28.2.2002 Eyetech's web server problems
"Before people start to panic heres the posting from the amigaone list Eyetechs web server is down. It hasnt been hacked, Eyetech havent gone out of business, its a mess up at the co-location site where the server is housed." Read more

Neil Bothwick via AmigaOne ML
Eyetech Group Ltd website
28.2.2002 Stargate-SG1 .nl
"For those who are interested...
Stargate-SG1 is a project by designburo.nl and is created for about 80% using Amiga! Actually it is completely created and setup using only Amiga, but is currently maintained using a different operating system. Keep in mind that most text will be in Dutch.."

Martina Kramer, designburo.nl
28.2.2002 Software News
A new version (1.5a) of AutoPDF can be found on Aminet or at http://www.designburo.nl/files. AutoPDF let's you scan a given directory for Postscript files and have them converted to PDF using Ghostscript to a given destination file.
New in this version:
- Option to set resolution for the final PDF
- Some re-programmed code for more speed
- Option to save your settings and run autopdf later without CLI-arguments for ease.

Martina Kramer, designburo.nl
27.2.2002 Alt-Woa Report and Pictures Now Available On The KickStart Website
A show report and Photographs of both the show and the after-show Pub Meal some of us attended are now available on the KickStart Website. Visit http://www.kickstart-amiga.co.uk and goto Events.

Sam Byford, KickStart
27.2.2002 Another Alt.WoA Show Report and AmigaOne Pictures
"A report from the Alt.WoA show complete with photos of the AmigaOne pre-production system that was unveiled there is now available on the South Essex Amiga Link website."

Robert Williams, SEAL
27.2.2002 Kicksoft News
Kicksoft are pleased to announce that they are now stocking, Payback & Freespace games. Go to www.kicksoft.co.uk for details.

ray mccarthy, Kicksoft Ltd.
27.2.2002 New driver scanner for Amiga and Amithlon
PrimaxCD9600 v1.2 beta 1 - driver scanner Primax Colorado Direct 9600 for ImageFX. PrimaxCD9600 use support for paralizer_epp.device (card PARalizer) and amth_epp.device (Amithlon).

amth_epp.device 0.5 beta 1 - new driver protocol EPP for Amithlon. (amth_epp.device for PrimaxCD9600 driver)

Artur Gadawski, Spidi's Home Page

27.2.2002 Amiga Segodnya News
"Russian Amiga-oriented resource Amiga Segodnya launch WAP-version (http://wml.amitoday.spb.ru). Link to our wap-site there."

Vladimir Chikov, Amiga Segodnya
27.2.2002 Software News
Digital Almanac Update!
The new update V4.7 of DA III is ready to be downloaded from the Digital Almanac Homepage. Read the included 'Readme' file for new features and have fun! An Aminet upload has been performed and should appear in the next days.

Windows News Following fixes will be in next release of WinUAE v0.8.21:
- custom chipset emulation fixes
- JIT FPU fixed
- filesystem fixes
- sound updates
- joystick 2 works again
- Windows 2000/XP CDROM detection fix (CD32 and uaescsi.device)
- bsdsocket fix
- configuration GUI memory leak fixed
- keyboard emulation fix (problems with SHIFT key and Action Replay activating when exiting GUI)
Known bugs without fix yet:
- CD32 pad problems in some Team 17 games

Digital Almanac Homepage
WinUAE homepage

26.2.2002 Amiga Arena Interview
"A Interview with Gareth Griffiths the Developer from the Tool MP3-2-HTML is Online! MP3-2-HTML takes all of the ID3 information from your MP3 collection and makes a HTML listing of all of them!"

Amiga Arena website
26.2.2002 AIO issue 56
Issue 56 dated February 20002 of AIO is available and can be found either on the AIO site or on aminet (soon).

AIO website
26.2.2002 Software News
Frogger 1.69 rc1 - fast MPEG video player, with MPEG-2 layer support for AMIGAs with fast 68k CPUs (68040/60) or PowerPC equipped Systems.

Frogger homepage
25.2.2002 Eyetech CEO gives more information about AmigaOne
Eyetech CEO gave more information about 'finished and production ready' AmigaOne G3 motherboard on AmigaOne mailing-list:
CPU speed concerns -- G3/G4 to their current clocking limits
Memory speed concerns -- 133MHz FSB (DDR doesn't help PPC's)
Provision of legacy peripherals (FDD/Serial/Parallel/kb/mouse) - On board Provision of integrated peripherals - 2xUSB (motherboard) + 2 more on headers; LAN; AC97; MC97; UDMA100
AGP speed - 2x
Will it run Linux? - Yes
But I dont have/want/will never buy an A1200 - No problem

Read more Official announcements from Eyetech and AmigaInc are expected later.

AmigaOne ML

15.2.2002 AmigaInc + Microsoft = Friends (or business is business)
Windows News Bill McEwen said in his Executive Update AmigaInc. will be at the Embeded Systems Conference, booth #1602. (Nothing strange yet :-)

Gary Peake: "Yes, Microsoft has asked us to demo DE and some of the developer applications running on various devices in their booth."

ANN website

25.2.2002 The Feeble Files is shipping
Thomas Steiding: "Cartoon adventure THE FEEBLE FILES for the Amiga is now shipping. All preorders have been sent out. Find out more on THE FEEBLE FILES in the projects section of our homepage."

Amiga-news.de website
epic interactive website
25.2.2002 Latest: HAUG's Alt-Woa Show Report
Click here to find short Alt-Woa 2002 Show report. Pictures will be added later.

Amiga Flame website
25.2.2002 Software News
DiskMasterII v2.5RC2 - one of the best known Amiga Directory Utilities ever made.
documentation in Amiga-Guide format
"translators only" version of the guide

Official DiskMasterII homepage
24.2.2002 Announce: World of Amiga 2002!
"Hot on the Heals of the ALT.WOA, we are pleased to announce the World of Amiga Show 2002 is already being planned, initially penciled in for early October this year.
Already we can confirm that Eyetech, Cloanto, Weird Science, Forematt Home Computing, Total Amiga Magazine, Stellar Dreams and Kicksoft have signed up for our next show with others to follow!
This Show WILL feature the AmigaOne, OS4.0 and more!"

Michael Carrillo via AmigaOne ML
24.2.2002 AGC Awards 2001: Results
Here the results of the AGC Awards 2001. It's the best games of 2001 voted by Amiga gamers.
1. Payback
2. Earth 2140
3. Shogo
4. Descent: Freespace The Great War
5. Dynamite
6. Puzzle Bobs
7. Land Of Genesis
8. Aqua
9. Lego Blast
10. Toadies
You can also view this classifying and others results at http://agcweb.online.fr.

David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Classifying
24.2.2002 SoftCinema 0.17 released
SoftCinema v0.17 has been released today. SoftCinema is a GREAT movie/animation player for the Amiga equiped with PowerPC processor. It can be downloaded from: http://amiga.pl/softcinema and http://highantdev.de/softcinema/.
Most important changes:
-Lot of bugfixes, mostly regarding P96 support, GUI and AVI parsing.
-Optimizations in ac3, divx;) and opendivx decoders.
-Support for ISO mpeg-4 codec.

Full list of changes can be found on SoftCinema home page, and in documentation.

Please note, that starting from this release, Jacek is not working on SoftCinema anymore, I'll be taking care about all future updates. All suggestions, bugreports, etc should be send to softcinema@frogger.rules.pl.

Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz, SoftCinema

24.2.2002 EMRL Media Group Host Newtek Toaster [2] Workshops with Computer Connection
EMRL Media Group, Located In Sacramento, CA, is proud to announce that we will be having our second Newtek Toaster [2] work shop March 20th 7pm to 9pm. We are located at 1020 Tenth Street Sacramento, Ca. If you are interested in attending, please call 1-916-446-2440 to register to attend or Email us. This is a free event.

Amiga.org website
EMRL Media Group website
24.2.2002 Software News
Windows News Amiga emulator for Windows WinUAE v0.8.21 Release 1 is now available. Download / history New maintainer of WinUAE is now Toni Wilen.

WinUAE homepage
23.2.2002 PPC native version of P96 confirmed for OS 4.x
Ben Hermans: "We hereby confirm the inclusion of a PPC native version of P96 in OS 4.x.
The P96 team which consists of Alexander Kneer and Tobias Abt are very valuable members of the OS 4 development team, in fact so valuable that Hyperion already entered into an 8 page OEM license agreement with them on October 10, 2001 (!).
The agreement provides for:
- Permedia 2, Voodoo 3/4/5 and Matrox G450/G550 drivers;
- cooperation in good faith with other OS 4 developers to produce a PPC native version of P96;
- development of the OS 4 version to be kept in line with other versions for other licensees.
(Note that the Permedia 3 and ATI Radeon drivers are being developed by Chris Morris and Bill Toner respectively.)
It would be a welcome change if anybody with doubts about the veracity of the announced feature-list of OS 4 would contact us rather than rely on untrustworthy individuals for information."

Ben Hermans, Managing partner Hyperion Entertainment
23.2.2002 AmigaOne motherboard production ready ?
Don Cox: "I just returned from the Alt WoA in Huddersfield. You might like to know that a production-ready AmigaOne motherboard reached Alan Redhouse this morning, and he showed it.
Apparently Escena have been running Linux on it (until AOS4 is ready). Alan was only able to boot as far as the BIOS in the time available, but basically it works.
There are major design improvements compared to previous versions.
Full production in about six weeks.
Estimated price was very reasonable - I will leave Alan to give you the details."

You can find more info and revised (UNCONFIRMED) A1 specs on Amiga Developer Network forum.

Don Cox via AmigaOne ML

23.2.2002 Amiga Announces Set Top Box Partner
AmigaDE News Amiga Inc, an emerging leader in media delivery, today announced the pre-installation, for the Swedish market, of Amiga on the Nokia Mediaterminal. The Nokia Mediaterminal, an innovative "infotainment' device for the home, recently launched in Sweden, combines digital video broadcast (DVB), gaming, streaming and downloadable digital media, full Internet access, and personal video recorder (PVR) technology. A Linux-based version of the AmigaDE has been incorporated into the Nokia Mediaterminal. Read more

Official Nokia MediaTerminal Page

AmigaInc. website

23.2.2002 Bill McEwen's Latest Executive Update
McEwen gives us a status report and announcements of STB partner and new additions to the Amiga team. Read more

Liz Barnick Joins Amiga as Director, Business Development
David Brott Joins Amiga as Director, Business Development

AmigaInc. website

23.2.2002 Mediator Multimedia UP 1.13
The MM CD 1.13 update for Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV who are registered owners of the Mediator Multimedia CD, has also been released by ELBOX Computer.
The update includes the a new version of the following drivers: - tv.library ver. 1.8
Support for S3 ViRGE DX has been added. The list of cards supported by the tv.library has been expanded. Now tv.library supports 93 TV card models.
MM CD 1.13 includes the updated developer's documentation for tv.library.

23.2.2002 MediatorUP 2.9
The MediatorUP 2.9 update for Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV users has been made available today.
The driver includes a new pci.library: - pci.library ver.5.1
From version 5.1 on, the pci.library enables simultaneous functioning of the THOR's MMULib package in both modes of pci.library operation (NO_MMU and MMU).
The update includes a new version of the S3 ViRGE driver: - Virge.card ver.1.5
The new driver accelerates all the main blitter functions. Overlay support has been added.
The update includes the latest versions of the driver for Voodoo card family: - Voodoo.card ver. 2.12
An incorrect border colour change has been eliminated in the Voodoo.card driver, which could occur in ver. 2.11 driver when 8-bit screen was switched to any other colour depth.

23.2.2002 Elbox says SharkPPC is "finished", OS4 is the hold up
Software Hut has released this months NewsLetter in it they say "Elbox also tells us the Shark PPC design is finished and awaiting OS 4.0 release. Once released you will be able to plug in the fastest G3 and G4 accelerators ever made for the Amiga right into your mediator board."

CyberGraphX homepage
Amiga.org website
23.2.2002 Compuquick's Update for March 2002
What follows is the CompuQuick Update for March. Lots to talk about here, so enjoy...

Amiga.org website
23.2.2002 ScumVM News
WarpSDL.library v0.3 for WarpSCUMM released!
The new version fixes some issues in WarpSCUMM
* Reworked some bits and split up the code into more functions. Fixed two OS related issues reported by PatchWorks. Fixed a tiny memory leak.
* Subtask signaling tweaked and modified to work better.
* Priotities are now set correctly for WarpOS mirror-subtasks also.

MorphOS News New MorphOS version of ScummVM released!
Rüdiger Hanke: "In the interpreter itself, not much has happened - 'cept first support for some older games (including the 256 color (sic) Zak McKracken). It's not even remotely enough, though, to even consider playing through a few rooms. But I have changed two issues about the MorphOS part:
- the "original" mouse pointer reappears when mouse is moved outside the window, so you don't have to click blindly somewhere to know where your mouse is ;-)
- timing has been fixed a bit, so CPU load should decrease and the mouse pointer movements will be less abrupt. It's not perfect, but next version (see below) will have much improved timing handling.
These things have been taken from the new MorphOS driver and not been extensively tested to work in the old one (although I don't see a reason why they shouldn't), so I compiled it into the CVS snap. It's difficult to put anything more into the old driver because the new one is so much different.
Which leads me to a much nicer issue, that being the new MorphOS driver which has been rewritten from the scratch (yet once more ;-)) and is now really really cute :-)) Also, it does contain music support now (phew! that was quite some work ...). It'll need some horsepower, though. Best get a G3 Pegasos to fully enjoy it ;-)"

Sebastian Beloch, ScumVM

23.2.2002 Software News
New versions (V.44.50 beta 2 for MC68881/82 and V.44.50 beta 8 for MC68040 and MC68060) of HSMathLibs released. This versions are for betatester only!

MagicMenu v2.34 (beta) released. MagicMenu is popUp menus for OS 2.x or later with optional 3D-Look and transparency. readme

HSMathLibs homepage
MagicMenu homepage

22.2.2002 Warp3D for all A3000 & A4000 Mediator models
Elbox Computer is happy to inform that now the complete line of Mediator PCI busboards is supported with Warp3D Voodoo drivers.
Warp3D Voodoo are being released today for the following Mediator models: Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 3/4000T and Mediator PCI ZIII.
Warp3D drivers prepared by Hyperion Entertainment for Mediator PCI busboards work flawlessly on PPC & 68k processors with: Voodoo3 2000/3000, Voodoo4 4500, and Voodoo5 5500 graphic cards.
Warp3D Voodoo drivers are part of the software package bundled with all models of the Mediator PCI busboard product line. Warp3D Voodoo drivers are available free of charge for all registered users of Mediator PCI busboards - directly and exclusively from Elbox Computer.

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
22.2.2002 MediaPoint RTG & Audio Evolution 4
MediaPoint RTG
There is a special offer for visitors of tomorrow's Alt-WoA show in Huddersfield, UK. Buyers of MediaPoint at the show will receive a full free upgrade to the upcoming MediaPoint RTG, which will feature RTG support through Picasso96, RTA support through AHI, support for Matrox' Dual-Head capabilities, and much more!

Audio Evolution 4
AE4 will be demonstrated at the Alt-WoA show. More information is also available on the newly opened (but still partly under construction) support website for Sultan Systems & Software, Computer City's software-brand. Of course, more information on Audio Evolution can also be found on the official site: www.audio-evolution.com. Audio Evolution 4's planned release-date is April 2002.

Both MediaPoint and Audio Evolution will be for sale at the Eyetech stand at the Alt-WoA show.

For more information please contact Ron van Herk.

Ron van Herk, Computer City

22.2.2002 PCI Floppy Controller For Amithlon
Regards Rodney: "I am developing a PCI card for amithlon to read amiga floppys. At the moment the card has a pass thru for the on board PC floppy and will most like have a DB23 to connect a real amiga floppy.
The idea to to control the PC floppy under Amithlon. While I am happy to design the PCI card with the support of Melbourne Amiga User Group (in Australia). I need some input from people to help write software for a PCI device driver. Please send any comments to rod@seis.com.au or rkaram@mpx.com.au."

Amigart website
Amithlon ML
22.2.2002 KickStart Site redesigned
The KickStart User Group's Website at http://www.kickstart-amiga.co.uk/ has been redesigned. The site is not finished however but the bare bones of the site is up. If you have any ideas, suggestions or helpful hints then please contact Sam Byford.

Sam Byford via ANN
22.2.2002 Software News
AmigAIM 0.9441 Beta - an AIM Client for the Amiga by Richard H. Poser II. history
Miscellaneous Notes - Please Read!

Official AmigAIM Page
21.2.2002 Payback Intent/AmigaDE Status Report
AmigaDE News A status report (including screenshots) on the progress of the Intent/AmigaDE conversion of Payback has been released.

Also, two maps (one new, one updated) have been added to the Extra Maps Page.

apex designs website

21.2.2002 NO P96 Source Code & P96 V3 For OS4 Team...
Mr. VMC Harald Frank has some very instering things to say about no real Picasso96 V3 in the OS4 project: "c.) That there will be NO native PPC Picasso96 rtg library because you has not the sourcecode for that, nor that the sourcecode will be made available to you. Many and HUGE parts of Picasso96 are written in ASM language, so that it will take many months to write them new in c and port it to ppc, that will not be done by the Picasso96 team !" - "e.) You claim on Picasso96 V3 to be included in OS4.. damn such nice that Picasso96 V3 is defined by me and only part of Amithlon. So you can be sure that NO major parts of Picasso96 V3 work i doing here will be available to you."

Read more

CyberGraphX homepage

21.2.2002 Amiga Arena News
A little Interview "Marcin Kielesinski" the developer from "Sherman Blanker" is online!

You can register till the 28.02.2002 this special Shareware offers from the Amiga Arena!
- GeoWorld, PhotoAlbum/CyberShow, DocDatatypes, Siteway and AMPlifier.
After the 28.02.2002 the Amiga Arena Stops the "Shareware Special Price" Offer"!

Amiga Arena website

21.2.2002 Akiko News
Version 1.4 of the Windows CD32 & CDTV emulator Akiko was just released on the Airsoft Softwair homepage. This version can now finally boot any CD32 & CDTV game you like. Akiko uses a very general procedure to gain the best compatibility. In some tests more than 90 percent of the games ran with this general procedure. Additionally a lot of requests by Akiko users were realized in this version. Version 1.4 of Akiko can now be downloaded from the Airsoft Softwair homepage.

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
21.2.2002 Get Your GetBoinged Merchandise Now
GetBoinged.org is selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and mousepads. Click here to view their products

GetBoinged.org website
21.2.2002 GFX-BASE Interview with Marcin Kielesinski, author of Sherman-Blanker
"We have a new interview for your reading pleasure. This time we talked to Mr. Kielesinski, the author of MungMem and the recently released screenblanker 'Sherman Blanker', which is a very funny one and based on a comic-strip series (published in 150 newspapers!). The original blanker was made for PC, thanx to Marcin Kielesinski, it is now also available for our Amigas. Read about his projects and opinions here.

GFX-BASE website
21.2.2002 CyberGraphX 4.3Beta Release3 for G-Rex owners has been released!
If you missed it, CyberGraphX 4.3Beta Release3 for G-Rex owners has been released. New: Many updates, most all drivers have been updated... SiS6326 update also. There is a new ENV called NOMOUSERATIO (also in V4.2pre11). See the CGX ENV Page for complete info on NOMOUSERATIO . NOTE: This updated is for G-Rex users.. none of the drivers will work on Amiga based bus cards. As with all V4 updates you will need your CX V4 CDROM to use this update. You can find CyberGraphX 4.3Beta Release3 for G-Rex and all the latest G-Rex software on the G-Rex support page.

CyberGraphX homepage
20.2.2002 MorphOS program guidelines & overview documentation
MorphOS News First release of the MorphOS program guidelines & overview documentation has been placed online in a number of formats: HTML, PostScript, PDF & Text.

MorphOS website
20.2.2002 ExoticA News
Updated Scenery (Amiga and C64) to version V1.30 (17th February 2002 release). Scenery is a guide to groups, parties and releases on the c64/Amiga demoscene and features what is likely the biggest, best and most comprehensive scene party index ever made public. It's an attempt to cover an important part of digital history, to accurately document things and events that otherwise might be forgotten.
Since the last news entry on the 24th December, the UnExoticA game music section has had at least 10 updates, bringing the archive to 4995 files packed into 1001 archives. Thats 284 meg of music!
The entries for the logo competition held last year has been judged, and all entries will be online soon.

ExoticA website
20.2.2002 Games News
WHDLoad v15.0 usr & dev archives - AmigaOS friendly Harddisk-Install package. Some fixes and changes.
Check the same page for many new game installers!

Website of the Titan's Alien Nations port to Amiga online! There you can find the first information about the port to Amiga/MorphOS.

WHDL Support page
Titan Computer website

19.2.2002 Hyperion Chat Transcript
The log from Mondays's IRC chat with Hyperion Entertainment has been posted on the AUG99 homepage.

AUG99 homepage
19.2.2002 Freespace Update released
Steffen Haeuser, Hyperion: "We released yesterday an update (both PPC and 68k versions in separate archives) for the full version of Freespace. This Update adds some new explosion sound effects to the game, additionally the mouse control and the CD32 Joypad Control was enhanced. Also the AlphaTexture settings for the Warp3D Renderer of Freespace are now always configured correctly, so that Voodoo 3 owners do not need to set the Alpha manually. The update is for download for registered users of Freespace for AmigaOS at www.hyperion-entertainment.com.

Hyperion Entertainment website
20.2.2002 New Quake 2 (Amiga) Screenshots
Steffen Haeuser: There are some new Screenshots of our Quake 2 port (which is in the final stages of developement).
This time these screenshots are coming from the "engine modification" Q2Max. With our port we are optionally adding support for Q2Max. There will be two executables in our port, one for the "normal" Quake 2, and one for Q2Max. Q2Max enhanced (among other things) the particle effects of Quake 2 in a *major* way (the new effects really remind a bit of Quake 3 IMHO!) There is no big speed loss. Please note, that Q2Max has quite huge memory requirements - but well, it is only optionally. You can as well run the "normal" Quake 2 Executable. Both executables are included in the port and can be installed parallely. Both Quake 2 and Q2Max can be played together in Multiplayer without any problems.

Steffen Haeuser via ANN
19.2.2002 Is there hope for Catweasel PCI?
Jens Schönfeld answered the question about the possibility about a PCI version of his Catwasel Floppy Controller. Catweasel exists for PC's only as an ISA version at the moment, which makes it impossible to use with the latest PC motherboards, which don't have ISA slots anymore.

"If making a PCI Catweasel would be as cheap as making an ISA Catweasel, then there would surely be a market, I agree. The reality is: The parts for making a PCI board are much more expensive, so a PCI Catweasel would be about twice !asmuch as the ISA version. I woubt that anyone would buy such an expensive controller!"

Amigart website
Amithlon ML

19.2.2002 Limited Edition AIO CD Compilation
Amiga Information Online free online magazine is now taking pre-orders for their compilation CD, 1997-2002 the survivor years. This CD contains all issues of AIO ever made. An exclusive issue 57 will be on the CD which will not be available to download anywhere else. Visit www.aioworld.com for more details. Or buy online www.aioworld.com/buyCD.html - Price is £5.00 UKP. US$10.00, E10,00. AUS$20.00 inc p&p. April 1st 2002 release.

Chris Seward, Amiga Information Online
19.2.2002 Software News
AmiTV v.07 - new TV/Radio Board driver for Amithlon by Michael Ulbrich is now available.
Supported Cards:
WinTV PCI/FM- Screen,tuning,Stereo, bilingual, Radio,ext.Video/S-Video-in with Sound
WinTV Go- Screen, Tunig, TV-Sound
Medion (ALDI{ local Supermarket}) last Version- Screen, Tuning, Stereo, bilingual, Radio, ext Video/S-Video with Sound

A/NES CGFX is a NES-emulator for 680x0 based Amiga-systems. It emulates the basics of a Nintendo Entertainment System (8-bit). An ugly CPU-bug has been fixed so expect v1.26 soon.

AmigaBest website
A/NES CGFX homepage

18.2.2002 Airsoft Softwair News
The Airsoft Softwair homepage was majorly extended in the products section. Now there are detailed information available for all major programs by Airsoft Softwair. Additionally all Shareware programs by Airsoft Softwair can now be ordered with credit card.

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
18.2.2002 WarpSCUMM v0.1.0r2 released
Today the new WarpSCUMM port has been released with following features:
* Direct cybergraphics (Works great under P96 also).
* AGA support in 8bit mode.
* Window-mode on 15bit+ dsiplays.
* Full-screen support.
* AHI support for sound.
* Thread/subtask support.
* PPC (WarpOS) support.
Now it is possible to play some LucasArts adventures with full speech & music support! The games "Full Throttle" and "The Dig" will be implemented in one of the next Amiga-versions, and a special edition of "Zak Mc Kracken", to play in stunning 256 color graphics on Amiga!!

Sebastian Beloch, ScummVM - Amiga port
18.2.2002 Warp3D software driver
Stéphane Guillard: "I've uploaded to Aminet a new driver for Warp3D, which does PPC CPU rendering. This means that now you can run Warp3D applications if have a PPC and no 3D GFx board! You can also try PPC CPU rendering on your 3D GFx board. More at http://s.guillard.free.fr and soon on Aminet."

Stéphane Guillard, 's homepage
18.2.2002 VirusZ III v0,96 Bug
After a lot of bug-reports about the new VirusZ III v0,96, the Bug has been found. If you use a screen size under 800x600 VirusZ III v0,96 can not do the filecheck, the you must use VirusZ III v0,94b utill Georg Hoermann has made an new update of VirusZ III. Here is what Georg wrote to me:
"I already received lots of those bug reports, and I have already found the bug. Dirk increased the window size and didn't test it on plain 640 pixel screens, so VZ 0.96 refuses to work on that resolution. I didn't notice that because I use a 800x600 screen :-( The bugfix is on the way, but I maybe add some other features to VZ first..."

You can find the VirusZ III v0,94b Here.

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website

18.2.2002 Games & Software News
New Amiga version 0.41 R2 of Tales of Tamar the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows released. Version V0.41 R2 includes new requesters for training armies. Also added were a credits screen and enhanced tactical possibilities in battle.

Turboprint 7.30 with new drivers for
Canon S500/630/6300
Epson Stylus C60,C70,C80, Photo 810
HP DeskJet 92x, 94x, 96x

TurboPrint is now distributed by ZEDOnet, IrseeSoft's partner for software distribution and development.

Tales of Tamar website
IrseeSoft homepage

17.2.2002 Total Amiga Issue 9 Now Available
South Essex Amiga Link are proud to announce that the latest issue of Total Amiga, our quarterly print Amiga magazine is now available. Subscription copies have been posted and the magazine is available from stock. SEAL will be at the Alt.WoA show in Huddersfield UK next weekend selling the magazine.
The new issue has 44 A4 pages packed with Amiga news, reviews and tutorials. We're calling this issue number 10 because it follows on from 9 issues under our old name, Clubbed. Apart from the new name the magazine also has a new look, layout and we've tried to include more useful information than ever before.
In issue 10 We review Descent: Freespace, Mediator 4000, the ImageFX 4.5 upgrade, Eyetech's EZKey XS and EZTowerZ4, plus several other products. We have a feature by Paul Qureshi on his AmiMPC Amiga based in-car MP3 player and a round-up of the news on AmigaOS 4. Finally Fleecy Moss brings us up to date on Amiga's strategy in his first column for the magazine.
On the tutorials front we have the first part of a tutorial on customising Directory Opus Magellan and our regular "Back to Basics" beginner's tutorial covers mode promotion.
As usual there are many more items that there wasn't room to mention here including news, comment, tips, and several other reviews.
If you'd like to know more visit our website at http://www.totalamiga.org for a full contents list. To help you get a feel for the magazine we have some page grabs from issue 10 and you can download some older issues complete in PDF format from the back issues section. A 4 issue subscription to Total Amiga costs 14UKP or a single trial issue is available for 3.50UKP, both including UK postage (see website for world wide rates).
You can purchase a trial issue or a subscription to Total Amiga directly from SEAL or by credit card from two UK Amiga dealers: Forematt Home Computing and Kicksoft.
Total Amiga is a not-for-profit publication.

Robert Williams, Total Amiga Magazine
17.2.2002 Don't forget: Realtime chat with Hyperion
On monday the 18th February 2002 at 7pm german time (GMT+1) are Steffen Häuser, Thomas Frieden and Hans-Jörg Frieden of Hyperion in the IRC-Amiga-Channel #AmigaFun online for every questions. All peoples are programmers of Hyperion and work on Amiga OS4 and game projects. The chat with Hyperion is organised in cooperation with Amiga Future.
So you can reach the IRC-channel #AmigaFun:
IRC server (enter without the prefix "irc."): rollingrock.altnet.org
IRC port: 6667
IRC channel: #amigafun
If you get problems with this IRC server please use the following server instead: amigafun.ma.cx (Please enter also without the "irc." prefix). More informations especially for IRC beginners you found at the #AmigaFun Homepage.

Andreas Magerl
17.2.2002 PowerD v0.19alpha, new alpha5 release of powerful programming language
PowerD is modern programming language, slightly compatible to AmigaE. Has many features and is very easy to learn. Requires OS3.0, 020, fpu and some additional memory.
News in alpha5 update:
Inlined assembly do work again.
Modules are now OS3.9 compatible.
Few new functions added.
Few syntax improvements.
Several bugfixes.
And more.

Developing such project is very difficult and I have only few betatesters. If You want to help me with it, test it or write examples, modules etc. please email to kuchinka@volny.cz. If You want more information about it, email me, or visit my homepage.

Martin "MarK" Kuchinka, 's homepage
17.2.2002 Amiga Expo - More Exhibitors & Kick 'Bot Guests!
Over the last few weeks Amiga Expo has added a lot of new exhibitors. We're now incorporating a whole new video editing show as a subset of Amiga Expo!!
Expect to see the latest video products from NewTek and Applied Magic - both former Amiga companies taking video to new levels!! There will be classes and demos of the new products as well.
We've got 'Bots!! Top Secret Robotics - a robot fighting team who have appeared on Robotica and Robot Wars will be appearing to show off their robots and give you a talk on everything that goes on behind these scenes on these shows!
That's not all - we can't give you details now - but there is going to be some Big News at this show ...and from more than one Amiga company! Check out the EVENTS schedule that is now up on the Amiga Expo web site.
Advance price discount tickets are still available for the show and banquet. We've had the hotel extend our room block so if you hurry you can still get some cheap rooms too!
Visit us now at www.amigaexpo.com

Kermit Woodall, Amiga Expo 2002
17.2.2002 LAST CHANCE: TLAS-Going Out of Business
Terry L. Fike, TLAS: "TLAS has made yet another round of discounts on Amiga Software. ALL software is now $ 7.oo and UNDER. Yes, some titles go for as low as .10 cents.
These are (as you know by now) new software and not pre-owned stuff. Many titles at $2.oo and below. We still have hundreds of titles and a total of about 8,000 boxes. Some we have so many of that they are now going for .10 cents to $ 1.oo and on some others they are only a few remaining. So check this out please! If you have questions regarding any title please email me."

Amiga.org website
Turtle Lighting Amiga Software (TLAS) website
17.2.2002 Mediator: New ControlTV, BVPPC Fix, MemTestin & ViRGE Drivers
VGR does it again for Mediator users. The worlds oldest Mediator support pages have been updated again with again. Massive updated for supporting Mediator owners page programs. New: ControlTV, BVPPC Fix, MemTestin & ViRGE Driver. You can find all the new info on the 3rd Party Mediator Software Page. If you see a program missing email the information here: mediator@vgr.com.

CyberGraphX homepage
17.2.2002 Wild Racing
Push Entertainment, a group known for their involvement in the Amiga Scene have revealed that they are developing their first game, Wild Racing.
Wild Racing has been described by Push as 'the ultimate driver' and although the graphics are dated as being from 2000, gamers are already impressed. The 3D engine will have loads of objects, detection, reflections, mirrors, shading and more. The development team firmly believe it will move faster than you have ever seen a 3D game go on the Amiga. Read more

Amiga Flame website
16.2.2002 Amiga Arena Interviews
First you can read a big Interview with Daniel Westerberg the developer from MultiRen, Detris, DRemind.... Read all about the develop and the Future!

Second the biggist Interview in Amiga Arena History is Online! Nicholas Blachford the developer from the Sound Sampler Aural Illusion is Online! Please Remember that the Source for Aural Illusion is for free Online!
I hope someone will develop this piece of Software in the Future! So enjoy the massive stuff and support the Developers!!

Amiga Arena website

16.2.2002 Software News
A new update of WatchDog (v2.7) has been released today. You can find the update Here. WatchDog is memory watch tool.

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
15.2.2002 AGC Awards 2001
The most important vote for Amiga gamers has come. It's time for the AGC Awards 2001 !
Vote for the best Amiga games of the year 2001.
There is only one adress for sending yours results: http://agcweb.online.fr
Final results will be published the 25th of february.

David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Classifying
15.2.2002 Warp3D News
Hans-Jörg Frieden, Hyperion Entertainment: "In its current form, Warp3D cannot render stereo views since the real 3D information isn't presented to Warp3D. You would need the real world coordinates to calculate a stereo view image (together with the eye separation)." - "Warp3D V5 will have this feature (along with a full-fledged 3D pipeline), but the availability depends on available devices. And things like Head tracking are beyond the scope of Warp3D, but might make it into WarpInput (tm)."

CyberGraphX homepage
15.2.2002 AmigaBest News
"The software compatibility list for Amithlon and AmigaOSXL on AmigaBest site has been updated.

The art gallery of "Workbench Amithlon"

Patrick Jung, AmigaBest

15.2.2002 Software News
SoundFX: what things are done or in development for Version 4.2
Stefan Kost: "Thanks to many post to the mailinglist, I was able to fix lots of bugs and to fulfill wishes. The beta-version 3 will soon be relased.
As a new feature I have installed a bug/feature-request/support tracker. Please use this one from now of for such requests."

SonicPulse website
14.2.2002 Amiga.org Another New Look
Wayne Hunt has another package running Amiga.org. Take a look and add your opinion.

Bob Kennedy
Amiga.org website
14.2.2002 clickBOOM S-FILE 16
"For quite some time now we've been working on our next original game. I can't tell you much about it, because it's very far from being finished. As you can imagine, being a clickBOOM game, it is going to be something special. It will be available for Amiga/PC/Mac and possibly consoles. Please don't ask for screenshots or more information -- as soon as I can reveal more, I will. I promise! :)" Read more

clickBOOM website
14.2.2002 Sites back online
distributed.amiga.org is back online
The site was offline for a few days due to an unexpected change in servers, and is now kindly hosted by sixgirls.org, courtesy of John Klos. Incidentally, the server is an Amiga 4000/060 running BSD :)

Digital Almanac Homepage is back online but not yet fully operational.

Digital Almanac Homepage

13.2.2002 Akiko v1.3 with extended ROM
Akiko 1.3 was just released on the Airsoft Softwair homepage. This new version features now support for the so called extended roms of the CD32 and the CDTV. This means that Akiko is now able to show the cool boot animations of both consoles as well as launch the funky applications stored in those roms, for example the CD32 and CDTV's audio cd player, CD32's nv ram editor and language selector and the CDTV preferences program. Some screenshots of these rom specific features are available in the Akiko section of the Airsoft Softwair homepage. If you haven't got a ROM image but a CD32 or CDTV, you can use the freshly released RipROM tool which is now also available. RipROM saves the extended roms from the CD32 & CDTV to a file which you can use with Akiko then. Additionally the emulation was improved in Akiko 1.3.

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
13.2.2002 Amiga Arena - ArtPRO Fullversion!
With the permission from "Frank Pagels" the Amiga Arena brings you the very good Graphics Converter - "ArtPRO". About ArtPro: ArtPRO supports a lot of different file formats, such as ILBM, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PCX, and everything that can be loaded via Datatypes. Even a variety of raw formats can be loaded and saved. Highly flexible source code generation is supported as well as binary and linkable output. Images can be saved as bitplanes, chunky and truecolor in many variations. Copperlists and sprite control-words can be generated automatically. The AGA hardware features are extensively supported. ArtPRO even creates labels for your source code and lets you convert raw data back to images. ArtPRO has got a configurable saver section. That's what programmers always have been looking for. Create and configure all the different raw format savers you require for your projects - with a few simple mouse clicks! Progession? ArtPro is 100% developed in Assembler and if YOU like to Develop it for the Future so please contact Frank Pagels. Hope that someone will do it!

Amiga Arena website
13.2.2002 DCE with new homepage
Currently DCE is completely reworking its homepage. The download- and Amiga-section will be soon available again. Presently there are some problems when using AWeb but this will be hopefully cleared soon, too.

Amiga-news.de website
DCE Computer Service GmbH website
13.2.2002 EGS Repository finds a home at VGR
The EGS (Enhanced Graphics System) RTG system finds a home on VGR (along with the RetinaEmu Repository, the Picasso96 Repository and CyberGraphX Repository). EGS Repository
There you can find for example Rainbow III EGS system disks or EGS version of TV Paint Jr.
If you have anything you can add or any other EGS files or information on cards that use EGS let them know!

CyberGraphX homepage
13.2.2002 OpenOffice for Amiga?
Volker Grabbe is looking for some programmer who want to help him port OpenOffice for the AmigaOS4 and Amithlon. All those who are interseted write to office@vgrabbe.de.

OpenOffice für AmigaOS  68K, PPC, x86 page
12.2.2002 Amiga Expo - Ticket/Hotel Discounts Almost Over
The time for Amiga Expo is getting closer every day now! The show is packed with dealers, famous speakers, classes, prizes and more!
We ask you to please reserve your show tickets and hotel rooms as soon as possible. Remember, making your hotel room reservations NOW helps the show AND it guarantees you a room at the discounted rates!
To book your hotel room call 1-410-785-7000 immediately! Mention Amiga Expo to get the discounted rates! These discounted rates are not guaranteed to be available after February - so please don't wait.
To order show tickets and banquet call 1-800-93-AMIGA or visit www.amigaexpo.com/registration.html to book your tickets online. The discount rate that was available in January will STILL be honored for just ONE more week!

Kermit Woodall, Amiga Expo
12.2.2002 MorphOS on T-Shirt
Are you looking for something nice to wear while you are running MorphOS. If yes, you might look nice in this.

MorphOS homepage
12.2.2002 Mediator PCI 3000D Quick Installation Guide
The Elbox Website has been updated today. The Mediator PCI 3000D Quick Installation Guide has been added in Support - Product Manuals.
The manual illustrates installation of the Mediator PCI 30000D and PCI cards in towerised Amiga 3000.

Wojtek Kozlowski, ELBOX COMPUTER
12.2.2002 PageStream v4.1.3
Deron Kazmaier, Grasshopper LLC Publishing: "On monday 12 Feb the release of a new PageStream version was released. I've just uploaded the second Amiga release, and the first platform release for 4.1.3. Some minor 4.1 problems may crop up, but I expect this to be a pretty solid release.
4.1.3 for the other 2 platforms will occur over the next few days, bringing everyone up to speed."

PageStream Support ML
12.2.2002 Interview
Amiga Information Center published interview with AmiS - the author of eNote, LzxRepacker and VisualGuide utils, known from Aminet. Check it - translated via ATO-RUS by Sergeev O.V.

Vlad Vinogradov
Amiga Information Center
11.2.2002 Payback Voted Best Game Of 2001
Payback has been voted the Best Game Of 2001 in a recent poll by Amiga Flame. The What The Press Said page has also been updated. Lastly, you can download 1 new and 2 updated maps from the extra maps page.

Apex Designs website
10.2.2002 Amiga.org Gone?
Wayne Hunt, Amiga.org: "In the attempt to get Amiga.org back online, I'm at a complete loss as to what to do next. Here's my current train of thought..." Read more

"Later as I said, when Amiga Inc actually does release something, if it's worth talking about and there is a supportive community, I will expand Amiga.org back to a full site built around the forums so that we might pick up where we left off."

Amiga.org website

10.2.2002 Back to the Roots Amiga-News 236
Hewson and 21st Century are companies who released many real game classics for Amiga computers years ago. We're very proud to tell you, that both companies are now supporting "Back to the Roots". For the beginning Stormlord, Deliverance, Slam Tilt and Zynaps are online from these companies.
Other new additions to the games section are: Merchant Colony, Virocop, Impossamole, Darkmere, Fire and Ice, Katakis, Jaguar XJ220, R-Type II and many more.
As usual lots of new demos, music files and pictures have been added, too.

Back to the Roots
10.2.2002 Obligement 31 is now out
Issue 31 of the famous french e-zine is now available. You can read in this issue : latests Amiga news, interviews of the Edivision team and Filip Dab-Miroski (the boss of Matay), reviews of Freespace and ImageFX 4.5, articles about emulation, AmigaDE, MorphOS, and lot more ! Download it from the website: http://obligement.free.fr.

David "Daff" Brunet, Obligement E-Zine
10.2.2002 INET DIAL (ID) v3.849 Home Server for the Amiga 68k OS now supports AMITHLON and SAMBA
ID provides connectivity to the Internet and remote computers both 'dial-up' and 'dial-in'. Local or remote control of X10 devices (control of electrical appliances) via any web browser, remote reading of email and much more.

Richard de Riva, MDR Interfaces Ltd
10.2.2002 Jim Drew does a Jim Drew on Elbox Mediator users wanting to run Fusion w/MMU
From the only Jim Drew can do a Jim Drew files... No Fusion for MMU Mediator users because the job to come up with new serial numbers is to large. Mr. Mulvihill reports on the Mediator ML: "Microcode Solutions have produced a newer 68k version of Fusion. The new version is for Mediator users and allows using Fusion with the Mediator MMU drivers. Unfortunatly the serialization program used to give each copy of Fusion its individual serial number has reached it's limit of numbers and would have to be rewitten. Since no one is willing to pay for rewriting the serializer program, Microcode Solutions are not going to do it. I learned this a few months ago in an email exchange with Jim Drew himself."

CyberGraphX homepage
Microcode Solutions website
9.2.2002 English Version of the Video "Live: Amiga2001" Is Finished
The English version of the video about the German fair "Amiga 2001" made by Virtual Dimension is now finished. All spoken texts, with the exception of the survey, which has been subtitled, have been translated. The video's focus lies on AmigaOS4 and MorphOS: Ben Hermans from Hyperion and Gerald Carda from bplan tell us about their respective plans for the future and even the visitors get to state their opinions. Furthermore the 25-minutes-video contains a lot of information about the latest hard- and software, and there's also short report about the atari-park.

ANN website
9.2.2002 Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena Update!
A new Interview with Stefan Blinxth (OnyxSoft) is Online! Read about the new Programms and the future of development! final a very personal comment from Stefan is in the Interview!

Aural Ilusion V. 3.0 Souce free!
Please visit http://blachford.info/blachtech/ for more Information! This is the neverbefore released Version 3.0 for the Sound Sampler Aural Ilusion!

Amiga Arena website

9.2.2002 EvenMore plugin update
Chris Perver: "I have created a new Generic plugin. If all the the plugins fail to recognise a binary file, this plugin will open the file and strip all lines ending with CR or LF.
This is a 'last resort' plugin, there will be files it will not work on due to formatting differences, but it can be used for files for some files which no plugins exist yet (I tested it on an Outlook 2000 email, worked with no glitches, works with a few glitches on some Mac text files). Download now for free!

Chris Perver, EvenMore
9.2.2002 Kaliko's 2002 AmigaDE Line-Up
AmigaDE News Kaliko, the makers of Last in Line, a puzzle/ board game, which came fourth in the Top Ten AmigaDE Games Of 2001, have announced their line-up of AmigaDE games for 2002. BrainTeaser, Kaliko Minigolf, Read more

Amiga Flame website
9.2.2002 BoingNow! - A News Amiga Site
BoingNow! is a new Amiga News and Resources site. Here you will find News, Forums, Downloads, a Web Directory and more.

Robert Gustavsson, BoingNow!
9.2.2002 WarpSCUMM
WarpSCUMM is another AmigaOS port of ScummVM, an implementation of LucasArts S.C.U.M.M. (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) interpreter, used in games such as Monkey Island and Day Of The Tentacle.
WarpSCUMM is using a custom implementation of a SDL library called WarpSDL.library. For further details, visit the WarpSDL.library page.

"Thanks to the snappy WarpSDL.library, this version of SCUMM can run the games fullspeed and play music and sound(speech) on a ordinary MC68060/50Mhz. Also, as soon as WarpSDL will support direct Paula support (instead of only AHI), it will be even faster! As soon as WarpOS versions of WarpSDL are complete, WarpOS versions will be avilable (real soon)."

ChaoZers Homepage

8.2.2002 100%AMIGA Issue 21
"100%AMIGA has had a makeover for 2002 with a new look interface and we are pleased to announce that we now can offer a second GUI that is compatible with ALL A1200/4000 Amigas with expanded hardware. This month we take a look at the graphically stunning Descent game Freespace: The Great War and an interactive guide to the upcoming ALT-WOA Amiga show on the 23rd February. We have also introduced some new sections where we delve into the Amiga News Headlines of years gone by and lend a helping hand with Hints, Tips and Cheats. More information is available from Amiga Online Superstore."

FORE-MATT Home Computing
8.2.2002 Mediator PCI 3/4000T Quick Installation Guide
The Elbox Website has been updated today.
The Mediator PCI 3/4000T Quick Installation Guide has been added in Support - Product Manuals. The manual illustrates installation of the Mediator PCI 3/4000T and PCI cards in original Amiga 4000T.

Wojtek Kozlowski, ELBOX COMPUTER
8.2.2002 Pre-installed AmigaOS XL hard disks
"We are now offering our pre-installed AmigaOS XL hard disks outside Germany too. We offer 40 and 20 GB IDE hard disks that have the full AmigaOS XL package already installed. With a boot manager you can directly boot your Amithlon or AmigaXL/QNX system. It has never been easier to get a faaast Amiga... Read more

Haage&partner website
8.2.2002 e.p.i.c. interactive: THE FEEBLE FILES Amiga-Version in production
THE FEEBLE FILES has now been completed for the Amiga and sent off to go into production. The finished game should be sent out to all those who have preordered the game within the next 10-12 days. THE FEEBLE FILES is a cartoon adventure from the makers of the famous Simon The Sorcerer series.
You are Feeble or rather you´re a down trodden Grenelon who just happens to be called Feeble... Rendered animation, stereo sound and a plot of epic proportions take this adventure into a different galaxy. Witty and humerous but with dark undertones. THE FEEBLE FILES contains acts of betrayal, intrigue, revolution and even a bit of cross dressing. Add to that around 80 locations to visit, six thousand voice lines to interact with, there should be plenty to keep everyone happy without the aid of chemical supplements.
THE FEEBLE FILES for the Amiga comes on 2 CDs and contains both full english and german speech versions. The Amiga version requires either an Amiga with 68060, 4 MByte Gfxboard and 32 MByte RAM or an Amiga with PPC, 4 MByte Gfxboard and 32 MByte RAM.

Amiga-news.de website
epic interactive entertainment website
8.2.2002 AmigaPlus: "That's the way IO-cards should be made"
The february issue of the German magazine Amiga Plus features our new IO-card VarIO. The detailed review puts out the technical superiority of our product, and gives it the best grade. The last sentence was most pleasing to us: "That's the way IO-cards should be made".

individual Computers
8.2.2002 Gary Peake clarifies .ami policy
AmigaDE News On the Amiga open ML Gary Peake discussed what developers can expect in terms of access to the .ami (DE) format as well as outlining what AmigaInc is adding to TAO technology.
Sounds interesting, though they should give the .ami publishing to all sdk buyers. Read more

ANN website
6.2.2002 New LinuxAPUS kernel released
A new 2.4.17 kernel has been released for APUS (Linux on Amiga PowerUP cards). Please visit our homepage and click on the 'Files Section' (bottom right) to see the new additions.
Those in the know will also notice that we've supplied the required patches to convert an official Linus tree 2.4.17 kernel (eg from ftp.kernel.org) into an APUS one - for those that cant/wont/dont use CVS. Bugs, problem reports etc welcome.
There is ongoing work for Prometheus support (beta testers working 24/7 ;-) ) No work initiated on Mediator/GRex support.
Various Amiga hardware support that was in 2.2.10 still needs vast amounts of work to get it working under 2.4.x. And no, no CSPPC_SCSI support yet. Two Amiga's that were involved in such developments are now alive again though.

AlanBuxey, Linux/APUS
7.2.2002 Akiko v1.2 Released
Windows News Finally the time has come! A new version of Akiko, CD32 and CDTV emulator for Microsoft(r) Windows(r), can be downloaded from the Airsoft Softwair homepage Version 1.2 is a major update which is about 20% faster and supports emulation of the CD32's nonvolatile memory including a cool nv ram editor which supports importing, exporting, locking & patching of save states. Example of patching a save game is included in the documentation. Additionally Akiko has now a real Joypad emulation which means that the user can map every key / joystick button to the CD32's joypad buttons. Akiko also supports the emulation of the language identifier of the CD32 and CDTV now so some games appear now automatically in the language you configured in the Akiko settings. Finally there were some bug fixes and improvements in the single patches as well as an extended documentation. If you still haven't registered Akiko (only $15US/15 EUR) you should have a look at Defender Of The Crown 2 CDTV which can now also be played with the Akiko demo version. But don't forget to set your native language to the CDTV's language in the Akiko settings so that the game appears in it. By the way, Akiko does not require the extended roms of the CD32 & CDTV. Kickstart 3.1 and 1.3 are enough. Registered users please send an email to akiko@airsoftsoftwair.de with "subscribe" subject and you'll get the latest version (you'll only have to subscribe once, then you'll always get the latest version of Akiko) If you haven't registered yet, you should definitely get the demo version of Akiko!

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
7.2.2002 ScummVM for MorphOS News
MorphOS News Rüdiger Hanke released his new port of ScummVM for MorphOS today. The new version got its own display-code and is now independent to SDL. The program-size got smaller and switching from fullscreen to window works fine now. A new version is in the making.

Sebastian Beloch, ScummVM - Amiga Ports
7.2.2002 PerfectPaint News
PerfectPaint V2.81 Update. You have to install PerfectPaint V2.8 before installing the update. PerfectPaint is great FREEWARE! proggie for painting, animation and manipulating pictures from 1bit to 24bits. changes

PerfectPaint's page

6.2.2002 Realtime chat with Hyperion
On monday the 18th February 2002 at 7pm german time (GMT+1) are Steffen Häuser, Thomas Frieden and Hans-Jörg Frieden of Hyperion in the IRC-Amiga-Channel #AmigaFun online for every questions. All peoples are programmers of Hyperion and work on Amiga OS4 and game projects. The chat with Hyperion is organised in cooperation with Amiga Future.
So you can reach the IRC-channel #AmigaFun:
IRC server (enter without the prefix "irc."): rollingrock.altnet.org
IRC port: 6667
IRC channel: #amigafun
If you get problems with this IRC server please use the following server instead: amigafun.ma.cx (Please enter also without the "irc." prefix). More informations especially for IRC beginners you found at the #AmigaFun Homepage.

Andreas Magerl, Amiga-Future
6.2.2002 CAPS Update!
CAPS (The Classic Amiga Preservation Society) is working to save original Amiga (read: even copy protected) games from floppy disk extinction (for remastering or emulator use) and has had a huge update! Including:
- Very detailed report of last months WIP
- Lots more games dumped, with hundreds still waiting
- Portugese translation (French, Spanish and German on the way)
- New credits section

Kieron WIlkinson, CAPS
6.2.2002 PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX sells Amiga Sources
"Due to a lack of time, motivation and general interest, PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX is looking for licensees that are willing to obtain the source code for the well-known ak Datatypes (other products on request) under exclusive or non-exclusive license on as-is basis.
The license will not include the keyfile-code (removal) and it won't include the right to sell a product under the same name. So the licensee will be able to work out new products based on the sources, without any further relations or obligations. Basic help for getting started with the sources and concepts will be provided.
We're awaiting your offers.
OpenSource projects may obtain FREE licences under certain circumstances. Please contact us. This offer is limited until 31.03.2001."

*** In the meantime, our website will be reworked. The Amiga section was removed. ***

Andreas Kleinert, PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX

6.2.2002 Phoenix Developers Consortium IRC meeting
There will be an IRC meeting for current and prospective Phoenix Developers Consortium (PDC) members on Sunday, February 10th starting at 5pm GMT. The IRC server is ozonefarm.2y.net and the open channel is #Phoenix.
Please note that the meeting will be split in two - one section for NDA-signed members, and one for the general public. New NDA-signed members, who have not been to the server before, will be shown how to access the members-only area upon arrival.

Damien Mc Kenna via ANN
6.2.2002 Amiga Community dedicated site
"Maniasys.com and myself are proud to offer you a new service totaly dedicated to Amiga, that will allow you, if you don't abuse, to create freely your own catalogue or database with your pictures, modules, binaries or whatever you want, and share them with the rest of the Amiga Community. Only few clicks are necessary to make and configure your gallery, sound/module bank, bookmark,... All my next ports should be available there. You can already find various tools for Gcc."

Da SixK Port Page
Amiga Community dedicated web hosting service
6.2.2002 Games & Software News
New Amiga version 0.41 R1 of Tales of Tamar the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows released. Previous version (0.40 R5) implements battle ships. The latest version finally enables players to annex enemy towns, thus exterminating enemy players. It also allows them to maintain several towns in a country. The only things missing until the release the Amiga base set are towns for level two, three and four, cavalry, artillery, settlers and a few other bits. The light at the end of the tunnel is near :-)

The YAM mailing list moves from Yahoo to Freelists.org. List members are invited to subscribe to the new list.

Tales of Tamar website
Amiga YAM homepage

5.2.2002 Alt woa tickets on sale
If you are planning to go to the forthcoming ALT WOA show on the 23rd of February, then you can now buy your tickets in advance at Kicksoft. Go to www.kicksoft.co.uk to order.

ray mccarthy, Kicksoft Ltd.
5.2.2002 Unpublished interview with Bill McEwen
At http://rebbi.freeservers.com/BillM.html you can read an interview by Steve Folberg with Bill McEwen conducted at Amiga 2001 in St. Louis. The interview was to have been published in issue 5 of "Amiga World." Old, now, but still interesting.

Steve Folberg
5.2.2002 Official update of Amithlon and AmigaXL
This is the first official AmigaXL Update, which will fix all known problems. Amithlon now features an improved sound output as well as enhanced mouse and keyboard drivers and a bug fixed CPU/FPU emulation. HDToolBox will now run stable again under Amithlon and AmigaXL. Download

Haage&partner website
5.2.2002 SimpleMail News
Version 0.15 of SimpleMail released! The changes are:
Internally most strings are utf8 now. Note: Maybe I missed some utf8 to iso conversion and you will see some text bugs
User can/should select the charset now which he uses on his system
Some new translations
Two new columns in the maillist: "POP3 Server", "Received"
Slight layout change of the compose window
Supports "Content-Description:" field
Bug fixes as usual

SimpleMail is a new mailer for the Amiga classic platform but it is intended to be as portable as possible.

SimpleMail homepage
5.2.2002 New version of AmiBlitz2 / Blitz2000 news
The Blitz2000 site is dedicated to bringing you the best information and resources about the programming language AmiBlitz2 (formerly Blitz Basic 2). It has been updated and a new version of AmiBlitz2 has been released (v2.24 - both an update and a full user-distribution). Loads of other smaller updates have been made (mainly more documentation and source examples).
Check out the news page for a full list of changes.

Blitz2000 website
4.2.2002 Running AmigaOS on a PC: Review of Amiga XL
OSNews: "Today, most Amiga users and developers own PCs next to their Amiga platform(s). The PC platform is currently the only "cheap" solution available to give access to modern day hardware. This is why many Amiga fans use it as a development platform or use PCs for applications which aren't available for the currently dated Amiga hardware platform . Of course, this is soon to change with advent of new PPC based AmigaOS 4.x compatible computers on the horizon, as well as a huge variety of AmigaDE enabled devices. But there is also another way: run AmigaOS on your PC. This article will review a new product, AmigaXL, which allows you to run the AmigaOS under any modern PC. Screen shots included." Read more

4.2.2002 Kicksoft News
VHI Studio - The soluton for downloading images from your digital camera - is now avaliable.
If you have a mediator based system with a TV card this software allows you to grab frames from the card.
Go to www.kicksoft.co.uk for details.

ray mccarthy, Kicksoft Ltd.
4.2.2002 Amiga Games Classifying: January/February 2002
Here the ranking of January/February 2002:
1. (3) Quake - 126 pts
2. (2) Napalm - 114 pts
3. (1) Payback - 101 pts
4. (4) Earth 2140 - 97 pts
5. (7) WipEout 2097 - 95 pts
6. (10) SWOS - 67 pts
7. (8) Heretic 2 - 60 pts
8. (14) SlamTilt - 56 pts
9. (9) Foundation - 56 pts
10. (16) Worms / Worms DC - 56 pts
11. (5) The Settlers - 53 pts
12. (13) Xtreme Racing - 51 pts
13. (12) Nightlong - 51 pts
14. (6) Exodus : The Last War - 49 pts
15. (11) Shogo - 42 pts
16. (27) Super Frog - 40 pts
17. (25) Fields Of Battle - 37 pts
18. (18) Dune 2 - 37 pts
19. (14) Bubble Heroes - 34 pts
20. (39) Flashback - 31 pts
Next votes (AMIGA GAMES ranking of March/April 2002) will begin in mid-March.

David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Classifying
4.2.2002 Matay takes Actions to stop P96 Elbox Mediator users
Matay has taken action by removing the P96 2.1a Prometheus archive from their webserver. Many Mediator are told to upgrade to the latest P96 files for their Mediator with the files in the Prometheus archive. Even Timothy De Groote (does work for Hyperion) followed up on the Mediator ML to a Descent:Freespace intro movie problem telling Mediator owners to install the P96 files from the Prometheus archive.
"This archive has been deleted from the page becouse of numerous downloads by people who don`t have Prometheus boards but are still using our page to recieve a full archive of shareware program. In short future there will be a questionary veryfing and writing down all necessary data of the one who is downloading. Till then, please inquire to info@matay.pl, we will send you this archive on your email account. Thank you, Matay team"

CyberGraphX homepage
Matay website
3.2.2002 Top Five Amiga Games of 2001 & more
"The Amiga Flame vote to find The Top Five Amiga Games of 2001 and The Top Ten AmigaDE Games Of 2001 closed exactly one week after it was opened. The votes have been checked for any double votes, as usual one person attempted to vote for every single game. I would like to thank everyone who took part, as it is important that gamers show their appreciation for the work of development teams by taking the opportunity to select your favourite game of 2001."

Philip Cosby, Amiga Flame
3.2.2002 Amiga Arena - Update
"I'd like to thank very much all those who gave me so much positive feedback with their mails and comments! The Amiga Arena will stay online and the support for the game "PuzzelBOBS" is also guaranteed. In irregular intervals will smaller updates of the Amiga Arena be possible and still incoming interviews etc. will of course be released. A "time out" for an undefined period of time will come as announced, though. Thank you very much for your understanding."

Olaf Köbnik, Amiga Arena website
3.2.2002 Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena - Interview campaign
"It is thanks to Nicolas Ramz with his "ScummVM" Amiga68k port that it is possible to play old games by LucasArts like for example 'Day of the Tentacle' on the Amiga. The Amiga Arena talked to Nicolas Ramz about his work on "ScummVM" and how he's seeing the future of Amiga. Special thanks go to Christian Busse for his tireless translations for the Amiga Arena!"

Shareware news
"After a long time could the Amiga Arena find the developer of the shareware software "ScanTek" and has the following information: The new version 4.6 is from now on available for download on the homepage: http://www.zoehner.de/scantek.html."

Olaf Köbnik, Amiga Arena website

3.2.2002 Software News
A new update of Safe v17.8 has been released today. You can get the update Here. readme

SoloOne Mixer v1.2 - updated mixer for SoloOne based sound cards. The ESS Solo1 based sound cards mixer will now work under both CGX V3 & V4. It also has has a few other minor updates.

AROS page has been updated again. Read more to get the info on the latest development...

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
CyberGraphX for DCE G-REX-PCI board support page
AROS homepage

2.2.2002 Alt.WoA 2002 News
The Alt.WoA 2002 Web Site splash page has now been turned into a news page.

LIFT BOOK is a new feature for the Alt.WoA 2002 Web Site, a makeshift forum for people to organise shared transport to the show. So, if you`re a driver looking for passengers, or a passenger looking for a driver then visit the Alt.WoA 2002 LIFT BOOK.

John A Smith, Huddersfield Amiga User Group

2.2.2002 Start of the Digiboosterpro Mod-Compo
"At today the Upload-Area of the DigiboosterPro Mod-compo as opened. You can upload now till 28.02.2002 your entry for the Compo. For more infos about the Module-Compo, please visit: www.digiboosterpro.de.
We also invite you to join our DigiboosterPro-forum as Member."

ANN website
Unofficial Homepage of DigiBoosterPro
2.2.2002 AHI driver for the AD516 released by Chris Brenner.
The Sunrize's AD516 has been one of the most interesting ZII audio boards. Unfortunately, until now, there weren't any drivers of any kind for this card, leaving owners in need for realtime software with the only option to use Studio16, the application developed for this hardware by Sunrize and bundled with the product.
Lack of detailed documetation, and the fact that Sunrize left the market, prevented from taking advantage from more modern non-linear editing software, developed years after Studio16. Until now.
Chris Brenner just relesed his new excellent AHI driver, avalable on aminet, that now allows AHI-compatible applications to access the AD516 A/D D/A converters (for SMPTE support, Studio16 is still the right tool). Several applications have been already tested and work fine.
Early reports about ProStationAudio and this new development say that the driver exhibits low-latency, extremely important to allow using mixing automation and the 30+ realtime DSP effects for ProStationAudio. More info soon, as they arrive.
To donwload the driver, search for "AD516" on aminet. Info about the developer are into the driver archive, don't forget to send him feedback.

AudioLabs website
2.2.2002 Software News
Martin 'Mason' Merz: "On the redesigned MasonIcons homepage are several new Glow Icons archives available."

AmigAIM 0.9440 Beta - an AIM Client for the Amiga by Richard H. Poser II. history

Martin 'Mason' Merz, MasonIcons
Official AmigAIM Page

1.2.2002 PageStream 4.1 Amiga
Finally the Amiga version of the new PageStream 4.1 is available. The highlights of this version are: tables, built in mail merge, PDF export control over compression and encoding, custom column widths and gutters inside text frames, move pages between chapters, duplicate/transform objects across pages, speed improvements and of course much more.
Price for the update from 4.0 to 4.1 is 65 Euro. For an additional 75 Euro you can purchase a sidegrade to another OS (Mac or Windows). You can also sidegrade directly from the Amiga version to a Mac or Windows version for just 65 Euro (from PageStream 4.x) or 145 Euro (from PageStream 3.x). All prices incl. TAX.

PageStream.de website
1.2.2002 Join US - Mediator for A3000D, A3000T, A4000T
You all know we listen to your needs and make your use of Amiga computers more efficient and more enjoyable.
Now you can have the new ultimate Mediator busboard for owners of Amiga models: the A3000D, the A3000T and the A4000T.
Elbox Computer has expanded the Mediator PCI busboard line with two further models:
* Mediator PCI 3000D
* Mediator PCI 3/4000T
Read more

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
1.2.2002 Amithlon patches
Amithlon patches and more and this site http://www.amigabest.com.
and more...

Patrick Jung, www.amigabest.com
1.2.2002 New Hosting Deals
Boing! International has moved to a new server. All plans now have free setup and web based email included.
Our Hosting Plans start from USD$9.95/month.
Our Reseller plans start from USD$49.95/month.
Our User Group special is still available for only USD$60/yr.

ANN website
A.Scott Pringle, Boing! International
1.2.2002 Software News
AmIRC 3.5.23beta is ready for download. This beta version is available for registered users only, and fixes some small issues.

On http://off.free.fr/matrix/ you can find v1.8 of my Matrix screen blanker for 68k and MorphOS. Amongst other things, it fixes a graphical bug I introduced in v1.7. It also includes full documentation and icons, unlike the previous release :)

VaporWare website
Olivier Fabre via MorphOS ML