motorola 68060 CPU Deal
"Vernal Elm LLC is offering a deal on Motorola 68060 50MHz processors that is good through April 30, 2002. They are only $79 each plus $6 shipping (even outside the US).
The CPUs are full versions (MMU & FPU), so they're the right kind for Amiga accelerators, systems, etc. They also come with a 30-day unconditional warranty."

sales@vernalelm.com, Vernal Elm LLC
23.4.2002 D.A.D. web site is moving
"We are about to move our web site to a new host. Because of that the site may not be accessible for a while, though our URL will still be http://www.amiga-klub.si.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the old host GAJBA.NET who kindly hosted our web site till now. I also thank in advance to our new host DOMOVANJE.COM who unselfishly offered free of charge hosting on their server. In my name and in the name of the club THANKS A LOT to both our hosts."

Damir Arh, Digital Amiga Dream

22.4.2002 First screenshots from AmigaOS4.0
"As the release date for the next generation of Amiga desktop products gets ever closer, we have been innundated with requests for glimpses of how the new system will look. Amiga has thus asked our partners at Hyperion to provide us with a set of screenshots to show off some of the upcoming features, and this will become a regular event as we seek to highlight particular aspects of our future offering.
For the first set, we chose to highlight the many different customisation options that a user can apply to the AmigaOS4.0 interface. Taken from a VGA setting on one of the core team development machines, this set highlights such effects as transparency, shadow, texture, gadget shape and colour. This will allow the Amiga community to continue to create and enjoy the most varied of experiences.

First screenshots from AmigaOS4.0 - Intuition & Menus

Ben Hermans, Hyperion: "Before you complain, nearly everything can be changed and these shots do not yet include the new system graphics by Matt Chaput."


22.4.2002 Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1 Released
AmigaDE News Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1 for PocketPC (Download version)
Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1 for PocketPC - SD Card
Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1 for PocketPC - Compact Flash Card

Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1 is everything you need to play 4 best selling Amiga Apllications on your Pocket PC device. Read more

Amiga Anywhere website

22.4.2002 AudioLabs: Titanium 5.05 ready
After a few internal releases (5.0x), Titanium 5.05 is being delivered this week. The application is now available in a new, slim, format, with the binary reduced by 50% for better CPU caches, and JIT, handling. All the original features have been mantained, plus new ones added (MIDI playback, via external sequencer, now active also during recording, auto-sized rendering,..) and fixes.

New entry into the DSPSpeed page: Athlon Thunderbird 1400 OC 1533.

AudioLabs website

22.4.2002 GFX-BASE: Interview with Emanuele Cesaroni
"Emanuele Cesaroni of Nexus Developement (author of PuzzleBOBs, of which we have a review here) is currently working on a new game, called PDAng, which will be released for AmigaOS and AmigaDE. The game looks promising and fun, so we had a chat with Emanuele regarding PDAng, promised features, requirements and future plans. We also got some exclusive, fresh and new screenshots. Of course Emanuele also answers our usual questions - read it here."

GFX-BASE website
22.4.2002 Turtle Lighting Amiga Software says good-bye
"Thanks to everyone for the many happy years with Amiga. If all goes as planned we will sell out the remaining inventory to another dealer within the next week or two. Our website will be up until then and at that point I plan to direct you to the company who purchased TLAS. I wish you all well, may God Bless."

Amiga.org website
Turtle Lighting Amiga Software website
21.4.2002 The Coldfire 'Amiga'
PJ Matthews, owner of www.walibe.com and Oliver Hannaford-Day owner of www.cdtv.org.uk are currently in the process of designing a new classic AMIGA based around the coldfire processor. They hope to use the AGA chipset along side another as yet undecided GPU.
"Its a big project and we want your help, paticuarly in securing a batch of Coldfire processors, so if you know of anywhere selling in small batches please contact us, also you can join our group in buying 24 coldfire processors, just contact us with how many you need. Visit walibe.com for all the latest info on the subject."

"Due to the sheer number of questions that have been fired our way in e-mails and a number of requests for it, Oliver Hannaford-Day, webmaster of www.cdtv.org.uk has set up a new mailing list based on yahoo. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Amigacoldfire/
Anyone can join, everyone is welcome. It doesn't matter if your with or against the project, it could at the very least prove interesting. Questions answered, ideas shared - join now."

Amiga.org website

21.4.2002 Amiga Demo Archive with new design
A.D.A. - the Amiga Demo Archive has got a new design. From now on there is a new layout which offers powerful search functions with many links, information, screenshots ans videos of over 160 Amiga demos.

Amiga-news.de website
Amiga Demo Archive website
21.4.2002 Software News
Alias URLs for Softcinema and Frogger
The mirrors of Softcinema and Frogger can be reached from Sunday, 21.04.2002, on using the following URLs:
The old URLs remain. These were only created because of an easier reachability.

New versions (V.44.50 beta 2 for MC68881/82 and V.44.50 beta 8 for MC68040 and MC68060) of HSMathLibs. This versions are for betatester only.

muFS patch V45.13 BETA - MultiUser patch for the OS3.5 and OS3.9 FFS. readme

Amiga-news.de website
HighSpeed MathLibs homepage
Etienne Vogt's Amiga software

21.4.2002 Amitopia needs help!
"I like to inform that Amitopia needs about 5 new staff members/writers. You have to live in Norway, Sweden or Denmark. M@il Amitopia today!
About Amitopia?: Amitopia started up 10th of October 2000. We started as a Hobby project, but later we decided to go further and make a different computer magazine. Amitopia writes about everything. Including all the usual articles, we also have AmigaScene articles, AmigaLife articles. In our next Issue, Scandinavian people will be able to read about a music band in Sweden, wich uses Amiga for recording their music. Order it!: amitopia@amiga.ca"

Michal Bergseth via ANN
20.4.2002 AmigaOS 4 Screenshots Waiting on Amiga Inc's Server
Fleecy Moss, Amiga Inc: "It has nothing to do with Hyperion, who are doing a fantastic job, and provided Amiga Inc with the screenshots over a week ago. It is to do with Amiga Inc having to schedule them into their release schedule, and with an important set of Amiga Anywhere announcements, we don't want them lost in the posts. Please be patient."

Fleecy Moss via ANN
20.4.2002 Cinemaware: Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon Disk Image Available
"YOU are Sinbad the Sailor battling dark and mysterious forces in a epic sea fearing quest. Get ready for pirates and genies, romance and heartbreak, comedy and tragedy, set in a fantastic universe that begs to be explored. Steel yourself for the ultimate challenge to your skills as swordsman, leader and navigator. You'll need all of your wits to defeat THE BLACK PRINCE and his minions from hell. The task is formidable but the lovely PRINCESS has begged for your aid. Can you deny her?" You can download Amiga, C64, AppleII and PC (CGA/EGA) versions for free

Cinemaware website
20.4.2002 New MasonIcons
Nine new and reworked GlowIcons archives are available on the MasonIcons homepage.
3PMguiMI (2nd release) - reworked toolbar image for 3PMgui
AmiComSysMI (2nd release) - reworked toolbar images for AmiComSys
AmiMDCMI (3rd release) - reworked toolbar images for AmiMDC800
AminetIdxMI (2nd release) - reworked toolbar images for AminetIDX
ApacheMI (4th release) - 180 filetype images for Apache
CharonMI (4th release) - reworked toolbar images for Charon
PicShowMI (1st release) - new GlowIcons navigationbar for PicShow
ReqMI (2nd release) - new and reworked logos and animated logos for ReqAttack, new designed buttons, reworked toolbar for RAPrefs, redesigned icons
Voodoo-XMI (1st release) - reworked toolbar images for VooDoo-X

Martin 'Mason' Merz, MasonIcons
20.4.2002 Kick Off 2002: The Legend is back?
"Virtual Programming announced just a few weeks ago that they are working on a Mac conversion of Anco's Kickoff 2002. Although VP intends to publish an Intent/ Amiga DE version of Payback, no such version is in the works for Kick Off 2002. The reason why I want to show you Kick Off 2002 is due to the fact that I would like gamers to check it out, and if you would like Virtual Programming to consider an Intent/ Amiga DE, then drop them an e-mail." Read more

Philip Cosby, Amiga Flame
20.4.2002 Software News
RC5-64 is standing at 75% done!
New client builds 472 are out, see the download section for details. The client now has a built in ClassAct/ReAction GUI.

A new update of Safe v17.9 has been released today. You can find the update Here. readme
Safe is small CLI command to detect linkviruses in Your system. It checks memory and itself only when running and does NOT reside anywhere in memory.

Amiga RC5 Team Effort website
Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website

19.4.2002 Update OX 3.9 BB2 Shell to v45.8. has released
This patch released by Thomas Richter fixes two bugs of the 45.7 shell that was published with BB2. You *must* provide the OS 3.9 BB2 to apply this patch. Please read the FAQ below *carefully* before resuming.
download / readme

19.4.2002 NEW drivers for FastATA 1200 controller
ELBOX COMPUTER has released today the NEW drivers for FastATA 1200 (Power Flyer 1200, Winner 1200 High-Speed) controller:
* FastATA.driver ver. 6.0
* FastATAPrefs ver. 6.0
* AllegroCDFS ver. 3.3.

The new drivers feature:
* Compatibility with AmigaOS3.9 with BB2 added
* Support for HDDs up to 2199.0 GB in the SPLIT mode
* ATA3Prefs can be started when ATA3.driver is running
* The USE option added in ATA3Prefs
* Emulation of SEEK(6) and WRITE(6) SCSI commands added

From ATA3.driver ver. 6.0 on, there is no need to add the 'SKIPROMUPDATES scsi.device' or 'NONSD' options in the Setpatch command. For more info about FastATA 1200 controller see: http://www.elbox.com/products/fast_ata_1200.html


19.4.2002 GFX-BASE: Interview with Thomas Rapp
"We have a new GFX-BASE interview for you. This time we talked to the author of PicShow and lots of other excellent tools, Thomas Rapp. Thomas talks about his software projects, plans and shares his opinions with us." english / german

GFX-BASE website
19.4.2002 STRICQ v2.8 Beta
StrICQ v2.8 Beta has been released. Be sure you read the v2.8 installation instructions!

Changes since last release:
1. Message history is now fully supported. Messages can be deleted individually or the history as a whole can be deleted. The whole history delete action includes an "Are you sure?" requestor.
2. The message history of versions up to v2.7 did not store WHO actually sent a message. This has been fixed.
3. The Debug/Error window no longer opens by default.
4. All Textinput gadgets are/will be replaced with BetterString gadgets. A link is provided to the archive.
5. The v2.8 preferences system is not backward compatible with previous versions. This necessary move is best done early and will allow for future preferences expansion.
6. Both the main message listview and the history listview are now character selectable vice line-only selectable.
7. New preferences system is now in place. It should be possible to keep your current preferences, instructions will be provided on how to switch over to the new system.
8. The ICQ Prefs window now displays the current owner's Nick and UIN.
9. The Save Prefs menu item is now available and working. This saves all GUI prefs and internal databases to disk.
10. The STRICQ About window has been added.
11. The MUI About and MUI Preferences menu items are now available.
12. Status changes are now implemented. The client is offline by default, but will remember the status selected when the program is shut down and will return to that status when started again.
13. The current status of a user is now shown in the title bar of the user's

Douglas F. McLaughlin via StrICQ ML
StrICQ website

18.4.2002 Interview with Thendic France and Petro Tyschtschenko
Amiga-News.de made a very extensive interview with Thendic France (Raquel Valesco and Bill Buck) and Power Trading (Petro Tyschtschenko).

Amiga-News.de website
18.4.2002 Amithlon's FAQ page updated
"So when is it gonna be available?
Unfortunately, not right now. It was on sale for about 5 months, until the license issues described in here came up. Hopefully, something will be worked out soon, and a new and improved version will be available.

Wasn't Amiga Inc going to release this?
Yes, they were. Things have changed. Nobody is happy about that, least of all me. However, this thing was always meant to come with fully licensed copies of the Kickstart ROM and AmigaOS 3.9. While it appears as if Haage and Partner have not quite shared that vision (see here for details), I am still committed to that."
Unofficial and incomplete Amithlon FAQ


18.4.2002 CyberGraphX V4.3 RC4 released
CyberGraphX V4.3 RC4 Update (V4.3beta Release Candidate 4 Update Archive) has been released. This upgrade is for Amiga bus based cards that includes Zorro 2 bus, Zorro 3 bus, CyberStormPPC/MKIII Bus, BlizzardPPC Bus, Atéo Bus, Wildfire Bus and DraCo bus. This archive has support for Inferno, Picasso II, Picasso IV, Piccolo, Piccolo SD64, Pixel64, Spectrum, Rainbow III, CyberVision64/3D, CyberVision64, DraCo Altais, Retina Z3 BLT, A2410, BlizzardVisionPPC & CyberVisionPPC. As with all CyberGraphX V4 updates you will need your orginal CGX CDROM for the update as it is used as a base for the new files. You can find RC4 and more on the CGX V4 Page.

CyberGraphX homepage
18.4.2002 PDAng, the PDAs Pang
Nexus Development is developing a Pang clone for PDAs, which will run on AmigaDE. Read more in the Nexus Development home page. or directly at http://web.genie.it/utenti/n/nexusdev/PDAng/pdang_index.htm."

Emanuele Cesaroni
Nexus Development
18.4.2002 Music: New Music pieces of Psyria
Psyria is a music project, that is exclusively produced with the Amiga After a longer period the homepage of Psyria was yesterday updated again.

Dennis Lohr wrotes:
»Two new music pieces are available as Mp3 for download.
"Dream Dimension", an emotion-filled Song as High quality Mp3 and "The Saviour" - however in a worse MP3-Quality. You will find more informations about the Songs in the News«

Dennis Lohr, Psyria

17.4.2002 Obligement 32 is now out
Issue 32 of the famous french e-zine is now available. You can read in this issue : latests Amiga news, interview Bertrand Presles (The president of the AFUA Association), reviews of The Feeble Files and AmiAtlas 6, articles about Euro, a presentation of Amithlon, and lot more ! Download it from the website: http://obligement.free.fr.

David Brunet, Obligement
17.4.2002 New Amiga version of Tales of Tamar
Tales of Tamar V0.42 R7 - add the heavy cavalry as well as some bugfixes.

Tales of Tamar is the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows.

Tales of Tamar homepage

16.4.2002 INET DIAL v3.850 released - supports PDAs and PCs on LAN
INET DIAL, the Home Server for the Amiga, which provides Internet Access and Control, now supports PDAs and connection from any computer (PC, MAC, AMIGA) on local area network (LAN) to the Internet using a single IP address. Remote computers and PDAs can also access the Home Server for mail retrieval and control functions (X10, Arexx, etc.).
Connections can also be made by direct 'dial-in' or 'dial-out' to remote computers.
INET DIAL requires APACHE and GEEKGADGETS, also available from the MDR site. Alternatively all software is available from KICKSOFT on CD.

Richard de Rivaz, MDR w
16.4.2002 AROS News
Matt Parsons: "Server upgrade when without a hitch, so I am able to bring you a new AROS PC CDROM ISO. All the usual stuff about this probably not working applies here, but we are getting really close to automated HD installations now. Work on Zune, our version of MUI is going well."

Matt Parsons's AROS Page
15.4.2002 Digital cameras on the Amiga
Wouter Lamée: "I've added a DigiCam section to my site, describing how to get digital cameras to work on the Amiga, with information on what to keep in mind when buying and loads of links to related information."

Wouter Lamée, WouterLamee.nl
15.4.2002 The A1G3-SE ROM - a bit of clarification
Alan Redhouse, Eyetech CEO: "On ann and elsewhere there has been a lot of speculation about the nature of the ROM modifications to allow the A1-G3 (and any subsequent Amiga inc approved models) to run OS4 +
As most people here will realise we have always declared that we want to use the official Amiga OS and for Hyperion and Amiga to have their just rewards for licencing the AmigaOne and OS4 products. We are not the only possible licencees, but I guess that we committed to these conditions before anyone else. As a result we have worked in very close cooperation with both Amiga Inc and Hyperion throughout the A1 development program to ensure that piracy of OS4 is kept to a minimum. Jointly we have worked out that the best way to do this is." Read more

Alan Redhouse via AmigaOne ML
15.4.2002 Software update for VarIO
The new version of the driver software now supports a VarIO on the 26-pin expansion ports of our Zorro-cards. A bug has been removed from the installer script. Download

individual Computers website
15.4.2002 Forefront Technologies, Inc. gives status update of OS4 ATI Radeon Project
Mr. Bill Toner with Forefront Technologies, the guys that are doing the OS4 ATi drivers gave a status update today on ANN.lu: "We don't have any "powered by ATI" cards, and with the attitude of certain past posters here (such as the "I don't care if Amiga developers have bills to pay" guy), we're not too keen on spending money on every single freakin make/model of Radeon card in the universe. We currently have 3 different models, one not usable until we get our AmigaOne board. Until we have something working well, there's not really any reason for us to buy more cards. Let us get the drivers working on one card first, and then we'll investigate other cards. But anything found to work with "made by ATI" drivers should work fine."

CyberGraphX homepage
15.4.2002 Ben Hermans speaks about AmigaOS 4.0 on Pegasos
"Matter of fact is that we are eager to support the Pegasos (as can be seen by our application for a developer board and our unilateral approach of bPlan at the recent Amiga show).
It should however be clear that Hyperion does not dictate the rules here and if Amiga puts in place a certification scheme (which we actually think is a good idea), then we abide by that.
It's a matter of fact that bPlan can apply for certification just like any other company if they wish to ship OS 4.
It's a matter of fact that third parties like dealers can buy bPlan boards in quantity, get them certified by Amiga and ship them with OS 4.
[..] I should also point out that contrary to popular belief you don't need to pay Amiga anything for the certification. What you are paying for, is OS 4 OEM and obviously the cost of OS 4 should be born by the end-customer, not the dealer or bPlan.
[..] It's not like Amiga is demanding that all these "industrial customers" of bPlan need to get a copy of OS 4.
It's not like Amiga is demanding that people interested in getting a Linux machine only get OS 4."

Ben Hermans via ANN
14.4.2002 Ben Hermans Tries to Clarify AmigaONE ROM / OS4 Announcement
1. The fact that the AmigaOne Falshrom will contain parts of OS 4 is certainly not meant as a way/won't operate to lock out other operating systems such as Linux, BSD etc.
Fact of the matter is that you will be able to compile Linux/BSD for these machines if you insist on it.

2. The real "anti-piracy" measure is the fact that the AmigaOne will ship with an OS 4 OEM version.
It will not be possible to buy boards without OS 4. You buy the hardware, you're buying the software, just like you did with your old Amiga (or indeed with any pre-build Wintel machine or Mac). This will ensure that development of OS 4 isn't affected overly by piracy. Other companies targeting the Amiga market with their hardware should in principle also adopt this scheme to the extent that it is practicable. In return they will be able to use the Amiga trademarks and tradename and their hardware will be perceived by their target audience as "endorsed" by Amiga.

3. Amiga are insisting that any hardware vendors who want to target the Amiga userbase with their products have their hardware certified and are also "vetted" themselves (support infrastructure, after sales service, financial well-being etc.).
We all know that in the post-Commodore years certain companies were allowed to operate in the market which didn't exactly shine in the area of after sales service (including repair) and tech support. Many a user has left the market because of incidents with (expensive) hardware being sent away for repair never to be heard of again. Many a dealer has closed his Amiga business because of the fact that they could not guarantee any form of after sales service to their customers and were in fact exposing themselves to legal action on the part of their customers. On January 1, 2002 a new EU directive on warranty obligations is supposed to be transposed in national law which imposes even stricter warranty obligations on dealers. It's clear that it would be very detrimental to the Amiga brand and the perception of Amiga Inc. and its products if former practises would be allowed to continue.

Amigart website
ANN website

14.4.2002 Pagan Games News
Pagan Games now has a mailing list set up for announcements, work-in-progress reports and more.
If you wish to be part of this, send a mail to pagan-announcements-subscribe@yahoogroups.com - It is a moderated group and only Pagan Games can post to it, so it will be a Troll Free Environment (TM). This was created due to requests by gamers, who wants to know what is going on in Pagan Games, and we strive to please ;)

Thomas Würgler, Pagan Games
14.4.2002 DSPSpeed results: Athlon XP 2000+ close to 40x PSA acceleration
More DSPSpeed benchmarking results published: the AMD Athlon XP 2000+ CPU makes ProStationAudio fly 29 times faster (minimum, up to 38.8 times faster) than on a 68060 system.
DSPSpeed test by Nico Barbat of the AmigaPlus magazine, Germany. DSPSpeed measurements on the H&P Silverblue system.
DSPSpeed is a tool that contains actual code from the ProStationAudio realtime engine, to provide accurate speed benchmarks without installing the whole application.

AudioLabs website
14.4.2002 HIGHWAY USB controller News
"Beside the running production of HIGHWAY board we were able to check two further busboards (RBM onboard 4000 and the RBM onboard 1200ex) on compatibility with the HIGHWAY." Find the results here

Michael Böhmer via ANN
14.4.2002 Software News
BenderIRC v1.4b - freeware IRC client. readme

"New and reworked GlowIcons archives are available on the MasonIcons homepage:" muiMI - images for MUI 3.8 (based on VisualMI)
AmiSDMI - images and icons for AmiShutDown
EZPagerMI - GlowIcons toolbar and service images for EZPagerNG
strICQMI - image set for strICQ ReAction GUI in the GlowIcons design
Visit Mason.Home.

BenderIRC Homepage
Martin 'Mason' Merz, Mason.Home

13.4.2002 Printed Pagestream Manual Survey
A call to all Pagestream users, either Amiga, PC or Mac. If you are interested in a printed version of the new 4.1 manual, please let us hear from you at http://www.designburo.nl/pgsman.
We have offered Grasshopper LLC to create a printed Pagestream manual, due to a lot of demand by users of this great DTP-package, and they have agreed. If we get more than 50 votes for a manual, we will start printing it! Thanks!

13.4.2002 PowerD v0.19alpha, new alpha6 release of powerful programming language
PowerD is modern programming language, slightly compatible to AmigaE. Has many features and is very easy to learn. Requires OS3.0, 020, fpu and some additional memory. News in alpha6 update:
You can replace (not only) powerd.lib functions just by defining them.
Improved support of OOP4A project.
Added ppc functions: EStringF(), RealStr(), RealEStr().
Added/fixed all the quoted-expression functions.
Several bugfixes.
And more.
Developing such project is very difficult and I have only few betatesters. If You want to help me with it, test it or write examples, modules etc. please email to kuchinka@volny.cz. If You want more information about it, email me, or visit my homepage.

Martin <MarK> Kuchinka, PowerD
13.4.2002 Software News
Windows News Amiga emulator for Windows WinUAE WinUAE 0.8.21 Release 3 is now available. Download / history

WinUAE homepage
13.4.2002 Executive Update - Bill McEwen gives a status update of the Amiga desktop platform
Bill reports on AmigaOne and AmigaOS4, rumors, direction and Amiga Inc dedication to the desktop. Read the April/2002 Executive Update here

AmigaInc. website
12.4.2002 GetBoinged Interviews Kaliko!
AmigaDE News Kaliko was kind enough to be interviewed by GetBoinged and also supplied never before seen screen shots of their soon to be released Amiga-Anywhere games! Check it out here.

Paul J. Beel
GetBoinged website
12.4.2002 Poseidon USB on Pegasos
The new Poseidon USB stack by Chris Hodges now has PPC native class drivers for MorphOS. This provides maximum performance for the PEGASOS.

MorphOS website
12.4.2002 New Amiga version of Tales of Tamar
Tales of Tamar V0.42 R6 - in the new version, graphics for medium cavalry have been added. Additionally, a few bugfixes were due.

Tales of Tamar is the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows.

Tales of Tamar homepage

12.4.2002 Software News
"I have just uploaded a new version of the Reaction GUI. It is nearly the same as the previous version, but I have removed a lot of enforcer hits, so I hope it works better now... Please try it out, and tell me if it fixes your problems :)" readme

Martin Merz: "New GlowIcons archives are available on the MasonIcons homepage:" ApacheMI - over 150 filetype images for Apache Servers
CutNPasteMI - small brush anims for CutNPaste (DOpus Magellan)
muiMI - a image set for MUI 3.8 (based on VisualMI)
Visit Mason.Home for further informations and previews.

Glenn Hisdal via StrICQ ML
Martin 'Mason' Merz, Mason.Home

11.4.2002 AmigaOne report photographs
"The reporters of the AmigaPower review met the AmigaOne. Exclusive: new photographs of AmigaOne! French version go to here, automated English translation."

ANN website
11.4.2002 Amiga Inc. announces the Amiga® Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1
Amiga, Inc. announced the release schedule of the Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1 for Windows Powered Devices. The Entertainment Pack will run on devices using Windows CE 3.0, Windows CE .NET, Pocket PC, and Pocket PC 2002 including handhelds, smart phones, web pads, and set-top boxes. Read the Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1 Release

AmigaInc. website
11.4.2002 Amiga Games Classifying: March/April 2002
Here the ranking of March/April 2002:
1. (1) Quake - 136 pts
2. (2) Napalm - 130 pts
3. (3) Payback - 122 pts
4. (4) Earth 2140 - 116 pts
5. (5) WipEout 2097 - 75 pts
6. (8) SlamTilt - 70 pts
7. (6) Sensible World Of Soccer - 69 pts
8. (9) Foundation - 66 pts
9. (11) The Settlers - 63 pts
10. (7) Heretic 2 - 61 pts
11. (36) Civilization - 56 pts
12. (15) Shogo - 51 pts
13. (29) Genetic Species - 46 pts
14. (13) Nightlong - 43 pts
15. (14) Exodus : The Last War - 42 pts
16. (25) Simon The Sorceror 2 - 41 pts
17. (10) Worms / Worms DC - 40 pts
18. (17) Fields Of Battle - 39 pts
19. (73) Freespace - 37 pts
20. (18) Dune 2 - 36 pts
Next votes (AMIGA GAMES ranking of march/april 2002) will begin in mid-May.

David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Classifying
11.4.2002 Interview with Mr. Horbach (KDH-Datentechnik) about Software Tycoon
On the KDH-Datentechnik website there's an advert for a new forthcoming game for the AmigaOS, called 'Software Tycoon', which will be released by epic-interactive. We contacted Mr.Horbach of KDH-Datentechnik to find out more about this simulation-game. Here we have our short interview in english aswell as the original german talk.

More information about Software Tycoon you can find also on www.software-tycoon.de.

GFX-BASE website

11.4.2002 Catweasel ISA: Image-write utility
The following news cannot be disseminated without a sense of irony: 66 months since the initial release of the Catweasel ISA, we're publishing a free tool for writing disks with the controller. The alpha-version currently supports Amiga disks only, and it runs on DOS or in a DOS box of Win95/98. For easy porting to other operating systems, and for educational purposes, the source is included. Download

individual Computers website
11.4.2002 Software News
A open source version of AudioGalaxy Satelitte OpenAG (CVS1.1r2) is now available for AmigaOS.

ANN website
10.4.2002 IOSPIRIT founded, take-over of Innovative-products
At the end of the year 2000, fxSCAN 3.0, the first program for optical character recognition (OCR) for the AMIGA for a long time, has been officially presented. The program AMIGA-users longed for for such a long time was ordered that often within the first few weeks of availability that the infrastructure of Innovative couldn´t keep pace any more.
Felix Schwarz, author of such powerful and popular graphics applications like fxSCAN, fxPAINT, Ultraconv and VHI Studio, made the decision to create an own company from Innovative, the AMIGA-division (led by Felix Schwarz) of the software-company of his father, renew the whole internal infrastructure and organisation, expand the business areas and to further extend and improve the customer service. On the 2nd of January 2002 IOSPIRIT was founded by Felix Schwarz in Herzogenaurach. The enterprise has two main fields of business activity: Read more

Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT
10.4.2002 Software Tycoon - business simulation game
It's time for a childhood dream to come true... It's 1982. Small computer games companies are springing up in the bedrooms around the world. A new business beckons, where everything is in your hands. You have total control, from creating the original concept, through hiring staff and packaging design, to the development of massive marketing campaigns. Do you have the skills to create and use new technologies and become a Software Tycoon? Software Tycoon immerses the player through the implementation of different scenarios, tutorials and a truly satirical backround that simulates the software business. But don't forget your opponents will stop at nothing to ruin your business!
- Real-time gameplay.
- Two intelligent and unusual computer computer controlled opponents.
- Satiric simulation of the software business. - Interact with real living and acting characters.
- Multiple missions and tutorial scenarios. - Adventure-like inventory.
- Hi-Res graphics and videos in 800x600 dpi.
- Employ the best staff and implement massive marketing campaigns for your products.
- Sabotage your ruthless opponents.
- Different buildings in horizontal scrolling Location.
- Easy development of original game concepts.

KDH website
10.4.2002 BackItAllUp
"I have just uploaded the latest version of BackItAllUp to my home page, this version incorporates some new features as well as some noticable optimisations in various routines.
This is the first release (v6.8) compiled with SAS-C, instead of the old K&R Aztec v5 compiler I was using before.
This version is now capable of running on the WorkBench screen as well as a custom screen. Enjoy..."

BackItAllUp is HD to HD Backup Program. (Supports >4 GIG Drives, More Feature Switches, Custom Screen or WB Screen configurable. Supports up to 8 partitions.)

Colin Wenzel, Col's Home Page

10.4.2002 Update of the french developer site guru-meditation.net
"We are pleased to announce we've just added new articles on our site about programming AmigaOS. It's a completely french site which aims to help the Amiga community. Because a lack of resources in our language, we offer tutorials, technical information, system programming, ... and we plan to translate documentation, too. We also want to call french musicians, programmers and graphists to join us in the effort to submit ideas and init new projects or try to find old good sources from their authors."

Mathias 'Corto' Parnaudeau & the guru team, guru-meditation.net
10.4.2002 GFX-BASE interview with Coyote Flux
"We have a new and very interesting GFX-BASE interview for you: This time we talked to the software-group 'Coyote Flux' responsible for great software like CoyoteSound or the PPC SNES emu SuperAmicon. The guys from Coyote Flux told us new facts about their latest project J Miner, a software, which uses video streams to create a complete corrected two and 3D model of the surface. They also reveal that they have a G3/G4 Amiga-based supercomputer and this is no joke!"

GFX-BASE website
10.4.2002 Software News
New version of the Reaction GUI for StrICQ v2 can be downloaded here. readme
The most important change is probably that the RTF messages sent by the windows client are now converted to plain text, so they should be readable. Although special characters will probably be displayed wrong...

New alphaversion (V.45.00 alpha 6) of stormamiga.lib V.45.00 for SAS/C All known bugs were fixed. This version is for betatester only.

Glenn Hisdal
stormamiga-lib homepage

9.4.2002 Dear Amiga Inc., Could I Make a Few Suggestions?
Roger M: "I have watched the progress of the "new Amiga" (OS and hardware) over the past couple of years. Given the past history of Amiga, I am happy to see that the company has been taken over by true fans of the Amiga OS, who have a workable vision. In general, I think you came up with a good overall strategy:" Read more

9.4.2002 Amiga Joysticks are going up in price!
"Due to the continuing rising cost of finding stock of Zipsticks and Comp Pro5000 we have had to take the decision to increase the price on these two Amiga Joysticks.
Stocks are becoming a real problem and we are finding it more difficult to source these two types. We will hold the current price for two weeks and then they will have to rise.
On a brighter note, we have managed to secure a good stock of Comp Pro Mini Clear.
Please visit Amiga Joysticks to see the current range."

Amiga.org website
Amiga Joysticks website
9.4.2002 AmigaActive-successor "digital": The End?
According to the digital mailing list, after only four issues, digital magazine has gone. Neil Bothwick has confirmed this on the old AmigActive ML too.

General discussion ML for readers of Amiga Active magazine
8.4.2002 Poseidon USB stack for AmigaOS
Poseidon is the software solution that brings USB to the Amiga. It will run on every Amiga equipped with OS3.1 or higher.
To give the users and developers an overview on the state of the software, please read these facts.

Chris Hodges
8.4.2002 100%AMIGA April issue 23 Out Now!
The April issue of 100%AMIGA is out now. This month we feature the AmigaOne G3-SE and take a look at the massive cartoon adventure The Feeble Files as well as our usual mix of reviews, free games and useful utilities, patches and upgrades. SEE the latest game release, HEAR the shocking news stories behind these Pictures and EXPERIENCE the only monthly Amiga CD magazine in the World! 100%AMIGA - The future of magazines.

FORE-MATT Home Computing website
8.4.2002 iBrowse 2.3 Update
"Stefan Burstroem, the main author of IBrowse, has posted to the IBrowse mailing list some details about the upcoming IBrowse 2.3."
The 2.3 release is "not far off at all"
The feature set is frozen and the remaining bugs are being fixed now
The 2.3 upgrade will be a free release, available on Aminet
It should work on a standard Amiga running OS 3.0/3.1/3.5/3.9

BTW: What about Amiga port of Mozilla?
Ben Hermans, Hyperion: "Our estimate to port the Gecko engine to OS 4 is 2 months tops. But that's two months we don't have right now. It really isn't all that difficult (the code is very platform independent) but you need to know your way around Linux and Amiga."

ANN website

8.4.2002 AmigaOne systems built-on-demand
Computer City's AmigaOne built-to-order page has been translated into English. On the page you can configure your own AmigaOne system and get a free price-quote by email within ten minutes. You can ask for prices on as many configurations as you please, and if you choose one that you want to order, you can do so by filling in the pre-ordering form. There's also a list of shipping costs to most European countries. Other countries are quoted on demand. For more information, please contact Ron van Herk at info@compcity.nl.

Computer City website
8.4.2002 Rüdiger Hanke (ScummVM) Interview
"Today we release on www.amigafuture.de a german interview with Rüdiger Hanke (ScummVM developer)."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
7.4.2002 STRICQ.com's AmigaExpo 2002
Douglas McLaughlin: "I've placed almost all of the video and the few pictures that I took during AmigaExpo 2002 on my website. Included is the video I took of the Ben Hermans interview. I know this was broadcast and has been converted to MP3, but this was recorded live and I'm sure it is of much better quality than what is currently available."

Douglas McLaughlin via ANN
7.4.2002 Aseq - New midi/audio sequencer
Aseq is a new midi and audio sequencer using an intuitive and easy to use interface. Better known as "x0x", refering to the famous 606, 808 and 909 drummachines, which use this method of sequencing. This program is mainly being developed on the Amiga line of computers, but ports to other platforms have been planned. Platforms of choice are QNX, Linux and perhaps (dr)dos. A port to Mac OSX will be very likely. A demo release for the Amiga will be coming shortly. Read more

Aseq homepage
7.4.2002 Amiga.org: @amiga.org e-mail forwarding service
Wayne Hunt: "Several months ago, I mentioned that we were investigating the idea of offering a free @amiga.org e-mail forwarding service for all our validated users. That service is now available and working. Read more

Amiga.org website
6.4.2002 Total Amiga Magazine's issue 11
Total Amiga Magazine's issue 11 will hit the streets on May 11. But please note, we are expecting this issue to sell out quicker than issue 10. To find out why, here is a taster of what's coming up in issue 11...
* Latest on the AmigaOne G3-SE,
* Round-up on AmigaOS4.0
* The Total Amiga, ALT.WOA Show report.
* News on WOASE 2002
* All the latest developments in the Amiga world.
Read more

Michael Carrillo, Total Amiga
5.4.2002 Back to the Roots Amiga-News 237
Easter is over but the rabbits are still busy. The lovely rabbits from "Back to the Roots" brought you some nice surprises with their latest update.
If you have a look at their Easter nest you'll find games like Rings of Medusa, Super Cars 1+2, Genetic Species Heimdall 2, Larry 1 Remake, Sherman M4, Pinball Magic and many others. Besides that many scene demos from the fantastic Mekka+Symposium 2002 demo party have been added, more music from the demoscene came online and the picture galleries are now containing some extremely colorful little eggs. Happy (late) egg shaking!

Back to the Roots website
5.4.2002 New ScummVM MorphOS-Version available
MorphOS News The new MorphOS interface has now finally been released in the CVS version. Major new features include an anti-aliasing scaling engine (the same as used in other projects such as Exult which performs anti-aliasing while scaling pictures to double size) as well as CD-ROM audio support. Read more

Rüdiger Hanke via MorphOS ML
Sebastian Beloch, ScummVM - Amiga Ports
5.4.2002 Ricardo Pinto Celebrity review
"The Amiga Games Database has just received a Celbrity review of the classic 3D game Cybercon 3 by its designer Ricardo Pinto. Ricardo speaks of his involvement with the never released legendary game EPT, as well as the fantastic Carrier Command."

Angus Manwaring, Amiga Games Database
5.4.2002 Amiga Arena - Interview with "Jakub Brzezniak"
New Amiga PD Games rare very rare in this time! With the Games "Swapper" and "Magic Numbers" from "Magic Software" we have some new funny mind Games! Read in The Interview about the future of this nice Games!

Amiga Arena website
5.4.2002 Software News
xpkBZP2.library v1.6 - freeware bzip2 xpk compression library (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS). Changes since 1.5:
Minor (<= 2%) speed increase for unpacking in all versions, and for packing in the 68k and WarpOS versions
Updated with libbzip2 1.0.2
PPC versions recompiled with VBCC 0.8a
68K versions recompiled with GCC 2.95.3

MorphOS News Nicholai Benalal has released a new bochs v1.4 for MorphOS here. [668K]

Oliver Roberts' Homepage
MorphOS homepage

4.4.2002 HIGHWAY & SUBWAY USB News
After long waiting hardware production has finally started. In a first series HIGHWAY modules will be produced; the SUBWAY modules will follow in a second series. We kindly ask for the understanding of all people interested in the SUBWAY clockport module. HIGHWAY cards will exclusively sold by KDH.

The first Software Developer Kit for all people interested in USB device driver programming available. If you are interested contact Chris Hodges.

More than 70% of people interested in the HIGHWAY card asked for an ethernet expansion module. You asked for it - we made it. If you feel that "just an USB controller" is not enough for you, then you should consider the new NORWAY module. NORWAY fits on the HIGHWAY card and offers a 10MBit twisted pair ethernet connection. Production has started now, so we expect to be able to offer both modules at the same time. Distribution of the NORWAY is exclusively done by KDH.

IrseeSoft has announced support for most common USB printers in the well known TurboPrint system. Moreover, additional features in mixed USB / parallelport printers will be available (e.g. automatic recognition of the connected printer). Details regarding USB printers as well as compatibility lists will be published by IrseeSoft.

Felix Schwarz, Innovative (VHI Studio, fxPAINT, fxScan) is currently working on the enhancement of the VHI standard and VHI Studio for USB support. Drivers for USB video devices (such as digicams and webcams) are being prepared and will be available seperately from Felix Schwarz at the time of their completion.

Read more

USB for Amiga website

4.4.2002 Eric Schwartz Puzzles Released
It has been over three months since the release of the last AmigaDE titles but finally the first AmigaDE game of 2002 has arrived. Technomages in partnership with ES Productions have released Eric Schwartz Puzzles, an addictive puzzle game starring Amy and Sabrina, characters from popular On-line comic strip, Sabrina.
In the Eric Schwartz Puzzles game, gamers attempt to piece together beautiful images in as few moves as possible. This addictive game features never before seen images from Eric Schwartz, challenge and free style play modes, 7 difficulty modes, unlock pictures, saved scores, and much more.
If you wish to purchase Eric Schwartz Puzzles or any other Technomages titles then visit the Amiga Anywhere on-line shop.

Amiga Flame website
Technomages website
4.4.2002 individual Computers supports Commodore One Project
Commodore One is a C-64 compatible computer with lots of added features that has been under development for more than a year now. The project is close to completion, and the first production run can be started within the next three months.
Individual Computers will support Jeri Ellsworth, the developer of the new computer, with money, sourcing of material and knowledge about small quantity production.
The new board will be distributed in Europe by individual Computers, so it will be available from all our trade partners mentioned on the contact page of this website.
Jeri Ellsworth, the former owner of the "Computer made easy" stores, will sell all retrocomputing-related products from our product line, such as the Retro Replay, the Catweasel floppy controller and the "Retro Replay plus Silversurfer" combination.

individual Computers website
4.4.2002 AROS Feature Request Page Added
Matt Parsons: "I've included a new page, a feature request page. This new page will allow users (and potential users) of AROS to vote for the feature they most want to see in AROS. Hopefull this way we can tailor AROS to suit the needs of you, the computer using public."

Matt Parsons's AROS Page
4.4.2002 Amiga Arena - Fullversion "AmigaBase V.2.6"
In cooperation with 'Steffen Gutmann' the 'Amiga Arena' released the full and free Version from the Database Programm "AmigaBase V. 2.6".

AmigaBase is not a relational database with SQL interface or something like this. AmigaBase is a hierarchical programmable database. Nevertheless, or just because, AmigaBase is ideal for managing music cassettes, videos, addresses, etc. Complex applications like a finance manager with automatic printing of transfer forms and writing client accounts is also no problem with AmigaBase.
A complete documentation of AmigaBase including all programming possibilities can be found as Postscript and pdf files on the "Amiga Arena" too.
If you like the concepts behind AmigaBase then please have a look at its successor called MUIbase. MUIbase is a complete rewrite of the concepts of AmigBase using a relational database concept, MUI as the user interface, and a lisp like language for programming. You find MUIbase on the MUIbase home page.

Amiga Arena website

3.4.2002 Bernd ''Bernie'' Meyer's Public Statement About Amithlon
Bernd Meyer have just released a public statement regarding the distribution situation of Amithlon. There are updated kernel image and a bunch of useful patches ready for download.

Amigart website
3.4.2002 Vote JAY MINER into Computer Hall of Fame
Vote for JAY MINER for this year's computer hall of fame inductions.
He narrowly missed out last year but this year hes way behind in the stakes. Support the father of 'Amiga' and vote!
Remember to vote for 4 people, give a valid email address, then read email and click on response to confirm choice.

Amiga.org website
Computer Hall of Fame
3.4.2002 clickBOOM coming with new games soon, looking for Amiga coder
Sofia: "I have some very important news coming your way now and within a few days. But, firstly, don't panic, we are updating our site, so this is the only page (other than Shop and Portal) you will be able to access. You can read more about it below."
Nightlong 1.1
Nightlong replacement CDs
New games
Are you a programmer?
New web site look
Read more

clickBOOM website
3.4.2002 GetBoinged! Amiga Expo 2002 show report
"The GetBoinged! crew drove to Baltimore, MD for the Amiga Expo 2002. Head on over to GetBoinged! for the report."

ANN website
The GetBoinged!
2.4.2002 GoldED Studio Development Discontinued
"I regret to inform AmigaOS users that all software on this web site is now discontinued (due to lack of time on my side to continue with AmigaOS software development).
What will happen to the BASIC interpreter ?
Expect the source code to be made available under the GPL in the near future (in a nutshell, a GPL is a public domain license).
What will happen to the GoldED Studio software ?
GoldED will remain available as a commercial product while stock lasts. Personal technical support will end this year. No future updates for AmigaOS will be released from the original developer."

Intellectual property rights related to GoldED Studio, including source codes, documentation, distribution rights, the web site etc., are available for sale.
There are no plans to release the source code under the GPL or in a similar form or to make the software or its source code available free of charge. For more information, please contact the developer directly.

GoldED Studio website

2.4.2002 Amiga Arena Interview
"Laszlo Törok" the developer from the AVI/MOV player "MooVid" talked to the "Amiga Arena" about the new features in Version 1.6

Amiga Arena website
2.4.2002 New Voyager V3.3.beta122(3)
This is the 8th "beta" version of V3 with the new layout engine. It now has approached a somewhat usable state again. It's still not compiled with code-optimisation (68k), it hasn't been manually optimised yet and it still contains tons of debugging code (and, possibly, the associated bugs).
This is a full release archive and contains everything needed to run Voyager (except MUI 3.8). Please, do NOT install this over an old V 3.2 installation, because some of the subsystems are no longer compatible.
Download the m68k AmigaOS-Version and MorphOS archives here

David Crawford
2.4.2002 New version of VirusZ
A new update of VirusZ III has been released today. You can find the new VirusZ III v0.99 update Here. readme

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
2.4.2002 Amiga Future Website
"Now, we repair all errors on our page. The users can now use again www.amigafuture.de and the emails @amigafuture.de."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
2.4.2002 Payback News
Three new Payback maps have been added to the Extra Maps Page along with an updated one.

MacGamer.com have also written a short preview of the upcoming Mac version of Payback.

Apex Designs website

2.4.2002 Software News
Scalos beta version 40.21 has been released.
The very latest improvement is the asynchronous SCCM_DeviceList_Generate. This should take care of the problems some people have with Scalos hanging when started with an audio CD in the drive. There should also be less trouble with Samba causing Scalos to hang after disconnecting. However, the current solution is not yet watertight, there are still some timing windows when a no longer responding filesystem could cause Scalos to hang. As far as we know, those problems have been there since the very first versions of Scalos.

ilbmdtPPC - ILBM.datatype v45.8 for the PPC, running WarpUP. readme

Scalos homepage
Stephan Rupprecht's Homepage

1.4.2002 Hyperion interview from AmigaExpo 2002
Full MP3 of Hyperion interview from AmigaExpo 2002. You can find it here: here, here, here, here and here. [5.4MB]

"In case anyone does not read the forums here I have typed up the Hyperion Question and Answer session from Amiga Expo 2002. [..] Please keep in mind I have paraphrased areas and this not a 100% direct quotation of the chat." Check it!

CyberGraphX Homepage
Amiga.org website

1.4.2002 Interview with Ben Hermans
SWAUG: "Following his recent interrogation from the Amiga-Expo visitors, we have a interview with Ben Hermans of Hyperion discussing the forthcoming AmigaOS 4.0."

1.4.2002 Magellan licensed for AmigaOS4.0
Dr.Greg Perry: "We are pleased to have come to an arrangement whereby Hyperion are able to continue the development of Directory Opus for OS4.0. Hyperion are an ideal company with the knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to migrate Directory Opus to the PPC software and OS4.0."

Official Opus5 ML
GPSoftware website
1.4.2002 New MooVId shots
"I would like to inform you, how there are new shots available from the internal beta version of MooVId, which will be available to public. Most important stuff is the Divx support. My page address is: http://www.dfmk.hu/~torokl."

Laszlo Torok, MooVId & etc homepage
1.4.2002 Compuquick's Update about Amiga Expo
Here's a quick update from CompuQuick regarding their experience with Amiga Expo over the weekend.

Amiga.org website