31.1.2003 Mediator AHI drivers for FM801-based sound cards
ELBOX COMPUTER News Elbox Computer is pleased to announce releasing Mediator AHI drivers for the ForteMedia FM801-based sound cards.
The ForteMedia AHI drivers are prepared for all the currently produced MEDIATOR busboard models.
The Mediator ForteMedia AHI drivers support many various PCI sound cards based on the ForteMedia FM801 chipset. As an excellent and cost-effective FM801-based card we recommend the Terratec 512i Digital sound card. This card has won many worldwide awards for its sound quality.
The comprehensive list of various supported sound cards will be available in the Mediator Driver Guide.
The Mediator ForteMedia AHI drivers will be available free of charge for all Mediator Multimedia CD registered users, who have any of the Mediator busboards listed above.Read more
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
31.1.2003 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#030131).
Brad Webb, Amiga Update
30.1.2003 fxPAINT 2.0 demoversion completed
We are pleased to present you today a demo version of fxPAINT 2.0 - immediately available through our download section.
Limitations/specialities of the demo version: saving is disabled, DEMO-text on every image, the demo version is noticably slower than the full version, a small refresh bug due to the DEMO-text-effect when zooming is lower than 100 percent (this bug ONLY exists in the demo version), some features of the full version are missing completly or are disabled!
The demo version comes with all native modules for 68K, PPC (WarpUP, PowerUP, MorphOS) and x86 (Amithlon) and gives you - except for the limitations of the demo - an impression and some insight of fxPAINT 2.0. Have fun!
Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT
30.1.2003 AMIGAplus 01/2003 - Comeback 2003
2003 could be the year of the Amiga-comeback. In the new German print magazin AMIGAplus 01/2003 you can read several reviews of upcoming and current software and a forecast for 2003, just as Audio Evolution (Preview), fxPAINT 2, Hollywood, Tales of Tamar, a.s.o. Read on.
Content of AMIGAplus 01/2003 in Detail:
- Preview: Audio Evolution 4
- Review: fxPAINT 2.0
- Review: Hollywood
- Review: Tales of Tamar
- Workshop: Simple DirectMedia Library, part 1
- Looking back on ARC 2002
- Amiga Award 2002: The winners
- Deathbed Vigil DVD - Endzeit-atmosphere on DVD
- New column: Flying visit... at Computer City
- Review: Amiga Arena CD Games Edition
- Amiga Status Report January 2003
- Demoscene anno 2003
- Review: Cherry-Keyboard with Boing-Keys
- News from the world of emulation
- Workshop: Pro Station Audio, part 4
- Workshop: Cooperative software-development, part 2
- and much more

AMIGAplus is available via subscription, single issue shipment and at your local Amiga dealer for 5 Euro.
AMIGAplus website
30.1.2003 Software News
gW3S rexx web server for AmigaOS
Carl Svensson released gW3S v1.0 FINAL, small freeware web server for AmigaOS, written in ARexx.
New features includes an AmigaGuide documentation, cleaner code and minor bug fixes. Read more

SView5 released
As you already may have noticed, SView5 recently has been released. A short summary of the news follows:
SViewIV is at the end of its lifetime, SView Productivity Suite II comes for free on the latest Aminet CD, which includes keyfiles for SViewIV and many other programs (including PPC support)
Instead of offering a discount upgrade path from SViewIV, SView5 does incorporate PNG-Box5 and JPEG-Box5 (additional value)
PPC support has been dropped for various reasons (one is that I have no PPC board anymore); but may come back in different form in the future
More fileformats, more image processing filters, different display driver setup, free ImageFX SVIEW5 loader for registered users and more... :-)

gW3S homepage
Andreas Kleinert
29.1.2003 H&P: StormC 4 Special Offer
Glashuetten, 28. January 2003: H&P has a special offer for all Amiga developers - for just 49,95 EUR you can get the complete version of our C/C++ development system StormC 4. As there has not been much movement in the Amiga software field during the past two years we want to get find out if there is still interest in such a development system.
Besides many other features the highlights of StormC 4 are: network capabilities, distributed Make, CVS, modified GCC compiler with Amiga hunk format, global full text search, extended editor, debugging of tasks and shared libraries and the new StormDOC.
Here you will find more informatin on StormC.
This offer will run a limited time only - so order you copy of the development system not at the special price of 49,95 EUR.
Haage&partner website
29.1.2003 Action RPG eVe status update
"Well, it's been a month since eVe was announced so it's time for a quick status update. The programming is coming along great and already the main play screen and character/collision detection etc. are working. The graphics work is moving a bit slow right now but Darko Ponos has recently signed on to help with some great graphics. Quite a bit has been done on the game design too. Hopefully within another month some screenshots of a nearly fully working version can be shown and maybe some concept artwork etc. before then. The game will be targeted at OS4/MorphOS/Amithlon users."
Emerald Imaging website
28.1.2003 IBrowse 2.3 released
We are pleased to unveil that a distribution agreement with Stefan Burström and the IBrowse Team has been signed and we are now the worldwide distributor for IBrowse (support for IBrowse is still done by the IBrowse development team, though).
Furthermore, we are pleased to announce the immediate release of the eagerly awaited update to IBrowse 2.2.
IBrowse 2.3 brings web browsing on AmigaOS to a new level - below is a brief summary of the changes since version 2.2:
* Heavily enhanced JavaScript support, based on JavaScript 1.5 and revision 3 of the ECMAScript specification, allowing access to sites which was not possible before
* Secure connection support is now available via AmiSSL v2, which can be configured extensively in the IBrowse preferences. Importing and exporting of certificates is now also supported.
* Greatly improved general stability and memory leaks plugged
* Improved GUI, including enhanced browser tab functionality (such as drag´n´drop, keyboard support)
* Issues with the ARexx interface have been fixed and new commands added
* Hundreds of other minor and major bug fixes + improvements, and more workarounds added to improve compatibility with broken sites

All these improvements greatly improve the browsing experience, and allow IBrowse to offer compatibility with many more websites than before.
A demo of IBrowse 2.3 and the update-archive from V2.2 can be found in our download area.
For further information, news and product support, please visit http://www.ibrowse-dev.net and our IBrowse-subpages.
Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT
28.1.2003 Software News
New Contact Manager release
Here you may find a new CManager release that really needs to be tested. On the same page there is also OpenURL version 4.2.
The Contact Manager is a kind of diary or system address book which allows you to store all your favourite user informaiton, web sites, ftp sites and IRC server/channels, previously released under GPL.
Alfie's Amiga Home Page
27.1.2003 AIO issue 67 is out
Issue 67 of AIO is out and should soon be on Aminet and the site www.aioworld.com. Highlights include Web Wanderer, Hints & Tips, and the very last review from our out-going long-time Games Editor.
Mark Tierno, Amiga Information Online
27.1.2003 WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 5
Windows News WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 5 is now available. New features:
- configurable boot priority and device name for regular (non-RDB) hardfiles and virtual directory filesystems
- FPU state file support
- more compatible Action Replay 1 support
- "Middle-Mouse-Button -> ALT-TAB" works now in fullscreen mode
- configurable keyboard leds (DF0,DF1,DF2,DF3,POWER,HD,CD)

Bugs fixed & more
WinUAE Official Homesite
27.1.2003 New freeCD: World Factbook 2002
"The World Factbook is prepared annually by the Central Intelligence Agency for the use of US Government officials. The style, format, coverage, and content are designed to meet their specific requirements." (Director of Central Intelligence).
In this CD-ROM version you can find information about all the countries in the wolrd, including historical background, geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues. Beside the texts you find to each country a map and the flag, last thing including information to it. Of course are all information also in printable versions available.
The whole Wold Factbook is HTML, so works on all computer platforms, incl. Amiga, Linux, Mac, MorphOS and Windows. Price: 3 Euro.
The Faces of Mars
26.1.2003 Amiga Flame: Top 5 Amiga Games Of 2002
"Voting closed at 12pm on Saturday with the results counted it is now possible to present the Top 5 Amiga Games Of 2002. I wish to thank everyone who participated in the vote and for some of the comments you included when you voted.

There are a number of news items on Amiga Flame this week including such news as Anime Development's plans for their 3D Engine. Will they produce a Silent Hill similar horror game or a Grand Theft Auto 3 clone its up to you."

Philip Cosby, Amiga Flame
26.1.2003 GRex petition clarifying comment
Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco (Genesi) have posted a clarifying comment on issues concerning the GRex petition and Genesi's relationship with DCE.
ANN website
26.1.2003 Software News
Instant messenger: mICQ Version for Amiga and other systems
Version of mICQ has been released for Amiga and other systems. mICQ is a very portable ICQ program which runs in text mode - it runs on Linux, BSD, AIX, HPUX, Windows, AmigaOS and, with restrictions, BeOS. Originally it had been written by Matthew D. Smith, yet largely rewritten since by Rüdiger Kuhlmann, in particular the necessary support of version 8 of the ICQ protocol, internationalisation, file transfer as well as some code restructuring.

BibVision v1.5 released to Aminet
BibVision Bible text viewer was uploaded to Aminet (text/show/BibVision.lha). The new version supports the German Luther Bibel translation found in Aminet (docs/etext/LutherBibel.lha).

Amiga-News.de website
mICQ homepage
Marko Raina
25.1.2003 Software News
Jabberwocky News
The 7th Preview of Jabberwocky V1.3 is now ready. Get it here.
Fixed problem with the iksemel library
Jabberwocky is a jabber client software for Amiga. It is open source and released under the GNU GPL License. Jabber is an instant messaging system, similar to ICQ or AIM, yet far different. It is open source, absolutely free, simple, fast, extensible, modularized, and cross platform. Server modules (transports) allows cross messaging between other networks (AIM, ICQ, MSN, IRC, etc).
Jabberwocky Amiga homepage
24.1.2003 End of GRex petition
M. Lück wrote: "Today is the end of the GRex-petition. Until today 296 users have subscribed. TriMa and me want to thank you for your support. Unfortunately this petition has failed. I want to explain in the following lines why it is so.
Two weeks after the start of the petition I have sent the first list with all signatures (without email addresses) to DCE per email. I got an answer of DCE at once. DCE wrote that they would be glad about a support of OS4 and that they are interested in the current discussion.
We got the information of Steffen Häuser that the cybpci.library written by Ralph 'Laire' Schmidt will not work in the 68k emulation because of the 68k MMU setup. So the petition still became more important because presently GRex users have no chance of getting AmigaOS 4.0 started. We got all information per email which Hyperion needs to support the GRex. Four addresses are needed:
the base of GRex I/O address
the interrupt acknowledge address
the base address of config space mappings
the PCI-config and PCI-data address.
No circuit diagramm, hardware or software documents are needed. These information I sent DCE per email. I have not got any response until today.
Then we got the information that bplan has the hardware rights. This means DCE has only a licence for the GRex. If this is true or not we do not know. One week ago I contacted Mr. Carda per email for getting clearness. But I also have not got any response until now. That is a pity.
Now we hope that we can attract attention by posting this article.
Thank you very much again to all participants... The attempt of moving something forward means so much to us - also if it may fail."
Amiga-News.de website
24.1.2003 Elbox MIRAGE for A1200
ELBOX COMPUTER News Elbox announces availability of a new tower system for Amiga 1200 computers. Mirage 1200 is a modern functional and spacious tower case. It is designed targeted for these Amiga 1200 users who have upgraded or want to upgrade their computers with the Mediator PCI 1200 SX busboards. Mirage 1200 allows also using other busboards like Mediator PCI 1200, Zorro IV, Zorrro IV with Mediator PCI ZIV and Zorro II.
Mirage 1200 tower system with 5 bays for 5.25" drives, 6 bays for 3.5" drives and a powerful 300W ATX PSU is ready for massive expandability of your A1200 hardware.
Mirage 1200 replaces the discontinued E/BOX 1200 (also known as A1200 Power Tower and A1200 Winner Tower), the award-winning Amiga tower system. With the new design, we are offering you even more Amiga expandability, right at your fingertips. Read more
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
24.1.2003 The extreme Amiga 600 upgrading page
"The extreme Amiga 600 upgrading page is an extensive web page about the Commodore Amiga 600 and how to upgrade this little machine.
This site tells the story of me and a friend of mine trying to upgrade an Amiga 600 to the max. Why would you want to do so? Well, hard to explain. It's a freak thing. So if you don't like the Amiga or even don't know what it is, if you've never experienced the wish to do something crazy, well then you better don't take a look at this site. This project was completely irrational -- and therefore one hell lot of fun!"
Christian Krenner via ANN
24.1.2003 News from Genesi: Genesi is Busy!
MorphOS News "Our first week back in Europe after the New Year was an exciting one. We wanted to catch up a little before we made this post. We have plenty of information to share and we know that many of you need an update.
Most importantly, we cannot ship the Pegasos if we cannot make it! We met with Mai at CES and Mai confirmed they will ship the old Articias to us. Once we get them we need to mount them on the April PCB and then the mainboard. We know there is plenty of frustration out there for those of you that want the Pegasos. They will be available again soon. We will continue to sell the Pegasos with the old Articia until we get the new samples and can test them. In the meanwhile, we have been working with a replacement chip that is a bit more expensive, but it seems to work fine. In this case, we will have two suppliers for this component and will not be restricted in the future. All the other components required are in stock and ready for assembly." Read more
MorphOS-News.de website
24.1.2003 Amiga.org: AmigaOneG3SE review
Amiga.org member Coder shares his experiences with the receipt and installation of his AmigaOne.
Remember: It is a developer system, not an Earlybird system yet.

Alan Redhouse of Eyetech commented on Coder's problem on the Eyetech AmigaOne Yahoo! group.

Amiga.org website
24.1.2003 Official Australian Pegasos Demos
MorphOS News Next month the first Official Australian Pegasos demoes will occur. At AUG on February 16th and at MAUG on February 20th. All Welcome. We hope to see you there.
MorphOS-News.de website
23.1.2003 Amiga: Live Another Day
ExtremeTech have posted an article by Olin Wread who gives us the history of one of the computing industry's GUI pioneers. Also covers briefly Amiga Inc's future plans. Read more
23.1.2003 Games News
A new version of Freeciv (1.18) released
Freeciv is a turnbased multiplayer strategy game, released under the GNU General Public License. It is generally comparable with Civilization II®, published by Microprose®. The latest stable version for Amiga computers is available here.
Sebastian Bauer's Homepage
23.1.2003 IBM unveils Linux-based PDA reference design
"IBM unveiled an open standards based Linux/Java PDA reference design at LinuxWorld in New York this week. Based on the IBM PowerPC 405LP embedded processor, the reference design, dubbed the "embedded Linux application platform" (e-LAP), is intended to jump-start PDA manufacturers, who can use the design as is, or can modify it to meet their own PDA, electronic book, or "personal media device" requirements." Read more
22.1.2003 SALE on ALL Nova Design Products
"Our slow sales season is your chance to save big Big BIG on all Nova Design products! We've got Millennium for the Amiga Video Toaster and Flyer on sale, ImageFX and Aladdin 4D for the Amiga, and Cinematte for Photoshop or for Newtek's Aura on sale as well!
Amiga Software
ImageFX is the best special effects and batch processing package on any platform! Magazines around the world have raved about it and recommended it to their readers.
Aladdin 4D is the top-notch 3D modeling, rendering and animation package that is designed to be easy for beginning 3D animators.
Amiga Toaster/Flyer Software
Millennium, produced in cooperation with Newtek, is the ultimate addon package for your Amiga Toaster or Flyer system. Featuring tons of new wipes, fonts, backgrounds and many new and necessary utilities for you to get the most out of your Amiga Toaster or Flyer system. Read more
Nova Design website
22.1.2003 Software News
OnyxSoft releases
The first version of QuickSketch v1.0 - tool that handles scrap-notes (just like post-it notes), but this one handles both graphics and text!
New version of DagensTV v1.2 - tool that manages emails ordered from www.dagenstv.com
New version of MultiRen v1.53 - very powerful multi-file renaming tool with dozen of features
New version of TheMPegEncGUI v2.23 - GUI for MPEG Audio-encoders
OnyxSoft website
22.1.2003 EdWord Source Code Released under GPL
"As of January 2003, the full source code for EdWord is available for free download (released under the GNU Public License). This release is thanks in a large part to Magnus Johnson, who helped me copy files off of my old AmigaDOS disks now that I no longer own an Amiga. Thanks Magnus! Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to locate the disk with the latest source code on it, so in the meantime I have provided the sources for the latest version that I have managed to recover.
EdWord was written using GFA Basic, so the source code is provided as a .GFA file. This is a binary file that only GFA Basic can read (it contains various inlined binary code for things like bitmaps and machine code implementations of certain critical functions). I will also provide ASCII versions where possible, though these will not include the binary sections."
Amiga.org website
EdWord Professional homepage
21.1.2003 Eyetech: Prices for A1 accessories
Alan RedHouse: "Our new server is now operational and, as promised, we've updated/added A1 components to the A1 section of the website. Note that the A1XE-G3 now has a 750FX cpu running at 800MHZ (instead 700mhz XE-G3 model), making it around 60-70% faster than the A1G3-SE."
Eyetech AmigaOne Yahoo! group ExiE
21.1.2003 Another SID-driver for the Catweasel
The second Amiga-based SID-driver is a playsid.library that accesses the SID of the Catweasel MK3 PCI/Flipper directly. At the moment this only works on Catweasel controllers that are plugged in a Zorro slot of an Amiga, support for Clockport-connected controllers will be added shortly. Playsid plays back a lot of tunes that are known from C64-games and demos. The probably most famous collection of SID music is the High Voltage Sid collection that contains more than 20000 songs.
Special thanks goes to the brothers Rakesh und Sharwin Raghoebardayal who have adapted the library to the Catweasel in their spare time, and released it as freeware.
Download: playsid.lha (19KBytes)
individual Computers website
21.1.2003 Web site pegasos-suisse.com online
MorphOS News Web site of PEGASOS in Switzerland is now online today! www.pegasos-suisse.com
Read more
RELEC Software & Hardware ExiE
21.1.2003 Today grand opening of The Butterfly Vale
MorphOS News Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages! The Butterfly Vale has opened its gates for visitors. The Vale is your future source for MorphOS ports and high-quality own MorphOS developments.
As for your journey to us, please recall that the Vale is located in a remote place where the air is still fresh and clean. We would like to keep it that way and ask you to if possible leave your power-consuming Pentium switched off and use alternate means of transportation. We recommend coming in by flying horse. Reda more
MorphOS-News.de website
Butterfly Vale website ExiE
20.1.2003 Pure Basic News
Xing Interactive are very proud to announce the release of the powerful and versatile programming language "Pure Basic". The product will be released in the second week of February 2003 and is available to consumers at the very competitive price of 29,95 Euro in DVD case packaging.
Pure Basic is more advanced and flexible then any of the other Basic programming languages currently on the market and it comes at a fraction of the price. The beauty of this product is the versatility though as you can develop your own games and applications on PC Windows, Linux or even AmigaOS! Speed is another unique selling point. Where other Basic programming languages crawl at a slow pace due to complex instruction translations Pure Basic shines by even outperforming C++ written code. If you ever wanted to program your own commercial quality games or applications in an easy to learn and even more easy to use language then this is your chance!
Amiga-News.de website
Xing Interactive website
20.1.2003 Interview Dreamworlds Development (Crossfire II)
Today we release a german and english interview with Dreamworlds Development (developer of Crossfire II).
Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
20.1.2003 Free Pascal News
A 1.0.7 compiler snapshot for classic Amiga is now available from the freepascal ftp site.

Debugging of the 1.0.7 compiler is coming along nicely. Normally, a release candidate for 1.0.8 should be done very soon. Also, with the 1.0.8 release, linux-m68k and Amiga-m68k versions of the compiler will also be released.
The 1.1 compiler is also coming along nicely, currently a new register allocator scheme is being designed to help optimize register usage.

Free Pascal website
19.1.2003 New AHI release
AHI v5.4, aka AHI 6.0rc0, featuring ahi.device v5.31, is now available. (68k/MorphOS PPC versions) http://www.lysator.liu.se/~lcs/files/ahi/beta/
Martin Blom ExiE
19.1.2003 fxPAINT 2.01 with numerous improvements
An update from fxPAINT version 2.0 to 2.01 is now available for free download. Changes include:
fxPAINT no more requires a fxPAINT: assign
the behaviour of the slider has been changed due to numerous requests
the "Choose"-button now switches forth and back between plain paint-mode and gradient-mode
further adaptions to MorphOS
the IFF24-saver now works correct
other bugfixes>

A fully detailed list of all changes can be found in the update archive.
IOSPIRIT website
19.1.2003 Crossfire II delivered & further news
Today Crossfire II was delivered to dealers and to everyone who preordered it. The boxes that left the house today are Version 1.03 including several bug fixes and new features as following:
- fully compatible to MorphOS and the Pegasos
- all missions also available in German
- many mission details changed and level of difficulty adapted
- possibility to skip the tutorial
- current weapon is shinyly marked

Furthermore there's an updated demo version of Crossfire II available at the ATC&TCP support site or at the Dreamworlds Development website. The updates of the game and the demo to V1.03 are also available there. In addition the support site for the game was updated and, among others, a FAQ added.
Andreas Magerl, APC&TCP
19.1.2003 Software News
Stricq2 RA GUI
"I have just uploaded a new version of the Stricq2 ReAction GUI to my homepage. Due to some internal changes, your old GUIPrefs file will not load correctly, so you will have to readjust your preferences. To see the changes in this version, please look in the readme file."
Glenn Hisdal, 's homepage
18.1.2003 AmigaFlame: Vote For The Top 5 Games Of 2002
"This is the fifth year that Amiga Flame gives Amiga Gamers the opportunity to vote for the Best Game of 2002. This year has been a slow year in terms of game releases, in particular due to the transition currently underway as developers work on the next generation of Amiga games. However, some impressive games were released this year and it is time for Amiga gamers to select the Best. I recommend that Gamers select their choice wisely, by reading through the list of games as you only have one vote."
AmigaFlame website
18.1.2003 Software News
New YAM2.4 Dev version
Click here to download the latest YAM v2.4 development version, compiled 18.1.2003. Fully optimized 68020 version only. ChangeLog
This version is currently in development, and may not work perfectly!
PLEASE do not complain about these development versions! If you want to continue getting developer versions, please read the ChangeLog file before reporting bugs.
YAM2.4 Dev page
18.1.2003 Genesi needs YOU!
MorphOS News The team of bplan GmbH, the creators of the Pegasos and MorphOS, and Thendic-France SARL, the exclusive master distributor, will be merged into Genesi shortly. The Pegasos will be bundled with MorphOS, DebianPPC, Mac-on-Linux and suite of games and application software. OpenBSD and Gentoo ports are underway (available before CeBIT) and a Debian Development Team has been identified to create a special Pegasos distro. Discussions are underway for the following OS ports to the Pegasos: BeOS, OpenBeOS, NetBSD, Zeta, and NewOS. SuSE and Mandrake (we will see what happens there) are already running on the Pegasos. Many things still need to be done and we are interested in all constructive involvement. The idea is to rally a technically oriented community to the Pegasos before a mass-market for the Pegasos is attempted. We hope by taking this intermediate step the Pegasos will be more competitive with the BIGGER companies in the IT field. By the way, we will continue to fully support any effort to bring AmigaOS or AmigaDE to the platform (in fact, we have taken the necessary legal steps anyway to make sure this will happen since working cooperatively together has not been possible). Read more
MorphOS-News.de website
18.1.2003 OFF-TOPIC: C=One almost ready for mass-production
First pictures of the CommodoreOne pre-production board are now online: "the pictures section has been extended by 11 pictures of the pre-production board. Basic testing has already been done, all chips are responding positively to diagnostic access. A 100% test procedure will be developed this weekend."
ANN website
17.1.2003 GFX-BASE: Review of fxPAINT 2.0
"We have a new review at GFX-BASE. This time we put the latest version of the image-authoring-software fxPAINT v.2.0 to the test. In this review we tried to give you an impression of the new features, optimizations and improvements in this new release (especially for those who already own a previous version of fxPAINT) aswell as an overview for those, who have not tried or seen fxPAINT before. Read it here."
GFX-BASE website
17.1.2003 Interview with Aminet Founder
The Aminet CD series was cancelled this month, and Amiga-News.de interviewed Urban Müller, the Aminet founder, to find out why and ask a few questions about Aminet's long history and hopefully long future (it is just the CDs that are being cancelled, not Aminet).
ANN website
17.1.2003 Games News
GLQuakeWOS News
GLQuakeWOS beta 10 released. Based on the original Amiga porting from Frank Wille and Steffen Häuser, it takes advantages of 3D graphics acceleration and PowerPC processors. What's new:
Fixed: paula allocation routine bug
Fixed: input.device allocation bug
Fixed: mouse allocation bug
Added: Sky Boxes support

Download GLQuakeWOS beta 10 HERE

Computer City is proud to announce the release of a new game for Amiga, called FotoFoto. You can read a bit more about it on this very preliminary site. For more information please contact info@compcity.nl.
"The soundtrack is composed by a German band called Atlantic Popes, which is formed by Max Holler and Alphaville-member Bernhard Lloyd."

Massimiliano Tretene, Soft3Dev
Amiga.org website
Computer City website
16.1.2003 Amigaworld Reunion starts this Weekend
Over the past 4 years #Amigaworld the popular IRC channel on Undernet has seen a lot of people come and go, if you were one of these people then join us in our reunion this weekend, starts 8:00PM (GMT) each night, Friday 17 Jan to Sunday 19 Jan. Everyone is welcome to join us, not just members.
David Doyle, AmigaWorld.net
16.1.2003 Hit Parade January/February 2003
It's time to vote at the Hit Parade - January/February 2003. We need the classifying of your current prefered games. Send us your classifying (20 games max) at our adress daff1@club-internet.fr. You can also vote at our website http://hitparade.amigames.com.
Remember you can put all kind of games (commercial, freeware, old, new,...). If your list have not change since last time, simply reply this mail with the subject "no change for me".
Final classifying will be published in early-february.
David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Hit Parade
16.1.2003 Amiga Future #40 January/February 2003 released
Today the german mag Amiga Future issue #40 January/February 2003 was released as planned. That means, that all subsriptions and single orders where send out by post today.
The Amiga Future is available as single issue or subscription, with or without Readers CD, directly from the editorship and through Amiga Dealers. One Issue of the Amiga Future costs without CD only 3,90 Eur. (with CD 6,50). Besides many other articles, this issue contains following reviews and articles:
Review Pegasos, Subway, Crossfire II, fxPaint 2.0, Desert Racing, Birdie Shots, Knights & Merchants, Article "Der Bote von Tamar", Report of the Aachen fair, Interview AmigaOS 4 Hans-Jörg Frieden (Hyperion) and lots more!
Andreas Magerl, Amiga-Future
16.1.2003 PerfectPaint v2.91b is available
New version 2.91b of PerfectPaint is now available at http://gothic.fr.free.fr/amiga/index.html and soon on Aminet.
PerfectPaint is great FREEWARE! proggie for painting, animation and manipulating pictures from 1bit to 24bits. What's new
Perfect Paint 2.91b just fix a silly bug with the text in PP2.91, released early the same day.
PerfectPaint's page
16.1.2003 Software News
LamePPC (241K) - Lame MP3 encoder version 3.93.1 (WarpOS port) Lame source code.
FFMpeg 0.4.6 (890K) - Fast video and audio converter. Supports AVI/QT/ASF/MPEG/DIVX/WMV1/MP3/AC3 and others. (68k 040/WarpOS ports) FFMpeg source code
mpgtx 1.3 (81K) - MPEG video/audio splitter and joiner. (WarpOS port) mpgtx source code
Amiga projects by Jarmo Laakkonen
15.1.2003 ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT - For you to have a free Mediator T-shirt
ELBOX COMPUTER News See our NEW USB Peripherals section. You will find here the latest USB 2.0 (and USB 1.1) devices, which you may use in Amiga with the Spider USB 2.0 card. The choice is made of the newest: USB Printers, USB 2.0 Flash Card Readers/Writers, EIDE to USB 2.0 converters, USB 2.0 Pen Drives, USB 2.0 Hard Drives, USB Keyboards and USB Mice.

EXPAND: USB 2.0 in your Amiga
If you are considering expansion of your Amiga with the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 technology, rush for this special offer: Buying any Spider USB bundle before 18 January, you will get a gift from us: a Free Mediator T-shirt!

If there are no more free PCI slots in your Amiga 1200, take a jump and buy the latest Mediator version for this Amiga model: Mediator PCI 1200 SX means SIX PCI slots, Power Management Interface, possibility of using ATX PSU. Buying a Mediator PCI 1200 SX before 18 January, you will also receive a gift from us: the Free Mediator T-shirt!

MUST: PCI technology in your Amiga
If you have no PCI slots in your A1200, A3000 or A4000, take your Amiga to the max with the revolutionary Mediator PCI busboard. Buy any Mediator PCI model before 18 January and you will also receive a gift from us: the Free Mediator T-shirt!

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
15.1.2003 Emulator: UAE-X Version 0.7 - Amiga emulator for the X-Box
Xbox News With UAE-X you are able to emulate an Amiga 500 or Amiga 1200 with your X-Box. UAE-X is available to the terms of the GPL. For compilation the Microsoft XBOX XDK will be needed. There is beside the new Version 0.7 detailed information and some screen shots available.
Amiga-News.de website
15.1.2003 Software News
Amithlon News Amithlon: PuhDerBaer Update
"I just realized that the stereo-capable version of PuhDerBaer (the Paula-to-AHI redirector) never made it out to the users. Well, it's never too late --- download the archive and please make sure you read the included README.
Please note that I packed this up under linux, rather than under AmigaOS. So it is possible that permission bits may not be set correctly --- so if things don't work, look for that first."
Bernd "Bernie" Meyer's Umiblog
14.1.2003  New Quake 2 Update Available
"Registered users for Quake 2 for AmigaOS can download an Update for Quake 2 at our Webpage.
Both a PPC and a 68k Update are provided. The Update fixes a bug in the GL Renderer from the first Update, a minor bug in the GUI, provides some more optimizations to the GL Renderer and changes the Output format for Screenshots to JPG."
Steffen Haeuser, Hyperion Entertainment
14.1.2003 New year, new drivers, new prices
Catweasel MK3 PCI/Flipper is not only a PCI-card, it can also be used in an Amiga. The first SID-driver has now been released for AmigaOS: Stefan Haubenthal has written a 6581sid.library for common C64 emulators like Frodo or MagiC64. Download: 6581sid.lha (1442Bytes)
Unfortunately, the new year also brings bad news: Higher taxes, higher energy cost and higher wages at our contractors force us to increase some prices for the first time in the nearly nine-year old history of the company. This mainly affects the new products. On the other hand, we will decrease prices for the existing inventory.
The new pricelist is valid from february 1st, 2003.
individual Computers website
14.1.2003 Umilator Feature List
Although this product will almost certainly never see the light of day (given the distinct lack of miracles in the current Amiga market), I have received numerous requests to provide a list of features of The Product Formerly Known As Amithlon2, or "Umilator".
This just lists the differences between Umilator and the original Amithlon --- features already available in Amithlon are only mentioned if there have been improvements (or at least changes :).
Bernd "Bernie" Meyer's Umiblog
14.1.2003 Small Update for the demo version of Crossfire II
The game now automatically detects wether it runs on a Pegasos and deactivates the 4player adapter code accordingly. In addition the ReadMe was extended by a description of the control methods and the respective options. The demo archive is already updated. If you want to update an already installed demo version, download cf2_demo_upd102.lha (300kb) and unpack it into your demo folder.
Dreamworlds Development website
14.1.2003 More impressions from CES 2003 in Las Vegas
MorphOS News Daniel Miller posted some more information about CES 2003 in Las Vegas: "Bill and Raquel hosted a reception at Bally's on Friday night. I wasn't sure I wanted to go until I found out that "reception" meant "party at their hotel room." I ended up going of course as did about 35 people and everybody seemed to have a good time. Several of Bill and Raquel's friends were there. Multiple Genesi lawyers were there. The Pegasos-USA web-team was there. David Green of Phoenix Developer Consortium, Felix Schwarz of IOSpirit, Samuel Rydh of MacOnLinux, all the usual Genesi suspects, and a bunch of other people were there. Read more
14.1.2003 AmigaOS4 Feature Set: Release 1
Amiga is pleased to publish this first version of the feature set of the up and coming AmigaOS4.0. The document will undergo revision in subsequent issues but because of the massive demand for information made by the public, we have decided to release it in its current state. Read the full release here.
ATTENTION: PDF version of the doc can crash Amiga Apdf viewer!
AmigaInc. website
13.1.2003 RC5-72 Distributed.net Clients Released
The first RC5-72 (plus OGR) capable clients for AmigaOS (v2.9002-479) are now available from distributed.net's pre-release page.
The AmigaOS clients are the first to feature PowerPC and m68k hand-optimized versions of the RC5-72 cores, which offer a significent improvement on the ANSI cores. This was part of the reason why clients for AmigaOS were not available until now - we hope the delay was worth the wait. Also, for the first time, the PowerUp client is now 100% compatible with MorphOS.
The Amiga Team Effort website ExiE
13.1.2003 Interesting AmigaOne pictures
This link shows a close-up picture of the new AmigaOne G3-SE and the Artica fix. There are several green wires with one seemingly going under the board from a Do not use this hole labelled hole. More AmigaOne pictures here from the same person. There are also some pictures of the BIOS.
Pekka Nissinen via ANN
13.1.2003 PageStream4.1.5.5 Amiga & Win Release Available
The release of PageStream4.1.5.5 for Amiga and Windows is now available for download. Initial release includes just those new files until the package testing is completed.
Grasshopper LLC website
13.1.2003 Amiga hosting provider suffering denial of service attack
Sixgirls Computing Labs, which is known for providing hosting services on Amiga hardware, is experiencing a massive denial of service attack of unprecedented magnitude.
reva.sixgirls.org, an Amiga 4000 which provides hosting for nearly 300 domains and more than 150 users, is the victim of another denial of service attack. [..] Normal service should resume sometime Monday.
Temporarily, you may have trouble accessing sites which are hosted on reva.sixgirls.org, such as: http://distributed.amiga.org/, http://www.totalamiga.org/, http://www.seal-amiga.co.uk/, http://ireland.amiga.org/ and others.
John Klos via ANN
13.1.2003 Genesi CES 2003
MorphOS News Here are the first pictures taken on the CES 2003 show in Las Vegas where Genesi was showing off its Pegasos.
Show reports by Daniel Miller
13.1.2003 CD32 and SX32 support site
Ian stedman have just finished a support site for the Amiga CD32 and SX32 expansion module. There is some never seen before technical info on these systems and repair notes. Enjoy!
Ian stedman via ANN
CD32Info website
13.1.2003 More pictures from Alt Party 2003
More pictures from Alternative Party 2003 Pegasos demonstration in Finland can be found here and here.
12.1.2003 Software News
AWeb News
Slight beautification of the website. Fixed a few typos and updated Bugzilla information in the Development section.
Bugzilla now contains a feature request component for AWeb, so we have a place to put feature requests from the mailing lists.

Jabberwocky News
The 6th Preview of Jabberwocky V1.3 is now ready. Get it here.
Fixed problem with upgraded iksemel library
complete french catalog

Jabberwocky is a jabber client software for Amiga. It is open source and released under the GNU GPL License. Jabber is an instant messaging system, similar to ICQ or AIM, yet far different. It is open source, absolutely free, simple, fast, extensible, modularized, and cross platform. Server modules (transports) allows cross messaging between other networks (AIM, ICQ, MSN, IRC, etc).

Official AWeb Open Source project page
Jabberwocky Amiga homepage
12.1.2003 Alt Party 2003 Pictures
Using this link you can find some pictures that were taken at ALTParty last weekend.
11.1.2003 Crossfire II Update and Demo release
The new homepage of Dreamworlds Development is online. Some parts are still missing but the old page is still accessible. The update of Crossfire II is released which offers some new features and fixes all known problems. Furthermore a demo version of Crossfire II is available at the download page or soon on Aminet.
The demo version (11.7MB) contains:
- the tutorial and 2 missions from the campaign mode
- a restricted multiplayer mode
- no animations and music to keep the archive small

Just give it a try. :)

The update is available (4.7MB) here and contains:
- Alternative graphics functions that do not use ChunkyPPC. Solves problems when playing on Pegasos systems.
- Campaign mode texts available in German.
- Can be played in a Workbench window.
- When beginning a new pilot the tutorial can be skipped.
- The present weapon is marked with some light effect.
- New music score especially for mission 11.
- Many mission details changed.
- Solved weird colours when playing in 8Bit without screen fading.
- Crash in mission 26 solved.
- "File is not executable" solved.

You can order the game at APC&TCP

Andreas Magerl, APC&TCP
11.1.2003 Worm Wars 7.3 and Report+ 5.64 released
Worm Wars 7.3 and Report+ 5.64 have been released by Amigan Software, and are available from their site, or shortly from Aminet.
Amigan Software
10.1.2003 100%AMIGA Issue 32 Out Now!
Issue 32, the January 2003 issue of 100%AMIGA, the Amiga's only monthly CD magazine is out now. All the latest Amiga news, features on FXPaint 2 and Tales of Tamar.
FORE-MATT Home Computing
10.1.2003 Finnish Amiga Users Group Demonstrates Pegasos at Alt Party 2003
MorphOS News Finnish Amiga Users Group will participate the Alternative Party 2003 this weekend in Helsinki, Finland with a demonstration set-up of Pegasos running MorphOS. The demonstration machine was kindly provided by Genesi.
See this link for the full press release. For more information about Alt Party and on how to participate, see http://www.altparty.org.
10.1.2003 Software News
Jabberwocky News
The 5th Preview of Jabberwocky V1.3 is now ready. Get it here.
Fixed another enforcer hit
Can use the chat window for messages and vice versa (see prefs)
Activated logging library
Using updated iksemel library

Jabberwocky is a jabber client software for Amiga. It is open source and released under the GNU GPL License. Jabber is an instant messaging system, similar to ICQ or AIM, yet far different. It is open source, absolutely free, simple, fast, extensible, modularized, and cross platform. Server modules (transports) allows cross messaging between other networks (AIM, ICQ, MSN, IRC, etc).

AmigAIM News
AmigAIM 0.9443 Beta is now ready for download.
AmigAIM is a client to connect to America Online's AIM service, it is currently limited to what has been devined about the system from careful research of the AIM system by the author and others.

Jabberwocky Amiga homepage
Official AmigAIM Website
9.1.2003 T-Zwei playable demo
Windows News Entirely developed by AMIGA lovers, T-Zwei is a great looking real "amiga style" shoot'em up for PC. Take a look. For any informations write to info@atlanteq.it.
Alessandro Di Michele, T-Zwei homepage
9.1.2003 HIGHWAY / SUBWAY FAQ page
As a starting point for users of the HIGHWAY / SUBWAY we offer help for the most common problems on a dedicated page. New FAQ page online, just take a look!
USB for Amiga page
9.1.2003 Crossbee Management Joins Genesi
MorphOS News The Management of Crossbee S.A. of Paris, France has joined Genesi to assist in the organization of the Company. "Integrating Thendic-France, bplan GmbH, and all of our sales efforts and strategic initiatives required us to find and recruit a proven and talent international management team. Stéphane Donders and the Crossbee team are the right people to bring Genesi to the next level." The Crossbee team began working with Genesi 7 January.
Details about Crossbee can be found at www.crossbee.com. Crossbee and Genesi will share offices in Paris. New Genesi Offices will be established in Frankfurt and Luxembourg in January and February.
Raquel Velasco and Bill Buck
8.1.2003 Amiga Future: Interview ZeoNeo
"On the Amiga Future page we release today in the english-part a interview with ZeoNeo."
Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
8.1.2003 GFX-BASE future
"First, we don't get enough feedback and there's not much going in Amiga world for quite a time now. No, we are not thinking of closing this site (not yet), but we had to make some change:
We will not search for news on our own anymore as we lack the time and motivation. Only submitted news (via online from or mail) will get posted here at GFX-BASE. What we will try though, is to bring you some specials now and then (like reviews or interviews). The future of GFX-BASE is up to you."
GFX-BASE website
8.1.2003 Software News
Concurrent Versions System (CVS)
CVS is a version control system, which allows you to keep track of all of your files (usally source code), keep a log of who, when, and why changes occurred, etc., like RCS or SCCS. It handles multiple developers, multiple directories, triggers to enable/log/control various operations, and can work over a wide area network (i.e. internet). New version (1.11.4) of AmigaOS/MorphOS port by Olaf Barthel and Jens Langner is now available. Changes: updated source tree to latest 1.11.4 cvs release and adapted some sources to compile with the made changes; reduced minimum stack usage to 8192 bytes.
CVS AmigaOS/MorphOS port homepage
8.1.2003 Genesi USA is Incorporated
MorphOS News Genesi USA (Tax ID Number EIN 42-1567425) was incorporated in Nevada this week. Genesi USA is owned 100% by Genesi Sarl of Luxembourg.
7.1.2003 No Amiga to Waste: Ideas wanted!
This page can be used as a source of ideas for coder. I fyou have a real good idea for a program on the Amiga taht should be programmed you can poste it here, and maybe a coder will take it and make it.
Coder foe the Amiga are rar nowadays but some are still looking for ideas or asking what programmes are needed.
The last entry was taken years ago, so I wanted to get some attetion to it again.
Amiga-News.de website
7.1.2003 AmigaSource reaches the 1300+ link mark
Scott A Pistorino: "Hello all, just a minor news flash. I am pleased to announce that AmigaSource has just passed the 1300+ link mark. Drop in, look around, enjoy and PLEASE help spread the word!!!"
7.1.2003 Amiga Future #40 January/February 2003
"On January, 15th 2003 the 40th issue in the year 2003 of the german Amiga Future magazine will be released.
From now on the preview of this issue is online on the Amiga Future homepage (reading samples will follow later).
You can get the Amiga Future as a single magazine or as a subscription directly at the editorial office (each with cd rom). One issu without the cd rom costs Euro 3.90, with the cd 6.50.
Among other things there are the following articles in the magazine: Test Pegasos, Test Subway, Test Crossfire II, Test Quake 2, Test fxPaint 2.0, Preview Desert Racing, Preview Birdie Shots, Preview Knights & Merchants, Interview AmigaOS 4 Thomas Frieden (Hyperion), Der Bote von Tamar, Showreview Aachen and many, many more.
Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
7.1.2003 Samuel Rydh (MacOnLinux) to be guest of Genesi at CES
MorphOS News Genesi SARL informed us that Samuel Rydh, principal developer of Mac-On-Linux, will be at the Genesi booth at CES and help to promote the Pegasos.
6.1.2003 PhotoFolio 2.3 upgrade released
Steeple Software is proud to announce the release of PhotoFolio v2.3. After two free updates (2.1 and 2.2) that introduced many new features, PhotoFolio v2.3 is a paid upgrade that adds even more features. Read more.
With continuing support, PhotoFolio promises to be one of the most powerful image cataloguing systems available on the Amiga platform. PhotoFolio v2.3 upgrade is available now. Full upgrade purchase details are available here.
Steve Quartly and Paul Huxham, Steeple Software
6.1.2003 A new version of BibVision (former name:BibleView)
Due to name conflict with an existing commercial product, my Bible text reader program is now BibVision (former name was BibleView). The version uploaded to Aminet (v1.4) has a further small bug fix, see the BibVision.readme.
Marko Raina, BibVision
5.1.2003 Amiga .mod remix scene
It seems that many people are longing to see more amiga .mod remixes like you see in the C64 scene with sites like remix.kwed.org, c64audio.com and remix64.com.
In an attempt to strengthen the amiga .mod remix scene I have set up a mailinglist at yahoo groups. Feel free to join. Lets hope for a growing amiga remix community in 2003.
Søren Ladegaard ExiE
5.1.2003 DiskMaster News
DiskMasterII v2.5RC8 - one of the best known Amiga Directory Utilities ever made. Documentation (v1.101) in Amiga-Guide format.
Diskmaster2 Official Homepage
5.1.2003 LhA author Haruyasu Yoshizaki finally interviewed
In a rare interview with Dr Haruyasu Yoshizaki, author of the LhA compression technology, the good doctor sheds some light on what to expect on future versions of this software.
ANN website
4.1.2003 AmigaInc. Club Amiga T-Shirts ...not yet
Amiga Inc. would like to apologise unreservedly for the delay in getting the T-shirts out. We have received all the orders from the dealers and no blame should be attached to the dealers for the delay. There are several reasons for the delay and we are working on trying to get these remedied as quickly as possible. We hope to have everything sorted out in the next few weeks.
AmigaInc. website
4.1.2003 PowerD v0.20 alpha4 release of powerful programming language
PowerD is modern programming language with several features, that You won't find in any other language. It has support for both the 68k and PowerPC processors and it has been successfully tested on Classic Amigas, PowerPC Amigas, Amithlon, UAE and also Pegasos with MorphOS.
Some of news of this alpha release:
- several bugfixes
- some new features
- added dc_68k compiler for 68k executables only
- and much much more
If You are interested, or have any suggestions or comments, or if You want to become a bug reporter and want to do at least something for Amiga, please let me know to kuchinka@volny.cz. More information and files for download can be found on my homepage powerd.zde.cz.
Martin <MarK> Kuchinka, PowerD
4.1.2003 IOSPIRIT guest of Genesi at CES 2003
IOSPIRIT will attend the CES 2003 as guest of Genesi in Las Vegas (Booth #29101 in the Home Networking, IT & Wireless Pavillion). Among others, fxPAINT 2.0, fxSCAN 4.0 and VHI Studio 6.0 will be shown. Felix Schwarz will be available for questions.
At this point we also would like to thank Genesi for this great opportunity and their continued commitment.
Due to our participation at CES 2003, dispatching of postal orders is only possible after the 15th of January again. Orders for downloadversion via creditcard are not affected by this, though. Also, our availability via phone and email is very limited until 15th of January - thanks for your patience.
IOSPIRIT website
4.1.2003 Scene: disc mag Jurassic Pack now with own domain
On of the last active Amiga demo scene disc mags ´Jurassic Pack´ has now an own domain - jurassicpack.de.
Right now is issue #12 in preparation. People who'd like to participate with an English article, a music piece or a title screen should contact the main editors as soon as possible for further details.
Amiga-News.de website
3.1.2003 Aminet CD serie ends
Because most of the users have a direct access to the Internet an AminetCD which is published each second month makes no sense. The users can get the software in a much faster way from the Aminet.
Because of that the team of the Aminet has decided to stop making the CDs. This has not an influence on the Aminet itself which will be kept leading in the same way.
The newest and last Aminet-CD number 52 (December 2002) offers Superview Productivity Suite II written by Andreas Kleinert as the highlight. The CD is already provided. SuperView IV (SViewIV) reads, writes and/or converts more than 50 graphic formats and also integrates external programs like Xpk, Ghostscipt or MetaView. Additional to the display of graphics on over 20 supported graphic cards (via CyberGraphX, Picasso96 or special driver systems) the program can also edit the different graphic formats.
Amiga-News.de website
3.1.2003 UltraBUS - another USB for Amiga
Creative Development updated their webpage with information and screenshots of their UltraBUS USB card. The project is done by Jens Schönfeld (individual Computers, hardware layout), Tom Williams (USB Stack) & Massimo Mancini (Hardware/Sales).

When asked about Poseidon for the UltraUSB card the UltraUSB Stack Author, Tom Williams, posted: "What I will reiterate is we do understand the need for a unified approach or at least some semblance of compatibility. However, perhaps it doesn't do to have only one option for your USB software at such an early stage in the game; Amiga only just got USB. CGX and P96 have always 'competed' well. I started working on our stack a long time ago, when we first looked at building the card, so there is a lot of solid work there - rather than see it go to waste, I'd like to find out if the thing will do what I designed it to do! I think you will be pleasently surprised :)"

CyberGraphX homepage
Creative Development website
3.1.2003 Idruna Software - Photogenics News
Happy New Year!
Idruna would like wish everyone a Happy 2003! Lots of exciting developments are in store for the New Year, stay tuned!

Icon Designer Needed
We are looking for a talented icon designer to completely revamp the toolbar in Photogenics. Please email us at info@idruna.com with samples of your work if you can help.

Idruna Software website
3.1.2003 AmigaX86 unveiled
Amigax86 is the name of a product that combined product known as Umilator (formerly known as "Amithlon") emulation with the Amiga Operating System (v3.9). This was to be a standalone product release by Extreme Computing that combined all available programming done by Bernt Meyer, with license from Amiga Inc., and several other software developers to give you the following on a single CD product.
[..] The reason for not continuing with this product is mainly due to the recent announcement by Bernie Meyer to "retire" the product. As we have spent much time, effort, and many thousands of dollars to try to bring this project to fruition by the holiday season 2002, we are simply unable to release the product at this time. We are still very committed to this project, but have other commitments and priorities to tend to. The Amigax86 project is "shelved" until further notice. Read more
Extreme Computing
3.1.2003 Amiga.org: Show Your Art Skills And Win An Amiga.org T-Shirt
Amiga.org will be starting a new merchandise line and we need your help to do so.
If you think that you can make a great design that would look groovy on a Shirt, Coffee Mug or Mousepad, don´t waste any time and start designing now.
If one of the designs will be used for the new merchandise line, the creator will get a free T-Shirt and the everlasting fame of his/her design on top of our merchandising line.
You can send your designs to kees@amiga.org under attention of Merchandise Design Contest.
Amiga.org website
2.1.2003 suite101.com Amiga: Expecting
"I was hoping to have more information to discuss this month, and possibly even an AmigaOne to play with, but best laid plans and all that."
Expecting, new article by John Chandler on suite101.com.
suite101.com website
2.1.2003 Benelux Amiga Show & Benelux Pegasos Show
Ron van Herk announced on MorphOS-News.de that the Benelux Pegasos Show which is planned for April 2003 in Rotterdam, Netherlands together with the Benelux Amiga Show.
"It's still very premature, but at least the site is up! Please contact cindy@beneluxpegasosshow.com for more info. Thanks to André Siegel for the wonderful logos! And of course, happy 2003 everybody! :-)"
MorphOS-News.de website
1.1.2003 GoldED Studio News
envPGP v1.2 (576kB) PGP51i - The PGP add-on integrates Phil Zimmermann's encryption software ("Pretty Good Privacy 51i International") with GoldED.
GoldED homepage
1.1.2003 Amiga Arena - Interview with Ancor (The last Seal)
Do you remember the Adventure "The last Seal" from Ancor back in 1997? If yes,than I have some good news for you! Ancor is still active and we will see a new Demo from this Game! Read all the latest news about the develop status and the game "The last Seal" in our first Interview in 2003!

A happy new year to you all and be a part of the return from the Amiga in 2003!
Yours Amiga Arena - the fire still burns 2003!

Olaf Köbnik, Amiga Arena