31.12.2001 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#011230).

Amiga Update website
31.12.2001 Amiga.org News
Amiga.org has been updated with site progress report.
"Now we are stepping back and will rewrite the entire site from scratch. Bad timing, and the community suffers, but blame the morons responsible."

Amiga.org website
31.12.2001 Prices: Instantly Euro only
From now on all our prices are in the new European currency EURO. The new currency also caused a slight reduction of all prices. For that we just opened our new online shop that also got some more features. Please have a look yourselves: H&P-Euro-Shop

Haage&partner website
31.12.2001 dynAMIte V1.9 available - True official #amigazeux press release
"We know that it has been months since you have heard anything official from anyone outside #amigazeux. This is not because of lack of ability; in fact, lack of initiative. [..] The Amiga Bomberman-clone dynAMIte 1.9 for AmigaOS3.x is now ready and shipping :-)!" Read more

dynAMIte homepage
30.12.2001 Quake Movie on the Amiga
"Quake redone Quick" has been released as a seperate Amiga version yesterday. This is a slick movie build upon the Quake-engine, and which shows an amazing run through the game on the highest skill-setting, additionally refilmed and polished with gags and some music.
You will requrie a registered version of Quake and 40/64 Mb harddisk-space to watch it. For more info visit http://www.planetquake.com/illmind/. Aminet-mirror will be available within a few days.

Ingmar Poerner
30.12.2001 First results according compatibility of the HIGHWAY USB
First results according the compatibility of the HIGHWAY USB card with busboards, CPU cards and other Zorro expansion cards are now available.
Check results

SUBWAY and HIGHWAY website
29.12.2001 Aminet CD 46
Aminet CD 46, dated December 2001, contains almost 600 Megabyte of (uncompressed) software in over 600 archives. Since the release of Aminet 45 numerous new software has appeared. The current edition includes the full game - Virtual Karting 2. Read more

Schatztruhe GTI website
29.12.2001 Microcode Solutions announces PowerPC emulation release date!
Microcode Solutions is pleased to announce that they will be demonstrating their new PowerPC based Macintosh emulation at the Tokyo Macworld show in March.

Microcode Solutions website
29.12.2001 Interviews
Exclusive Interview of Matthew Kille, the author of the best AmigaDE game: Planet Zed. (English / French)

Daniel Miller translated the interview, that amiga-topcool made with Petro Tyschtschenko.

The most interesting part of the interview:
amiga-topcool: Now that a certain amount of time has passed, how would you evaluate your time with Amiga Inc.?
Petro: To speak honestly, it was my most awful experience. Of course we must differentiate between the years of Gateway and those of Bill McEwen. The time with Gateway was very positive for me. The developments later, that Jim Collas was unable to avoid, those were a turn for the worse. And then the time with Bill McEwen began... Here in Germany I was kept completely out of the loop. I had to hunt down information on the Internet, which of course was very aggravating. I always had this nagging feeling that they wanted to be rid of me, that they were jealous and envious that the community stood with me.

Boing Attitude website
Daniel Orth, amiga-topcool

29.12.2001 clickBOOM's S-FILE 15
Happy Holidays everyone! On behalf of clickBOOM I wish you a happy 2002.

Just to remind you all that our "play and don't pay" offer ends on Jan. 1. So, if you wish to get your hands on some of the killer clickBOOM games, don't wait!

Defender of the Crown is basically finished. It is currently being tested against bugs. In the last few weeks we added a whole new type of game play to it - missions. Basically, if you accept, and fulfill a mission, you get a reward during the game. Missions range from defeating a certain lord, to rescuing damsels, etc. Rewards can be additional gold, soldiers, and more. It plays very nice and adds a whole new dimension to the tried and tested original Defender game play.

clickBOOM website

29.12.2001 AIO Issue 54 is out
Issue 54 of AIO is now out, including exclusive interview with Zeneo! Catch it soon from Aminet or the site www.aioworld.com.

AIO website
29.12.2001 Bubble Heroes and Payback For The Amiga DE
Virtual Programming, which recently took over Blittersoft has revealed that Bubble Heroes and Payback will be coming to the Amiga DE.
Bubble Heroes, developed by Italian developers, Arcadia Developments is a puzzle/ adventure game in the same style as the popular Puzzle Bobble or Bust A Move serie.
Payback, a Grand Theft Auto style game has already proven to be one of the most successful and talked about Amiga games in years. The author James Daniels further improved Payback by adding PPC and Warp3D support.
Both games are sure to receive much attention when they are released for the Amiga DE. It is perhaps of interest to note that Payback is going to be ported for Macintosh and Intent gamers, while an Intent version of Bubble Heroes is currently being worked on. http://www.amigaflame.demon.co.uk/amivirp.htm

Amiga Flame website
28.12.2001 Freespace shipped
Hans-Joerg Frieden: "Freespace is finished, and as far as I know the first copies have been delivered to the customers."

Hans-Joerg Frieden, Hyperion Software
Haage&partner website
28.12.2001 Quantum Leap: Pictures from a visit at Amiga Inc.
Luca Diana from the Italian online magazine ´Quantum Leap´ has visited Bill McEwen last month in the bureaus of Amiga Inc. in Snoqualmie and put some pictures of his journey online. He came back with the impression that Amiga has chosen the right path. Pictures with English and Italian subtitles

Amiga-news.de website
Quantum Leap website
28.12.2001 OS4 support for G-Rex comming
David Scheibler posted on the G-Rex ML that Hans-Jörg Frieden, Senior Software Engineer - Software Developer for Hyperion Entertainment (VOF) told him:
"Hans-Joerg Frieden told me that GRex will be supported by OS4."

CyberGraphX homepage
28.12.2001 Amiga Information Center: 2nd birthday
The most famous russian language news site for amigans - Amiga Information Center is 2 years old now. Congratulation!

Vlad Vinogradov
28.12.2001 Amiga Arena - PuzzleBOBS News
An update of the PuzzleBOBS demoversion is available! Contains new features and fixes! A FAQ is available too!
PuzzleBOBS is developed by Nexus Development

Amiga Arena website
28.12.2001 xsurfadsl.device: Snowflake-Bugfix
A new update of the PPPoE-driver for our networking card X-Surf can be found in the support-area of this website. The last bug in the core routines has been removed, so a connection to the internet is stable at full transfer rates for several hours. Since this version has only been tested shortly, it remains in beta state. The archive contains an English readme file for the first time.
The driver is free for owners of the X-Surf ethernet card. It lets you connect to DSL and cable modem services that use the PPPoE-standard without the need to buy expensive additional software. In Germany DSL is marketed as T-DSL by the deutsche Telekom, but smaller providers like 1&1, Hansenet and some local services also offer this broadband technology. Read more

individual Computers website
28.12.2001 Software Hut NewsLetter
This is our last NewsLetter of the year offering some new "In-Stock" products. We would also like to wish everyone a Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year! Read more

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28.12.2001 Computer club: APC&TCP dissolved
On 23rd December 2001 APC&TCP announced officially that the computer club AP C&TCP was dissolved. The APC&TCP distribution continues to exist.

Amiga-news.de website
APC&TCP website
28.12.2001 Software News
David 'zapek' Gerber updated zvnc v1.1 with the following: fixed port and cx_priority arguments not being honoured and also updated the documentation with some more faq entries.
zvnc is freeware VNC client for AmigaOS 3.x/2.x and MorphOS which, unlike the others, has no display support. Its purpose is to be able to control another computer which has a real monitor and the main advantage is that the network data transfered is minimal. The mouse/keyboard control is really smooth.

Michael Siegel released new BurnIT master drivers for CDR writers. The following models are supported: Yamaha2100, Plextor1210S, Ricoh7200A+S, Traxdata2410, Yahama8824S.

V3Portal website
>Titan Computer website

27.12.2001 New TaskiSMS
New (2.59) version of TaskiSMS has been released. News in this release:
updated DiAx plugin
updated ICQ plugin
updated Idea plugin
updated EraGSM plugin
updated PlusGSM plugin
added 12sms plugin
added VLF plugin
Using this program you can send SMSes to cellular phones to over 160 countries around the world. You can download demo version from TaskiSMS home page or from AmiNet.

Pawel Filipczak, TaskiSMS
27.12.2001 Amiga Arena News
There a two new Interviews in English online!
First you can read a Interview with "Darius Brewka" the developer of the great Startmenu "AmiStart".
Second you can read a interview with "Steffen Nitz" the developer of "CLMV" a Database and the German Simulation "Bürgermeister". The Software from "Steffen Nitz" is for free and full registered available in the Amiga Arena!

Amiga Arena website
27.12.2001 Games & Software News
Hans-Joerg Frieden send another screenshot of the Quake 2 port in action to AE. Enjoy!

A new update of Safe v17.6 has been released today. You can get the update Here. readme

Version 4.0.1 of MySqld archive for 040.
Note that changes made for amiga are now commited in the official source archive. Some modifications to configure and makefiles are still missing in the official archive, so if you need to compile MySql, contact me at sixk@ifrance.com. For those who wants to use special character set, just have a look at the startmysqld script and mysql:language/charsets/ directory.
For more informations about changes in this version, look at the official MySql Site.

AmigaExtreme website
Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
Da SixK Port Page

26.12.2001 Status of Quake 2 Port
Steffen Haeuser: "Asides from missing sound and missing software renderer the port is complete already. And Hans-Joerg is currently working on Sound and Software-Renderer a bit (also in his freetime, so not sure when it will be done). Myselves I even did a 68k version additionally to the PPC version."

Amigart website
26.12.2001 Interviews
The Amiga Future Team release a german an english Interview with Eric Schwarz. You can read the interview on www.amigafuture.de.

Here you can read short but quite interetsing interview with Petro Tyschtschenko (German only).

Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future amiga-topcool website

26.12.2001 AmiGathering 4: The Flickering Party
For the fourth time since 1997, the most prominent Amiga user meeting in Greece will take place, this time in Thessaloniki (Perseos 2 str, Ano Poli), on January 4, 5 and 6 2002.
Attendance is free and everybody is encouraged to bring his computer along (anyone wishing to do so should contact kaliviotis@mac.com to reserve desk space). Attendees have the chance to win keyboard and mouse adaptors in the Shogo, Heretic 2 and Sensible Soccer tournaments.
Presentations include the G-Rex, MorphOS, Mediator and Hyperion's latest game, Freespace: The great war.
Crash courses include Amiga to PC/Amiga networking (Samba, VNC, Envoy). Anyone wishing to sell his used hardware of software is welcome to do so For hotel reservations please visit . For more information please email kaliviotis@mac.com.

Alkis Tsapanidis
25.12.2001 Merry Christmas...
"The team of Haage&Partner wishes all AMIGA fans a Merry Christmas and a ... Happy New Year!"

Haage&Partner website
25.12.2001 AmigaPassion Competitium
"Marry Christmas and Happy New Year from AmigaPage. I want remember you that AmigaPassion Competition is going to the end with the last day of this month. If you want to partecipate simply, send a grab of your workbench desktop to kanuka@ciaoweb.it."

Marco Lovera, AmigaPage
25.12.2001 CAPS special christmas gift to the Amiga and Emulation communities
Abandoned Places 2 - The "remastered" edition - a CAPS Christmas gift to the Amiga and Emulation communities. This is a special recompiled version of the game from the original author. In other words, he has now made it availiable for free download! - He also happens to be the founder member of CAPS... Get it from here: http://www.caps-project.org.

Kieron Wilkinson, CAPS
25.12.2001 Software News
tuxPuck v0.51 - Clone of Shuffle Puck Cafe, using SDL. FPS have been added. (around 20fps on a 040/33Mhz in fullscreen)

Da SixK Port Page
Czech Amiga News Team Wish You
Merry Christmas !
24.12.2001 XMas Greetings
KDH Team: "We wish all our customers a happy and peaceful christmas 2001."

The team from CyberdyneSystems wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone from us here at AE. Hopefully the new year will be full of cool things like; AmigaOnes, Doom 3s, AmigaOS4, AmigaDE ... Well, you catch my friggin' drift. Looking back at last year (amiga-wise) I can easily say 'it could've been better', but what the heck, we're not in it for the money, right? Anyways: MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

"Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all the Darkage Software team! See you next year with the release of two exciting products for Amiga, Mac, Linux and Pc!"

KDH - Datentechnik website
Cyberdyne Systems website
AmigaExtreme website
Darkage Software website

24.12.2001 Latest Executive Update from Bill McEwen & the Amiga Team
Bill McEwen gives holiday wishes, an Amiga progress report, videos of AmigaDE running on various devices and, a surprise in his latest of his soon-to-be monthly Executive Updates. Read the Executive Update here.

AmigaInc. website
24.12.2001 Back to the Roots Amiga-News 235
This time we are happy to announce the biggest update in the history of Back to the Roots!
After upgrading our system a bit we can offer you some additional services, this update's highlights are an Aminet full mirror and an anonymous FTP server.
Due to extending our team we are able to present you more than 500 (!!!) new games in our download archive. We can't list all titles here, but please visit BTTR if you'd like to play games like Airbus A-320, Armour Geddon, Blue Max, Chambers of Shaolin, Karate Kid II, Lethal Xcess, Ports of Call, Skweek, Pinball Dreams, Car-Vup, Subwar 2050 and hundreds of other software pearls.
As usual for each update you can download lots of new AGA, ECS and PC demos as well as tons of new music files and pictures (this time cover scans!). There are more surprises, so just come by and see!

Back to the Roots website
24.12.2001 Merry Christmas from Kicksoft ltd
Kicksoft ltd would like to thank all those who have given us support this year and a special thank you to all of our customers.
And to celibrate we are running a free to enter prize draw for 2 bottles of Chapagne on our web site.
Goto www.kicksoft.co.uk for details.

ray mccarthy, Kicksoft
24.12.2001 Third issue of polish e-zine "Amiga Minus"
The third issue of polish e-zine "Amiga Minus" has been released at 24th November 2001. Magazine is avaiable at http://www.amigaminus.prv.pl. Issue contents: report about Amiga viruses and AV software, description of Exodus, Payback and Chimera (music album by Amiga musician), report of Amiga Meeting 2001 and Symphony Festival scene party, interview with Bernd Meyer - author of Amithlon, poll results: what polish users think about new Amiga and PCI cards and slots, review of AminetCD and PurePasic, some competitions for readers with prizes like Amiga games, books and CDs.

Slawomir Wilk, Amiga Minus
24.12.2001 Innvative: Merry christmas and happy new year!
"We wish all AMIGAns, customers, friends and business partners a merry christmas and a happy new year!
Looking back we must admit that 2001 was a year with not much visible action from our side. However, behind the scenes we were quite busy and are already looking forward to next year when we have the great pleasure to present you the results of our hard work!
Though we have to ask you for some more patience you may already look forward to an exciting year full of innovations and great news!
If you don't want to miss the news, don't forget to subscribe our newsletter (at the top of our newspage). Also don't miss our fxPAINT special christmas offer (you save approx. 26 US$!!) that ends in 7 days (until 31.12.01!).

Innovative website
24.12.2001 ScummVM
MorphOS News Ruediger Hanke: "First of all a Merry Christmas to everyone here :-)
[..] However, it's Christmas so I've got a little SDL port which I discovered some days ago and which really made my day and probably yours too if you're an old school adventurer and are sick of the 3D boom or scowl at the it's-a-joke-but-at-least-we've-got-rendered-graphics type of game.
So ... if you feel like that you may check it out at: http://www.muenster.de/~tomjoad/svm.html."

ScummVM is an interpreter for the great old LucasArts SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) adventures. Games currently reported to work include the Amiga classics The Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island II: LeChuck's Revenge and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, plus Day of the Tentacle and (very incomplete - just for a first look) Sam & Max Hit the Road.

Ruediger Hanke via MorphOS ML

24.12.2001 ExoticA & UnExoticA News
All entries are in for the Intro Logo Competition and are being judged. The results will not be available until after xmas.
Many updates have occured in the last month, although I did not had time to update this news. Sorry.
Updated ExoticA's mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection. This brings it to version 4.4. The collection now contains 17,730 C64 tunes. ExoticA offers the music individually via a simple to use HTML Interface or you can download them all in one large GZIP'd TAR Archive - HVSC.tar.gz.

UnExoticA has had 12 updates in the last month, which brings the archive to 4575 files packed into 915 archives. That's 267 megs of great music!
Update to the Demo Scene Reference Manual. Current version is now 4.11.
Also updated the Compilation Disk Reference Manual to version 1.18.

I wish you all a Merry Xmas, and a Happy New Year! :)

ExoticA website

24.12.2001 SimpleMail News
"Merry x-mas dear users! It's exactly one year since the release of the first alpha version of SimpleMail and we made a big step in that time. We would like to thank you for your support during the time and we are releasing the first beta version of SimpleMail (V0.14)! The changes are:
ARexx: added lots of commands.
Signatures can now be stripped when replying.
Folder names are now rendered in bold when containing new mail.
Improved the wordwrap while quoting.
Option to not quote empty lines.
Your address is filtered out when replying a multiple recipient email.
Modified the STARTTLS code following the suggestions from Jörg Strohmayer.
Every folder can now have a default recipient address.
Can now import address books from YAM.
Implemented CC support in the Compose Message window.

Hynek Schlawack, SimpleMail
24.12.2001 Software News
Release 2.2a of AmigaNCP, the Amiga/Psion link package, is now available from all the download sites. Changes include additional Amiga to Psion clipboard exchange via hotkey, and fixes for setting of remote file dates and attributes in S5/EPOC32 mode. The 2.2a minor update replaces the broken .lzx archive of the 2.2 release, and fixes a tooltype setting bug in the prefs GUI application.

A new BETA version of CManager (1.11) is available for download. The major new feature is support of .VCF files.

PerfectPaint V2.8 - great FREEWARE ! proggie for painting, animation and manipulating pictures from 1bit to 24bits. changes, docs

mpega_libmad r2 - second release of the mpega.library clone for WarpOS with faster speed, better quality and smaller code size. This version might also fix some rare lockups.

Lame version 3.90 binaries non-beta! - Lame MP3 encoder (68K/PPC PUP). There's now a NoFPU binary for those unfortunate enough not to have one (note, this is *really* slow, LAME uses alot of floating-point calculations, which then has to be emulated)... history, docs

LamePPC - Lame MP3 encoder version 3.90 for WarpOS. sources

VaporWare website
PerfectPaint's page
Amiga Alternative Audio Page
Amiga projects by Jarmo Laakkonen

23.12.2001 XMas Greetings
Olaf Köbnik: "Merry Chistmas and all the best for 2002! Thanks for all!"

CAD Technologies would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!.

Simone 'wiz' Tellini: "Well, as a Christmas present, a new CManager is on its way toward the release."

Amiga Arena website
CAD-Technologies website

23.12.2001 QUAKE2 Amiga Port News
Thomas Frieden from Hyperion Software has published first screenshot (MiniGL Version) of Quake 2 for PPC Amiga.

Amigart website
23.12.2001 MRE Christmas Edition
The first parts of MRE are ready - just in time for a christmas surprise!
StartMenu (former Choowin), ProcessManager (new process managing tool to replace status and break) and SystemSettings (former MainPrefs) can be downloaded, installed and used, all together or each as single program. Some parts are still missing: Locale archives (that will be available as single archives rather than putting it into the program archive) and guides. All available on www.martin-elsner.de or in Aminet.

Merry christmas and a happy new year to the whole Amiga community round the world!

Martin R. Elsner, www.martin-elsner.de

23.12.2001 DSPSpeed
"The DSPSpeed page is now on-line with benchmark results and the software itself, available for free downloading and verifications.
DSPSpeed, official benchmarking tool for ProStationAudio, provides accurate speed measurements on any platform capable of running AmigaOS and 68k code."

dr. Maurizio Ciccione, AudioLabs
23.12.2001 Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena - Merry Christmas and Fullversion!
"The Amiga Arena wishes all Amiga Users a merry Christmas and would like to say "Thank you" to all Supporters! As a little Christmas present the Amiga Arena brings you with the permission from "Applaud Software" the nice Puzzle Game "Blockhead I". In the Future you will find more Games from "Applaud Software" in the "Amiga Arena"!
The Fire still burns! - regards Olaf K."

Amiga Arena website
23.12.2001 Software News
NetInfo v2.11 fixes the "multiple ping reply" bug introduced in 2.10, and can now deal better with the V3 RIPE database replies.
NetInfo is GUI Traceroute/PING/Network Info Viewer.

VaporWare website
22.12.2001 QUAKE2 Source Code Released Under GPL
"The Quake 2 source code is now available for download, licensed under the GPL.
You should read the entire license, but the gist of it is that you can do anything you want with the code, including sell your new version. The catch is that if you distribute new binary versions, you are required to make the entire source code available for free to everyone.
The primary intent of this release is for entertainment and educational purposes, but the GPL does allow commercial exploitation if you obey the full license. [..]
All of the Q2 data files remain copyrighted and licensed under the original terms, so you cannot redistribute data from the original game, but if you do a true total conversion, you can create a standalone game based on this code.
As with previous source code releases, the game data remains under the original copyright and license, and cannot be freely distributed. If you create a true total conversion, you can give (or sell) a complete package away, as long as you abide by the GPL source code license. If your projects use the original Quake 2 media, the media must come from a normal, purchased copy of the game.

And what about Amiga port? Steffen Haeuser of Hyperion is already working on it in his freetime: "My Quake 2 Port is now this far that I have to actually install the datafiles and test (do not ask too soon to be betatesters, guys, it is possible that it will just crash or display datafiles once I installed the datafiles - in case I did something wrong... if not than this would be the fastest game-port I ever did... one day of work until now :) ). Status is that all features except Sound, CD Audio and Texturecache and Software Renderer are present."

ANN website

22.12.2001 SoftCinema 0.16 beta 1 released
SoftCinema 0.16b1 was released today, you can download it from http://softcinema.amiga.pl or http://highantdev.de/softcinema/. Changes in this release:
- Fixed AGA display for YUV221111 based codecs.
- Fixed display scaling on CGFX for YUV221111 based codecs.
- Added support for MP3 hardware decoders, added MP3HW CLI/tooltype argument.
- Added PUBSCREEN CLI/tooltype argument.
- Fixed 8-bit window display for YUV221111 based codecs.
- DITHER is now default direct color emulation mode for 8-bit display.
- VIDEOCHANNEL and AUDIOCHANNEL CLI/tooltype arguments.
- Some speed improvements in DivX;-) codec.
- Added DEPTH24 CLI/tooltype argument for 24-bit output on fullscreen.
- Few bugfixes in QT parser.
- Fixed crash on last frame on animation.
- Fixed some problems in RainbowRunner codec.

All new parameters/options are described in newoptions.txt file included in softcinema archives.

SoftCinema homepage
22.12.2001 AmigaOS 4 News
Ben Hermans: "One of the features of OS 4 is "WarpInput" (working title) which is an analog to DirectInput allowing a programmer to use the same API to address different kinds of input devices: analog and digital joysticks, keyboard and mouse, PSX port, gamepads, trackballs etc."

Steffen Haeuser: "[..] lowlevel.library is - limited. It for example lacks in the API concerning Analogue devices (such a thing is just not possible with it). There will be a new API in OS 4 though, which is as powerful as InputSprockets (Macintosh) or Direct Input (Windows). This new API is called WarpInput. WarpInput will support *everything* which makes sense to support, on the other hand, including USB."

Ben Hermans and Steffen Haeuser via ANN

22.12.2001 The Cryptmas issue (21) is now out
It's Cryptmas Time! And do we have a present for you! We have a WORLD EXCLUSIVE!
Vision Design is making a NEW Classic Amiga! All the pics and interview with Xan from Vision Design. Have a look and make up your own minds.
With this issue, Santa has really brought out his bulging sack! There are 5 disks worth of articles/pics and our HTML version for all to enjoy. Read more

Steve Evans, The Crypt Amiga magazine
22.12.2001 Software News
MakeCD 3.2d beta 9 is publicly available. MakeCD is the best CD writer software for the Amiga! The archive only contains new binaries. You still need V3.2c for a full installation. See history and features for details.

New betaversion (V.45.00 beta 6) of stormamiga.lib V.45.00 for StormC. Some functions were new written, some new functions were added and all known bugs were fixed.

PhotoFolio 2.2 Documentation in HTML format is now available at the Updates page.

Andreas Kleinert: "Unfortunately something went wrong when uploading the SViewIV PPC modules V25.4 to Aminet - only a textfile went there. Until the upload-delay of 10 days is over, I'll provide the archive for download on my website."

Amiga MakeCD Support Page
Cyberdyne Systems website
SteepleSoftware website
Andreas Kleinert, PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX

22.12.2001 XMas Greetings
Matay would like to wish all our customers very merry and wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. Please stay with us and Amiga. All the best to you!

e.p.i.c. interactive wishes everybody a merry x-mas and all the best for 2002!

Stefan Kost: "I wish a succesful new year 2002 to us and the AMIGA."

Matay website
e.p.i.c. interactive website
SonicPulse website

22.12.2001 AmigaNCP 2.2 released
Release 2.2 of AmigaNCP, the Amiga/Psion link package, is now available from all the download sites. Changes include for additional Amiga to Psion clipboard exchange via hotkey, and fixes for setting of remote file dates and attributes in S5/EPOC32 mode.

VaporWare website
21.12.2001 SDK Updates & New AmigaDE Windows Player
New SDK Updates have been posted in the SDK Updates section of the site. Also, SDK Updates and all other web-only downloads are now resumable. To take advantage of this feature, you must have a browser or download manager that supports HTTP Resume (Getright, GoZilla!, Caitoo, etc).

A new version of the AmigaDE Player for Windows has been released. Version 1.1 is now available for download from the AmigaDE Shop at http://de.amiga.com. Log in to your account and select the Downloads link. Just download the AmigaDE Player for Windows as you have done before.
Installation overview: After you have downloaded the AmigaDE Player Installer, run it once to remove the old AmigaDE Player. Then, run the installer again to install the new player. Additional help can be found by clicking on the Help button on the AmigaDE Shop website.

Amiga Development Network
AmigaDE Shop website

21.12.2001 Virus Help Denmark Amiga News
The vote for the antivirus programmer that has done the most for the Amiga scene, has only 10 days more to go, here is the current vote statistics:
Jan Erik Olausen & Georg Hoermann - xvs.library : 254 votes
Jan Erik Olausen - VirusExecutor............... : 213 votes
Zbigniew Trzcionkowski - Safe.................. : 46 votes
Alex van Niel - VirusChecker II................ : 19 votes
Dirk Stoecker - VirusZ III..................... : 11 votes
Heiner Schneegold - VT-Schutz.................. : 8 votes
Total votes: 551. You can still place your Vote Here.

New virus translations added to the Amiga Virus Encyclopedia.

Virus Help Denmark Amiga website

21.12.2001 GetBoinged has new Amiga news section!
GetBoinged! has created a small news section called "Weekly Amiga News Round-Up!" where selected news items will appear. This section will feature up to ten news items for each week. So if you only have time to check the news once a week, you only have to go one place.
To check it out point your browser here. A link off the home page will take you to the new section.

Paul J. Beel
GetBoinged website
21.12.2001 MediatorUP 2.7
The MediatorUP 2.7 update for Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV users has been made available today. The update includes the new versions of the following drivers:
- pci.library ver.5.0
- MediatorNET.device ver.2.4 (Ethernet 10Mbps PCI cards)
- Voodoo.card ver.2.10 (Voodoo Banshee, Voodoo3/4/5 PCI graphic cards)
- Virge.card ver.1.4 (S3 ViRGE, S3 ViRGE DX PCI graphic cards)
All the above drivers have been redesigned so as to automatically detect the busboard type and to provide the appropriate support.

21.12.2001 Mediator Multimedia CD UP 1.10
The MM CD 1.10 update for Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV users, who are registered owners of the Mediator Multimedia CD has been released by ELBOX Computer. The update includes the new versions of the following drivers:
- sb128.audio ver.4.5 (SoundBlaster PCI128 sound cards)
- Voodoo.card ver.4.11 (Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 PCI graphic cards)
- mixer.library ver.1.3 (SB128, FM801, SB Live!, SB Audigy sound cards)
- tv.library ver.1.5 (TV tuner cards)
- FastEthernet.device ver.1.4 (10/100Mbps FastEthernet cards)
All the above drivers have been redesigned so as to automatically detect the busboard type and to provide the appropriate support.

21.12.2001 It Came from the Desert and It Came from the Desert II: Antheads Disk Images Available!
Cinemaware proudly presents the pulp sci-fi classics It Came from the Desert and its Europe-only sequel Antheads: It Came from the Desert II.

The sleepy California town of Lizard Breath is in for a giant surprise. At this very moment, swarms of enormous radiation-crazed insects are descending upon the tranquil burg. Battle giant, mutant insects in Cinemaware’s salute to 50's monster movies, It Came from the Desert. The game is available in Amiga and PC formats. Plus, as a special bonus, we have the never-before-seen Sega Genesis version.

The sequel, only released in Europe, returns to Lizard Breath five years after the events of the first game. The town has tried to forget the horror, but some problems won't go away. Is the nightmare beginning again? Find out in Antheads: It Came from the Desert II. Antheads was only available on the Commodore Amiga.

The games will only be available to a limited time so head to the vault to download It Came from the Desert and Antheads!

Cinemaware website

21.12.2001 comp.sys.amiga.morphos passes 178:31
"Beside the obvious reasons why and why not this group should be created, or if it would have been better to have comp.sys.morphos.* or any other of the possible alternatives, I think it's interesting to see who voted 'Yes' or 'No': Alan Buxey, Andreas Kleinert, Daithi O'Cuinn, Randy Vice, David Scheibler, Kermit Woodall, Ralph Schmidt, Paul Burkey and many others voted 'Yes', Bill Hoggett, Conor Kerr, Dave Haynie, Wayne Hunt and considerably less others voted 'No'.
[Note: These were completely deliberate and sometimes random choices, copied over because their name rang a bell, not necessarily because of some ulterior motive that I might or might not see behind their vote]" Read more

ANN website
21.12.2001 AROS News
Merry christmas to you all!

Georg Steger has made some fixes to the graphics.library.
Stefan Berger is working on a port for Palm Pilots. So soon we'll be able to take AROS with us.
Adam Chodorowski did further bugfixing on Python, and has also done an impressive job at updating copyright notices.
Fabio Alemagna is thinking hard about a new OOP framework.
Johan Grip is working on a PCI driver system.

AROS homepage

21.12.2001 Amiga RC5 Team Effort News
"As of today member list updates are on hold until the 6th of January due to vacation (you can submit forms of course, they will be processed later). The mailinglist will be down as well due to a dying fan in the list machine that might cause problems if left unsupervised.

Have a nice xmas and a cracking new year everyone!

Amiga RC5 Team Effort website

21.12.2001 Software & Games News
ahi.device 5.20, AHI prefs 5.3 and AddAudioModes 5.2 for m68k, ppc and ix86 are now available here.

tuxPuck v0.41 - Clone of Shuffle Puck Cafe, using SDL. Score has been added.

StreamRA updated! The new RAPlay (v3.0) doesn't really work with AUDIO: anymore, so the StreamRA script had to be updated to use the new (and better) RAPlay arguments... also it now makes sure to supply sufficient stack for RAPlay.

Martin Blom
Da SixK Port Page
Amiga Alternative Audio Page

20.12.2001 Payback Update 6 And Updated Maps Available
"A small but annoying bug has been found in the version of the Map Editor that was included in Update 6. A fixed version has been added as a seperate download to the Payback Updates Page."

Apex Designs website
20.12.2001 individual Computers: Our .COM domains are moving!
"The domains jschoenfeld.com and siliconsonic.com are moving to a new registrar, and to a new provider. Should you encounter any problems using one of those domains during the next 48 hours, please try jschoenfeld.de and siliconsonic.de!"

individual Computers website
20.12.2001 Video of fair 'Amiga 2001' ready
Virtual Dimension has completed its fair report about the Amiga 2001. The crucial points of the video are AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. Ben Hermans of Hyperion and Gerald Carda of bplan report about the status and visitors of the fair are also asked.
Besides this the video which lasts 25 minutes reports about the newest hard- and software and short report about the Atari-park has also been added.
Additionaly this up to now most extensive fair report will be available in English. Download:
amiga2001s.mpg (160x120 pixel, 25:07 min., 39 MB)
amiga2001.mpg (352x288 pixel, 25:07 min., 139 MB)

Amiga-news.de website
20.12.2001 Games News
tuxPuck v0.36 - Clone of Shuffle Puck Cafe, using SDL.
glTron - Tron clone with openGl support, using SDL.
cdvst - cdvst, small shoot-em up like Galaga, using SDL.
gnUFO - gnUFO, small shoot-em up like Galaga, using SDL.

Da SixK Port Page
Amiga SDL Home Page
19.12.2001 Payback Update 6 And Updated Maps Available
"Payback Update 6 is now available here and an updated version of the demo is available here. There are also two updated maps available on the Extra Maps Page. The visual appearance of certain parts of the site has also been improved - please feel free to let me know what you think."

Apex Designs website
19.12.2001 Mediator PCI 4000 and more
This message must be a good news for all the owners of A4000: As of tomorrow Mediator PCI 4000 is being shipped to our distributors. Read more about Mediator PCI 4000.
And another news for all those who use A4000D and have no E/BOX 4000 Tower with the Elbox Zorro III/PCI busboard: Along with Mediator PCI 4000, you can now acquire the Elbox Zorro III/PCI busboard. And a great news for owners of A3000D: In January we commence production of Zorro III/PCI busboards for Amiga 3000D. These busboards may also be obtained together with Mediator PCI 4000 cards. More information soon to be read in our website.
Now we start producing Mediator PCI ZIII, the card dedicated for A3/4000 computers where replacement of the daughterboard is impossible. This Mediator model will be on sale in January. Read more about Mediator PCI ZIII.
All those faithful Amiga fans who have been long waiting to be able to have new models of Mediator: Please accept our apologies for the delay. Be ensured that the waiting was really worth the final product. Mediator PCI 4000 is technically the best PCI solution for A3/4000 computers, and it has the most comprehensive PCI driver pack available in the Amiga market. The delay in starting the sales of Mediator PCI 4000 resulted from a long-term period of collecting an appropriate number of orders to justify the large-scale production. Mass production has the advantage for the prospective busboard owners that we can offer a very attractive price level, run professional support and to dynamically develop more superb quality software. Expanding the Mediator PCI busboard series for all the main Amiga models enables us to start producing the SharkPPC G3/G4 (SharkPPC+) processor cards, which will be a hardware item common for all the main Amiga models. More information soon to be read in our website. Amiga + Mediator provided with a specific SharkPPC card will give you the chance to make your dreams come true -- Amiga will again be a common word for a modern, fast computer.
We are working on VHI drivers. They will be soon available."

CyberGraphX homepage
Darek Dulian, Elbox website
19.12.2001 Digibooster Professional Community IRC-Meeting
The Digibooster Professional Community invites you to an IRC meeting. On Thursday the 20.12.01 at 8 o'clock PM is an IRC-Channel under these options availble:
Server: ie.altnet.org
Channel: #digiboosterpro
Port: 6667
In this Channel we are talking about all around the Digibooster Professional. We would be very happy if you joining us.

Dennis Lohr via ANN
19.12.2001 Retro Replay: Reservations cancelled
In the past few days, our stock of Retro Replay cartridges for the classic computer Commodore 64 dropped strongly.
Starting today, only one reservation per person will be taken. It will automatically be cancelled after one week. Only five cartridges per reseller are shipped to prevent an artificial monopoly. Read more

individual Computers website
19.12.2001 Software News
mpega_libmad - WarpOS version of the mpega.library clone.

RAPlay v3.0 - play / decode RealAudio v1/2/3 files. readme
News for v3.0:
RealAudio v3.0 support!
Support for RealMedia files. (codec v1/2/3 streams only)
Added AIFF argument-switch.
Added VERBOSE argument-switch.
Major cleanup and code improvements.

Amiga projects by Jarmo Laakkonen
Amiga Alternative Audio Page

19.12.2001 MorphOS Software News
MorphOS News Gabriele Greco: "If someone is intrested I've upload some morphos related files to Aminet sunday and they are finally available:
gammapatrolmos - A nice vertical scroll shooter that runs in true color 640x480 with parallax scrolling, really nice gfx. Very playable here on MorphOS, it was almost implayable on 060...

ZipMOS - Port of ZIP/UNZIP, with crypt support, about 1.5 faster than the powerup version.

LhA-mos - Port of the unix lha. VERY fast, use the unix syntax instead of the Boberg's lha one.

SDL-Amiga v1.2.3 of SDL, also available in .zip format at http://www.libsdl.org.

Olivier Fabre: "Well, if someone is interested, my screen blanker "Matrix" is available for MorphOS at http://off.free.fr/matrix/. Get the 1.6 archive, then update it with the 1.7 exe. Docs are missing."

Gabriele Greco
Olivier Fabre

18.12.2001 Interview with programmer of Exodus
Today, the Amiga Future released a german and english interview with Andrzej Bugajny - programmer of strategy game Exodus.

Andreas Magerl, Amiga-Future
18.12.2001 Games & Software News
Mures - a ChuChu Rocket like with openGl, using SDL. Network support untested.

Descent FreeSpace: The Great War demo containing all the updates is finally on Aminet. The demo gives you 4 playable game-levels to get a glimpse of the full-game. Both 68k and PPC versions are included in the demo version.

AmigAIM 0.9438 Beta - an AIM Client for the Amiga by Richard H. Poser II. history

Da SixK Port Page
Official AmigAIM Page

17.12.2001 XAD Unpacks ZIP Archives For VirusZ/VirusChecker To Test
"For quite some time, VirusChecker and VirusZ have been unable to unpack and virustest any ZIP archives. I have now managed to unpack .zip archives quite nicely with Dirks XAD shareware package.
Please remember to support all our excellent Amiga programmers, even if their particular program has gone from shareware to freeware. You may not realize what a God-send they are, until something goes wrong. Thanks!" Read more how to setup your VirusChecker or VirusZ

The Virus Help Team Canada website
17.12.2001 Hosting troubles for Amiga Impact
"The French Amiga website Amiga Impact currently have some hosting troubles, which will hopefully be resolved on this monday evening. Don't hesitate to subscribe to our announce mailing-list to be informed when the site will be back online. Thank you very much."

Stéphane Campan via ANN
Amiga Impact website
17.12.2001 ex-Amiga Active: New name, new web site
"For those who aren't already aware, we'd like to draw your attention to our new web site for digital. It's located at www.digitalmagazine.co.uk.

The old Amiga Active site will remain online for the foreseeable future, basically to provide information on the contents of all issues of Amiga Active and allow anyone who would like to complete their collection to order back issues and/or PDF CDs."

Amiga Active homepage

17.12.2001 Software News
PNG-Box v2.51 and SViewIV v9.25 were uploaded to Aminet today.
Changes: updated PNG codec (both), PSD loader included (sview) and maintenance (sview).

ppc.library v0.9 - emulation of the ppc.library and the PowerUp kernel under WarpOS. readme

Andreas Kleinert, PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX

16.12.2001 Aminet: New Interface
There is a new WWW-Interface available on the Aminet site US-Site.
The Interface has a white background. On the left-hand side there's a narrow blue command panel and on the right-hand side the chosen information is presented. On the homepage these are the uploads of the last seven days. In the command panel you'll find the search option, links to information about Aminet as well as links to each single category. After having clicked on a particular category, its content will be shown on the righ-hand side and at the top the subcategories will appear, by which means a quick search is possible.

Amiga-news.de website
US Aminet site
16.12.2001 Software News
NetInfo v2.10 now features graphical charting of PING results, cache info/control and some bug fixes. readme

NetInfo is GUI Traceroute/PING/Network Info Viewer.

VaporWare website

15.12.2001 Eyetech site hacked!
"Within the last 90 minutes our web site (actually our ISP) has been premeditatedly hacked and a new home page put up by 'BL4F' (at least thats what the new directory he created said). This is the same guy who hacked the amiga.com website earlier this week. From the content he is clearly a supporter of bplan/morph OS.
It will take a little time to put right as all our access passwords to the site, includind email access have been hijacked and changed. Our ISP is working on this but it may be an hour or so before the site is back to normal.
Eyetech has been trading continuoisly in the IT field for over 18 years - any malicious rumours of our demise are wishful thinking by friends of our enemies.
Any help in tracing the perpetrator would be gratefully received - but only after normal service has been resumed. We will prosecute whoever is responsible in our own war on cyber terrorism.
Thanks for your help - and please help spread the word to other lists.

Alan M Redhouse, Eyetech Group Ltd
15.12.2001 Obligement 30 is now out (special 5 years birthday issue !)
Issue 30 of the famous french e-zine is now available. You can read in this issue: latests Amiga news, interviews of Gilles Bourdin (ex-Amiga Technologies) and José Grilliere (from Amigazette), report of the Koln Amiga Show 2001, article about MorphOS and Pegasos, review of Earth 2140 Mission Pack and lots of others interestings articles ! Download it from the website: http://obligement.free.fr.

Obligement website
15.12.2001 New xsurfadsl.device and appp.device
A new archive with the PPPoE-drivers for our networking card X-Surf can be found in the support-area of this website. The CPU-load has been lowered, and some parts of the appp.device have been prepared for further debugging. The performance is already a bit more stable on some setups, so we can release this last version before Christmas for a public test.

individual Computers website
15.12.2001 CDTV.org.uk 1st Birthday
"The Commodore CDTV Information Centeris now 1 year old, and as a present I redesigned the site, Unfortunatly I didnt finish it on time but 90% is up and running and the rest will be finished before christmas. One of the new additions to the site is a CDTV Users Club that will be up and running in a few days (Which will have CDXL files, Backdrops, Installation guides and trouble fixes plus a monthly electronic magazine). The site is dedocated to the Commodore CDTV and CDTV CR Prototype and I'll help anyone with CDTV problems for free. So come and have a look around and get that CDTV out and start using it."

Commodore CDTV Information Center website
15.12.2001 Software News
akJFIF.datatype v44.131 (68k+ optional PPC/MOS) - JPEG datatype. PPC plugin
akNAIL.datatype v44.131 (68k) - JPEG datatype, which is based on the Lossless JPEG Codec.
akPNG.datatype v44.131 (68k+ optional PPC/MOS) - PNG datatype. PPC plugin
akTIFF.datatype v44.131 (68k+ optional PPC/MOS) - TIFF datatype. PPC plugin

Andreas Kleinert, PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX
14.12.2001 Repulse price drop
The new price for the Repulse Gold soundcard is now 179 euro. You may order it at ALiENDESiGN's onlineshop now. Merry Christmas!

ALiENDESiGN website
14.12.2001 Pegasos developer area opened
MorphOS News "Due to the fact that only a limited quantity of developer systems is available for shipping, we might contact you regarding your application and/or project.
The development platform includes a pegasos mainboard with CPU card + MorphOS development environment. Start of shipment is january 2002 and is in order in the sequence of registration."
Pegasos developer platform registration page

bplan website
14.12.2001 New PR for Hyperion Entertainment
"For personal reasons, Ben Yoris can't assure the PR services at Hyperion Entertainment any more. For PR related topics, please mail directly to Ben Hermans (BenH@hyperion-entertainment.com). Thank you for supporting Hyperion Entertainment.

Ben Yoris via ANN
Hyperion Entertainment website ExiE
13.12.2001 Amiga OSXL Review
Rick Rudge: "Our Amiga users group put on a demonstration of the Amgia OSXL (and Amithlon) and here is a review of this great program. Check out the "December 2001" link at our users group web site news section.

Rick Rudge, NWAmiga.org
13.12.2001 Amiga Arena News
"PuzzleBOBS" is a brand new Puzzle Boble Clone from Nexus Development! The Amiga Arena talked with Emanuele Cesaroni about the development and the past, present, future!

Amiga Arena website
13.12.2001 AmiBlitz Version 2.21
BlitzBasic2 has been updated and is now released under GPL. It's now called AmiBlitz2 and has lots of new features including optimisations, faster compiler, PPC and FPU assembly and many bugfixes. A full distribution will be worked out soon, but for now you will need to get this and use some files from a previous Blitz installation (the demo might work).
Please, send bugreports for the program to the Blitz mailing list, rather than to the uploader, to prevent doubble reports.
To subscribe to the mailing list send an e-mail to blitz-list-subscribe@netsoc.ucd.ie. To unsubscribe send an e-mail to blitz-list-unsubscribe@netsoc.ucd.ie.

Amiga-news.de website
Blitz Basic 2000 Initiative website
13.12.2001 Interview with the Schlachtfeld-Team
Amiga Future Team released interview with the Schlachtfeld-Developer traslated to english on http://www.amigafuture.de.

Andreas Magerl, Amiga-Future
13.12.2001 SoundFX News
SoundFX: what things are done or in development for Version 4.2
Stefan Kost: "I have finished the changes of the saver API to allow saving ranges. Now I'll update the other saver modules. Furthermore there are a few new menu-points (in help-menu). A few more bugs have been squashed too and the docu has be improved futher (FAQ is nearly ready)."

SonicPulse website
13.12.2001 Turboprint 7.21 beta: new drivers
Turboprint 7.21 beta contains new printer drivers:
Canon S500/630/6300
Epson Stylus C60,C70,C80, Photo 810
HP DeskJet 92x, 94x, 96x
Download for users of Turboprint 7.20: tp721beta.lha.
Turboprint 7.20 ordering information

IrseeSoft website
12.12.2001 Kicksoft news
Kicksoft ltd are pleased to announce that Amiga OS XL, the emulation package and Mediapoint are now avaliable.
Also Christmas price reductions on:
Turboprint 7
Aminet set 11
and on other products. Go to kicksoft.co.uk for details.

ray mccarthy, Kicksoft
12.12.2001 French & ItalianAmigaOS 3.9 manuals
A group of French translators organized by Jérôme "Glames" SENAY (boing.attitude.online.fr) have done a complete translation of the 3.9 HTML manual (~1MB). Translators

Since some time Virtual Works is offering the Italian version of the German "AmigaOS - Das Buch" originally published by Haage&Partner. This book covers all topics of AmigaOS 3.5 and 3.9.

AmigaOS 3.9 page
Haage&Partner website

12.12.2001 Delivery date for VarIO
The last acknowledgments of orders from all suppliers arrived today, now it's only a matter of parcel services if pre-ordered boards arrive on december 24th or 27th. Our international partners shall most probably not receive the boards until next year.

individual Computers website
12.12.2001 20 Years of Usenet
Google, who bought out the online Usenet archive DejaNews has put up a page which highlights notes of the last 20 years of the Usenet. This includes the first mention of the Amiga, and the Commodore 64, as well as several world shaping events. You can find the full page here.

Amiga.org website
12.12.2001 MotionStudio info
Ingo Kleefeld, the programmer behind the video app MotionStudio answers some questions about the features of the product. Aparently MotionStudio will be released with the Pegasos and will imho continue the tradition of video software on the amiga. Questions are edited. Read More

ANN website
Titan Computer website
12.12.2001 Tales Of Tamar: New Amiga version 0.39
"Version 0.39 for the Amiga introduces the so called BardsTale screen.
BardsTale is a new feature to improve the atmosphere in the first few turns of ToT. It shows stories about the development of the realm. But it is not only able to show simple texts, but enables us also to create "playable stories". Maybe some of you remember those "game books" where you could decide how the story ends.
This is possible with BardsTale, too. Theoretically, we could create huge fantasy stories where the decisions of the player have an influence on the realm. But why is it called BardsTale? This is a tribute to the original "Bards Tale", back then when games were judged by story and atmosphere and when graphics were of minor importance. BardsTale and the new port are created by our artist Carsten Fuhrmann.
Again, we'd like to invite a Amiga users to join the "Beta Test". On the last exhibition, somebody said that the ToT community would be the biggest Amiga club in Germany :-) We think this needs no further comment..."

Tales Of Tamar homepage
12.12.2001 AmigaOS XL: amigabest.com
Patrik Jung started his web site amgiabest.com with the motto "Amithlon The New Amiga". It is available in English and French.

Haage&Partner website
AmigaBEST website
12.12.2001 Games News
Xrick - A Rick Dangerous game using SDL. Work for 68k and Mos. (Except if you have a Mediator + P96 like me for Mos)
Supertux - A platform game using SDL. Don't remember if it works, but it should.
Sdlroids - An asteroid clone game using SDL.
Mangoquest - A GL game using SDL. (not fully tested)
Glaxium - An openGL game using SDL.

Da SixK Port Page
12.12.2001 Software News
Frogger v1.67 - ultimate fast MPEG video player, was released today. PowerUP, WarpUP and 68k versions are available. You can find what was changed on this page: http://frogger.rules.pl/history.html.
Frogegr can be downloaded from http://frogger.rules.pl or http://highantdev.de/frogger/.

AmTALK v2.3 - This update of AmTALK brings some bug fixes and now runs completely unrestricted in demo mode.
AmTalk is a combined server/client for the Internet ntalk protocol for point-to-point online chatting.

MorphOS News Mr. Skjæret has compiled Bochs 1.3 (per Mr. Benalal). Read whats new / download

Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz, Frogger
VaporWare website
Morphos website
bochs website

11.12.2001 AmigaDE Shop Holiday Sal
AmigaDE News Now through December 24, 2001, our existing AmigaDE Player Customers will receive a discount on participating applications purchased through the AmigaDE Shop.
Customers who have not purchased the AmigaDE Player will receive a free AmigaDE Player for the platform of their choice with the purchase of regularly priced applications through the AmigaDE Shop.
Customers who receive a free AmigaDE Player will not receive a discount on any products purchased.

AmigaDE Shop
11.12.2001 Tao Group intent® Development Portal
AmigaDE News Tao Group and Amiga have opened the Tao Group intent® Development Portal for the Sharp SL-5000D device, although it's not fully functional yet.
The purpose of this web portal is to assist developers in programming software games and applications using Tao's intent® engine for the Sharp SL-5000D using  JAVA, C/C++ and VP.

Tao Group intent® Development Portal
Amiga Development Network
11.12.2001 Amiga Expo call for Exhibitors and User Groups
"Amiga Expo's currently discounted booth and table rates will be going up at the end of December, 2001 - if you're a developer, reseller, or user group planning on exhibiting at Amiga Expo please get your reservation in before the end of this month in order to take advantage of these low-low rates!
If you're planning on attending Amiga Expo the advance-ticket prices for the show will be going up as well! Please call and order your tickets soon. Buy 'em Christmas gifts for all your Amiga friends too! While you're at it - be sure to book your hotel room reservation before they run out!!"

Kermit Woodall, Amiga Expo
10.12.2001 SUBWAY & HIGHWAY
Amiga USB controllers:
SUBWAY: Clockport controller for Amiga 1200 compatible clockports
HIGHWAY: Zorro II controller card for "big" Amigas

SUBWAY and HIGHWAY were developped by E3B (Michael Böhmer, hardware) and vmc (Harald Frank, software).


10.12.2001 Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena - Interview Action
Do you remember the demo of the adventure "The last Seal"? Yes it was released in 1999 but today the developer "Ancor" are still busy! Read the Interview and visit www.ancor.ch for more information about the point&click Adventure "The last Seal"!

Amiga Arena - BangBoo Update!
A new archive with the BangBoo game is online!

Amiga Arena website

10.12.2001 Birthday competition at KiR
Keep it Retro are celebrating their first birthday by running a pre-christmas competition. Answer a few simple questions and you're in with a chance of winning Cloanto's Amiga Forever 5, Guildhall Leisure's Blitz Basic, Revenge of the Mutant Camels 2, Gridrunner and Ancipital (all for the PC...) and Paul Kubizsyn's excellent Commodore 64 audio CD, Chemical Rock.

Amiga.org website
Keep it Retro website
10.12.2001 AmigaOS 3.9: More locale files
"We just uploaded the latest collection of locale files for OS 3.9 including:
Bosanski, Catala, Czech, Dansk, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Magyar, Nederlands, Polski, Portugues, Portugues-Brasil, Russian, Slovensko, Srpski, Suomi, Svenska, Turkce.
The files are named "39locale_name". Please download the files you need from this ftp drawer."

AmigaOS 3.9 page
AmigaInc. website
10.12.2001 Software and Games News
A new beta version of Scalos has been uploaded. This is version 40.16 and fixes a number of reported bugs. As always, the Downloads page is the place to visit :)

New Amiga version 0.39R1 of Tales of Tamar the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows released.

Scalos homepage
Tales Of Tamar homepage

9.12.2001 Annuaire Amiga Francophone #11 / December 2001 available
This new number has been sent to all its subscribers : 619 ! "ANNUAIRE AMIGA FRANCOPHONE" is The List of the french speaking AmigaUsers around the World (France, Belgium, Swiss, Quebec,...). Join the hundreds of Amigans since July 2000 and find contacts in your region ! :-) annuaire-amiga@libertysurf.fr - http://www.annuaire-amiga.org

Sebastien "Jedi" Jeudy
9.12.2001 Amiga.com hacked
AmigaInc.'s website http://www.amiga.com/ was hacked today!

AmigaInc. website
9.12.2001 Amitopia update news!
1. Amitopia needs at least 23 more subscribers, before the magazine will be sent out! So visit our website!: www.amigaworld.org and order your copy if you are from Norway or Sweden!
2. Amitopia will be available in Sweden from 15th of December 2001!
3. Amitopia will be expanding onto Denmark next year. More news about this will follow...
And... Amitopia wishes every Amiga user a "Happy christmas, and a happy new year!"

ANN website
AmigaWorld website
9.12.2001 Software News
A new update of xvs.library v33.37 has been released today. This new update of the xvs.libary can find and remove the new Bobek-3 linkvirus, and also more stuff added to the xvs.library.
Download / readme

PowerD is a modern programming language (currently only) for Amiga computers. It supports both 68k and ppc processors. This release presents several bugfixes and some new features.
download (v0.19 Alpha3 [9.12.01] Update) / readme / history

Virus Help Denmark Amiga website
Martin Kuchinka's homepage

8.12.2001 100%AMIGA CD magazine issue 19
The Christmas issue of 100%AMIGA is out now. Inside the magazine this month we have a totally festive theme for Christmas including some free Xmas games and a whole bunch of seasonal clipart, music and animations. We also show the results of last month's reader survey on the future of Amiga and take a light hearted look at some future Amiga products (mostly fictional) sung to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas. You can also listen to the out-takes in the 100%BLOOPERS drawer. The new Directory Opus/OS3.9 utilities collection D.O.O.N. is shown in the Hot Off The Press section and of course we bring you the top Amiga news stories in the only magazine that has News Presenter reading them to you. Available from Amiga Online Superstore or 100%AMIGA website

FORE-MATT Home Computing website
8.12.2001 Amiga Arena News
With the permission from Michael Taupitz you can now download fullversion of the very nice Puzzle Game "Bangboo"!

Amiga Arena website
8.12.2001 VirusTest file (BE WARY)
W A R N I N G !!! - [ These testfiles are not for the faint of heart ]
Zeeball (Anti-virus programmer of Safe), and Dirk Stoecker (Programmer of CheckX and other Amiga programs), have released a VirusTest file. This archive includes a set of testfiles for virus checkers. These files will be reported as virus infected if your anti-virus system is properly installed. As Zeeball and Dirk says, if your software does not report back that the files are virus infected, you should update or change your system. If you are ready to test how well your anti-virus stacks up, follow the subject link above. Be sure to read everything her first.

Virus Help Denmark Amiga website
8.12.2001 Virus Warning
Two archives found on Aminet, contains a new trojan.
Trojan archive : AME-DSD.lha
Archive size.. : 6.927.166 bytes
Archive info.. : Dog Star Descends by Amnesty (CGX&AHI compatibile)

Trojan archive : PSL-KMJ.lha
Archive size.. : 5.530.365 bytes
Archive info.. : Kiss My Jazz by Pic Saint Loup (AGA/CGX)

You can read all about the trojan archives right here. And please spread the archive as much as you can.

Virus Help Denmark Amiga website

8.12.2001 Virus Warning #2
A new virus is found (Bobek-3). We do not know if this virus has been spread.
Virus name.... : Bobek-3
Virus Type.... : Linkvirus
Virus size.... : about 2.000 bytes (Uses polmorphic engine)
Read more about is right here.

Virus Help Denmark Amiga website
8.12.2001 SimpleMail News
Version 0.13 of SimpleMail has been released! Changes since last release were:
Included a real manual at last. Thanks to David Rey!
SMTP over SSL.
POP3 connections can be made secure with the STLS command now. (RFC 2595)
Primitive ARexx-port.
Support for playing sounds.
Taglines, the last %t in the signature will be replaced by a tagline.
Folders holding unread mails are hilighted now.

Hynek Schlawack, SimpleMail
7.12.2001 Amiga names Frank Wilde as its new Chairman
Amiga's Board of Directors has elected former Ravisent CEO Frank Wilde as its new Chairman of the Board. Read more here.

AmigaInc. website
! ExiE
7.12.2001 Elbox photos from AMIGA 2001
The Elbox Computer Website has been updated. Photos from the Amiga 2001 show in Cologne are placed in NEWS / Tradeshows & Events. See: http://www.elbox.com/amiga2001.html

Wojtek Kozlowski, ELBOX COMPUTER
7.12.2001 The OOP4A-Project joins forces with PowerD and WizardClasses
"Stefan Robl, author of OS 3.9's AmiDock, has agreed to support the OOP4A-Project by providing his class system 'WizardClasses' which is extensively used in all of his programs." Read more

Amiga.org website
Object Oriented Programming for All pages
7.12.2001 Back to the Roots downtime for server upgrade
"Back to the Roots will temporarily go offline this Friday night for upgrades, but will hopefully back up within one day."

hippie2000, Back to the Roots
7.12.2001 Apex Designs: Web And Email Outages
"Apologies for the web and email problems we have been experiencing for the last couple of days. They were caused by a problem with the domain name which has now been resolved. If you sent us an email in the last few days and it bounced then please resend it now."

Apex Designs website
7.12.2001 Software News
The preferences program that's included with the Titlebar Clock Plugin has been updated. It fixes a few bugs and can be found on the Downloads page.

The modules archive from Bruce Steers has been updated. The changes are: added large d&d pointer images; fixed a few silly bugs in the amigaini.library; and re-compiled the programs for the newer library. It's available in the Downloads page.

Scalos homepage

6.12.2001 fxPAINT special christmas offer
Just in time for christmas time we now offer fxPAINT 1.0 for an incredibly low price of only 39.- US$ (59.- DM, 30.17 EURO). We hope to allow many users a look at the power of fxPAINT at a low price and want to shorten the waiting time for those users that are waiting for Version 2.0 that is currently under development and will again set new standards. fxPAINT 1.0 is fully updatable to the current V1.5 and Version 2.0 at a low price. This special offer is valid until 31th December 2001 and only as long as enough fxPAINT 1.0 are in stock. You can place your order directly via our online-shop.

Innovative website
6.12.2001 Amiga Games Classifying : November/December 2001
Here is the final classifying of November/December 2001:
1. (1) Payback - 166 pts
2. (2) Napalm - 147 pts
3. (4) Quake - 125 pts
4. (3) Earth 2140 - 107 pts
5. (9) The Settlers - 88 pts
6. (7) Exodus : The Last War - 87 pts
7. (5) WipEout 2097 - 86 pts
8. (6) Heretic 2 - 84 pts
9. (8) Foundation - 80 pts
10. (10) Sensible World Of Soccer - 65 pts
11. (11) Shogo - 63 pts
12. (27) Nightlong - 59 pts
13. (21) Extreme Racing - 59 pts
14. (19) Slam Tilt - 55 pts
15. (18) Genetic Species - 52 pts
16. (12) Worms / Worms DC - 51 pts
17. (15) Bubble Heroes - 50 pts
18. (13) Dune 2 - 49 pts
19. (14) Colonization - 48 pts
20. (17) Civilization - 46 pts
Next votes (AMIGA GAMES ranking of January/February 2002) will begin in mid-January.

David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Classifying
6.12.2001 AmigaInc. to attend a career fair
Amiga is listed as an exhibitor for the Career Fair 2002 to be held on Thursday, April 11th at the University of Washington, Bothell, WA.

ANN website
AmigaInc. website
6.12.2001 Amiga Arena - Interview Action!
The Amiga Arena speaks with the Scalos Team about the past, present and future! Read all about the Team behind Scalos!

Amiga Arena website
6.12.2001 AIO to interview Bitmap Brothers, Vulcan & Codemasters
Amiga Information Online has lined up interviews with the Bitmap Brothers and Vulcan Software. The chance may also come to interview Codemasters. If you have any questions you would like us to put to either company please state which company you would like asked and what your questions is. email to, chris@aio.tp.

Amiga.org website
Amiga Information Online website
6.12.2001 DTA project mailing list
There now is a mailing list for the datatypes upgrade project (DTA). Send a mail to majordomo@thule.no with in the body "subscribe dta-beta" (without the "s).
The idea is to design and write a new datatypes system to provide lots more functionality. For example we can expand the system with 'filters' and 'renderers' or 'viewers' (different methods to display or edit the loaded data) so that, for example, it would be possible to use Multiview as a fully featured web browser, file converter, text-editor or even raytracer. In other words, the datatypes system as it was meant to be.
This mailing list has been set up to first discuss the design of the datatypes system thoroughly, and only after having set a clear roadmap, start developement (still discussing design to steer developement of course). This means that also non-programmers are welcome.
Many thanks to the lads at http://amiga.nvg.org (Mitchman, kolla) for hosting the mailing list!

Brecht Machiels
6.12.2001 DocDatatypes v40.30 Released
DocDatatypes is a set of Datatypes classes for documents. The list of supported formats include: MS-Word(Windows, Mac, OS2), RTF, WordPerfect, Write, MS-Works, AmiPro, WordStar, WordStar 2000, Pocket Word, Quill, XyWrite III, Psion Word, Psion TextEd, Palm DB TEXt Doc(pdbdoc), First Word Plus, Mac Write and Mac Text.
New for this version (40.30) is the support of reading and writing TEAL Docs and RichReader Docs. MS-Word XP(2002) is also supported.
Available to download only from http://go.to/docdatatypes

Amigart website
DocDatatypes Home Page
6.12.2001 GFX-BASE report of the O.A.S.E. show!
"Last weekend most of the GFX-BASE members have been to the O.A.S.E. show in Graz, Austria. Juergen Schober, the initiator of this show, presented in his beautiful Amiga-shop 'point design' an official Scala presentation of the promised AmigaOS 4.0 features aswell as very interesting Amiga high-end products, like G-Rex PCI, Mediator PCI (running TV-cards, gfx-cards, soundcards and networkcards), the AmigaOSXL package, some great games and much more.
We have been there to bring you a detailed and exclusive report on the show with lots of photos and descriptions of all we have seen. Click here now for a virtual tour of the O.A.S.E. 2001 show in Graz. Enjoy! ;-)"

GFX-BASE website
6.12.2001 Interview with Ralph Schmidt
MorphOS News The team of morphos-news.de interviewed Ralph 'laire' Schmidt who is the head developer of MorphOS. Summary of the Inteviews with Ralph Schmidt (english)

MorphOS ML
Morphos-news.de website
6.12.2001 Software News
A new beta of AmigaNCP v2.2 is available, which might fix the Amiga2Psion clipboard conversion.
Using NCP, you can link two Psion computers (or a Psion and a different machine) and exchange data. NCP services include accessing files on the remote machines as if they were on your own.

Digital Almanac Update
The new update V4.6 of DA III is ready to be downloaded from the Aminet. This will be the last update for this year. Happy Santa Claus!

Digital Almanac Homepage

5.12.2001 Amiga announces new Vice President of Engineering
Sanjay Menon has joined Amiga as it's new Vice President of Engineering. Menon brings 10 years of development and management experience to Amiga. Read more here.

ExiE: 'Can somebody explain to me, WHY is Amiga Inc. staff still so excited? Write to exie@czex.cz'

AmigaInc. website

5.12.2001 AROS News
"When I write this, AROS has both achieved a major goal and run into a problem. No, we were not too successful and got sued. We were just too successful. Last month, 10 GB were downloaded from our FTP server and I had to remove the disk images. Sorry, folks. Bandwith is free but only within reason. I'm now looking for a place that doesn't mind 10 GB/month (and probably more). Aminet comes to mind but I guess Urban doesn't like the idea to have to manually accept our disk images and the new CD-ROM image every night :-) Anyway, it's sad and great news and not the end of the world. It's just another speed bumb.
When I got the truck over it, I'll tell you. Until then, watch this space for my irregular updates. And thanks to all the people who made this possible. To the developers who made AROS so attractive and to all those who downloaded our work. As I write this, our webcounter has passed 134'000 hits. Thank you all."

Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla, AROS
5.12.2001 Vulcan to release MiniSeries to Web
"Between 1994 and 1997 Vulcan developed and published 10 award winning Amiga floppy games known as the MiniSeries. They where called the MiniSeries due to their unique and original packaging. Each game was housed in a 10x12cm full coloured glossy box with manuals and disks and each title was co-ordinated as part of a set.
Unfortunately these MiniSeries titles are no longer in production and many Amiga stockists have run out. Not to worry though, we will be putting all of these games on our website for free download in the coming weeks."

Amiga.org website
Vulcan Software website
4.12.2001 www.AmigaJoysticks.co.uk Add easier ways to pay
"www.amigajoysticks.co.uk have now made it easier for you to order joysticks! We have added several new payment methods to our shopping cart system. You can now order securly through our Thawte certified 128 bit encryption SSL server, or you can order by PayPal, NOCHEX, Fax or phone."

4.12.2001 Swap.pD CLOSED!
After nearly five years of trading, the long time distributor of Amiga Information Online, Swap.pD, has finally closed its doors to customers. The struggling PD library started out back in 1996 when the proprietor, Lee Hesselden started to compile PD disks to swap with the large PD libraries. With his collection growing and growing, Swap.pD was born, initially just to swap PD, but later to offer cheap PD disks to those without any PD to swap!
Due to the popularity of the Aminet, and the internet alike, people were downloading software instead of buying it, this meant less sales for Swap.pD. Sales continued to drop until it came to a point where one order a week was all that was shoved through the letter box! Lee Hesselden: "Swap.pD has been very inactive, I've tried to entice people back by selling boxed games and CDs, but still, I get few replies. I see no future for Swap.pD, therefore, on Friday 30th November, at 12:00pm Swap.pD will close. Thanks to all who have supported me over the five years. I wish you well."

Lee Hesselden
4.12.2001 Freespace Demo Update 4
Steffen Haeuser has uploaded a new Demo Update (number 4) to Hyperion website:
- statistics bug fixed
- some instabilities at startup of demo fixed (could crash on startup sometimes)
- some other minor instabilities (could potentially cause crashes) fixed
- Voice and Music Audio Streaming can now be disabled independently (if you want to disable it - for example due to using VMM - you have to set this in your FreeSpace preferences new)
- Added the Analog Joystick Adapter building descriptions
- Some more minor changes
A full archive with all updates applied will uploaded to Aminet this week.

Amigart website
Hyperion Entertainment website
4.12.2001 Electronic Teacher 5 - special offer and more
W.F.M.H. has launched a new internet site for one of its flagships: Electronic Teacher 5 CD. The multimedia language tutor home can now be found at http://eteacher5.com. Besides, the package can now be ordered at promotional price (even 50% off)!
As publishing house informs, the software is still under heavy development and among tons of new features (including even animation support) then new release will bring us, the two new language data CD are expected to be released as well, with lessons of German and French! Electronic Teacher 6 is expected to be released at the end of April 2002.

Marcin Orlowski
4.12.2001 Interview with the Schlachtfeld-Team
"Today release the Amiga Future Team an interview with the Schlachtfeld-Developer on http://www.amigafuture.de (german only)."

AmigaFuture is looking for somebody interested in translating german interviews into english, write to redaktion@amigafuture.de.

Andreas Magerl, Amiga-Future

4.12.2001 FreeKey 1.0 for EZKey keyboard adapters
Eyetech are pleased to announce that FreeKey v1.0 is now available on their website for download.
FreeKey allows owners of our latest EZKey-XS Mk.2, EZKey-EX and EZKey-IL keyboard adapters to use the extra 'multimedia' keys found on many PC keyboards. Read more

Eyetech Group Limited website
4.12.2001 Pagan Games Web Site
"The Pagan Games web site will be up and down over the next few days as we change hosting provider and update the site. We should be back and running in a week or so."

Amiga.org website
Pagan Games website
4.12.2001 DSPSpeed, the official ProStationAudio benchmark tool
DSPSpeed (v1.02), the new benchmark tool, is now avalable for downloading. Its own new page is located at http://www.audiolabs.it/dspspeed.

AudioLabs website
3.12.2001 Visionary PCI TV Card Software Available
For GRex users Visionary TV Card Software is finally available. Download it from: http://www.dcecom.de/download.htm
GRex Visionary Software: http://www.dcecom.de/grex/driver/Visionary_20011009.lha
Some Visionary Skins: http://www.dcecom.de/grex/driver/SkinsTV.lha

Amigart website
DCE Computer Service Gmbh website
3.12.2001 VaporWare Euro Regtool
The offline registration utility has been updated to all Euro now; prices have generally been rounded down to the nearest full Euro number. The new regtool is available for download here and will of course also be included in all new Vapor releases. The online registration shop provided by Silicon Circus Ltd. continues to operate in UKP; it provides currency conversion facilities during shopping and checkout, though, using current currency exchange rates.

VaporWare website
3.12.2001 SDL Amiga/MorphOS updated to 1.2.3
"I've just updated the SDL Amiga (68k/MorphOS) port to 1.2.3, this version is still beta and can be find only on my SDL web page: http://ggreco.interfree.it/sdl.html.
I need some bug reports from programmers before submitting the changes to Sam Lantiga to update the amiga sources in the official tree."

Gabriele Greco
3.12.2001 Interview with Ben Hermans, Managing partner Hyperion Entertainment
"First of all I wanted to do this to confirm what we all though was possible because of this advancement in PDA 3D technology. Second of all, theres a lot of people getting very ansy over not having enough to read. So I hope to bring you a number interviews to calm your nerves before OS4 is released. :)
Along with Hyperion s Warp3D API for the AmigaDE, a small amount AmigaOS ground is also covered."

Lets Begin

Amiga.org website

3.12.2001 Free Advertisement for one Month on GetBoinged!
Paul Cardwell: "We are offering free advertisments for one month to Amiga development companies on GetBoinged. If your company is interested, please email us at info@getboinged.org for details."

Paul Cardwell via ANN
3.12.2001 Amiga Forever 5 benchmark
A performance test of the Amiga emulator package Amiga Forever 5 from Cloanto.

Result: A 300MHz Pentium is almost enough to emulate a 68040 Amiga with 80MHz, which means double the speed.

Amiga-News.de website

2.12.2001 Kicksoft News
Kicksoft attain Webtrader status
Kicksoft are proud to announce that they have achieved membership of the WEBTRADER scheme from the UK Consumer`s Association publishers of WHICH? magazine. This scheme means that Kicksoft meets all legal requirements of the EU, UK and meet the exacting Webtrader standards aimed at giving consumers the best service possible.

Its Christmas @ kicksoft
"Our site has had a major update and with the addition of new software titles and special Christmas promotions its never been a better time to buy from kicksoft, we will even gift wrap for you !!!"
Visit www.kicksoft.co.uk for more details.

ray mccarthy, Kicksoft

2.12.2001 Scalos News
"The scalos.com domain expired and is being held for ransom at namezero.com - so we've got ourselves a new domain - www.scalos.co.uk. All contact e-mail addresses have changed to use the scalos.co.uk domain as expected. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please update your bookmarks."

Scalos homepage
2.12.2001 Amiga Expo offer to User Groups
Amiga Expo has posted details of the special table and discount offers for all (Amiga and others) user groups wanting to exhibit and attend Amiga Expo.
In brief, user groups can not only get a heavily discounted table space to exhibit and promote their group - plus they can earn free admissions and bigger discounts by helping promote the show in their newsletters!
Visit the user group area at http://www.amigaexpo.com/usergroups.html

Amiga.org website
Amiga Expo 2002 website
2.12.2001 Software News
Scout v2.13 - tool that allows you to monitor your computer system. It displays many different things -- like tasks, ports, assigns, expansion boards, resident commands, interrupts, etc. This is the official continuation of the famous system monitor from Andreas Gelhausen.
download / readme

Expat is a shared library which is based on the opensource project expat.sourceforge.net and is used to parse XML (eXetendable Markup Language) documents.

DiRu 2.0 is a vocabulary-rich free (GPL) Russian<->English dictionary. The original version is the Amiga OS one, there are ports to other OSes aswell.

PhotoFolio v2.2 Documentation in Adobe PDF format is now available at the Updates page. PhotoFolio is software to catalogue, arrange and view your images.

Daniel Mealha Cabrita, DIRU official pag
Steeple Software website

1.12.2001 Payback To Be Ported To Intent, AmigaDE and Apple Mac
AmigaDE News As you may have already read on Virtual Programming's site, Payback is currently being ported to several new platforms. Apex Designs are coding the Intent/AmigaDE version in-house and the Mac conversion is being developed by an expert coder working for VP.

Finally, three maps (one new, two updated) have been added to the Extra Maps Page.

Apex Designs website

1.12.2001 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#011130).

Amiga Update website
1.12.2001 AmigaFlame: Demo of the Month
AmigaFlame's demo of the month is a space-combat simulator Freespace: The Great War!
Read more

AmigaFlame website
1.12.2001 Virus Help Denmark AMIGA News
The vote for the antivirus programmer that has done the most for the Amiga scene, has only one month to go, here is the current vote statistics:
Jan Erik Olausen - VirusExecutor............... : 169 votes
Jan Erik Olausen & Georg Hoermann - xvs.library : 168 votes
Zbigniew Trzcionkowski - Safe.................. :  18 votes
Alex van Niel - VirusChecker II................ :   9 votes
Heiner Schneegold - VT-Schutz.................. :   4 votes
Dirk Stoecker - VirusZ III..................... :   3 votes
You can still place your Vote Here.

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
1.12.2001 Software News
MorphOS News ZVNC_1.0, a lightweight VNC client for MorphOS that controls machines with a monitor. By David Gerber.
ZVNC unlike the others, has no display support. Its purpose is to be able to control another computer which has a real monitor and the main advantage is that the network data transfered is minimal. The mouse/keyboard control is really smooth. (AmigaOS version is available too)

MorphOS website