28.2.2001 AmigaOne 1200 PCB pictures available
Two images of the AmigaOne 1200 PCB are available here and here.

Eyetech Group Ltd website
28.2.2001 Be Happy
Feecy Moss, AmigaInc.: "Amiga will make an official announcement at St Louis and the arguments, incompatibilities and squabbles of the last five years will go way. Amiga is back in charge and there is only one way forwards - the Amiga way. I know it is frustrating but please bear with us. You will all be very happy."

Amigart website
AmigaOne ML
28.2.2001 opendivx.library released
Steffen Haeuser has been working diligently in the past several weeks on his own private time and as a personal project to bring you the Amiga version od OpenDivX library. Laszlo Torok also spent a great deal of time to provide you with a special and free version of his MooVId player for playback of OpenDivX files.
This is a standard library that can play and encode content into OpenDivX on Amiga. The hope is that many programs will support it. Currently there is no Sound Support (will come). Read more and download

Project Mayo website
Official MooVId site
28.2.2001 Haage&Partner News
PowerPC World News
The PPC World Update not only offers more news and new entries in the software lists, but also an improved layout. Take a look: PPC World

ArtEffect colorful
"Have you ever wondered why ArtEffect's toolbar looks so drab? Then you'll certainly like the new one that offers full 256 colors - and it also matches the product cover." Download

Haage&Partner website

28.2.2001 Amiga demos to VideoCD project updated
The Amiga demos to VideoCD project site has been updated. Another big update coming soon. Check it out by clicking here. This page contains mpg videos of some of the best demos for the Amiga.

Amiga.org website
Amiga demos to VideoCD project page
28.2.2001 All RC5/OGR 2.8012 clients are buggy #2
Bug update: "The bug is general in nature and was detected with a build 466 (v2.8012) Windows client (details are described here), but could pertain to all platforms and client versions above 2.8010 (build 463). The Amiga clients out (v2.8011, build 464) are probably unaffected, however all versions above build 463 are regarded as invalidated and have been pulled from the D.Net download section, so until the next release you need to downgrade all clients to build 463. The work submitted with build 464 and up does receive credit, but this will shortly end, so finish the packet the client is working on and reinstall build 463 (2.8010). The next release, which is probably going to be v2.8014 (build 468), will solve this issue."

Amiga RC5 Team Effort website
28.2.2001 National Amiga: Stop Rumours
National Amiga has not gone bankrupt, has not been bought out by a PC chain, and has not been abducted by aliens.
There have been rumours floating around for quite some time that National Amiga had bitten the dust as far as Amiga retail was concerned. Simply not true! The website has had intermittent connectivity due to a combination of site upgrades, hardware shuffles, and problems with the broadband internet provider.
The latest incarnation of the website should be up shortly at www.nationalamiga.com... at the present time it is sub-beta and still very much under development, but the contact information on the page is still the same. You see "Archtech Computers" on the banner... Arch Computer Technology has been the parent company of National Amiga for many, many years. Similarly, they've been doing multiplatform retail and service for a very long time. That hasn't changed!

ANN website
28.2.2001 WorkbenchOnWin Project releases first beta version
WorkbenchOnWin is a free, and soon, open-source project that intends to create a native environment that emulates, in look and functionality, our beloved Workbench and its tools.
A new beta/unstable version (0.08) has been released. Now includes an editor, the Information and Rename window, many enhancements and fixes. Download at your risk...

Amiga.org website
WorkbenchOnWin homepage
28.2.2001 Amiga-Hardware.com Updates!
The Big Book Of Amiga hardware has been updated. List of recet updates

Big Book Of Amiga hardware website
28.2.2001 Software News
MorphOS News MorphOS Timer is a small utility that keeps track of MorphOS time used (there is two hours limit in the latest release).

Amigart website
Morphos website
27.2.2001 Haage&Partner News
New Colleague
"We nearly forgot to mention; at the beginning of the year Martin Steigerwald joined our team. Many of you will already know him as the organizer of the 3.5 and 3.9 beta tests. He is now responsible for the organisation and betatest of several of our projects. The H&P Team.

GNU Sources of StormC
"Our new StormC compiler system version 4 uses a specially adapted version of the GNU projects GCC and CVS. The source code for these projects can be downloaded from our server: GNU Sourcen.

French 3.9 FAQs
Thillot Lionel translated Gregory Donner's 3.9 FAQs into French.

German PageStream 4 Locale
"We finally finished the German localisation of PageStream 4 for the Amiga. The next step will be the localisation of the Macintosh and Windows versions.

German ImageFX 4.1 Manual & Locale
Power user Gunnar Gertzen finalized the German translation of the original ImageFX manual in addition to the locale files. The German manual comprises the original black main manual as well as the addendum, so it has become a 400 page tome. This book also contains a lot of hints on external programs that can work with ImageFX.

Haage&Partner website

27.2.2001 More Information About AmigaOnePPC 1200
Alan Redhouse, Eyetech CEO: "Because of Amiga Inc's 'St louis' news embargo we cannot ship boards to beta testers until after that date. That (obviously) means that the board will not be on general release in 1Q01 (which ends at the show). Our best estimate is that the AmigaOne1200 will be with dealers around the middle of 2Q01 - ie late May. That is what I said at Alt-WoA."

Amigart website
Eyetech Group Ltd website
27.2.2001 AmigaActive Survey: Tutorials and Masterclasses!
AA: "Tell us what we should be teaching you! If you've always wanted to see a tutorial on a particular subject, or a Masterclass on your favourite software package, now's the time to tell us! Hop over to the surveys page and get your thinking caps on!"

Amiga Active website
27.2.2001 Pre Show Special From Computer Connection
Louie Dituri: "Amiga Writer 2.2, Amiga OS 3.9, Amiga Classic CD II Bundle $119.95 Amiga OS 3.9 $38.00 FREE Amiga Classic Software Get the details at www.compamiga.com And just click on our deals button The Power Of Multimedia In Your Hands."

Amiga.org website
Computer Connection website
27.2.2001 Voodoo3 News
There was a worry expressed on the amigaone ML that all the PCI Voodoo3 cards would be hard to find and asking "Will there be Voodoo3 AGP drivers?" - Mr. Thomas Frieden, one of the three Warp3D authors (Sam Jordan the "mental father of Warp3D", Hans-Jörg Frieden & Thomas Frieden), posted:
"It's our intention to also support the AGP version. But Warp3D also supports Permedia 2 boards. The Voodoo 3 is the only *Voodoo* card supported, but that's because the documentation for the bigger Voodoo boards is not available."

According to Hans-Jörg Frieden, Heretic II is running on his Voodoo 3 card (Warp3D) 45 FPS.

CyberGraphX homepage

27.2.2001 AmigaArena News
Amiga Arena - Toadies campaign!
In co-operation with Thilo Koehler there is a special about Toadies with a big interview (german), the update and a Toadies-survey. Toadies is one of the best 'Worms'-clone available.

Amiga Arena - Toadies Computer enemy survey!
Unfortunately Toadies only has a two-player-mode but Thilo consent to develop a computer-enemy if there are enough interested users.

Amiga-News.de website
AmigaArena website

27.2.2001 Software News
SoftCinema v0.12 beta - Movie/Animation player for PowerPC based Amigas. This betaversion does not work wihout keyfile! Whats new in SoftCinema v0.12beeta:
* Optimized OpenDivX decoder.
* MPEG Audio Layer II / III decoder (for both AVI and QT).

SoundFX v4.1 - editor for digitized audiodata (samples), is nearly finished. The important new feature is the batchprocessor. It makes it possible to convert whole directories.
Stefan Kost: "Is there anybody out there who is still using SoundFX without a math-coprocessor? If you do so (that means that you have a 68000, 68020, 68030 without 68881/882) please mail me.

SoftCinema homepage
Amiga-News.de website
SonicPulse homepage

26.2.2001 iFUSION: More info
"We received the new A1200 with the 1D4 motherboard, and it made no difference. We have further tracked down the problem to something in the hw.library's task switching. We are still looking into the problem, but in the mean time, we are preparing for shipping."

Jim Drew via c.s.a.e
Microcode solutions website
26.2.2001 BoXer news
Michal Bergseth ( Amigaworld ) received an e-mail reply from AntiGravity explaining why they haven't been heard from for awhile.

"Hello Michal,
We have had a delay, but the delay is over as of today. We had expected to have this version of the prototype made the first week of December. Today this current design has been placed in for build up. In 4 weeks we may have something to show. This does not mean that we are going into production. We have only stated that we where going to show the BoXeR to AmigActive at the end of December. I agree that this is not fun. The BoXeR has been plagued with delays. I do believe that we will be able to start to demonstrate in one or two months. At that time we will announce our plans for the future. We will start to market, take orders, set up dealers and distributors, and then finally manufacture.
Daniel Lutz, CEO
Anti Gravity Products"

Amiga.org website
AntiGravity website

26.2.2001 AROS needs help!
AROS, The Amiga Research Operating System projects goal is to create an OS which is as compatible as possible to AmigaOS 3.1, can be ported to different kinds of CPUs, for example Intel x86, PowerPC, Alpha, Sparc, HPPA etc... They need people for betatesting and development Aaron Digulla wrote to Jens Larsson in an email this morning. So if you want to help out follow this link.

Boingworld website
AROS homepage
26.2.2001 Amiga Professionals Association Meeting at Amiga 2001
The first meeting of the APA will be hosted by Kermit Woodall and will be Friday evening. The meeting is open to all current professionals in the Amiga market. Topics discussed will include mutual cooperation, the Amiga market and the Amiga itself! Other topics are welcome as well. Read more

Bob Scharp, Amigan-St. Louis
26.2.2001 All RC5/OGR 2.8012 clients are buggy
"Apparently there is a bug in all 2.8012 clients (build 466) which makes them to return bad results. D.Net advises to revert to 2.8010 (build 463) for now. It is at this time unknown whether this affects RC5, OGR or both, but my guess would be OGR only. Also it is unknown whether the current Amiga client (2.8011, build 464c) is affected. For now I would advise everyone to revert to 463 which is available from the download section, more info to follow as it is available."

Amiga RC5 Team Effort website
26.2.2001 C·Logo and Design
C&C·Logo and Design will split up in various subsidairies. More information can be found at http://www.designburo.nl/pr/dsgnbrUK.html.

Martina Kramer, C&C·Logo and Design
26.2.2001 Apache Installscript
Swedish Boing.mag wants to write an installationscript for the Amiga Apache WebServer to make the installation procedure much easier than it currently is. They just need help translating it to english. If you know Swedish and English, please email them at bm@boing.nu to help them out.

Boingworld website
Boing.mag page
26.2.2001 AmigaImpact.com moving to its new server
AmigaImpact.com, the daily-updated website for the French-speaking users, is moving to its new server and won't be available for a few days. If you would like to contact them, use amigaimpact@ifrance.com.

Stéphane Campan via ANN
26.2.2001 If Operating Systems were ...TV
John Herzfeld: "It's a satire site, and opens with a page that reads: If operating systems were: beers, cars, televisions, etc. And then talks about the features of various OS's including Amiga. It's a little dated, but still pretty funny."

"This is a lonely and bitter TV. It once looked like it would be the best TV ever, but the manufacturers thought it was a toaster. It has done well as a toaster and can play many of the same channels as the other TVs. People who own this TV tend to be very defensive and very vocal about it not being a toaster. It has stereo sound, and very nice color. It works with many VCRs, much to the surprise of the VCR producers who thought this TV was a toaster. It is good about not turning off in the middle of a show, and you can watch several shows at the same time.

John Herzfeld
h w n d .net

26.2.2001 SecondSpin v2.15Beta released!
SecondSpin v2.15 - fully working giftware project to give the complete conversion sollution to mpeg audio. New:
* experimental MIDI files support - MIDI files almost fully supported! Needs appropriate timidity++ installed with full instrument set. Tested only with eawpatch.
* added an option to do cd-rom tray eject/load before leeching a track. This might be needed with some braindead cd-roms if you can only leech one track and rest fails.
* also tried to make wos and powerup to work again. Tweaked the installer script, now it should be ok :)
* cleaned the exit code a bit. Now multiple copies of SecondSpin shouldn't cause any problems.
* prefs window still crashes on some machines.

SecondSpin Discussion Forum
SecondSpin homepage
26.2.2001 Software News
MorphOS News Gilles Masson has reased his PPC/MorphOS version of his MUI classes: NList v0.90 (readme) & NListtree v18.7 (readme). You can get both on the Apocalypse Hard- and Software's download page.

MorphOS News Sigbjørn Skjæret has released a PPC/MorphOS version of the ColorWheel v45.5. This version is based on the AROS based hi/truecolor colorwheel.gadget from Aminet with the difference that it's been updated/bugfixed to (hopefully) match the OS3.9 version..."
ColorWheel 45.5 for MorphOS needs V0.4 of MorphOS to work. No docs included. Just copy the .elf file to where colorwheel.gadget is kept, SYS:Classes/Gadgets/

DirOpus 4.15i (Beta) - improved version of great filemanager from GP Software. See History for details. The beta version contains only the files that changed since the last public release.
Watch out for massive serial debug (use Sushi/Sashimi to redirect it from serial port to a window). The debug makes this version hardly usable but there is a reason: Jacek needs your feedback on memory handling.

MorphOS website
Directory Opus 4 Research Project

25.2.2001 Pictures from Alt. WoA
There are some pictures from alternative World of Amiga at the show website, including AmigaOnePPC1200 PCB Schematic demonstrated by Eyetech. Check'em out here.

Fleecy Moss, Vice President of Product Development, AmigaInc. via the amigaone ML: "I drove the 3 hours expecting it to be a few tables and maybe a 100 ppl turn up. In the end, I think there was about 500 people, and the dealers seemed to be doing a roaring trade. There was a picture of an AmigaOne board (which was our fault as we asked Alan to keep the full board since we want to announce it fully in St Louis, with a lot of other announcements that will make everyone very happy), and we had a good presentation to about 200 ppl about the AmigaOne - everyone seemed impressed and I am sure we could have sold one to everyone there. I lost at Sensible Soccer and then bowed out of the Heretic 2 tournament - the level was too big for a 1 on 1 - I think ppl deserved to win if they could just find the other person ;-)"

alt.woa website
CyberGraphX homepage

25.2.2001 GTI Gmbh taking over the operating business of Schatztruhe GmbH
With effect from 1st March 2001, GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH and Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe Gesellschaft für Software mbH have agreed to intensify their co-operation further, with GTI Gmbh taking over the operating business of Schatztruhe GmbH. All publishing activities of Schatzruhe will be re-located to Waldshut-Tiengen and continued in undiminished scale as a business division of GTI GmbH. Read more (english/german)

Richard Small, GTI GmbH
Stefan Ossowski, Schatztruhe GmbH
25.2.2001 SimpleMail v0.4
A new alpha version 0.4 of SimpleMail, very stable and promising emailer has been released. Most important new feature is the ablility to configure more then one POP3 server.

SimpleMail website
25.2.2001 AIO Issue 44
AIO issue 44 is out and available at AIO and soon on Aminet. The latest issue include the results of recent Amiga Performance Survey.

AIO got a new site at www.aioworld.com.

Amiga.org website
Amiga Information Online webpage

25.2.2001 Amigapage new URL
Marco Lovera: "Today my site Amigapage has moved to http://www.amigapage.it, but this isn't the only new. The site changes its design and now is totally new. Now for all Italian Amiga's user there is a new Forum section!"

Marco Lovera, Amigapage website

25.2.2001 Aqua now available for purchase!
Kelly Samel: "The new adventure game Aqua is now available for purchase. Please view the official Emerald Imaging website for purchasing instructions and information about the game."

Kelly Samel, Emerald Imaging
25.2.2001 Wonder Computers closed...
It would appear that Wonder Computers, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) has ceased business operations yesterday. Wonder was a Amiga/PC retailer for a long time. If you have any inquiries contact Wonder Computers at 613-224-1570. Read more

Amiga.org website
25.2.2001 AbiWord Release 0.7.13
LinuxPPC News Abi the Ant, and the entire AbiWord team, is very proud to announce the release of Version 0.7.13 of AbiWord, on all of the platforms they support - Windows, GNOME, BeOS, Unix and QNX.
Here is just a sampling of new and improved feature in this release.
-Lists Dialog
-Headers, Footers and Page Numbering support added
-Improved speed, reduced size
-Improved font handling and printing
-Page Setup Dialog
-Unicode display on Windows and Unix
-Significant importer and exporter improvement

Download Linux/PPC version (And where is Amiga one? [ExiE])

Amigart website
AbiSource website

25.2.2001 Software News
Install SAMBA 2.2 is available. You can get it from http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AmigaSamba in the files section. You must be a member of that group to get it though.

AmIRC 3.5.9beta fixes some niggling bugs which were present in 3.5.6. This beta version is available to all registered users.

DiskMasterII v2.5beta10 - one of the best Directory Utilities ever made. documentation in Amiga-Guide format, german version of the docs, "translators only" only version of the guide

AmigaSamba.org website
VaporWare website
Official DiskMasterII homepage

24.2.2001 Payback Review
Boingworld published their Payback Review: "The most enjoyable Amiga game in years. Apex Designs have created a real classic!" 91% & Gold Award

Boingworld website
24.2.2001 GFXdatabase: New URL
Richard Kapp: "Welcome to the new gfxbase.tsx.org! The Amiga gfx- and demobase now got its own page and URL. This way it is a lot easier for you to check out the latest entries of games and demos for our miggy, that support gfx-cards! I hope you will enjoy these sites! And don't forget: If you know of any game or demo, that works on gfx-cards, tell me and I will include it in the database! Have fun!:)"

GFXdatabase site
24.2.2001 New Demo Version of Photogenics
LinuxPPC News An updated demo version of Photogenics 5.0 Release Candidate 4 for Linux is now available for download. (Windows version is also ready). [Where is Amiga one, Paul ? ExiE]

Paul Nolan Software Inc.
24.2.2001 Software News
NListtree v18.7 - MUI list tree class for NList. This MUI custom class provides you with an easy way of displaying list entries in a sorted form, a so called tree-structure. A Tree-structure will be selected, when data should be optical seperated from each other. readme

Spitfire² v1.5 - Palm Desktop for Amiga. It provides a connection to 3Com's Palm computer or compatibles, and allows a user to HotSync these devices with their Amiga. history

Apocalypse Hard- and Software website
Spitfire² homepage

23.2.2001 Alt WOA Special Show Pricing
Eyetech's Alt-WoA Show Product & Price List

Eyetech Group Ltd website
23.2.2001 bplan's Pegasos - Dual G3/G4 microATX Mainboard
bplan GmbH announces the availability of the first Pegasos prototypes. The first time the system is shown to the public is scheduled as early as 10 weeks from now. With the same date developer machines will be available for interested software vendors. In that early stage Linux and MorphOS will be the supported operating systems. Read more

bplan GmbH website
23.2.2001 Land of Genesis
As result of secret government experimentation, into genetics and cloning, test subjects, genetically modified humans have taken the control of the Mars base where the experiments were being conducted. You play the character Jan. Jan is an "Eliminator", a government special forces agent, you know the ones they use to clean up their mess is as though it never existed. Jan is sent to Mars to "Eliminate" any trace of what went on and to prevent any cross world contamination.
Rendered Movie Intro
5 Giant levels of shoot-em-up action
180 Enemies with individual AI
HD Installable
12 Thumping CD Audio Tracks
Parallax and Transparancy in extended version

AGA Amiga 4Mb Ram
CD-ROM with Audio Output
Hard Drive

Check the demo and purchase your copy now from KDH - Datentechnik.

Crystal Interactive Software website

23.2.2001 Amiga Active News
Issue 18 of Amiga Active went on sale yesterday. If you want to know more, click here.

"Trying to get hold of Amiga Active somewhere other than the UK? Chances are your country is listed on our list of worldwide distributors, so you can now give your local newsagent the name of the distribution agency they should be contacting to order the magazine!"

Amiga Active website

23.2.2001 B.C. Productions goes MP3! Debut album released!
For those of you who were into the module scene a few years ago, you might remember B.C. (aka bobby Clark, the guy who filled up Aminet mods/med with heaps of music)... B.C. now has recorded a debut album titled 2000 B.C. It features mainly electronica and new age based tracks, as well as a couple of remakes of aminet octamed classics. The album was made with the help of an Atari 1040ST running Steinberg 12, and an Amiga 1000 (YES! A 1000!!!) running good old Octamed 4.0!
The album may be purchased online from http://www.mp3.com/2000bc, and there are sample mp3 tracks on the site which may be streamed or downloaded.

Bobby Clark via ANN
23.2.2001 More Information About AmigaOne
"The AmigaOne will have 2 x SDRAM slots, 1GB of SDRAM address space has been allocated. The Amiga DE (in my understanding) will carry forward the best attributes of the Classic Amiga OS - including its real time response, and of course the Classic Amiga OS running on the AmigaOne 1200/4000 will give you exactly the same attributes as it does now, but of course it will be many, many times faster."

Amigart website
Eyetech's AmigaOne website
23.2.2001 The Trogsoft Awards Results
The Trogsoft Awards Results are now in. The Totals have been counted. The cheaters have been disqualified. You can view them by clicking here.

Applikationen: YAM 2.2
Spiele: Heretic 2
Entwickler: MorphOS
Hardware: Mediator
Websites: Amiga.Realm

Trogladite Software website

23.2.2001 Wine for Linux/PPC In Development
LinuxPPC News Wine is an implementation of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs on top of X and Unix. Think of Wine as a Windows compatibility layer. Wine provides both a development toolkit (Winelib) for porting Windows sources to Unix and a program loader, allowing unmodified Windows 3.1/95/NT binaries to run under Intel Unixes. Wine works on most popular Intel Unixes, including Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. In the latest Wine Release, we noticed this:
"Wine 20010216 has been released.
Main changes include:
Several PostScript driver improvements.
Improved enhanced metafiles support
Beginnings of PowerPC support
Lots of bug fixes"

Amigart website
Wine Development HQ
22.2.2001 Kicksoft News
Kicksoft LTD are pleased to announce that they are now able to supply the excellent RIVA mpeg player and also Spitfire2 the Palm desktop for the Amiga.
If you are planning to go to ALT.WOA this Saturday you can pre-order the software you want with no COMMITMENT. Details on site.

Ray McCarthy, Kicksoft LTD
22.2.2001 Amiga2001 Press Release 8
"When future generations talk about where they were when specific Amiga events took place. In computer annals, all previous events will pale. This will mark the beginning. This will be the epic Amiga event that all Amigans will relate to. Previous Amiga shows, will pale in comparison when all is revealed at the Amiga2001 show. This will give you something to brag about for years. Something to tell your grandchildren about. Don't miss Amiga2001. This is the show where dreams come true." Order your tickets today! Read more

Bob Scharp, Amigan-St. Louis
22.2.2001 The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition CD-ROM News
Andreas Falkenhahn: "More and more often people ask me, if they can use future versions of Airsoft Softwair programs uncrippled if they own the The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition CD-ROM. This is true! A personal keyfile is generated by the CD-ROM if the owner enters his personal registration code. With this keyfile all future versions of our Shareware programs can be used uncrippled!
This is another reason to grab a copy of the CD-ROM immediately because a registration of all the single programs would cost over 60$ USD but the The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition costs only 20$ USD. It can be ordered from the Airsoft Softwair homepage."

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
22.2.2001 AmigaOne News
"As far as Zorro compatibility is concerned the layout of the A1 main board is extremely critical because of the high speed of the bus etc. This causes a real problem in trying to route the 200 signal lines from the A4000's CPU slot to the Westbridge interface VLGA chip through the A4000's Zorro riser and potential Toaster compatible Zorro3/video slot (which uses a through hole connector and therefore uses space on all pcb layers). We're still looking to see if this can be solved reliably, and thats one of the reasons that the (simpler) AmigaOne 1200 is coming out first.
If it can be done however it will add significantly to the cost of the AmigaOne-4000 because of extra PCB real estate and additional production costs."

Eyetech has gotten over 300 applications from betatester wannabes. There are currently more drivers being implemented than they originally envisioned so they will not be emailing beta test applicants until these have been capped off, as its only then that they can select the best user profiles for testing. They also thank you for your patience.

Boingworld website
Eyetech's AmigaOne website

22.2.2001 Programmers: AmigAIM needs your help!
DyeingSwan: "Recently, Richard H. Poser II, the creator of the excellent AOL Instant Messenger chat client for the Amiga, has requested help with implementing a file transfer function into AmigaAIM. The problem seems to be a dodgy checksum routine. To have a look at the problematic code, visit http://www.missingpiece.com/AmigAIM/OFT/index.html, or to view Richard's newsgroup post in his own words and/or joint that yahoogroup, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/amigaim/message/254."

Amiga.org website
Official AmigAIM Page
22.2.2001 T_POT_G Available Now!
Mark Dowling: "My first Amiga game, a 30 level 2D platformer created with Backbone called "The Power Of The Ginger" is available via this e-mail address: ma@dowl.fsnet.co.uk. The full version of this game only costs £4 and if it sells well a freeware sequel would not be out of the question. Try the demo on Aminet before you buy."

Mark Dowling
22.2.2001 Software News
Type1Engine v3.0 - postscript Type1 font engine. Allows the use of PostScript Type1 fonts with any Amiga font-using program via the bullet.library mechanism. Comes with a font manager and source code. readme

akJFIF-dt v44.95 - shareware JPEG datatype (68k, PPC/MOS) readme
akPNG-dt.lha v44.95 - shareware PNG datatype (68k, PPC/MOS) readme
akTIFF-dt.lha v44.95 -shareware TIFF datatype (68k, PPC/MOS) readme
Direct WOS support for these datatypes has been dropped as with V44.95. You can use the PPC plugin together with ppclibemu instead.

SuperView v9.17 - huge set of image loader/saver libraries called "SuperView-Library" (plus a few for displaying and image processing) that are dynamically loaded and flushed, depending on the free amount of memory. readme
Direct WOS support in SuperView-Library has been dropped as with svppclaunch.library V1.6. Please use the PPC plugins together with ppclibemu instead, from now on.


21.2.2001 iFUSION: More info
"Apparently, there is a problem with the BlizzardPPC hardware working with certain revisions of the A1200 motherboards. People running MorphOS on the Blizzard are reporting that only the Rev 1.D4 motherboards will work with the Blizzard and MorphOS, even though any version motherboard works with the WarpOS. My feeling is that there is some sort of hardware timing problem, most likely in the MMU usage, that is affecting the operation with 1.D1/2A/2B motherboards. One other person noted that 50ns RAM allowed an older motherboard to work just fine with MorphOS.

We have Rev 1.A1 boards here (we got them the 1st week of release from the U.K.). I will have a 1.D4 machine here today for testing. If this does not resolve the problem, then we will make preparations for contacting all pre-ordered customers and letting them know that we will be shipping a version that may not run on their hardware currently. If it works with the Rev 1.D4 boards, we will ship with a note stating so... and we will continue to track down exactly why this problem exists and possibly correct it in software.

I appreciate all of the responses, and I look forward to technical support questions pertaining to PowerMac emulation. :-)"

Jim Drew via c.s.a.e
Microcode solutions website

21.2.2001 Amiga2001 Press Release 9
Attention all Amigans - Airfare Sales
Bob Scharp: "Best Way Travel, our official travel agency for the Amiga2001 show, has advised me that good airfares are available now. So if you are considering attending the Amgia2001 show, and need to travel a distance that would make air or rail travel a necessity, I suggest you contact them now." Read more

Bob Scharp, Amigan-St. Louis
21.2.2001 AmigaONE questions answered and change in hardware details
Henrik Mikael Kristensen: "The Eyetech AmigaONE should now accept Pentium Slot 1 type adaptorboards for all G3/G4's, along with ZIF G3/G4's. This does NOT mean that Pentium CPU's can be used. This means that the pin-layout of the chip doesn't matter. A couple of important questions have been addressed on the AmigaONE mailinglist. Read more

ANN website
Eyetech's AmigaOne website
21.2.2001 100%AMIGA @ alt.woa
100%AMIGA - The magazine you don't have to read, will be making it's Amiga Event debut at the alt.woa (alternative world of amiga) Show this Saturday 24th February. The new magazine will have it's first presentation to the Amiga public as well as having the March edition available for sale. The new March edition will have all the very latest news and previews as well as containing demos of Payback and Octamed Soundstudio 2 and much much more...

FORE-MATT Home Computing website
100%AMIGA website
21.2.2001 Innovative: Important changes
Innovative's phone and faxnumbers have changed, as has the data of their bankaccount. Use these in future, as the old data is going to become invalid in near future.
New fax: +49 (0)9132/73284-3
New fon: +49 (0)9132/73284-4

New bankaccount:
Account number: 7060971
Bank code: 20090500
Institute: Netbank Hamburg

Innovative website

21.2.2001 AIO has a new home
Amiga Information Online now has a new home. AIO's new home page can be found at http://www.aioworld.com. Please update your bookmarks. Also, all AIO addreses will now end with "@aioworld.com" instead of "@aio.co.uk". See you there.

ANN website
AIO website
21.2.2001 Digital Dreams Entertainment - Changing Server
"As I was noticed via e-mail by a DDE team member (Raymond) the DDE site currently is offline due to changing server. Supposedly there are problems in holding the URL. Also the business e-mail addresses are closed. DDE became known to the Amiga world from games like 'Wasted Dreams' or recently 'Codename Hellsquad'."

Amiga-News.de website
21.2.2001 Exodus Update v1.1
Official Exodus Update v1.1 is now available threw No Risc No Fun.

o Erased examined the hard drive for free space during game saving. Unable been saving game if was used no standard filesystems.
o Add routines for mouse and keyboard software service. Have you there choose mouse/keyboard mode in SETUP program ( use pull-down menu ).
o I've find doubble buffering error at start stage. Sometimes selected buttons not working correctly if there keep down many times and very fast.
o Message about animations problems is been extend on error value. Please send me it if you had any problems with animation playing.

Please open your Exodus folder on hard drive and copy new executable file called Exodus.

no risc no fun website
Official Exodus website

21.2.2001 Software News
MainPrefs v2.1 - program to configure your system under AmigaOS3.5/3.9; it concerns: managing assigns, editing config files, starting preference programs and changing environment variables...
Changes since V2.05:
* programs and files are handled in one browser
* programs can be grouped and started via Workbench, AREXX, CLI
* also dawers can be inserted
* assigns and variables are only loaded when needed
* assigns can be reloaded and sorted by name or path
* assigns can be "opened"
* appwindow functionality: drop files in the programs/assigns/settings page
* ASCII-filter, "drawers first" and reload possibility for variables
* entering values changed: with programs and variables, RETURN will accept the name/filename/value, to add a program click on "new" and then change its properties
* MainPrefs is now compatible with HappyENV (the variables are not copied to ENV:, but the directories are created if you open them)
* all variables can be edited with a text editor
* new settings page with new option "save changes at exit"
* improved asynchronous help

MorphOS News Martin Blom released a new beta version (5.3) of AHI 5 for MorphOS. Download

MainPrefs homepage
MorphOS homepage
AHI homepage

20.2.2001 Amiga2001 Press Release 7
Bob Sharp: "I spoke with Bill McEwen, and he gave me permission to pass this on to you.

"... Amiga2001 is going to be exciting! Amiga news you have never heard before. Amiga products you have never seen before. Amiga announcements you have been hungering for. Whatever Amiga shows you have come to before, whatever shows you missed, this is the Amiga show you don't want to miss..."

Bill McEwen
President & CEO Amiga Inc.®

Bob Scharp, Amigan-St. Louis

20.2.2001 SEAL to invade alt.woa
SEAL, the south`s SEXIEST and most hyperactive user group (it`s the drugs), would like to warn showgoers to wear their stain-proof gimp-gear to alt.woa on Saturday, as we`re gonna steam it up a bit with (ooh)..
** Clubbed issue 7 (live and in da hay-ouse) which we`ll be giving away a year`s subscription to (as it will actually appear again in the future :) )
** Heretic 2 frag-fest! Bring your ointment.
** Advice on all your problems (there`s a cream for everything).
** Strippers! (if we can get Rob & Mick drunk enough).

"We won`t try and get you to be members as unless you live near Essex you won`t be able to attend enough of our 24 meetings a year to make it worth your while, but you`re always welcome to subsribe to Clubbed magazine and visit us. We`re here to help you as much as we can (it`s how we get our jollies). Well done to the exellent HAUG for their efforts, and see you there!"

Gary Storm, SEAL

20.2.2001 Welcome to Amiga Forums.com Preview
Amiga Forums.com is a joint effort between AmiBench, Amiga Resource and Striatum.org. Our main role is to provide support and information for worldwide Amiga users. This site goes offical for the Alt-Woa Show in Huddersfield, UK. Currently we have the following forums available.
Classic Amiga Forums
· Software
· Hardware
· Gaming
· Dev
Next Gen. Amiga Forums
· Software
· Hardware
· Gaming
· Dev
AmiBench Forums
· AmiBench User
· Bargain Forum
Amiga Resource Forums
· Amiga Resource Forum
We would like to welcome you all to our forum, and hope you enjoy using our Community based service!

Mark Wilson, Tudor Davies, Andy Mills of Amiga Forums.com
20.2.2001 G3/G4 CPU Slot on AmigaOnePPC
Alan Redhouse from Eyetech: "Actually the design has changed slightly. The cpu slot is now like a Pentium slot1 connector. This means we can provide low cost adapter boards for all commonly available G3/G4 cpu pinouts - including ZIF - and also gives us the option to surface mount low cost industrial cpu's as an when available. This means upgradability is not limited to a particular chip pinout."

Amigart website
Eyetech Group Ltd website
20.2.2001 Micronik Support Site Update
Mike Woods: "The Unofficial Micronik Busboard support page has just been updated, after my reuest for information the other day I received a number of emails all of which where very helpfull also since I made the request the site has had 300 hits!
I'd like to say a big thank you for the support to everyone who contacted me, thanks to your help and that of the prior contributers the site now has compatability details of 27 Zorro cards and 12 accelerators."

Mike Woods, Unofficial Micronik Busboard support page
20.2.2001 Trogladite Software Awards 2001 over
Trogladite Software's website is now out of beta stage and is ready to be used. They've released a new product, JumpHome, which is for Scalos users.

Trogsoft Awards have now ended. No more voting is allowed and the votes are now being verified. Cheaters will be disqualified and you can no longer view the categories. The final results will be announced on the 24th of Feburary. To be notified when the results are announced, visit Trogladite Software's Notification Centre.

Trogladite Software website

20.2.2001 RiVA
Stephan Fellner would like to announce the release of RiVA v0.40, a very fast MPEG Video player for AGA, Picasso96, or CyberGraphX-based Amigas. This latest version adds the following features:
* Audio Support (via mpega.library)
* CyberGfx VLayer support
* Fast High-quality Colour AGA modes DHAM6 and DHAM8 (registered version only)
* Now directly supporting all 15/16bit HiColor modes
* New faster and better AsyncIO routines
* More user-friendly, icon-starting, drag'n'drop, file-requester, tooltypes...
* Lots of nice new features, like zooming, audio saving, halfheight modes...
* Further speedups and bugfixes...

Stephan is actively improving it and adding new features (see the archive's AmigaGuide documentation for details). RiVA is shareware; your registration will encourage it's continued development. The demo version of RiVA 0.40 is available for download from Aminet.

Gregory Donner
20.2.2001 Commodore Billboard Newsletter #9
Latest Commodore Billboard Newsletter issue nine appeared today and can be read here.

AmigaFuture website
Commodore Billboard website
20.2.2001 Games & Software News
New version of Tales of Tamar Amiga client V0.33 R4 with several bugfixes and new sounds available.
Tales of Tamar is the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Linux/SDL and Windows by Eternity Entertainment Software.

New betaversion (V.45.00 beta 5) of stormamiga.lib V.45.00 for StormC. Much functions were new written (e.g.: all level 1 IO functions and the most level 2 IO functions), some new functions were added, some functions were optimized and much bugs were fixed.

Tales of Tamar website
CyberdyneSystems website

19.2.2001 Amiga2001 Press Release 5
David Stevens, of Team Amiga, has announced that Team Amiga members will gather for a luncheon and get together on Sunday, at 10 am at the Amiga2001 show. Team Amiga members and anyone interested in this Amiga association, will meet in the Lucerne Restaurant of the Sheraton West Port - Chalet Hotel. This is located just off of the main lobby of the hotel. David advises that this will be an informal gathering, and is sure to be an event worth attending. Individuals are required to pay for their own meals.
If you need more information, or you wish to advise David that you will be attending the luncheon, please contact David at: dstevens@cityscape.net.

More info about Amiga2001 - An Amiga Odyssey

Bob Scharp, Amigan-St. Louis
Bill Griffin, G&G Publishing Enterprises, "the NEW AMIGANS" magazine

19.2.2001 Amiga2001 Press Release 6
Bill Griffin of G&G Publishing Enterprises has informed us that he is willing to extend the deadline for the advertising in the March issue for Exhibitors at the Amiga2001 show. This is the issue coming out just before the show. Make a big impact, let people know you will be at the show, advertise in the NEW AMIGANS magazine. The new deadline is February 21, 2001. So contact him immediately for ads or subscriptions! Pricing is listed below in the press release number 4, dated January 6, 2001. Bill's phone is: at 219-315-2794, or you can email him at: wd8izh@beanstalk.net.

More info about Amiga2001 - An Amiga Odyssey

Bob Scharp, Amigan-St. Louis

19.2.2001 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#010218).

Amiga Update website
19.2.2001 Czech Aminet - complete mirror
New complete Aminet mirror is now running in Czech Republic!
URL: http://cz.aminet.net
FTP: ftp://cz.aminet.net/pub/aminet

Ondra Feela Filip
19.2.2001 iFUSION - Help! Release or not?
"The Blizzard support library has some sort of memory mapping (from what we can tell) problem. H&P does not test using A1200 systems at all. H&P does not even have an A1200 setup with a Blizzard (strange - since the Blizzard for the A1200 was the most sold version)."
"iFUSION works flawlessly on any other PPC card setup. We don't have the source code to the Blizzard hardware library (or any part of the WarpOS), so we can not figure out exactly what the problem is. We would like to move on and finish the PPC version of PCx. We have been at a stand still for nearly a month."
"The question now is: do we go ahead and release the product to Blittersoft for shipping, or do we wait for a fix for this problem? We do not want to have to ship out secondary CD-ROMs because a problem with the WarpOS (not our fault), so we are stuck - and we would like your opinion (publically here, please don't email us directly)."
"Thanks for your continued support, and I appologize for the delay..."

Jim Drew via c.s.a.e
Microcode solutions website
19.2.2001 Clearance Sale Continues
White Knight Technology: "It's now just over 2 weeks since we announced our Amiga clearance sale and the response has been amazing. This is just to let you know that although many items have been sold, we have also found and added a few more, and there are still many bargains to be had. Please take a look at www.WhiteKnight.ukf.net. Thank you."

ANN website
White Knight Technology website
13.2.2001 Amiga RC5 team: OGR-25 Status
"In OGR-25 (201 days on the way) we have been overtaken by the Dutch Power Cows, and are now ranked 4th overall. Still a very nice ranking, and at current rates in about a month and a half we will regain the 7th place in the RC5-64 contest (which is now 41.1% done)."

Amiga RC5 Team Effort website
19.2.2001 Opinion poll about a Voodoo3 P96 driver closed
Olivier Fabre: "After one week, the poll is now closed.
1) Would you like Elbox to let third parties (CGX or P96 team) work on graphic cards drivers ? (and then to concentrate on drivers for other PCI cards or for their own hardware): Yes - 84.5% (397 votes)
2) Do you think that Elbox should continue the development of their P96 driver without concluding an agreement with the P96 team?: No - 58.9% (277)
3) Do you think that Elbox should write their own RTG system?: No - 71.7% (337)
4) Would you like an official Picasso96 Voodoo3 driver for the Mediator? Yes - 64.0% (301)
5) Would you like Warp3D support for Voodoo3/Mediator? Yes - 75.3% (354)
6) Are you using Picasso 96?: No - 47.4% (223)
7) What are you waiting for to register Picasso 96?: I'm not using it - 36.4% (171)

Full results Here Now! (after 470 votes)

CyberGraphX homepage
19.2.2001 Annuaire Amiga Francophone #8 / Feb.2001 available
Sebastien Jeudy: "This new number has been sent to all its subscribers: 443! "ANNUAIRE AMIGA FRANCOPHONE" is The List of the french AmigaUsers around the World (France, Belgium, Swiss, Quebec,...). Join the hundreds of Amigans since July 2000 and find contacts in your region !"

Sebastien "Jedi" Jeudy, Annuaire Amiga Francophone
19.2.2001 Amiga Arena News
Free AmiAtlas Italy map
The Italy map and the Italian by Umberto for AmiAtlas are ready for free download.

The Amiga Arena is looking for more self-made add-on maps. Commercial maps that were enhanced are of course NOT freely distributable.

The special discount action with AmiAtlas is only valid until 28.02.2001.

Amiga-news.de website
Olaf Köbnik, Amiga Arena

19.2.2001 8 New Games at AmigaLand
Because of the license of Lankhor there are immediately new games available at AmigaLand. These are by name the following classics:
Mortville Manor (adventure)
Der Landsitz von Mortville (adventure)
G.Nius (action)
Outzone (shoot'em up)
Maupiti Island (adventure)
Black Sect (adventure)
Vroom + Data Disk (racing game)
Additionally a game by Ascaron: On the Ball (simulation).

Amiga-news.de website
AmigaLand website
19.2.2001 Software News
vlink v0.8 - portable linker for multiple file formats.
pasm v1.5 - portable assembler for the PowerPC processors of the 60x-series, written completely in ANSI-C. All PPC standard instructions, all 32-bit extended mnemonics and most of the 64-bit extended mnemonics are supported.
wosdb v0.4c - simple WarpOS debugger which supports basic debugger functionalities like single-step trace mode, breakpoints, disasembler, memory dump, etc.. It also takes advantage from symbol hunks (HUNK_SYMBOL) in WarpOS programs.

WarpJPEG.datatype v44.17 - freeware JFIF-JPEG picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS)
WarpPNG.datatype v44.12 - freeware PNG picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS)
WarpBMP.datatype v44.3 - freeware BMP picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS)
Changes since previous versions: The dithering disabler feature (for when the OS3.5/3.9 picture.datatype is in use on hi/true colour displays) was flawed, since it only worked with images that were eventually attached to windows (e.g. Multiview). Now dithering will be disabled in all other cases too (e.g. Workbench / DOpus backdrops)
Changes since last WarpBMP dt: BMP descriptor no longer insists on BMP files having a .bmp extension.

Updated problem page of Digital Almanac III containing another solution for WarpOS V5 users.

Frank Wille's homepage
Oliver Roberts' homepage
Digital Almanac homepage

19.2.2001 WorkbenchOnWin Project moved
The homepages for the WorkbenchOnWin project has moved to http://www.commodore-ale.com/wow/.
WorkbenchOnWin is a free, and soon, open-source project that intends to create a native environment that emulates, in look and functionality, Workbench and its tools.

WorkbenchOnWin homepage
19.2.2001 WinFellow alpha v0.4.2 build 1 snapshot 2000-02-18 out
A new snapshot (v0.4.2 build 1 2000-02-18) of WinFellow is available for download. WinFellow is the Windows port of the Amiga emulator 'Fellow' for x86.

Amigart website
WinFellow homepage
18.2.2001 Kickstart @ alt.WoA
The south's biggest ACTIVE user group heads to Huddersfield for the day!
The Kickstart Amiga User Group, based in Ottershaw, Surrey will be making the long journey to Huddersfield on Saturday 24th February 2001 to exhibit at the alt.WoA show. We can be found on stands 11 and 12 and we look forward to seeing you there.
We will be on hand at the show to talk to show goers about Kickstart and the benefits the group offers to members, offer help and advice on using and improving your Amiga, as well as taking membership enquiries. Please visit our web site for more information about what we will be doing at the show. Read more

Chris Green, Amiga User Group
18.2.2001 Coyote Flux News
Coyote Flux 3D engine details and early screenshots released. PPC680x0 2.0 almost finished for release

After a long delay the 3D engine is finally running with anti-aliasing and in extremely high resolutions. Two early screenshots appeared on the temporary website today displaying the terrain-renderer of the engine. Expect more to be released soon...

PPC680x0 2.0 is nearly finished now, featuring a new conversion model, internal cache for optimizations, full point'n'click porting and several other new features.

Visit www.coyoteflux.tmfweb.nl for more information!

Sharwin & Rakesh Raghoebardayal, Coyote Flux

18.2.2001 Micronik Busboards support site needs more info
Mike Woods: "The Unofficial Micronik Busboard support page has become a little inactive lately so I'd be greatfull for any information on what zorro boards, accelerators and anything else people have found to work and not work on Micronik boards."

Mike Woods, Unofficial Micronik Busboard support page
18.2.2001 Interview
Interview with amiga-news.de team, maintainers of biggest german Amiga News site. By Fabio Trotta (german)

no risc no fun website
18.2.2001 Exodus Update
Official Exodus Update is now available threw No Risc No Fun. This update solves mainly the saving problem on some SFS configs.

no risc no fun website
Official Exodus website
18.2.2001 Exotica News
Added the 15 new scans to the Games Gallery. The new additions are ADS, Aaargh, Abandoned Places, Addams Family, Alcatraz, Alien Syndrome, 'Allo 'Allo, Annals Of Rome, Armada, The Art Of Chess, Ashes of Empire, Armour Geddon, Assassin, Asterix Axel's Magic Hammer.

Updated Game Information Database and Demo Scene Reference Manual.

Exotica website

18.2.2001 Now Reading News Groups via Google
As reported before Google completely took over the news groups archive of DejaNews. Under the following links you can access the old news groups entries, but also find the current ones. This list does not claim to be complete; it only contains news groups we found at first go.

Amiga-news.de website
18.2.2001 Mekka Symposium 2001 Homepage Online
From today the homepage of the Mekka & Symposium 2001 is online! The MS is one of the biggest demo parties in Europe and has 1,200 to 1,300 visitors yearly. Among other things there are demo competitions for Amiga, C64, and PC, and the well known and popular party feeling (who's got big ***** ?).

Amiga-news.de website
Mekka Symposium 2001 homepage
18.2.2001 Software News
Type1Engine - PostScript Type1 font engine V2.0. Allows the use of PostScript Type1 fonts with any Amiga font-using program via the bullet.library mechanism. Comes with a font manager and source code. readme

17.2.2001 Obligement 25 available
David Brunet: "Issue 25 of the French e-zine Obligement is now available. You can find in this issue reviews of Simon the Sorceror 2, Bubble Heroes, Exodus The Last War and more good articles. Visit http://obligement.free.fr."

David "Daff" Brunet, Obligement
17.2.2001 New version of DA III Demo
New version of Digital Almanac III Demo uploaded to Aminet (misc/scii). This one has the MCC-TransferAnim class and imagepool.library removed from the program as imagepool.library seem to cause Enforcer hits on some Amigas when used under AGA.

Digital Almanac Homepage
17.2.2001 Software News
Frogger v1.64b3, fast MPEG video player, with MPEG-2 layer support for AMIGAs with fast 68k CPUs (68040/60) or PowerPC equipped systems. 68k and PPC (WaroOS and PowerUp) executables can be downloaded there. Plus one additional Startup Image.

AMP v2.02 (010216) - shareware movie player for PPC Amiga. This release should hopefully fix the crash on exit bug as well as remove a couple of random crashes which could happend due to the same bug in the MPEG video decoder. AHI code appears to be more stable than audio.device. Changes since AMP v2.01:
GUI: Will now check for the presence of a VCD before trying to play it.
GUI: If the VCD has more than one track, the GUI will ask which to play.
GUI: Bumped version to v1.02 due to the changes.
16bit output now is 16bit again and not 15bit as with previous AMP2 releases.
Optimized the VCD code somewhat, improving playback speed with almost 10%.
Fixed the crash on exit bug in the MPEGV decoder.

There's a new Basilisk II CVS snapshot. If no-one finds any serious bugs, this is going to be Basilisk II 0.9.
Gwenolé Beauchesne has made a preliminary version of Basilisk II with a dynamically recompiling 680x0 emulation for Unix/x86 available for download.

Frogger homepage
AmiDog's homepage
Christian Bauer's homepage

16.2.2001 Read comp.sys.amiga.misc via Google
Now that Google bought out Deja.com, you can now once again access comp.sys.amiga.misc or any of the other Usenet groups without (a) just seeing one message per page, (b) seeing any ads.

ANN website
16.2.2001 Amiga brings you the B400 Amiga Canvas Tote Bag
The Amiga-Shop Amiga Mall expended their accessories. They have new bags and t-shirts for sale now. Check it out.

Amiga.org website
AmigaInc. website
16.2.2001 Installing KDE 2.1 on LinuxPPC2000
LinuxPPC News Here is an article about Installing KDE 2.1 on LinuxPPC 2000 distro. Read it

Amigart website
16.2.2001 Cinemaware's classic games
Disk images of Cinemaware's classic Amiga games King of Chicago and Lords of the Rising Sun available for download! (The King of Chicago was originally programmed and released on the Macintosh. It took only 10 months for Doug Sharp to convert his masterpiece to the Amiga.)

Cinemaware website
16.2.2001 Earth 2140: still undecided?
If you are still undecided about buying Earth 2140, see that the press have to say and try the demo!

Pagan Games website
16.2.2001 Games News
New version of Tales of Tamar Amiga client V0.33 R3 with several bugfixes available. Tales of Tamar is the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Linux/SDL and Windows by Eternity Entertainment Software.

New german and english FAQ available.

Tales of Tamar website

16.2.2001 Software News
xpkBZP2.library v1.5 - freeware bzip2 xpk compression library (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS). Changes since v1.4:
Compression speed: 5% faster for WarpOS and 20-30% faster for 68k
Decompression speed: 15% faster for WarpOS and 3-5% faster for 68k
Added a native MorphOS version of the library
Recoded much of the library startup code
Modified internal structure of the WarpOS version, to totally safeguard against cache conflicts (may have caused rare random crashes)

Stricq v0.1735 - improved version of Douglas F. McLaughlin's StrICQ by Nogfx and Michael Malyshev. This version should fix a lot of bugs reported by the uses. List of the changes, Catalogs Files (11 languages), Sources

Oliver Roberts' Homepage
Nogfx's homepage

15.2.2001 Payback Goes On Sale!
Payback is back from the duplicators, and so you can now buy the game from their secure on-line shop. They accept payment by credit/debit cards or by cheque/check. They have also added a FAQ for the demo and full versions of Payback which explains how to overcome some of the more common problems people have had with the playable demo.

James Daniels, Apex designs
15.2.2001 Clubbed Issue 7 Out Now
A brand new bumper issue of Clubbed, South Essex Amiga Link's quarterly subscription Amiga magazine, is now available. For the second issue running we have 48 A4 pages crammed with news, features, reviews and tutorials. Subscription copies will be posted over the next few days and the new issue will also be available on the SEAL stand at the forthcoming alt.WoA Show (Huddersfield, UK) on the 24th of February. Highlights of issue 7 issue include:
Scanning Explained: An extensive feature covering choosing, installing and using a scanner on your Amiga. Followed by reviews of commercial, shareware and freeware scanning software including the newly released fxScan 3.0 from Innovative.
ArtEffect 4: A full review of the latest version of this popular image processor and a tutorial on compositing using its powerful layers.
Tutorials including: Pronet networking, basic shell scripting and troubleshooting start-up problems.
Plus much more!

If you'd like to know more visit our website at www.seal-amiga.co.uk for a full contents list and sample articles from previous issues. A 4 issue subscription to Clubbed costs 10UKP or a single trial issue is available for 2.50UKP, both including UK postage (see website for world wide rates). Clubbed is a not-for-profit publication.

Robert Williams, Clubbed Magazine

15.2.2001 KOSH Council
KOSH now has a council! Everybody, say hello! to:
Red (developers) speaker, John Chandler
Green (companies) speaker, greenboy
Joint Blue (users) speakers, Marcus Petersson and Greg Webb

"Many thanks to all who've contributed to the discussions on the SVM Simple Virtual Machine. Even greater thanks to Timo Suoranta for getting the whole thing rolling and Marcus Petersson for providing valuable feedback. Information on the SVM proposal as it currently stands is available here - please read, enjoy and contribute your thoughts. For those who missed the beginning of this fascinating task, the original document is available here. This isn't exactly a light discussion and some understanding of assembly language coding would aid any participants - but don't be intimidated!"

KOSH website

15.2.2001 New MorphOS 0.4 Release
MorphOS News MorphOSTeam: "Finally, the 3rd MorphOS Release is available. Quite a while has passed since the 2nd release but we hope that the new features and overall improved stability are appreciated. This is a snapshot of our current version with the timeout increased to 2 hours." Major new functionalities. Highlights:
* support for AmigaOS3.5/3.9 update rom modules
* WarpOS emulation
* Improved CyberGraphX PPC with native Superlayers

Ralph Schmidt of MorphOSTeam via MorphOS ML
MorphOS homepage
15.2.2001 New MorphOS native 3rd party software
MorphOS News Sigbjørn Skjæret has released XPKMaster 5.2 for MorphOS. XPK is an interfacing standard between application programs and packer libraries. Every XPK application program can pack data with any XPK packer. You will need the latest 68K XPK user files installed. Here is the xpk_User readme. Currently there are no docs or information included with this release.

PPC MUI 3.9 Public Release 1 - MUI PPC for MorphOS, version 3.9. Please read the docs inside the archive before installing.
NOTE: Requires 150201 release of MorphOS V0.4.

Harry "Piru" Sintonen has released a MorphOS/PPC version of his widely popular NE2000 PCMCIA driver. The cnet.device is a sana-II device driver for NE2K compatible PCMCIA cards for the Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200 computers. Click here to see what cards will and will not work: cnet_compatibility.txt.

MagicMenuPPC 2.31beta for MorphOS/PPC. Magic Menu offers popup menus for the AMIGA. Make sure to read the "magicmenuppc.readme" in the archive on how to setup the files for MagicMenuPPC or you will crying in the rain.
NOTE: Requires 150201 release of MorphOS V0.4

MorphOS homepage
xpkmaster library support page
CyberGraphX homepage
cnet.device homepage
MagicMenu homepage

15.2.2001 Last Minute Changes to Amiga.Info Meeting information!
"We know that this is last minute, but we have received an email from Randall Hughes, asking that the meeting be moved to next Thursday (Feb 22), as he will be tied up in unspecified meetings. He appologizes to everyone, and looks forward to see you all next Thursday. We are deeply sorry for this inconvenience.
The next meeting will be on Thursday, February 22, 2001 at 7:00PM at the Royal Oak, 161 Laurier E. Avenue (basement). Reservations under the name "Ray"."

Amiga.org website
15.2.2001 The Amiga Games Database
Angus Manwaring: "The Amiga Games Database is a collection of over seven hundred reviews of Amiga games, old and new. Some reviews have been written by Amiga celebrities, but the majority have been produced by Amiga games players. Have a look at the site http://www.angusm.demon.co.uk/AGDB/AGDB.html and if you'd like to see it get even better submit a review of your own. You can even become a Profiled Reviewer with your own page on the AGDB! Full instructions are on the site. I hope you enjoy the reviews."

Angus Manwaring,
15.2.2001 New HTMLread-Version
A new HTMLreadversion (V1.00) can be downloaded from the supportside www.htmlread.50g.com. HTMLread is an extension for YAM. YAM is a wonderfull Mailer but it is not able to handel EMails that are written from Netscape, Eudora or Outlook in HTMLcode. HTMLread detect, convert and send this EMails to youre favourit HTMLviewer.
There are some changes in the new version: Installer, more and better support for statusgifs, better <base>-tag handling with webpictures, nowebbug fixed, picturename-bug fixed, no picture-bug fixed, better support for multi windows, only one htmlmail is now stored in t:, multi arexxport support, the bin version is now compiled with stormamiga.library (smaller, faster, safer), inbuild protection against EMail watching!!! (Please read chapter »Espionage by means of HTML-Emails« in the doc), full english doc... Download

Gunter Hinrichsen, HTMLread
15.2.2001 CGX patch for LightWave4. (v0.95)
CGX patch v0.95 for LightWave v4.00y - unofficial patch for LightWave V4, adds real CyberGraphX support to Layout. Check the readme for the features list. 060 optimized version

15.2.2001 Software News
Directory Opus 4 Research Project pages redesigned and moved to a new server.
DirOpus 4.15h (Beta) - improved version of great filemanager from GP Software. See History for details. The beta version contains only the files that changed since the last public release.
Watch out for massive serial debug (use Sushi/Sashimi to redirect it from serial port to a window). The debug makes this version hardly usable but there is a reason: Jacek needs your feedback on memory handling.

New version (V.44.50 beta 1) of HSMathLibs for MC68881/82 Some functions were optimized and some bugs were fixed. This version is for registered user only.

New Xami release 0.3 - an X11 server for Amiga that can take advantage of hardware capabilities of the graphic system for acceleration. It may be launched from Workbench or CLI, uses the current keyboard mapping and does not need any extra libraries such as ixemul. Owners of graphic cards that have Picture in Picture capabilities with Picasso96 will benefit to use the server in a PIP window. So, if you have around you a machine with X11 capabilities such as a Linux or a BSD box, this is the software to have.

Digital Almanac III News
Achim Stegemann: "More English pages added. The binaries are finished, just a few pages of the docs are missing! I have added some more English pages to the DA III documentation. You see, it is going on!"

Directory Opus 4 Research Project
CyberdyneSystems website
DS Home Page
Digital Almanac Homepage

14.2.2001 KDH and nRnF are looking for the prize-winning Amiga Workbench!
Participate in a contest hosted by NoRiscNoFun in cooperation with KDH Datentechnik in which we will award prizes to the most interesting and beautiful Amiga Workbench designs.
To enter, simply register your Amiga Workbench in the NoRiscNoFun WB gallery before March 16, 2001. E-mail your Workbench picture along with your address to
fabio@trotta.de. The WB pictures already included in the NoRiscNoFun WB gallery will participate in the contest as well.
The prizes are:
1 x CD Writer (SCSI or IDE)
1 x Earth2140
1 x Simon the Sorcerer II
1 x Land of Genesis
1 x Shadow of the 3rd Moon

Eliminating legal proceedings, prizes will be awarded by NoRiscNoFun and KDH Datentechnik.

Guenter Horbach, KDH Datentechnik
14.2.2001 Amiga Server Ring
The project name is Amiga Server Ring. The idea is to group all the Amigas used as servers on the net under a common flag. With the Amiga Server Ring (ASR) we want to create a net among Amiga servers, in order to offer services to Amigans worldwide, advertise the Amiga as server/workstation and help the AmigaOS sys administrators and all the users that need it. There are no requirements to satisfy to join our team, anyone who wants to help us can do it, either providing a little bit of their bandwidth, or "only" their experience. Read more

Marco Lovera
14.2.2001 Interview
Andreas Magerl: "Today we relase a interview with Jacek Rzeuski, developer of Opus4 on our page. We have interview in both german and english. The german interview is on www.amigafuture.de --> interactive button and the englisch interview is on www.amigafuture.de --> english button or english flag --> interactive.
The Amiga Future search for people who can translate german text in english for our page."

Andreas Magerl
14.2.2001 German 3.9 FAQ pages online
H&P just translated the English FAQ pages from Gregory Donner and put them on their website: German 3.9 FAQs.

Haage&Partner website
14.2.2001 Earth 2140 review
"If you like games in the Real Time Strategy genre founded by Dune II and refined by Command & Conquer (C&C), you will probably love this game for the Amiga. It is very similar to the original C&C for the PC, but fairly more advanced - plus it is of course for our beloved Amiga." Read the review

AmigaFire website
14.2.2001 Browser Survey
AmigaSDK.com is organizing a survey regarding your favourit browser. AWeb, Internet Explorer, Lynx, IBrowse, Netscape, Voyager, Mozilla, Opera, AMosaik, and "others" are nominated.

Amiga-news.de website
AmigaSDK.com website
14.2.2001 Espial to Send Java Developer to Outer Space...Well, Almost
The competition promotes and recognizes excellence in the development of software for smart Internet devices, such as webphones, interactive TVs, wireless devices, and automotive in-vehicle systems. It begins immediately and ends May 15, 2001. Winners will be announced in June at JavaOne in San Francisco.
All qualified entries will be posted on devicetop.com, the premier web portal for developers of services for smart Internet devices.
The contest is open worldwide. A total prize pool valued at over $40,000 US will be awarded to the winners. The first place winner will receive an all-expense-paid trip for two to Moscow, Russia, 5 nights stay at a downtown luxury hotel, a flight aboard the legendary MiG-25 ``Foxbat'' to the edge of space, and 100,000 Rubles in spending money. The second prize is a trip to Russia and float in true weightlessness in a zero-G flight. The third place winner will receive a grand tour of the Russian Space Center. Cash equivalent prizes may be taken instead of any of these packages. Read more

Yahoo Finance
14.2.2001 Reminder: Randall Hughes at next Amiga.info meeting
This is just a reminder to those of you in the Ottawa area (Ontario, Canada) that Randall Hughes (Vice-President of Sales & Strategic Alliances at Amiga Inc.) will be attending the Amiga.info meeting Thursday night (Feb 15), which starts at 7pm at the Royal Oak pub at 161 Laurier E. Avenue. The meeting will take place in the basement.
For more information, check out http://www.magma.ca/~amiga.info/.

Amiga.org website
14.2.2001 Latest Information About Warp3D V4.0
Thomas Frieden from Warp3D ML: "Everything in Warp3D V4 is geared to get more speed (plus some new features), so it will definitely be beneficial for all. To give you an overview, here's what we've done up to now"

Amigart website
14.2.2001 Elbox MediatorUP1.7 released
Thrid time is a charm... the MediatorUP1.7 (26K) archive was sent out and the archive was not bad like the last 2 releases. You can of course find the MediatorUP1.7 archive at the normal places Elbox releases it. File was sent at: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 21:02:33 +0100. If you need the correct archive contact Elbox. The only thing that is new: Voodoo.card - Voodoo.card 1.0 - (28 JAN 01) - 11476 bytes & VoodooGuide was updated. Rembember to report all Voodoo bugs directly to Voodoo@elbox.com!

CyberGraphX homepage
13.2.2001 For the first time: all Voodoo cards running in Amiga
ELBOX Computer Development Department is proud to announce today's release of the new driver for graphic cards working with the MEDIATOR PCI busboard: Voodoo.card v1.0 driver.
The Voodoo.card driver supports the following chipsets:
* Voodoo Banshee 8 MB
* Voodoo3 2000/3000 16 MB
* Voodoo4 4500 32 MB
* Voodoo5 5500 64 MB
The following functions have been added in the Voodoo.card driver, which were not supported in previous versions:
* Hardware clipping
* Vblank interrupts
* Overlay
* Scaling
* DPMS support
* Big-endian 16 bit modes
* Pixel clock extended up to 230 MHz (141 MHz for Voodoo Banshee)
The driver supports all the functions available in the P96 graphic system. Read more

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
13.2.2001 Quantum Leap
Luca Diana: "I wanted to let you know, that we have opened a new website in Italy dedicated to the AmigaNG and future tecnologies. The site is called Quantum Leap and contains the Italian version of Amiga Inc.'s AmigaWorld, this is the only authorized Italian translation of AmigaWorld. The site is also enriched by proprietary articles, interviews, news, authorized translations from other Amiga sources of information, courses on the VP language and much more. Very soon we will also have news in English to make the website accessible to a wider audience. Thank you for your attention and best luck with Amiga future. Our website address is: ql.programmazione.it"

Luca Diana, Quantum Leap
13.2.2001 AMIGA GAMES classifying
Here is the final classifying of january/february 2001:
1. (2) Napalm - 64 pts
2. (4) Worms / Worms DC - 63 pts
3. (1) WipeOut 2097 - 60 pts
4. (3) Quake - 59 pts
5. (5) Heretic 2 - 46 pts
6. (17) Bubble Heroes - 42 pts
7. (9) Slam Tilt - 42 pts
8. (20) Dune 2 - 30 pts
9. (E) Exodus - 26 pts
10. (17) Monkey Island - 26 pts
11. (7) Doom / Doom 2 - 26 pts
12. (18) Colonization - 25 pts
13. (12) Foundation - 22 pts
14. (34) Nighlong - 22 pts
15. (120) Cannon Fodder - 21 pts
16. (19) Blitz Bombers - 18 pts
17. (121) Formula One GP - 18 pts
18. (23) Turrican 2 - 18 pts
19. (13) Burnout - 18 pts
20. (21) Beneath A Steel Sky - 17 pts
If you are a fan of Amiga games and want to take part at this AMIGA GAMES classifying, please contact David Brunet at daff1@club-internet.fr.

David Brunet
13.2.2001 Official AmigaOS 3.9 FAQ Updated
Greg Donner has updated his great Official Amiga OS3.9 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
Added an entry to the Installation Tips page. Updated any entry if addressed in Boing Bag 1 for OS 3.9 (no release date announced yet). Added an entry to the Compatibility page and an entry to the Undocumented Features page. Also corrected a link error in the AmigaGuide FAQ's "Known Bugs" section.

Greg's Page
13.2.2001 Amiga RC5 team does 1 million+ blocks on one day
Finally, they did over a million blocks on one day. If you're not on the team yet, please click here.

Amiga.org website
Amiga RC5 Team Effort website
13.2.2001 AmiBroker News
A member-only zone is available now for registered AmiBroker users, featuring brand-new S&C Traders' tips (January 28th, 2001). Members log in here

AmiBroker homepage
13.2.2001 dynAMIte comming soon
BETA testing still in progress (13.2.2001) release gets closer! If you got the WOA preview-release you can't connect to current beta-servers.
dynAMIte is a bomberman/dynablaster-clone that can be played (only) over internet (TCP/IP) by up to 8 players!

amisource.de website
13.2.2001 Doom Legacy
Budda: "We've had loads of ports of the Doom engine on the Amiga in the past years since the source release in '97. The Mac has just gotten one better - Doom Legacy." Includes opengl support amongst other fearures and it's opensource! Maybe a port to the Amiga/MiniGL ? :-)

Budda via ANN
Doom Legacy
13.2.2001 Interview: Mystic Iceland
A detailed interview (german) with Marten the developer of the action adventures "Mystic Iceland" is on-line at Amiga Arena! Mystic Iceland is strongly oriented at Japanese console ActionRPGs (graphically and sound-technically). It is a game with realtime fights (i.e. no instruction inputs). Further information in the interview! A demo version is also ready for download. This summer we can expect the first part.

Boingworld website
AmigaArena website
13.2.2001 AmyGate V1.1
AmyGate v1.1 is the first internet client with full support for all the services offered by Aminet. You usually need many programs to have full access to Aminet: for instance a web browser to surf easily through the various directories and files, a ftp-client to upload your files, an email-client to rate a program or un/subscribe the mailing list... and so on. AmyGate can do all these things in the most confortable and easy way for the user, with integrated support of HTTP, FTP and SMTP protocols. readme

Amigart website
12.2.2001 Offical Elbox SharkPPC On Time! Due "second half of March 2001"
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER posted on the Amiga-Mediator ML: "The recent information in the PowerComputing Website on "delayed" production of SharkPPC cards seems to have been an unfortunate mistake made by the site's Webmaster. We feel obliged to Amiga users to give our position in this issue and to clarify the whole situation. Work on SharkPPC cards is in the final stage now. We expect the production-run cards to be ready for sale in the second half of March 2001."

We have just learned that the contents of the Power Computing site was changed to reflect the actual state of the things. "The first SharkPPC G3/G4 cards will be available by the end of March 2001."

CyberGraphX homepage

12.2.2001 XTreme Racing for download
The funny 3d-racer XTreme Racing and the various datadisks for the game is now available for downloading on the net. The authors would however like a small registration fee for those who like the game. Also the webmaster of the XTreme Racing website would like to know of the best extra tracks available for the game. See it all here.

AmigaFire website
12.2.2001 Interview
Interview with Tamascelli Stefano from XTeam Software Solutions, developer of Virtual Ballfighters and other Multi platform Titles.

no risc no fun website
12.2.2001 Blittersoft: Grex 1200 PCI U.K. Price
According to Blittersoft, Grex PCI for A1200/BlizzardPPC will be sold from 94 UKP+VAT (25 UKP cheaper than Mediator). Comes with a complete driver package: Voodoo 3-2000/3000, Voodoo 4-4500, Voodoo 5-5500, NIC 10 MB/sec (Realtek Chipset)

Amigart website
Blittersoft website
12.2.2001 Blittersoft: Voodoo 3 3000 Special
Blittersoft are offering a special low price on the Voodoo 3 3000 16Mb PCI boards for the month of February, whilst stocks last. These are the full retail packs, and are aimed at owners of the new PCI based boards. Take advantage of the fastest graphics performance available on your Amiga!

Amiga.org website
Blittersoft website
12.2.2001 CD-ROM: Amiga Toons
This CD-Rom contains all the known Eric Schwartz animations but also images by other Amiga artists. Besides that there's the Holiday Gallery that contains pretty pictures for Eastern, Valentine's day, Christmas and Halloween. For users of OS 3.5 and 3.9 there's a directory with toony Glow Icons. Furthermore there are the comic adventures of Sabrina Online and the Simpson edition of Monopoly.
The CD-Rom can be copied for free and you can receive it from FOM, paying 5,- DM or 2,50 Euro: http://surf.to/fom/

Amiga-news.de website
The Faces of Mars - Amiga Archiv
12.2.2001 WorkbenchOnWin 0.04 released
New WOW 0.04a is available. Some bugs fixed. Now includes some of the preferences editors planned. WBPrefs controls iconborder and defaulticons. WOWMagicMenu lets you choose the appearance of menus (you can choose Classic or MagicMenu 3d, or choose your own colors). SysIHack controls system symbols (close, depth, cycle exc.) and gadgets frames (i.e. you can choose the frame for button gadgets). Now includes NewIcons default icons. Three system styles included : classic_set, xen_set and wow_set. I will soon upload some documentation. Read more

Stefano Meschiari, WorkbenchOnWin
12.2.2001 Imagine News
Updated electronic manual: Added draft versions of Chapter 3 (Spline Editor), Chapter 2 (Forms Editor) and Chapter 7 (Stage Editor). Also, Chapters 3 and 9 have been revised cosmetically. Archive available from the ACUP download server.

CAD-Technologies website
12.2.2001 Opinion poll about a Voodoo3 P96 driver, and more
Olivier Fabre: "There is an opinion poll about a Voodoo3 Picasso96 driver for the Mediator. Hopefully the results will be interesting for Elbox and the P96 team."

Boingworld website
12.2.2001 Last few remaining items
Ramjam Consultants are offering last few remaining items: AmiFAST 3000 ZIP-to-SIMM adapter for Amiga3000 desktop models and 3.6V 80mAh NiMH batteries suitable for replacing the NiCad (Nickel-Cadmium) battery on the A3000 (and most A4000) motherboards.

Ramjam Consultants website
12.2.2001 Software News
MorphOS News Nicholai Benalal has released Bochs 2000_0325a for MorphOS. "Bochs is a very competent emulator for x86 hardware and it is compatible enough to run a large number of operating systems including MSDOS, FreeDOS, win3.1, win95, linux x86. Info on the original project can be found at www.bochs.com.

FlagsMI is now available on the Aminet. The archive contents country and keymaps images in the GlowIcons design for the Locale and Input Prefs of OS 3.9. If you think any country is missing please contact me.

Safe v14.9 (size: 20.936b) - virus dicovering system. readme It's not file checker or cleaner. It only informs about attack and removes virus from memory if possible!

MAMEgui v1.1.2 (developmental release) - graphical user interface for AmiDog's MAME 0.37b2 and Hitman's WarpMAME 0.37b5. Changes:
* support for Hitman's WarpMAME 0.37b5
* emulator type (MAME/WarpMAME) is stored for every game separately

Nicholai Benalal via MorphOS ML, Bochs MorphOS page
Martin Mason Merz, Mason.Home
Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
MAMEgui homepage

11.2.2001 A new public beta snapshot of V³
Voyager³ 3.3.79beta - download it here and read the release notes here. As before, this version requires a keyfile to run.

V3Portal website
11.2.2001 SharkPPC Pushed way back Again by Elbox
Back on October 12th, 2000 Elbox release a SHARK ATTACK press release stating: "The first SharkPPC G3/G4 cards for developers will be available by end of November, with production planned to commence in January 2001." - Now Power Computing has on their Shark PPC Price Page a release date for the Shark PPC cards from Elbox. "The first SharkPPC G3/G4 cards for developers will be available by the end of June, with production planned to commence in second half of 2001."
£269.95 (826.05DEM, 390.21USD) for a Shark PPC G3/G4 400MHz (Amiga)
£369.95 (1,132.10DEM, 534.763USD) for a Shark PPC G3/G4 550MHz (Amiga)

CyberGraphX homepage
PowerComputing website
11.2.2001 Amiga Future News
Andreas Magerl: "Today we posted a new interview with the programmer of Workbench2000 on the AmigaFuture Homepage. The Interview is located in the INTERACTIVE Area of the homepage (previously known as AKTION).

Additionally the Amiga Future is from now on availlable completely in english. This Page was translated by hand, so no Translator Tool was used. Of course there is an english version of the Interviews in the english section of the AmigaFuture. There is also an online voting together with a lot else on the english start page.
With the "english" Button in the lower Frame and the english flag on the start page you will get to the english section of this page."

"For the deveploment of the english page the editorship of the Amiga Future is currently searching for users who would translate german texts to english every one or two weeks."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future

11.2.2001 KiSS me Amiga
SweetKiSS version 1.1 is released. It is a KiSS viewer or for those of you unfamiliar with KiSS it is a program for undressing cute manga girls. ;) It is system friendly, it uses MUI interface and work best with graphics card (both CGX and P96). It is available for download from its homepage: http://anime.com.pl/kiss/

Michal Durys, SweetKiSS
10.2.2001 Photogenics Review at CNet
CNet has just reviewed Photogenics 5.0 for Linux, awarding it 9 out of 10 stars, and the esteemed Editor's Choice award. "This is a must-have program for graphic designers and users who appreciate high-end graphics software" - thanks CNet! The full review can be read here. The Features section has also been updated with a "Recent Reviews and Awards" section.

Paul Nolan's Photogenics
CNet Linux Center website
10.2.2001 Tales of Tamar News
Version v0.33 of Tales of Tamar is available for download for registered beta testers. If you also would like to become an alpha / beta tester, please send an e-mail to this address. The necessary documents then will be send to you promptly.
In version v0.33 trading for Tales of Tamar has been enabled. Hence trading between an unlimited number of players is possible, for the first time. Type, number, and price of a country's produced goods are defined by that country's natural resources. Those natural resources are defined by the player's estate.
Thus estate in the mountains automatically produce goods different from estate e.g. in the woods. It can be dealt in weapons, raw materials, mercenaries, herbage, corn, and ships. But you only can deal with people already known by you or you got to know from your scout on the map.

Amiga-news.de website
Tales of Tamar website
10.2.2001 New Drivers for NetBSD
NetBSD-current, the development branch of NetBSD, was extended with drivers for some more ISDN cards. Currently are supported:
BSC ISDN Master 2092/64 (1)
ITH ISDN Master II 5000/1 (1)
VMC ISDN Blaster 5001/1 (1)
BSC ISDN Master II 2092/64
Zeus ISDN Link 2189/3
Individual ISDN Surfer 4626/5
(1) also in NetBSD-1.5 + isdb4bsd

These drivers are in NetBSD-current and thus will be shipped in NetBSD-1.6. Testers are asked to test the new drivers on their experimental machines (as far as possible); production machines should still run NetBSD-1.5 (with the isdn4bsd package if necessary).

Amiga-news.de website
NetBSD Project website
10.2.2001 Software Hut's 'Buyout Specials'
Software Hut have recently bought out a large dealers remaining inventory. Many of the items are 40 to 80% off normal prices. There is a good assortment of everything including many hard to find books and training videos.
All items are new and in original packaging and have a 60 day warranty. Follow this link for a complete list of products. Quantities on many of the items are limited so place your order soon.

Amiga.org website
Software Hut, Inc. website
10.2.2001 Amiga.org Need Your Help
Amiga.org: "We are looking for important dates in Amiga history, however we need your help to find them. If you know of any dates (must include the day) or links to information which might help us, please let us know."

Amiga.org website
10.2.2001 Software News
AWNPipe v2.54 - multifunction device.
It's functions can be accessed from almost any program including C, E, Assembler, Arexx, and simple ADOS scripts. AWNP has many uses but the most popular is the creation of Graphical User Interfaces. Other functions include clipboard support, tooltype access, pattern matching, Html conversion, data stream twinning, ...

AudioMI - a GlowIconsSet for AudioMaster 2k. readme

InstallerNG 1.5 pre-release version - 100% compatible replacement of standard Installer. Some fixes and enhancements this time, see history

LinuxPPC News Opera Software has unleashed Opera 5 beta 6 for Linux (x86/PPC), it is now free through new ad-sponsored version.

AWNPipe homepage
Martin Mason Merz, Mason.Home
Official InstallerNG homepage
Opera Software website

9.2.2001 The first updates for AmigaOS 3.9
Here are the first updates to AmigaOS 3.9. Nearly all locale files have been updated and completed. The archive contains all locales for 20 languages: Locale Archive (~2,1 MB)
The new Genesis Prefs is finally based on ReAction: GenesisPrefs Archive (~140 KB) (no need for MUI and its classes any more to get it to run)

AmigaInc website
Haage&partner website
9.2.2001 Watch out for the next issue of AmigaPower!
Ben Yoris: "Hello World, for once, french speaking people will know before the others ! In the next issue of AmigaPower (13th issue) you will find:
- an exclusive preview of Shogo, yes we played the Beta and it rocks!
- an exclusive interview with Alan Redhouse, Eyetech's director, about the company's history, the AmigaOne and the future!

Here's a little extract from the interview: Alan Redhouse - "All I can say at this point is that the AmigaOne 1200/4000 will be significantly cheaper than the current top of the range Amiga accelerators, and offer a major increase in performance and fuctionallity and function as a complete, stand alone PPC computer."
Expect to see the entire enterview in english a bit after AmigaPower #13 release on the AmigaPower website.
AmigaPower is the leading french printed Amiga publication with nearly 300 readers. AmigaPower is edited by the AFLE Association.

Ben Yoris
AmigaPower website

9.2.2001 Trogsoft: New Products for the Amiga
Neil Bullock: "There are several new products in the pipeline for the Amiga. These include Jumphome and NutBooster, while updates coming soon include makeDdir, SetBuffers and HandleMyClip.
JumpHome is a new product designed for use with muFS and Scalos. It, as the name suggests, allows you to get to your home directory, at just one click of the mouse. You can use it from WBStartup or from the shell (or even a DOpus button bank, or something like that) and when run, it will open your homedir.
NutBooster is a DigiBoosterPRO Re-player program for the Shell/CLI.
The products should be released, progressively, soon, so keep checking our site, or alternatively, sign up to our update notification list (the Amiga one ;) at this page." Read more

Trogladite software
9.2.2001 Warning! EMail is watching you!
Gunter Hinrichsen: "It is possible to find out when you have open (read) a HTMLemail. This affects not only the PC-Mailer, this affects HTMLread, too! The trick is to load an unvisible picture and/or execute a Javascript. The only way to protect is to disable LoadWebImage (run HTMLreadPrefs) and if you use a browser to disable Javascript. The next version will have a protection against this attacks. The new Version will be a stabil version, this means it's comes with installer and full english doc. At the moment HTMLread V1.0 is still beta and I wait for the registered stormamiga.library."

HTMLread homepage
9.2.2001 Linux/APUS for Mediator ? #2
LinuxPPC News Mr. Alan Buxey the Support Manager for the Linux/APUS team posted on the Linux/APUS ML information on getting the Mediator to work with Linux/APUS. Much more is needed than "a day or so" to get it work. They would need a Mediator for starts, there are many issues they point out that need to be addressed.

"Firstly, the PCI code in APUS isnt immense...it's only there for the C/Vision drivers.. and there are big problems with it currently. Also, driver/access to the Mediator would have to be done. I dont believe ANY of the developers have a Mediator board. We'll have to get new developers on board...(there are far more 'Amiga native support' concerns at the moment (eg CSPPC SCSI support), let alone supporting PCI devices from other platform backgrounds... and thats where the fun begins..how many of those PCI devices were written with only x86 in mind? ouch. painful. [..] and theres the issue of its 'memory window' to be sorted out too. [..] and thats only the beginning" complete msg here

CyberGraphX homepage

9.2.2001 Interviews
Amiga.topcool.de has an interview with Markus Nerding from Haage&Partner online. (german, english [translator]

Interview with Andrzej Bugajny of Sland Media/ZLOTY SKARABEUSZ, publisher/developer of realtime strategy game EXODUS The Last War. By Fabio Trotta

Interview with Kelly Samel of Emerald Imaging, developer of Aqua, a Myst like adventure. By Fabio Trotta

amiga.topcool.de website
no risc no fun website

9.2.2001 AmigaOne FAQ
AmigaOne 1200/4000 FAQ section added to the AmigaOne website.

- AmigaOne is a complete single board (+ PCI/AGP slots) in its own right. The A1200 edge connector and A4000 CPU connector are only used for accessing the custom chips (at relatively low speeds) by applications that 'hit the hardware' directly. Eventually with a fully retargetable OS & applications the original A1200/A4000 will be redundant.
- PowerFlyer / Elbox IDE Flyer, these will be redundant, as there is a 4-channel UDMA IDE controller on the AmigaOne itself.
- AmigaOne 1200 / 4000 will be significantly cheaper than the current top of the range Amiga PPC accelerators, while offering a major increase in performance and functionality.
- The initial release operating system shipped with the AmigaOne will have drivers for graphics and IDE UDMA, with USB, firewire, ethernet and soundcard drivers following shortly afterwards.
- RAM type will be SDRAM PC 100 or better

If you email Eyetech at sales@eyetech.co.uk with your name, address & telephone number, stating you're interested in the AmigaOne, and they will add you to their advanced ordering list, and contact you when it is available.

Eyetech Group Ltd website
Amigart website

9.2.2001 VirusHelp Denmark: Survey Changed once again
Since the survey by VirusHelp Denmark regarding the mostly used anti-virus program didn't work 100% with every browser a new survey was set up, which hopefully works now. Follow this link to participate.

Amiga-news.de website
Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
9.2.2001 AmigaOne Article at Official Turkish Coca-Cola Website
A correct and positive article about AmigaOne, AmigaDE is published on the Official Turkish Coca-Cola website. The website is prepared with Flash. Here is a screenshot of the 1st page of AmigaOne article.

Amigart website
8.2.2001 Playable Payback Demo Available
The Payback playable demo is now available for you to download. We've also added a shop which will allow you to buy the game using your credit/debit card as soon as it ready to go on sale, which we expect to be within the next 7 days. Don't forget that you can pre-order the game by clicking here. (PS: Click here to find out how to join our mailing list and guarantee that you're the first to hear the latest news. We promise not to flood your inbox with junk mail.)

Apex designs website
8.2.2001 Cryptic Executive Update...
Bob Scharp: "Have you seen the Amiga Executive Update lately? Here's what was posted. Remember, there is still time to get your tickets for the show... Amiga2001. The biggest Amiga show in the Americas! We are signing up more vendors every week.
Check out our web page this weekend for the latest updates."

Now featuring companies like: Amiga, FWD Computing, Merlancia Industries, Compuquick Media Center, Dan's Deals, Cloanto, individual computers, Gateway Amiga Club Inc., Bounce-back Videos, Amigan-St. Louis, G & G Publishing, Mr. Hardware, PC Journal, Brewster Productions, AmiTech Dayton Amiga Users Group, Amiga Active Magazine Nova Design, NAG (Northwest Amiga Group, Charles Marks, a noted artist of Claw Marks Productions is coming from Jonesboro Arkansas to exhibit his litographs at his booth, and is designing the special Amiga2001 show shirt as well."

Bob Scharp, Amiga - St. Louis homepage

8.2.2001 Eyetech AmigaOne News
It is confirmed that Warp3D support (developed by the Frieden brothers & Sam Jordan) will be present on the AmigaOne.

Hyperion are to supply games to be bundled with the AmigaOne 1200/4000 boards.

Happy Machines, Inc have announced that a version of their 3vix video codec will be launched which will natively on the AmigaOne.

Eyetech Group Ltd website

8.2.2001 Linux/APUS for Mediator ?
LinuxPPC News Mr. van Calsteren posted on the Amiga-Mediator ML answering the following question: "Now who announced LinuxPPC support? And when?"

"Nobody anounced, but it could be done in a day or so, if only the SDK... Then we could use ALL linux PCI drivers, inc. voodoo! PCI is already in our kernel, for PPC mini PCI bridge to BVision, that part needs to be adjusted to the mediator resources. There are enough developpers for APUS, that can do this, with provided sources." Here is a link to the Linux/APUS Project page & Linux/APUS Project Member List page.

CyberGraphX homepage

8.2.2001 Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena - Special Price Project!
In cooperation with Bernhard Lindner Amiga Arena makes possible a special price for T.U.M.M.Y! which is a little specialized database managing a big base of cards of the card-game collection Magic The Gathering (>6700 cards). The program's particular fortitude are the extremely powerful search functions allowing to search for any card by almost any criteria imaginable. Many enhancements are planned for the future, but strongly depend on number of registrations.

Amiga Arena - AmiAtlas Special Price Project!
Still until 28 February 2001 AmiAtlas is available for special price. Andreas Regul did NOT stop development of AmiAtlas! (But he just cannot continue development himself.) He still is looking for a programmer for further development. Also hobby developers are addressed by this! If interested please mail to olaf.koebnik@online-club.de.

Amiga-news.de website
Olaf Köbnik, Amiga Arena

8.2.2001 Commodore Billboard Newsletter #8
Latest Commodore Billboard Newsletter issue eight appeared today and can be read here.

AmigaFuture website
Commodore Billboard website
30.1.2001 Short News from CGX page
Another poll on CGX homepage: With the DCE G-REX shipping this year, what one of the supported graphic cards would you buy or use with your G-REX? ViRGE, ViRGE/DX, Permedia2, Voodoo3 2000, Voodoo3 3000, Voodoo4 4500 or Voodoo5 5500 ?

CyberGraphX homepage
8.2.2001 "...we all know we have to move forwards"
Fleecy Moss, Vice President of Product Development for Amiga Inc. posted on the amigaone ML about the issue of "confusion" and "...pieces missing from the public mind." as far as information for the AmigaOne.

"Also, when people read a FAQ and it doesn't say exactly what they want it to, they keep asking the question until someone either answers as they wish, or else loses patience and hits them over the head with a piece of clue-by-four."
"yes, and we know we should be doing a better job, but plans are really set in stone, and we prefer to announce them when the stuff is in the bag. - The dongle problem is a bit of a poser, though - It's unavoidable really. Eyetech have done a great job in using the zico spec to provide a product that does try to recoup some of the value in classic machines, but ultimately, we all know we have to move forwards."

Original Message

CyberGraphX homepage
Eyetech's AmigaOne page

8.2.2001 Spitfire² - Palm Desktop for Amiga v1.4 Released
The latest version of the only Palm desktop software for the Amiga is now available for download from www.amigaspitfire.com. Version 1.4 contains mostly bug fixes.

Ralph Torchia, Spitfire²
8.2.2001 Zenzer looking for graphicians and coders
Lloyd Rosen: "Zenzer is looking for graphicians and coders. We're working on an adventure engine, and tidbits of info and a few screenshots is available on www.zenzer.net.

Lloyd Rosen, Zenzer
8.2.2001 A/NES CGFX homepage has moved
Morgan: "A/NES CGFX homepage has moved from Emuclassics to http://hem.passagen.se/anescgfx/. The reason for this is that Emuclassics.com has been down for several days and the responsible people doesn't seem to bother to fix it." New page should be available soon.

Boingworld website
A/NES CGFX homepage
8.2.2001 Software News
New lucyplay.library v4.0 is available. (AHI Sample Player + Joystick Functions)

Dwarf v0.50 - The Cheating Utility for 68000, 020, 030fpu, 040, 040fpu.

Oliver 'Lucy' Gantert's page

7.2.2001 Bill McEwen: St. Louis and Beyond.
The newest Executive Update by Bill McEwen has been posted. Read more

"Where is the AmigaOne? Will Cringley finally eat his words about a new Amiga? What about AmigaDE on PDA's, Set Top Boxes, Internet Appliances, or even desktops? Will Tom and Nicole stay together or is it over? Is there life for the AmigaOS after 3.9?" The answer is ..St.Louis

AmigaInc. website

2001 and the future of Amiga media has arrived:100%AMIGA - The magazine you DON'T have to read! The days of just reading a magazine are over. There is now a publication that talks to you and comes to life through your Amiga with vocal, graphic, musical and video presentation like you have never seen before.
100%AMIGA - See it! ...Hear it! ...Experience it! More information can be found at the new website www.100PercentAmiga.org.

FORE-MATT Home Computing website
7.2.2001 This Is Reality Control
An exclusive on the PowerPC-based RealityStation from Ideas2Reality. A low-cost platform suitable for QNX, Linux, MorphOS, AmigaDE, AROS?. This Is Reality Control, new article by John Chandler on suite101.com.

suite101.com website
7.2.2001 Linux 2.4 kernel: Stealing some time with kernel hacker Geert Uytterhoeven
LinuxPPC News "Geert Uytterhoeven is like a little Linux supplier in and of himself. He has a number of downloads available from his own Web site and his contributions can be traced through conversations in the kernel archive page with hacker greats like Alan Cox and occasionally even with Linus Torvalds himself..."
"The 2.4.0-test releases received a lot of testing. So far it worked fine on all machines I installed it on. I'm particularly happy that we got integrated most of the m68k (Amiga, Atari, Mac, Sun-3, ...) port. As you probably know, Linux/m68k was the first port of Linux to a non-Intel platform (yes, it's even older than the Alpha port). I find it a pity that the PPC port updates didn't make it in 2.4.0. But this will be solved in 2.4.1. Sometimes it's just very hard to get your stuff integrated in Linus' tree..." Read more

AmigaSDK.com website
NewsForge website
7.2.2001 Open Source: QuakeForge
Quake by id Software, one of the most famous first person shooters was released as open source some time ago. Since then many versions of Quake have been customised for different platforms and game types but the king of them all is QuakeForge. The QuakeForge project has fixed and added many features to the old Quake engine making the game a much nicer experience to play (and watch). If you're interested in the project or wish to assist porting it to AmigaDE, you can check out the QuakeForge website.

Amiga.org website
QuakeForge website
7.2.2001 AudioLab16 now bundled with ProStationAudio
Ordering ProStationAudio, customers now get a copy of AudioLab16 in bundle. AudioLab16 is a processing/editing application, described in detail in the products area of AudioLabs' web site. Offer available for a limited amount of time, cross-grade offers from AudioLab16 to ProStationAudio are expired.

AudioLabs website
7.2.2001 AmigaOnlineGames News
4 new games are available at the AmigaOnlineGames website: Armour Geddon 2, Flight of the Instruder, Global Effect and Powerdrome.

Boingworld website
AmigaOnlineGames website
7.2.2001 Voyager³ News
Oliver Wagner: "I've added two new pages to v3.vapor.com; one shows an overview of the currently supported JS objects(and their members), the other a snapshot of the V.ReadMe as found on our development cvs server."
"Since the JS object list is generated in a similiar way as the list of supported HTML tags, please take the output with a grain of salt -- it may miss stuff, and it may show stuff which isn't there (because it's commented in the code base)."

David 'zapek' Gerber: "In the current betas there's a bug which means Flash animations with WIDTH/HEIGHT specified in percent show up with the size of a 20 x 20 pixels stamp. This will be fixed for the next version."


7.2.2001 Sabrina gets a Cameo role on Freefall
Sabrina, our favorite Amiga cartoon-strip character has scored a walk-on cameo role in the latest Freefall...

Amiga.org website
Sabrina-online.com page
7.2.2001 AsmOne: A little update...
Besides a fix to a MACRO problem, some working on the RTG problem, I've been mostly working on the PPC disassembly table. I gigantic task I have to say B-)
I also worked on the FPU assembly/disassembly since that was probaly to only part I hadn't checked yet. The result is that some some functionality was added, and that some things now work a bit different.
I also added a REGF directive so you can assign a FMOVEM registerlist to a label. Which I think is very handy (allthough I've never coded a single line of FPU coding, a FMOVEM list is much bigger than a normal MOVEM list).
But the major difference is that you can assign a label to any register using EQUR. But more is coming for the V1.47 release, so...

TFA homepage
6.2.2001 New UK distributor for GoldED Studio
GoldED Studio is now available directly in the UK via Kicksoft. Kicksoft is the new software company from the Kickstart Amiga group. For more information on purchasing GoldED Studio, contact one of these authorized distributors:
KDH Datentechnik
Vesalia Computer
Any one who has previously had problems with valid registrations of GoldEd 6 from other companies are urged to get in contact.

GoldED Studio website
Ray McCarthy, Kicksoft
6.2.2001 Gateway Vendors Get Extra 10% Off Of Their Advertising
"the NEW AMIGANS" magazine is offering all the vendors at the Gateway Amiga show in St. Louis, Missouri an additional 10% off its already exceptional ad rates for its March issue. All those wishing to take part in this offer should hurry and contact G&G Publishing Enterprises at: wd8izh@beanstalk.net because the deadline for ad materials is Feb. 15th.

Bill Griffin, G&G Publishing Enterprises
6.2.2001 ELBOX tech talks about Mediator PCI Z-IV
Darek Dulian ELBOX COMPUTER, Support Department:
* "MEDIATOR PCI Z-IV is connected to one of the two Z-IV slots in the Z-IV busboard (not to Z-II or to Fast Z-II slots)."
* "Z-IV slots in the Z-IV busboard have all the Amiga CPU slot signals."
* "Speed of MEDIATOR PCI Z-IV is exactly the same as that of MEDIATOR PCI 1200."
* "With MEDIATOR PCI Z-IV, you may simultaneously use all the existing Z-II cards and one Z-IV card: FastATA Z-IV (PowerFlyer Z-IV)."

CyberGraphX homepage
6.2.2001 Another OpenDivX Video Codec for Amiga coming soon
Steffen Haeuser: "The opendivx.library, a Shared Library with Support for WarpOS and 68k systems (MixedBinary Library) will be released. opendivx.library supports Decoding and Encoding of OpenDivx Animations. Support for opendivx.library will come for at least one Amiga AVI Player.
Both 68k and PowerPC Applications using opendivx.library profit from a PPC Board, if present, the library also runs on a plain 68k system."

Amigart website
6.2.2001 Kicksoft at Alt.woa show
Kicksoft are pleased to announce that they will be appearing at the alt.WoA show in Huddersfield, England on Sat 24 Feb 2001. We will be running a competition on the day for a copy of Drawstudio 2. Their current competition is still running online.

Ray McCarthy, Kicksoft
6.2.2001 The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition Screenshots
Some screenshots from the "The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition CD-ROM" have just been released on the Airsoft Softwair homepage. They show some programs from the CD-ROM, e.g. Rainboot v3.1 and the CD32 Games Install Kit v4 and RB2Exe v1.2. Additionally there's the cover which was designed by Pixel Art on the CD-ROM (in high resolution 1600x1600x24).

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
6.2.2001 OnePowerWeek Updated
For french-speaking people only!
OnePowerWeek is THE news website for french-speaking people. Every week you'll find the latest news about the Amiga in general and the french Amiga community in particular. The latest edition is online and contains news about 3ivx codecs on the Amiga, an answer from Elbox concerning our review and news about iFusion. Please visit the AmigaPower website for more information.

AmigaPower is the leading french printed Amiga publication with nearly 300 readers. AmigaPower is edited by the AFLE Association.

Ben Yoris
AmigaPower website

6.2.2001 AROS News
Georg Steger added the country specific files for all countries which are supported by the AmigaOS and some more languages. In the last few days, he made also many demo programs from Aminet, Fish Disks and other sources work much better (or at all :-).
Stefan Berger finished GetLanguageSelection() in lowlevel.library.
Johan Alfredsson improved realtime.library and Swedish locale files.

AROS homepage
6.2.2001 Official AmigaOS 3.9 FAQ Updated
Greg Donner has updated his Official Amiga OS3.9 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
Added two entries to the Undocumented Features page. Revised entry 1 in the Compatibility page, and corrected a small error in entry 2 of the Installation Tips page.

Greg's Page
6.2.2001 MakeCD 3.3 Coming Soon ?
One of the MakeCD authors Patrick Ohly told Amigart that they are working on .CUE files and VideoCD support for the new version of MakeCD.

Amigart website
MakeCD homepage
6.2.2001 SoftCinema v0.11 full release
SoftCinema v0.11 - Movie/Animation player for PowerPC based Amigas. readme Whats new in SoftCinema v0.11 full release:
* a-LAW audio codec bugfixes.
* a-LAW support in QT movies.
* Completly new AsyncIO. much faster, and also fixes problems with running two or more SC at the same time.
* Optimized CCITT H.263 decoder (up to 30%).
* Optimized OpenDivX decoder (up to 25%).

SoftCinema homepage
6.2.2001 Software News
cnet.device v1.6 - PCMCIA Network Card SANA2 driver for Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200 computers. Most NE2000 compatible cards are supported. Full source code in assembler is included. readme

MainPrefs v2.07 - program to configure your system under AmigaOS3.5/3.9; it concerns: managing assigns, editing config files, starting preference programs and changing environment variables...

SnoopDos v3.6 - well known system monitor updated by Thomas Richter. The 3.6 update fixes two major bugs. Check the readme for more info. Sources

Am*ga projects by Harry "Piru" Sintonen
MainPrefs homepage

5.2.2001 New Alpha of SimpleMail
SimplaMail Alpha v0.3 released! SimpleMail is a new mailer for the Amiga classic platform. New features:
* Forward button.
* The main window has two different views which are switchable within the mainwindow.
* Improved the composewindow (some buttons added, also a undo/redo).
* The "To" button in the addressbook works now.
* Group mails (mails with multiple recipients), mails with attachments, important mails can now easily identified.
* Added a small context menu for the mailtreelist, mails can now be marked and hold.
* Added the possibility to use your IP-addresss as you domain in the HELO/EHLO dialog. (no X-Authentification-Warning headers anymore).
* Added smtp-auth according to rfc2554.
* It is now possible to specify which port you would like to use on the servers instead of 25 (SMTP) and 110 (POP3).
* Other smaller improvements and bug fixes.

Hynek Schlawack, SimpleMail
5.2.2001 CDTV gets clockport
On February 1st, Kato Development launched a clockport adapter for the CDTV. It is being sold as a DIY project (Kato are only selling the PCB) at cost.
The card will also work with any Amiga which has a removable 68000 CPU. A flyer is needed to get the Int 6 signal but the rest are from the CPU socket. This lets you add cards such as the Melody 16Bit sound card or Twister high speed serial port.

Amiga.org website
Kato Development website
5.2.2001 Eyetech AmigaOne FAQ & AmigaOne at alt.WoA : Alan Fleecy
Mr. Eyetech Group Ltd (posting from Eyetech's games division) posted on the AmigaOne ML: "Apologies to all, as we have been rather busy. However new information, in the form of a FAQ, based on the questions which have recently been asked in the mailing list will be uploaded to the AmigaOne website this week."

If you missed it, Eyetech will be at the alt.WoA show on Feb 24th. "A presentation will be given on the AmigaOne board by Eyetech's Managing Director - Alan Redhouse, and Fleecy Moss from Amiga Inc. This will cover all technical aspects of the new board, and a time for questions will be available at the end. All seminars will be held in a separate room from the show, and will commence at 5pm."

Henrik Mikael Kristensen: "I can't confirm this rumour, but it was posted on the AmigaOne mailinglist that an AmigaOne prototype board will be shown at the alt.WoA show at the end of February. Whether the prototype is functional is unknown at this time. The board is to be demonstrated by Fleecy Moss and Alan Redhouse."

CyberGraphX homepage
Eyetech Group Ltd website
ANN website

5.2.2001 Imagine News
Updated electronic manual: Added draft version of Chapter 9 (Project Editor). Archive available from the ACUP download server.

ACUP (Amiga Constant Upgrade Program) status report sent to the Imagine mailing list.

CAD-Technologies website

5.2.2001 H&P's Sale Of The Week: ArtEffect 4
ArtEffect 4 is one of the most flexible and easy to use paint packages for your Amiga. For that the current version is a must have for every Amiga user. To make the decision even easier H&P cut down the price for the update to just 69 DM. Full version 198 DM. Online Shop

Haage&Partner website
5.2.2001 Amiga Arena News
The Amiga Arena presents full version of Burnout The Car Bashing Game by Mark Sheeky as free download. Burnout has been published by Vulcan Software since 1996 and is freeware, now. The developer, Mark Sheeky from Scorpions Software, has given the permission to me to make 'Burnout' available for free download in the Amiga Arena. In Burnout you have to try to defeat the enemies in the arenas with your car. Further information in the section Full versions in the Amiga Arena.

Amiga Arena - offline
"During the last days I couldn't dial up my provider so no updates were possible. I hope that all runs as usual now."

Amiga Arena - redesign
The link collection in the Amiga Arena has been restructured and in the future there'll be more ratings and info to be found.

Amiga Arena - UAC full versions
The strategy game "Belagerung", for two players, is available for free download as is a tools collection.
* WorkbenchPictureSwitcher - changes the background picture after every boot.
* Transformer - for converting of binary, hexadecimal and decimal.
* SaverSave - protection against memory and delete access on files.
* Jingle Machine - managing and playing of jingles.
These are programs had been published in 1995 as shareware and are freeware now.

Amiga Arena - announcement
"I hope to be able to offer special discount actions soon again. For the time being I have the promise of two further developers of actual shareware."
"I hope you continue to make use of this possibility to register shareware software for a special low price. the special discount actions are no matter of course and I hope to be able to still offer such in the future."

Amiga Arena full version
Talks about further full versions are in progress.

Amiga-news.de website
Olaf Köbnik, Amiga Arena

5.2.2001 WorkbenchOnWin Project Preview
The free project WorkbenchOnWin wants to port an "emulation" of our beloved Workbench on Win32 platform. WorkbenchOnWin replaces Windows' desktop with an environment that is almost the same of Workbench3.1 with MagicMenu (popup menus) and SysIHack (you can change the appearance of system gadgets). Download

Amigart website
WorkbenchOnWin Project Preview page
5.2.2001 News from Amiga RC5 Team
"The RC5 effort is now at 40%! We are also still gaining on the OS/2 team, and OGR-24 is practically done, both passes have been completely handed out, it's a matter of time to fill out the gaps for pass 2 (i.e. wait until all handed out work units are returned). Also, the effort Amiga 4000 is kinda dying, probably some capacitor trouble on the motherboard. Luckily only non essential functions are affected like sound and floppy, it may continue to operate for years to come without these. I will not attempt repairs until a suitable replacement/backup is present, but just in case all updates and mailing list drop off the air, you know what happened :) (in which case frantic attempts will be made to get everything back up ASAP of course) Lastly, apparently one of our members passed away last Friday. I have no further details, so here's to you, the unknown Amigan."

Amiga RC5 Team Effort website
5.2.2001 dynAMIte News
Jens Larsson: "The game I am most looking forward to right now is dynAMIte from the developer of AmiTradeCenter. dynAMIte is a bomberman/dynablaster-clone that can be played (only) over internet (TCP/IP) by up to 8 players! The current Status: BETA testing still in progress (3.2.2001) but going well!

Boingworld website
amisource.de website
5.2.2001 A Decade of Blizzard
pc.ign.com: "We reminisce about Blizzard's ten-year anniversary with three of the company's founders." - If you read this article, you will see that they didn't forget to mention the Amiga: "Our early projects were all conversions, which allowed our programmers to become familiar with game coding techniques and our artists to ease into game artwork. [..] Amiga Battle Chess II & Amiga Lord of the Rings [..]"

Amiga.org website
5.2.2001 New Datatypes
wavdt41.lha v41.6a - datatype for wave sounds 68k+WarpOS. readme

AkJFIF-dt v44.90 - JPEG datatype, which is based on the latest IJG JFIF sources (V6b) for 000/020/030/040/060/PPC/WOS. PPC .elf plugin, readme
AkPNG-dt V44.90 - PNG datatype, which is based on the latest PNG sources (zlib V1.1.3, libpng version 1.0.8) for 000/020/030/040/060/PPC/WOS. PPC .elf plugin, readme

Stephan Rupprecht's homepage

4.2.2001 Magazine PLANETamiga #6 available
Laurent Bellon: "The Issue #6 of the french amiga paper magazine PLANETamiga is now available. In its 40 pages, Planet bring us a test of the Mediator1200, OS39, over new software or hardware, games, news, ...
You can have the necessary of informations about this magazine at the URL planet.amiga.tm."

Laurent Bellon, PLANETamiga
4.2.2001 New Voyager³ 3.3.75beta
The second beta release of V³ with it's new layout engine is now available. Download it here and read the release notes here. As before, this version requires a keyfile to run.

4.2.2001 Thematic Logo Contest
Damir Arh: "We are organising a contest for the nicest and the most innovative club logo in the theme of spring, summer, autumn, winter and some other special occassions. The winner in each category will be awarded. You can find the details on our webpage. Everebody is invited to submit his work!"

Damir Arh, Digital Amiga Dream
4.2.2001 Pascal follow up to his Mediator review per Elbox's statment
Elbox responded to the Mediator review posted on the AMIGA-aktuell pages created by Pascal Hardyn (a member of A.F.L.E. French association of Amiga users). Pascal has responded to Elbox's responce from yesterday. You can read his complete responce here.

CyberGraphX homepage
4.2.2001 F1 Software with new URL
F1 Software homepage moves to http://www.f1-software.com/. homepages. During the next few weeks, these pages will be updated with various pieces of information regarding their projects...

F1 Software homepage
4.2.2001 Charon News
Charon is a shareware download manager for Amiga with many features.
Andrija Antonijevic: "Don't worry, I'm still working on Charon. Version 2.0 will have quite a few new features."

Height Anxiety homePage
4.2.2001 xvs.library delayed
Alex van Niel: "Well, I was planning to release an updated version of the XVS library and also make a little bugfix of VirusCheckerII but the bootdrive of my Amiga has just been destroyed and for some reason I can't get it to reinstall my OS. Until I get this problem fixed, I can't acces my sources (they are in the 3.5 fastfilesystem format... and it is a huge drive so I need 3.5)... I hope to fix this soon though but until then, I won't be able to release any updates.
I know this is a big problem seeing that almost all virus killers are using xvs ... I will try and fix the problem as fast as possible because of this. In the mean time, be very carefull."

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
4.2.2001 Offical Warp3D status for G-REX
Thomas Frieden one of the three Warp3D authors (Sam Jordan, Hans-Jörg Frieden and Thomas Frieden) posted a message on the Amiga-Mediator ML about the offical current state of the Warp3D drivers for the G-REX. Here is an overview:
"I would like to clarify some things: NEVER did anybody of the Warp3D team claim that Mediator will be slower or faster than G-REX."
"NEVER did anybody of the Warp3D team claim to have made benchmarks with the Mediator board."
"I would like everybody who does not have internal knowledge of what the Warp3D team is doing not to pretend having such knowledge. If you don't hear it from Sam Jordan, Hans-Jörg Frieden, or me, it's not true."
Read the rest of Thomas Frieden's complete post here.

CyberGraphX homepage
4.2.2001 GameIcons.info updated
Roderick Mouthaan: "I've just updated GameIcons.info. Over 100 new OS3.5 gameicons have been added." Download

Roderick Mouthaan, AmigaGames
4.2.2001 Software News
A second patch for the current version 4.8.4 (first patch has to be installed!) under OS 3.9 is available on the servicepacks page. Please have a look at the readme-file before installing this patch!

Asm-Pro v1.16h - MC680x0 macro assembler with integrated editor, debugger, linker and monitor for our Amiga. history

Audiomaster 2000 v0.61 - shareware MUI Sample Editor supporting all AHI devices.

EASys! homepage
Asm-Pro homepage
Bright Light Software website

3.2.2001 Rumors about AmigaZone are NOT true!
Harv Laser: "I have been advised that there are some rumors floating around out there, started by I don't know who, that my online service, AmigaZone, is going away. I am here to put a stop to these rumors.
AmigaZone is NOT going away. It is quite healthy, up and running and serving its members as it has since 1985." Read more

ANN website
Harv Laser, AmigaZone
2.2.2001 iFUSION release really near? :-)
MS: "We have completed debugged the 68060/PPC card with iFUSION(tm). The BlizzardPPC card for the A1200 does not work AT ALL. We will have a board here tomorrow (02/02/2001) to determine the problem, and then we can prepare for shipping!
We have included a new screenshot that we did today after running Speedometer 4.02. This PPC card is the Phase5 board with a 150Mhz 604e PowerPC chip and 50Mhz 68060 chip. Compare this against FUSION running on an 040 or 060 Amiga and you can see that even in the 68K emulation mode (OS9.04), it is very fast, especially for only a 150Mhz PPC!"
Screen shots and more information can be found here.

"It is also likely now that we will take our PowerPC based x86 emulation core from "PowerClone" (a PowerMac based PC emulator) and put it into PCx to make an updated PC emulator for the Amiga."

Microcode Solutions website

2.2.2001 ELBOX: Request for rectification
Darek Dulian: "You have recently presented at your page: [Mediator PCI 1200 Review by Pascal Hardyn (published by Amiga-aktuell)], the description of Mediator PCI 1200 produced by our company. As in this description there are some inaccuracies, we would like you to correct them. Read more

2.2.2001 Latest information on the Eyetech-sponsored alt-WoA show
Eyetech Group are co-sponsoring the alt.WoA show organised by HAUG (Huddersfield Amiga User Group), to be held on the outskirts of Huddersfield on Saturday 24th February. The show will be situated in The Old Cornmill, which is less than one minutes drive from Junction 25 of the M62 motorway. Tickets will be £1.50 on the door, or just £1.00 when obtained in advance from Eyetech.
New products which will be demonstrated (and available to buy) at the show from Eyetech include the MP3 MAS-Player, EZCam PCMCIA solid state media adapter and EZMouse PS/2 adapter (and scroll mice). All of our most popular software & hardware will be available too, such as STFax 4.5, OS 3.9, EZTower-Z4s, Cybervision 64/3Ds, BVision graphics cards and Blizzard SCSI kits. Read more

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2.2.2001 PDA Projects Development Opportunities
There is tremendous potential for distribution of your applications, games and other content for one of the world's largest manufacturers of PDA hardware. The projection is for more than 7 million units to be sold by the end of 2001 and there are already several million units on the market at this time. There will be specific requirements as far as style, type of applications, distribution rights and certification of content. Read more

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2.2.2001 Anim Maker
A new software, called Anim Maker started recently. It is now in the early alpha stage, and alpha testers are searched. The best 10 alpha testers will become beta testers later. The best beta tester will get this piece of software free of charge. The Anim Maker will help you to create anime-like animations with no effort at all. For becoming an alpha tester you need: a 68020+ based Amiga with AGA, MUI 3, toolbar.mcc and some memory. Contact: tumanyan@mail.ru.

Serge "Blue Fog" Tumanyan
2.2.2001 Interview with Patrick Roberts (Artix Software)
There is an interview with AmigaDE developer, Patrick Roberts (zAMilo, E-tick) about his current and upcoming projects. By Christoph Dietz.

Patrick Roberts: "'zAMilo' was written from scratch, but was inspired by a micro-http server released by Ericsson for their mobile phones. I wanted to create a very small HTTP server for the AmigaDE that could be used for configuring an embedded system with a web browser. I'd like to someday use a browser on my PC to serve my VCR, tell my coffee maker when to have a cup ready for me in the morning, etc... "

AmigaSDK.com website
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2.2.2001 Trogladite Awards still operational
Nick Lamburn: "To make an official statement on this issue, the Trogladite Software awards are still there, and intact, as a beta website we want to make sure we get the various sections working robustly, and then increasing features and content; rather than adding it all at once and having massive problems everywhere. The results of the Trogsoft awards will be announced at alt. WOA 2001, in Huddersfield, UK - 24th February. The addition of Windows development does not have any side affects on the Amiga based operation, except positive ones such as multiplatform initiatives. I hope this clarifies the situation."

Vote for Czech Amiga News (we still need ~500 votes to win :-)

Amigart website
Trogladite Software website
2.2.2001 STFax 4-5 now in stock
Version 4.5 of the popular communications tool, STFax, is now in stock at Eyetech. STFax can be used for fax transmission / receipt, as an advanced answer machine / voicemail system or as a mini-bbs system. Read more

Eyetech Group Ltd website
2.2.2001 ALD: The 600th wins
"Shortly we will have 600 entry's in our "Amiga Link Directory". For us it is a pleasure and the reason to give away one copy of the game "Simon the sorcerer II" to the person whomes website will make the 600th entry.
Of course also for this reason our policy to become part of the ALD will be the same as ever. It's not possible to get an entry if you're simply having an Amiga at home. To make an entry in the ALD your website must concentrate on the Amiga subject, (too). E.g. presentation of programs, developments or your own Amiga computer.
Telling us about your website will not automatically qualify for an entry. Until the winner was determined no new entered websites will be published in the ALD to prevent somebody from waiting for #599."

Amiga-news.de website
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2.2.2001 Febraury 1st update from CompuQuick
If you haven't put your hands on a spare 1200, now is the time to do so. New software titles also available. There is still a chance to pre-order the REPulse sound card if you have not done so already. Read more

CompuQuick website
2.2.2001 Boingworld Unoderated News posting
Jens Larsson: "This morning we activated the first test of our unmoderated news posting! This means ANYONE can post news directly to Boingworld for immediate display on the mainpage! The usual top left icon of the newsitem will though be an "Unmoderated Icon" and the newsitem will only be visible for the people that have choosen to activate this in their prefs. We (the editors) will ofcourse delete or moderate the postings asap."

Jens Larsson, Boingworld
2.2.2001 Elbox P96 Voodoo5 driver in testing! Elbox suggest Voodoo3 over Voodoo5!
On the Amiga-Mediator ML I posted a responce to a question about buying a Voodoo5 5500 over a Voodoo3 3000. I pointed out what many parties had said on the subject. Elbox (Darek, VP of Support:) quickly responded to my post 3/3. Once again thanks to Darek for his quick responce! Here is the message:

vgr: "For a 2D driver, for the Mediator, from Elbox in their December 6, 2000 press release said "3dfx Voodoo5 32MB (in development)"."
Elbox: "You are right. Drivers for Voodoo5 for Mediator are in development. More precisely, they are in the testing phase now."

vgr: "As far as "amiga" goes there is a running driver with the grex for v5 card."
Elbox: "You are right, again. There may be a driver. But there is no grex :-)"

vgr: "Looks like Voodoo3 is the way to go..."
Elbox: "Actually, yes."

CyberGraphX homepage

2.2.2001 100%AMIGA - monthly CD magazine
The English Amiga dealer FORE-MATT Home Computing has started a new english CD only magazine called 100% Amiga!
This NEWLY STYLED Magazine, is a fully interactive Amiga CD developed by Amiga owners for Amiga owners. Each month 100%AMIGA contains TUTORIALS, GUIDES, and TECHNICAL information for the BEGINNER and the EXPERIENCED user alike. Each and every month 100%AMIGA contains FREE software, a number of useful utilities and a few games, and every month they will include at least one FULL software title. Read more

FORE-MATT Home Computing website
2.2.2001 Aminet CD 41 Available
Aminet CD 41, dated February 2001, contains more than 800 MB of (uncompressed) software in nearly thousand archives. Since the release of Aminet 40 numerous new software has appeared. The current edition is expected to include the full version of the fantastic beat'em up game Capital Punishment. Now available for DM 25,-.

Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe website
2.2.2001 New NetBSD Amiga Drivers
Drivers for individual Computers' "ISDN Surfer" and Zeus Development's "ISDN Link". The NetBSD Amiga driver for the Siemens ISDN chip-set got support for two more cards for the Zorro-bus added.
* Individual Computer "ISDN Surfer", id 4626/5
* Zeus Development "ISDN Link", id 2189/3
Up to now already supported:
* BSC ISDN Master 2092/64
* ITH ISDN Master II 5000/1
* VMC ISDN Blaster 5001/1
The interrupt level for the ISDN Surfer is software managed, other cards must be switched to IPL 2 by jumper setting.

Closer information about the isdn4bsd configuration are to find inside of the included electronic manual pages (man isdnd) and here.
Those drivers as well as the entire ISDN sub-system are content of NetBSD-current, the development part of NetBSD, and will occur in the NetBSD-1.6 release. External testers are asked to run a release of the 1.5 part until 1.6 has been published; for 1.5 the last released isdn4bsd-0.96_BETA is available as additional package (but without drivers for ISDN Surfer or ISDN Link).

Amiga-news.de website

1.2.2001 Eyetech: Secure server for online ordering now fully operational
The online ordering system recently introduced on the Eyetech website (www.eyetech.co.uk) now employs an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) link for the transmission of sensitive information (such as credit card information). This means customers can shop online with Eyetech, safe in the knowledge that their information will reach only Eyetech, and no third parties along the way.
This development on the Eyetech website is ideal for use with their new Eye-Surf TV Internet set-top box, which can make use of SSL encryption for use in online ordering.

Eyetech Group Ltd website
1.2.2001 White Knight Technology (UK) - Amiga Clearout Sale
After 10 years of supporting the Amiga, sadly we have decided that it is no longer economically viable to continue this side of our business. Clearly, this is bad news in the long term, but hey - we've got a decades worth of old stock, ex demo gear and all manner of Amiga stuff to clear out - for next to nothing. Take a look if you are interested - jou might just grab yourself a bargain! We're at www.whiteknight.ukf.net and you can place secure online orders for worldwide delivery. You can write to amiga@whiteknight.ukf.net.

White Knight Technology website
1.2.2001 Important AmiBench News
Due to problems with the AmiBench server the IP address had to be changed, this caused a large unforseen problem for us.
One of the "Admins" didn't set the expire date very well on the AmiBench domain names, so currently the domains are un-reachable (they should start to resolve over the next 24/48 hours and beyond).
For those of you who are interested as to why here is a simple explanation of the problem:
Someone set the domains to expire every 7 days (which it has to do), which means the Master Domain Record will not update the IP Address changes for another 4 days. Even through the Whois lookup says everything is fine, because of the above problem's the domain will NOT resolve until it has expired and updated the Master Domain Records.
Until then you can access AmiBench via the rather amusing URL of http://amibench.shagged.org.

The normal urls of AmiBench.com, AmiBench.org, and AmiBench.net should start to work over the next few days.

Mark 'tecno' Wilson, AmiBench

1.2.2001 ToolsDaemon & AmigaOS 3.9
ToolsDaemon22.lha - these patches fix ToolsDaemon 2.1a, written by Nico François, to take advantage of V45 (OS 3.9) Workbench API. Users of older Workbenches may find this update interesting too as I fixed a couple of annoying bugs like wrong pen selection for menus on deeper screens, etc.
This patch is freeware, No warranties. readme

1.2.2001 Amiga.info user group 6th anniversary meeting
The next meeting will be on Thursday, February 15, 2001 at 7:00PM at the Royal Oak, 161 Laurier E. Avenue (basement). This month, Randall Hughes (Vice-President of Sales & Strategic Alliances at Amiga Inc.) will be joining us to celebrate the club's six year anniversary! If you can, drop by to join in the fun and discuss the latest on Amiga. For more information, go to Amiga.info's website.

Thomas Leroux via ANN
1.2.2001 Polls
On AmigaPage there is a poll relative to a project for the translation of AmigaOS 3.9 manual in Italian language! The URL of the poll is http://web.tiscalinet.it/amigapage/sondaggio.htm.

AmigaSDK.com has got a poll about what newssite you like best! Another chance to show your support :-)

VHD's Amiga poll 'What is your favourit Amiga antivirus program ?' had started at YahooGroups, but only members of the YahooGroup could vote. But now you can vote directly from Virus Help Denmark AMIGA page.

Marco Lovera
AmigaPage website
AmigaSDK.com website
Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website

1.2.2001 Descent 2 Port for Amiga
Steffen Haeuser: "Some time ago I've started a Descent 2 port for the Amiga (WarpUP and 68k version). Unfortunately I'm not able to finish this port due to lack of time, cause among other things I'm working on commercial games for the Amiga :-). (And these are yet more important than porting an old game). An interested programmer who would like to finish this port may contact me at any time and receive the current source code. Current stage:
* Crashes on leaving (and sometimes also on leaving a level, I guess memory freed twice)
* Warp3D support comes miscoloured (but software renderer works)
* Network support doesn't work
* In case of the "Bobbing Movement" I'm not sure, if it looks like it should do
* Still a lot of debug output inside of the source
* Cockpit isn't displayed correctly
* The code was compiled with StromC-gcc or gcc-WarpOS.

Contact: Steffen Haeuser

Amiga-news.de website
1.2.2001 Do you have any 3dfx development files?
"A few weeks ago 3dfx shut down their linux.3dfx.com. This was the machine with all there development stuff on it. Does any one have or know where to get any of the files that were on the machine? We are looking for any of the Voodoo developer docs from the site for the Voodoo2 and Banshee all the way up to the Voodoo5. If you know where to find these file please let us know at dev@vgr.com. We are interested in getting all the latest files."

CyberGraphX homepage
1.2.2001 FAQs
Official AmigaOS 3.9 FAQ updated: added a new entry to the Installation Tips page.

Thomas Wenzel: "I've updated the freqently asked questions page with some notes for OS3.9 users."

Greg's Page
AmigaAMP homepage

1.2.2001 BladeEnc WarpOS (Free hi-quality MP3 encoder for PPC)
Andrea Vallinotto: "At http://www.diff.org/avallino/be.shtml you'll find a crude but functional homepage for my port of the free (LGPL) MP3 encoder "BladeEnc". Two versions available, the 'stable' and 'unstable' that correspond to the original source tree organization. Both versions runs with WarpOS and were compiled with StormC4/GCC."

Andrea Vallinotto, Homepage for BladeEnc_WO
1.2.2001 Simon The Sorcerer II News
If you are going to install Simon The Sorcerer II Update 5, it is strongly recomended that you reinstall the game or re-copy the contents of 'data/voices' from your CD to your HD. A bug in Update 4 caused the game to corrupt some of these data files.

Simon The Sorcerer II Support page
1.2.2001 Software News
WarpPNG.datatype v44.11 - freeware PNG picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS). Changes:
* Updated with libpng 1.0.9.

JST v4.5c - JOTD startup for HD installs & degrader. Changes:
* Bugfix for EXECUTE option.

Exec V44.1 public beta2 - unofficial 68K AmigaOS kernel update. readme

The latest beta release of DOpus (4.15g) - improved version of great filemanager from GP Software. Changes The beta version contains only the files that changed since the last public release.
Watch out for serial debug data. Use Sushi/Sashimi to redirect it from serial port to WB window.

Oliver Roberts' Homepage
The Amiga Ultimate Patch & HD Installers Page
Am*ga projects by Harry "Piru" Sintonen
Directory Opus 4 Support Page