31.1.2k MorphOS Project Status
Ralph Schmidt: "the MorphOS devpackage won't make it this month. The main reason for the delay is that Frank Mariak's CyberstormPPC died end of 1999 and only after the 2nd send/resend procedure Phase5 found out that it's unrepairable broken. (Pads for the ppc ballgrid array seem to be burned/glued) He got a new PPC board today from me so he can continue working on native cybergfx since today... but that was a loss of 1 month on his side. And as Frank and I agreed on not releasing anything until cybergfx is completely native we have this delay." Read more.

31.1.2k Quake News
awinquake v0.5 68k and PPC ports of winquake by Peter McGavin. Readme.

Another Quake and QuakeWorld ports by Frank Wille and Steffen Häuser: Quake v1.09 for WarpOS, PowerOS and 68K (30.1.00) and QuakeWorld Client v2.40 for WarpOS, PowerOS and 68K (30.01.00) available.

Today we also get first GLQuake Amiga screenshots, on which Massimiliano Tretene, Steffen Haeuser, and Frank Wille are working on. Enjoy!

Frank Wille's homepage
Massimiliano Tretene

31.1.2k AmigaNation News
New article on Mozilla - "Reports of Mozilla's failure have been greatly exaggerated, or Why Mozilla Will Change the Web... Again." It's time to get new Mozilla to Amiga :-)
The Amiga that wasn't - "Vision of the Post-PC Era" Quite outdated due Gateway sold Amiga but still interesting...

AmigaNation News page
31.1.99 The World Foundry News
Check the TWF February 2000 Update for the latest news about their upcomming games Explorer 2260 and Maim & Mangle.

Ed Collins, The World Foundry
31.1.2k Software News
PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX website is back!
akMPEG4 V4.23 (31.1.2000) - (68k+PPC). New: faster by predecoding for audio+video, bugfixed audio, suitable for fast script-based replay, e.g. on CD-32s.

BGUI 41.10 Final release due to be out soon.

Andreas Kleinert, PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX
Manuel Lemos

30.1.2k Hyperion News
"The Heretic Fortress", the free multiplayer mod for Heretic II by Wankaroo, is rapidly nearing completion. Take a look at the first screenshots.
The Heretic II FAQ and features pages have been brought up-to-date. 68K version dropped due terrible speed results.

Hyperion Software website
30.1.2k OS 3.5 FAQ v1.0
Here is the first version of the OS 3.5 FAQ by Alex. This FAQ is not meant to replace the "official" version at www.amiga.de, it is an addition to provide answers to questions that appeared on the AmigaOS3.5 mailinglist irritatingly often :) or are worth being mentioned in an FAQ. If you have additions or corrections to the FAQ, please write to neurodancer@gmx.de.

Alex via AmigaOS3.5 ML
30.1.2k AMIGA at ExpoSALT
ExpoSALT's (Alternative Systems Show) second edition happened in Niterói, Brazil (a neighboring city to Rio de Janeiro) on January 29th and 30th, 2000, and gathered in the same place a number of options for people who don't want to run Windows on their computers. Systems such as Linux, Amiga, MSX, BeOS, Mac, OS2/Warp, QNX were present, among others. Read more. (brazil).

Alex "Nautilus" Moura
Multivitaminas! website
30.1.2k A4000D 2 Tower Transformation
Have you got A4000 desktop and you do not have a room for anything else than one CD-ROM drive in case? Anthony Long brings the solution for you! He made an yet another guide for the technically inept people :-) in which he describes how to perform all the necessary steps to successfully rebuild your A4000D to a standard PC tower. Very good solution, tested on real Amiga :-)

Anthony Long, Yet another A4000 DIY tower guide!
30.1.2k And The Winner Is...
The first winner of Magical Amiga Mug Contest is: Chris Aldi.
You can enter this contest by simply distributing flyers for the Amiga 2k show, or placing their banner on your web site. The banner is located on the bottom of the "Who" page. It is "gsbanner.gif".
Simply go to www.amiga-stl.com/show.html and click on "News". Then download the file about the Magical Amiga Mug Contest, located in the "Amiga 2K - Banner Year Rewards" Press Release and send it in. They will enter you in the weekly drawing for your assistance in promoting Amiga 2K.
Next drawing for a Magical Amiga Mug will be next weekend.

Bob Scharp, Amigan-St. Louis
Amiga 2k - Gateway Computer Show website
30.1.2k Cinemaware is alive again
Classic games developer Cinemaware - responsible for classics such as Wings & Defender of the crown - is back. www.cinemaware.com serves as a repository for news, information, and links related to Cinemaware's past, present and future. In coming months, stay tuned for special features including interviews with the original designers, artists and programmers. Most exciting will be news, information, and features related to the future product lineup from Cinemaware.

Soren Ladegaard on ANN
Cinemaware website
30.1.2k Software News
Basilisk II Release 0.8-1 - free, portable, Open Source 68k Mac emulator.

STRICQ 0.1714 (01/30/00) - ICQ clone with MUI GUI. Release Notes.
GetNewSTRICQ (v2.7) helps you to check if there is new STRICQ and download it and AmIRC2STRICQ v 1.1 to "fully" controll STRICQ from AmIRC!

AmigaAMP 2.8 BETA-1 - very early beta version of release 2.8 comes with support for an unlimited number of plugins running at the same time AND experimental streaming audio support including a modified version of CISC's StreamMP3 AREXX script. Give it a try! :)

ACUP Imagine V5.17 bug-fix added to the ACUP download server. This update solves the problem with the mix/morph value corruption, and also adds new functionality to the stage editors goto-frame window.

Christian Bauer's site
STRICQ homepage, Snorslex programs page
AmigaAMP homepage
CAD-Technologies website

29.1.2k SIN on Amiga?
AmigActive issue 5 is out now! (27.1.2000)

In a recent AmigActive article, Ben Hermans (Hyperion Software) confirmed that Sin will be ported to AmigaOS. Sin, like Heretic 2 is based on the Quake2 engine by id software.

AmigActive magazine website
Amiga.org website
Hyperion Software website

29.1.2k ProStationAudio Millennium
ProStationAudio Millennium is completing the quality-tests phase. The new product introduces a new internal engine while preserving full compatibility with projects created with any other version of ProStationAudio. With Millennium, ProStationAudio evolves from a 16:32 system (16-channel streaming/editing, 32-channel processing/mixing) to a 32:32 system. The new version handles stereo files on the timeline, requiring just one track for any couple of L/R channels. A preliminary list of new capabilities includes:
stereo editing, xfading and linking
freehand audio scrubbing (including automation scrubbing) with forward/backward varispeed playback
looped audio scrubbing (including automation scrubbing)
timestretching and tempo matching
several auditioning modes: region, object, track, timeline
new region-list manager
region-list autocleanup to get rid of unused regions
configurable timeline look and very fast redraws
BPM (tempo) management and more...

AudioLabs website
29.1.2k Amiga In Mainstream
Amiga mentioned in swedish mainstream PC-magazine "Computer Sweden":
Amiga skriver avtal med Tao (swedish). local copy in english

David Erman
29.1.2k OS3.5 Games Icons
GameIcons.info is dedicated to OS 3.5 icons for Amiga games. there you will find a growing archive of gameicons, waiting to glitter and glamour all over your Workbench!

AmigaGames.com website
28.1.2k Carl Sassenrath spoke on ZDTV - The Screensavers show on January, 26th.
Carl Sassenrath spoke on ZDTV - The Screensavers show on January, 26th. You can read more info here. RealAudio presentation is also available.

REBOL/View released to limited "first wave" beta testers. Broader beta distribution will be available next week.

REBOL Technologies website
pekr & ExiE

28.1.2k Software News
Amiga-Apache v1.3.11 - http server. Amiga Server Project pages updated.

WHDLoad page moved. WHDLoad 1.5 usr & dev archives - AmigaOS friendly Harddisk-Install package.

STRICQ 0.1710 (01/25/00) - ICQ clone with MUI GUI. Release Notes.

AmiGenerator v1.11 (000128) - Sega MegaDrive/Genesis emulator. PPC only!

Amiga-News.de website
Amiga Apache website
WHDL support page
STRICQ homepage
AmiDog's Emulation Corner website

27.1.2k Phantasmagoria is Coming
Alive's BIGGEST ever game is coming... Be prepared to be scared out of your mind because the master of interactive horror - Roberta Williams - is coming to the Amiga in style. So be prepared for a terrifying tale of a womans fight against the forces of evil... An unparalleled mixture of Hollywood techniques, combining digital sound effects, computer rendered worlds and interactivity. The whole game unfolds in chapters, like a novel, to reveal a frighteningly realistic nightmare, from which you may never awaken. Check this page for FAQ and screenshots.

Steven Flowers, Alive Mediasoft
Sierra's Phantasmagoria page
27.1.2k DirectoryOpus 4.12 source code
Directory Opus 4 (4.12) is hereby released as free software under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. Please READ this license and make sure you understand the terms and conditions of this license.
The release of Directory Opus 4 under the GPL in NO WAY affects the existing commercial status of Directory Opus 5 or subsequent products.

GPSoftware website
27.1.2k French Amiga fanzine "Planet"
French Amiga fanzine "Planet" come every two months with 52 pages, full of news, software & games reviews, tutorials about coding, music, graphics 2D/3D, hardware... The issue 3 is coming soon!

Jean-Rémi Taponier
Planet Amiga magazine website
27.1.2k PhotoFolio v2.0
Steeple Software is proud to announce the first commercial release of PhotoFolio v2.0 in conjunction with Schatztruhe. PhotoFolio 2.0 is image cataloging and viewing system. It is a major step forward from it's predecessor version 1.2 with many new features.
PhotoFolio v2.0 is planned to be released in early to mid February. Price has yet to be decided, however users who have paid the shareware fee will receive a discount on the retail price.

Steve Quartly, Steeple Software
27.1.2k Software News
New beta version of ImageManager.library (V1.2 75.5Kb)
MUIExchange (V1.1 4.8Kb) - MUIfied Exchange clone. Added "MUIA_List_AutoVisible, TRUE" to the listview.

Moovid v1.2 - AVI/MOV and QT! player with PPC and WOS support soon available...

Waves of the future v2.5 (21.1.2000) an AmigaAMP plugin by Stian Strøm (Warp3D support, fullscreen)

Allan Odgaard's homepage
Nicola Tomic
PIV-MooVId & MooVId homepage
Thomas Lorenz

26.1.2k Clubbed Issue 4 Now Available
Issue 4 of Clubbed, South Essex Amiga Link's quarterly Amiga magazine, is now available. Highlights of this issue include: first coverage of the Amino buy-out, reviews of Photogenics 4.2 and ImageFX 4.1, tutorials on Layers in both ImageFX and Photogenics and a feature on CDROM and the Amiga. A full contents list, subscription information and sample articles from previous issues are available on our website.

Robert Williams, SEAL
26.1.2k AROS News
AROS developers are currently working on Intuition (fixing bugs, integrating things better, making menus work), the hardware drivers for AROS Native/x86 (vga.hidd and scsi.device/hidd), commodities, datatypes and AROS Native/PPC. Especially for the last one, they need more people who know about WarpUp and PowerUp. Also, people who know how to write hardware drivers for a PC (namely how to make Exec handle PCs' IRQs and a driver for the IDE chips) are needed.

AROS website

26.1.2k NovaDesign Ships Millennium for Video Toaster Flyer Users
The Millennium is Here! Millennium for the Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer is here. It's extremely cool, it's wildly powerful, and it will give your Toaster and Toaster/Flyer amazing new powers to help you make your work look better than ever before!
The Millennium package is presented by Newtek and has been produced by Nova Design, Inc. in cooperation with all prominent Toaster/Flyer developers. It is not to be missed. Read more.

Amiga-News.de website
DigitalProducer magazine website
26.1.2k Interview with Fleecy Moss
AmigaFuture: part of interview with Fleecy Moss (german). The whole interview will be released in Amiga Future issue 23, which will be released on February 23rd, 2000.

AmigaFuture website

26.1.2k Games For Free
Amiga Sector One is a legal Amiga emulation site. Every item you can download there has been exclusively licensed for this site. Few days ago another games ware added: Subwar 2050 AGA by Particle Systems and Top Wrestling by Genia.

You should also try Back to the Roots or Pelikapseli retropelitaivas.

Amiga-News.de website

26.1.2k Photogenics site has been restructured
Paul Nolan's Photogenics website is now subdivided into an Amiga and Linux sections.
Paul: "I have just discovered that my alternate pnolan@dircon.co.uk address has been bouncing for at least the last 11 days. If you have sent an email and had it returned to you, please re-send it to pnolan@cix.co.uk. My voicemail and fax is now operational again, but anything transmitted during the outage will have been lost. Sorry for any problems this may have caused."
Linux public beta version being prepared for download!

Photogenics website
26.1.2k Software News
Amiga Alternative Audio page (RA, Lame, Blade) moved!

Frogger v1.52 - MPEG Video player. Download PPC, 060, 040 version. Frogger guide v1.51.

Amiga Alternative Audio page
Total Vision homepage

25.1.2k Amiga Update News
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (n.000123).

Amiga Update website
25.1.2k Imagine News
CAD-Technologies updated the V5-V6 GUI comparison and ACUP description pages to reflect some of the changes made for the V5.17 release.

CAD-Technologies website
25.1.2k Wolfenstein 3D source code released
Logicware's "Burger" Bill Heineman released the source code to the Mac version of Wolfenstein 3D. This version of Wolfenstein 3D looks better than PC one and should be easier to port to the Amiga. The source code is available for immediate download from Logicware's FTP site (MacBinary, 177K). Read more.

macgaming.com website
25.1.2k Young Scientist Linux Users
From www.slashdot.org: Irish Linux users win science award, using Linux and an Amiga emulator running Blitz Basic! Read more.

Anthony Long
25.1.2k RioRed PowerPC G4 Motherboard
The PowerPC based RioRed G4 motherboard is designed to provide a short cycle time, cost-effective solution for companies developing high-performance computing solutions. Each daughtercard contains a 450 MHz PowerPC G4 microprocessor and a 225 MHz/ 2MB L2 cache. One or two daughtercards may be used for single-processor or dual-processor (SMP) configurations.

Amigart website
24.1.2k COSA Meeting with Amiga in Reading, England
Steve Crietzman, president of Open Amiga Group (formerly known as COSA) visited the gathering of prominent members of the Amiga community with Bill McEwen and FleecyMoss, AmigaInc, in Reading, England. Read more.

Campaign to open source the AmigaOS website
24.1.2k Crystal Interactive Software and Amiga Gaming
Crystal Interactive Software, which have signed up in the past year Amiga games such as Bubble Heroes, Gilbert Goodmate and The Dark Millennia have announced exciting plans to bring Amiga games back into retail. Bubble Heroes, a puzzle/ platform type game is expected to be the first Amiga game to hit the shops. Read more.

AmigaFlame website
24.1.2k Freeware SNES Emulator under development
"Although we have had only 32(!) messages from people who want a good SNES emulator for the Amiga, we will continue development on this project. The emulator will support AGA/CGX and will require at least an 040-25MHz with a low-end PPC603. Sound should be processed by the 68K CPU for higher performance, although the emulator will be switchable to PPC-only mode. The entire program is going to be written in pure PPC680x0 (assembly) code.
Thanks a lot to the 32 people who took some time to write a motivating message. We must admit that these figures give quite an idea about how many people actually care for new programs on the Amiga. We hope that other messages will still follow as it will keep us motivated: Support, help (such as low-level SNES info), donations or just a little 'hello' are always appreciated and may even make us happy enough to put a high priority on the development of the emulator.

S. Raghoebardayal
24.1.2k Fleecy Speaks - New Amiga HW
Check this e-mail conversation of Jerry Smith and Fleecy Moss to find out what Hardware the Amiga will run on. It is edited to protect the innocent...

ANN website
24.1.2k Software News
STRICQ 0.1709 (01/24/00) - ICQ clone with MUI GUI. Release Notes.

STRICQ homepage
23.1.2k Imagine v5.17
A new update release of the Imagine Amiga Constant Upgrade Program (ACUP) is now available - V5.17. The update can be downloaded by ACUP subscribers from the usual ACUP download area. Changes:
24Bit datatypes system now supported for brush-mapping.
OS3.5 support (icon, datatypes).
Zoom function: New GUI and functionality.
MPEG generator updated.
Bevel function: New GUI and functionality.
Reworked editor menus.
Frame-goto function: New GUI and functionality.
...and Miscellaneous other changes/enhancements which are detailed in the included AmigaGuide documentation.
If you wish to join the constant upgrade program, full ordering details can be found at the support site: Version5 to Version6 upgrade = $100
Any other Imagine version to V6 = $200
Payment can be accepted by either Credit-card, Cash, Cheque, or Postal order.

Martin McKenzie
CAD-Technologies website
23.1.2k Amiga 2K Press Release 8 & 9
Place the Amiga 2K show banner on your web sites, and or distribute flyers for the Amiga 2K show to win "Magical Amiga Mug". Read press release 8.

More exhibitors have signed up in the last ten days. Individual computers of Germany is our first German exhibitor, but not our first European exhibitor. That title goes to Paul Nolan Ltd. of England.
Other exhibitors signing up include NASAU, amiga.org, Digital Arts, AmiTech Dayton Amiga Users Group, E.S. Productions and Northwest Amiga Group.
The pace is quickening, as more developers, dealers and distributors sign up. Stay tuned for more information on the largest and best Amiga show in the Americas... Amiga 2K.

Bob Scharp, Amigan-St. Louis
Amiga 2k - Gateway Computer Show website

23.1.2k The Amiga "BoingCoin"
If you will order Amiga "BoingCoin" till January 31th, you will get two coins for the price of one!

All Things Amiga website
23.1.2k VMC Network & Communication Solutions News
Since beginning of the new Year 2000 VMC decided not to produce or to develop hardware any more. The company VMC will focus on software developement and license the software products to third party companies.
On January, 20th, HyperCOM Plus product line have been sold completely. The complete stock and a license for further production has been transferred to Individual Computers. However, VMC will continue the software care and ensure proper function in the future. Read more (german).

Amiga-News.de website
VMC - Network & Communication Solutions website
Individual computers website
23.1.2k Electronic Dreams's Games
Electronic Dreams are close to finishing "Cosmos Fun Class" - an educational game for the Amiga. Epic Marketing have shown an interest in the game. Their next game will be "Battle Squadron", similar to Frontier Elite II. Graphic artists are needed to help with the project. Contact: uaug.s@ukonline.co.uk for more details.

ANN website
23.1.2k New Games with Warp3D Support
After the sourcecode of several games has been released, Warp3D versiones of Quake, Descent 2 and Elite 3 were announced. Quake has benn announced by Frank Wille and Alive Mediasoft. At least Frank Wille's Quake will use Hyperion's MiniGL, which will be out as freeware soon. Descent 2 and Elite 3 will be ported by Alive Mediasoft.
List of projects with either certain or planned Warp3D support.

3D World website
23.1.2k Simon The Sorcerer II News
Currently Epic Marketing have taken 346 preorders for the Amiga Version of Simon The Sorcerer II. Just to remember, 500 preorders are needed to realise "Simon The Sorcerer 2" for Amiga. You can place your preorder here: order@epic-marketing.de or call 07071 400492, fax 07071 400493, snail mail: epic marketing, Hirschauer Strasse 9, 72070 Tübingen.

Epic Marketing website
23.1.2k Software News
STRICQ 0.1702 (01/23/00) - ICQ clone with MUI GUI. Release Notes.

TrueReality 990629.2 (000123) - Nintendo64 emulator.

Digital Almanac II 1.8.2 free update - Digital Almanac is one of the best programs for hobby astronomers and professionals available for the Amiga !
Digital Almanac III for PPC (WarpOS) is planned!

STRICQ homepage
AmiDog's Emulation Corner website
Achim's Amiga homepage

22.1.2k PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX website CLOSED
Due to massive piracy and other efforts to destabilize the Amiga software market (not counting the subtile attempts to bash competetitors with unfair methods) Andreas R. Kleinert decided to put his site on hold for a few days. Read more.

PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX website
22.1.2k Pegase's source code
Didier: "The source code of the fast 68K MPEG-A encoder Pegase is available here. I decided to make it available under the GNU public license in the hope that someone could enhance it, or enhance his own encoder. I reached my goal in providing a fast encoder, and this doesn't help to keep my motivation high. I think my time would be better spent on another project. I'd like to thank every users who supported me upto today. Thank you very much."

Didier "kakace" Levet, Pegase
22.1.2k Software News
WHDLoad support page moved.

WarpJPEG.datatype v44.7 - PPC (WarpUp) JFIF-JPEG picture datatype
WarpPNG.datatype v44.3 - PPC (WarpUp) PNG picture datatype

WarpQuake 0.2 - WarpUP Quake port based on AwinQuake by Peter McGavin. Sources.

WHDLoad support page
Oliver's homepage
Jarmo Laakkonen's page

21.1.2k Powerball and Amiga Classix 2
Darkage Software announced two new products: Powerball - simple puzzle game and Amiga Classix 2 - official sequel to one of the most succesfull Amiga compilation ever! Over 230 freeware, shareware and commercial FULL games...

Darkage Software website
21.1.2k REBOL website update
REBOL website was slightly redesigned. It now says Carl Sassenrath has been invited to speak at National Institute of Standards and Technology, Pervasive Computing Conference, as well as on Ziff Davis TV - The Screensavers show. Updated REBOL manual is also available. Beta version of GUI for REBOL, called REBOL/View should be out really soon.

REBOL Technologies website
21.1.2k First look at REBOL book
REBOL - the official guide, is the name of probably first book ever dedicated to REBOL. It comes from Osborne/NcGraw-Hill and you can have a first look at the book here, where chapters 5 and 11 are available.

McGraw-Hill website
Allen K. on REBOL ML
21.1.2k Driver for Wacom Graphire
Finally Amiga fans can use the new graphics Wacom graphics tablet "Graphire" The driver supports the pressure sensitive pen as well as the enclosed wireless mouse and the finger-wheel. Read more.

Haage & partner website
21.1.2k How to act when running into a pirate site
Kent Seaton posted some instructions in the NoPiracy forum which are now on the NoPiracy site as well.

Haage & partner website
21.1.2k Public QuakeWorld proxies
Just updated Surgeons Quake1 Goodies with a config file, that lets you connect easily to public Quakeworld proxies. It adds a lot of nice features to the game, such as fps improvements, and filtering options to improve modem bandwith, but a most importantly an extremely good server browser from within qwcl - no external program needed!

Christian "SuRgEoN" Michael, Surgeons Quake1 Goodies
21.1.2k Software News
Gurer -Palpa- Ozen released Amster V0.4. There is new Amster website on Amigart.com.

Now you can visit official AmigAIM page and subscribe to AmigAIM Mailing List. STRICQ 0.1698 beta (01/21/00) - ICQ clone with MUI GUI. Release Notes.

Dundar Unsal
Amster website
Richard H. Poser II via STRICQ ML
STRICQ homepage

20.1.2k REPULSE soundcard announced
The REPULSE soundcard for the Amiga2/3/4000 is a high-end user product. The soundcard combines the latest sound technologies with a low price.
REPULSE runs 3.3V technology to minimize power consumption. A modern Codec with high quality filters is used for the analog output. The card is connected to the Zorro II bus by an interface which offers full bandwidth. So the hardware does not use any waitstates. REPULSE has 64 KByte sample FIFO to reduce cpu load extremely. With the full duplex mode playing and recording can be done at the same time. The audio codec has a dynamic range of 96 dB for excellent sound quality. All in- and outputs are protected against shortwiring.
Read more.

20.1.2k Tales From Heaven
The 3D Platform game "Tales From Heaven" is now at the presses. Preorders will be shipped probably at the end of next week. "Tales from Heaven" requires an AGA or Graphics board Amiga with 8 MByte Ram and a 030 CPU. The game will cost DM 89.- and can be preordered HERE.

Epic Marketing website
20.1.2k AmiCrusoe(tm) Upgrade Path for Amiga(tm) 1200 Series Computers
Phase5 gmbh have worked closely with Transmeta Corporation, in order to offer a full implementation of the revolutionary hardware-software hybrid on AmigaOS 3.1 and upwards systems. The core libraries of the AmigaOS have already been ported to take direct advantage of the Crusoe (tm) processor. Read more. Sounds interesting? It's a FAKE from one of our anonymous readers, but good one. :-)

..and now more seriously about Transmeta:
CNN.com - Transmeta unveils futuristic Crusoe chip
ZDNet News - Transmeta takes wraps off Crusoe
TheRegister - articles concerning Transmeta 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Slashdot - Transmeta's Crusoe Unveiled

Transmeta Corporation website
Phase5 website

20.1.2k Software News
FroggerPPC v1.5 - ultimate fast MPEG video player. Readme.

akJFIF.datatype, akPNG.datatype, akTIFF.datatype V44.76 (68K, PPC, WOS), akMPEG2 V3.09 and akMPEG4 V4.06 (68k+PPC) available here.

First private-beta of WinUAE 0.8.11 R1 has been released.

Total Vision homepage
PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX website
WinUAE homepage

19.1.2k LiveChat with TAO-Group and Fleecy Moss
IRC log - LiveChat with TAO-Group and Fleecy Moss - 19.01.2000

...new Amiga has been designed to be hardware independent, hence Tao. So what's the new amiga ? Tao code and Amiga logo?

Amigart website

19.1.2k Transmeta Breaks the Silence
SANTA CLARA, Calif. (January 19, 2000) - Transmeta Corporation today ended four and a half years of secrecy with the introduction of CrusoeTM , the world's first family of smart microprocessors. Designed to create a new category of Mobile Internet Computers, the Crusoe processor family (www.crusoe.com) is based on a breakthrough software approach that will revolutionize the field of mobile computing. Crusoe delivers on the market's need for "all day computing" with a PC compatible solution that is unmatched in performance with low power. Read more.

Transmeta website
19.1.2k AmiJoe is coming...
The AmiJoe range from Met@box will be available in February 2000, complete with a full 68000 emulation. With more PPC software arriving each month, now is the time to move into the fast lane. You can already preorder AmiJoe A1200 model suiteble for your needs... lowend G3/250 512KB L2 or highed G3/400 1Mb L2 ? :-)

Blittersoft website
Met@box website
19.1.2k Marathon 2 Source Code
Bungie've released the Marathon 2: Durandal source code in MPW format. Programmers can head to our their ftp site to get it. What about Amiga port?

Bungie website
19.1.2k Alive Need You
Steven Flowers: "We need your help. More staff are needed to work from home. We need programmers to join our in-house development team and a game reviewer to work for The Pulse. Interested parties should contact jenniealive@innotts.co.uk."

Steven Flowers, Alive Mediasoft
19.1.2k KOSH are having server problems again
www.iconimaging.net/kosh is currently down, as are mailinglists. We're working to try and rectify this situation, but there's nothing we can do about it right now.
http://kosh.convergence.org/ is still live. Mailinglists will be up again SOMEWHERE ASAP - it would be helpful if subscribers could get in touch in case we can't get hold of a list. If anyone wants to know anything can they mail me and I'll try and answer any questions ASAP.

Gregory Webb
19.1.2k Meeting with Bill
On Monday a group of Amiga developers, dealers and the press had a meeting with Bill McEwen (CEO Amiga Inc.) in Frankfurt. Bill explained their co-operation with TAO and their plans for the future. All looks very promissing and we at H&P are enthusiastic about the upcoming opportunities. We will have more meetings with Amiga in the near future to talk about that.

Haage & partner website
19.1.2k Software News
Quake 1.09 for AmigaOS/68k (16.01.00)

FastATA4000 ver.1.8 (16 Jan 2000) - changed FastATAPrefs for full compatibility with the newest HDToolBox ver. 44.22 (OS3.5)
New HDD installation (partitioning) or making any change in RDB of HDD attached to FastATA4000 is permissible only if FastATA.driver is running. FastATA.driver should be started before HDToolBox.

Frank Wille's homepage
Darek Dulian

Virus Help Denmark found today an infected file on Aminet. The file is infected with the link virus "Hitch Hiker v4.11". More info:
Name: Sniper
Virus name: Hitch Hiker v4.11
File name: Sniper.lzh
File size: 667,902 bytes
Infected file: Sniper
Infected size: 688,060 bytes (infected)

Virus can be killed with one of the usual virus killers like VirusZ, VT, VCII...

Amiga-News.de website
Virus help Denmark website
18.1.2k Internet has a voice
Archangelis, A technology which brings artificial voices into HTML pages is looking for a Amiga developers' team. Archangelis is finishing the betatest on IE and NN for windows. On february they will launch the "bug free" version of their plugins for both ms IE and Netscape communicator. They plan to develop their plugin (in six languages) on Linux X86, macOS, and...They would glad to add amiga on the list too. They are even ready to pay an Amiga developer's team to bring their plugin on our favorite OS!!! For more details on the technology check www.archangelis.com (only in French until the beginning of february) or just contact Olivier by email.

Olivier Laurent Archangelis
18.1.2k Are You Crazy Enough?
Are you clickBOOM and Amiga number one fan? Prove it! You must tattoo either words "clickBOOM" or Amiga or respective logos on any part of your body!!! In return, clickBOOM will send you every clickBOOM game! (But contact them first :-)

clickBOOM website
18.1.2k Meeting with Bill McEwen in Frankfurt
Bill McEwen, the president and CEO of Amiga Incorporated visited Germany and met German Amiga Heads (like Haage&Partner, Phase5, Escena, DCE, Amiga News) at Frankfurt. In this meeting Bill McEwen also said "specifications for developer machine will be announced in February with new necessary software will free for download. For the late summer the introduction on the market of the first final customer computer is intended. The exact specification of this model is not certain and depends on the result of the numerous discussions with developers during its European journey. Short meeting report and pictures (german).

Amiga-News.de website
18.1.2k BeOS For Free!
The next release of BeOS, codenamed Maui, will be R5. The BIG news is that R5 will be free for personal and non-commercial use. According to Be the free version will be between 40 and 60MB in size and will be downloadable from free.be.com before Q1 is over (so definately before 31 March) for x86 and PPC. Will be possible run BeOS under FusionPPC ? :-)

BeNews website
18.1.2k Schatztruhe News
Aminet CD 35, dated February 2000, contains nearly 1 gigabyte of (uncompressed) software in thousands of archives. Since the release of Aminet 34 over 500 MB new software has appeared. The current edition includes a limited special edition of the astronomy software Digital Almanac II.

Have you installed AmigaOS 3.5 and now you are looking for more Glow icons? Try GlowIcon Collection, CD with more than 3500 icons.

Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe website

18.1.2k Classic Amiga Commercials
Yes its true, Amiga once had ads on television. You can now download several of the American Amiga ads which were filmed back in the 80s. If you can not play the animation/sounds in the current format, Amiga playable versions will be uploaded soon.

Amiga.org website
18.1.2k AROS info page
Philippe: "I'm trying to do my best for the future of our machine. I think that AROS can be one of the solutions for all Amigans out there. So I wrote more infos on this project including an interview of Optimiser himself. Check http://elwoodb.free.fr/AROS."

Philippe 'Elwood' FERRUCCI
18.1.2k Image Engineer, Visual Engineering News
Marko Seppänen: "I couldn't use FTP for many days, because of my internet provider's technical problems. That's why offer-page has been wrong for some time now. Fixed."
Image Engineer plug-in, Visual Border, now has option (registered version only) to apply border effect to every or only some of images in a directory, and then save them back. It's a must for everyone working with video graphics. You can order it here.

Image Engineer website
Visual Engineering website
18.1.2k Software News
SecondSpin v1.97beta. Readme.

DarcNES/Amiga 9a0115a (000117) - Multi Consol emulator
This release has working Coleco Vision support and therefor I'll probably ditch the ColEm port since DarcNES supports all the ROMs I've got just as well, and DarcNES also has got sound, something I've not been able to get working with ColEm. This release also support screenmodes with a width of 256 pixels (CGFX only), so just go ahead and create the required screenmodes (see Requirements above) and enjoy real fullscreen. And last but not least you can now (at any time) save a screenshot to the current directory (in PCX format) by pressing the HELP key.

You can discuss and share your ideas, problems about Amster (the Amiga port of Napster by Gürer-Palpa-Özen) on Amster discussion board.

The Trance Tunnel v1.7 an AmigaAMP plugin by Stian Strøm (Warp3D support, fullscreen)

AmigAIM V0.9301 Beta- an AIM Client for the Amiga.

SecondSpin homepage
AmiDog's Emulation Corner website
Amigart website
Thomas Lorenz
Richard H. Poser II via STRICQ ML

17.1.2k READ THIS!
After our New Year's announcement and further explanation, we are still receiving your emails of support. Thanks once again for all that kind and encouraging emails. Don't be disappointed, if you haven't got any reply yet. We will reply to each message, as time permits. Thanks for your patience...

PS: And for those using our news articles without giving us proper credits, read our copyright info at the bottom of the page, please ;-)

Czech Amiga News Team

17.1.2k Live Chat with Tao and Fleecy
Just to let you know we have got a live chat with Tao Group and hopefully fleecy to discuss the Amiga and what we feel should be done. Tao dont have that much a roll in the development but they do have some say and are very intrested to hear the views of the Amiga public to help them take the correct road.
Francis Charig, Chairman and Chief Exec of Tao Group has confirmed this with me and seems like a really down to earth guy and very sincere in what he wants to do with the Amiga, he said he will ask Fleecy to attend as well.
So got some ideas? questions? or just want to sit and watch? then come to #AmigaGames on IRC Dalnet. (The best server to use is irc.dal.net on port: 7000 group: 01)
I will be confirming the live chat with Francis a hour before we go ahead to make sure things are ok, if we have to postpone it, there will be a new date given in the topic.
The Live Chat will be on 19/01/00 at 16.00 GMT.
The Chat will be moderated you need to msg a active op to be able to ask a question. No more than 2 questions per go. Usuall IRC rules apply, swearing, name calling, flooding will end in a ban.

John Porter, Amiga Oasis Online
17.1.2k Crusoe Coming
The Crusoe™ Processor arriving January 19th, 2000.
The Crusoe product launch event will be covered via live Internet webcast at 9am PST (5pm GMT) by ZDTV.
Transmeta's full website will go live at 12 pm PST (8pm GMT).

Transmeta website
17.1.2k AquaFresh News
Gary Storm: "I've put up some questions that Fleecy answered, and written an open letter.

Gary Storm, aquafresh
17.1.2k Forgotten Forever Cancelled
Do you remember screenshots of realtime strategy game called Forgotten Forever? Csaba Kemeri, the graphician of this project, confirmed that the game has been cancelled.

Csaba Kemeri
17.1.2k Enhanced AmigaGuide(R) update
There is now an updated and improved Omega Research UK website with the plans that we hope to fulfil. We have uploaded the goals, some concept drawings and a web based form for you to fill in, so that you can let us know about what you think. We also thank publicly the people who have kindly responded and gave us the most important things: encouragement and support.

Nick Lamburn, Omega Research UK
17.1.2k Invitation to join amiga-oasis
amigaoasis@yahoo.co.uk has invited you to join the amiga-oasis group at eGroups.com, a free email service. By joining this group, you can share information, store photographs and files, coordinate events and more! Read more.

Amiga Oasis Online
17.1.2k Photogenics 4.4 Beta 75
This released adds RubEmboss and BumpMap modes, plus improves Emboss by allowing greater range controls, allows the secondary image to be moved independantly of the layer when using DisplaceMap, and makes saturation increases using the Adjust mode much more visually pleasing.

Photogenics homepage
16.1.2k More Alive News
Steven Flowers: "Since the press release of Elite 3 First Encounters, we have had a few E-Mails demanding answers from questions like "is it PPC?", "will it be graphics card compatible?". Well as you all may know, the Alive site as been down for a while, but should be all up and running by Monday, though we are working hard on dedicated web sites for all our new games coming in 2000." Read more.

Interview mit Alive Media (german)

Steven Flowers, Alive Mediasoft website
AmigaFuture website

16.1.2k Payback News
Seventh status report about the latest additions to Payback is now on-line.

James Daniels, Apex Designs
16.1.2k Amiga, The Next Generation
Some thoughts, facts, and speculations on the history and possible future of the Amiga and personal computers, by Jack Seay. Read here.

Amiga.org website
16.1.2k Software News
WarpJPEG.datatype v44.6 (15.1.2000) - PPC (WarpUp)

HTMLview.mcc V12.6 - without any time-out.
BTW IProbe and IProbe website shouldbe back soon...

Oliver's homepage
Allan Odgaard's homepage

15.1.2k DDE News
Digital Dreams Entertainment got new clickBOOM like website.
Wasted Dreams II under development. Great news, isn't it ?

Digital Dreams Entertainment website
15.1.2k Hyperion Software is Looking for a PPC Amiga programmer
Hyperion Software is looking for a Amiga Programmer. Necessary knowledge is in C/c++ and Warp3D as well as, preferably, in OpenGL. Experiences in the PowerPC Programmierung(WarpUp) would be an additional plus, are however not necessary. If you are interested e-mail Ben Hermans, (Hyperion Manager).

Amigart website
15.1.2k Motorola invests in Tao Group Ltd.
Motorola Inc. has taken a small minority stake in Tao Group Ltd. here and will use the company's virtual processor and Java-like OS technology in portable communications and computing gear, Internet appliances and digital-imaging products. Read more.

Amiga.org website
eeTimes.com website
15.1.2k Alive News
Alive Mediasoft are bringing Elite: First Encounters to the Amiga. It's supposed to be released in February and have all the features of the PC version.
According to Amiga Extreme Alive Mediasoft will release a QW port soon and there should be also Descent 2 with Warp3D and PPC support.

Amiga Extreme website
Alive Mediasoft website
15.1.2k Emulators News
Dreamcast VMU emulator for the Amiga. Available are development tools, an emulator, and a sample Tetris game for the Dreamcast's Visual Memory Unit (kind of a combination of the Playstation memory card and a Gameboy). The emulator runs on the Amiga and requires OS2.x+.

AmiMSX V3.0 beta - MSX and MSX2 emulator

AmiMD changed his name to MeegaDrive and the first beta's are near to be finished! Let's hope we'll get a decent MegaDrive/Genesis Emulator soon !

ANN website
AmiEmulators website
AmigaEmulationResource page

14.1.2k Fleecy Moss outlines Amiga's plan ...
Fleecy Moss, VP of development of Amiga, outlined Amiga's plan. The plan is divided into two categories - pathfinder - for adveturers, power users, gamers, DTPers, video ppl, etc., and DDH (Domestic Digital Habitat), whatever it means. A few words about continuation of "classic" Amigas was said too. You can read the whole message here.

Fleecy Moss, Amiga
14.1.2k Turboprint 7.10
Turboprint 7.10 with many new drivers for Canon, Epson & HP printers:
Canon BJC 1000, 2000, 4400
Canon BJC 6000, 6100, 7100 with full support for photo cartridge & 1440dpi (1200dpi for BJC 7100)
Epson Stylus Color 460, 660, 760, 860, 900
Epson Stylus Photo 750, 1200 with full photo ink support
HP DeskJet 810, 812, 815, 830, 832, 882

IrseeSoft website
14.1.2k Enhanced AmigaGuide(R) Planned!
Omega Research UK and Trogladite Software, are planning an upgrade of the existing AmigaGuide to allow for more modern HyperText items. Such planned items are pictures, adjustable text sizes etc. AmigaGuide is a Registred Trademark of Amiga Incorporated (C)1985-2000.

Nick Lamburn via ANN
14.1.2k Photogenics 4.4 Beta now available
Photogenics 4.4 Beta now available for registered Amiga users!
New features include improved loading and saving capabilities with an updated JPEG module and preliminary support for Adobe Photoshop(R) files, a cool new effect called FireBlur, 7 new paint modes for combining images in different ways, HTML colour value display and entry, plus numerous minor enhancements such as an Add Space feature, .bak file generation, tab icons, and many more under the hood improvements. Note that this is not the final feature list, there's still more to come.

Photogenics homepage
14.1.2k Amiga Format: Open Letter to the Editor
The February 2000 issue of Amiga Format features a 49% review of SView Productivity Suite II with the "overall verdict: a disappointment". Read the open letter here.

Andreas R. Kleinert, PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX
14.1.2k Amiga reborn via Tao alliance
EETimes brings us an article about Amiga and Tao Group. The article describes current situation as well as some insights on future plans of Tao and Amiga. It also says that: "Work is now proceeding on VP2, the second-generation virtual processor. Hinsley and Tao's engineers have developed an assembler, disassembler, C/C++ compiler and Java just-in-time (JIT) compiler". Interesting reading.

EETimes website
14.1.2k You Still Can Win...
You still can win one Software CD at Amiga-Online by collecting Amiga-Links. Collect and mail them untill 15.01.2000 23.59 h CET to Amiga-Online.

Amiga-Online.com page
14.2.2k Coyote Flux plans SNES emulator and more...
After a rather huge delay with PPC680x0 1.10, development was resumed this week. FPU fixes, AltiVec assembling, macro-support and other symbol-directives will be added to it now. Also, PPC-ports of several (PD-)programs will arrive which are converted with PPC680x0.
The 3D-engine is still under development, expect demos very soon.
Finally, Coyote Flux is planning to make a freeware AGA-perfect SNES emulator if there's enough demand for it. Minimal specs will be the lowest PPC board available and AGA, with support for the Delfina DSP. The emulator will run perfect in one frame accuracy and sound will be emulated perfectly as well, even on the lowest spec PPC Amiga. So send your e-mails to sraghoeb@ocenl.nl and tell them that you want it (or not).

S. Raghoebardaya
14.1.2k Quake News
Quake 1.09 for AmigaOS/68k (13.01.00)
Quake World Client 2.40 for AmigaOS/68k (13.01.00)
Quake World Server 2.40 for AmigaOS/68k (13.01.00)
Finally :-)

Frank Wille's homepage
14.1.2k Software News
A VHI-driver for the MVD 819-digitizer is available for free download from the VHI-page. Best experienced with VLRec NG 4.0 :)

Amiga Back Orifice Client v1.21.10 - allows you to controll Windows 95 and 98 via network virtually.

SecondSpin v1.96Beta (15.1.2000). Readme.

Innovative website
SuRRouND, SuRRouND page
SecondSpin homepage

13.1.2k The fourth version is available - VLRec NG 4.0!
VLRec NG 4.0 comes with many new features. Among the overworked GUI-graphics in GlowIcons-style and the enhanced recording-facilities in different sizes, there is now also a direct link to fxPAINT. Furthermore the speed of VLRec NG was improved and new effects were added: A must-have for every owner of a VHI-compatible board! Download.

Innovative website
13.1.2k The first VHI-developer-informations
The first VHI-developer-informations are available. Developers can now download the FD-, Include- and Autodoc-file for VHI. An example-driver with sourceocode and the vhimaster.library will delay until mid of year 2000.

Innovative website
13.1.2k Innovative News
Innovative website has moved to a faster server.
fxPAINT website has been updated and extended. You can now find up-to-date screenshots and an overview over most of the effects fxPAINT offers to you. Furthermore the design of the site has been unified and it is navigatable even better.

Innovative website
13.1.2k Audio Evolution News
Audio Evolution - AHI-based audio harddisk recording for the Amiga.
Davy Wentzler: "It has been a while again since this page was updated, and this time it's quite bad news: 4 months ago I strained both my arms and hands and was not able to program anymore. It's been better since then, but still I can only work for a few hours on Audio Evolution in the weekends, otherwise it would take too much of my health. This means that there has not been a lot of progress lately, but I'm working on something that requires a major overhaul of the program, and I think you'll like it! Unfortunately, I can't tell when the next release will be and when I recover from my injury. Cross your fingers!"

Audio Evolution homepage
13.1.2k iNet News
Interview with Petro Tyschtschenko (german).

QNX: Linux' Super-Fast, Super-Cheap Cousin

amiga.topcool.de website
BusinessWeek Online website

13.1.2k English SeaSide :-)
APC&TCP have released an English version of the game SeaSide, previously only available in German. Find details and screenshots here. You can order the game in some days at all dealers worldwide or direct from APC&TCP.

AmigaCentral Magazine website
APC&TCP website
12.1.2k H&P: Amiga, Amino, TAO-Group
Beginning of this year Amino aquired the rights on Amiga. On January 8, 2000 they announced a strategic relationship with the english company TAO-Group. Their operating systemElate RTOS will be used for the new Amigas.
We are already in contact with the founders of Amigo/Amiga Bill McEwen and Fleecy Moss and will have a meeting in the next days.

Haage & partner website
12.1.2k Photogenics News
Paul: "I`ve just sent out a beta of Photogenics 4.4 to my core testers. If they give it the thumbs up, I`ll make it available here for all registered users. Hot on the heels of that will be a public beta of the Linux version."

Paul Nolan Ltd website
12.1.2k Quakeworld Support
Since a beta version of Quakeworld has recently been released for Amiga, I have added a Quakeworld section at Surgeon's Quake1 Goodies. Quakeworld section includes link to serverbrowser, source code for a QW-proxy (Cheapo v2.61) and a browsable list of RocketArena servers. There's also a link to a very good QW fAQ.

Christian "SuRgEoN" Michael
Surgeon's Quake1 Goodies
12.1.2k The unofficial AQUA support site
Gary created a new website, called AQUA-FRESH, to support the Amiga and their AQUA project. Have a look and see what you think! It has close ties to Fleecy Moss and very soon it will feature a weekly question/answer session with Fleecy.

Gary Storm (SEAL)
The unofficial AQUA support site.
12.1.2k Soundprobe News
Soundprobe Team: "Thanks once more to everyone that has e-mailed so far, and still does. It isn't a waste of your time! We're looking at expanded Soundprobe onto more platforms, we're currently looking at Linux as the next step (around end of this year). If a new Amiga system does appear, then this WILL be done shortly after, but I'm afraid that unless this happens, then the Amiga Soundprobe will be no more :(
If you would like to still get Soundprobe b4 is goes, then contact HiSOFT and they'll be happy to sell you a copy. I regain ownership of the Amiga Soundprobe from HiSOFT in March, I will then be considering alternative arrangements (possible making it open source?) the main problem is that I wrote it in E (long long ago), and badly commented it (I was supposed to be the only one working on it!), it could be converted into C++, but would need a new interface designing as I wrote that in E also (the guimaker.library). If someone wanted to develope an interface, I could supply all the code for the processing etc. but I think the best thing would be to support SoundFX which is still going (GOOD LUCK!), this is an excellent editor, and now easily surpasses Soundprobe (which has been without for over a year).
I'm sorry to everyone that still uses Soundprobe and needs and update, the state of the Amiga is a very sad affair and to me personally caused a waste of 3 years work which I could have been using on the PC (I hate to say it, but it is the truth). The Amiga was good, and in principle still is, I really hope some new life can come from what was a magnificient machine! Good luck Amiga users, I wish you well...

Soundprobe website
12.1.2k F1 Software to sign up new UK Distributor
F1 Software USA are closing a deal which will set up a full-time distributor in the UK for this excellent collection of Amiga licenseware software.

Amiga.org website
Mushroom Software (F1 Software) website
12.1.2k Diavolo News
Miky Wenngatz: "Diavolo Backup will be updated in first quarter 2000. We are in final testing stage, and will hopefully be able to ship in February. Diavolo Backup will only be available in the Pro version. Price 71 Euro. Hard drives >4GB will be supported as well as WB 3.5.
Interested people should register at Diavolo Department if you haven´t already (website not yet available, but we work on it). We will contact you. The update will be 10-15 Euro for Pro versions and 25 Euro for the former Standard version. The update will only be distributed by e-mail until further notice."

Amiga-News.de website
12.1.2k CamX/Camouflage News
Martin Endres is looking for a C/C++ programmer wanting to code a CamX Project. Contact: endres@work.de. He will be trying to develop the Camouflage successor CamX (Linux) for AmigaOS 3.1/3.5 (68k+PPC) as well.

Amiga-News.de website
CamX/Camouflage homepage
12.1.2k Epic Amiga News
Check the latest Epic Amiga News! TALES FROM HEAVEN come into stock...

Malcolm, Epic Marketing
12.1.2k Software News
SecondSpin v1.96Beta is coming. Read more.

MUIBase v1.3 - relational programmable database with MUI GUI. Register!

akMPEG4 V4.05 (12.1.2000) - 68k+PPC

ppc.lib V0.7c - emulation of the ppc.library and the PowerUp kernel under WarpOS by Frank Wille. (libs only this time).

LAME beta v3.60 - MP3 encoder (documentation)

SecondSpin homepage
MUIbase homepage
PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX website
Frank Wille's homepage
Amiga Alternative Audio page

11.1.2k COSA Progress Update
COSA Progress Update for January 11, 2000
Subject: The Sale of Amiga, COSA's Plans for the Future
Written by COSA President Steve Crietzman

Campaign to open source the AmigaOS website
11.1.2k Craig's Amiga Journal
What light through yonder window shines? Is it the Amiga, or just another flash in the pan?

Craig's Amiga pages
11.1.2k AROS
An article about AROS, originally published on the AmigaLife Italian Printed Amiga Magazine has been released on Amiworld Online. The original italian version is by Bernardo Innocenti, the english translation by Joachim Thomas.

Joachim Thomas, Amiworld Online
11.1.99 Simon The Sorcerer II News
Currently Epic have taken 309 preorders for the Amiga Version of Simon The Sorcerer II. This is more than before but still not enough. 500 preorders needed to make Simon II happen on the Amiga. The finished game will need an AGA or GFX board Amiga with a 68030 and 8 MByte Ram. You can place your preorder here: order@epic-marketing.de or call 07071 400492, fax 07071 400493, snail mail: epic marketing, Hirschauer Strasse 9, 72070 Tübingen.

Epic Marketing website
11.1.2k Software News
akMPEG4 V4.04 (11.1.2000) - 68k+PPC)

SoftCinema v0.8a - QT/AVI Movie player (PPC)

PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX website
Total Vision homepage

10.1.2k Tao Group and QNX Software systems becoming members of HAVi
The HAVi Organization today announced the entrance of over a dozen new member companies at its first industry event at CES. Tao Group and QNX Software systems being ones of them. You can read the whole announcement here.

Individual Com website
Jim Gunnell on c.s.a.m.
10.1.2k Amiga and Tao-Group enter into a strategic relationship
Second announcement appeared on Amiga's website. It seems more Amiga community oriented then the first one. You can read it here.

Amiga Corporation website
10.1.2k DI News
Read the first open letter from Stuart Walker, Digital Images. DI are pleased with how Wipeout 2097 is selling so their will port more games from the PC !!! (cool :-)

Digital Images website
10.1.2k Another Y2K fixes
Protracker 3.15, 3.61, 3.62, 4b2 Y2K fixed versions

another Y2K fixes from Aminet

Richard Rozehnal

10.1.2k And So It Begins...
A new year, a new owner for Amiga. With Amino/Amiga and Phoenix all gearing up, the Amiga is in for an exciting time. This time it looks like it's the real thing. And So It Begins..., new article on suite101.com.

suite101.com website
10.1.2k Space Combat Games
Parsecis a non-commercial internet multiplayer 3D space-shooter. Currently supported systems: Win32, MacOS, Linux, and DOS. What about PPC Amigas?

Today you can try Space - 3D Space Shooter for gfx card and PPC Amiga. Readme.

Mattias Carlsson via powerup ML
Clive MacDougall

10.1.2k Image Engineer offer and interactive tutorial
Until 25. January 2000 it's possible to order Image Engineer with a very low price. Only 25$.
Visual Engineering has new Offer of the Month. Register plug-ins for Image Engineer with lowest prices ever! Take a look at interactive tutorial, which allows online image manipulation.

Marko Seppänen
Image Engineer
Visual Engineering
10.1.2k Software News
WarpJPEG.datatype v44.5 - PPC (WarpUp) JFIF-JPEG picture datatype (much faster than before (35-60%)).
WarpPNG.datatype v44.2 - PPC (WarpUp) PNG picture datatype

DarcNES/Amiga 9a0109a (000110) - Multi Consol emulator
This release adds support for real SEGA pads, as well as two button joysticks. The commandline parser has also been rewritten and now uses ReadArgs instead.

Oliver's homepage
AmiDog's Emulation Corner website

9.1.2k Fusion PPC Amiga news
Jim Drew has posted the following message on the Microcode Solutions ML: "Microcode Solutions is still working the PowerPC upgrade module for FUSION (Amiga version). We have run into difficulties with compilers, poor response from the customers (nearly 1,000 people pledged their support, yet a little more than 200 people have actually ordered the product), and many other unexpected problems along the way! These factors have caused a significant delay in the release of FUSION-PPC. We originally planned on hiring a few extra people to help develope the emulation, however, due to the actual response we were not able to do that and so far we have been doing everything ourselves! We are extremely happy with the progress we have made thus far, and we know that those people who did pledge their support will be happy too! We ask that you please be patient and let us do our magic! :-)"

Later... "We are hoping to see it end January/beginning February".

Paul Lesurf, Blittersoft website

9.1.99 The World Foundry News
Check the TWF January 2000 Update for the latest news about their upcomming games Explorer 2260 and Maim & Mangle.

Ed Collins, The World Foundry
8.1.2k Amiga announces its partnership with Tao Group
Amiga Incorporated announced today its strategic partnership with Tao Group as the new content platform foundation partner for the new Amiga. For more references to Tao's technology, read also this article. You can read the whole announcement here.

others: intent JavaTM Technology Edition

Amiga Incorporated has entered into a strategic relationship with Tao Group for the New Amiga

Amiga Incorporated website
Tao Group website
-pekr- & ExiE

8.1.2k Flash Player Free Source
Macromedia has announced that the Flash Player and Flash File Format source codes will be available for a zero-cost license. Read more.

BeNews - Flash Player Free Source

Martin Svensson
Macromedia website
8.1.2k Trogladite News
Trogladite Software are attempting to gather as many ideas about what Amiga should be doing now as possible. These will all be kept together, and possibly passed on to Amiga. The forum where you can post your ideas is here

Neil Bullock, Trogladite Software
8.1.2k Software News
ppc.lib v0.7b - emulation of the ppc.library and the PowerUp kernel under WarpOS by Frank Wille. Library needs a working M68k FPU now (no EC040/EC060).

SecondSpin v1.88Beta. Readme.

The complete version 5.1 of WaveTracer DS Mark V with more PPC-support and faster 680x0-codes, new and better effects and a smaller mainprogram is available now.

Ed Collins via powerup ML
SecondSpin homepage
Virtual Worlds Productions website

7.1.2k Tomorrow...
On Saturday at the Consumer Electronics Show, Bill McEwen, 37-year-old president and CEO of the newly formed Amiga Inc., will make his first announcement regarding the group's plans for the Amiga with a major partner. eXcite news - Amiga's new savior: Bill McEwen
wired.com - Amiga: It's Alive, Alive!
MacAddict - The Little Computer That Could

AmigaFuture - Interview with Petro Tyschtschenko (german only)


7.1.2k Amiga 2K - Amino Development Corp. to exhibit
Amino Development Corporation, renamed Amiga Inc. on Jan. 6, will exhibit at the Amiga 2K show.
In a conversation today with Bill McEwen, President and CEO of Amino, now Amiga Inc., stated that they will definitely exhibit at the Gateway Computer Show - Amiga 2K, April 1 & 2, 2000.

Bob Scharp
7.1.2k Hyperion News
Freespace: The Great War page has been added to the projects section. "Freespace - The Great War" is the highly acclaimed space-combat simulator from Volition/Interplay and offers an unparalleled mix of top-notch graphics, plot and game-play.

A quite substantial Heretic II progress update by Hans-Joerg Frieden, including the first Amiga screenshots!

Hyperion Software website

7.1.2k Y2K patches for LZX 1.21r
Jonathan Forbes stopped LZX development five years ago (yeah v1.21r is 5 years old now), and in 1995 nobody cared about Y2K problems. Now there are three independent patches fixing Y2K bugs in LZX:
LZX121r_pch.lha (11077) by Mikolaj Calusinski
LZXY2KPatch.lha (11053b) by Detlef Wuerkner
lzx_y2k_patch.lha (471b) by DenJS

I (ExiE) just tested two of them - LZX121r_pch.lha is not 100% correct during file listing, lzx_y2k_patch.lha looks fine to me.


7.1.2k Virtual Ball Fighters News
New demo of puzzle game Virtual Ball Fighters AGA is available (3.5Mb). This demo need 68030+, 4MB Ram, 2 Mb Chip (AGA 640*512 256 colors), AHI and 5Mb of free space on Hard Disk. (the file extension is zip but is a lha archive)
Short Intro of Virtual Ball Fighters is available at www.xteamsoftware.com/download/download.htm, the mpeg file is 4.9Mb, need a mpeg player.

Stefano Tamascelli, XTeam Software Solution
7.1.2k Software News
Kari-Pekka Koljonen is back from the dead... (but only slightly as he said) with millennium edition of his great Hippoplayer v2.45. Readme

Another Y2K bug fix this time for LHA archiver: LHA22.lha Fixed Update (34KB) by Neil Palumbo

Installation floppy disk for AteoNet board, version 1.27 installateonet.lzx, readme
AteoBusPrefs version 2.318 ateobusprefs.lzx, readme

Ateo Concepts

6.1.2k Try szip
szip is a compression utility based on a block transformation derived from that used in bzip and gives compression ratios unmatched by popular compressors like LhA, LZX & GZip. DOS/Windows/OS2/Linux...archives are available here.

Allan Odgaard
szip homepage
6.1.2k Amiga Corp. site updated
New Amiga Corporation Address and phone/fax numbers:
Amiga Corporation
23800 SE Kent-Kangley Road
Kent, WA 98032
TEL: (425) 413-2620
FAX: (425) 413-2640
And new emails:
randy@amiga.de (Who is randy?)

Amiga Corporation website
6.1.2k What a Year!
James Russell is back with AmigaNation commentary on the current Amiga situation: What a Year!.

AmigaNation News page
6.1.2k Photogenics News
Three new Photogenics tutorials added. If you have any comments, or requests for specific tutorials, write to Paul.
Paul is also working on improving the documentation and integrating it into the website. You can see how it's going so far here. He's open to suggestions on how to make the documentation better, so if you have any thoughts or ideas, write to him.

Photogenics homepage
6.1.2k Software News
akJFIF.datatype V44.70 (6.1.2000) - 68K; PPC; WOS
akPNG.datatype V44.70 (5.1.2000) - 68k; PPC; WOS (big optimizations)
akTIFF.datatype V44.70 (5.1.2000) -68k; PPC; WOS (big optimizations)
akMPEG download links changed:
akMPEG2 V3.08 (4.1.2000) - 68k+PPC)
akMPEG4 V4.01 (29.12.99) - 68k+PPC)

Amster V.03 (freeware port of Napster Mp3 Download Client) is now available. Chat mode added, long-file name problem fixed...

Andreas R. Kleinert, PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX

5.1.2k Programers Wanted
Trogladite Software are still looking for people to join the group. They especially need people who can program in C/C++ and Assembler, and they would also like one or two new graphic artists! Email them at trogladite@trogsoft.freeserve.co.uk if you're interested.

Neil Bullock, Trogladite Software
5.1.2k Gateway launches drive to win corporate customers
"Gateway launches drive to win corporate customers" is the name of the article, posted on ZD Net's PC Week page. The last third of the article mentions Amiga. No new info though. You can read the article here.

PCWeek website
5.1.2k NewsRog Amiga NNTP client ceases development
ShadowWorks Software announced today, they are cancelling further development of their NewRog news client.The last version of NewsRog is 1.8b, available to all registered users here. The development is caesed because of "lack of a market for Amiga software, obsolescent hardware, and a recent increase in piracy (???) and fraudulent credit card orders".

ShadowWorks Software website
-pekr- & ExiE
5.1.2k DukeNukem 3D and Strife for Amiga ?
Would you like to see Duke Nukem 3D and Strife on Amiga? If you are interested just send a message with your e-mail address to David Bereault.

David Bereault
3Drealms website
Rogue Entertainment website
5.1.2k VGR.COM News
Updated the Int2 patch page with more scans and added scans of the CMB Information sheets for A3000 & A3000T.

VGR.COM website
5.1.2k Problems with AWeb under OS3.5 on AGA ?
Janne Siren:"You can fix the AWeb buttons by putting the TRANSPARENT tooltype in the Storage/Buttons/AWeb file (in AWeb directory) in parenthesis and then installing the buttons using the AWeb Install-Buttons (or something like that) script. This will fix the problem."

Michael Domoney
5.1.2k Software News
FastATA4000 v1.6 for ELBOX FastATA 4000, high speed EIDE controller.

WarpJPEG.datatype v44.4 - PPC (WarpUp)

Javosoft website
Oliver's homepage

4.1.2k Amiga Executive update
So it's here, Bill McEwen, CEO of Amino Development Corporation, posts his first Executive update to Amiga's website. Bill states, it was not patents, but people, community, they bought. He also explains, what Amino acquired from Gateway. You can read the whole announcement here.

Amiga Inc. website
4.1.2k Some news from Petro
ANN is bringing us a news article about Steve Crietzman's call to Petro. Petro seems to be doing well, operating under Amino now. You can read the whole "interview" here.

ANN website
4.1.2k New Amiga Watch
Tech Head Stories, the electronic journal of narrativity and technology presents Amiga Watch, an ongoing series of commentary and analysis of the Amiga/Amino Scene.
Roger B. Wyatt is bringing us his last commentary on the current Amiga scene situation, called "Clouds In My Coffee". Although he is not 100% accurate in regads to Phoenix or Holger's Dayota, his article contains many valid points. You can read it here.

Roger B. Wyatt
Tech Head Stories website
ExiE & -pekr-
4.1.2k CS&E to concentrate on Amiga Distribution 2000
I am writing to you for the good of the Amiga in the UK and beyond. We have many great publishers and retailers and now two dedicated magazines, but no independent distributor. I can announce to you that CS&E will step in to independently distribute. We will reach both mail order and high street retail from our warehouse in Birmingham which is shared with the likes of Eidos. Read more.

David Connolly, Crystal Software and Electronics
4.1.2k Discount for clubs exhibiting at A2K
Amigan-St. Louis is pleased to announce a discount for clubs exhibiting at the Gateway Computer Show - Amiga 2K©. The discount is 40% off of the normal price. This is a substantial discount, that is only available to clubs, and only available when utilizing an eight foot table. It is a limited time offer. Read more.

David Connolly, Crystal Software and Electronics
4.1.2k What's next for REBOL - "more than just a tool"...
Carl Sassenrath, CEO of REBOL Technologies, outlined future REBOL plans. According to Carl, REBOL core language is great tool. But as Carl stated, it was his intention to make REBOL not just a tool. Second stage of REBOL development starts now - REBOL/View, which should make REBOL useful and exciting for everyone else, not just programmers or scripters. First beta version is due to be out mid January. Read the whole message here.

Carl Sassenrath
4.1.2k OS3.5 Review
Haven't you bought AmigaOS 3.5 yet? Check this new review of OS3.5 from Philippe Ferucci. That could help you to decide...

Philippe 'Elwood' Ferrucci
4.1.2k RTGMaster official homepage
New RTGMaster page opened!
You can also find there the new Quake version from Steffen and Frank in download section!

Manuel Montoto
RTGMaster homepage
4.1.2k Y2K Note for AmigaOS 3.1 & 3.0 users
With the upcomming release of CGX V4.2 some of the files have 2000 dates. If you use 3.1 or less of the OS the 'version' command, version 40.1 and lower, gives incorrect dates, ie 2036 or 1936:) You can get the updated 40.3 version command here. To read up on the Y2K problem and the Amiga visit the Amiga Homepage Y2K WHITE PAPER page.

VGR.COM website
4.1.2k www.ar-kleinert.de accessability
Andreas R. Kleinert: "From January 7-9th my WWW provider will restructure their server infrastructure, so that www.ar-kleinert.de may temporarily unavailable during these days (this may only be for a few hours in the night, if everything works well). eMail should be delivered nevertheless.

Andreas R. Kleinert, PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX
4.1.2k Software News
akJFIF.datatype V44.65 (4.1.2000) - 68K; PPC; WOS
akNAIL.datatype V44.8 (4.1.2000) - 68k
akPNG.datatype V44.65 (4.1.2000) - 68k; PPC; WOS
akTIFF.datatype V44.65 (4.1.2000) -68k; PPC; WOS
akMPEG2 V3.08 (4.1.2000) - 68k+PPC)

AmiMasterGear v0.81 - Master System and Game Gear emulator (download)

PageStream 4.0 revision 2 (~600KB) should be found here.

Andreas R. Kleinert, PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX
AmiEmulators webpage
Haage&partner website

3.1.2k Amiga Sold for $5 million
ZDNet - Gateway sells Amiga to startup

3.1.2k Quake News
Today a first Beta version of the Quake 1.09 and QuakeWorld Port from Frank Wille and Steffen Haeuser has been released. The Beta Version includes binaries for WarpUP (vbcc-WarpUP compiled) and PowerUP (vbcc-PowerUP compiled) of QuakePPC. The list of features includes:
- GFX Board and AGA Support
- Support for PIP (Picasso 96) and WB Window
- Double- and Triplebuffering
- Sound
- CD Audio Support
- Mouse, Joypad and Joystick Support
- In-Game Video-Options
- Network Support
- QuakeWorld Support (Client and Server)

This is only a Beta version, later it is planned to enhance this version, and especially to add Warp3D support and a comfortable GUI.

Steffen Haeuser
3.1.2k Ami3D Competition
ARCnet's #Ami3D is holding a big 3D rendering competition over the next few months. The competition is open to anyone using an amiga renderer, and runs until March 1st 2000. Online voting will decide the winner. Users of C4D, Imagine, LightWave, Aladdin, Tornado or any other amiga renderer are welcome to join. There is also a prize for the winner. Visit www.amigashowcase.org.uk for details."

Robert Simmonds
3.1.2k Vaporware '99: The 'Winners'
Check Bottom 10 list of products that, despite much hype and many promises, have not yet come to pass. Microsoft won in 1998 and 1999, but new Amiga is drawing up :-)

WiredNews website
3.1.2k The AmiBench Winner
The AmiBench Winner(s) have been announced and they are Gregory Cassidy from Minneapolis, USA and a sokram@gnwmail.com. We have not been able to track down the latter winner so if this is you please do contact us!
AmiBench is very pleased to annouce these winners, we would like to thank our sponsor Paul Nolan Ltd, and also Everyone who took Part in the quiz to have a chance of winning!
You're all invited to join our mailing list at amibench-user-subscribe@onelist.com, or check www.amibench.org for more information!
Look out for some exciting changes to AmiBench in the year 2000!
All the best from the AmiBench Team.

Mark 'tecno' Wilson, AmiBench
3.1.2k Diamond Caves II for free
All Amiga diamond productions games are now Freeware! This includes the famous Diamond Caves II and ManiacBall.

amiga-news.de website
diamond productions website
3.1.2k Virtual Ball Fighters complete!
New demo of puzzle game Virtual Ball Fighters RTG is available (3.5Mb). This demo need 68040+, 8Mb, a GFXBoard with 2Mb of Ram (640*480*16bit), RtgMaster 42.x or more, AHI and 12Mb of free space on HD.

Stefano Tamascelli, XTeam Software Solution
3.1.2k MacOnAm
MacOnAm (Mac on Amiga) is the name of the list of many MAC 68k games and programs working under MAC emulators Fusion or ShapeShifter with some other informations.

Martin Bren, MacOnAm
3.1.2k New Drivers
The latest versions of software for ELBOX FastATA (PowerFlyer/Winner) High Speed EIDE controller for A1200 and for the 4xEIDE'99 buffered interface are now available:
FastATA'99 v5.1 for A1200
EIDE'99 v2.6 for 4xEIDE

Ivo janacek, Javosoft
3.1.2k Software News
New Lame MP3 encoder v3.58 3/4 is available. Documentation. From now on LAME utilizes asyncio.library for quite improved file I/O (esp on PPC and slow media).

WarpJPEG.datatype v44.3 - PPC (WarpUp) JFIF-JPEG picture datatype (much faster than before (35-60%)).
WarpPNG.datatype v44.1 - PPC (WarpUp) PNG picture datatype

BETA Release of ASM-One V1.42-RTG, Revision 423 is now available.

The Amiga Alternative Audio Page
Oliver Roberts via PowerUp ML, Oliver's homepage
TFA pages

2.1.2k Amiga 2K - Club Table Contest
Amigan-St. Louis, producers of the Gateway Computer Show - Amiga 2K are proud to announce their "Club Table Contest". The Amiga Club with the best exhibit table/booth at Amiga 2K, will be awarded a cash prize of $50 U.S. Read more.

Gateway Computer Show - Amiga 2K© website
2.1.2k COSA Reaction to Amino Purchase of Amiga Rights
Within the past few days, ownership of the Amiga rights, trademarks and technology passed from Gateway to Amino Development. People have asked for COSA's opinion on the sale, and for comments how this affects the campaign to open-source the AmigaOS. Here it is.

Campaign to open source the AmigaOS website
2.1.99 USB for Amiga
TigerTronics website opened! It contains some more information on the project as well as who Tigertronics is. Amiga USB card (with the worktitle Eriol) is currently planned to have the following features:
Two USB connectors. For more connectivity standard USB hubs must be connected
Support for both Low and High speed USB devices
DMA transfer to/from Amiga memory
ZorroII interface (ZorroIII is being looked into)

Thomas Graff Thøger, TigerTronics
2.1.2k Quake News
There will be soon a Beta of the Quake-Port by Frank Wille and Steffen Haeuser. Some of the features are:
- Support for WarpUP (real WarpUP Support, not ppc.library Emulation) and PowerUP
- Mouse/Joypad/Joystick Support
- CD Audio Support
- Sound Support
- Network Support (TCP/IP)
- Video Options Menu Supported
- Optional Workbench Window Mode
- Optional PIP Support
- Optional Pubscreen Support
- Double- and Triplebuffering Supported

Frank is currently working also on QuakeWorld Support. I myselves am working on a comfortable GUI.

Steffen Haeuser
2.1.2k SoundProbe News
Soundprobe Team: "Thanks once again to everyone that has e-mailed so far, we're now approx 90, whilst this is approx what was needed, it really isn't enough :( It has been decided that it is no longer possible to keep Amiga Soundprobe running as a commercial program. During the next couple of months, the fate of SP on the Amiga will be decided for certain.
As soon as more info is available, I'll let you all know, you can keep the e-mails coming in if you like, but it is getting less and less likely. This is a sad day for the Amiga, and myself, the Amiga was a computer a used to love working on and using... unless major developments happen on the Amiga soon, SP will be removed from sale, and I'm sure other s/w won't be far behind, and lets face it, the Amiga isn't too well compared to current technology (h/w and s/w)."

Soundprobe website
2.1.2k Software News
New version of DarcNES/Amiga 9a0101a (000101) - Multi Consol emulator is now available. With this release, the two player support (joypad+keyboard) is gone.
68K versions of any of Amidog's emulators are not supplied anymore.

MetalWEB4 pre3 is ready for download. This version should work fine under AmigaOS 3.5. Readme.

Barfly v2.1 ASM Development System (Giftware) with 68000 thru 68060 w/6888x, PPC603, PPC604, PPC750(G3) and PPC7400(G4) Altivec support available. Barfly2_1.readme.

AmiDog's Emulation Corner website
VaporWare website
MorphOS website

2.1.2k How is it ?
Some users wrote to us, asking what conclusion they should make upon our New Year's statement. Well, our English in the play once again :-) First, we would like to take this oportunity to say big Thank you to all of you, who wished us the best for the new year. Czech Amiga News site is going to be updated till March, 21th, 2000. Then we will announce our further plans for our site.

Czech Amiga News Team
Happy New Year 2000 with Czech Amiga News
1.1.2k CUCUG Retires Amiga Web Directory
CUCUG decided to close their popular Amiga Web Directory service. The reason is declining Amiga market and the opinion it's better to stop the service now, rather than slowly dissappear with the market. It is a little bit surprising, as Amiga got new owner since 1.1.2000.
What's more strange is the following. Gary Peake stated on Team Amiga mailing list: "We at Owlnet made an offer to pick up CUCUG and Kevin replied that they have decided to retire the pages, trademarks, Agnes Search, etc"...
Bye Bye Agnes...

AWD website
1.1.2k GoldED Studio Service Pack 15
REGISTERED users of GoldED Studio can download new service pack and upgrade installed GoldED Studio 6 sp14 files to the latest version. (download demo version).
The member download area is under construction - site closed 31.12.1999 - 7.1.2000.

GoldED homepage
1.1.2k Amiga Flame's Top 10 Games Of 1999
Philip Cosby: "I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and thank those gamers who voted for their favourite game of 1999. If you want to know how your favourite game faired and which game won the title of "Best Game of 1999", then check out the top ten."

Philip Cosby, AmigaFlame
1.1.2k First WinQuake Port
This archive contains Amiga 68k and PPC ports of WinQuake, compiled as directly as possible from ID Software's winquake source code. aWinQuakePPC works with either PowerUp or WarpOS (under Frank Wille's ppc emulation library). Read more.

1.1.2k Amiga Sold ...again #2
abcNEWS.com - Gateway Sells Rights to Amiga Name CNNfn - Gateway sells Amiga line
C|Net - Gateway unloads Amiga name
heise online - Gateway verkauft Amiga (german)
TheRegister - Gateway sells Amiga to ex-Amiga employee
Yahoo! - Amino Development Buys Amiga Name, Inventory From Gateway
Yahoo! - Gateway Sells Rights to Amiga Name

deja.com - fleecy moss - Welcome to tomorrow


1.1.2k Message From Amino/Amiga (31.12.1999)
Bill McEwen: "Happy New Year to all Amigans around the world.
Today Gateway announced that we have acquired Amiga. This is all true, and we are going to be making numerous announcements in the next week about the plans for the future systems, and it is all going to be very exciting. There is a very bright future for us, and now we can begin the journey. Welcome 2000!"

Amiga.org website
1.1.2k Software News
V³ 3.0a fixes a bug in the JS interpreter which would cause severe crashes on an internal stack overflow. If you already downloaded v3.0, you only need the v3_30s_update archive to replace the main program. The v3_30a.lha and .lzx archives already contain the updated executable.

The first bug fix for PPT is available (text.effect v3.2).

PPT homepage

1.1.2k December News
News from December '99 can be found in Execute History section.