30.11.2002 Amiga Award 2002
Large acts must be celebrated on a grand scale. As of December 2002 the German print magazin AMIGAplus and varyingly partners are assigning the annual Amiga Award. With this price elected representatives of the Amiga-community are awarded for special achievements during the last 12 months at a time.
The laureates of the Amiga Award 2002 will be honored at the AMIGA + Retro Computing in Aachen, Germany, on 7 December 2002. Read more
Nico Barbat, AMIGAplus
Amiga Award 2002 website
30.11.2002 OctaMED publication/inquiry!
OctaMED Soundstudio publication/inquiry! After the Amiga Arena makes the advancement of the popular route planner "AmiATLAS" in the year 2001 and to today the release of numerous free legal ShareWare programs possible, I'm proud to let you know that a further high-quality piece of Amiga software could be develop in the future! After a conversation between RBF Software (Ray Burt Frost) and me there will be a good chance to see a new Amiga Version of "OctaMED SoundStudio" in the future. The Source Code is already in the possession of the possible future developer to the further opinion. After the assessment of the demand/market situation and the last-finite contract promise of both parties a continue of the development should possible. So to see what ½you would like to see in the future for new functions or what ideas you have for "OctaMED SoundStudio" please let me know it! Please report bugs, ideas and proposals to olaf.koebnik@online-club.de or write it in the Forum of our partnership site www.amiga-news.de!
Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena via ANN
30.11.2002 Hollywood Screenshots: JP Credits & Senso
"Today I have published screenshots that show a remake of the Jurassic Park credits done with Hollywood and a game called Senso (a software version of the popular board game Senso). The screenshots show again the extremely wide ranged functionality of Hollywood: You can do everything from the simple credits roll to the complete game. The only limit is your creativity."
Andreas Falkenhahn, AirsoftSoftwair
30.11.2002 Software News
New YAM2.4 Dev version
Click here to download the latest YAM v2.4 development version, compiled 30.11.2002. Fully optimized 68020 version only. ChangeLog
This version is currently in development, and may not work perfectly!
PLEASE do not complain about these development versions! If you want to continue getting developer versions, please read the ChangeLog file before reporting bugs.

VMC Harald Frank: "We're proud to present you the new AmithlonTV. For all those out there who never heard about AmithlonTV here is a small sumery: The original AmithlonTV was made by Michael Ulbrich in the beginning 2002. Due a lack of time I took over his project and started a complete new AmithlonTV in June 2002. In the beginnig of November the hardest part was done. Well, now at the end of November I came to a point, where I need more information about the cards out there. So here it is: The new AmithlonTV! Read more
Latest version: AmithlonTV Beta 166

VHI Studio6 / AmithlonTV Screenshots Online
The AmithlonTV driver system makes rapid progress in all its features. Guido Mersmann makes, together with IOSPIRIT Felix Schwarz, fantastic steps regarding the development of new feature-packed AmithlonTV special VHIStudio driver.
As soon as Felix Schwarz has finished work on VHI Studio 6, you must run and get your fingers on that great Video Digital Imaging Software. Choose VHIStudio together with Amithlon's horse power, and you will have for sure more fun over the day as with looking bored out of the window :)

YAM2.4 Dev page
VMC Harald Frank via ANN
AmithlonTV homepage
29.11.2002 clickBOOM S-FILE 20: HOLIDAY SPIRIT
"We have a major update for Amiga players. Basically, all of our "premium" files that were available just to the Portal users are now completely free to everyone. Consider it our gift to you for the holidays.
clickBOOM website
29.11.2002 Amigabest Updated
Amigabest, the website on which Patrick Jung kept busy with Amithlon, has been updated and refurbished with new graphics and Amiga news. The website is available in French and in English.
Patrick JUNG, Amigabest.com
29.11.2002 fxPAINT V2.0 demogalleries
Due to numerous requests, we have decided to put online two demogalleries created with fxPAINT 2.0. The first gallery uses the dropshadow-skin and slideshow- and fxCARD-options were activated. A second gallery has been created without the use of skins. We hope you enjoy the two demos!
fxPAINT 2.0 can only be preordered until 9th of December 2002 at a reduced price of only 79,00 EUR (89,99 EUR previously).
IOSPIRIT website
28.11.2002 GoldED Barebones
GoldED Barebones is a retro-look editor designed for users who enjoy working with CygnusED and other classic Amiga editors. It's directly derived from GoldED Studio AIX, with an equally impressive set of core features, but without any of the add-ons shipped with GoldED Studio AIX: it's GoldED Studio AIX reduced to the bare essentials.
Available on CD-ROM for AmigaOS3. Retail price is 19.99 EUR plus p&p (2.50 EUR in Europe, 4 EUR World). Ships within 24 hours.
GoldED homepage
28.11.2002 GoldED Studio AIX Updated
Service pack 4 is now available for registered users. Major new feature is the integration with gcc. This update is only available in form of a replacement CD due to the enormous increase in size after adding gcc (67MB were added since the last version). Price: 10 EUR.
GoldED homepage ExiE
28.11.2002 Poseidon Update V1.32 for both the underpriviledged and priviledged users
Chris Hodges: "Some time has passed since I spoke to you the last time with good news, but it tastes best, when you don't expect it. So let's get right to the goodies:
- The HID class is finally in a state that allows a release.
- Highway/Subway driver has been optimized a bit and now allows reading in data at a speed that is very much comparable to a certain PCI solution.
- Trident has been updated. It now supports so-called forced bindings.
- Rawwrap.class. Yes, this is a wrapper class that makes it possible to speak to an USB interface through a standard exec device.
Read more
Chris Hodges, Platon's Homepage
28.11.2002 Subway Amiga USB Controller for A1200 Available
SUBWAY ships with latest Poseidon release
Adaption of the SUBWAY to the new Xsurf II has taken longer than expected - we wanted to be sure, so we had to append one day of testing. But don't be angry, we used the time to equip shipping SUBWAYs with the latest release of Poseidon, which offers next to the new and powerful hid.class some speed improvements for users of HIGHWAY and SUBWAY. We are very sorry for this unplanned delay - and want to apologize again.

SUBWAY mounting instructions
For all people interested in the SUBWAY module we have - in addition to the detailed manual - prepared a page with hints on how to mount the SUBWAY into the desktop Amiga 1200.

USB for Amiga website
28.11.2002 Fake OS 4 beta
Ben Hermans: "We have been informed that there is a fake OS 4 beta circulating supposedly produced by HYPErion (!) which contains "amusing" commentary such as "x megabytes leaked but OS 4 will have virtual memory anyway". It is possible that this archive contains malicious code and we therefore urge users not to download and run it."

Hans-Joerg Frieden: "It didn't leak. It's a fake. The two "rom" files are actually JPEG images of Steffen and Ben, and lamely enough done with Photoshop (come on, do these kiddies have no guts left to do it on the Amiga?). The rest just outputs garbage, and displays a blatant lack of knowledge in calling the ABI "Server 5" instead of "System V", and using the text that is usually quoted before vgr.com news messages as copyright..."

Ben Hermans, Hyperion Entertainment
Hans-Joerg Frieden via ANN
27.9.2002 Eyetech Answers Questions About AmigaOne
Eyetech has answered several questions about AmigaOne at AmigaOne ML.
- The G3-SE boards will not come with an AMR riser card. However Ole-Egil is rolling into production soon with and audio-only in/out card for the AMR slot.
- The production version of the AmigaOne-XE boards (now in manufacture) will come with an onboard codec etc and audio sockets in the usual positions on the ATX I/O knockout (and no AMR slot).
- A list of tested hardware is being assembled by people on the A1-dev list and will be made public shortly.
- For the 'Earlybird' systems the SuSE Linux PPC installer is now complete and comes with a licenced UAE PPC + ROM image.
- Alan think that it is fair to assume that Escena PCI-A1200 bridge card is unlikely to materialise.
Read more
AmigaOne ML ExiE
27.9.2002 Pagan Games News
It's been a while since our last update, but here is a report on our current status.
First of all we might as well get this out of the way - Dafel: Bloodline is still on hold. It's not cancelled, but we're reconsidering what the appropriate media for this title is. It is obvious that doing a version for 68k Amigas would be futile nowadays, yet on the other hand it would require a serious overhaul to be suitable for the AmigaOne. [..] The same goes for Scavengers and Magick by the way.
[..] Well, first of all we are working on two AmigaDE titles. One will be a puzzle/platformer called Quingle and the other is a straight puzzle game.
[..] We're also working on a shoot 'em up project. This is a somewhat massive project, so it will be some time till it's done. We are currently developing it with the Dreamcast in mind, [..] but we are definitely interested in seeing it on other platforms as well. AmigaOne could do with a bit of hardcore shooter action - don't you think?" Read more
Pagan Games website
27.9.2002 ARC 2002: Elbox will be there
ELBOX COMPUTER News Elbox, the company that pioneered PCI adapters for classic Amiga computers, will be present at the AMIGA + RETRO COMPUTING 2002 show. The hardware vendor and developer has hit the headlines lately because of a disputed protection mechanism in their driver software. Therefore we're especially happy that the company from Poland will face up to the dialogue with the users.
Jens Schönfeld via ANN
26.11.2002 Forefront Technologies: Put your money into pre-9000 series ATI cards for A1OS4
Bill Toner, Forefront Technologies, Inc.: "The documentation for the newer chip versions used in the 9000/9500/9700 is still being prepared for the likes of us non Windows people and is not yet available to us from ATI. We are currently able to work on drivers for the pre-9000 chip versions, so I'd suggest putting your money into one of those now. We'll update things when the 9000+ documentation becomes available to us, and recommend avoiding these cards for Amiga use until we're able to support them. While there is some possibility that the 7x00/8x00 2D drivers might work with 9x00 cards, we don't want to promise this until we can guarantee it, much like the Voodoo3 drivers were found to work to some extent with the 4000/5000 cards, these versions aren't supported by the driver writers due to a lack of documetation specific to that version of the voodoo chips. We're just waiting for ATI's newer documentation before we encourage 9x00 model purchases for use with our code."
CyberGraphX homepage
Forefront Technologies, Inc. website
26.11.2002 Where to buy (preorder) AmigaOne #2
Virtual Works, the biggest and longest running Amiga dealer and distributor in Italy is taking preorders of Amiga One and Pegasos boards. See how to order, prices and all the models available at: www.virtualworks.it.

MC1 is now taking Amiga One G3 & G4 orders in Australia.

Nicola Morocutti, VirtualWorks
Michael Czajka, MC1
25.11.2002 Forefront Technologies (USA) is now accepting AmigaOne systems pre-orders
Complete AmigaOne systems are now available for pre-order from Forefront's website. Customers can configure and order their new AmigaOne system to their specifications online. Mainboards and components are also available for those looking to build their own Amiga system. AmigaOne systems are expected to ship in December 2002.
Forefront Technologies website
25.11.2002 InstallerNG News
After successfull negotiations InstallerNG will become a integral part of AmigaOS4 and MorphOS, advanced development is under way.
The Official InstallerNG Homepage
25.11.2002 Mekka & Symposium 2003 will NOT take place
Dear Fellow Sceners, We will keep the upcoming information as short and painless as possible:
Due to irreconcilable personal differences within the main organizer team, the Mekka & Symposium 2003 WILL NOT TAKE PLACE. Yes, we're serious.
Some of you will shout "NO, you simply can't do that!". Believe us, it was a hard decision for us, too -- but in the end, we had to make it. If you are interested in some more explaining info, read the next few lines.
A demoparty should be fun for everybody, and this is also valid for the organizers that set the whole thing up; a good event can only be organized in a good mood, otherwise it will be a disaster. We don't want the next Mekka & Symposium to become a disaster, so we're going to stop right before this can happen.
The last few years and events were a huge success and we all had a lot of fun; this should never be forgotten by anyone, neither visitors, nor organizers! We stop right at this point to make sure that Mekka & Symposium will always be remembered as one of the best demo parties ever. All the past years it was your support and contribution, your presence and your personal efforts that made Mekka & Symposium such a great, respected and productive event and we deeply say "THANKS" for that, to each and every one of you, be it visitors or organizers.
Sincerely yours, The Mekka & Symposium Main Organizer Team.

PS: We were told that an alternative party in Germany is being organized at Easter. Stay tuned for details.

25.11.2002 AmigaRing status update
Mike Bouma: "I have written a small update about the current status of AmigaRing, which also includes a small letter to the Amiga community, within which I try to express my believes and hopes on how I believe the Amiga community could function more effectively. Feedback will be most welcomed."
Mike Bouma AmigaRing
25.11.2002 Games News: Quake
Quake 1.09 V2.00 for AmigaOS/68k/WarpOS/PowerUp/MorphOS ported by Frank Wille.
The V2.00 release of Quake 1.09 supports AGA and Cybergraphics, Amiga-keyboard, -mouse, -joystick, joypad (CD32, PSX), TCP/IP, AHI- and Amiga-native (Paula) stereo sound and audio-CD replay. For a more precise description, please refer to the documentation.
Home Page of Frank Wille
25.11.2002 Thendic France biggest exhibitor at the Aachen show
MorphOS News Thendic France has increased their exhibition area, making themselves the biggest exhibitor of AMIGA + RETRO COMPUTING 2002. The reason for this extension is the amount of computers that they are presenting. Visitors of the show have the opportunity to persuade themselves of the combination of the new PPC board and MorphOS. The same amount of computers will be provided for the betatester-cxonference that will take place on the same weekend in room "Berlin 1" of the Dorint-Hotel "Quellenhof", which is located right next to the Eurogress. Thendic France has finalized the booking of this room during a meeting that took place in Aachen on november 21st.

The new company Genesi that unites Thendic France and bplan Germany will be present with all personnel at the show. More than 20 developers of hard- and software will answer your questions.

MorphOS-News.de website
24.11.2002 Remember November - AMIGAplus 11/2002 Announcement - 11th anniversary
AMIGAplus is celebrating its 11th anniversary this month! Issue 11/2002 has been released, sent to all subscribers and may be ordered at www.amigaplus.de. Celebrate with us!
In this issue you are reading the following reports and more:
- Review of video-expert "Supreme"
- Review of text editor environment "GoldED Studio AIX"
- Review of 2D-shooter AMHuhn
- Scene-experts about the future of the Amiga
- Workshop: "Virtual Network Computing"
- Workshop: Cooperative software development, part 1
- Workshop: ProStationAudio, part 2
- Workshop: Pretty Good Privacy, part 2
- Information about AMIGAplus readers' CD 18
- Interview with Bert "WHDLoad" Jahn
- Preview of AMIGA + Retro Computing 2002
- Amiga Status Report: Quiet before the storm
- Show report: World of Amiga South-East 2002
- Interview with ARKTIS/OASE
- Short reviews of new hardware and shareware
- a.s.o.

AMIGAplus (68 pages @ 4c) is availabe via subscription, by single ordering for 5 Euro all inclusive or via your local Amiga dealer.
Nico Barbat, AMIGAplus
24.11.2002 Hollywood Screenshots: WBSwatch & Rainbow Creator
Here are some new screenshots that show a full transparent 24bit Workbench real time clock and a rainbow creator that demonstrates the cool rainbow functions of Hollywood. Be sure to check out these new screenshots.
Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
24.11.2002 AIO issue 65 is out
Issue 65 of AIO is now out and soon should be on the site and on Aminet. Highlights include EXCLUSIVES of an interview with Steffen Haeuser of Hyperion and a show report and pics for the WOASE!
Mark Tierno, AIO
23.11.2002 Thendic-France SARL + bplan GmbH = Genesi
Paris, France - November 23, 2002 Thendic-France SARL and bplan GmbH of Frankfurt, Germany have reached an agreement to merge and form a new company. The name of the new Company will be "Genesi". Genesi was incorporated this week under the supervision of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Luxembourg. Separately, Thendic-France has completed the necessary legal and financial steps to separate itself from Pretory USA Inc. and be acquired by Genesi. Genesi will begin operations from Luxembourg on 1 January 2003. The Pegasos is the new alternative in the PPC computing environment. Read more

MorphOS News The Pegasos will be commercially released at the Amiga+Retro Show in Aachen on December 7-8.

MorphOS-News.de website
23.11.2002 fxPAINT V2.0 preorder special offer
In a preorder campaign until 9th December 2002, we are offering you fxPAINT 2.0 at a reduced price of 79,00 EUR (89,99 EUR otherwise).
fxPAINT 2.0 already runs natively under MorphOS on Pegasos, under 68K AmigaOS, x86-native on Amithlon and will also run PPC-native on upcoming AmigaOS 4.0 systems. So, no matter which system you choose, you´ll see fxPAINT make best use of it! Don´t wait any longer, purchase fxPAINT 2.0 NOW and save money!
All previously submitted preorders have been adapted accordingly.
Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT
23.11.2002 New Quake 2 Mods online
Steffen Haeuser, Hyperion Entertainment: "I just uploaded two new Quake 2 Mods on the Amiga Quake 2 page. Matrix Quake 2 and Threewave CTF.
Especially Matrix Quake 2 looks visually absolutely stunning !!! Please note that for Matrix Quake 2 you have to download another file from the site with the PC version. A link is provided on the Amiga Quake 2 Page."
Amiga Quake II page
23.11.2002 No G-Rex Support in AmigaOS4.0 - G-Rex Petition
Thomas Frieden, Hyperion Entertainment: "We will have a generic PCI solution in OS4, meaning that you will not have to write for a specific PCI bridge. However, we can of course only support PCI bridges we get documentation for. Currently, this includes the Prometheus and probably also the Mediator. The G-Rex will *not* be supported."

Ben Hermans, Hyperion Entertainment: "OpenPCI library will not be ported to OS 4.0, at least not for the GREX. The author has confirmed to Hyperion that bPlan has forbidden him to do anything which would result in GREX support for OS 4."

G-Rex Petition started online
Mr. M. Lueck has set up a online petition to get developer docs from DCE so that AmigaOS4 can support the G-Rex with its generic pci library.

CyberGraphX homepage
23.11.2002 Where to buy (preorder) AmigaOne
Massimiliano Tretene: "AmigaOne Earlybird can be ordered in Italy from SOFT3
Prices: AmigaOne G3-SE 570 Euro (+ VAT), AmigaOne G4-XE 790 Euro (+ VAT)
Special offer: if you order AmigaOne before December 7, you don't pay the shipping cost!

Kiwi multimedia, Denmark. AmigaOne boards will be shipped mid-December. The prices range from 5995 dkr for the SE G3 600 mhz - 8495 dkr for the XE G4 800 Mhz. Kiwi multimedia recommends that you should preorder your AOne if you want it this year.

Amiga.org website
23.11.2002 Aseq site updated, new screenshot and more
The website for Aseq, an audio and midi sequencer, has been updated. You can find a new screenshot and the feature list has been updated, plus there is a little bit of new information.
I have been able to buy a cheap PowerMac 7300, which means a port to that platform can start very soon. Likely when the first classic Amiga version has been finished and released. This does not mean classic Amiga development will stop or be delayed.
Expect more news and updates soon.
Aseq via ANN
22.11.2002 New AmigaOS4.0 screenshots!
This time around, the preview is focused on the great configurability of the overall AmigaOS 4.0 GUI look.
None of the new screenshots show the default AmigaOS 4.0 appearance, although some of them contain certain elements or concepts that will become part of it. However, it is of little importance what the default will be as most every aspect of the GUI can be customized.
A few of the examples are deliberately overloaded, just to be able to show all the possibilities offered by the new GUI. We expect you will produce much better results once the engine is finally in your hands. You will find even more configuration capabilities in the consumer release of AmigaOS 4.0 and in subsequent updates. Click here to see the new screenshots

Ben Hermans, Hyperion Entertainment: "We are indeed still planning a complete rewrite of Workbench and underlying technology such as icon.library.
There are however more pressing concerns to address once OS 4.0 is out: printer driver support, new filesystem, better media support etc.
The important thing to understand is that we have embarked on a road of continuous OS updates. OS 4.0 is just a single milestone on this road."

AmigaInc. website
ANN website
22.11.2002 Unveiling OS3.9's AmiDock Easteregg... :-)
Stefan Robl: "Yes - you perhaps never did expect that but AmiDock has an Easteregg, too... :) As I do not know a not trustful person which could be used to spread around how this Easteregg is accessible by rumors, I had to describe it myself on my homepage... ;-) If you're interested, please read on..."
Stefan Robl, 's homepage
22.11.2002 The Month Of Madness Specials - Thylacine Price Drop
We are running some hot specials in the run up to Xmas. Starting from now until 25/12/2002 we have heavily discounted products and services. Web Hosting, Reseller Accounts, Dedicated Servers and Domain names are discounted by upto 33%.
Thylacine USB card is now on sale for AUD$110+postage. That's approx. EUR/USD 62+postage
Thylacine+Ethernet is now on sale for AUD$170+postage. That's approx. EUR/USD 96+postage
Australian customers need to add GST to these prices. You can check your price here. For more information please follow this link.
A.Scott Pringle via ANN
22.11.2002 Pegasos show in Stockholm
MorphOS News On Sunday, December 1, the new PPC-motherboard Pegasos and operating system MorphOS will be shown in Stockholm. This is the perfect opportunity to test the system for yourself, if you happen to live nearby!
MorphOS-News.de website
22.11.2002 Mediator 1200SX Review on SWAUG Support
South Wales Amiga User Group (SWAUG) has placed a review of the new Mediator 1200SX PCI busboard in the support section of the website.
There will be a review of the Spider USB 2.0 card soon and the Lacie Hexadrive. If you are thinking of buying a Mediator 1200SX this Christmas have a look at the review!
ANN website
SWAUG website ExiE
22.11.2002 Software News
Standard serial software using USB devices with Poseidon
Chris Hodges: "There is a new class driver which might allow the standard serial software to work with the USB devices, but nobody has yet tested this :-\ So if you want to try it out, just contact me via E-Mail."

Concurrent Versions System (CVS) updated (twice)
CVS is a version control system, which allows you to keep track of all of your files (usally source code), keep a log of who, when, and why changes occurred, etc., like RCS or SCCS. It handles multiple developers, multiple directories, triggers to enable/log/control various operations, and can work over a wide area network (i.e. internet). New version (1.11.2) of AmigaOS/MorphOS port by Olaf Barthel and Jens Langner is now available. Changes:
22.11.2002 - fixed bug in the temporary file generation function where a unix style TMPDIR value "/T" caused some trouble with local repository handling. Now cvs is trying to convert unix-style pathes.
19.11.2002 - the getcwd() function of the libnix package was broken. Had to relink the sources with the latest, fixed version. Somehow it seems that this port was the first program ever that uses the getcwd() function of libnix :) This should fix those weird problems in the last released version. Some small code cleanups. Modified sources to be compatible with SAS/C again.

Windows News WinUAE 0.8.22R3 released
WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 3 is now available. New feature:
- implemented harddisk and CD-leds that flash during HD/CD access
Read more

CyberGraphX homepage
CVS AmigaOS/MorphOS port homepage
WinUAE Official Homesite
21.11.2002 Deathbed Vigil DVD at Amiga + Retro Computing 2002 Show
Dave Haynie's Deathbed Vigil film is now available as a special 8th anniversary DVD edition. Individual Computers will import it to Germany for the AMIGA + RETRO COMPUTING 2002 show in Aachen, Germany.

Dave Haynie, one of the most popular developers of Commodore, has made a special edition of his film "Deathbed Vigil" for the 8th anniversary of the Commodore bankruptcy. Individual Computers will import the DVD, and offer it for 39,- EUR at the fare. Please pre-order your copy via eMail, so we'll have enough DVDs for the show.
There is no country code on the DVD, and it can be played back on all players. Audio is English only. Video and Audio haven been digitally re-mastered, and new scenes have been added that have not been published before on the VHS tape. The Bonus material contains the music video "Chicken-Lips Blues", a new short film called "Amiga Impact", and a photo album that Dave has compiled.

Jens Schönfeld, individual Computers
21.11.2002 AmigaRealm Web Directory Service Back Online
"Many many thanks to all of the people who have emailed me and posted to forums requesting the service be re-activated.
Apologises if my actions to revoke the service seemed rash, however, I am sure you can appreciate my position when years of hard work is destroyed in minutes by mindless individuals.
Special thanks to all the webmasters for support and words of encouragement.
Amiga.org website
Paul Andrews JR - Skippy, AmigaRealm
21.11.2002 APC&TCP announces CD edition of DigiBoosterPro
At the Amiga and Retro Computing 2002 on 7 and 8 December, APC&TCP publishes the CD edition of DigiBoosterPro.
The CD edition contains the version 2.21 of DigiBoosterPro as well as a completely new documentation.
Since now a very good programmer for the program was found, it will give also soon updates for the program.
An update from the APC&TCP disk version to the CD edition costs 5,- Euro within Germany and 10,- Euro outside of Germany (inclusive postage and packing).
For improvement suggestions, opinions and desires to the program, we ask to write these directly us or into our support forum. Us it is no possible to search all Forums or News side for your wishes.
Support-Forum APC&TCP
Forum DBP Community
Andreas Magerl, APC&TCP
20.11.2002 A.D.A. is searching for people with PPC
Mdw/Encore sent us 14 original Amiga screenshots from his demo Sulaco/Encore. We also added a download link to both the Amiga executable and the divx (very high quality).

A.D.A. is searching for people with PPC equipped Amigas to help us provide original Amiga screenshots from PPC demos. If somebody is willing to help us out, please contact z5!

amiga demoscene archive website
20.11.2002 LiveWire Systems is now accepting AmigaOne pre-orders
"We're accepting pre-orders for AmigaOne packages; please visit our site for your desired configuration and order today!

About LiveWire Systems: A new Amiga retailer based in Ontario, Canada (local representation in Ottawa and Southern Ontario). Catering to the enthusiastic Canadian Amiga community with innovative products difficult to find in Canada at a fair price.

Amiga.org website
LiveWire Systems website
20.11.2002 Software News
Porting of various software packages over to the Amiga
abcm2ps v3.1.14 - converts ABC to music sheet in PostScript
anubis v3.6.1 - outgoing mail processor
autotrace v0.31.1 - convert bitmaps to vector graphics
curl v7.10.2 - transferring files with URL syntax
muhstik v4.0.4 - bounce to IRC servers from open proxies
scmxx v0.6.2 - handle all IO of Siemens mobile phones.[not tested!]
dcr8520, Amiga.sf
20.11.2002 Letting the World Know
With the AmigaOne now shipping and AmigaOS4.0 in its final stages of development and testing, the time has come to begin letting the rest of the world know the good news, that the Amiga is alive, well and ready to let the World have fun with computing again. Read the full article here.
AmigaInc. website
20.11.2002 SUBWAY USB controller for Amiga (clockport version) available
E3B is pleased to announce the availability of the USB controller SUBWAY, which has been presented the public at the Amiga trade show in Cologne 2001.
Unfortunately we were very busy since this trade show with the Zorro USB card HIGHWAY and its networking module NORWAY, but nevertheless we have not forgotten the "small" module SUBWAY. Despite the not very good situation on the Amiga Classic market we haven't stopped further development. Read more
USB for Amiga website
19.11.2002 Eternity shows T.o.T. on Amiga + Retro Computing 2002 Show
Eternity, the software makers from Frechen, Germany, will show the online-strategy game Tales of Tamar. This is not the hectic kind of game that's being played at so-called LAN-Parties, but a more "grown-up" game. A central server analyzes every player's moves that are sent via eMail once per day, and sends back the results through eMail as well. More information about Tales of Tamar can be found on www.tamar.net.
Amiga-News.de website
19.11.2002 What are developers saying about Elbox's RDB news today?
Chris Hodges, Poseidon author posted: "The usb.device V1.9 and later will work with the next updates, lower revisions will refuse to load. However, Elbox's post does not cover any apology, no admittance that they've done something utterly wrong. Instead, they claim that deleting the RDB would be just a minor thing, with HDToolbox being able to recover the RDB right away (yeah, right, if you've got something to boot from). Anyone tried to /only/ recover the RDB without HDToolBox overwriting the partitioning data (PART, FSHD, LSEG blocks)? Instead, they claim that their protection was SAFE and could never be triggered by accident (which *in my opionion* is false and has been proven by some users here). Instead, they spill more propaganda of my involvement having to do something with E3B (which it hasn't -- in fact, Michael warned me of getting envolved in this). Instead, they try to discredit other hardware vendors. Instead, they say with such an arrogance, that people not buying Elbox products are "underpriviledged", trying to force their opinion on the users, thinking that they're not clever enough to decide for their own. Therefore, Elbox still has not regained the (moral) right to deliver Poseidon on their CDs; instead the User has to obtain a copy from Aminet or my website."

Bernd Meyer, Amithlon author posted on ANN: "'RDSK STRING REMOVED' -- that's hardly a strong statement saying 'the code is gone'. A cynic might even suspect that the check for the string 'RDSK' has been removed and that it now trashes sector 0 regardless of whether it is an RDB or not...."

CyberGraphX homepage
19.11.2002 Amiga in the press
The Inquirer - Elbox Amiga authors "twisted and untrue"
quite a negative PR for Amiga...

Village Voice - Mr. Roboto: Amiga Mia by Brendan I. Koerner
...and better one

19.11.2002 WinUAE 0.8.22R3 work in progress update
Windows News Bug fixes in soon to be released:
- Ports-tab crash fixed
- joystick handling fixes
- hard drive configuration save fixed (trailing spaces are now removed from HD ID-string)
- fixed stuck keys when switching between WinUAE and Windows
- sprite fix (some games had flashing sprite garbage)
- thread priority tweaks
- setupapi.dll error when running under Windows 95 (not confirmed yet)

New feature:
- implemented harddisk and CD-leds that flash during HD/CD access
Read more
WinUAE Official Homesite
19.11.2002 Software News
USBGUI - Simple GUI to start and stop the Thylacine USB Stack.
Thylacine homepage
18.11.2002 Elbox against piracy
ELBOX COMPUTER News We have seen a number of statements posted in recent days, whose authors devote their precious time and energy to spreading twisted and untrue information on Elbox and our products. We are presenting here our official position in reference to their falsification of the truth. Read more
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
18.11.2002 Catweasel software updates, X-Surf news
The Windows-drivers for the Catweasel ISA have been extended by some features. Mainly support for the new Catweasel MK3 PCI/Flipper has been added. Also in the archive: a driver for Windows 2000 and Windows XP that makes use of a keyboard that's connected to the Catweasel MK3 PCI/Flipper. Download: cw_win_pci.zip (108KByte)

The Amiga-version of the driver has also been adapted to the new controller, the new multidisk.device V3.62 now supports the Catweasel MK3 in a Zorro slot, or on any clockport of an Amiga. This device is prepared to support the Catweasel MK3 in a PCI slot of an emulated Amiga (for example Amithlon or Amiga Forever). Download: mdisk362.lha (22KByte)

Many people have asked for a picture of the new controller, because it's hard to imagine how the same board can fit in the Zorro slot and in a PCI slot. Here's a picture of the controller, taken out of the running production. It shows the bare board without the metal bracket and the second joystick connector.

Good news for all Amiga users who want to bring their computer to a network: The most successful networking card in the Amiga market has been updated, and the price will be lower. The reason for the continuous success of the board might be it's software support: The X-Surf 2 will remain the only networking card on the market that comes with PPPoE drivers - these are necessary for most DSL modems. As opposed to the older model, the new X-Surf 2 does not have a BNC connection any more, all other technical details remain the same. If you need this connector you should be quick, because the last boards have already been shipped to our resellers a few weeks ago.

individual Computers website
18.11.2002 fxPAINT V2.0 Benchmarks
On the fxPAINT-page you can now find benchmark results that document the speed gains through native support of x86 and PPC. The routines, already very fast on 68K, run - depending on the effect/operation - more than 7 times faster on an 180 MhZ PowerPC, more than 40 times faster on Amithlon running on a 850 MhZ Athlon.
fxPAINT is an award-winning graphics program for AmigaOS, MorphOS, Amithlon, PowerUP and WarpUP covering many different fields of graphical applications. Besides others, more than 90 high quality effects for image processing, natural painting tools, image-managment, batchprocessing- and numerous internet tools are available to you. More information on fxPAINT can be found on the fxPAINT-homepage.
Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT
18.11.2002 Hollywood Screenshots: AmigaSeeDC
Today's Hollywood screenshots show AmigaSeeDC, a real application created with Hollywood. AmigaSeeDC is an image viewer like ACDSee or IrfanView that are very popular on the PC market. You can select a picture and then browse through the picture's directory by simply pressing cursor up and down. AmigaSeeDC is also able to zoom in and out. It took me only 1 hour to program AmigaSeeDC with Hollywood. And of course this cool example program is included on the Hollywood CD-ROM. If you've always wanted a viewer program for your Amiga that is standard on every PC, order Hollywood now. I also use AmigaSeeDC privately because it's really cool.
Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
18.11.2002 MediatorUP 3.5 & MM CD UP 1.19
ELBOX COMPUTER News The MediatorUP 3.5 update for Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 SX, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV has been made available today.
The update includes the new version of: pci.library

The MM CD 1.19 update for the users of Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 SX, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV busbords, who are registered owners of the Mediator Multimedia CD has been released today.
The update includes the new version of: FastEthernet.device

Info on the current versions is available in DOWNLOADS | Mediator section.
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
17.11.2002 Back to the Roots Amiga-News 238
Now that summer is past here, we've prepared some sports events for you, to test your winter fitness.
"Summer Olympiad" (Tynesoft) allows you to compete in many various events. "Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games" takes you to the wild west. With "Shadow Fighter" and "Karate Kid 2" you can train your arms and legs. Show us your soccer skills with "Empire Soccer" and how you can ride a motor-bike in "Super Hang On". Training for your brain is offered with "K240", "Millenium 2.2" and more! Last but not least we'd like to inform you that you can put on an astronaut's suit in the legendary game "Exile" and that you can run faster than Sonic together with the cute little dog "Tearaway Thomas"!
This update even features rare box scans (e.g. XR35, Quik and Silva) and articles about two great Amiga demo groups: Ephidrena and Loonies.
Games, Demos, Music and more... What else do you want? Visit "Back to the Roots"!
Back to the Roots Team
17.11.2002 Hit Parade - November/December 2002
It's time to vote at the Hit Parade - November/December 2002. We need the classifying of your prefered games actually.
Send us your classifying (20 games max) at our adress : daff1@club-internet.fr.
You can also vote at our NEW WEBSITE: http://hitparade.amigames.com
Remember you can put all kind of games (commercial, freeware, old, new,...). If your list don't have change since last time, simply reply this mail with the subject "no change for me". Final classifying will be published in early-December.
David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Hit Parade
17.11.2002 Christmas Special pricing on "the NEW AMIGANS" magazine
"the NEW AMIGANS" magazine (the only Amiga-centric magazine still printed in the US), has lowered its prices.From now until December 31, we are offering our one-year subscriptions at a $5.00 savings. For more details check out our website at: http://users.beanstalk.net/wd8izh/index.htm.
Bill Griffin, G&G Publishing Enterprises
17.11.2002 Amiga + Retro Computing 2002: advance ticket sale begins
The advance ticket sale has begun today. Tickets can be pre-ordered with a discount of 1,- EUR each. This is the first time that e-tickets are used for an Amiga show, so there will be no shipment cost!
Amiga + Retro Computing 2002 website
17.11.2002 AIO 64
Check the next issue of AIO (coming soon) with exclusive detailed review of Quake 2, exclusive interview with Hyperion, review of Software Tycoon and a report from the World of Amiga South East.
Vincenzo morra, AIO
16.11.2002 Amiga + Retro Computing 2002: Exhibitors list online
The preliminary exhibitors list has been put online today. According to previous year's experience, the list will be updated frequently util the show starts, because many companies make their decision to take part in the show a few days before the deadline.
Amiga + Retro Computing 2002 website
16.11.2002 Boing Attitude Interview with John Harris
This interview was done by Boing Attitude :) on July 2002 and was published in french fanzine Boing Attack during September 2002. John Harris, an AmigaDE developer, who has created Gobbler and Solitaire on AmigaDE, answers few questions...
Boing Attitude :) website
16.11.2002 Software News
EvenMore plugins update
A new plugin system has been created for the preferences, allowing user to create more complex plugins. A new example has been created for the Generic2Text plugin, allowing you to specify whether you wish to open a binary file in a readable or hexadecimal view. Available for download at the website.
Chris Perver, EvenMore
15.11.2002 GoldED Studio AIX News
Service pack 3 is now available for registered owners of GoldED Studio AIX. Major new feature is the integration with gcc. This update is only available in form of a replacement CD due to the enormous increase in size after adding gcc (67MB were added since the last version). Price: 10 EUR.

SP3, trial version (can be used for editing small documents and is fully functional in this context). File size: 10MB. Estimated download time at 56Kbit/s: 1h. Hardware requirements: 4-8 MB RAM and AmigaOS3. Graphics card recommended. The software can not be used with screen modes below 640x400.

C/C++ Compiler
The latest addition to GoldED Studio AIX is extensive support for the famous gcc compiler. The complete set of software required for C/C++ development with GNU C is included and you will have your gcc-based development environment up and running in minutes via a comfortable setup program. It's never been easier to get started with gcc.

GoldED Studio homepage
15.11.2002 IOSPIRIT at the AMIGA- and Retrocomputing 2002
IOSPIRIT will be present with an own booth at the AMIGA- and Retrocomputing 2002 in Aachen on 7th and 8th December 2002.
On 12 m² visitors to the fair will have the possibility to see all IOSPIRIT-products in action and to buy them. Besides the current versions of fxSCAN and VHI Studio this will also include the brandnew fxPAINT 2.0. Updates from older versions are - with the exception of VHI Studio - available without having to present the original medium.
Depending on the progresses made during the weeks until the fair, up to two new products will be presented. We are looking forward to your visit!
Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT
15.11.2002 More WOASE Transcripts
"I'd like to point your attention to http://amiga.merseine.nu/woase/files.html as there are now more transcripts from WOASE there."
Ben Hermans about the status of OS4
Alan Redhouse about AmigaOne
Fleecy Moss, about Amiga Inc
Questions and Answer session (coming up in a few days)
Andreas Loong, Amiga Computer Group Gothenburg
15.11.2002 Virus Help Team Canada Back Online
VHT-CAN has been fully restored by our host at Shadow-Realm. The anti-virus programs, bootable disks and such have all been updated, to cover the last couple of days releases. They are again available for download. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Charlene, Virus Help Team Canada
15.11.2002 KDH drops the sale of Spider USB PCI card & MORE
KDH Datentechnik has stopped the sales of Elbox Spider USB PCI card until further clarification and resolution of this Elbox USB driver problem (RDB trashing code inside).

"KDH is convinced that neither Chris Hodges nor Christian Boehmer create or spread an FUD as you want us to believe. KDH will start selling the Spider again if we get an replacemnet for the Spider software (on CD) and the actions requested by Chris towards Elbox have taken place."

"If the same code is included in other Elbox products too(e.g. pci.library), we certainly will drop the sales of these products also. But you have to understand that our main business is not the investigation of Elbox products. We want to sell products and we want to sell Elbox products too, and we do assume that the manufacturer doesnt take this approach to save his investment. There have to be other and better methods to do this."

Another piece of Elbox's software contaminated?
It is suspected that some versions of pci.library also contain RDB trashing code previously found in Spider USB 2.0 High-Speed card driver.

KDH Datentechnik via ANN
CyberGraphX homepage
15.11.2002 New Hollywood Screenshots
Here are again some new screenshots from Hollywood applications. This time I present screenshots from a popular application field of Hollywood: A presentation with random transition effects.
Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
15.11.2002 Canada Calling - 100%AMIGA
100%AMIGA are proud to announce that the world's only monthly Amiga CD magazine is now available to purchase through our new Canadian authorised dealer Livewire Systems. 100%AMIGA can be purchased locally in the UK, Canada, USA and Australia.
FORE-MATT Home Computing
15.11.2002 New Screenshots from Crossfire 2
On the Amiga Future Page you found some new screenshots from Crossfire 2. The game release at end 2002 by APC&TCP.
Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
15.11.2002 MorphOS in Detail
MorphOS News Thendic-France have just posted a new document about MorphOS. If you've ever wanted to know how to tell your A-Box from your Q-Box or where MorphOS came from (or is going) read on... The doc can be found here: html version or PDF version.
Nicholas Blachford via ANN
ELBOX COMPUTER News In recent days the Amiga community 'witnessed rumours' related to Elbox's latest product: the Spider USB 2.0 card.

13.11.2002 Elbox dispels rumours about usb.device
"Rumour: Using the Elbox usb.device with an USB PCI card other than Spider USB 2.0 High-Speed may lead to trashing the disk RDB.
Elbox's Answer: Not true." Read more

13.11.2002 New driver for Spider USB 2.0 Hi-Speed card
"The SpiderUP 1.10 update for the Spider USB 2.0 High-Speed card has been made available today.
As anonymous hackers attempted to spread the patch supposed to allow hacking the code of our driver, we are releasing the new driver version protected against such attacks." Read more

Offensive Elbox driver and consequences for Poseidon by Chris Hodges
"Poseidon will refuse to load the usb.device with the next update. I could verify that the offensive RDB-killer code is inside the driver version (1.2) I had here. Permission to distribute Poseidon with their software has been withdrawn." Read more

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
Chris Hodges via ANN
14.11.2002 Tales of Tamar News
"Finally, Tales of Tamar can be preordered. We also took the opportunity to redesign our homepage to make it even easier for you to order.
Version 0.46 is the first official (and of course free) update for Tales of Tamar. As promised, we'll keep improving and expanding the game. Since the release of the CD version, quite a few things have happened." Read more

Tales of Tamar is a platform-independent, turnbased Massively-Multiplayer-Online-Roleplaying game like Kaiser or Civilization and is set in a medieval fantasy world. The player can interact with thousands of other real people in world via the Internet. Tales of Tamar was developed by Eternity and can be ordered form www.eternity-computer.de or www.tamar.net.

Ulrich Panzer, Valley of Tamar
Tales of Tamar website
14.11.2002 Exclusive interview with Fleecy Moss
AmigaSource is proud to anounce it's second interview with the big names in the Amiga Community. Drop on in and read the exclusive interview with Fleecy Moss of Amiga Inc!!!
Scott Pistorino, AmigaSource
14.11.2002 AntiVirus News
Amiga Anti-Virus Boot Disks Updated With New Libs
The anti-virus boot-disks that required any new libs, such as the Xvs, XFD of XAD libraries, have now been updated. They are available for download from the files area of the vht-can maillist.
The Virus Help Team Canada site has not yet recovered from the crash. When things get back to normal, the bootable flopppies will one again be available here.
The following bootable floppy disks were updated as of Nov 13, 2002: VirusChecker v2.5, VirusExecutor v2.28, VirusZ II v1.44, VirusZ III v0.9c.

Mill v0.79
Zbigniew Trzcionkowski has just released a new update of his new antivirus program Mill.
Here is some info about the new update:
Name: Mill
Version: v0.79
Archive name: Mill.lha
Archive size: 222.067 bytes (lha packed)
Release date: 14 November 2002

Charlene, Virus Help Team Canada
Virus Help Denmarks homepage
14.11.2002 AmigaZone releases StAHG, a free utility to Amiga users
The AmigaZone division of Merlancia industries is proud to present StAHG, a simple ReAction based tool created for the purpose of making an Amiga's collection of help files easier to access. Naturally, the first question to come up is, "What help files?" The answer is, "Exactly!" Or, if you prefer, all those help files buried deep within the confines of the "HELP:" assign. Now, the AmigaZone is offering a free program that helps to clean that mess up, and in the process takes advantage of an overlooked feature of AmigaOS 3.5 (and above). Read mode
David 'Targhan' Crawford, AmigaZone
10.11.2002 WinUAE 0.8.22R2
Windows News WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 2 is now available. Major new features:
- Kickstart 1.3 RDB and regular hardfile autoboot/automount support KS 1.3 regular (non-RDB) HDF autoboot requires FastFileSystem from WB1.3:L in KS roms-directory
- keyboard/mouse/joystick handling rewritten for DirectInput Windows keys are now 100% usable as an Amiga keys and SHIFT-keys don't get stuck anymore
- mouse speed configuration
- all keyboard keys (even special "multimedia keys") are available in input-tab configuration window
- configurable floppy drive type (3.5"DD/3.5"HD/A1010 5.25"SD)

Read more
WinUAE Official Homesite
13.11.2002 Amiga Quake II page News
The Amiga Quake II page has been redesigned by Tristan Mangold.

Uploaded Annihilation - a deathmatch-Mod with many weapons, and Holy Wars mod.
The Mods_Installer available on the Quake2 web page had a bug in it, so Steffen Haeuser has uploaded a new version.
Uploaded new Icon/Settings for Mods which are incompatible with the original Game-Settings.

Amiga Quake II page
13.11.2002 OFF-TOPIC: Payback News
Payback Mac Demo Available
The Mac version of Payback has gone gold! There's a playable demo available here. For Mac-specific information about Payback please visit Virtual Programming's site.

New Payback GBA Report
There's a new status report detailing all the latest improvements to the GBA version of Payback available here.

Apex Designs website
13.11.2002 Ottawa Amiga Show
Ottawa Amiga show report on-line on ZEE4.
"We've added some pictures of the Ottawa Amiga 2002 show held this past weekend."

Mini report of the Amiga show that happened last weekend in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. By Darren Eveland submited via ANN.

Ottawa Amiga Show 2002 Report By Denis Desjardins.

13.11.2002 Software News
New PageStream 4.1 Help Files
New help files for PageStream4.1 are now available. Download your copy here! Coming releases of PageStream will include the new help files as well.

Prometheus RTL8029 driver update
V1.3 of prm-rtl8029.device (a driver for Ethernet cards) is available for download here. It will also be available soon at Matay website.

Grasshopper LLC website
Grzegorz Kraszewski
12.11.2002 Interview with Bill McEwen on ExtremeTech
Amiga's Grand Plans Revealed
"With stories about the new Amiga shipping spreading across the web, including here on ExtremeTech, I thought it would be worthwhile to sit down and talk about these, and other developments with Bill McEwen, the CEO and President of Amiga, Inc."
ExtremeTech website
12.11.2002 WOASE sound & video files
Transcript of Ben Hermans's (Hyperion) AmigaOS4 presentaion from WOASE.

There is also finally available DivX version of the tape Ochal Christophe made at WOASE 2002 (600MB).

ACG Göteborg page
12.11.2002 DVD edition of 'The Deathbed Vigil and Amiga Impact'
Dave Haynie: "I'm about to close the "Deathbed Vigil..." DVD, including this "Amiga Impact" piece. I have received a number of impact statements, many of them very excellent. But I could use a few more.
The idea is simple: in a short paragraph, describe the Amiga's Impact. On you, on the industry, on your cat -- it's your voice, not mine. This is going into a short film that'll be on the DVD, which I'm hoping to get to a reproduction house by the end of next week, so discs can be available in time for Christmas. Include your name, please. Post it here (now that I'm actually working on that part of the disc), or email to me, with "DBV" in the subject. Thanks!"
Dave Haynie
12.11.2002 Amiga Fonts CD
This cd-rom collection is including around 700 fonts in the truetype- and compugraphic-formats. They are alphabetically sorted, plus a special drawer for science fiction-fonts. More information
The Faces of Mars website
11.11.2002 Voyager News
David 'zapek' Gerber: "I know it's been some time V beta 'timed out' (although it's still useable, there's some requester on startup). The reason there's no new version yet is that I started to do some significant changes but didn't» finish. Shouldn't take too long though."
11.11.2002 Virus Help Team Canada Unreachable
The Canadian site will be unavailable for a few days, as the primary system hard drive at Shadow-Realm suffered a massive crash on Sunday. If you need the latest VirusZ-III or VirusExecutor, they can be found at the vht-can maillist site: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vht-can/files/Anti-Virus/.
Charlene, Virus Help Team Canada
11.11.2002 Virus Help Denmark is back
"Hi all. It has been some time now, I have been moving and I have have no Internet connection. But just to inform you all that I'm alive and still kicking... I got an email from Charlene, that she had a harddisk crach. So I have desided to make an emergency Virus Help page, where users can get the latest antivirus programs. I'll do the uploading from my work computer (my boss does not mind) :-)
Okay, so the Virus Help Denmark page in up and running at a small size, but all the latest Antivirus programs are on it. And only Amiga stuff is for download.
The complete Virus Help Denmark website will be up on the 1'th of December 2002. Then I get my ADSL connection back. I know that this has been as much a problem for you, as it has been for me. But this was out of my hands!
My new email is: vht-dk@mail.dk
VHT-Denmark: www.vht-dk.dk
I hope to hear from you all soon..."
Jan Andersen, Virus Help Denmark
11.11.2002 A.D.A. celebrates 1 year online with 10 new demos
One year ago, Amiga Demoscene Archive appeared online with 123 demos and about 900 screenshots. One year later, we have updated the database to 234 demos and 2142 screenshots.

On the newest update, which was the biggest update we ever did, 10 high quality Amiga demos were added: 9 fingers/Spaceballs, Authentik/Skarla, Crash test/Cryptoburners, Dust addict/Fiction, Guardian Dragon 2/Kefrens, It can't be done/Ram Jam, Mosaic/Exceed, System crime/Scoopex, Xpose/The Silents and Omnirush/Mystic.
Enjoy and thanks for visiting the site!

z5, A.D.A.
11.11.2002 Ben Hermans clarifies position on Pegasos support
Question: Apparently Thendic is offering Hyperion a free Pegasos machine for AmigaOS 4 support? When can we expect to see OS 4 on the Pegasos?

Ben Hermans: "Really? I'm not aware of any offers from Thendic or bPlan. Nobody from Amiga or Hyperion has received such an offer by e-mail, fax or any other “official” channel. An Amiga user did forward me a comment on ANN which was supposedly made by somebody from Thendic but without official confirmation from Thendic, it is most likely a hoax. Let’s face it, no serious company would make such an offer in this way on a public message board and since Thendic is indeed a serious company, I find it very hard to believe that the offer did indeed originate from them." Read more

Amigart website
11.11.2002 Antivirus & Software News
xvs.library v33.39 released
Georg Hoermann has just released a new update of the xvs.library. Remember this library is very important for all the major antivirus programs, because they all use this library to get recog. for viruses. Here is some info about the new update:
Name: External Virus Scanner Library
Version: v33.39
Archive name: xvslibrary.lha
Archive size: 91.362 bytes (lha packed)


A new version of the ReAction GUI for StrICQ v2 can be found on Glenn Hisdal's homepage.
Changes since last version:
Added possibility for using separate read and write windows. (like in the first version of the RA GUI)
Removed the need for popup-menu.library (standard intuition menus are used instead)
Added some menus and keyboard shortcuts
Some bugfixes

Jan Andersen, Virus Help Denmark
Glenn Hisdal, 's Homepage
10.11.2002 #AmigaOne Channel Website Updates
The AmigaOne IRC website has had a few updates which now include Aminova news mirror, public forum, Pick Of The Week and now an Articles section for visitors and members of the channel to post articles about anything they want. While not quite Grapevine yet they are looking for input to start things rolling. If you think you can help out then check the website at http://amigaone-irc.net.
Fly, #AmigaOne Channel Website
10.11.2002 ScanQuix for USB scanners
The known scan software is now also available in a version for USB scanners. The software package "ScanQuix USB" is based on the proven software "ScanQuix 5" and works with the scanners "HP ScanJet 2200c" and "Epson Perfection 1250". Next to the drivers for these scanners is among other things software for saving, printing and post-processing of the scanned pictures as well as there is for easy creating photo copies.
"ScanQuix USB" needs an USB card with the Poseidon USB stack (e.g. HIGHWAY by E3B). Because of the teamwork with E3B and Chris Hodges (Poseidon) who have actively supported the project is a flawless use also via the USB connection guaranteed.
"ScanQuix USB" is available at Vesalia Computer.
Amiga-News.de website
10.11.2002 WinUAE 0.8.22R2 work in progress update
Windows News Expected release date: Next week
Major new features:
- Kickstart 1.3 RDB and regular hardfile autoboot/automount support KS 1.3 regular (non-RDB) HDF autoboot requires FastFileSystem from WB1.3:L in KS roms-directory
- keyboard/mouse/joystick handling rewritten for DirectInput Windows keys are now 100% usable as an Amiga keys and SHIFT-keys don't get stuck anymore
- mouse speed configuration
- all keyboard keys (even special "multimedia keys") are available in input-tab configuration window
- configurable floppy drive type (3.5"DD/3.5"HD/A1010 5.25"SD)

Read more
WinUAE Official Homesite
10.11.2002 Software News
Concurrent Versions System (CVS)
CVS is a version control system, which allows you to keep track of all of your files (usally source code), keep a log of who, when, and why changes occurred, etc., like RCS or SCCS. It handles multiple developers, multiple directories, triggers to enable/log/control various operations, and can work over a wide area network (i.e. internet). New version (1.11.2) of AmigaOS/MorphOS port by Olaf Barthel and Jens Langner is now available. Changes: cleaned up sources to conform better with the original cvs sources and improved file attribute bit handling a bit.

reaction.lib replacement
reactionlib.lha - this archive is NO official update from Amiga, Inc. Instead it's a rewrite of most functions that are available from the original SAS/C reaction.lib as distributed with the NDK3.5 and 3.9! I've included the full source code, the project file and binary for StormC4. Also available is a modified clib file for this library (removed unsupported functions). readme

CVS AmigaOS/MorphOS port homepage
Stephan Rupprecht's Homepage
9.11.2002 fxPAINT 2.0 in December
We are proud to announce the long awaited version 2.0 of fxPAINT today.
fxPAINT 2.0 includes many new features, that will open up new graphical horizons to you. Besides the generally improved working speed and many new effects, a lot has been done at the modules, too. The fxALBUM- and fxCONV (batch processing)-modules have been heavily extended, new modules like e.g. the "Navigation Builder" and the "Color variations"-wizard have been added.
One of the most important new features is the support for gradients that may consist of a theoretically unlimited number of colors and transparency-values. Together with the also brand-new gradient tool you can easily add gradients to pictures or use them as background. Read more
Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT
9.11.2002 OctaMed SoundStudio 2 for Amiga dead
Ray Burt-Frost, RBF Software: "We are sorry to say that we have heard nothing from the katodev team for a very, very long time and having made many, many attempts to get a reply, we have been forced to face the fact that, even with all their failed deadlines and promises, they have let us, and you, down badly.
Sadly, following instructions from our solicitor, we have today, been forced to e-mail Katodev with instructions to destroy all OctaMED source in their possession, this includes original and any new source they have.
Unfortunately no one wants to work on a new version here and although we have been approached several times with regards to making the Amiga source freeware, due to certain important sections of the code having to remain copyrighted, we cannot allow this.
If you still want to see OctaMED arise again on the new Amiga, the only way forward is if the manufacturers of the new Amiga are willing to hold talks regarding a possible new version.
So, it's up to you to contact/bombard the new owners/manufacturers with your request, asking them to help resurrect your old favourite by contacting us at: AmigaV2@med.uk.com we will then be more than happy to discuss the possibility of a new version with them.
RBF Software website
9.11.2002 APC&TCP acquired the rights at DigiBooster Professional
APC&TCP locked recently with the programmers of DBPro a contract. Thus all rights at the Program, Source and the name Digiboostepro were acquired. Digibooster Professional is a Music-Tracker Program, which works with Samples. You can use over 60 commands, up to 128 channels, up to 255 samples, DSP echo, and many more to create your own Music.
Who thus already worked with programs like e.g. the Protracker, will love DBPro. DBPro runs completely over AHI, thus also each Sound-Card, whose driver on AHI constructs, is suporrted. Also known Modulformats will be supported. At the moment DBPro can MOD (Protracker/Noisetracker), DIGI (Digibooster 1.x), XM (FastTracker), S3M (ScreamTracker), MED (Octamed & OctamedSoundStudio) read and process.

As soon as a capable programmer is found, planned the advancement of the program in large steps is to be driven ahead. Furthermore is planned for future versions to publish the program instead of Disks on CDs. Detailed informations about the program can you find on the APC&TCP Homepage. The Homepage was updated this week.
In the future APC&TCP will work together very closely with the DigiBoosterPro Community.
Thus Dennis Lohr (Psyria) takes over the support for this extensive program for example.
So that the support for the program runs off as uncomplicatedly as possible, also specially a forum was furnished, which is attainable over the Community, APC&TCP as well as the Amiga Future Homepage. We would be pleased, if you would write your suggestions for improvements and new features for DigiBoosterPro into the support forum.

Andreas Magerl, APC&TCP website
9.11.2002 Software News
Bars&Pipes News
BarsnPipes v1.17 - MIDI sequencer Bars&Pipes further developed by Alfred Faust (freeware).
New: Screenmoderequester, gadtools-GUI, most requesters may be used by keyboard-shortcuts, CAMD-Library, new 32 colors design, Localisation - a german catalog is included, and much more. For further information read the history in the included BnP_Addenum.guide.
Homepage von Alfred Faust
8.9.2002 New Hollywood Screenshots
"Many people e-mailed me because they wanted more screenshots from Hollywood. Therefore I published 5 new screenshots from a game done with Hollywood and a demo done with Hollywood. More screenshots will be published over the next weeks. All applications whose screenshots are on the Airsoft Softwair homepage are of course included on the Hollywood CD-ROM."
Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
8.9.2002 Aminet CD #51 - October 2002
"Today I got the new Aminet CD #51. Stuffed with more than 500 MB (unpacked) of new releases within hundereds of archives. As a highlight the well known game Foundation - The Directors Cut is included.

The Aminet is the largest Amiga PD archive worldwide. Up to 40.000 users access it daily and several programmers publish their new software directly at the Aminet. During the eight years of existence the Aminet reached, converted, an extend of more than 40.000 floppy disks.

Amiga-News.de website
8.9.2002 100%AMIGA issue 30 out now!
Issue 30, the November 2002 issue of the 100%AMIGA, the Amiga's only monthly CD magazine is out now. We reveal the shocking Headline News behind the World of Amiga Show, features include Quake 2, and VHI Studio 5.7. Of course it wouldn't be a CD magazine without some great free software including music, graphics, file managers and some virtual pets to keep you company in the cold winter months! Order direct or from one of our international dealers in the USA, Canada and Australia.
Also, this is your last chance this weekend to get our surplus WOA games, utilities and hardware stocks including Quake 2, VHI Studio, Highway USB to name a few. Sale now ending at www.forematt.co.uk.
FORE-MATT Home Computing website
8.9.2002 Ottawa Amiga Show update!
We have just been informed by Livewire Systems that the eagerly anticipated Quake 2 shipment has arrived in Ottawa. As well, Randy Hughes of Amiga, inc has confirmed his attendance at the post show dinner at the Royal Oak. Be one of the first in North America to see Quake 2 running, and buy it! As well, Randy Hughes of Amiga, Inc. has confirmed his attendance at the post show dinner at the Royal Oak. There will be an informal question and answer session.
Site: http://www.technomages.net/amigashow
Questions: amigashow@technomages.net
Show annoucement mailing list: oas-subscribe@technomages.net
W. Thomas Leroux via ANN
8.11.2002 AmigaOne covered on mainstream websites
ExtremeTech - Update: Amiga Hardware Finally Shipping
8.11.2002 Some MagicEngine news now...
We have frozen the development of v0.9x of MagicEngine, we are now working only on the new v1.0. This version won't have that many new features at first (else it would take us way too long to release it) but we are planning some great things, first no more pce.ini hand editing, now all the options can be changed on the fly from inside MagicEngine, old menus have been improved and new ones have been added. A movie recording option may appear in this version too, and network play is something we want to implement as soon as possible, so that we can organize some tournaments. There won't be big changes in the PCE emulation, but Magic System will get a compatibility boost and sound support should be better. No release date yet, but it's a big update so it may take us a little more time than usual to release it. This version will use OpenGL, and starting from v1.0 the Mac version will be an OS X native application. An Amiga port (OS 4) of MagicEngine may be possible too, we are thinking to that at the moment. If we do this port we will start to work on it after the release of v1.0. Thank you to all the Amiga users who sent us e-mails to support us!
Magicengine homepage
8.9.2002 'Unofficial' Amiga Quake 2 Page online
"In cooperation with Daniel Schulz who offered the Webspace we put up a page which features extra material for buyers of Quake 2 for AmigaOS, like new Mods (and possibly material given to us by Amiga Quake 2 players like new levels). The page is found at http://www.knight-industries.de/q2/q2files.html.
Amigart website
8.9.2002 Software News
Porting of various software packages over to the Amiga
anubis v3.6.0 - outgoing mail processor
abcm2ps v3.1.13 - converts ABC to music sheet in PostScript
pipeviewer v0.2.6 - monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline
ringtonetools v2.01 - mobile tones converter
SHighlight v1.6.1 - sourcecode to document with syntax highlighting
Visit Amiga.sf.

famous Amiga emulator UAE has been ported to the Microsoft X-Box and carries the name UAE-X.
Check it out at SourceForge.

dcr8520, Amiga.sf
Amiga.org website
7.11.2002 Quake 2 Amiga Port available
Quake 2 for AmigaOS finally went officially on sale at the WOASE show in London on November 2.
The game was shown in a deathmatch-network of 3 Amiga's running a custom level especially developed for the show. The network-server was a PC to show that Quake 2 for AmigaOS also supports playing with PC-users on the same Multiplayer-Network over TCP/IP though of course you can also use an Amiga as Server. The Quake 2 for Amiga package comes with a comfortable installer script and startup-GUI and Amigaguide-Documentation plus the original Windows-Version of Quake 2 containing the Data-files.
Over 55 Mods for Quake 2 will be made available to end-users through various channels including the internet.
Copies of Quake 2 for Amiga will be available at your local dealer in the course of this week.
Pricing may vary, so shop around.
Steffen Haeuser, Hyperion Entertainment
7.11.2002 Amiga to create games and other content for Microsoft Windows for Smartphone 2002 Software
Amiga, a leader in games and entertainment software, today announced the release of games targeting Windows Powered Smartphones. Using the Amiga Anywhere Content Engine and their new "App Pak" technology, applications written for Windows Powered Pocket PC handheld computers will now be available for Smartphones as well. Read the full Amiga Smartphone release here
AmigaInc website
7.11.2002 Hyperion officaly out of Ami2D OS4 drivers...
Thomas Frieden, Hyperion Entertainment posted when asked if OS4 has Matrox G400 support: "Not sure yet... Hyperion is definitely not doing graphics drivers for OS4... of course, we wanted to do that *initially*, but that was before we actually had to take over the development of the whole system..."

ExiE: "Strange. One of the main developers of Amiga OS4.0, which should be ready for release in several weeks, "doesn't know" what graphics cards are supported by OS. And what about Mr.Ben Hermans ? :-)"

CyberGraphX homepage
Hyperion Entertainment website
7.11.2002 It's a SCUMMy job, but someone's... The future of ScummVM
"Well, we seem to have lost contact with LucasArts, as we haven't heard from them for several weeks now. So, assuming they don't suddenly e-mail us and veto it, we are preparing for a 0.3.0 release.
Firstly, ScummVM 0.3.0 will include support for:
Zak McKracken (FmTowns 256 Color Version)
Monkey Island (VGA Floppy and Enhanced CD)
Monkey Island II
Loom (CD Talkie version)
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Day of the Tentacle
Sam and Max Hit the Road
The Dig
Simon The Sorcerer 1

The next major release, 0.4.0, will include support for:
Simon The Sorcerer 2
Full Throttle
Indiana Jones and Last Crusade (256 color version)

7.11.2002 Exclusive interview with Ben Hermans
AmigaSource is proud to announce what hopes to be the first of many interviews with the big names in the Amiga Community. Drop on by and read the exclusive interview with Ben Hermans of Hyperion Entertainment!!!
Scott Pistorino, AmigaSource
7.11.2002 AHI News
"I'm sure you're all aware of it, but I upload beta versions of AHI to the beta directory from time to time. It's getting close to a new stable release (version 6)."

"Yes, ideed, today is November 7th, not July 11th. Anyway, I've been asked to clarify one thing regarding the PPC version of AHI. There will be no WarpUp version, nor will there be any PowerUp version. The reason is that neither of these two systems allow PPC code to be invoked from within an interrupt¹, which is an absolute requirement for AHI. The current PPC version is for MorphOS only. In the future, I hope to have an AmigaOS 4 version as well."

¹) While is should have been obvious by reading the PowerUp documentation, there is nothing in the WarpUp documentation or the actual design that suggests that it will not work; in WarpUp, it could be possible if the implementation had allowed it. In any case, the days when I could be bothered to write for a mixed CPU system are since long gone..."

AHI homepage
6.11.2002 Mediator Expansion Continues: Mediator PCI 4000Di
ELBOX COMPUTER News Elbox Computer is proud to announce expansion of the MEDIATOR busboard product line with the new Mediator model for Amiga 4000D computers: the Mediator PCI 4000Di. With this product, every Amiga 4000D user gains the chance to use up to 4 PCI cards in the standard A4000 desktop case, thus significantly improving his/her computer's performance. Read more
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
6.11.2002 Eyetech: AmigaOne Prebuilt Systems
"Initially we will be offering two prebuilt configurations, each available with either the AmigaOneG3-SE or the AmigaOne-XE G4 motherboards. Both systems will be shipped with Linux PPC and the UAE emulator installed, the full SuSE Linux PPC distribution (8 CD's and manual) and motherboard documentation on CD. The earlybird systems (ie systems ordered/paid for before 31 December 2002) will also include the rights to receive a free user-release copy of OS4-OEM for the AmigaOne when it is released. This OS4 CD will be shipped free of charge." Read more
Eyetech Group Limited website
6.11.2002 WoASE audio files (video still missing :-)
The files from WOaSE has finally been encoded and distributed to the mirrors.
ANN website
Andreas Loong, ACG Göteborg
6.11.2002 Antivirus News
VirusExecutor v2.28 Update
Jan Erik Olausen released a new version of his virus killer as there was some bug from a previous VE version if you had unknown patches in the KickTagPtr... It is now available on the downloads page. The archive is named VirusExecutor228.lha. The PatchBrain has been updated to v1.49. See the VirusExecutor Readme for complete changes.

VirusExecutor boot-disk updated with v2.28
The anti-virus floppy boot-disk named 'VirusHelp_VE' has been updated with Jan Erik Olausen's VirusExecutor v2.28 that he released Nov 6th, 2002. Read the V E boot disk history file for changes. It is now available for download at Virus Help Team Canada.

Charlene, Virus Help Team Canada
6.11.2002 Interview with the author of Depthmenu
GFX-BASE have published thir interview with Arkadiusz Wahlig, author of the great and very usefull WB-enhancer tool DepthMenu today. As they had more questions (which Arkadiusz didn't answer yet), a second part of the interview might follow soon. Read it here.
GFX-BASE website
6.11.2002 New driver for Spider USB 2.0 Hi-Speed card
ELBOX COMPUTER News The SpiderUP 1.9 update for the Spider USB 2.0 High-Speed card has been made available today.
Changes in usb.device ver.1.9:
- the bulk out procedure corrected
- speed improvements
The usb.device 1.9 requires the Poseidon stack ver.1.31 as a minimum. Info on the current versions is available in the DOWNLOADS | Mediator section.
Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
6.11.2002 Amiga Future: New Vote
Today, we start a new Vote on the Amiga Future Page: "Which Browser use you?".
Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
6.11.2002 Merlancia Industries Open Letter to the Amiga, Merlancia, and MorphOS Community
"It has come to my attention that there has been talk of our offices closing and/or vanishing and several people were wondering what has happened.
Please be advised that we are NOT going out of business. Our offices are simply being located to a different location.
We have notified any clients that have systems in for service, as well as anyone that might need our new address for billing/payment reasons (e.g AmigaZone members and web customers) of this about a week ago. We will shortly have a photo walkthrough, (and possibly a QuicktimeVR walkthrough) of the new offices for everyone to look at.
Our new location is larger, as well as being a newer buliding and better location. Merlancia clients will be receiving an invitation to an office party coming up shortly, as well as a conference on our new systems with demonstrations and other promotions.
A press release will follow in the next few days on all of this.
Read more
Ryan E A Czerwinski, CEO Merlancia Industries, Inc.
5.11.2002 Boot Logs of ExecSG Kernel on AmigaOne G3 and AmigaOne G4
Hyperion Entertainment has allowed us to publish a boot log of ExecSG Kernel running on AmigaOne G3 and AmigaOne G4.
Some info from Thomas Frieden: "The first log is ExecSG starting up and me showing some of the commands.. for example, it shows that it's running on a 256 MB machine, but it's got 1.2 GB of memory visible to ExecSG (due to virtual memory).
The second log is just the booting, but if you take close attention the the output, you'll see that it's actually booting on a G4... that log's from a test run on a Amiga One XE board with a G4 7410..." Thanks to Thomas Frieden and Ben Hermans.
Amigart website
5.11.2002 Frogger News
Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz: "After being informed that Frogger breaks GPL license, Ive removed the two plugins based on GPL code. Also, Ive put the acknowledgement note on www pages. The source code for LGPL based plugins are now also available."
According to some other news sites "Moreover, Frogger goes Open Source, cvs with source code and other goodies should be ready within few days."
Frogger homepage
5.11.2002 Ottawa Amiga Show Update
A quick update to the Ottawa Amiga Show: Great news! There will a system demoing OS4.0 at the show as well as the AmigaOne. There has also been an update from two of the retailers.
Site: http://www.technomages.net/amigashow
Questions: amigashow@technomages.net
Show annoucement mailing list: oas-subscribe@technomages.net
W. Thomas Leroux via ANN
7.11.2002 ZeroVertex's new website
ZeroVertex, the developers of 3D game called Drake, opened their new website.

Drace- a 3D game of buccaneers and merchants on the Spanish Main. Adventure, trading, diplomacy, role playing and action, genres that are hard to resist...
"We moved to Windows as the primary development platform. I was sick and tired of waiting for certain Amiga vendors to release drivers for ancient hardware like the Voodoo3. I fear Drake won't run very well on a Permedia2 with 4MB. That's stone age, isn't it? But there will be a cut-down WarpOS version for Amigas equipped with a PowerPC CPU, hopefully released together with the PC version."

ZeroVertex homepage
5.11.2002 End of WOA show stock surplus sale
Unfortunately some of you missed a great show on Saturday (thanks again to the organisers for all their hard work!) but the good news is we still have some surplus stock that we want to get rid of at show prices. But HURRY as we only have very limited stocks at this price for a couple for days and it is first come first served. Click here now for a great bargain!

COMING SOON- A great new CD magazine from the makers of 100%AMIGA - 100%Sci-Fi
News, reviews and all the Science Fiction you can get your hands on!
We give the 100% treatment to TV shows and Movies from the past, present and the future as well as information on Sci-Fi events, games and other merchandise.
A great new all-format monthly publication that is out of this world! 100%SCI-FI: The Future of Magazines.

FORE-MATT Home Computing website
4.11.2002 Hollywood now available
Finally! After a long time of development, the Multimedia authoring system Hollywood is available. Hollyw½ood is a powerful and extensive program which is unique on the Amiga. You could compare Hollywood with a modern version of Scala: But Hollywood works fully in 24bit mode and uses only system functions to grant compatibility on every Amiga system. Because of this extreme system friendly programming Hollywood does also run on Amiga emulators with great speed. Versions of Hollywood for MorphOS and AmigaOS4 and maybe also AROS are planned. On the Hollywood product page you will find an extensive overview including screenshots from the program. In the next days some applications done with Hollywood will be presented here. Hollywood is delivered on CD-ROM and can be ordered now.
Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
4.11.2002 Immortal CD price cut
Immortal, a music CD containing studio mixes of Amiga videogame soundtracks is now available with a price discount of over 40%. It's new homepage is available here.
Amiga.org website
Immortal homepage
4.11.2002 Rebol News
REBOL/Core - Minor release that include bug fixes and changes. Important fixes will include the /skip (file seek) problem, and /direct/read/lines problem, as well as others.
REBOL/View - Including the above changes and a few new VID styles. In addition, VID has been modified to reduce its memory usage by making a few fields of the VID-face object optional in Layout. (For significant VID style changes, see below.)
REBOL/Core and REBOL/View licenses - Will become less restrictive. You can use as many copies of /Core and /View within your organization for free.
REBOL/SDK - A new package for developers that includes /Base, /Face, /Encap, prebol 2.0 (preprocessor), installer (you can now make custom self-installing programs), and source code to REBOL source-based modules, including protocols, network modules, view modules (including the source code to VID), and more.
Read more
Rebol technologies website
4.11.2002 Keyboards Cherry Cybo@rd Amiga Edition now available
The Dutch retailer Computer City announces that the Amiga keyboards with Amiga logo can now be delivered after some problems. The product line is called ´Chrerry Cybo@rd Amiga Edition´. Read the original message now.
Amiga-News.de website
Computer City website
3.11.2002 WoASE 2002 News
SEAL: "Some photos from the World of Amiga South East 2002 show are now available. In a few days we will have a full show report. You should also be able to find audio clips of the announcements made at the show on the show website".

Kickstart: The photographs Sam Byford took of the event are on this page and quick show report is here.

Amiga.org added a WOA-SE 2002" Subcategory to the Image Gallery. You can upload any images from the show to share with everyone.

Some pix Kevin Twyman took at the WoASE 2002 show.

3.11.2002 Photos and Short Report From Sydney AmigaOne display
"The last meeting for SAUG took place on Sunday 20th. A large amount of Amiga hardware was on display at the meeting, but as expected the star of the show was the AmigaOne. Ross Vumbaca of SAUG has been doing development on the AmigaOne and gave a very good rundown on the board itself and explained all the ins and outs of the A1's PPCBoot bios with all of this being displayed on Jeff Sereno's 42" Plasma screen. At approx. 4.30 pm we went live with a question and answer session with Alan Redhouse." -Doug Moir/AnythingAmiga Click for the pictures
Amigart website
3.11.2002 WoASE News
A brief report from this year's World of Amiga Show by John Chandler on suite101.com.

Ian Stedman inaccurately interpreted information about speed of 68K emulation in AmigaOS4 on ANN.
WRONG! "68K emulation on a 600 MHZ G3 gives equivalent performance to a 68060@50MHz." WRONG!

According to Steffen Haeuser, Hyperion they "get that speed already on a Cyberstorm PPC 200 MHz with a quite old version of Petunia. He did not check on the current speed, but especially the FPU-Stuff is really fast."

suite101.com website
Steffen Haeuser
2.11.2002 Projects Progress in Latest Executive Update
Bill McEwen discusses project status, product rollouts and retailer availability in the latest Executive Update. Read the November Executive Update here.
AmigaInc. website
2.11.2002 WoASE News
ANN: Ian Stedman's World of Amiga 2002 pictures and show report.

Amigart: Hyperion Entertainment demonstrated AmigaOS 4 Kernel ExecSG on AmigaOne at WOA-SE Amiga show in .U.K. Click here for a photo of ExecSG running on A1 hardware.
Steffen Haeuser: "This 'Boot Console thing' is ExecSG running on the AmigaOne with a small console to be able to do some things already including:
- Showing that the Multitasking works (ExecSG is fully completed)
- Showing that the Virtual Memory already works
- Showing that it actually works on a G4 machine
- Showing that PPCBoot is used and what sort of data it gives about the machine
so this could be showed off before OS 4 is fully running - with all OS modules - on an AmigaOne. This stuff is also running on "old-style" PPC Boards since a longer time already, BTW."

2.11.2002 PC-Engine Emulation on AmigaOS ?
"If you want the best PC-Engine (Turbo Grafx - 16, in the United States) Emulation Package - Magic Engine - ported to AmigaOS, write the author.
I have been in discussion with the author of 'Magic Engine' about an Amiga-Port. If enough people would request an Amiga Version he would port it to AmigaOS, he told me, "but up to now I did not get more than about a dozen requests".
If you are interested in PC Engine Emulation on the Amiga email to: dmichel@easynet.fr. If you write him "be nice" :)

"The PC-Engine was a game-console introduced to the market in 1987 (with new games appearing till 1997 actually). At the launch it was the direct competitor of the NES, but of course the NES had absolutely no chance against the superior graphics of the PC-Engine. Still it was never really successful outside Japan."

Steffen Haeuser via ANN
2.11.2002 Compuquick's update November 2002
"Hello fellow Amigans we greet you this month of November 2002 with the good news that Amiga One G3 SE 600 mhz and G4 XE 800 mhz boards are to be released soon.
Eyetech have announced today in the Amiga One section of their website and you are urged to check this out. We at compuquick will be stocking and selling the newly announced G4 xe 800 mhz boards, G3 SE 600 mhz boards and prebuilt g4 xe and g3 se systems.
Initial details have been posted on our website at www.compuquick-amigadirect.com under the new amigas section." Read more
Amiga.org website
2.11.2002 Computer Connection: AmigaOne - It's On It's Way!
As we approach the release of the AmigaOne we are happy to announce we are now accepting pre-orders on our pre-configured systems and AmigaOne main boards. Simply click on AmigaOne for the boards or AmigaOne systems and make your selection. When you reach our shopping cart select print to order by fax or mail. Fill in all the required fields and when the product is ready to ship I will contact you to get payment information and ship the order. 
Amiga.org website
1.11.2002 AmigaOneG3-SE (G3/600) and AmigaOne-XE (G4/800) Earlybird
"[..] The upshot is that we are taking orders for both the 600MHz G3-based AmigaOneG3-SE, and the 800MHz G4-based AmigaOne-XE, starting at the WoA-SE show on 2nd November 2002 - for delivery before Christmas (and, yes, for the cynics out there, we really do mean Christmas 2002!). A 700MHz G3 (750FX cpu) version of the AmigaOne-XE will be made available - at reduced cost - early in 2003.
But what about OS4 I hear you say - is that now ready? OS4 is now highly advanced, but no, is not currently ready for shipping, largely because Hyperion have had to divert a considerable amount of their time and effort in sorting out the AmigaOne's PPCBoot firmware. Our best estimate is that OS4 for the AmigaOne will ship early in 2003.
[..] So, in return, we are offering all users who wish to take up this 'Earlybird' offer a free, registered, copy of OS4 for the AmigaOne as soon as it becomes available. The Earlybird 'free OS4' offer represents a saving of around 12% on an AmigaOneG3-SE motherboard." Read more
Eyetech Group Ltd website
1.11.2002 RC-FTPd offer at WOASE
For the duration of WOASE, I'll be offering rc-ftpd registration for the freduced price of £10, instead of the usual $20 (£13 + commision)
As I'm feeling nice, and am completely broke (petrol and entrance money only), while I'm at WOASE people will be able to register rc-ftpd in cash, in pounds, and in person. I'll take their details and give them a receipt, they'll get the personal keyfile when I get home and email them out :-)
See RobinC's Website for how to recognise me.
Robin Cloutman via ANN
1.11.2002 Call out for Highway & Subway USB printer users
Michael Boehmer: "We have been reported several printers causing problems with a certain USB PCI card. To get an overview on what printers are being used with HIGHWAY boards, please take the minute time and send us a small report on what USB printers you have working, the USB card used, and which driver program has been used. Please mail directly to subway-hardware@e3b.de. You help us a lot in tracking this problem."
CyberGraphX homepage
USB for Amiga website
1.11.2002 dynAMIte 2.2a
"Yes, we were working overtime on Halloween! More bugfixes (highscore bug fixed!) are the result... Prove your addiction get dynAMIte 2.2a now!
dynAMIte homepage
1.11.2002 AF: Workbench-Gallery Update
"Today we update the User-Workbench-Gallery on the Amiga Future Homepage. More as 20 Screenshots added in this Gallery today. Have fun..."
Andreas Magerl, Amiga Future
1.11.2002 VirusExecutor v2.27 Update & more
Jan Erik Olausen released a new version of his virus killer as there was some serious bugs in 2.26. Due to Virus Help Team Canada's changing DNS, the VE update is available for download at the vht-can maillist site. The PatchBrain has been updated to v1.47.

The VirusExecutor boot-floppy has the new v2.27 and PatchBrain v1.47 that was released October 31, 2002. Read the VE boot disk history file for changes.

Charlene, Virus Help Team Canada
1.11.2002 Software News
Nostalgia 2.1
Nostalgia 2.1, the multi-emulation system, has been released and can be downloaded from Melina Softworks Homesite. This release corrects some bugs and compatibility issues reported by users.

PyAROS 0.1 [2.2.1] released
The first public release of PyAROS is now available for download at http://pyaros.sourceforge.net.
PyAROS is a port of Python to AROS, based on Python 2.2.1 and the Amiga Python port (which is no longer maintained).

Walid Moghrabi, Melina Softworks
Adam Chodorowski via ANN