28.2.2003 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#030228).
Brad Webb, Amiga Update
28.2.2003 Software News
eDonkey-client for AmigaOS
SixK: "Here is the big surprise I have annonced 3 months ago, It took me longer than I thought, but now I have a working Edonkey client for Amiga.
Now I'm looking for skilled programmers to help me to finish the GUI and rewrite some parts of the code. If you are really motivated, have time to invest and got a permanent connection, please contact me at: SixK@ifrance.com.
Amiga Community website
27.2.2003 AMIGAplus 02/2003 - A wolf in sheep's clothing
Pegasos is here - albeit in low quantities. The new issue 02/2003 (#133) of AMIGAplus reports about Pegasos and other topics:
Content: Review of Pegasos & MorphOS, Review of indivision, Review of Subway, Review of Crossfire II, Report about Quake II, Interview with Genesi S.a.r.l., Interview with the Breakpoint-organizers, Review of SuperView 5 1.0, Review of Digital Almanac III 5.0, Coding-workshop: SDL, part 2, Amiga Status Report and much more.
AMIGAplus (68 pages, 4c, German) is available via subscription, via individual order or through the known Amiga dealer channels for 5,- Euro.

Looking forward: Upcoming AMIGAplus #134 includes the following reports: Reviews of TKR LAM200E, IBrowse 2.3, VHI Studio 6 and Birdie Shoot, Compatibility report of MorphOS, Part 1 of the Draco video workshop and much more.

Nico Barbat, AMIGAplus
26.2.2003 individual Computers is the first official sponsor of the breakpoint party
Since many years, individual Computers supports so-called scene-parties that offer a forum for demo-programmers. A "demo" is a program that does not require interaction with the user, as opposed to game demos. It's a combination of graphics, music and special effects - a presentation of the hardware capabilities, the programmer's and the artisis' skills (graphics and music).
The term "artist" is no exaggeration: The "Euro-style demo" has evolved from a subculture of the 80s to a form of art that we already supported with cash and hardware prizes on the legendary Mekka&Symposium parties.
Mekka&Symposium will not take place this year. The same experienced team that was responsible for these parties organizes the Breakpoint Party on easter this year. It'll take place in Bingen, Germany. Many people still confuse scene-parties with with LAN-parties, but this is a big mistake: A large-scale network is available, but gaming is frowned upon by the scene's etiquette.
individual Computers website
26.2.2003 AmiGBG 2003 - 29th of March 2003
For the second year in a row, the user group AmiGBG will organize an Amiga fair at Lindholmen, Gothenburg, Sweden. AmiGBG 2002 were the first Amiga fair in Sweden since 1998 and had over 450 visitors. At the fair you will see both the Amiga system of tomorrow, based on G3/G4-processors, and Classic Amiga (based on 68k). We hope to be able to present, among other things, a complete version of the new AmigaOS - OS4 - running on the new PowerPC based hardware - AmigaOne.
The fair is aimed at both Amiga enthusiasts as well as for people interested in other alternative platforms. Amongst other things, Linux will most likely be demonstrated on the new AmigaOne.
The exhibitors will be everything from abroad companies to swedish usergroups. The invitation to participate at AmiGBG 2003 has not only been sent to "pure" Amiga companies but also to other hardware manufactures.

About AmiGBG
AmiGBG is a Swedish usergroup who's mainly goal is to organize fairs and increase the interest for Amiga. The team AmiGBG has organized AmiGBG 2002 (see above) and AOne Gothenburg 2002 Fall Event, an event where the new Amiga was shown in Scandinavia for the first time.

Erik Johansson, AmiGBG
Below you will be able to find more information on the current state of PC/Mac Digital Remasters (Wings, Lords of the Rising Sun, It Came from the Desert and Rocket Ranger) which we have been developing for over a year for Cinemaware, Inc.
Digital Remasters proved to be a very challenging, yet very satisfying undertaking, as it required disassembling a 10-15 year old code which was originally never meant to be used on anything other than the computers of that era (namely Amiga 500 and 8-bit consoles).
Late last year, however, regularly scheduled payments for development from Cinemaware suddenly stopped... Read more
clickBOOM website
26.2.2003 SatraDB: Development Status
SatraDB, an Amiga based Database Management System is being developed and has been for several years now. As this is a part time project, progress is slow. After saying that, work is progressing well even if it is not at the speed everyone would hope for.
Due to the imminent release of the AmigaOne and AmigaOS 4 it has been decided that a version of SatraDB for the classic Amiga (OS 3.9 and below) will not be released. Instead, as soon as the new hardware and OS are available all existing code will be migrated to the PPC architecture, at which point development will continue solely for AmigaOS 4.
The design of SatraDB is 90% complete with development reaching 81% complete. Current development effort is on the lock management sub system.
Take a look at the SatraDB product details.
Satra Systems website
25.2.2003 Your Amiga Needs You - And So Do We!
The crew of #amigaone IRC channel on undernet need you help.
We are aiming to build a good strong user base of Amiga users present on our channel. We want to achieve this before the eventual release of OS4.0 coupled with the new AmigaONE systems.
We need more people who like to IRC to hang out at the channel who are able to provide a good source of help for our visitors or even just to chat.
Many Amiga related IRC channels are silent at the best of times, but we want to change the face of Amiga IRC and make it a fun place to be.
If you fancy helping us out then pop along to our site to find out what it's all about or connect directly to this server address: eu.undernet.org port 6667-7000 channel: amigaone
Fly^, AmigaOne IRC Channel websiti
25.2.2003 MorphOS News
MorphOS News MorphOS software compatibility list
Genesi now has an software compatibility list for MorphOS. Users will be able to use this list to check for compatibility with their favorite old software.
All users registered as MorphOS users are able to submit new software items to the list and add comments regarding their experiences with the software. All submissions are greatly appreciated.

MorphZone Forums Online! MorphZone Opens!
MorphZone is the new community portal for MorphOS users; including the MWD (Morph Web Directory), in-depth articles, forums, reviews, and more! MorphZone membership is free, as our services are geared to help cultivate the MorphOS community towards the future. Read more

More info about Pegasos, the Pegasos STB, and the G4 module for Pegasos
Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco have posted more information about some upcomming products of the Pegasos products. Read it under the titlelink.

MorphOS-News.de website
25.2.2003 Genesi Looking for Games!
MorphOS News Genesi has an immediate need for new and old games that have a small memory requirements and can either be stored in a STB or handheld device. We will also be using the W@LK KEY. The W@LK KEY can be loaded with many games, traded between gamers, or given away with advertising related promotions.
If you have access to sources or want to develop or port old Amiga games to MorphOS do not miss the positive financial opportunity to do so.
Please direct all interest to Genesi at bbrv@genesi.lu.
Raquel Velasco and Bill Buck, Amiga.org forums
25.2.2003 OFF-TOPIC: DreamOn Studio
Ben Yoris: "I'd like to draw your attention to a new game development company called DreamOn Studio. We're 7 people, ex-Infogrames employees, with a good track record of released professional games.
Have a look on http://www.dreamon-studio.com (warning, the intro uses Flash)
Some people in DreamOn were or are still Amiga related: one of our coder, Laurent K. used to code demos on his A500-A1200, our main artist Philippe D. is the creator of Mr.Nutz and did the gfx work on Toki, Ocean Beach Volley, Ivanhoe etc... all on Amiga! And our musician is ... Allister Brimble!
We're ready to work with any publishers of content in the gaming industry and we have a strong experience in next gen and handheld production.
Let's talk about all this!"
Ben Yoris, Amiga.org forums
25.2.2003 Amitopia needs more writers for the USA/Canada version
One of Amitopias writer from USA will have a break 8 to 10 months due to the gulf/Iraq situation. So, he will not be able to really support Amitopia directly in USA. Because of this, we search one or even more wich could replace his work for Amitopia in the states? You will of course not be pushed off when he returns alive (I hope for sure..). With more contributors and helpers, the magazine wont suffer.
Amiga.org website
Michal Bergseth, editor of Amitopia
24.2.2003 Which Games do you want Re-mastered for AmigaOne?
It is already known that Hyperion Entertainment plan to re-master a number of their games following the official launch of the AmigaOne. However, there is a strong desire for other games to be re-mastered with Amiga Games Hit Parade running a poll to determine which games people would like to see re-mastered for the AmigaOne.
The results so far seem to encompass a diverse range of genres including hit games such as Turrican 2 at number 1, followed by Alien Breed 3D 2, Frontier Elite 2, Speedball 2 and Hunter. Classic games have also climbed high in the chart like Defender Of The Crown, Gods, Shadow Of The Beast, and Stunt Car Racer.
If want to participate in the poll then visit their website at: Amiga Games Hit Parade.
Amiga Flame website
23.2.2003 Amiga Arena News
Beambender free release
The one and only game from "Blue Lemon Studio" was released in 1997 by the publisher "Verkosoft". Now with the permission from the Team called today bluelemon the Amiga Arena brings zu exclusive "Beambender". Beambender is a mix from action, mind and clevernes. With the aid of various components (mirrors and colour converters) the goal of this game is to hit all Exits (=target of a laserbeam) with one laserbeam of matching colour. Special thanks must go to Bernard Aichinger and Alexander Mutscher.

Amiga Arena - games edition 2002 CD info page online
If you like to know something more about our Games CD,then please visit our new Info page.

Amiga Arena exclusive - sharware games online
The Amiga Arena released with the permission from the developers some of the best Sharware games like Risk, Scorched Tanks, Action Cat or Uropa2. Now some of this games are online again.

Olaf Köbnik, Amiga Arena
23.2.2003 AIO isue 68 is out
Issue 68 of AIO is out and should soon hit the Net. Highlights include a review of IBrowse 2.3 and a brandnew Tech Editor.
Side note: there may be problems with the "XXX@aioworld.com" addresses, if so then just substitute "@aio.tp" for "@aioworld.com" in all addresses and for the site.
Mark Tierno, Amiga Information Online
22.2.2003 FORE-MATT Home Computing: 10 Day Megasale Now On!
The Alternative Alternative World of Amiga Show!
With the Alt-Woa show being cancelled we need to shift some excess stock that we would normally have sold at the show in order to keep our bank manager happy! So, as you can't come to the show, we decided to bring the show by putting our Show Specials on the net. Better still, it lasts for 10 days! But hurry, the clock has already started. Many Amiga bargains plus new formats and over 500 all time classic Music titles! 10 Day Megasale Now On!

100%AMIGA Issue 33
The new look February issue is out now. A revamped main page now includes all new section including User Groups,Letters, Free Ads and more! Take a look at the cover on the website. Features this month include Crossfire II and PureBasic.

New looks - New stuff!
We have revamped our websites and as well as having a nice new look we have also expanded our product range. Amiga Retro Classics now has even more classic games, many of which are now listed in Euros and US Dollars for payment through PayPal. FOREMATT Entertainment now has a growing range of other formats as well region 2 (UKEU) DVD films and programs.

FORE-MATT Home Computing website
22.2.2003 Get Spontaneous Combustion Sample Pack® for only $9.95
DiscreetFX Releases Spontaneous Combustion Sample Pack® A Low Cost Version of a New Real-Time Fire, Smoke & Explosion Effects Library. Read more
DiscreetFX website
22.2.2003 More info from Genesi regarding the Future of Pegasos
"We wanted to provide some basic communication this weekend to all of you, because frankly our focus this past week has been the Management meetings here in Paris. We hope that this letter will assist you in understanding more clearly the direction of the Company. Please feel free to respond directly to us at bbrv@genesi.lu with your questions. If you understand and share our vision, you can adjust your effort to become more relevant to our corporate framework if you desire." Read more
Raquel Velasco and Bill Buck, MorphOS ML
22.2.2003 Lorraine-Design: New conversion of Mac & Win icons
Mac OS and Windows icons now in new glow icon pack from Lorraine Design called "Nelta glow" Pack contend over the 300 icons. Check LD web page.
Bojan Milovic, Lorraine-Design
22.2.2003 Software News

New YAM2.4 Dev version
Click here to download the latest YAM v2.4 development version, compiled 22.2.2003. Fully optimized 68020 version only. ChangeLog
This version is currently in development, and may not work perfectly!
PLEASE do not complain about these development versions! If you want to continue getting developer versions, please read the ChangeLog file before reporting bugs.

YAM2.4 Dev page
21.2.2003 Poll: Umilator (AKA "*mithlon 2") - intention to purchase
According to Michael Czajka "If enough people are willing to pledge their support and intention to purchase Umilator then we should see this REAL product released for sale. In order to measure the support for this product, an independent online poll has been set up by Melbourne Amiga User Group, at http://maug.org.au/umilator.html. A minimum number of purchasers has been set which must be met before the release will proceed. The product is priced at under $100 AUD (Australian dollars), currently around 59 USD, 55 EUR, 37 GBP. Check out http://www.umilator.net/blog/features.shtml for a full feature list!"

Any personal details supplied will be held in the strictest confidence, and will not be redistributed. These details are required to determine genuine buyers. You will be directly emailed regarding any developments in this effort. The results of the poll will be made known to the appropriate parties in due course.

Michael Czajka, MAUG committee member, involved in the discussion with Bernie
21.2.2003 Computer City February News
Work on FotoFoto is progressing, new pictures of the main screen and prefs section can now be¸ found at the FotoFoto website.

Most of the work on the Inga! conversion is done. New screenshots of the Inga-based demo-game Ermentrud running on AmigaDE 1.3 can be found at the personal site of our programmer, Arend-Paul Spijkerman: http://www.apsdev.com. Added to our internal 'to do list' is a MorphOS/PowerPC version.

Work has started on our new webshop, which will be available in Dutch, English and German. For the German market we have arranged a bank account for payments and a German postal address in the event of RMA's.

For more information, please contact Computer City at +31-10-4517722 or email info@compcity.nl.

Computer City
21.2.2003 Knights & Merchants for MorphOS starts shipping
MorphOS News Today e.p.i.c. interactive started shipping the Empire Builder Knights & Merchants, which is now the first commercially available game for MorphOS. Knights & Merchants retails at EUR49,95 and requires a Pegasos with 600 Mhz, 64 MByte RAM and MorphOS 1.0 or better. More information on this Real Time Strategy game can be found in the projects section of our homepage at http://www.epic-interactive.com.
Knights & Merchants can be described as a strategic economy simulation. In the main, the economics play a major role in this real-time action game. The player can manufacture different products, making use of numerous buildings and producer goods of the Middle Ages period. He can use his serfs to construct and maintain buildings and roads. The economical structuring is very specific. You manufacture finished products using various raw materials which go through your production processes. All these manufacturing systems are highly detailed and visually understandable, enabling fast and dependable control of your economy. One result of all your productive labors is the manufacture of weapons and armor. But the logistics, too, are really worth a mention. You decide where and how merchandise will be transported on the network of streets which you yourself have planned and constructed. Your serfs transport all wares between buildings, so your town planning plays a major role in production time per building, and, resulting from that, just how efficient your economy as a whole is going to be. Transported goods are displayed graphically. Each figure in the game has his/her own mission area and carries out individual tasks independently. They don´t depend on your commands or actions. You, the player, only give indirect commands for the construction of buildings, streets, corn fields, etc. However, you do have complete control of the military units.
Dealers please contact GTI/Schatztruhe.
Thomas Steiding, e.p.i.c. interactive
21.2.2003 Pegasos to go on sale on Monday - Pegasos II to be available in September 2003
MorphOS News There are 300 to sell and 100 that will go to MorphOS Developers and Employees.
If interested to purchase a Pegasos mainboard or fully configured machine: 1. Contact your Distributor
2. Contact Phoenix
3. Contact Genesi
When these are sold there will not be another release until August/September 2003. The next release, the Pegasos II, will have double data rates, three 1 Gb/s ethernet channels, and Dual G4s. Genesi will not release a new version until then.
We want everyone to understand this before they purchase the Pegasos available now. All Betatester boards will be exchanged with the first priority.
An upgrade credit will be offered to Pegasos I buyers. The Pegasos I will not have a G4 upgrade.
MorhOS-News.de website
21.2.2003 AmiCUE News Letter now online
The January AmiCUE news letter is now out. This months issue contains a write up on the January Consumer Electronics Show.
AmiCUE website
20.2.2003 Interview with Ben Hermans
In the light of some rumours currently circulating (regarding the status of AmigaOS 4) and the recent announcement of the partnership with SciTech, Amiga-News.de contacted Ben Hermans (Managing partner of Hyperion Entertainment, AmigaOS 4 project manager) and did a short interview.
Amiga-News.de website
20.2.2003 ROMulus - HIGHWAY USB is getting better
E3B is pleased to announce the long awaited expansion module ROMulus for all HIGHWAY customers. Read press announcement for details.

ROMulus contains 512KB flash memory that allows the user to install all kinds of rom modules onto the board to be available at the very first boot. This, of course, includes the popular Poseidon stack, making it possible to boot directly from USB media right after the machine has been turned on.

USB for Amiga website
20.3.2003 Software News
Pixload 3 preview
Pixload "bar" allows you to load any program or script by one click on icon. It is a borderless window with buttons including small IFF pictures. Each click on button, loads a command line which loads a program. Drag and drop is also possible anywhere on Pixload. It was made in AREXX, RXMUI and MUI for graphic part. You can modify everything (colors, aspect, etc...) from the Pixload contextual menu. Read more
Pixel Art website
19.2.2003 Amiga Future 41 (March/April 2003) reading sample & preview online
Since today the reading Sample and the preview of the Amiga Future 41 (March/April 2003) is online. The Amiga Future is a german only Amiga magazine.
Besides a detailled review of Pegasos/MorphOS (part 2) there are reviews of Hollywood, IBrowse 2.3 and the Amiga Arena Games CD, an interview with Bill Buck and much more.
The cover CD contains among other things the uncrippled version of Virtual Karting 2.
Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
19.2.2003 Umilator poll
At the Melbourne Amiga User Group (MAUG) there's a poll who would buy Umilator (Bernie's Amithlon-successor) for upto 99 Australian Dollars (~55 USD) if it would be available.
ANN website
18.2.2003 Software News
Test AFPL Ghostscript 8.00
Try out pre-release port of AFPL Ghostscript 8.00 (current version) for all classic Amigas (68000 no FPU no ixemul version). Feedback received from downloaders will be used to create final version which will include a 68020FPU recompile. Costs nothing.
What is it? It allows you to view or convert or print any current Postscript file (something.ps) or PDF file (something.pdf). Includes Level 3 Postscript interpreter. Viewing is on Workbench screen or window. Conversion is to endless graphics file formats including Amiga-IFF. Printing is via any Workbench printer driver or a whole multitude of inbuilt printer drivers. Official date of this version is November 2002. Feedback including comments, questions, bugs etc to whoosh777@blueyonder.co.uk.

GoldED: C/C++ IDE 3.2
Integrated Development Environment for C/C++ (2MB)

whoosh via ANN
GoldED homepage
18.2.2003 Hyperion Entertainment Announcement
SciTech Software Inc. and Hyperion Entertainment VOF are pleased to announce they have enterered into a strategic partnership which will see SciTech's SNAP(tm) technology integrated into AmigaOS 4.x which is currently under development by Hyperion for PPC based systems.
SciTech SNAP, SciTech's leading edge graphics device support, allows for the rapid development and deployment of embedded solutions across multiple platforms and currently already supports well over 170 different graphics chipsets including all the latest offerings from industry leaders ATI, nVidia and Matrox.
A full list of supported chipsets can be found here. Read more

SciTechSoft.com: SciTech SNAP to Provide Amiga with Next Generation Graphics Support

Amiga-News.de website
18.2.2003 GoldEd AIX News
Updates for Distributed BASIC, GoldED AIX (SP10) and PGP are now available to registered users. These are all maintenance upgrades. Service Pack 10 for GoldED Studio AIX. File size: 414 KB. Requirement: SP3 or later already installed (older GoldED Studio AIX installations can only be upgraded with a replacement CD, 10 EUR).
Service packs upgrade core components. Further upgrades for non-essential parts are provided separately (see "Other Updates" column).

GoldEd C/C++ IDE
The C/C++ IDE (Integrated Development Environment) included with GoldED AIX has been upgraded and now includes clickable compiler output for gcc, vbcc and other compilers (view Screenshot).

GoldED homepage
18.2.2003 clickBOOM S-FILE 21: NO WINTER SLEEP
"Sorry about the lack of updates recently -- we have been very, very busy. So, without further ado let me debrief you on the latest developments here at clickBOOMville.
Firstly, the interesting thing about our recent work is that it's mostly not game-related! Interested? Read more
"Development of all our other games is proceeding according to plan."
clickBOOM website
18.2.2003 Free CD "The Elite Experience" not available at the moment
Because of unsure copyright-questions regarding Elite (and also between the author Ian Bell and co-author David Braban) the freeCD "The Elite Experience" is not available at the moment and please do not copy this cd-rom yourself. There is the hope that the problems can be solved, so that there will be then a new version of the freeCD again available.
The Faces of Mars website
17.2.2003 PerfectPaint v2.915 is available
New version 2.915 of PerfectPaint is now available at http://gothic.fr.free.fr/amiga/index.html and soon on Aminet.
PerfectPaint is great FREEWARE! proggie for painting, animation and manipulating pictures from 1bit to 24bits. What's new
PerfectPaint's page
17.2.2003 Amiga Future: Interview with Sylvio Kurze (ADA-Team)
Today we release on the Amiga Future Page a Interview with Sylvio Kurze (ADA Team). English version
Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
17.2.2003 OFF-TOPIC: PageStream Linux
Linux News Initial testing of Linux will begun. Users who purchase a copy of the Linux version now will receive access to the interim and final Linux releases. Users who participate in the testing will also receive TextFX for Linux at no charge as thanks!
Grasshopper LLC website
16.2.2003 Alt-WoA 2003 postponed
The Huddersfield Amiga User Group has postponed the Alt-WoA 2003. The Amiga show had originally been scheduled for 26th April 2003 in Huddersfield, Great Britain, and will now take place on an as yet undisclosed weekend on the occasion of the release of AmigaOS 4.0. Further information about this has not yet been announced.
16.2.2003 Amiga Arena Exclusive - Utilities Online
In cooperation with the developers,the Amiga Arena enables full registered Sharware Software that is no longer under development.
So after the Redesign the exclusive fullversions are again online. Please remember, free no longer supported Software is nothing worth, for the user to get new Versions. So please support developers and dont use pirates Software, its up to you that the Amiga will survive.
Now you can download utilities like: AmigaBase, AmiFIG, ArtPRO, CDBoot, DITo, DBase with Source Code, Foreign Language Master, FileX, FBase, HippoPlayer, MUIVideo, StopMenue, The BOSS, WBMenue.

Hilt II tribute page online
If you like strategy games, played round by round then have a look to the great game "Hilt II".

Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena
16.2.2003 I Want My $299 Pegasos! & To Slave Away In Phoenix!!!
MorphOS News "Hey all! To enjoy Phoenix membership and a $299 Pegasos just email me with some details of ID, and dev interests. Send to: greenboy@nogreeneggspam-phinixi.com.
The infrastructure to process requests and membership is not yet in place so we have to do it the old-fashioned labor intensive way. Phoenix is next on the list to get a makeover for a web-integrated communication and groupware development system (though we are already testing Tiki after trying quite a few wikis, etc). We are likely to be integrating GForge as well.
I'll process emails within a day or two of your email (at worst!) and you will be subscribed with your supplied email address to the Phoenix GENERAL and ANNOUNCEMENT mail lists, where you will be kept aware of purchase timeline details.
We plan to make Phoenix the campus and nexus for ALL THIRD-PARTY free and commercial development under on multiple OSes for Pegasos and future Genesi products. Within Phoenix's long-held, expanded definition of "developer", anyone who is able to contribute as webmaster, content provider, financier, entrepreneur, reseller, document builder, reporter/journalist, coder, leader, etc, is ELIGIBLE. Thus those of USER GROUPS and The Scene are welcome : }"
greenboy, Phoenix Developer Consortium
16.2.2003 Software News
Jabberwocky News
The 1th Preview of Jabberwocky V1.4 is now ready. Get it here.
add contacts with names which use 8bit characters in latin1
Jabberwocky is a jabber client software for Amiga. It is open source and released under the GNU GPL License. Jabber is an instant messaging system, similar to ICQ or AIM, yet far different. It is open source, absolutely free, simple, fast, extensible, modularized, and cross platform. Server modules (transports) allows cross messaging between other networks (AIM, ICQ, MSN, IRC, etc).
Jabberwocky Amiga homepage
15.2.2003 UltraUSB card final prototype
A few days ago the final prototype of the UltraBUS USB card has been sent to us by individual Computers.
As soon as this prototype successfully passes all neccessary tests, producing the first batch of production stage UltraBUS boards shouldn't be delayed any further.
This prototype already has all basic features of the final product - including the 512k FlashROM and the very promising 16bit mode which should not only show remarkably reduced overhead on the target system in certain cases, but also result in a noticable improvement of performance on lower specced systems.
Due to the ISP (in system programmable) features of the whole board, final optimisations of the autoconfig logic and the featured TripleBus (zorro, clockport, expansion port) can be applied at any time during the following testing and production stage.
Creative Development website
15.2.2003 individual Computers acquires ami.ga
"After many months and a lot of effort for a new domain name, we recieved good news today: You can now reach our website under http://ami.ga.
The toplevel-domain server of the republic of Gabon was not always online in the past week, so the new name might not be available all over the world immediately. This problem should be solved in a couple of hours, after the caches of local nameservers have been updated."
individual Computers website
15.2.2003 WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 5 WIP Info
Windows News Estimated release date: last week of February 2003
New features:
- configurable boot priority and device name for regular (non-RDB) hardfiles and virtual directory filesystems
- FPU state file support
- more compatible Action Replay 1 support
- "Middle-Mouse-Button -> ALT-TAB" works now in fullscreen mode
- configurable keyboard leds (DF0,DF1,DF2,DF3,POWER,HD,CD)
- floppy write-protect state added to floppies-tab
- implemented write-support for images that don't support writing natively (compressed images, CAPS-images)

Read more
WinUAE Official Homesite
15.2.2003 Antivirus News
MILL v15.02.2003 Update
Zbigniew 'Zeeball' Trzcionkowski has released a new update version of his antivirus program MILL. He says "Sorry to say that, but nothing has changed. Somehow I lost one source code back, so I just recoded the lost changes to get it look like the previous public release."
Virus Help Team Canada website
14.2.2003 Interview with Thomas Frieden
Dandy: "As AmigaInc appears not to be willing to release information on the current development status of Os4.0, I tried to gather some information myself and wrote an e-mail on that to Hyperion. I received an answer by Thomas Frieden - we exchanged several e-mails between 22nd and 27th of January and I tried to copy & paste it all together - hoping it makes sense - and here is the result:" Interview with Thomas Frieden.
AmigaOS Forum
14.2.2003 Get www.CommodoreBillboard.com for FREE!
"Hi everyone! As I don't have interest, time or money to run The Commodore Billboard anymore, I'm looking for people to take over the site. You will get all material, source code etc. You will also be able to get the www.commodorebillboard.com domain. I also have some new material waiting to be uploaded - including new commercials.
Please contact me ASAP. If you have a big and well-known C64/Amiga website, maybe we can also arrange that you get all my material and not the commodore billboard name."
Soren Ladegaard, www.CommodoreBillboard.com
14.2.2003 A1-XE Status update
Alan Redhouse of Eyetech Group has posted an email on AmigaOne YAHOO group about the current status of the A1-XE and G4 modules.

"Enough A1-XE's and G4 modules (800MHz 7451 with 32+32k L1; 256 L2 & 2M 64/72bit L3) to more than satisfy all earlybird orders have already been built and are currently in Tiawan waiting to ship. All these boards are fitted with the new Articia chipset (date code 0103)."

Eyetech AmigaOne YAHOO group
14.2.2003 Genesi Announces New Pegasos Computer for CeBit Release
MorphOS News Plexuscom and Genesi to Cooperate on PegasosPPC
Paris, France and Taipei Hsien, Taiwan February 14, 2003. Plexuscom a designer and manufactures of broadband Internet access solutions and appliances has reached an agreement with Genesi Sarl to produce and deliver limited quantities of the PegasosPPC computer for release at CeBIT 2003. Genesi and Plexuscom will share a Booth at CeBIT, 12-19 March in Hannover, Germany. Read more
MorphOS-News.de website
14.2.2003 Path-Amiga v1.0.1: New Browser
Path-Amiga is an attempt to write a web browser from the scratch. The project started in the second half of 2001 and finally it begins to take shape. This is because this version introduces HTML support. And that's why there is a version jump to 1.0. But the support is still very basic, so it doesn't make much sense surfing through the Internet with it yet. But this situation should better with the next versions. Have fun with Path! Read more or try Path-Amiga v1.0
Path-Amiga homepage
13.2.2003 OctaMED SoundStudio V2 Resurrected ?
"As most know, because we heard nothing from the katodev team for a very, very long time and having made many, many attempts to get a reply, we were forced to face the fact that, even with all their failed deadlines and promises, they have let us, and you, down badly.
HOWEVER, Gerd Frank of AmiAtlas fame has decided to take over work on V2, he is having to start from scratch, so give him pleny of time, but he assures us that, (unlike katodev), he will do his utmost to get a new Amiga V2 built and if it is possible, we won't have to wait until human beings step on Mars :)
However, if things do go badly, you 'will' be told and not kept in the dark as to the possible future of a new Amiga V2 release, so check this page every couple of Months from now on.
You can chat about this happy development by joining the OctaMED Amiga mailinglist. To join the list, simply point your browser to OctaMED Amiga Mailinglist.
When you have subscribed via the address above you can then start sending your emails to the following address: Octamed-Amiga Mailing List.
OctaMED Amiga website
13.2.2003 Petunia website updated
Project Petunia is an experimental Motorola 680x0 processor emulation for PowerPC based Amigas with dynamic recompilation that will be part of AmigaOS4.
Project Petunia website
13.2.2003 AmithlonTV should now run with G-Rex, Pegasos & Prometheus
Harald Frank let VGR.com know "AmithlonTV that now supports publically OpenPCI" has been relesed! Now G-Rex, Prometheus & Pegasos boards, along with Amithlon should be able to use AmithlonTV.
AmithlonTV is a special driver packet that allow to use tv cards with supported hardware.
CyberGraphX homepage
12.2.2003 Amiga Future: User-Workbench-Gallery Update
The User-Workbench-Gallery at the Amiga Future website has been updated. Beside some new screenshots the Workbench Gallery of the GFX-BASE has now also been added. Altogether, there are now 170 Screenshots available.
Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
12.2.2003 Puzzle game BoXiKoN finished for MorphOS
MorphOS News Puzzle game BoXiKoN finished for MorphOS Our addictive puzzle game BoXiKoN has been finished for MorphOS. Originally developed for the Amiga (R) computer this game has become very popular on other desktop and handheld platforms including Macntosh, PocketPC and Windows. BoXiKoN is a fun and addictive new puzzle game of strategy and logic. The game belongs to the family of shape games but BoXiKoN really is quite different. There is a large emphasis on planning, organization and selection and less on arcade style quick reactions. You can find out more on BoXiKoN in the projects section of our homepage.
epic interactive website
12.2.2003 Mai Logic incorporated earns 'Ready For IBM Technology' validation
Mai Logic Incorporated, a technology design house of integrated circuits/systems, announced today that it has achieved "Ready For IBM Technology" validation for its Articia S system controller and Teron CX and Teron PX evaluation system boards for IBM's 750CXe and 750FX PowerPCTM processors based applications. Read more
Mai Logic website
12.2.2003 Software News
Bars&Pipes News
BarsnPipes v1.19 - MIDI sequencer Bars&Pipes further developed by Alfred Faust (freeware).
New: Screenmoderequester, gadtools-GUI, most requesters may be used by keyboard-shortcuts, CAMD-Library, new 32 colors design, Localisation - a german catalog is included, and much more. For further information read the history in the included BnP_Addenum.guide.

Thylacine News
New HCD for Thylacine released. Thylacine is a Zorro 2 Amiga USB 1.1 Card.

Homepage von Alfred Faust
Thylacine homepage
11.2.2003 Spider gathers USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
ELBOX COMPUTER News ELBOX COMPUTER is pleased to announce that from now on, Amiga has the possibility of using new generation USB 2.0 devices in the USB 2.0 Hi-Speed mode. This has become possible with the Spider EHCI USB driver developed by Elbox for the MEDIATOR PCI busboard series.
When Spider USB 2.0 controller was released in September 2002, it was supplied with the OHCI USB 1.1 driver. EHCI USB 2.0 support was lacking but promised as soon as possible. Today Elbox made good on that promise. The Spider EHCI USB Hi-Speed driver is now included in the Spider CD. All registered Spider users are now receiving this new driver as a free update. Read more
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
11.2.2003 Hollywood 1.5 status report
Here's a quick status report of the current Hollywood development. Version 1.5 is now going through beta testing and should be available by the end of February. Hollywood 1.5 will feature some major improvements. Here's an overview of the new features in Hollywood 1.5:
* Full support for AHI (sound samples & music modules)
* Multiple layers can be used now
* Joystick support
* Big improvements to the inbuilt undo system
* FPS can be limited now (useful on Pegasos)
* Introducing support for off-screen rendering
* Even more of those cool 24-bit transition fx!
* New flexible object moving system
* Many other innovative improvements

Hollywood 1.5 will be made freely available for all owners of Hollywood 1.0.
Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
11.2.2003 AmigaOne Linux site on Sourceforge Launched
Linux News The AmigaOne Linux site on Sourceforge is finished, check it out at: http://amigaone-linux.sourceforge.net.
The site has various links, downloads and some short docs for running Linux on the AmigaOne.
Amigart website
11.2.2003 Scalos News
Scalos beta
Scalos beta version 40.27 has been uploaded. Visit the Downloads page to get the latest version of this outstanding software!

Scalos Plugins
The AvailP96 plugin has been updated to version 2.01 as requested by its author.
Uploaded the latest WBRexx plugin V39.15. It's on the Downloads page, as usual :)

Scalos Forums
"We have moved hosting companies and the changeover seems to have gone with only a few minor glitches. Did anyone notice that I changed the site from plain old HTML to PHP? Nope? Oh well :)
I have also added some forums to the site, which you can access here. Please feel free to register and contribute to the discussions. These forums replace any other forums we were running about Scalos (i.e. the AmigaForums site). The mailing list is still active."

Scalos website
11.2.2003 Raquel Velasco and Bill Buck: Clarification and statement about the Future
MorphOS News In a comment on ann.lu Rauqel Velasco and Bill Buck make some clarification about their activities and also speak about their investment in MorphOS and Pegasos: "You are clearly not a silly person, but you have made a mistake about us and all the other people working hard to bring the Pegasos and MorphOS to market. We have been very busy trying to do that during the last year. We have done our best to keep our promises to our customers and to our potential customers. The Articia situation is well known even IBM is speaking to us about it but we still count on Mai to supply what we need to make the Pegasos and we are still partners. Read more
MorphOS-News.de website
10.2.2003 individual Computers: New drivers, higher shipping cost
Dirk 'Doj' Jagdmann has updated his Linux-drivers for the Catweasel MK3 PCI/Flipper. In addition to SID functions, joysticks and an Amiga keyboard is now supported. The drivers, as well as the source codes, can be found on the author's website: http://llg.cubic.org/cw/.

The Amiga One now supports our PCI POST code display. The diagnostic tool shows valuable information during system startup that can be debuggin-information for developers, or give hints for technicians in case of a defect. The cooperation with the development team of the Amiga One and Amiga OS4 has also been intensified on another field: Parts of the source code for the keyboard driver for the Catweasel MK3 have been given to Hyperion. Read more

individual Computers website
10.2.2003 Amiga Games Awards 2002: results...
Results of the Amiga Games Awards 2002. There are the best games of 2002 voted by Amiga gamers:
1. Tales Of Tamar
2. Quake 2
3. Crossfire 2
4. Feeble Fire
5. Software Tycoon
6. FreeCiv
7. FreeCraft
8. Crimson Fields
9. Chaos 4
10. Axis And Allies
You can also view this classifying and other results at http://hitparade.amigames.com.
David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Hit Parade
9.2.2003 OpenPCI 1.0 and OpenPCI 8139 Device 1.0 released
OpenPCI library 1.0 and openpci_8139.device 1.0 (Fast Ethernet 10/100Mb driver) released. The OpenPCI library is a wrapper for use lot of PCI Bus on: Amiga/Amithlon/Pegasos (GrexA1200/A4000 (require cybpci.library), Prometheus (require prometheus.library v2.x), Amithlon (require powerpci.library v1.76), Pegasos (require Pegasos+MorphOS)).
Only the 68k version of OpenPCI library is released but soon the native PPC MOS version will be available with native MOS PPC 8139 device. Read more
Open Source driver project pages
9.2.2003 AlyBox - New MiniGL-game released
A new stunning puzzle game with absurd 3d-graphics and amazing sound effects has just been released, check the incredible screenshots and more info from: www.nic.fi/~varsa/alybox/. Soon also on Aminet.
Jukka Varsaluoma, AlyBox
9.2.2003 AmiChess: New version with increased playing strength
Achim Stegemann released a new version of AmiChess which has been recompiled with StormC 4. Apart from some minor bug fixes, the WarpOS version in particular has benefitted from the recompilation. Calculation speed of the WOS version could nearly be doubled! Thus AmiChess with the GNUChess engine is a match for "Crafty" (see Aminet), the chess engine with currently the highest plaing strength! I wish all chess friends a good time with the new version!
Amiga-News.de website
8.2.2003 Total Amiga Magazine - COMING SOON - TO A POSTBOX NEAR YOU!
HOLLYWOOD. The new multimedia authoring package for the Amiga. But can it topple SCALA? Our reviewers sit in front of the screen and bring you their verdict.
Our main Feature is:- WEBDESIGN! A true epic struggle, starring brave and determined reviewers, see if it can be done using an Amiga.
SOFTWARE TYCOON. The good, the bad and the ugly. Oscar Nominee or Turkey of the Year?
QUAKE II - On the Amiga. A long established Title, but will the latest Hyperion Entertainment port leave you reaching for more popcorn or heading to the exit?

The latest, eagerly anticipated issue of Total Amiga Magazine issue #14 is coming soon via subscription, individually, and at an Amiga vendor near you!
For more details including release date, visit our website: http://www.totalamiga.org

Mikey C, Total Amiga Magazine
8.2.2003 AmiBench is back online
"Ok! ok! You can all stop sending me emails of support now! I think that my email box may explodes under the extreme pressure!" After receiving a flood of email support, Mark 'tecno' Wilson has put AmiBench back online. Read more

AmiBench is the site where you can Buy and Sell Amiga software and hardware for free.

AmiBench website
8.2.2003 Amiga Arena News
Interview with Michael Lanser (Realms of Power)
Michael Lanser,develops since some month on a new "Civilization" clone for our Amiga system, with the name "Realms of Power". So we interviewed Michael Lanser to get some more information about his new projekt.

Amiga Arena - back in business!
After a long time the base of the redesign is ready. At this time the download sektors are closed because we redesign them too. Thank you for you support and patience,we will release new Software with the final redesign too.

Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena
8.2.2003 First Screenshots of Invasion
Amiga anywhere Over the past year Zeoneo have produced a number of games for the AmigaDE such as Planet Zed and Crossword Evolution, aimed primarily at the handheld market. In each case Zeoneo have proven to reviewers that any games they create tend to be highly accomplished. Invasion, a space invader type game seems to be no exception with the first screenshots now publicly available.
Amiga Flame website
Zeoneo website
7.2.2003 Pictures of AmigaOne motherboard and statements from Alan Redhouse
Soft3 hast posted some pictures of a working AmigaOne G4-XE along with pictures of the Dual 7410 cpu module.

Alan has also posted a msg on the mailinglist regarding the price difference between the teron px on sale by Terrasoft and their own products. It would seem that it's posssible to upgrade a linux only board to run OS4.

Amiga.org website
7.2.2003 Great deals on DiscreetFX 2003 Product Line
Save over 75% on DiscreetFX new products:
1. Spontaneous Combustion: The unofficial sequel to the Amiga/Video Toaster Flyer version of Pyromania.
2. SportsFX: Play Ball with your Video Toaster. SportsFX gives you over 30 sports themed transitions and color wipes/overlays for your Amiga/Video Toaster Flyer and Video Toaster [2].
3. Sci-Fi FX; The Video Toaster [2] is built on Alien technology per Newtek but where are the aliens? Sci-Fi FX adds this missing element to your Video Toaster. Over 30 themed color wipes/overlays and transitions of a Science Fiction nature.
4. FantasyFX: Travel back to the Middle Ages with your Video Toaster and treat it to this collection of over 27 fantasy and medieval transitions.
5. Military & Aircraft FX: Wage video editing war with this collection of unique aircraft & military color wipes for Amiga/Video Toaster Flyer & Video Toaster [2].
6. Ami[2]: Ami [2] is a hardware/software solution that allows you to add a Video Toaster [2] card inside of your Mediator PCI based Amiga 4000 or 4000T computer system.
7. Amiga Demo DVD: 'Spark Of The Scene&'. Over two hours of the very best Amiga Eurodemos for anyone with a DVD player to enjoy.
8. Wild Flyer: Get ready to throw you Silicon Graphics system in the trash. Wild Flyer uses the powerful German Amiga program WildFire 7 to do it's ADO magic.
Read more
Bill Panagouleas, DiscreetFX
7.2.2003 SView5 Carnival Discount
Since requested by several registered SViewIV users, there's now the limited offer for a discount when registering SView5 as a previously registered SViewIV user.
If you sent in your SView5 registration form before 5th March (before carnival is over) you are allowed to subtract 5 EUR ($5 outside Europe) from the bill's total. Please write your SViewIV registration number on the form, since otherwise the discount can't be granted.
Andreas R. Kleinert
6.2.2003 AmiBench services are now closed
Due abusive comments Mark 'tecno' Wilson have now made the choice to shut AmiBench site down as of now.
"I'm sick and very tired of trying to provide a service to the Amiga Community (is there such a thing anymore anyway?) and this is the hassle I get in return?"
AmiBench website
6.2.2003 Thomas Richter: Looking for package maintainer
Thomas Richter: "as you might or might not know, my Amiga died a couple of month ago and I decided to quit any support concering my Amiga software products. This starts somewhere at DiskSafe and ends in the MuLib package. Hence, if someone's interested in continuing the development of all or some of my Amiga software packages, there need to be a new maintainer for them. Conditions are that the software remains maintained and freely available under licence conditions similar to the one I had. I would *not* agree to make all this GPL or LGPL." Read more
Amiga-News.de website
5.2.2003 Amiga Games Hit Parade - Results of January/February 2003
Here the ranking of January/February 2003:
1. (2) Payback - 150 pts
2. (3) Quake - 135 pts
3. (88) Tales Of Tamar - 114 pts
4. (1) Napalm - 109 pts
5. (6) Slam Tilt - 99 pts
6. (5) The Settlers - 94 pts
7. (4) Sensible World Of Soccer - 73 pts
8. (16) Foundation - 70 pts
9. (7) Earth 2140 - 67 pts
10. (14) Heretic 2 - 61 pts
11. (23) WipEout 2097 - 61 pts
12. (60) Quake 2 - 57 pts
13. (18) Freespace - 55 pts
14. (9) Exodus The Last War - 54 pts
15. (13) Fieds Of Battle - 51 pts
16. (11) Colonization - 50 pts
17. (8) Civilization - 49 pts
18. (10) Worms / Worms DC - 45 pts
19. (15) Moonstone - 44 pts
20. (21) Nightlong - 43 pts

Next votes (Amiga Games Hit Parade of March/April 2003) will begin in mid-march.

David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Hit Parade
5.2.2003 Tranlators for AmigaOS 4 needed!
From the AOS4 ML (go here to read the original message and get a clickable e-mail adress to Mr. Rey if you're interested): "Translators are needed for OS4 to take care of some languages where the ATO can't help at the moment. These are the languages needing fresh new people and the number of translators currently working on them: Bosnian (1), Croatian (0), German (0), Hungarian (0), Norwegian (1), Persian (0), Portuguese (1) and Swedish (0)
Requirements: AmigaOS 3.9 with BB#2 installed, PGP 2.6.3 key or compatible, NDA on file with Amiga, Inc.
Translators can also double as betatesters if they so desire. Joining the ATO is also optional, but we really could do with more members. If you feel like this is the job for you, please drop me a mail."
Amiga.org website
David Rey, OS4 Translation Coordination
5.2.2003 Future of the Soms3D Engine Decided
The development team behind the Soms3D Engine launched a poll to determine the type of game they should create. The votes have been counted and it has been decided by gamers that the Soms3D Engine should be used to create a Silent Hill type horror game.
The developers Anime Development are currently in need of capable ray-tracers and 3D object creators. Anybody else wishing to offer any help should contact them.
If you want to ask Anime Development any questions or wish to help with the development of their game, then e-mail them at sylvio.k@gmx.de. Read more
Amiga Flame website
5.2.2003 Genesi Sponsors Equinoxe
MorphOS News Genesi will provide Pegasos mainboards to Equinoxe as prizes for the Demo Contest. Demos can be submitted remotely. All teams that produce demos for the PEGASOS and MorphOS will receive "MorphOS Demo Team" Polo Shirts!
The Scene is coming to a Pegasos near you!
MorphOS-News.de website
5.2.2003 Software News
SimpleMail News
Version 0.19 of SimpleMail released!
The changes are:
PGP works again as it did (encrypt/decrypt)
moving through mails updates their state again (Bernd Gollesch)
proper secodary sort support (Bernd Gollesch)
Can read signed S/MIME mails properly (displaing them at least, needs AmiSSL)
importing the addressbook of YAM works for newer versions too
Other bug fixes

SimpleMail is a mailer for the Amiga classic platform but it is intended to be as portable as possible...

New versions (18.16) of NListree MUI Custom Classes released.

New YAM2.4 Dev version
Click here to download the latest YAM v2.4 development version, compiled 5.2.2003. Fully optimized 68020 version only. ChangeLog
This version is currently in development, and may not work perfectly!
PLEASE do not complain about these development versions! If you want to continue getting developer versions, please read the ChangeLog file before reporting bugs.

Simplemail homepage
Sebastian Bauer's Homepage
YAM2.4 Dev page
5.2.2003 GFX-BASE: interview with Greg Donner
"One of our GFX-BASE visitors, SOL-Invictus, asked us for an interview with Gregory Donner. So, here it is: In this very interesting interview with Gregory, we talked about his famous website, home of the OS.3.5/3.9 FAQs, the Amiga nostalgia page and more. We also talked about the new AmigaOS 4.0 of which Gregory is a betatester. A very interesting interview, that should not be missed."
GFX-BASE website
5.2.2003 Catweasel Flipper mailing list
A group has been created on yahoo groups for support of the Catweasel MK3 Flipper card.
As the name already tells, it's a PCI board for modern PCs, MACs and the new computers AmigaOne and Pegasos. The surname "Flipper" suggests that there's more to this interface. The new Catweasel is a so-called flipcard, it can be plugged into the Zorro-slot of a classic-Amiga. Even if you don't have one of these bus systems, there's another connector for the clock-port of an Amiga 1200 - a small pin header on the motherboard of the computer that's connected with a cable. You can access it by going here. Or sending a mail to join to Catweasel_flipper_support-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Amiga.org website
5.2.2003 IOSPIRIT: Limited availability until middle of march
"Felix Schwarz is not reachable at all from the 3nd of February until the 15th of March. Orders during this time (online and postal) are possible and will be processed without limitations. For more information, see the respective link at the foot of the message. Thank you for your understanding."
IOSPIRIT website
4.2.2003 Genesi SARL has taken legal action against Amiga Inc. (UPDATE)
MorphOS News In a comment on ann.lu Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco confirmed that Genesi SARL has taken legal action against Amiga Inc. because of breech of contract:
"MorphOS IP is 100% legal. Any concerns or questions can be emailed to us directly. All suggestions to the contrary are complete FUD. Neither, Amiga Inc. or any of the AmigaOS4 signatories have any legally supportable evidence to the contrary.
Having said that, Genesi has taken legal action against Amiga Inc. in Federal Court (Washington State) for breech of contract (FACT). We are expecting a favorable result (OPINION)."
Update: You can find more information about the case here.
MorphOS-News.de website
4.2.2003 GTI and e.p.i.c. to cooperate on Pegasos distribution
MorphOS News GTI and e.p.i.c. interactive sign an exclusive distribution agreement for the upcoming Real Time Strategy game Knights and Merchants for the Pegasos/MorphOS. Knights and Merchants will be the first commercial game release by e.p.i.c. interactive that is exclusively available for MorphOS and the Pegasos. Knights and Merchants is priced at? 49,95 and will be shipping from februray 12th, 2003. More information on Knights and Merchants can be found at www.epic-interactive.com.
Dealers please contact: GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH Knights and Merchants - The Shattered Kingdom
Thomas Steiding, e.p.i.c. interactive
4.2.2003 Mediator MM CD UP 1.22
ELBOX COMPUTER News The Mediator Multimedia CD UP 1.21 update for users of Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000Di, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 SX, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV, who are registered owners of the Mediator Multimedia CD has been released today.
The update includes a new AHI driver: fm801.audio
This driver handles Fortemedia FM801-based sound cards in all currently produced Mediator busboards. It allows using all analogue and digital (S/PDIF and TOS-Link) inputs and outputs provided in the user's FM801-based sound card model.
The update includes the new versions of: sb128.audio, mixer.library, tv.library and FastEthernet.device. Read more
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
4.2.2003 Software News
Jabberwocky News
The 8th Preview of Jabberwocky V1.3 is now ready. Get it here.
crash when sending or recieving more than 4096 characters has been fixed
you can register an account with high characters

Jabberwocky is a jabber client software for Amiga. It is open source and released under the GNU GPL License. Jabber is an instant messaging system, similar to ICQ or AIM, yet far different. It is open source, absolutely free, simple, fast, extensible, modularized, and cross platform. Server modules (transports) allows cross messaging between other networks (AIM, ICQ, MSN, IRC, etc).
Jabberwocky Amiga homepage
4.2.2003 Amiga Update Newsletter: Centsible buyout help request
Special Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#030204).
Brad Webb, Amiga Update
4.2.2003 Amiga Future: Workbench-Gallery Update
Today we updated the User-Workbench-Gallery on the Amiga Future Page.
Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
3.2.2003 New MiniGL-game coming soon!
A new original MiniGL-game coming soon, check features, requirements and hype from: http://www.nic.fi/~varsa/hype.html.
Jukka Varsaluoma
3.2.2003 Software News
MultiUserFileSystem Update
muFS patch V45.14 BETA - MultiUser patch for the OS3.5 and OS3.9 FFS. readme

Unofficial patch for the 45.13 FastFileSystem (AOS3.9 BB2)
FFS patch V45.14 BETA - Bugfix patch for the OS3.9-BB2 FFS readme
The FastFileSystem shipped in OS 3.9 BB2 (V45.13) has a bug in the disk validator code. A memory buffer that is allocated for the validation is later freed with a wrong smaller size, causing a memory leak as well as a mismatched FreeMem() report from debugging tools like MuGuardianAngel and MungWall.

DiskMaster News
DiskMasterII v2.5RC9 - one of the best known Amiga Directory Utilities ever made. Documentation in Amiga-Guide format.

Etienne Vogt's Amiga software
Diskmaster2 Official Homepage
3.2.2003 More digital photos from CES 2003
MorphOS News The Genesi Support Team has uploaded more digital photos from CES, 2003. There are now several galleries to choose from. The show was very exciting for those of us lucky enough to attend, and are pleased to share this taste of success with the entire community!
Genesi Support Team
Genesi USA
2.2.2003 Kicksoft: Its our Birthday
Kicksoft are pleased to announce that to celebrate the 2 year mark, we are offering a 10% discount on all items (excluding Total Amiga subs & software upgrades).
This will run until March 1st 2003. Goto www.kicksoft.co.uk for details.
Ray Mccarthy, Kicksoft
2.2.2003 ExoticA News
Since the last update there has been 2 updates to the High Voltage SID Collection. These latest updates bring it to version 5.2. The collection now contains 20,325 C64 tunes. ExoticA's mirror of this collection offers the music individually via a simple to use HTML Interface or you can download the entire collection in one large GZIP'd TAR Archive - HVSC.tar.gz.
Also, since the last news, there has been 10 updates to the UnExoticA game music collection. This brings the archive to 6495 files packed into 1272 archives. Thats over 357 megabytes of music!
Menace/Spaceballs released a new version of his excellent Scenery demo guide (C64 and Amiga editions have been updated). Version 1.41 (February 2003 release) can now be downloaded from the Scenery page. Scenery is a guide to groups, parties and releases on the c64/Amiga demoscene (pc is in development), and features what is likely the biggest, best and most comprehensive scene party index ever made public.
Sorry for the lack of updates on the Games Gallery page. I have hundreds of images waiting to be added, and hope to get them online soon. Read more
ExoticA website
2.2.2003 Tales of Tamar: New Amiga public update 0.48R1
It is our pleasure to announce the third official update to the Amiga version. New features in V0.48 R1:
- rebellion of town added
- new town anims
- executables are now crunched (Bitmap-Brothers- or Team17-Style :-))
- improved memory management in SetPeople, BlitFigur and Motion, flickering
- start anim fixed
- Residencedownload now goes offline immediately after downloading the turn and before decoding it
- ResidenceUpload shows more progress information

Read more

What else is going on around Tales of Tamar? Quite a lot, actually... First and foremost, we would like to thank AmigaFuture [a German Amiga print magazine] for the new "Messenger from Tamar" feature. It appears in every issue and reports the current events on Tamar. Georg Breitsprecher sums up updates, events, tips and tricks and rank lists. We are very pleased about this co-operation with this magazine. We were also reviewed in the current issue of AmigaPlus [another German magazine]. In the four page long report, we received 6 out of 6 points. A very gratifying result. Thanks to Nico Barbat and the team.

We would also like to thank the Amiga community for the award as Game Of The Year 2002, which was also hosted by AmigaPlus. Even if the sales don't show it yet, the still active Amiga users show us that it is still worthwhile to support the market. We know that there are more active users out there and we hope to convince some of you to buy this game as well :-) Meanwhile the PC version is progressing equally well. We recently received an offer from Vivendi Universal, which is a real honor for us. Vivendi Universal is a publisher of high-quality games, the whole line of Blizzard games, for example.

Last but not least, we would like to point to another event. On February 28th 2003, the third Tales of Tamar con will take place at castle Hessenstein. This time, we will take it slow and just celebrate in a dignified way. Unfortunately, the event is booked out completely already, but we will report from it.
Until the next update, we remain, with best regards and saying "Amiga forever".

Wolfen & the ToT-Team, Tales of Tamar
2.2.2003 OFF-TOPIC: Roumors that C-One is shipping
Jens Schönfeld: "Irresponsible people have started roumors that C-One is shipping. That is not true! If someone wants a timeframe now, we can't give it. The early startup procedure is still not finished, which means we still have no full control over the board, and therefore did not have the possibility to fully test the pre-production board (pictures released some weeks ago). The C-One will not go into production until a full test of the board has been done.
C-One is a work in progress and the hardware, specifications and features are constantly changing. The information here is not a list of promises but an attempt to reflect the current state and direction of development. With that in mind, I hope the CommodoreOne Details page will serve as a useful resource to Commodore fans.
CommodoreOne Details Page
1.2.2003 AF: Open Source Projects - The Dark Kind: Darkness Falls and Parsec
Over the course of the last month a number of open source projects have come to my attention namely The Dark Kind: Darkness Falls, inspired by the 80's ground breaking 3D space game, Elite and Parsec, a fast-paced multiplayer cross-platform 3D Internet space-shooter. Although Amiga versions are not presently in the works it is possible that Amiga programmers prepared to take up the challenge may bring these exciting new games to the Amiga.
Elite was one of those Amiga games which will always be remembered as a compelling game which pushed the boundaries of gaming. Fans of Elite such as Christian Pinder and Ian Bell are working on The Dark Kind: Darkness Falls, a game inspired by the original. Ian Bell was in fact responsible for the original Elite on the BBC. They plan with Darkness Falls to take the genre to new heights of imagination and wonder.
The second open source project is Parsec, which has been under development since 1996 and was originally a lab project at the Vienna University of Technology. Beginning in May 2003, Parsec will be an open community project striving toward a Parsec release that also includes Internet game play. They hope that by going open source Parsec will bring lots of fun to even more people. Read more
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