31.12.2002 I hope it is not too late... (ehm again :-)
Czech Amiga News wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR 2003!
Paul aka ExiE, Czech Amiga News
31.12.2002 Happy New Year!
Ray Mccarthy, Kicksoft: "Wishing all the Amiga community a happy new year and to get things started with a bang we have reduced the price of Amiga Forever 5 by £5.00 for a limited period."

David 'Daff' Brunet, Amiga Games Hit Parade: "All the team of the Amiga Games Hit Parade wish you an happy new year !"

31.12.2002 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#021231).
Brad Webb, Amiga Update
31.12.2002 New Hollywood Screenshots
As some people did not know that Hollywood is also able to import the popular Rainboot boot configuration file format, I have put up some screenshots in the Hollywood section which show Hollywood running Rainboot configurations. This gives you real Rainboot feeling on your Workbench. The screenshots show the boot configurations Alien Boot, AmigaOS 3.5 Boot, CloudBoot, PCommBoot, Pixel Art Boot & Windows Simulator Boot. Finally, I wish all Amiga users and all my friends a happy new year!
Andreas Falkenhahn, AirsoftSoftwair
31.12.2002 Thylacine: New Pics, 10/100BaseT USB, HCD & Pegasus chipset drivers
Thylacine webpage updated with list of newly supported 10/100BaseT USB adaptor drivers, Pegasus chipset USB Ethernet Drivers v0.1 and New HCD driver v1.0. Download There are also few new pictures in the Thylacine gallery.
Thylacine homepage
31.12.2002 New Year Greetings from Elbox
ELBOX COMPUTER News Elbox Computer would like to wish Amiga users and its supporters a Happy New Year.
Year 2002 was a time of intense and effective work for Elbox. We enriched Amiga computers with eight new products: five new Mediator PCI busboard models (4000D, 3000D, 3/4000T, 1200SX and 4000Di), two comprehensive Mirage tower systems (for A4000D and A3000D computers) and a USB High-Speed controller (Spider USB 2.0).
In 2003 we are focusing on the SharkPPC G3/G4 product line, which will turn your PCI Amiga into a new powerful G3/G4 system.

A New Year Gift from Elbox: With every Mediator busboard or Spider USB bundle purchased in the Elbox On-line Store between 31th December 2002 and 17th January 2003 you will receive a free Mediator T-shirt!
To your success and happiness, Elbox Computer Team

31.12.2002 Digital Almanac: Happy New Year!
"I wish all customers a Happy New Year!
Warning: The MUI-NList-Team published new versions of the MUI classes NList and NListtree. While the new NList class works together with DA III (all versions) without any problems, the new NListtree class causes severe failures!. All list trees have become unusable! Do not install the new NListtree class!"
Digital Almanac Homepage
31.12.2002 AsmOne: Happy 2003!
"First and for most I want to excuse myself for not bringing a new version of ASM-One sooner. The planned release in june was skipped due to various problems with my Amiga's and some personal stuff.
Secondly, I'm sorry that I again have to disappoint those people who thought that the support for ASM-One had finally stopped B-)
But for the rest: Don't fear, V1.48 is here!
ASM-One V1.48 fixes some long standing bugs, adds some long awaited enhancements and a complete overhaul of the PPC register support. The Guide has been updated here ande there, but still is in it's third draft (since 2,5 year or so B-)
I don't know what 2003 will bring, so I will not promise a release date for the next version of ASM-One. I will only promise you that I'll continue to support ASM-One...
Official TFA Home Page
31.12.2002 DiskMaster News
DiskMasterII v2.5RC7 - one of the best known Amiga Directory Utilities ever made. Documentation in Amiga-Guide format.
Rudolph Riedel: "Merry XMas and a happy new year to all of you!"
Diskmaster2 Official Homepage
30.12.2002 GoldED Studio News
GoldED Studio AIX updated (SP8)
This service pack introduces a new menu and keyboard configuration. SP8 is offered as downloadable archive if you already have SP3 or later installed. Older installations can only be upgraded with a replacement CD (10 EUR). Service packs upgrade core components. Further upgrades for non-essential components are provided in form of a bonus pack.

Other Updates
bonuspack (SP8) - Additional non-essential but useful upgrades for various components of GoldED.
face/on v1.1 - Themes installer. Includes alternative menu inspired by CygnusEd4.
pgp50i v1.1 - "Pretty Good Privacy" encryption for GoldED.

GoldED homepage
30.12.2002 Phoenix to Attend CES With Genesi
greenboy: "I am pleased to announce that the Phoenix Developer Consortium is now participating with Genesi in the first step of partnership. Phoenix members will indeed attend CES to meet the Genesi team and of course will help staff the booth. Phoenix members have already formed distribution & reseller corporations, and with Genesi are in the process of building a web infrastructure that will unite the various Genesi corporate entities with the development and user communities." Read more
greenboy, chairman-director, Phoenix Developer Consortium
30.12.2002 Jabberwocky News
The 4th Preview of Jabberwocky V1.3 is now ready. Get it here.
o Localisation support in most dialogs
o French language catalog
o Fixed 2 enforcer hits reported by Luca "Hexaae" Longone
o Autoconnect on startup preference now saved and used.
Jabberwocky Amiga homepage
29.12.2002 HIGHWAY: Poll end shifted / first pictures of the BootROM module
"Our poll regarding the BootROM module and the HIGHWAY II will end on 6.1.2002. You will also find fist pictures of our prototype on the poll page - so you can see what we are talking about."
Amiga USB pages
29.12.2002 Amiga Demoscene Archive: Happy new year!
The first musicdisks start to appear on A.D.A. and for this update, we have 3 musicdisks already added. We also added a page where you can see the last 15 added comments (see menu COMMENTS).
We hope that you will visit A.D.A. again in 2003 as we have got loads of great demos lined up for 2003. Finally, the A.D.A. team wishes everyone a very happy new year!
A.D.A. Amiga Demoscene Archive website
29.12.2002 Fire up some HOT savings for the Holidays and get a scare for only $9.95
DiscreetFX wishes all Amiga & Video Toaster friends a Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year. The year 2003 will bring the release of several new products for Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer customers and Video Toaster [2] customers. We are hard at work developing more cool video and effects software and Amiga will not be forgotten! But for now we have decided to give special pricing till the end of 2002 for Pyromania & ScaryFX. From now until the end of the year buy Pyromania for the unbelievable low price of $24.95 and get ScaryFX for just $9.95! Also we are so crazy we will pick up the shipping! Pyromania is a 2 CD set of Fire, Explosion and Smoke Effects used on the hit TV shows/channels Blind Date, 5th Wheel, Shipmates, Discovery Channel, FOX and may more. ScaryFX is a horror effects library that is perfect for editing your Halloween videos or creating your very own low budget horror movie. Both of these products require an AGA or GFX card based Amiga with or without a Video Toaster 4000 card. Anyone placing an order should contact DiscreetFX toll free voice/fax @ (800) 852-0930 or by e-mail. You can also go through your favorite dealer or Software Hut.
More information about Pyromania
Bill Panagouleas, DiscreetFX
29.12.2002 Alt.WoA 2003 News
Venue for Alt.WoA 2003
Due to the closure of the Old Corn Mill for approximately 22 weeks from mid November, plus the fact that we have no idea whether the new owners intend leaving space which would be suitable for our Show, we have been looking elsewhere.
The task was looked upon by all our members with great trepidation, as a venue which even came close to the Corn Mill in terms of accessibility, space, facilities and free car parking was about as likely to be found as a politician with a conscience!
Now, as most of you are aware, Amiga people are not known for giving up easily and we have found a politician with a  ........  sorry, don't know what made me say that...  place even better than our previous home. We would like to share some of the details with you here but first...

To Be or Not To Be
Whether  Alt-WoA 2003 takes place at all is currently being discussed. Amiga and Hyperion have already agreed to attend and we only require an affirmative from Eyetech to start the ball rolling. All we can say for now is - take a look at the pictures of our proposed new venue and 'WATCH THIS SPACE'.

Alt.WoA website
29.12.2002 AIO issue 66 is now out
Issue 66 of AIO is out and should soon be up on the site/Aminet. Highlights inbclude a review of Frying Pan, a special utility for AIO readers only, and "'Twas The Night Before Amiga". Download and enjoy the read now.
Mark Tierno, Amiga Information Online
28.12.2002 Happy Holidays From Amiga Inc.
(24-Dec-2002) Amiga Inc would like to wish its partners, friends and all those in the growing Amiga community a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. 2002 has been about taking the best of the Amiga community, its passion, skill and commitment to excellence, and building for the future. 2003 will be about enjoying the fruits of those labors, and more, about sharing that enjoyment with the rest of the world.
Amiga Inc. website
27.12.2002 VaporWare News
Microdot-II 1.4.17
New beta version of Microdot-II for AmigaOS 68k and MorphOS is now available.
Microdot-II is an integrated email and news program, using the same familiar interface to integrate news, mail and mailing lists 'as one', performing real threading of email or news correspondence to make it easier to follow conversations between multiple people.

Voyager³ 3.3.126 68k
Previously released V³ 3.3.125 for AmigaOS had problems. Here is a fixed version.
zapek: "I finally found some old and outdated setup where to run V 68k and fixed the problem. It wasn't even my fault but SAS/C's one :) I tweaked around with the optimization levels and a new version is now available. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the previous one."

VaporWare website
26.12.2002 New page of MUI Classes
Jocke 'Zerohero' Sjöblom: "I've had this idea for quite a long time now, but I've been too lazy to actually work on it. I mainly set this page up, because on most mailinglists I've been on people were complaining that it's hard to know which versions are the latest of all the MUI classes that's around. I thought I had a pretty up to date system, and with some basic knowledge of HTML, this page was born."
MUI-Classes page
25.12.2002 AirsoftSoftwair: Merry Christmas
"I wish all Amiga friends a merry christmas and a happy new year. The next year will bring some more products from me starting with the Malibu plugin for Hollywood which enables Hollywood to display Scala presentations."
Andreas Falkenhahn, AirsoftSoftwair
25.12.2002 Merlancia.com server changes
"For anyone attempting to access www.merlancia.com: Merlancia.com will be down for a few days while we consolidate our server systems. Please use merlanciausa.com in the meanwhile. We apologise in advance for any inconvienence."
Merlancia Industries website
24.12.2002 I hope it is not too late...
Czech Amiga News wish you a Merry Christmas!
Paul aka ExiE, Czech Amiga News
24.12.2002 Antivirus News
Virusz III v0.9d Released
Georg Hörmann has released a new update to this anti-virus program VirusZ III. For full release notes, see the readme file. If this update causes problems on your machine, you can use VirusZ II v1.44 or continue to use the previous VirusZ III.

Anti-Virus Boot Disk For VirusZ III Has Been Updated
The VirusZ-III boot-floppy has the new v0.9d that was released December 24th, 2002. It is now available for download at either the Canadian Virus Help Team site or in the files area of the vht-can maillist: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vht-can/files/Boot-Disks

Charlene, Virus Help Team Canada
24.12.2002 SimpleMail News
Version 0.18 of SimpleMail released!
Accurately two years, after SimpleMail saw the light of the world we can present again a XMas release of SimpleMail with some hopfully great new featues. Again we have to thank you for your continuos support and encouragement very much. The SimpleMail Team wishes a merry christmas and a happy new year! Enjoy the new version.
The changes are:
Folder/Export... menu entry added to export a complete mail folder
Added recpient filter rule type (which matches To and CC)
Internal multithreading changes (no longer relies on SAS C CRES startup code>
now uses the shared version of the expat XML engine (included)
(temporary) rejected NListtree support for the mail view because it slowed down everything
very simple IMAP support (fetches complete mail, no move support, no status update)
bug fixes as usual

Please also install the latest NList and NListtree MUI classes. Older versions than current may cause too much problems.

NList and NListtree MUI classes
NList v0.94 - NList Custom Class for MUI
NListtree - NListtree Custom Class for MUI

Simplemail homepage
24.12.2002 HD-Rec X-Mas 2002 Edition
Merry Christmas to all Amiga users! Thilo Köhler decided to release a special edition of HD-Rec to the public. Have fun!
HD-Rec is a powerful MIDI/audio sequencer for the Amiga computer. It takes full advantage of the AHI system for audio and the CAMD system for MIDI input and output. So you can be sure that your hardware is supported if there is a driver for those systems. HD-Rec is shareware, so please register if you like this program. The demo version is limited to 12 tracks and a song length of 1 minute.
HD-Rec homepage
23.12.2002 IBrowse: Merry Christmas
"Hello all of you! I thought I should break the silence just now before christmas. This fall has been an interesting one with lots of things going on. I originally planned the IB2.3 release about 1.5 months ago and decided to bring in some people from the mailing list to help us hard test the release candidate. Unfortunately (?) some of them took their job far too serious and told me that, no, you cannot release IBrowse in the state it was back then. Hm, back to the code again. Now 150 reported (and fixed) issues later I hope they are more pleased. We are currently about to begin testing of the very final release candidate and if everything goes as expected (and this time I am alot more confident ;) you will see an updated IBrowse around New Years Eve. In the meantime, you can check out the summary of the history. Have a great Christmas everybody!"
Stefan Burström, IBrowse homepage
23.12.2002 Vpyager³ 3.3.125
Download the m68k AmigaOS-Version here and the MorphOS version here. The readme is here. Merry X-mas everyone!
23.12.2002 Cloanto Releases Amiga Forever 5.1
Windows News Cloanto released today version 5.1 of Amiga Forever, the official Amiga emulation and connectivity package for PCs. New features include improved emulation components, new Amiga and Windows software (e.g. new Software Manager, Amiga Explorer, ReqTools, support libraries, etc.) and updated documentation and help files. For the first time since 1991, when the Amiga Narrator and Translator speech synthesis components were discontinued by Commodore (who reportedly was not willing to continue to pay a $1 per unit royalty), this software, which was part of the multimedia features which inspired several enthusiasts to buy an Amiga computer, is again available with the Amiga OS. Amiga Forever 5.1 includes both the original and fully licensed speech software in the preinstalled 1.3 configuration and a newer custom setup in the 3.1 ROM environment. As for all Amiga sound output, the emulation makes it possible to save the digital data, so as to preserve forever (maybe for use on an answering machine?) the original accent made famous by various "This is Amiga Speaking" demos. Read more
Amiga Forever Home Page
Cloanto Home Page
23.12.2002 IOSPIRIT: Merry christmas and a happy new year!
"We wish all our customers, partners and friends a happy christmas time and a good start into 2003.
As a small christmas gift, purchasers of fxPAINT 2.0 can now download additional HTML-album skins by Nick Clover in our download center."

Addendum: Due to a small bug in the downloadscript, not everbody could access the archive. The bug has been fixed.

IOSPIRIT website
23.12.2002 GLQuakeWOS beta 9 released
GLQuakeWOS beta 9, based on the original Amiga porting from Frank Wille and Steffen Häuser, it takes advantages of 3D graphics acceleration and PowerPC processors. Changes:
Fixed: Voodoo bug
Added: Ahi support
Added: Stereo Sound support
Soft3dev homepage
23.12.2002 ScummVM News
68k RTG Port of ScummVM, version 0.3.0b is now available. It's based on latest MorphOS sources so it has all MorphOS features except CDDA Support. Readme
ScummVM - Amiga Ports page
23.12.2002 MRE Christmas edition - The world is not enough!
Nearly half a year has gone since the last big release, now it's time to give you something to enjoy! ClassAction 4.50, StartMenu 1.30 and ProcessManager 1.10 have some often asked useful and nice new features - I don't want to add the whole list, here some details concerning ClassAction:
classes can be displayed as image, own screen possible, improved archive handling, mousewheel support, optimization ... Look onto www.martin-elsner.de for a complete list of changes and all archives.

And with this little present for the community that still waits for real "Amiga christmas" (ChristmasOne and Christmas 4.0 ;) I add my best wishes:
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year full of new hardware and software! And many thanks to the testers, translators and users who have done their best to make this release possible!"

Martin R. Elsner, 's homepage
22.12.2002 New Quake 2 Mods available
Steffen just uploaded new Mods to the Amiga Quake 2 page.
WarMod for PPC
Assault for PPC
An Archive containing a lot of 68k Mods (only Binaries to keep the archive small). You need to install the PPC Mod Archive, and then the 68k Mod Archive on top of it. The 68k Installer can do this automatically if you do an assign Mods: ... add to the place where you have the 68k Mod Archives.
Steffen Haeuser, Hyperion Entertainment
Amiga Quake II page
22.12.2002 First Catweasel SID drivers
Linux News Dirk 'Doj' Jagdmann has released the first version of a Linux driver that supports the SID and the joystick ports of the Catweasel MK3 PCI/Flipper. Now he's looking for experts in patching existing software like emulators or SID-players. The driver with source codes and the author's contact information can be found on his website http://llg.cubic.org/cw/.
individual Computers website
22.12.2002 DiskMaster News
DiskMasterII v2.5RC6 - one of the best known Amiga Directory Utilities ever made. Documentation in Amiga-Guide format.
Rudolph Riedel: "Merry XMas and a happy new year to all of you!"
Diskmaster2 Official Homepage
22.12.2002 Poseidon Users: D-Link USB2Ethernet to adaptor driver is comming!
Good news for Thylacine, Ganymede1, Io1, Callisto1, Highway, Subway & Spider users, Mr. Wolfgang Hosemann posts: "I'm currently working on a driver for the D-Link USB2Ethernet-adaptors" [DSB-650 & DSB-650TX] "using the Pegasus / PegasusII-chipset. It is not operable now, but hopefully will be soon. ;-)" - The Pegasus & PegasusII "ADM8511" chipsets are made by ADMtek Incorporated.
CyberGraphX homepage
22.12.2002 New FlashMandel version
A new version of Amiga fractal program FlashMandelWOS has been uploaded on Aminet, with following changes:
Added three new arexx-scripts
1. Benchmark_II.rexx:
A new benchmark-script with new functions and a localized reaction-GUI (Needs AWN-Pipe).
2. Create_FMandel_Anim.rexx:
A script for creating an IFF-animation. With a localized reaction-GUI (Needs AWN-Pipe).
3. Toolbar.rexx:
Adds a toolbar to the FlashMandel-screen. Includes the most important functions (Needs AWN-Pipe).
Modifyed reaction-windows, now you can confirm a window by pressing "Return" and cancel it by pressing "ESC". A polish catalog file is now included. Thank you Spider & TranceLetters, the file is still v1.5, sorry. Fixed some bugs in the arexx-code.
It's really appreciated any feedback from Amiga OS4 betatesters and MorphOS users.
Dino Papararo, FlashMandel
22.12.2002 WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 4
Windows News WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 4 is now available. New features:
improved FPS counter
filesystem notification (ACTION_ADD_NOTIFY, ACTION_REMOVE_NOTIFY) support added and more
CD-led is lit when CD32 audio track is playing
new keyboard shortcuts: PAUSE-pause emulation, PAUSE+END-turbo speed
CAPS-image support (www.caps-project.org)
Catweasel MK3 support (joystick ports, keyboard and Zorro2-board emulation for multidisk.device)
1.5MB slow RAM support

Bugs fixed & more
WinUAE Official Homesite
22.12.2002 Update of Quake 2 available for download
Hyperion Entertainment is pleased to announce that as of today registered users of Quake 2 can download an improved version of the PPC version as well as a highly optimised 68k version (68060 with 3D accelerator required - mileage on emulation packages (Software Renderer) may vary).
The update introduces further performance optimisations, a transparent Quake 2 console, a FPS counter for the GL renderer and fixes two issues related inter alia to the "save game" support.
We hope you will enjoy this early X-Mas present and we thank all our customers for their much appreciated support during the past year.
Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year to all our customers and supporters!
Steffen Haeuser, Hyperion Entertainment
21.12.2002 PageStream 4.1.5 and XMas Sale
First release of PageStream 4.1.5 for Amiga is now available for download. Initial release includes just new files until the package testing is completed.

Promotion Continued!
Until the end of the year, new users who are referred by a PageStream customer may purchase a full copy of PageStream for the incredible price of $90. For more details click here!

Grasshopper LLC website
21.12.2002 Eyetech: Pause for breath - time for an update
Alan Redhouse has posted overview of the current status of the AmigaOne motherboards, shipping, Linux drivers and more...
Eyetech AmigaOne group
21.12.2002 New Prometheus software update
Changes in this update:
- prometheus.library 2.4 properly detects all the functions in multifunction PCI devices,
- fixed bug in PrmScan - up to 1.5 version board driver could be detected wrong
- new "vendors.txt" file dated of 12-Dec-2002
- prm-rl8029.device - fixed problems with RoadShow, TCP/IP stack and DHCP protocol
Matay website
21.12.2002 Software News
New YAM2.4 Dev version
Click here to download the latest YAM v2.4 development version, compiled 21.12.2002. Fully optimized 68020 version only. ChangeLog
This version is currently in development, and may not work perfectly!
PLEASE do not complain about these development versions! If you want to continue getting developer versions, please read the ChangeLog file before reporting bugs.
YAM2.4 Dev page
20.12.2002 AMIGAplus 12/2002 - Amiga All-rounder
Ho ho hoooo! In good time for christmas the German print magazine AMIGAplus gives some joy to the hearts of all Amigans with a fresh issue: AMIGAplus 12/2002 lightens the warm rooms with a 21-page-report on emulation of C64, PC, Mac, ST, VCS, NES, Neo Geo, PSX and other classic and new computers and video game systems on the Amiga.
Expect to read those reports and more:
* AMIGAplus CD-ROM 19: "MetaView" full version
* Emulation - Amiga All-rounder (21 pages!)
* Printing with Samba
* A+ Demo Award 2002
* Amiga Status Report: Dream or reality
* Reviews of Hardware and Shareware
* Workshop Pro Station Audio, part 3
* Workshop Pretty Good Privacy, part 3
* Workshop Cooperative software-development, part 1
* and much more

AMIGAplus (68 pages, 4c, German) is available via subscription, via individual order or through the known Amiga dealer channels for 5,- Euro.
Nico Barbat, AMIGAplus
20.12.2002 TheCrypt: Issue 27 (Candles and Crackers) is out
Saturday sees the release of The Crypt "Candles and Crackers", our Xmas edition.
So what do we have to look forward to in this issue?
Well, many so called experts see the rise in downloading music as the death of the industry, but what does the industry itself think of the issue? We have an article from the M.D of one of the retailers Music Zone saying what he thinks of the future of the industry.
Fancy doing something different with your turkey this year? We have some excellent recipes for fresh and cooked turkey to take the drudgery out of cooking.
Do these voice activated programs work very well? We bring you two of the front runners to see if they really are any good.
Along with these items, we bring you all the latest news and reviews from around the world. A collection of naughty Xmas rated cartoons, and whole host of items from our readers and staff members. The Steam Corner is getting bigger with every issue, with plenty for the steam enthusiast. Domino, our resident hound, brings you a look into the world of animals.We have a host of new writers bringing us a collection of stories to keep you occupied well into the new year.
We have a collection of computer articles to help you make the most of your computer, from Pagestream 4 to web designing, from help with computer viruses to making a bootable CD, and we look into Amiga emulation on a PC with Cloanto`s Amiga Forever.
Dr Jekyll returns with a page of his thoughts and collection of postcard humour. And with over 10mb of images/articles to read, we bring you a smashing Xmas and a wonderful New Year.
Steve Evans, TheCrypt Mag
20.12.2002 A/NES CGFX v1.30beta1 released
Finally an update to A/NES CGFX has been released. This time it's v1.30 and it's a major update. NSF support (yes, finally you can play all those tons of NSF's on your Amiga) and DPCM code is rewritten so sound quality is alot better than previous versions. Check it out!
Morgan Johansson, A/NES CGFX
20.12.2002 Review DVD - The Deathbed Vigil and other Tales of Digital Angst
On the Amiga Future Page we release today a english Review from the DVD The Deathbed Vigil and other Tales of Digital Angst. You can read the review here.
Andreas Magerl, Amiga-Future
19.12.2002 Mediator Multimedia CD UP 1.21
The Mediator Multimedia CD UP 1.21 update for users of Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000Di, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 SX, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV, who are registered owners of the Mediator Multimedia CD has been released today.
The update includes the new versions of:
Read more Info on the current versions is available in the DOWNLOADS | Mediator section.
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
19.12.2002 Aseq midi and audio sequencer needs betatesters
Aseq needs beta testers, to test the forthcoming beta release, expected early 2003. Please contact aseq@xs4all.nl if you are interested. There are no minimum requirements for the system as of now, except you need AmigaOS 3.1 or higher. And a midi setup would be a handy addition, but not necessary.
Also you can now donate using the button on the site. It will entitle you to a discount of 45% when you buy Aseq. The site has been updated and a news section has been added.
Aseq homepage
19.12.2002 MasonIcons News
A brand new homepage is up and running and five new archives are available on MasonIcons.de.
tableMI - a GlowIcons toolbar for TablePlug
uaeappMI - GlowIcons for UAE-App
vpcleanMI - a nice theme for VisualPrefs
vpmacMI - a Apple theme for VisualPrefs
vpsapMI - a theme based on SAP for VisualPrefs
"Merry Xmas and a happy New Year!"
Martin Merz, MasonIcons.de
19.12.2002 Birdie Shoot goes Gold, Knights & Merchants in Betatesting
MorphOS News Arcade fun shooter "Birdie Shoot" has gone gold for the Pegasos/MorphOS. New MorphOS users will soon be able to take part in the great digital hunt for all sorts of crazy Birds that takes place in 4 great levels. Best of all: Birdie Shoot comes free with the new operating system MorphOS.
Our next game for the Pegasos/MorphOS will be "Knights & Merchants". The 800x600 version of this great empire builder has already been demonstrated at the ARC in Aachen earlier this month. Now in the final stages of betatesting are both versions of the game including the 1024x768 version of "Knights & Merchants".
More information on both these titles can be found in the Projects section of our homepage.
e.p.i.c. interactive website
18.12.2002 Poll for BootROM / HIGHWAY II
As many requests were made on the ARC2002 we think about releasing a BootROM addon module for the HIGHWAY. And as our stock of HIGHWAY boards is almost empty, we are about to start a second production run of our USB Zorro controller. Please help us improving our product ! Just take a look at the poll page and contribute!

Compatibility list enhanced
Our list of working USB devices could be enhanced due to some user reports. Supported devices

Amiga USB pages
18.12.2002 ASF-XMas Software News
"Hi folks,
At this first year of Amiga.sf I want to thank to all which give me support, and want to wish to all Merry Christmas and happy new year!.
Now, if you want, click on here to see the few..software updates from my site."
Diego Casorran aka dcr8520, Amiga.sf
18.12.2002 Genesi to Debut at the CES
MorphOS News Genesi to Debut at the Consumer Electronics Show during 9-12 January 2003 in Las Vegas.
Please visit Genesi at Booth #29101 in the Break-Through Technologies: Home Networking, IT & Wireless Pavillion. The Pegasos with MorphOS will be featured. The Pega-shush, a home server/entertainment version of the Pegasos will be shown running locally using 802.11b and the eclipsis video telephone software will be demonstrated on a handheld.
MorphOS-News.de website
17.12.2002 GoldED Studio News
GoldED Studio AIX Service Pack 6
Service Pack 6 is now available for users of GoldED Studio AIX. Minimum requirements: GoldED Studio AIX SP3 or GoldED Barebones SP3. Older versions of GoldED Studio AIX can only be upgraded with a replacement CD ROM (10 EUR).

The new PGP add-on integrates Phil Zimmermann's PGP 5.0i encryption software ("Pretty Good Privacy 5.0 International") with GoldED.

Other Updates
library upgrades - The lasted versions of libraries used by GoldED.
face/on - Themes installer (sceenshot). Includes alternative menu and keymap inspired by CygnusEd.

GoldED homepage
17.12.2002 DA III V5.0 (German version) finished!
Achim Stegemann is proud to announce Digital Almanac III v5.0 is available! At the moment, only the German version is finished. The English version will follow in the next time.
Digital Almanac Homepage
17.12.2002 GPSoft and Hyperion clear up DOpus Sources issue
Dr Greg Perry said today that after negotiations with Ben Hermans, GPSoftware and Hyperion have resolved all outstanding issues related to contract for Directory Opus and wish to announce that the contract has been fully reinstated. Greg said "We are very pleased to see these issued cleared up so that the future for Directory Opus on the Amiga can be assured by Hyperion and that development can continue for OS4 and beyond. We wish Hyperion the best in their endeavours with Directory Opus for Amiga and the development of OS4."
Dr Greg Perry, GPSoftware
17.12.2002 Linux on Mediator
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER: "Linux support for Mediator is under development by Mr. Adam Kowalczyk--the same person, who prepares support for the other PCI solution named above. As far as we know, the support for Mediator busboards for A3000 and A4000 machines is at the same progress stage as support for the other PCI solution for A4000, named "product with Linux support". Adam Kowalczyk, who deals with preparation of Linux support for Mediator, approached in the Mediator ML everyone who would like to receive the kernel prepared by him: [see here]. As far as the statement goes that reads that Mediator is the same PCI solution as the other solution named above, why don't you have a look at the comparison table for the basic differences between these PCI solutions: [read here]."
CyberGraphX homepage
17.12.2002 All of Amithlon
New zone of downloading for Amithlon. The whole of the utilities concerning Amiga x86 on the site of Amigabest.
Patrick Jung, site of Amigabest
16.12.2002 VHI Studio 6.0 available
While VHI Studio 6.0 already was available at the Amiga+Retro Computing 2002, it is now also regularly available as download- and package-version. Furthermore, you can now order an update from version 4.x/5.x and VLRec (NG).
New features since the last version include support for AmithlonTV by Guido Mersmann and a filesystem-driver specialised in USB-cardreaders (under Poseidon).
Customers buying version 6.0 will get free access to all future 6.x versions via Internet.
IOSPIRIT website
16.12.2002 Catweasel software updates
The windows-drivers for the PC-versions of the Catweasel controller (ISA and the new MK3 PCI/Flipper versions) have been updated. The most important change is the suppoprt for C64-disks, minor bugs have been fixed in the diskimage-tool. The new combination of programs also breaks a small record: A C64-disk is read completely in slightly more than 9 seconds. The archive also contains some textfiles for programmers who want to take advantage of the interfaces or the SID of the controller. Download: cw_win_pci.zip (115KByte)
The Linux drivers have also been adapted to the MK3 PCI/Flipper version. Closer information about this can be found on Michael 'Rawstyle' Krause's website: www.soundtracker.org/raw/cwfloppy/
Tim Mann has also adapted his cw2dmk tool to the new controller. DMK is a file format used by TRS-80 emulator programs. Find out more on www.tim-mann.org/trs80resources.html.
Jens Schönfeld, individual Computers via ANN
16.12.2002 ARC 2002: Thank you to all visitors and exhibitors
"The show is over, but the work continues, which proves the success of the event. The fare team of individual Computers says thank you to all visitors and exhibitors who made the last weekend so successful.
Many pictures have already been published on the Amiga news sites, a complete coverage of the fare will be published in the next issue of the German Amiga-Magazin.
Our Congratulations go to bplan GmbH and Chris Hodges, who recieved the Amiga Award 2002 for their Pegasos mainboard, and the Poseidon USB stack, respectively.
We're looking forward to seeing everyone again at the next event of this kind!"
individual Computers website
16.12.2002 Board Replacement for all Pegasos Betatesters & developers
MorphOS News All of those involved in Betatester 1 & 2, developers and other users with Pegasos motherboard which does not include the "April" modification should contact Genesi to arrange a replacement.
Please contact Thierry for more information: thierry@thendic-france.com.
MorphOS-News.de website
15.12.2002 Seasons Greetings from Total Amiga Magazine
"We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our new/existing readers and an ever increasing number of world-wide Amiga dealers for helping us achieve the impossible, increasing circulation in what has been a difficult market.
2003 will finally see a new dawn, two competing systems, two new OS`s and countless new products reviewed and rated by the best Amiga fanatics this side of the galaxy. Which ever way it goes, rest assured, Total Amiga Magazine will be there to cover it.
To subscribe, buy back issues, or find your nearest Amiga stockist, please visit our website.
Seasons Greetings and Best wishes for the coming year, from everyone at Total Amiga Magazine."
Mikey C, Total Amiga Magazine
15.12.2002 C.A.P.S.: Something strange is going on...
Something strange going on at the C.A.P.S. site. Could this be it?

CAPS, the Classic Amiga Preservation Society, as the name implies, dedicates itself to the preservation for the future of classic Amiga software, namely classic Amiga games.

Kieron Wilkinson, C.A.P.S.
15.12.2002 Software News
PerfectPaint v2.9
New version 2.9 of PerfectPaint is now available at http://gothic.fr.free.fr/amiga/index.html and soon on Aminet.
PerfectPaint is great FREEWARE! proggie for painting, animation and manipulating pictures from 1bit to 24bits. What's new
PerfectPaint's page
14.12.2002 AmigaOS4 version of Hollywood
"As I got some mails from people saying that they won't buy Hollywood because I'm supporting MorphOS I have to clarify that there will be AmigaOS 4 version of Hollywood of course. But before this can happen, I need a developer version of AmigaOS4 and because such a version does not seem to be available currently, I cannot do anything yet. But there will be definitely an AmigaOS4 version of Hollywood (if it is API compatible to the classic AmigaOS). So, don't panic and don't send me any more of such threatening letters. It's really astonishing how serious this topic seems to be to some people. Additionally the update to the AmigaOS4 version of Hollywood will be free of charge too (as the update to the MorphOS version was). So if you are interested in Hollywood, you can also buy the program now and get the update for free when AmigaOS 4 is finally available."
Andreas Falkenhahn, AirsoftSoftwair
14.12.2002 Quake 2 sources publically available
The Quake 2 & mods Amiga sources and support files as released by Hyperion. The archives have all been converted from Hyperion's proprietary hpa format to lha. The archives should be available from Aminet soon.
Thanks to Golem/AmigaNet for doing all the repacking and uploading. He also did a quick attempt to compile Quake 2 from these but wasn't successful.
And of course a big thank-you to Steffen Haeuser (and whoever might have contributed) for all the work he's put into these ports.

On the AmigaSpeed page you can find some benchmarks of Hyperion's optimized Quake2 game (and some other ones).
According to Steffen Haeuser "the update of Quake 2 will also feature (for the GL Version) a fps-counter, and several more optimizations."

Amiga.org website
14.12.2002 Antivirus News
Zbigniew 'Zeeball' Trzcionkowski has released a new update version of his antivirus program MILL. It is described as a modular antivirus project, where each of components can work as separate program and doesn't require the others. Fixes from previous version are in the archives readme file.
Jan Andersen, Virus Help Team Denmark
Charlene, Virus Help Team Canada
13.12.2002 100%AMIGA XMAS ISSUE
Issue 31, the December 2002 issue of the 100%AMIGA, the Amiga's only monthly CD magazine is out now.
This month is the biggest issue ever as we take a close look at last month's World of Amiga show including the full 72 minute video of the show for those who don't have broadband! We also feature Software Tycoon and as a special Xmas bonus (for UK subscribers only) we have also included a second CD packed full with Quake 2 add-ons and levels. Of course, we have got into the festive mood with seasonal music and a slideshow. With all the latest Amiga news and over 1.2 Gigabytes of Amiga stuff you need to subscribe now!
FORE-MATT Home Computing
13.12.2002 Warp3D/NOVA/Ami3D functionality ~= OpenGL2.0/DirectX9
Hans-Jörg Frieden, Hyperion Entertainment: "I already have a 20+ pages whitepaper on NOVA, the next generation of Warp3D. I don't know when we will finally get around to implement them, but I think that the result won't be far away (in terms of functionality) from OpenGL 2.0 or DirectX 9..."
CyberGraphX homepage
13.12.2002 Pictures and videos of Amiga + Retrocomputing Messe 2002
If you like to see more than 100 pictures and several videos from Amiga + Retrocomputing 2002 Fair visit www.pegasos-uk.com and check the news section, events subsection.
12.12.2002 fxPAINT 2.0 available
We are happy to announce the availability of fxPAINT 2.0. All preorders have been dispatched already (with the exception of non-paid prepayments). fxPAINT 2.0 is available on CD-ROM and as download version and runs native on 68K, PowerUP, WarpUP, MorphOS and Amithlon.
IOSPIRIT website
12.12.2002 New software for the Prometheus card
New version of rtl8029 driver for the Prometheus card.
Benjamin Vernoux has found a bug in prm-rtl8029.device. Bug was located in the interrupt code. Interrupt loop can be leaved while there were still pending interrupts from NIC. It could lead to packets dropped in heavy loaded networks. V1.3 of the device fixes it and has been tested throughly (over 100 hours on a network segment with about 40 hosts).
New version requires prometheus.library V2.3.
Matay homepage
11.12.2002 Amiga Award 2002 for bplan GmbH and Chris Hodges
Cologne, December 10th, 2002 -- Twelve important and touching months passed by the Amiga community. Numerous products smoothing the future way of the Amiga caught our eyes. With the Amiga Award 2002 the Amiga community and the AMIGAplus would now like to say "Thanks!" to all developers for their efforts.
During the AMIGA + Retro Computing 2002 on December 8th, 2002, the bplan GmbH was assigned the Amiga Award 2002 for the most innovative product in 2002. During the last two years the Frankfurt/Main-based company developed the new, microATX-sized PowerPC-mainboard "Pegasos" for the Amiga-market. The Amiga Award 2002 was presented to Thomas Knäbel and Gerald Carda of bplan GmbH by Nico Barbat, editor-in-chief of AMIGAplus, in Aachen.
Additionally to the main category the participants took part in the election for the Amiga Award 2002 Extra. Representing all shareware-developers Chris Hodges was honored for his USB-stack "Poseidon". This prize is endowed by 250,- Euro and sponsored by Genesi. Read more
Nico Barbat, AMIGAplus
11.12.2002 MorphOS Feature List
MorphOS News Native PowerPC Operating System
Supports Pegasos and Amigas fitted with PowerUP cards
Runs Native PPC and Amiga OS (to v3.1) RTG Applications
68K JIT compiler runs applications at up to 75% of native PPC speed
Hardware 3D support (3dfx, 3DLabs, SiS + more to come)
New Ambient Desktop with 24 bit colour support
Fully Skinnable user interface
MUI Object Orientated GUI Toolkit
Media Player (Frogger)
Multi-threaded Image viewer (MysticView)
Web browser (Voyager)
PDF viewer (APDF)
Built in Software Development Kit
AHI Audio
USB Support
Multiple 64 bit Filesystems supported including FFS2 & SFS
Supports an extensive range of Printers (TurboPrint v7)
TCP/IP stack: AmiTCP v5

Full MorphOS Feature List (24 pages) as PDF here. There is also a text version of the document.
MorphOS-News.de website
11.12.2002 Hollywood now also available for MorphOS
MorphOS News A native MorphOS version of Hollywood is now available. This PPC version is of course much faster than the 68k one, so many effects can now be displayed in real time at an acceptable speed (on 68k computers most of the CPU intensive effects were precalculated and displayed then to make them appear smoothly). It is already very fast on my Blizzard PPC with 200mhz so it should really fly on a Pegasos system. So you can create now cool applications, games and demonstrations even for PPC and convert them also into native PPC executables! All Hollywood CD-ROMs shipped from now, will contain the 68k and MorphOS PPC version. If you already have the first edition of the Hollywood CD-ROM you can request the MorphOS version of Hollywood from me by sending an e-mail to me. By the way, if you want your Hollywood CD-ROM before christmas, it is high time to order now.
Andreas Falkenhahn, AirsoftSoftwair
11.12.2002 Obligement N°36 now out
Issue 36 of the French e-zine is now available. You can read on this issue: latest news, article about MorphOS games, report of the Amiga Retro Computing, interview of Bill Buck and Raquel Velasquo, interview of Arnaud Schwetta, Review of Puzzle Bobs, Software Tycoon and FroggerNG 2.05, and more others articles ! Download it from http://obligement.free.fr.
David "Daff" Brunet, Obligement E-Zine
11.12.2002 Interview: Nicholas Blachford, Eclipsis Project Manager, on MorphOS
MorphOS News OSNews has an interview with Nicholas Blachford about MorphOS.
"This weekend was the official launch of a brand new platform, by Genesi. New platforms are rare these days, so this one is something to watch out for. MorphOS is a fully 32bit, pre-emptively multi-tasking operating system for the PowerPC range of CPUs, and is included with each Pegasos motherboard sold. We have some information about the system, three screenshots, and we also talked to Nicholas Blachford, Eclipsis project manager about MorphOS." Read more
OSNews.com website
10.12.2002 MOL (MacOnLinux) available For AmigaOne
Ross Vumbaca has compiled MacOnLinux for Amigaone. "You can download it from: mol-amigaone-0.96.7.deb.
What is the file? The file is a Debian package of Mac On Linux + kernel modules, for people running Linux on their AmigaOne machines. Why use this package? This is a very recent version of Mac On Linux, which works on the AmigaOne's non-OpenFirmware firmware."

You will need Ross Vumbaca's Linux ppc kernel and kernel modules from http://amigaone-linux.sourceforge.net.  This version of MOL is only tested on AmigaOnes with Voodoo3 boards. There may be some problems with Radeon boards... Also you need to use Debian distro on A1.

Amigart website
10.12.2002 New Screenshots from Crossfire II
On the APC&TCP page you can see some new screenshots of Crossfire II. You can order the game direct at the same page.
Andreas Magerl, APC&TCP
10.12.2002 Amiga + Retro Computing 2002 video
AmigaPage.de has released a video from the Amiga + Retro Computing 2002. Get the mpeg video here (87 MB).
AmigaPage.de website
9.12.2002 Tales of Tamar News
Second public update of ToT (v0.47R1) is now available for all current players and testers.
This update features, among other things, a completely new menu for the map screen. This menu has a small overview map (which you may be used to from other games) and a requester that lists all of your current units. It is divided into the different types of units like armies, ships, settlers, scouts and specialists such as mages, clerics, etc. who will be added in a later update. One click on a unit in that list and the map will center on that figure.
Tales of Tamar homepage
9.12.2002 CrossFire II News
Big mistake
Crossfire II has a problem. On some systems you can't start the game due to some file attributes which got lost on the long way from our computer to the final retail version which results in an error "File is not executable". If you don't want to wait for the update (which will be released very soon) you can get it to work by the Workbench menu item "Execute command..." and typing "protect <Crossfire2 directory> CF2 ADD RWED"
"protect <Crossfire2 directory> CF2_PPC ADD RWED"
and the game will work. We are really sorry for that because it's just our very own sloppiness.

About the update concerning Crossfire II
This update will contain:
- some minor fixes
- MorphOS-Support
- german translation
- option to play in a WB window
- all bugs we've encountered and which have been sent to us by you
It will be out as soon as possible (we hope to release it within the next week)

Dreamworlds Development website
8.12.2002 Amiga + Retro Computing 2002 News
Amiga + Retro Computing 2002, first impressions by Diermar Eilert (ANN)
Genesi on the Amiga&Retro Computing Show 2002 by Martin Heine (MorphOS-News.de) - MORE INFO ABOUT APRIL INSIDE!
Amiga Retro Aachen impressions by Manou (ANN)
Photos from ARC 2002 by Meike Hilke (Amiga-News.de)
Photos from ARC 2002 by Oliver Hummel (MorphOS-News.de)
Photos from ARC 2002 by Elastic Images
Photos from ARC 2002 by Amigart's reporter Caghan 'Muaddib' Demirci
Photos from ARC 2002 by Andreas Weyrauch, A.W.Design
Photos from ARC 2002 by Jochen Abitz
Photos from ARC 2002 by L0u
8.12.2002 Genesi launches the Pegasos PowerPC-computer at the Amiga&Retro-show
MorphOS News More than eight years after computer pioneer Commodore's bankruptcy, Genesi S.a.r.l., Luxembourg, markets again an own computer with tailor-made operating-system, which continues the still loved "look & feel" of the Commodore-Amiga on modern hardware and extends it corresponding to today's requirements. Sales of the "Pegasos"-called mainboard together with an early version of their own operating system "MorphOS" as well as a PowerPC-Linux-distribution started this weekend, mindful of their roots, at the "Amiga & Retro Computing" show in Aachen, Germany, this year's biggest Amiga-fair world-wide. Read more
Martin Heine, MorphOS-News.de
8.12.2002 Software News
New YAM2.4 Dev version
Click here to download the latest YAM v2.4 development version, compiled 7.12.2002. Fully optimized 68020 version only. ChangeLog
This version is currently in development, and may not work perfectly!
PLEASE do not complain about these development versions! If you want to continue getting developer versions, please read the ChangeLog file before reporting bugs.

MakeCD: makecdromfs.module v45.8
If you replace your v11.3 version with the new makecdromfs.module V45.8, then MakeCD 3.2 beta 10 also allows you to write Joliet and HFS tracks. This module also supports a better, extended file list format - see the readme that is included with the new module. It is brought to you by Heinz Wrobel, who should be contacted regarding all problems with the makecdromfs.module. This is the second public beta of this module; the first one produced invalid images in some cases. It still may have unknown problems, so beware.

MorphOS News ScummVM 0.3.0 available
Version 0.3.0 of the popular interpreter for Lucasarts-Games was released today. A complete distribution with PDF-Guide and Ambient PNGIcons will follow.
ScummVM MorphOS supports now also MIDI music that is qualitywise much better than the Adlib sound used until now. What is needed for this is the Etude MIDI device that I unfortunately can't make available for download yet. People who should see mee today in Aachen at the beta tester conference may ask me for a version.
Regarding the legal issues with Lucasarts there's still no solution. A comprehensive description of the situation as it is right now can be found on the ScummVM site.

YAM2.4 Dev page
Amiga MakeCD Support Page
7.12.2002 Total Amiga: Buy Subs, Single Issues and Back Issues On-line!
"We're happy to announce that you can now order Total Amiga subscriptions and issues direct from this website and pay using PayPal. This allows you to use your credit card or the balance in an exisiting PayPal account if you have one. To purchase issues or subscriptions simply click the "Add to Cart" buttons on the appropriate pages and then click "Checkout" when you have added all the items you want. Further information about ordering is available in the PayPal section of the Order page.
Of course if you prefer you can still buy Total Amiga through Kicksoft and Forematt Home Computing. Single issues are available from many Amiga dealers or you can buy direct from us using a cheque or postal order.
Total Amiga Magazine website
7.12.2002 Chris Hodges: Time to say goodbye!
"I'm leaving the Amiga. Yes, I've had enough of all that fighting and bitching. Instead, I'll try to live on a green island with lots of sheep. Good bye and farewell!
Now get up from the floor, stop crying, I'm only off to New Zealand for about seven weeks of vacation and I will return to my one and only true love (currently, just my Amiga :() on 24th January 2003. But before I'm leaving on a jet plane, I've uploaded a small update of Poseidon for your benefit. Not much has changed, however, a few bugfixes reported by some of you have been incooperated. See changelog for details.
As I'm away from my machine, don't write private emails, if you have any problems. Please use the Yahoo Mailing List instead, there are a lot of people who could give a hand.
So, please enjoy the time off, I will certainly do so. And don't forget to use Trident regularily >>>;-)"
Chris Hodges, Platon's homepage
7.12.2002 Flexcat
"Flexcat, a tool for creating catalogs and source to handle them, has found a new home on sourceforge.net. Everyone interested in Flexcat is asked to go there, and try out new version 2.6.3. Thank you. As usual, bug-reports or enhancement requests are welcome."
Ondrej Zima
6.12.2002 GoldED Studio News
GoldED Studio AIX/GoldED Barebones Service Pack 5
Service Pack 5 is now available for registered users. This is a free download on the GoldED web site. SP5 is mostly a maintenance upgrade but there is also some optical finetuning. Minimum requirements: GoldED Studio AIX SP3 or GoldED Barebones SP3. Older versions of GoldED Studio AIX can only be upgraded with a service pack on CD ROM (10 EUR).

FACE/ON is a themes installer for GoldED. Use FACE/ON to preview and install visual themes and alternative menus.

GoldED homepage
6.12.2002 TurboPrint News
Turboprint 7.40 with 25 new drivers for Canon, Epson and HP printers:
Canon S300*, i320*, S330*, S520, S530, i550, S750, S820, S830, S900*, S9000*
Epson Stylus C20UX*, C40UX*, C42*, C62, C82, Photo830, Photo950
HP DeskJet 381x, 382x, 612x, PhotoSmart 1000, 11xx, 12xx, 13xx
*) USB interface card required; e.g. Highway-USB

The update is intended for users with one of the recently added drivers. Bugfixes for older versions of TurboPrint 7 will be available as free  downloads. Please understand that we can't make these new drivers available as a free upgrade. Ordering information

IrseeSoft homepage
6.12.2002 New Quake 2 Mods available
Once again Steffen uploaded new Quake 2 Mods to the Amiga Quake 2 page. "I just put Blastchamber (60 MB) and Jailbreak (30 MB) online. Both were "Mods of the Week" on Planetquake somewhen in the past, and especially Jailbreak (killed players don't die - they go to jail, and their teammates have to free them) is quite well-known. Jailbreak was done by the same Mod-Team like Gloom."
Steffen Haeuser, Hyperion Entertainment
Amiga Quake II page
6.12.2002 Amiga Games Hit Parade - Results of November/December
Here the ranking of November/December 2002:
1. (1) Napalm - 131 pts
2. (3) Payback - 120 pts
3. (2) Quake - 104 pts
4. (9) Sensible Soccer - 97 pts
5. (5) The Settlers - 91 pts
6. (6) Slam Tilt - 72 pts
7. (4) Earth 2140 - 59 pts
8. (16) Civilization - 59 pts
9. (17) Exodus The Last War - 59 pts
10. (8) Worms / Worms DC - 56 pts
11. (14) Colonization - 54 pts
12 (21) Super Frog - 50 pts
13. (12) Fields Of Battle - 50 pts
14. (7) Heretic 2 - 49 pts
15. (23) Moonstone - 49 pts
16. (11) Foundation - 48 pts
17. (83) FreeCiv - 43 pts
18. (28) Freespace - 42 pts
19. (32) Cannon Fodder - 41 pts
20. (13) Xtreme Racing - 41 pts
Next votes (Amiga Games Hit Parade of January/February 2002) will begin in mid-January.
David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Hit Parade
5.12.2002 Photos of ArticiaS and April chip
Photos of the ArticiaS (by Mai Logic) 'fixed' with the April chip (by bPlan-GmbH of Genesi). Picture 1, Picture 2
5.12.2002 Malibu plugin for Hollywood
Airsoft Softwair will soon release the first plugin for Hollywood. The Malibu plugin extends Hollywood to accept also Scala presentations and display them. This makes a dream come true for those Amiga users who always wanted to display their old Scala presentations on Workbench or on an own Intuition screen in a system friendly way. The Malibu plugin is scheduled for release in the middle of January 2003 and requires Hollywood 1.0. Additionally I want to point out that I cannot attend the ARC show in Aachen unfortunately. Therefore Hollywood is not available for sale there either. Order Hollywood now.
Andreas Falkenhahn, AirsoftSoftwair
5.12.2002 Crossfire II released
Today we release the game Crossfire II. You can order the game from APC&TCP. In 3-4 weeks you can order the game at your local amiga-dealer, too.
A new demoversion and some more screenshots coming soon.
Andreas Magerl, APC&TCP
Dreamworlds Development website
5.12.2002 Amiga Future: Preview-Pictures of SOMS
On the Amiga Future Page found you some preview pictures from the Amiga game Secret of my soul 3 (SOMS). The game will be released in 2003 by APC&TCP.
Andreas Magerl, Amiga-Future
4.12.2002 IOSPIRIT: Amiga + Retro Computing 2002 News
Just in time for the fair we have received the produced fxPAINT 2.0 CD-ROMs. Thus, you can buy updates and full versions of this graphics allrounder at our booth. More detailed information on the new features in the latest and brand-new fxPAINT-release can be found at our pages for fxPAINT 2.0.
Also in time for the fair, development on VHI Studio 6.0 has been finalized. Besides many small improvements, support for USB-cardreaders (Poseidon only for now) and PCI-TV-boards under Amithlon (via AmithlonTV) are the highlights of this new version.
fxSCAN 4.0, released just a few months ago, will of course be available as well as all other products we have in our product portfolio. Read more
IOSPIRIT homepage
4.12.2002 There is no Mai without April ...OR NOT?
Raquel Velasco & Bill Buck's statement about April, Mai, ArcticaS and teamwork in the Amiga market. Original post taken from Amiga.org

Eyetech replied to recent posting in the Eyetech AmigaOne group.

Amiga.org website
AmigaOne group
4.12.2002 Terra Soft Shipping MAI Teron CX Board with YDL 2.3
Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. will announce tomorrow world's first consumer priced ATX form-factor PowerPC motherboard with full Linux support. Terra Soft, also creators of Yellow Dog Linux, will be selling both the PPC motherboard and a fully equipped computer that will be capable of running YDL 2.3. This will give a new face to the consumer Linux landscape, as Linux effectivelly gets its own platform rather than getting installed side by side with other OSes. Check inside for two pages with pictures of the hardware, information and an interview with TerraSoft's co-founder, Kai Staats. Read more
OSNews.com website
4.12.2002 Morotola 68060 Holiday Sale
Vernal Elm LLC is offering a holiday sale price on Motorola 68060 50MHz processors that is good until December 31, 2002. They are only $85 each.
The CPUs are full versions (MMU/FPU), so they're the right kind for Amiga accelerators, systems, etc., and are cheap enough to pick up a spare. They also include a 30-day unconditional return guarantee.
Vernal Elm LLC
4.12.2002 AmigaOnes available & Amiga repair also
Mr. Hardware Computers is happy to announce that we are selling AmigaOne Systems and motherboards. We have packages on our site and can configure any system to your liking. You should atleast order your AmigaOne motherboard ASAP because there are a limited number of boards. We have a huge listing of new and used Amiga parts. We even repair your Amiga Classics. Based out of New York, USA we ship internationally. Amiga since 1985!
Russ Norrby, Mr. Hardware Computers
4.12.2002 FREE Virus Help Team Maillist
"When the Virus Help Denmark web was down due to the changing of Internet providers, we had to close the VHT-Denmark maillist. Now we want to bring is back to all of you (a lot of people have been asking for it). But Charlene of the Canadian Virus Help Team, has a maillist, and we dont want to a have two maillist's that writes the same things. So the Virus Help Team maillist will be up at Charlene's canadian VHT maillist.
If you join this maillist, you will recive email's about new updates of all the great Amiga antivirus programs (ect. VirusZ, VirusExecutor, Mill and xvs.library). You will also recive an email's when a new virus or trojan is found. Notices can only come from lists operators, which is Charlene of VHT-Canada or myself Jan of VHT-Denmark."
You can also see the maillist on-line at this webadress: VHT at Yahoo
You can join the maillist at the two Virus Help Team's websites: VHT Canada or VHT Denmark.
Or you can write an empty email to this email to subscribe to the maillist: vht-can-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Jan Andersen, Virus Help Denmark
4.12.2002 Bernie's Amithlon Deathbed FAQ
Bernie discuses what went on behind the scenes, the impossibility of making Amithlon open source, and he also directly responds to questions proposed at ANN. Read FAQ here
ANN website
3.12.2002 AmigaMall will provide on-line solution for customers desiring Amiga products
Amiga has announced the creation of a partnership with Extreme Computing to provide customers with a source to purchase Amiga licensed clothing and merchandise. The "AmigaMall" e-commerce site will provide both Amiga branded clothing and merchandise as well as Extreme computer systems. The AmigaMall can be accessed from the Amiga Website or via mall.amiga.com. Read more
AmigaInc website
3.12.2002 AROS Mascot Revealed
AROS has gained a mascot, and a rather sexy one I must add. See the images here.
Eric W. Schwartz has been kind enough to bring AROS' new mascot to life. So, Happy Birthday, Kitty!
AROS homepage
3.12.2002 bplan GmbH and Thendic-France SARL Announce Completion of April Chip for PegasosPPC
bplan GmbH and Thendic-France SARL, both soon to be acquired by Genesi S.à.r.l. of Luxembourg, are pleased to announce the development and final certification of the April™ chip. The April chip adds new functionality to the successful Articia chipset developed by Mai Logic Incorporated of Fremont, California. Mai Logic, an innovative technology design house of integrated circuits/systems, worked with bplan to develop the first prototype of the April chip. The April chip enables Mai and Genesi licensees to offer PPC based computer systems that can compete in toda's quickly evolving IT environment. The Pegasos will be the first platform to offer the April chip and will be commercially launched at the Amiga+Retro Computing 2002 in Aachen, Germany 7-8 December. Read more
3.12.2002 Tales of Tamar News
"After the bad news about Amithlon and AmigaAktuell, we hope to improve your mood with our news, especially with the ARC 2002 drawing closer.
In the past few weeks quite a few things have happened in Tales of Tamar.
First of all, we were finally able to negotiate the software bundle with Thendic France. Thendic will sell a Tales of Tamar SE, together with two other games from Epic software. This Special Edition of Tales of Tamar will include 75 free turns, perfect to get a glimpse at the game. It will consist of one CD-ROM, including digibooster music, the manual in PDF format and it is fully upgradeable. All future updates for the game are available to customers of this version.
At the same time, we would like to announce the second public update for all current players and testers. Read more
Ulrich Panzer, Tales of Tamar
3.12.2002 e.p.i.c. interactive at Amiga+Retrocomputing 2002
We will be guests at the stand of falke media during the Amiga + Retrocomputing show in Aachen this year. Naturally you will be able to buy all our Amiga products such as Software Tycoon, The Feeble Files or the Earth 2140 series games a.o. at very special prices directly at our stand. For the first time we will present some of our products in native MorphOS versions on the Pegasos, among these will be bussiness simulation Software Tycoon and Simon The Sorcerer 2. In addition we will also present two brand new games for MorphOS/Pegasos. The first is our carzy arcade fun shooter Birdie Shoot which we originally developed for Windows and Macintosh. Fans of real-time strategy fans will be treated to a demonstration of empire builder Knights and Merchants, which will be released shortly for the Pegasos. More information on both Knights and Merchants and Birdie Shoot can be found in the projects section of our homepage. The first 25 customers at our stand will receive a free Earth 2140 mousepad. So, make sure you visit us early.
Thomas Steiding, e.p.i.c. interactive
3.12.2002 Pegasos UK goes Live!
MorphOS News "London-UK December 3, 2002. Following earlier announcements by Genesi SARL this morning... We are very pleased to announce that www.pegasos-uk.com is Live and ready to accept orders. www.Pegasos-uk.com has been designed to work in any available browser. So don't delay, go on and have a look at your special Pegasos/Morphos site. Please feel free to contact us at info@pegasos-uk.com for more information! Kind Regards. The Pegasos UK Team"
Pegasos UK Team, www.pegasos-uk.com
3.12.2002 Spider USB 2.0 working in High-Speed mode
ELBOX COMPUTER News Elbox is pleased to inform that development of the USB EHCI High-Speed driver for the Spider USB 2.0 card for Mediator busboards has been completed. The new Spider EHCI driver provides all three USB speeds: High-Speed, Full-Speed and Low-Speed.
Up to now the EHCI controller (the main part of the Spider USB 2.0 controller) was not activated. The Spider cards worked as two independent OHCI (USB 1.1) controllers with 5 USB ports. Now you can take advantage of the EHCI (USB 2.0) and two OHCI (USB 1.1) controllers included in the Spider board. Read more
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
3.12.2002 New Quake 2 Mods available
Once again Steffen uploaded new Quake 2 Mods to the Amiga Quake 2 page.
"This time the Roughnecks Mod (if you know the Movie 'Starship Troopers' - and I assume you do :) - this will look SOMEWHAT familiar to you !!!) and the Napalm2 Mod (All Weapon Effects have been replaced by fire Effects)"
Steffen Haeuser, Hyperion Entertainment
Amiga Quake II page
3.12.2002 AmiATLAS News
At the Amiga+Retro Computing Show in Aachen/Germany a new version of AmiATLAS 6 will be released!
Although most of the left Amiga users hold back their spending power over the last months, not only with the hope of new hardware to be released, we have worked all the time on AmiATLAS 6...
At the show you can buy a new version with a complete actualised (4th quarter 2002) and enlarged data base! Now also with actual tourism informations and some other useful stuff like informations about CarIDs, for all supported european countries. This is a rise of about 200% to the last official release! Read more
Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena News
AmiATLAS homepage
3.12.2002 Software News
Thylacine News
Thylacine Install Software (USB stack) has been updated to v1.2. Download DMS or LHA archive.
Thylacine is a Zorro 2 Amiga USB 1.1 Card.

GoldED Add-On
ced-menu - alternative configuration for GoldED Studio AIX, inspired by CygnusEd.

Combo2 News
Combo2 is software to run and operate Combo2/Combo3 programmer on your Amiga. You can get it here. There is now english version too.

Thylacine homepage
GoldED homepage
Combo2 for Amiga homepage
2.12.2002 Creative Development: UltraBUS USB card
The recently founded company Creative Development will presumably show a new USB card for classic Amiga computers at the AMIGA + RETRO COMPUTING show at the booth of Vesalia. "UltraBUS" has got four USB ports, and can be used in Zorro Amigas as well as on the clockport of an Amiga 1200. In Zorro mode, a flash memory with 512k capacity can hold the complete USB stack, so USB devices are available right after a cold boot. This enables booting from USB storage devices.
Jens Schönfeld via ANN
2.12.2002 New VHT Amiga forum
Jan Andersen: "Today we have started a new service for you all, and that is the new Virus Help Team Forum. Here you can write and ask about Amiga viruses or anti-virus programs, or you can even help other Amiga users with problems, that might not be caused by virus, who knows, that is up to all of you. We will check the forum as much as we can, to help you out if you have any porblems with viruses or anti-virus programs on your Amiga."
Jan Andersen, Virus Help Denmark
2.12.2002 Mediator PCI 4000Di sales begins
ELBOX COMPUTER News The first batch of the Mediator PCI 4000Di busboards for Amiga 4000 in the standard desktop case is available from today.
To find the distributor near you or to order directly from our on-line store please go to our Where To Buy section.
If you would like to buy Mediator PCI 4000Di in AMIGA+RETRO Computing 2002, book it in Vesalia as soon as possible, as the number of boards for sale on the show is limited. A special FREE Mediator T-shirt is reserved for everyone who buys Mediator PCI 4000Di during the show.
The detailed specification of the Mediator PCI 4000Di: see the product page.
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
2.12.2002 New driver for Spider USB 2.0 Hi-Speed card
ELBOX COMPUTER News The SpiderUP 1%.11 update for the Spider USB 2.0 High-Speed card has been made available today. Changes in usb.device ver.1.11: speed improvements
The usb.device 1.11 requires the Poseidon stack ver.1.31 as a minimum. Info on the current versions is available in the DOWNLOADS | Mediator section.
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
2.12.2002 MediatorUP 3.6 & MM CD UP 1.20
ELBOX COMPUTER News The MediatorUP 3.6 update for Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 SX, Mediator PCI 1200, Mediator PCI ZIV and for the newest Mediator model--Mediator PCI 4000Di has been made available today. The update includes the new version of: Voodoo.card driver.

The MM CD 1.19 update for the users of Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 SX, Mediator PCI 1200, Mediator PCI ZIV and Mediator PCI 4000Di busboards, who are registered owners of the Mediator Multimedia CD has been released today. The update includes the new version of: Voodoo.card driver

Info on the current versions is available in DOWNLOADS | Mediator section. Read more
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
2.12.2002 Amiga Future: User-Workbench-Gallery Update
"Today we update the User-Workbech-Gallery on the Amiga Future Page."
Andreas Magerl, Amiga-Future
1.12.2002 Amithlon v2 (aka Berniethlon) - The End
Bernd Meyer: "It saddens me greatly to announce that, effective today, any of my Amiga-related software development has been mothballed indefinitely. This means that, pending any unexpected developments, there won't be any "Amithlon v2" (aka "Berniethlon"), nor any further support or add ons for "Amithlon v1" by me." Read more
Bernd Meyer, Amithlon.net
1.12.2002 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#021130).
Brad Webb, Amiga Update
1.12.2002 Software News
BibleView v1.3 released
"I've uploaded BibleView v1.3 to Aminet (text/show/BibleView.lha). The BibleView is a Bible text viewer that can be used to read, copy-and-paste and search many Bible translations. Currently supported are
* King James Version
* Vulgate
* Finnish 1938 and 1992 translations
* Swedish 1917 translation (new)
In addition to the new translation, I've done several bug fixes and and polished the GUI a bit. See the .readme file for more information. Comments & suggestions welcome."
Marko Raina
1.12.2002 VHT is finally back!
"Good news all. The VHT-DK website is ready and will be up in about 3 hours. All the pages has been updated, and are ready to be used. Nice to be back and do some antivirus work. Plaese all send me any new viruses or trojan that you might fall over. Thanks for your great support in the last few month !!!
And another great thing has happend to VHT. After almost 15 years of fighting and hunting virus the Virus Help Team has finally been nominated for our work at the "Amiga Award 2002 Extra - Nominees". Please all go and vote for VHT, it would be nice if VHT could get this award. The link is: http://www.amiga-award.org. Thanks all..."
Jan Andersen, Virus Help Denmark