31.1.2002 Suite101.com January Update
After looooong time there is a new article by John Chandler on suite101.com: The Light At The End Of The Tunnel, The latest information on AmigaOS 4.

suite101.com website
31.1.2002 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#020131).

Amiga Update website
31.1.2002 Games & Software News
New Amiga version 0.40 R5 of Tales of Tamar the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows released.

Reworked Driver for Burnit. Download for Yamaha ATAPI and SCSI drives model 8424, 8824 and 2100.

Tales of Tamar website
Titan Computer website

30.1.2002 Goodbye Amiga Arena!
The Amiga Arena says Goodbye and i would like to thank you all the Developers, Magazines and people who supports me all the Years!
Without you the Amiga Arena were not possible! With "Cygnus8" and "Mobile Warfare" you can Download a little farewell present with the permission from Applaud Software! Yours Olaf K. - Amiga Arena R.I.P. 1998 - 2002

Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena
30.1.2002 Miami(Dx) petition
"A friend and I have just setup a petition to try and get Holger Kruze to release the keyfiles for miami and miamidx to third party retailers who can sell the keys on his behalf allowing many amiga users around the world to experience the real power of these amazing TCP/IP stack. I hope you all can take the time to sign it and show your support.
You can either get to the petition by following the link from: http://www.amigahacks.co.uk or by going direct: http://gopetition.com/info.php?petid=740."

Darren Glenn
30.1.2002 Bitplane issue 1
"Is finally available issue 1 of Bitplane the only Amiga printed magazine in italy with by-monthly CD-Rom. This issue has also another free CD, Amiga.it issue 1.
Bitplane is the only Amiga printed magazine in Italy. It's a by-monthly, subscription only, 64 pages with cover CD magazine. The issue 1 has a special report from Pianeta Amiga 2001 and Amiga 2001 show. The review of Amiga OS XL, the italian Amiga 3.9 book, Prostation Audio, Phisics Laboratory Junior, Aminet 44, Amiga.it 8, Light Rom 8 and Brave new World. There are also tutorial of PHP, Candy Factory and Workbench. A complete guide to Linux, QNX and MorphOS. A preview of Freespace and the review of Shogo and Payback. Last but not least comes the Emulazione with emulator news and reviews. The magazine is available at 7.75 euros + postage.
For subscription please consult our website www.bitplane.it or e-mail us at info@bitplane.it."

Nicola Morocutti via ANN
29.1.2002 PageStream 4.1
"We are starting to deliver version 4.1 for Windows today. We waited a bit longer this time, because we wanted to be sure that it is a stable version. Our first test proofed that the current version 4.1.2 is very stable.
Since some time there is also the Macintosh version 4.1 available from Grasshopper. This is still not a release version, so we will wait for that. We also expect the Amiga version 4.1 to be available soon."

Haage&Partner website
GrasshopperLLC. website
29.1.2002 amiNET.GUI in different languages
The amiNET.GUI is now aviable in 6 diferent languages (german, english, italian*, french*, spnish* and polnish) [* by babelfish]...
I still look for people who want to help me to translate and add new languages.
By the way the amiNET.GUI is now aviable at 3 urls:
bookmark them and check it out ;)

Alexander Kurtz, amiNET.GUI
29.1.2002 4 min and 30 sec Amiga commercial from 1992 discovered
A 4-part Amiga commercial from 1992 is now available exclusively on The Commodore Billbard at www.CommodoreBillboard.com. It's a whopping total of 44 MegaBytes.
It's a big commercial split into 4 parts. It's was included on the VHS edition of "The lawnmower Man" back in 1992. At the beginning of the tape, you'd find the usual movie-trailers. In between the trailers, you would see these commercials for the A600 and the CDTV. If you watched all 4 commercials, you would be able to answer 3 questions and get the chance to win one of three different Amiga packs.
You'll find audio-previews of the commercials too, for you to listen to before you download the big files.
The clips can be found in: Commercials -> Amiga Commercials

Søren Ladegaard, The Commodore Billbard
29.1.2002 Amiga Expo Announces New Exhibitors and More
It's an exciting new year for Amiga Expo as we've begun 2002 by signing up a brand new bunch of exhibitors and speakers for the show happening on March 29th-31st at the Marriott Hunt Valley Inn. Read more

Amiga.org website
Kermit Woodall, Amiga Expo
29.1.2002 CD32.com
Brand new website dedicated to the CD32 - just gone live today at www.cd32.com.

Stephen Staley, CD32.com
29.1.2002 A Brand New Up Rough EP (musicdisk) Is Out!
"Saturday at Joe's EP" featuring Samuel (Substance) & Nasley. The EP is loaded with the phattest Jazzbeats yah ever heard. Get your personal copy now!"

29.1.2002 Software News
A new update of VirusZ III has been released today. Georg Hoermann is back to program VirusZ III. You can find the update here (v0.96). readme
Once again written by Georg Hörmann, as Dirk Stöcker doesn't have any time. No longer beta version, because all features are working well, missing ones are no reason for a beta release.

STRICQ v2 Beta - second release. Addresses many, many enforcer hits and includes GUI sourcecode. You will need the latest versions of NList, NListtree and TextInput.

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
STRICQ homepage

28.1.2002 Motorola Ships First 1 GHz Processor Implementing the PowerPC Instruction Set Architecture
Networking and computing product manufacturers can now take advantage of the most powerful processor implementing the PowerPC instruction set architecture on the market today. With the shipment of the silicon-on-insulator (SOI) fabricated MPC7455 and MPC7445 processors, Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT), the market share leader in integrated circuits for communications systems, today announced that the MPC7455 is the first processor implementing the PowerPC instruction set architecture to ship at 1 GHz speeds. Read more

Apple annouced dual 1GHz Power Mac G4 with a combined performance of 15 billion floating point operations per second, or 15 gigaflops... Read more

Motorola website
Apple website

28.1.2002 Amiga Arena News
UltraAccounts is one of the leading home accounts programs for the Amiga. The user interface is very easy to learn and use, and has been designed to be suitable for beginners as well as experts. Richard Smedley released "UaCurrency", a new tool to convert your data files from one currency to another. As you know, on 1st Jan 2002 several European countries abandoned their national currency and changed to the new Euro currency. This tool automates the process of converting your files from the old currency to the new one.
Read all about UltraAccounts and if you dont want that one of the best Shareware Software dies - Support it and send feedback!

Amiga Arena website
28.1.2002 Digital Dreams Entertainment cancelled all their Amiga only projects
The Amiga Arena ask Digital Dreams Entertainment if they are still active for the Amiga! Digital Dreams Entertainment released in 1999 one of the best Action Adventures Games - "Wasted Dreams"!
Here the orginal answer:

"Unfortunately we had to cancel all our Amiga only projects. We are now working on several new projects, from support parts for 3D animators (in 3dsMax, Lightwave or Maya) to children games for PC and Console.

Kind Regards,
Digital Dreams Entertainment"

Amiga Arena website

28.1.2002 freeCD: Pinball Nights
The Amiga freeCD Pinball Nights includes the following full versions: Pinball Dreams, Pinball Illusions, Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Hazard and Obsession Pinball. Price: 3 Euro. More information

The Faces of Mars website
28.1.2002 Software News
STRICQ v2 Beta - first open public beta released. Check Installation instructions and Know problems and caveats before you start!

STRICQ homepage
27.1.2002 New ScummVM AGA with Sound-support out!
Today the new ScummVM AGA version has been released! Features of v0.38:
o Changed Delay routines: the game is A LOT faster! (Try the FASTMODE at least one time: press RightShift+f !!!)
o Sound support (AHI required)
o F1 will now grab the scummaga screen (requires iff.library)
o Adjustable Talk Delay (use '+' and '-' on keypad)
o Screenmode is now saved to disk
o Put back color cycles (SLOW under AGA...)
o Changed keys: 'ESC' will now skip cutscenes and 'F10' will exit

Features of v0.38.2 (midnight bugfix:-):
o Fixed the Bottom-Line bug: should prevent crashes on some machines
o Fixed a bug in scummvm: Monkey1 now works with the non-ixemul version
o At least the color cycles are as fast as they should be (even FASTER !)
o Removed Ixemul version from the archive

Sebastian Beloch, ScummVM AmigaPort Homepage

27.1.2002 AIO Issue 55 is out
Issue 55 of AIO is now out. Highlights include an interview with Steffen Haeuser and the announcement of the AIO CD.

CD Compilation SURVEY!

AIO website

27.1.2002 Interview of Ben Hermans
Exclusive Interview of Ben Hermans about AmigaOS 4.0 :) english and french versions available.

Boing Attitud
27.1.2002 AROS News
There are now new AROS source and binary snapshots up on the SourceForge download page, which you can find here.
The hosted version for Linux/i386. This is the most complete and mature port, which means that you can run almost all included programs and demos with it.
The hosted version for FreeBSD/i386. This is a fairly new port for which binary snapshots haven't been available for until now, so it might not be as mature as the Linux/i386 port.
The native version for i386-based PC AT computers and compatibles. It works quite well, but the driver support is very limited at the moment.

AROS homepage
27.1.2002 Software News
A new update of 'WatchDog 2.5' has been released today. You can find the update Here. WatchDog is memory watch tool. reame

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
26.1.2002 Vote For The Top 5 Amiga Games Of 2001
Amiga Flame has launched a vote to find The Top 5 Games Of 2001. This is your opportunity to decide, which was the Best Game of 2001. In addition, gamers can also vote for the Top 10 AmigaDE Games Of 2001.

Philip Cosby, Amiga Flame
26.1.2002 ScummVM - Amiga Ports Website is online!
"The website according to ScummVM Amiga Ports has launched today. You find infos to ScummVM AGA by NoGFX or the MorphOS by Rüdiger Hanke on the site. Screenshots, downloads, faqs, and many more is available on the site!"

Sebastian Beloch, ScummVM AmigaPort Homepage
26.1.2002 Alt.WoA UK Amiga show 2002 Web Site updated
The Alt.WoA 2002 Web Site has been updated tonight to include further details of the Workshops to be presented, a Sensi Soccer competition in the Games Area and further information in the Amiga Arena section.

John A Smith, Huddersfield Amiga User Group
26.1.2002 Amiga Arena Interview Aktion
"The Amiga Arena spokes with Ralph Torchia, the developer of the very good Shareware Software "Spitfire²". "Spitfire²" is for all Amiga / PalmOS users! Read all about the past and Future!"

Amiga Arena website
26.1.2002 Important information regarding HSMathLibs and stormamiga.lib
"As a result of the litigations concerning the name "CyberdyneSystems" I was forbidden to use this name in connection with "HSMathLibs" and "stormamiga.lib". Since this also concerns the domain name, the "HSMathLibs" and "stormamiga.lib" soon will not be found at "WWW.CyberdyneSystems.de", any more. I will inform about the future place to find those pages as soon as this was fixed. Due to the changes the respective pages may be down for a short time. I ask you for your understanding."

CyberdyneSystems website
26.1.2002 Software News
AmigAIM 0.9439 Beta - an AIM Client for the Amiga by Richard H. Poser II. history

Official AmigAIM Page
25.1.2002 New Total Amiga Website
South Essex Amiga Link is proud to announce the launch of a website for Total Amiga Magazine: http://www.totalamiga.org/
Total Amiga is the new name for our established quarterly printed Amiga magazine, "Clubbed".
On our new site you can find full details about the magazine, contents lists for past issues and our plans for the future. There is information on ordering trial copies of the magazine and subscriptions with links to ForeMatt Home Computing and Kicksoft who offer an online ordering service for us.
We also have a behind the scenes section where you can find out how the magazine is produced (on the Amiga of course) and see a preview of the new design.
The first issue of Total Amiga is going to press next week and will be available in February.

Robert Williams, Total Amiga Magazine
25.1.2002 Poll results for SUBWAY and HIGHWAY
Michael Böhmer: "The poll results have been published!
Bus system - This question has been decided quite clearly for the Zorro device (HIGHWAY).
Driver support - And the winner is... digital cameras.
Thanks to all of you who have participated in the poll. We will try to get your ideas into our work."

SUBWAY and HIGHWAY website
25.1.2002 DigiboosterPro Community Mod-Compo
"On 01.02.02 the DigiboosterPro Community will starting a Module-Competition.
How it works? Quite easy:
You have to tracking a Module (Dbm) with the DigiboosterPro and you must consideration the rules. We give every one the chance to start on this Combo to have many of different Music-styles. For more infos about the rules and the Mod-Compo - please visit: www.digiboosterpro.de."

Unofficial Homepage of DigiBoosterPro
25.1.2002 GoldED Site Moving
Dietmar Eilert: "This site will move to a new server in Feb 2002. Please make sure you have bookmarked the generic URL http://golded.dietmar-eilert.de (which will remain usable), not the actual URL of the server."

GoldED website
25.1.2002 Software News
Scalos beta version 40.19 has been uploaded. Visit the Downloads page as usual...

Scalos homepage
24.1.2002 Euro update for AmigaOS 3.9
Finally we are able to release the Euro update for AmigaOS 3.9. It took a bit longer because there were some more things to consider. Many thanks to the all involved people.
This update especially contains keymaps and Amiga bitmap fonts that make it possible to use the Euro symbol on the Amiga. It also contains a German Euro keymap for AmigaOS XL. Download

Haage&partner website
24.1.2002 Amiga Arena - Special Price Project
In 2002 the Amiga Arena will continue to try to achieve special prices for shareware software. But due to the bad shareware situation, this became allmost impossible. The more I am happy about to be able to present you with a very special project. In cooperation with Helmut Hoffman the Amiga Arena makes possible a special price project for the image management software "PhotoAlbum" along with the image viewer "Cybershow". Before the rest of the vacation bonus expires, better invest in shareware...

Big PhotoAlbum and CyberShow Euro-Predecessor-Currency-Shareware-Project. Who still has valid bank notes of the twelve predecessor currencies of the twelve countries sharing one currency Euro now, can order PhotoAlbum/Cybershow for payment in cash in any currency combination (value at least 20 Euro- e.g. 280 schilling from your weekend in Vienna or 4,000 Pesetas from your last trip to Mallorca) until 28.February 2002. If there is not enough, of course you can fill up with Euro bank notes. Coins will not be accepted.
A Special Offer with "GeoWorld" is Online too!

Amiga Arena website

24.1.2002 No Warp3D Next Generation for 68020, 68030, 68040 & 68060 or OS3.0 & OS3.1 users?
Hans-Jörg Frieden, Hyperion: "Key technologies from OS 4 will not be available as 68k code anymore, since they usually build on one another; for example, the next generation of Warp3D will likely not make an appearance on OS 3.x and hence no 68k version is planned - it just doesn't make any sense."

CyberGraphX homepage
24.1.2002 Games & Software News
New Amiga version 0.40 R2 of Tales of Tamar the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows released.

ControlTV - simple script in Arexx using AWNPIPE to make one OS3.9 friendly GUI for the program of the ELBOX MMCD to easily view and change channels,etc."

Jörg Strohmeyer released SmartFilesystem v1.194 (23.1.2002). This is about a beta version. Bugreports and validation of runability can be sent to Jörg Strohmayer.

Tales of Tamar website
CyberGraphX homepage
Amiga-news.de website
Jörg Strohmeyer's website

23.1.2002 Bill McEwen comments on new Amiga STB Partner
Bill McEwen discusses the status of a new Set-top Box partner for the Amiga DE. Read more here "So the NDA developers were notified last week, and we should have the public announcement out by next week."

AmigaInc. website
23.1.2002 Biggest Alternative Computer Show in the world for November in France
"Hello from France, The 2002 autumn will be the birth of the great SIIA (International Alternative Computer Exposition in French) in the little town of Sainte Marie de Redon (South of Britanny) near Nantes and Rennes. This expo would like to be THE best expo in the world of alternative computing ! All the formats will be represented : AmigaOS, TOS, RiscOS, Linux, BeOS, QNX, BSD, CPC and many, many more… This expo will be implemented on one week end in november 2002. Some hotels services will be available near Sainte Marie with good prices. You can go to the expo by car, train, boat (on the Vilaine river) and by plane (tourism plane). The cost to be represented at the expo with a stand will be very cheap (maybe free). This mail is done to invite you to join us to the party ! You can have some information with : Mail: webmaster@toutou-net.com, frederic.boisdron@atosorigin.com; Phone: +33 299 720 663 (after 5:00 PM) +33 677 358 726 (portable) Or by Paper mail: BOISDRON Frédéric La Belle Etoile 35600 SAINTE MARIE Read more

Frederic Boisdrom via ANN
23.1.2002 Interview with Hans Joerg Frieden
There you can find german interview with Hans Joerg Frieden, Hyperion Entertainment about AmigaOS4.0 and more...

English translation of the interview with Hans Joerg Frieden.

ANN website

23.1.2002 Articles wanted for new Amiga print magazine
Nigel French: "I am working on producing a new Amiga print magazine, and require articles to fill it. Send me your reviews, pictues letters anything Amiga related to fill the mag :o)"

Nigel French
23.1.2002 AmigaWorld Magazine help! - Amitopia support!
Everyone who wants to HELP AmigaWorld Magazine & Amitopia project, please write to: amitopia@amiga.ca. It doesnt matter if you are Polish, Türkish or Swedish... We need your help! If you are a good English Test, review and news writer, then please contact us.
Amitopia is Scandinavias "magazine" project.

ANN website
Amiga/Amitopia-portal website
23.1.2002 Imagine News
Small reduction of ImagineV5/ACUP/V6 credit card sales costs. Added EURO prices to the product ordering page.

CAD-Technologies website
23.1.2002 Software News
AmiDog's Movie Player - there is a bug in the MPEG Video plugins used by the betas, download fixed plugins here.

Version 1.6 of FlashMandelWOS has been uploaded on Aminet in gfx/fract directory. With FlashMandel you can explore fractal space and create your own pictures.
These are the main features:
Full functional program for rendering Mandelbrot & Julia fractals with different exponents.
Support for ECS/AGA/RTG and 68020+/PPC with an FPU Amiga or compatible systems.
Uses new Reaction GUI, Localization, and has an Installer script also to easy update or uninstall the program.
C & Asm 68k/PPC sources included!
It's really fast even on old Amigas and should be also compatible with all new Amiga clones ;-)

It's really cool and free ;-)

AmiDog's website
Dino Papararo

22.1.2002 Chat with Salvador Fernandez Gomez (bplan)
The Sales/Marketing Manager of bPlan Salvador Fernandez Gomez was the guest of IRC chat session organised by #amigafun in cooperation with Amiga Future. Transcript of this chat (partly english and german).

MorphOS-News website
22.1.2002 MEDIATOR and SHARK Fully Compatible
Some news services have quoted untrue statements made by Mr. Harald Frank, VMC, in the Mediator Mailing List about products made by Elbox Computer.

To make it clear beyond any doubt on our products:
"ALL the Mediator versions (Mediator PCI 1200, Mediator PCI ZIV and Mediator PCI 4000), starting with the very first piece sold may work completely problem-free with SharkPPC (+) G3/G4 cards. (There is NO need for any hardware update)." Read more

You should also check VGR.com for more info about what Mr. Harald Frank said or not.

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER

22.1.2002 The Feeble Files for Amiga late beta
The Feebe Files is currently in the final stages of betatesting for both 68k and PPC Amigas. We expect the game to be finished and go into production within the next week or so, which means the game should be shipping by early/mid february 2002. The Feeble Files will require an Amiga equipped with minimum a 68060, a 4 MByte GFX board and 32 MByte RAM but a PPC equipped Amiga is recommended.

epic interactive website
22.1.2002 Amiga RC5 Team Effort News
"United Devices have started a new project called 'Cure Anthrax', we do not participate in this one so make sure you switch it off and only have 'Cancer Research' selected. See the (updated) textfile on this. Other news: RC5 is over 2/3 done at 67.4% yesterday.

Amiga RC5 Team Effort website
21.1.2002 Amiga OS 4.0 development update
Let me start off by wishing everybody in the Amiga community all the best in 2002!
As you know, on November 1, 2001 Hyperion Entertainment entered into a license agreement with Amiga Inc. to produce Amiga OS 4.0 for PPC based systems.
Since my presentation in Cologne at the Amiga 2001 show on November 17-18, very substantial progress was made which I am now ready to share with you. Read more

Ben Hermans, Managing partner Hyperion Entertainment VOF
21.1.2002 Translators needed!
Kamil Niescioruk: "Artificial Intelligence project Denise-MYTH needs you! "Denise" is able to communicate in different languages thanks to system of "grammar-defini tion" files.
If you want to join us and help in doing something amazing, contact: kniescio@biotop.umcs.lublin.pl."

Kamil Niescioruk
21.1.2002 Current STRICQ v2.0 Status
Incoming messages are now implemented. Screenshot
Minimal GUI now in place, shows the contact list in groups. Debug window in place. Incoming status changes implemented. Still no messaging. Screenshot

STRICQ homepage
20.1.2002 Alt-WOA 2002
"Alt-WOA is an Amiga show which is to be held on Saturday 23rd February 2002 in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Not far off now, I hope everyone is going, I am :) check out the site for more details http://www.alt-woa.org."

Darren Glenn
20.1.2002 USB: SUBWAY - Z4-Board needed for testing
Michael Böhmer: "In order to test the compatibility of SUWBAY with Clockports of different manufacturers, we have already tested a lot of boards to see if they are suitable. Many thanks to all of those who were so nice to let us use their systems!
We're still urgently looking for a Z4 board owner in the area of Landshut/München who could let us use his board for this purpose. We would come to your place and it would only take around 30 minutes :)
It would be really nice if somebody with such a board could get in touch with us. Our contact address is mboehmer@e3b.de."

Amiga-news.de website
20.1.2002 Games: Screenshots of Game-Mods for Upcoming Quake 2 Port
Steffen Haeuser: "To make the time waiting for the Quake 2 Amiga port (done by myselves - Steffen Haeuser - and Thomas and Hans-Joerg Frieden) actually being available a bit smaller, I decided to release some more Screenshots. This time not Screenshots of the base game, but Screenshots of the Mods instead.
For all who do not know what a "Mod" is: A "Mod" is a modification of the game which changes the gameplay, often creating a completely different type of game. We did port 40 different Mods for Quake 2, among them most of the most famous ones (different to Quake 1 in Quake 2 Mods need to get actually ported). Most Mods are pure Multiplayer..."

Steffen Haeuser
Amiga User Group 99 website
20.1.2002 WaveTracer DS News
"Wee need your help: It looks like the former distributor of the WaveTracer DS sold much more units of the software than he payed. So we request your help. Please fill out this small form here to help us to evaluate the correct number of sold units."

WaveTracer DS is now available for free. This tool is now Freeware and can be downloaded here.

Virtual Worlds Productions website

20.1.2002 Games: Tales of Tamar New Amiga version 0.40R1
Version 0.40 for the Amiga is the first to introduce ships to Tamar. You can have trade and battle ships in three different sizes. Players who have access to the ocean can now start to trade overseas and make remarkable profits. Smaller islands profit from this as well, as they can now buy goods they are not able to produce themselves because of lacking resources.
There is also a new goal in playing Tamar! Set out to explore the oceans, discover new islands and soon expand your countries. Nobody has sailed around the world yet. Who will be the first, and make history?

Tales of Tamar website
20.1.2002 Software News
ZLib-Library Update!
"I have released a new version 3.0 of the zlib.library. In this version I have added a new function to read the uncompressed file length of a compressed file.

Digital Almanac Homepage
18.1.2002 AROS On SourceForge.Net
"Starting from today, the AROS project is hosted on sourceforge. This will give us many advantages, the most important one being the ability to reactivate the FTP service.
Since today, you can reach the AROS web site also at http://aros.sourceforge.net/"

AROS homepage
18.1.2002 ATI Radeon support in AmigaOS 4.x MORE INFO
"Initial development of Radeon drivers is with Prometheus PCI bridge. We'll support Mediator if we can, Grex if we ever hear from DCE and get their driver dev kit, and I have an AmigaOne on preorder. When we have an AGP slot, we'll buy an AGP Radeon and make it work."

"I'd like to know what "local" Radeon prices look like around the world, if you're outside the USA please email me web stores showing your local prices if possible, so we can ponder other distribution mehtods yet still keep your purchase from rising excessively above that." Read more

Bill Toner, Forefront Technologies, Inc. via AmigaOne ML

18.1.2002 GFX-BASE interview with Thierry Pierron
"We have interviewed Thierry Pierron, who took over the developement of a great and free texteditor, called 'JanoEd'. He talks about his opinions, hobbies and also very interesting future plans for JanoEd (they sound very good btw.), other projects like a complete rewrite of the Workbench drawer text view, Execute, a WB Execute menu with the power of KingCON, Hunt, a search utility and much more. Find out more by clicking here."

GFX-BASE website
18.1.2002 Amiga Arena News
"After 2 Years a new Update from the Best Image Management Software "PhotoAlbum" is now available!

The Amiga Arena spokes to Helmut Hoffmann the developer of PhotoAlbum and CyberShow about the past and future!"

Amiga Arena website

18.1.2002 Games & Software News
New Amiga version 0.40 R1 of Tales of Tamar the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows released.

AmiDog's Movie Player v2.x BETA 2 (020118) - the Movie Player for your PPC Amiga!
Read the included documentation carefully before using it!

Tales Of Tamar homepage
AmiDog's website

17.1.2002 ATI Radeon support in AmigaOS 4.x MORE INFO
"We still need to finalize the license fees involved, but I don't imagine you'll pay more than US$170 for a US$100 Radeon PCI 32MB SDR card (incl. P96 license and possibly Warp3d commercial license), and it may not even be that much. I certainly hope for closer to $150 maximum. This is still estimation time. Read more and more and even more.

Bill Toner, Forefront Technologies, Inc. via AmigaOne ML
17.1.2002 Tickets to AmiGBG 2002 released
Mattias Karlsson: "The Ticket shop is now finished. We have now finished coding the Ticket shop, so now you can order tickets and secure your entrance to the first swedish Amiga show since 1998."

Mattias Karlsson, AmiGBG
17.1.2002 Mediator Open Source RTL8139c driver project needs your help!
"I'm finishing my OpenSource driver for RTL8139c network card (10/100Mb) and Elbox don't want to explain me some functions of the SDK for use DMA with Mediator, if any other Mediator developer want to help me it will be great because ELBOX has never helped me and doesn't want to help Mediator developer. If some developer are interested i will open a private forum on my Web site, contact me if your are interested, my project are numerous but if i'm alone."

CyberGraphX homepage
Titan Page
17.1.2002 RetinaEmu finds a home at VGR
In keeping with the orginal mission statment for the vgr web site, by supplying information on Amiga graphic card solutions, we have placed online a RetinaEmu support page. The page has a history overview of the Retina/Altais cards, information on the Retina Z2 hardware upgrade and a repository of RetinaEmu software from V1.4 to 2.3Final (created by NoahJi) with english documentation. If you have anything you can add please let us know at retina@vgr.com. You can find the RetinaEmu support page here.

CyberGraphX homepage
17.1.2002 Amiga Resource back soon...
"Due to the company I was (please note the "was") using to register domains, the "amigaresource.org" domain became de-registered. Luckily, I was able to re-register it again before anyone else did.
So, hopefully, www.amigaresource.org should be back within a couple of days once DNS records have been updated.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused."

Andy Mills via ANN
17.1.2002 WARNING: muimaster.library 020 patch
If you are running a "muimaster.library 020 patch", be aware that it has some serious side effects causing applications to fail. For example, AmIRC 3.5.21 will be unable to connect to a server and use port 0 everytime. This is not AmIRC's fault but the muimaster.library patch trashes registers. The results could be worse like crashes and/or data loss so I highly urge anyone to not run such kind of patches.
MUI is a very complex system and "optimizing" it by reverse engineering is not really feasible. Besides, I have yet to see a significant speed gain resulting from that. If you want a faster MUI, switch the refresh mode to simple refresh without clear, upgrade your CPU/gfx card or run MorphOS."
(ExiE: "There is nothing like usable version of MorphOS, just old limited beta...").

David 'zapek' Gerber via V3Portal
16.1.2002 ATI Radeon support in AmigaOS 4.x
Bill Toner: "ATI Radeon support will happen, but I'm not sure when it will be completed. Permedia 3 support has been announced as well. This will initially support the original Radeon chipset, RV100 that has been around a while, and will at some point support the newer Radeon chip, the RV200 as well. My business partner and I are the "other party" Hyperion mentioned in their OS4/Radeon/Permedia3 announcement a while ago for the Radeon part. We hope to have something usable soon, but it certainly won't be done by their announced OS4 release date in Feb. But it will most definitely be done for OS4.x... Read more

Bill Toner, Forefront Technologies, Inc. via AmigaOne ML
16.1.2002 Amiga Games Classifying - january/February 2002
It's time to vote at the AMIGA GAMES CLASSIFYING January/February 2002. We need the classifying of your prefered games actually.
Send us your classifying (20 games max) at our adress : daff1@club-internet.fr.
You can also vote at: http://agcweb.online.fr.
Remember you can put all kind of games (commercial, freeware, old, new,...). If your list don't have change since last time, simply reply this mail with the subject "no change for me".
Final classifying will be published in early-february.

David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Classifying
16.1.2002 Searching for 68K Assembler Programmers
Stefan Martens: "I'm searching urgently for one or more 68K assembler programmers which dare themselves to continue the developing of a well-known sound-program. Send supplies of any type to info@stefan1200.de. Further information you can get also from me."

Stefan Martens
16.1.2002 Games & Software News
tuxPuck v0.6.12 - Clone of Shuffle Puck Cafe, using SDL.
This archive have 2 versions of tuxPuck, one using some hardware acceleration but buggy, and one using only software rendering with less problems New opponents: cartman and homer.
Note that icons have been added, but tuxPuck seem's a bit more stable when run from a CLI. Don't forget to play around with F1 to F4 keys for speed improvement and with F key for fullscreen.

AmiDog's Movie Player v2.x BETA (020115) - the Movie Player for your PPC Amiga!
Read the included documentation carefully before using it!

Da SixK Port Page
AmiDog's website

15.1.2002 #AmigaFun: Realtime chat with Salvador Fernandez Gomez of bplan
On monday the 21th January 2002 at 7pm CET (GMT+1) are Salvador Fernandez Gomez of bplan in the IRC-Amiga-Channel #AmigaFun online for every questions.
Pegasos shall release in the near future. You can ask him any questions about bplan, Pegasos and partially MorphOS. The chat with bplan is organised in cooperation with Amiga Future.

So you can reach the IRC-channel #AmigaFun:
IRC server (enter without the prefix "irc."): rollingrock.altnet.org
IRC port: 6667
IRC channel: #amigafun
If you get problems with this IRC server please use the following server instead:
amigafun.ma.cx (enter also without the "irc." prefix).

More informations especially for IRC beginners you found at the #AmigaFun Homepage.

As languages are english and german possible. The logfiles from the chat will be available later at the Amiga Future and #AmigaFun homepage in english and german.

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future

15.1.2002 comp.sys.amiga.graphics Newsgroup Removal - IS IT TRUE?
Bill Griffin: "I attempted to contact the person (or persons) posting the newsgroup closing notices. Each time I received a notice that the email address given was bogus. Can anyone verify the correct adrress for the usenet aministrators? This is an area where we all TRULY need to verify the source."

Bill Griffin
15.1.2002 Akiko emulate MPEG Modul
The Windows cd32 emulator Akiko by Airsoft Softwair is now able to emulate the mpeg module of the CD32. The speed is amazing as well as the sound and video quality because all the cpu-intensive operations are done by the x86 cpu. It was really hard work to implement this feature but the result is really overwhelming. You can finally watch the mpeg intros which were just skipped for users without an mpeg module (e.g. Cannon Fodder). And of course the cool Commodore commercial with the mad scientist and his assistent. I quickly made some screenshots and uploaded them to the Akiko product page. I hope that the mpeg module emulation will be ready for the next version of Akiko (of course only for the full version!). Another nice thing is that finally Microcosm works with Akiko and you haven't lived if you did not see this game! The next version of Akiko will be ready in near future and it will contain NV ram emulation and real Joypad emulation for sure. So check back this homepage from time to time because the winter is anything else than cold... Finally I want to say "thank you" to the many registered users out there! Your support makes Akiko better and better all the time!

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
15.1.2002 Amiga Arena - Interview Aktion
First Interview
With "Charon" exists one of the best "Downloadmanager" for the Amiga. Read all about Andrija Antonijevic the developer of Charon, AmiSSL and HTTPResume!

Second Interview
Now the telephone-timer "TTime-Deluxe" is freeware! The Amiga Arena spokes with Jürgen Reinert the developer about the last version!

Amiga Arena website

15.1.2002 Games & Software News
MahjonggTiles v1.4
MahjonggTiles v1.4 can be downloaded at http://www.amiga.pl/redgroup. Few bugs were fixed (including very serious in virtual group support).

TurboPrint distribution
TurboPrint is now distributed by ZEDOnet, IrseeSoft's partner for software distribution and development.
IrseeSoft / ZEDOnet
Meinrad-Spieß-Platz 2
D-87660 Irsee
Phone +49 8341 74327 ; Fax +49 8341 12042

Apache 1.3.20 + php 4.1.1
Binary of Apache 1.3.20 + php 4.1.1 for 040 with A-Rexx support and exit added from the official amiga apache version. Use it with the official amiga apache archive: www.amiga-apache.org
"Sorry, this is still not apache 1.3.22, I had problems to make it work ... Nevermind most improuvements are in php."

Basilisk II CVS snapshot
New Basilisk II CVS snapshot (15012002) offers significant improvements like run-time video mode switching, user-space networking, and more precise mouse control. You can get it from the download section.

AmiSSL distribution
Pawel Filipczak: "For people having problem with installation of AmiSSL I prepared some easy to install archive. Please download it from download section and follow installation instructions."

Sensei, R.E.D.Group
IrseeSoft website
Da SixK Port Page
Cebix' homepage
Pawel Filipczak, Taski

14.1.2002 Amiga Expo Announces New Exhibitors and More
It's an exciting new year for Amiga Expo as we've begun 2002 by signing up a brand new bunch of exhibitors and speakers for the show.
MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) developer Arcade-in-a-Box will be exhibiting their all-in-one solution for creating a fantastic home arcade experience.
Video Hardware will be exhibiting and demoing Newtek's Video Toaster[2] and the latest Lightwave as well.
Extreme Corporation will be showing Amiga Extreme - their new AmigaOS XL Amiga solution.
Ideas2Reality will be showing the Reality Station and their line of Amiga, PPC and x86 solutions.
FWD Computing will have their line of CDROMS for Amiga, Linux and Windows for sale at the show.
We'll have speakers showing MAME products, video editing solutions, Amiga advancements, classic computer and game celebrities and much more.
We plan to host a celebrity panel at our banquet discussing the future of computing across many platforms. Be served wonderful food in a festive atmosphere amongst your fellow enthusiasts and hear about what's to come!
Free Exhibit Space
There is also a limited amount of space available, at no charge, to anyone interested in exhibiting their MAME or arcade game cabinets at the show. People interested in exhibiting classic computers and console game machines are also invited to take advantage of this free display space. You must contact us soon if you'd like to participate.

Visit our web site and order your tickets online or by phone or mail. You best hurry as advance purchase discounts will be ending soon, the discount rooms at the hotel are filling up and the banquet has LIMITED seating that is selling out fast!

Kermit Woodall, Amiga Expo
14.1.2002 E2140 Mission Pack Update!
For people experiencing problems with the mission pack and a PPC processor download this patch now or visit our Product Support page. Should only be downloaded if you experience problems with the original executable!

Pagan Games website
14.1.2002 comp.sys.amiga.graphics Newsgroup Removal
Neal Gacy, Usenet Administrator: "As many of you are aware, this newsgroup is slated for removal on January 31st, 2002. The vote was taken at the end of last year, and there was a large marjority who wants to see this group removed.
If you are a regular reader, you need to make other arrangements."

CyberGraphX homepage
14.1.2002 Graphic Adventure-Developer Kit Inga
Once again there is a version which is really almost totally finished! Of course the Audio-CD-Support is still missing. Compared to the last version the most outstanding difference is the following: the plug-in system has been removed!!! What's all this about? All the features offered by the plug-ins of late have now been firmly integrated (sound-/ language and MED-music) and can be activated by using normal script commands. Accordingly, Inga has been prepared to be ported to other platforms. However, a complete compatibility of all versions would be endangered by a plug-in system. Read more (german)

Amiga-news.de website
Inutilis website
13.1.2002 DiskMaster2 needs translators!
"DiskMaster2 is available in a localised version from: http://home.t-online.de/home/rudolph-riedel/archive.html
English, German, French, Nederlands locales included, Italian to be released, Hungary announced. Would *you* like to translate the 59 short strings to your native language? Just send me a mail..."

"With the public beta 2.5RC1 DiskMaster2 has locale support. And now that I am preparing the next full release on Aminet I'm looking for further volunteer translators. I'm talking about 59 short strings here, this should be done in less than an hour. If you do not have the tools to convert DM2.cd then just edit one of the included .ct files or ask for an empty .ct file. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about in the first place because you haven't used DiskMaster yet then just give it a try, it's free now!"

Rudolph Riedel via ANN
DiskMaster II homepage

13.1.2002 Interview
There you can find short interview with Steffen Häuser, Hyperion Entertainment about his Quake2 port and more... (german)

13.1.2002 Software News
A new update (v2.1) of WatchDog has been released today. You can find the update here.
WatchDog is memory watch tool that every three seconds checks memory with xvs.library for already known viruses and more readme

Scalos: New versions of the DefIcons, Persistent Windows and WB39 plugins. Available from the Downloads page.

AppMI V7 is freeware collection featuring over 600 images and animations in 27 categories based on the GlowIcons design by Mat Chaput. Each image set content three single images for normal, selected and ghosted display.

PhotoFolio v2.2 update:
pfDirectoryView v13.1 - updated pfDirectoryView module that fixes a problem loading language catalogs. readme
exif.library v1.1 - allows the reading of embedded exif information from jfif streams. readme

Virus Help Denmark Amiga website
Scalos homepage
Mason.Home website
Steeple Software website

13.1.2002 Miscenalleous news at Airsoft Softwair
Finally all prices for the Shareware programs on the Airsoft Softwair website, which is http://www.airsoftsoftwair.com/, were changed from DM (Deutsche Mark) into EUR (Euro, the new European currency). Of course, all prices are available in USD (US dollars) too. In near future there will also be new versions of Akiko (including NV-Ram emulation and real Joypad emulation!), NewInstaller and Rainboot. So stay tuned and check back on this home page every once in a while. By the way, there were also some small changes on this homepage.

Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
12.1.2002 comp.sys.amiga.morphos is Appearing on Usenet Servers Now
MorphOS News "This is just to advise you all that comp.sys.amiga.morphos has begun to appear on Usenet servers. I can read and post to it. I imagine there are some servers who won't have it. It should filter down the line before too long.
We had a great SUCCESS on the comp.sys.amiga.morphos referendum three weeks ago. The motion to create the new newsgroup succeeded with 178 affirmative votes to only 31 nay-sayers. Because of holidays the group did not actually appear until now."

Daniel Miller via MorphOS ML
12.1.2002 ProStationAudio: ALPS update and WinUAE benchmark
APS-1 and APR-1 updates for Titanium compatibility here.

Early DSPSpeed benchmarking results for WinUAE-JIT (0.8.17 R3) on the DSPSpeed page. WinUAE runs at approximately half-speed than Amithlon, but still provides awesome acceleration for PSA.

AudioLabs website

12.1.2002 CS-PPC overclocking FAQ
By popular demand, AmigaPro now offers a CS-PPC overclocking service! Send email to the webmaster for complete details and pricing. AmigaPro is the most experienced CS-PPC overclocking service in existence.

Added a CS-PPC overclocking FAQ to address an influx of questions concerning our unique new services.

AmigaPro website

12.1.2002 Amiga PDA Games
AmigaDE News The first wave of PDA games for the Amiga DE Player are available from the Amiga DE shop. Please remember that PDA games are being worked on for a number of PDA devices.

Amiga Flame website
12.1.2002 Software News
New (2.60) version of TaskiSMS has been released. News in this release:
updated VLF plugin
updated ICQ plugin
updated GoldenTelecom plugin
added Vizzavi plugin
added MTNSMS plugin
added folder filters (only for registered users)
Using this program you can send SMSes to cellular phones to over 160 countries around the world. You can download demo version from TaskiSMS home page or from AmiNet.

PowerD is a modern programming language (currently only) for Amiga computers. It supports both 68k and ppc processors. This release presents several bugfixes, compiled executables can be launched directly from WB via an icon. German catalog. And more.
download (v0.19 Alpha4) / readme / history

Pawel Filipczak, Taski
Martin Kuchinka's homepage

11.1.2002 Matay's Open letter
Filip Dab-Mirowski: "Some time has passed since I wrote a similar letter. As the beginning of a new year is a good time for changes I would like to share with you some information which will surely get your interest..." Read more

Matay website
11.1.2002 AmigaPassion: the deadline now is the 31/01/2002
"Amiga Passion" competition was born to take you part of the AmigaPage life. The target of the competition are all the Amiga users and you will attend with one or more of your WB Grab (max 3) that will be send to kanuka@ciaoweb.it with "Concorso" like subject. The deadline was the 31st december 2001, but a new date of expiry has been fixed, so the deadline now is the 31st january 2002. So there is another chance for anyone that wants win ! Read more

11.1.2002 Mediator Multimedia UP 1.12
The MM CD 1.12 update for Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV users, who are registered owners of the Mediator Multimedia CD, has been released by ELBOX Computer.
The MM CD UP 1.12 includes the following updates:

- tv.vhi ver. 1.1
VHI Studio now works on PowerPC and on 68k processors in both MMU and NO MMU pci.library modes.

- Voodoo.card ver. 4.13
An incorrect change in the border colour has been eliminated in the Voodoo.card driver, which could occur in ver. 4.12 driver when 8-bit screen was switched to any other colour depth.


11.1.2002 Software News
New versions (V.44.50 beta 2 for MC68881/82 and V.44.50 beta 8 for MC68040 and MC68060) of HSMathLibs released. This version is for betatester only.

CyberdyneSystems website
10.1.2002 MEDIATOR DRIVER GUIDE updated
Elbox Computer website has been updated today.
In the SUPPORT / Mediator Driver Guide section, the current list of PCI cards has been placed which are supported with drivers for Mediator PCI busboards for Amiga 1200 and Amiga 4000.

Wojtek Kozlowski, ELBOX COMPUTER
10.1.2002 Early Meeting for Kansas City User Group
The January meeting of the Amiga User Group of Kansas City will be on the 14th, -One week early-. The time and place are the same: 7:00PM at the Johnson County Library on 87th Street.
For more information call Bob Kennedy at 816 761-9678.

Bob Kennedy
10.1.2002 xsurfadsl.device: first release-version
The first release-version of the PPPoE driver for our networking card X-Surf, as well as a new version of the appp.device for Genesis/AmiTCP can be found in the support-area of this website. The communication between the two devices has been speeded up again.
The installer-script is still in beta-phase. It helps you configuring a T-DSL broadband internet connection, but other providers are also supported.

individual Computers website
10.1.2002 Amiga Arena - Interview Action
Read all about the new Freeware "Szene" Raytracer Kray. The Amiga Arena spokes to Grzegorz Tanski the Developer about "Kray" and the Future! (German and English)

Amiga Arena website
9.1.2002 Mediator Multimedia CD 1.11
The MM CD 1.11 update for Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV users, who are registered owners of the Mediator Multimedia CD, has also been released by ELBOX Computer.
The MM CD 1.11 update includes the new VHI Studio software driver: - tv.vhi
Using the VHI Studio program, Mediator users may now grab and edit snapshots and video sequences from their TV tuner cards. The update includes the new versions of the following drivers:
- tv.library ver. 1.6
- Voodoo.card ver. 4.12
The list of 48 TV cards supported by the tv.library has been expanded with support for 28 more cards. In practice, it means support for all the PCI-standard TV cards now available in the market.

9.1.2002 MediatorUP 2.8
The MediatorUP 2.8 update for Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV users has been made available today. The update includes the latest versions of the driver for Voodoo card family:
- Voodoo.card ver. 2.11
The new driver release eliminates background graphics errors, which could appear in certain specific situations with the previous version.

9.1.2002 Interview
"Today we release in http://www.amigafuture.de an english translate of our german interview with Markus Pohlmann (Project Crashsite)."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga-Future
9.1.2002 A.D.A. with new design and more functions
During the last days the layout of A.D.A. (Amiga Demoscene Archive) site has been substantially improved and the database has been changed. Besides this you can now find a search option which e.g. allows you to discover which graphic artist has created demos. Wouter who is the administrator of the database will upload several updates in the next days add reviews and further information to each demo.

Amiga-news.de website
A.D.A. website
8.1.2002 Amiga Arena - "AmiFIG" Fullversion
With the permission from "Andreas Schmidt" you can download the registered "Amiga Arena" Version from "AmiFIG".
AmiFIG is a universal structured drawing program, which is derived from the well-known Unix-program XFig by Supoj Sutanthavibul and others. This version now includes most of the v3.1 features. Parts of the GUI were designed using GadToolsBox 2.0b by JaBa Development.
The features include: ellipses, circles, lines, splines, arcs, images, compounds, text, arrows, colors, filling with pattern or color, different line widths and styles, scaling, copying, rotating, zooming, grid, more, more, more...

Amiga Arena website
8.1.2002 VHI Studio - Mediator drivers
Elbox Computer is happy to announce availability of new drivers for the Mediator busboard.
For users of the Mediator PCI for Amiga 1200 and Mediator PCI for Amiga 4000 busboards with the Mediator Multimedia CD package, drivers have been released as of today for the VHI Studio software. These drivers have been prepared by Elbox Computer programmers.
VHI Studio produced by Innovative, is a video-editing and snapshot-software including webcam- and timelapse-support and featuring (PPC-supported) highspeed-MPEG-compression and realtime-preview-facilities. It currently supports all major digitizer-boards and DigiCams on the AMIGA and is the most popular digitizing and recording-software on the AMIGA-market.
Using the VHI Studio program, users of TV cards in Mediator may now grab and edit snapshots and video sequences from broadcast and cable TV and any other signal sources connected to the input of the TV tuner card, for example: video cameras, TV SAT tuners, DVD players and VCR players. All you need is Mediator PCI busboard (of course), TV tuner card, Voodoo graphic card and VHI Studio software.

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
8.1.2002 AmigaOS XL: Revised compatibility list and new addendum
The addendum "Using PC floppy disks with Amithlon" describes the usage of PC floppy disks to transfer data from the Amiga to Amithlon. FAQ

Thanks to the help of some customers (e.g. Heinz Gyrole, Udo Gaßner, Paul de Vries, Günter Wirth) we could add some more items to our software compatibility list: ADM, ArtStudio, Digibooster Pro, Elastic Dreams, Fantastic Dreams, Octamed Soundstudio, PhotoFolio, Photogenices, Picture Manager, X-Trace, Xi-Paint und ZShell. list

"If you have tested a program that it not on the list yet, we would be pleased it you would tell us about that. Please use our form. Thank you very much."

Haage&Partner website

8.1.2002 Software News
Apache 1.3.20 + php 4.1.1 (binary for 040). For more info see about changes: www.php.net.
A small file to test php has been added in the archive and must be executed by apache (http://localhost/test.php). Use it with the official amiga apache archive: www.amiga-apache.org.
"Sorry, this is not apache 1.3.22, I had problems to make it work ... Nevermind most improuvements are in php."

Da SixK Port Page
7.1.2002 individual Computers News
Last week we finally got the official approval for Freespace and already delievered all pre-orders.
Freespace was ported by Hyperion Entertainment and it is arguably the best space-combat simulator ever to grace the Amiga platform and offers an unparalleled mix of top-notch graphics, plot and gameplay.
Freespace will run on any PPC equipped Amiga with at least 64 MB of memory or a 68060 based Amiga with 3D accelerator (e.g. Voodoo 3, Permedia 2). More information can be found at freespace.haage-partner.de.

Haage&Partner website
7.1.2002 individual Computers News
"While analyzing our webserver-statistics, we have seen that there are a couple of hundred accesses to pages that have been renamed with the re-launch of the site in May 2000. These accesses are now re-directed to the corresponding URLs of the new site.

The online-manual of the VarIO interface board is now available in two languages, and the last missing parts of the hardware documentation is available in the insider-section of the support area.

Users of Microsoft Internet-Explorer (Version 5.0 and higher) that bookmark our site will see a fragment of our company logo as an icon next to the URL in the favourites list."

individual Computers website

7.1.2002 Matay's New Website
Matay hired new webmaster and ... new design, navigation, shop, etc. Check it!

Matay website
7.1.2002 Software News
Charon V1.98 - shareware download manager. features

Douglas F. McLaughlin, author of STRICQ: "I'm studying ICQ2001's protocol right now, so I'm spending most of my time with that client. If you check my website, I have added a status of STRICQ v2."

Charon homepage
STRICQ website

6.1.2002 SUBWAY / HIGWHAY USB Poll
"A poll page regarding SUBWAY / HIGWHAY has been installed. We hope that many people from the Amiga community share their ideas!"

"The last days several people asked for delivery dates of both SUBWAY and HIGHWAY cards. Due to delivery problems of important components we cannot promise a fixed delivery date at the moment. A realistic date is end of March 2002.
To be able to concentrate on the topics you expect from the first USB solution for the Amiga we have prepared a poll regarding this topics."


6.1.2002 AmigaOS 3.9 NDK
Native Developer Kit for AmigaOS 3.9
At last, here is the long promised update to the Native Developer Kit! More than one year in the making, several changes were made to improve the robustness and quality of the NDK 3.5, upon which it is based. Read more

AmigaInc. website
6.1.2002 FAQ Amiga Francophone
Sorry but the following interest only french speaking people and so it's in french.
Scan-X a réalisé une FAQ (Foire Aux Questions) à propos de l'Amiga en Français. Je vous proposes d'y jeter un coup d'oeil à l'adresse suivante: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/scanx/faq_amiga.htm
Cette FAQ ne demande qu'à être completé donc si vous avez des idées de questions, des remarques ou des corrections à proposer, n'hésitez pas à contacter Scan-X à ce sujet: scanx@wanadoo.fr

ANN website
6.1.2002 Software News
vapor_toolkit.libary V15.13 (AmigaOS and Mos) - library of support functions which are used by most Vapor applications and thus can be shared to reduce individual application code size.

VaporWare website
5.1.2002 Payback Update 7 Released & Website Redesigned
Payback Update 7 has been released and can be downloaded here. It improves the appearance of the water when running the game under hardware acceleration and fixes several bugs. There's also an updated version of the demo available here.
I've also made redesigned the site to make it easier to navigate and nicer to look at - let me know what you think.
Finally, there's an updated map available on the Extra Maps page.

Apex Designs website
5.1.2002 Ogg format to replace the Mp3
Quick port of libOgg and libVorbis, library required to handle .ogg file. The Ogg format is an audio format said to replace the Mp3. Files take the same place as an Mp3 but with a better quality. In libVorbis directory you'll find examples on how to use Vorbis libraries. You'll also find an Ogg to Pcm (see decode_example) file decoder (that seem's to work). There is an example to encode files to Ogg too, but this one seem's to not work correctly.
The purpose of this dev package is to motivate people to make a Pluggin for AmigaAmp to play Ogg file or to devellope a new player for this more and more used format.

Da SixK Port Page
5.1.2002 Interviews
On the Amiga Future Homepage you can find a german interview with Markus Pohlmann, developer from Projekt Crashsite.

"AmiDraw" is a new piece of 2D Vectorbased GFX Software available for the Amiga! Read all about the future and some more about "AmiDraw" and his developer Stefan Kleinheinrich! (English and German)

Amiga Future website
Amiga Arena website

5.1.2002 Software News
A new update of Safe v17.7 has been released today. You can get the update Here. readme

XAD-master library V11.0 - powerful unarchiving tool. The XAD system is for file extraction from archives! Shareware. readme

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website Aminet

4.1.2002 Mediator 4000 News
The first real report of the Core Logic bridge card for the Mediator 4000 has come in. It is in the hands of a customer. Mr. Samuel Byford has reported on the Mediator ML: "Firstly thanks Elbox and PowerC - my 4k logic just arrived 10mins ago!"

It was reported on the Mediator ML: "One problem though... Warp3D doesn't work! Well, it does, but only partially. WarpTest is the only thing that works, and even then will only show 640x480 in the screenmode requester. I have a whole bunch of other modes defined in"
Hans-Jörg Frieden, Hyperion Entertainment: "It will probably not work :-) As soon as I have a Mediator 4000 I will start adapting the driver."

CyberGraphX homepage

4.1.2002 Amithlon explained by Bernie Meyer
Bernie Meyer visits the Amiga User Group in August 2001 and gives us the third public showing of Amithlon. (first at St. Louis, second at MAUG) He explains the fundamentals of the linux mini-kernel and how AmigaOS fits on top of it.
This video was shot by Tony Mulvihill of The Amiga User Group of Melbourne with a Video8 camera. It was captured and encoded as 18 .mpg files by Craig Hutchison. download

4.1.2002 individual Computers: New pricelist
The currency conversion to Euro has caused some changes in the list of recommended prices. Prices at your local reseller may be different from the prices listed here, especially because of differen VAT rates in the European countries. Prices listed here include the German VAT of 16%. Price lists in DM become invalid with the publication of this list.

individual Computers website
4.1.2002 Amiga Future Issue 34
"Today we release the issue 34 from the german print-mag Amiga Future."

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
3.1.2002 Interviews
Pagan Games interviewed by GetBoinged!
Pagan Games was kind enough to take time from their busy schedule to be interviewed by GetBoinged! Go to http://www.getboinged.org/roundup.asp to check out the interview!

Matthew Dillon interview
Matthew Dillon was a famous Amiga developper that created the Dice C compiler. You can read the interview here.

Stefan Kleinheinrich is developer of "AmiDraw" - new 2D vector drawing program. The Amiga Arena made short interview with Stefan concerning the future of "AmiDraw" and more. (german)

Paul J. Beel
GetBoinged! website
Christophe Decanini via ANN
Amiga Arena website

3.1.2002 ASM-One News
"The last part of 2001 hasn't been very exciting when it comes to ASM-One.
But luckely I finally started working on V1.48. I've no idea when it's going to be released, since I'm working on it at very irregular intervals.
I'm currently working on the directory names, and I think I've found a way to implement EQUates for FPU sizes without having to build a new label table, or to start using two lable tables.
I'm also planning to fix the WL bug in ASM-One. And that will probaly round-up the first release of ASM-One in 2002.
As said before: I don't have a release date yet. But it will not be later than june 2002."

ASM-One website
3.1.2002 Encyclopedia mentiones the Amiga
The "Multimedia-Encyclopedia 2002", which can be purchased at Aldi (German discounter), is reading about the Amiga:
Homecomputer developed in the 80th by the company Amiga, than distributed by Commodore with Motorola processors. Popular homecomputers of the Amiga line are the models Amiga 500 and Amiga 1000. More efficient versions of the Amiga also could be utilized for more challenging projects (Amiga 2000 and Amiga 4000).
Amiga was taken over by the German trade chain Escom, than by the US company Viscorp, and finally by the company Amino, but though several announcements were made no new Amiga products were launched, so far.

Amiga-news.de website
3.1.2002 Software News
Christian Nilsson released a special "The Party Edition" of ICQ-clone StrICQ. readme

With permission of Sam Jordan we are now offering UAE 0.8.12 for WarpOS for download. An archive containing the source codes will follow later on.

Christian Nilsson's homepage
Amiga-news.de website

2.1.2002 Amiga-Future's New Vote
Today, a new poll about the topic "Where do you see the Future of the Amiga" was startet on the Amiga-Future Homepage. Further, the result of the last poll about the "Amiga 2001" was released.

Andreas Magerl, Amiga-Future website
2.1.2002 Amiga Arena News
"Happy New Year to you all, and with the permission from "Applaud Software" you can download the second Part of the Puzzle / mind Game "Blockhead" in the Amiga Arena! Enjoy and thank you for your Support!

Amiga Arena website
2.1.2002 SB128 Sound Mixer for Amithlon
Today I have uploaded the first version of the SB 128 Sound Mixer for Amithlon to my home homepage. Currently ES1370, ES1371 and CT5880 chipsets are supported. AC97 onboard-sound support will follow. The program allows you to regulate the volume and balance of MASTER, AUX, CD, PCM as well as MUTE.

Amiga-news.de website
1.1.2002 Virus Help Denmark AMIGA news
The vote for the antivirus programmer that has done the most for the Amiga scene is over now, and we have got a winner.
The winning program is xvs.library programmed by Jan Erik Olausen & Georg Hoermann. The 100 US Dollar prize money will be split in two, and 50 US Dollars will be send to Jan and Georg.
Jan Erik Olausen & Georg Hoermann - xvs.library : 296 votes
Jan Erik Olausen - VirusExecutor............... : 239 votes
Zbigniew Trzcionkowski - Safe.................. : 57 votes
Alex van Niel - VirusChecker II................ : 20 votes
Heiner Schneegold - VT-Schutz.................. : 17 votes
Dirk Stoecker - VirusZ III..................... : 14 votes
Total votes.................................... : 643 votes

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
1.1.2002 Voyager³ 3.3.120beta number seven
Like the previous one, this is a full release, including everything from installer, libraries, classes, images up to the actual executable. It will run without a keyfile, in demo mode.
Download the m68k AmigaOS-Version here. The MorphOS-Version is in a seperate archive and needs manual installation on top of the AmigaOS version -- instructions for this are included in the MorphOS PPC V archive. The releases notes can be found here.

V3Portal website
1.1.2002 Interview with Raplh Schmidt
Daniel Miller was so kind to translate amiga-topcool's interview with Raplh Schmidt into english.

amiga-topcool website
1.1.2002 Updates to OpenSSH 3.0.1 Port
"Many of you have asked me about why SFTP, SCP and SSHD are missing from the OpenSSH archive on my website, so I have added them, as well as instructions on compiling OpenSSH for yourself.
Please don't get too excited - SSHD doesn't work quite right, but I am hoping someone can look at this running-but-broken program and see what needs to be done. Download it here

Eric Chernoff via ANN
Happy New Year 2002
Czech Amiga.News wishes everybody