31.10.2002 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#021031).
Brad Webb, Amiga Update
31.10.2002 AROS irc channels moved to Freenode
The AROS irc channels have now been moved to Freenode. You can connect here by using irc.freenode.net (it picks a random server) or find a server on www.freenode.net.
The Freenode net is also used by most open source projects, so we're hoping a lot of people who found it too much of a hassle to join us on EFnet will do it here.
This IRC net supports longer nicknames, nick registration and a lot of other things aswell.
The channel name is the same: #aros
Join #aros on irc.freenode.net today!
AROS homepage
30.10.2002 WOASE - You are not going to believe this 2! - The Sequel
Ladies and Gentlemen, we are very proud to announce that this year's World of Amiga Southeast show is not only going to be the finest ever, but also the most feature packed.
We have patiently waited for the go ahead to announce one more attendee, subject to confirmation. We are now able to do so, but first we would like to recap on what is already happening.
* Amiga - Announcements/AOS4.0
* Eyetech - AmigaOne
* Thendic France/Bplan - Pegasos/Morphos
* Quake II/Software Tycoon/Tales of Tamar (Buy and Demonstrated)

Now, we are proud to announce that the last attendees will be: Hyperion-Entertainment.
Yes, you read that right, the Hyperion Team are flying over from Germany to the UK not only to ensure you get your copies of Quake II, (very special delivery) but Ben Harmans will personally host the OS4 presentation with the rest of the Hyperion Team in support. Read more

Mikey C
30.10.2002 New piece of Music on Psyria homepage
Yesterday on the homepage of Psyria a new music piece was published. It concerns here a piece, which was written in the original by Bjorn Lynne. "Messages" - is available immediately on http://www.psyria.de in the download area.
Bjorn Lynne wrote a Remix Contest out, which ends to 31.10.02 over this song. Further information finds you on http://www.lynnemusic.com.
Psyria homepage
30.10.2002 Software News
Frogger 2.05 (code name: 'never say never')
New Frogger release fixes few bugs, introduces ra demuxer and fli demuxer (sadly, no fli/flc video decoder available yet, should be soon). Last, but not least, there is WMA decoder included. Enjoy.

MakeCD News
If you replace your V11.3 version with the new makecdromfs.module V45.7, then MakeCD 3.2 beta 10 also allows you to write Joliet and HFS tracks. This module also supports a better, extended file list format - see the readme that is included with the new module. It is brought to you by Heinz Wrobel, who should be contacted regarding all problems with the makecdromfs.module.

Frogger homepage
Amiga MakeCD Support Page
29.10.2002 Geek Gadgets: Status after breakdown on 10th October 2002
On 10th October 2002, the Geek Gadgets project's hardware (gcc, ixemul.library...) broke down. This affected the power supply as well as two hard disks, one with the current system backup and another with the complete system backup (about a year old).
Currently, only the mailing lists are active. Due to the low activities in the lists, these have been reduced to 'gg-announce' and 'gg'.
The 'gg' list currently has a discussion about the status and the future of Geek Gadgets.
Amiga-News.de website
29.10.2002 VirusExecutor boot-disk updated with v2.26
The anti-virus floppy boot-disk named 'VirusHelp_VE' has been updated with Jan Erik Olausen's VirusExecutor v2.26 that he released Oct 28th, 2002. Read the VE boot disk history file for changes. It is now available for download at Virus Help Team Canada.
Charlene, Virus Help Team Canada
29.10.2002 Software News
PerfectPaint v2.83
New version 2.83 of PerfectPaint is now available at http://gothic.fr.free.fr/amiga/index.html and soon on Aminet.
PerfectPaint is great FREEWARE! proggie for painting, animation and manipulating pictures from 1bit to 24bits. What's new

Another akJFIF/PNG/TIFF datatypes update
akJFIF/PNG/TIFF datatypes v45.8 are now available for download on Andreas Kleinert's website. This is because Aminet has a 10 day upload delay for updates - and additionally he might not be able to do any uploads the first week of November."

PerfectPaint's page
PerSuaSive SoftWorX
28.10.2002 Ottawa Amiga Show 2002 Site Updated
"The Ottawa Amiga Show will have Amiga retailers selling products and developers showing off their latest programs.
The retailers are Cinereal of Ottawa, Downtown Amiga from Montreal, and Livewire Systems of Ottawa.  Livewire systems has indicated they will have 2 Amithlon systems, some Elbox hardware products, Quake two and more!  Cinereal will be demonstrating Matrox video editing solutions as well as selling Amiga software and hardware.
ACK Software Controls from Niagara Falls will be demonstrating the AmigaOne, the first new Amiga hardware since 1993, and a modified Amiga 4000T, the last classic Amiga model produced.

The Ottawa Amiga Show is taking place on November 9, 2002.  Doors open to the public at 11:00am, and the show ends at 4:00pm.

Ottawa Amiga Show 2002 website
28.10.2002 C.A.P.S. Update
New Work-In-Progress update up at the Classic Amiga Preservation Society website:
New Disk Formats
Density Detection
Copylock (Amiga and ST)
Analyser Changes
Saving Support Routines
Kieron Wilkinson, C.A.P.S.
28.10.2002 VirusExecutor v2.26 Update
Jan Erik Olausen released a new version of his virus killer. It is now available for download at Virus Help Team Canada. The VE PatchBrain has been updated to v1.46.
See the VirusExecutor Readme for complete changes
Charlene, Virus Help Team Canada
28.10.2002 Games News
dynAMIte 2.2 available now
"Hello past, present and future Amigans, once again we are very excited to bring you the latest in pyrotechnical internet assassination.
We have been through a very hard time, while we had to close our offices in order to keep dynAMIte freeware. Aside from this we were very busy during our 4 week vacation improving dynAMIte and working on several other serious and secret projects that we may reveal in the not-too-distant future.
Can I hear you say November 2nd?
Yes, it is true! Whatever you have been waiting for will happen on November 2nd. We would like to point out that November 2nd is a saturday, but that is already enough of a hint.
Now fasten your seat-belts and put on your knickers, because one more time dynAMIte will blow you away."

Here it is, the latest update to dynAMIte with many bugfixes and improvements! Get addicted now!

Bugfix release of AmiChess
"AmiChess caused problems for some users, because the game window couldn't be opened. I managed to solve this problem. The game requires a Workbench resolution of at least 800x600 pixels. The bugfix version can be downloaded from here."

dynAMIte homepage
Digital Almanac Homepage
28.10.2002 Software News
akJFIF/PNG/TIFF update
"Due to a screwed test setup, a buggy akJFIF 45.6 version went to Aminet. As a result, 45.7 of all three datatypes now is available for download on my website. This is because Aminet has a 10 day upload delay for updates - and additionally I might not be able to do any uploads the first week of November."
Andreas Kleinert via ANN
PerSuaSive SoftWorX
27.10.2002 AmigaSource reaches 1000+ links!!!
"AmigaSource.com is proud to announce that it has finally reached the 1000+ link mark. (1001 to be exact!) Since it's start a little over 1 year ago AmigaSource has been a solid replacement to the long gone Amiga Web Directory.
With over 40 easy to browse categories and basic search engine just about everything under the sun for the Amiga can be found here. From Software to Hardware, Articles to Shows & Other OS's to Miscellaneous, AmigaSource has attempted to catalog them all.
I have personally spent hundreds of hours locating, verifying & cataloging the 1000+ sites dedicated to the Amiga and computers in general. I ask you to please take the time and drop in, look around, make suggestions, point out errors/mistakes and most importantly add more sites!! If this site has helped just one Amiga user my job is done but I believe it can do MUCH more!!
I would also like everyone to PLEASE spread the word about AmigaSource. If you like what you see please add a link/graphic to my site. I'll do the same for you! I have learned a lot the past year and plan to keep improving the site. I have a few new ideas up my sleeves. Stay tuned!
To everyone who has contacted me in the past year thanks for your support!! To everyone else?? What are you waiting for??
For more information anout the site please visit the updated about AmigaSource page."
Scott A Pistorino, AmigaSource page
27.10.2002 Happy Birthday & other news
"On the 12th of October 1996 Amiga Flame was launched with the first articles made available to eager Amiga gamers. After many years at the helm of Amiga Flame I was still surprised to find that Amiga Flame has reached its sixth birthday." Read more

Space Flight Sim In Development
Amiga Flame has learned that a new development team are planning to work on a space flight simulation. Johan Dams one of the team members indicated that, 'this game is not intended to become something like Descent: Freespace but more along the lines of Elite/Frontier'. Read more

Amiga Flame
27.10.2002 AF: Interview Titan Computer
Some time ago we make a german interview with Michael Garlich (Titan Computer). Today we translate the interview to english.
Andreas Magerl, Amiga-Future
27.10.2002 AIO 64 is out
Issue 64 of AIO is out and should be soon up on Aminet and the AIO site. Highlights include reviews of Aqua and SWFPlayer.
Mark Tierno, AIO
27.10.2002 Software News

Hagelslag 0.14, gnutella client for 68k
SixK: "I have just ported Hagelslag, a gnutella client for 68k. This client work on local connection. And seem's to work on internet. I said seem's cause I never manage to download a single file from internet, while on my local network, it work. Note that finding any host that will accept Gnutella V0.4 protocol will the most difficult thing. Try to connect to all hostscaches.
Note that actually you will only be able to download, no upload yet. That is to say if you connect to another Amiga with hagelslag you won't be able to download anyfile.
Please report on this forum if you manage to download a file from an internet host.

SMPEG is a free MPEG1 video player library with sound support. Video playback is based on the ubiquitous Berkeley MPEG player, mpeg_play v2.2. Audio is played through a slightly modified mpegsound library, part of Splay v0.8.2. SMPEG supports MPEG audio (MP3), MPEG-1 video, and MPEG system streams.
This library is distributed under the GNU Library Public License (LGPL) version 2 (and was compiled with: -m68020-60).
Plaympeg is simple video player provided to test the library (it requires the same for SDL library: CGX, AHI, etc). The C library interface is 'documented' in smpeg.h, and the C++ library interface is spread out over the MPEG*.h files.

Voodoo-X Released Under GPL
Andrew Bell, developer of the official GUI of Dirk Stoecker's XAD package, has decided to release the source for Voodoo-X under GPL. Follow this link to the latest pre-beta release of this gui.

Amiga Community website
dcr8520, Amiga.sf
Virus Help Team Canada
26.10.2002 Exclusive! Amiga Walker concept designs
To celebrate the World of Amiga show, Amiga Interactive Guide is proud to reveal six concept designs of the Amiga Walker. Weep nostalgic tears for the familiar desktop! Jump for joy at the mini-tower version! And quake in fear at the bizarre blue Walker! To read more about the Walker and other developments, visit Amiga Interactive Guide.
Gareth Knight, Amiga Interactive Guide
26.10.2002 New products: Catweasel PCI/Flipper and POST code display
Catweasel MK3 PCI/Flipper - the third generation of Catweasel controllers.
It's a PCI board for modern PCs, MACs and the new computers AmigaOne and Pegasos. The surname "Flipper" suggests that there's more to this interface. The new Catweasel is a so-called flipcard, it can be plugged into the Zorro-slot of a classic-Amiga. Even if you don't have one of these bus systems, there's another connector for the clock-port of an Amiga 1200 - a small pin header on the motherboard of the computer that's connected with a cable.

PCI POST-Code display - diagnosis-board for all computers with PCI slots.
What does a PC do after switching it on before it beeps for the first time? This question will arise if the computer won't start as usual. Especially if the graphics card cannot be initialized any more, you'll need a tool that lets you look "inside".

individual Computers website
26.10.2002 The Crypt: Issue 26 (Warlocks, Wizards and Witches) is out
And what a bumper issue it is, Plenty to keep you amused and interested. Well it is that time of year again, Trick & Treat Season, So why not make the Kids some delicious Halloween Snacks (Check out or recipe page) for Worm Burgers, Simple Pimples or Strained Eyeballs.
Food that youngsters just can't resist, And best of all they are easy to make :)
On a more serious Note, We take an indepth look at Broadband in this issue, Check out the results of our Website survey. Broadband MUST be the way forward for all serious Internet users, But can YOU get it ???
Sadly there are a lot of people in the UK that can't, Their area is not covered by BT or the various Cable companies, So what can they do? ...Check out Ian Urie's superb Interview with "Eoin Lambkin" of "SatDrive" a company pledged to bring a Broadband service to all via Sattelite.
On the Computer hardware front, Check out the following: A Printer that slips into your Pocket? the Brother MPrint,or Iomega\s NEW 750mb Zip Drive.
A lot of Internet users change their email addresses, Are you one of those ...Are you sure you informed everyone (You might be missing a vital mail) Check out "Return Path" a site that solves your problems.
Are you a lover of Computer games?, Yes ...Great. Have you all the latest Patches for your games? ...YES Even the older Amiga games? For A host of Patches for all format of computer games check out our "Gamers Delight" page.
Our fans to the "Steam Corner" pages, are in for a special treat (In this Issue and ones to come) Two New rail companies featured in this Issue "The Watercress Line" and "Nashville, Chatanooga & ST.Louis Railway".
Of course we still feature our every popular Jokes section, But do you know what your pets get up to when your backs turned?
Our Dashing Dalmatian (Domino the Dogs Body) Goes undercover with his camera and brings you the Answer :) All this and Much Much more in The CRYPT Magazine.
Steve Evans, The Crypt
26.10.2002 TV card drivers easy to do for OS4 (AmiRTG)
When asked about the A1+OS4 doing nice video/tv overlay Hans-Jörg Frieden, Hyperion Entertainment writes: "Yes. The overlays are supported by Picasso96, and the only thing missing is the actual TV card drivers, which aren't hard to do."
CyberGraphX homepage
26.10.2002 Software & Games News
Digital Almanac III - News about the beta version
I managed to implement exact ephemeris calculation for the Jupiter satellites J6 to J13. The current ephemeris were mostly unusable because the values were just some raw predictions. The new, quite exact ephemeris were realized with the help of polynomial tables.

AmiChess and Crafty - Delay
It was planned to publish the new chess programs AmiChess and Crafty 18.15 on the Aminet at beginning of October. Unfortunately the upload failed because of server problems. I hope that the two games will appear as soon as possible. As I have no influence on the Aminet servers, I cannot tell you an exact date for the release.

New YAM2.4 Dev version
Click here to download the latest YAM v2.4 development version, compiled 26.10.2002. Fully optimized 68020 version only. ChangeLog
This version is currently in development, and may not work perfectly!
PLEASE do not complain about these development versions! If you want to continue getting developer versions, please read the ChangeLog file before reporting bugs.

Digital Almanac Homepage
YAM2.4 Dev page
25.10.2002 WOASE - You are not going to believe this!
Typical, you wait ages and then you get new games to buy all at once.
With only one week to go to, we have the pleasure to announce that there will be THREE new Amiga games releases for you to buy at the World of Amiga Southeast Show 2002.

Quake II. - Hyperion-Entertainment/ID Software
A game that needs no introduction. Yes! Not only will you be able to play QUAKE II at WOASE on the Amiga Area, but thanks to some nifty work by the guys at Hyperion, you will be able to buy it as well! Copies are being sent by special courier from Germany to the UK, in time for the show! Be amongst the first to own Quake II on the Amiga.

Software Tycoon - Epic Interactive
It\'s 1982. Small computer games companies are springing up in the bedrooms around the world. A new business beckons, where everything is in your hands. You have total control, from creating the original concept, through hiring staff and packaging design, to the development of massive marketing campaigns. Do you have the skills to create and use new technologies and become a Software Tycoon?

Tales of Tamar - Eternity Software
An internet based roundgame for various computing platforms. You live in a world far away from our civilization, comparable to the Middle Ages. In this world there exists man, dwarves, dragons, and a lot of other races. There is magic, thereare druids and dungeons. You can fight, trade, investigate, build cities, raise taxes and make peace contracts. Yoour aim is to reign your empire and to survive against other opponents.

Just one week to go! - Get your credit cards ready!
More details on presentation/announcements times coming very soon.

Mikey C
25.10.2002 Thylacine Zorro2 Amiga USB 1.1 Card News
Only few days after Thylacine Ethernet Bundle annoucement the price drops:
"PRICE DROP - Thylacine + Ethernet Bundle - now only AUD$189.95(+GST)+S&H"

Thylacine Hub Compatibility List

CyberGraphX homepage
thylacine website
25.10.2002 VirusExecutor PatchBrain v1.45 Update
Jan Erik Olausen has released a new PatchBrain for his virus checking program VirusExecutor. This brain file can be used with any version of VirusExecutor v2.23 or greater. It is now available for download at Virus Help Team Canada.
Charlene, Virus Help Team Canada
25.10.2002 Software News
WarpSCUMM & WarpSDL.library
A new version of WarpSCUMM (0.2.0) has been released.
ScummVM is an implementation of LucasArts S.C.U.M.M. (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) interpreter, used in games such as Monkey Island and Day Of The Tentacle. It can interpret SCUMM games that use .001 type resources at the time. Some things are still missing in a few games, and there are a few bugs. Regardless of the bugs it is still possible to play some games all the way through to the end (The Secret Of Monkey Island CD-ROM version played all the way through with the CD Music patch). For more information on ScummVM visit the main project page.

WarpSDL.library (0.4) - custom implementation of a SDL library called. WarpSDL.library is a new shared library for future games/applications. It has its own custom command set, while at the same time supporting standard SDL commands, for easy porting. It is written entirely from scratch. For further details, visit the WarpSDL.library page.

Porting of various software packages over to the Amiga
Since the last note added:
UnRAR v3.10beta1: utility to extract RAR archives (275501 Bytes)
autotrace v0.30: convert bitmaps to vector graphics (912848 Bytes)
SwishE v2.2.1: indexer software (1563290 Bytes)
hotway v0.51: Hotmail POP3 gateway (891047 Bytes)

ChaoZers Homepage
dcr8520, Amiga.sf
24.10.2002 Payback Amiga Price Reduction
We've reduced the price of the Amiga version of Payback to 24.95 GBP, just in time for Christmas. You can buy the game direct from the source at our secure on-line shop. Also, we will now be handling sales to dealers directly so if you've interested in buying in bulk then please contact us. For those of you who have already bought the game, one new and one updated map have been added to the Extra Maps Page.
Apex Designs website
24.10.2002 Amiga Future #39 November/December 2002
On November, 18th 2002 the 39th issue in the year 2002 of the Amiga Future magazine will be released. From now on the preview of this issue is online on the Amiga Future homepage (reading samples will follow later). The issue 39 has 8 additionaly special sites. You can get the Amiga Future as a single magazine or as a subscription directly at the editorial office (each with cd rom). One issu without the cd rom costs Euro 3.90, with the cd 6.50. Among other things there are the following articles in the magazine:
Test Software Tycoon
Test Aqua (deutsch)
Test Digital Almanac III
Test GoldEd 7 AIX
Test Thylacine 2
Special Jump n Run 2
Special Spiele Entwicklungen 3
Interview Steffen Häuser
Solution FreeCiv
Workshop Datatypes
Fair preview of Aachen and 7 more previews of fairs/meetings
and many, many more

On the CD ROM you can find not only the full versions but: Shanghai Dragon, Lost Legends und StormC and much more software like for example: AMHuhn, Commodore64 gallery, new AmigaFuture Song in MP3, movies and pictures of U.d.N. Videobörse 2002 in Bremen and so on
Amiga Future
24.10.2002 PuzzleBOBS game running under Pegasos and MorphOS!
MorphOS News "PuzzleBOBS has passed all tests under the powerfull Pegasos and MorphOS environment.
In our Nexus Development site is available, under the download section, the new release of the demo archive (v0.756).
There you can find all the infos about this MorphOS compatible edition.
See also Amiga Arena and Fun Time World sites."
Emanuele Cesaroni, Nexus Development
24.10.2002 Airsoft Softwair: New homepage design
In the last days the Airsoft Softwair homepage was generally reworked. The old design was online now for over 3 years and therefore it had to be replaced by a new one. Additionally the homepage is now more functional and user-friendly. The Airsoft Softwair homepage is available in two languages: The international version is online at http://www.airsoftsoftwair.com. The German version can be accessed at http://www.airsoftsoftwair.de.
Andreas Falkenhahn, Airsoft Softwair
23.10.2002 Subway USB production has started
"SUBWAY (Amiga USB Controller for A1200 compatible clockports) has finally started. We are working to get the things done ASAP, but have already some smaller delays due to the relatively small production quantity."

Compatibility list enhanced
Several new tested USB devices added. First alpha version of the HID class is available. List of supported devices

USB for Amiga website
23.10.2002 PageStream Features Survey
"This is your chance to provide input into the future features of PageStream. We are looking for the features that you, the customer, would like to see in PageStream, or see improved if already there. No development has begun for the next version, so this is a chance to directly influence the next release of PageStream. (Though it is not even scheduled for development so don't ask when!)
As a way of thanking you for participating in this survey, the number one requested feature will be added to the next update to PageStream4.1. How is that for a reward?! The only exception is we can not do the physically impossible (i.e. make PageStream fit on a floppy disk), the financially impossible (i.e. make PageStream free), or the just to difficult (i.e. rewrite PageStream in assembly or some such)." Read more
Grasshopper LLC website
22.10.2002 DVD edition of 'The Deathbed Vigil and other tales of digital angst'
Dave Haynie is in the final stages of the preparation of a DVD edition of 'The Deathbed Vigil and other tales of digital angst'. For those who've been living, well, in the normal mainstream of modern life and don't know this, this is the film he made about the end of Commodore.
"As usual with DVDs, I've been trying to think of some useful, interesting, or fun 'extra stuff' to put on the disc. I have too much stuff, basically, but in my continual search for meaning and all that crap, I came up with the idea of 'IMPACT'. Basically, with the Amiga as we know it pretty much moved from the single most revolutionary personal computer in history to more of a footnote in history, just what WAS its impact.
I can play with words, but the question is too large, and too personal, for just one input. So I've decided to solicit answer to this basic question: what was/is the Amiga's impact. On you, on the industry, on life on earth. I know a piece of it. Some of you may have more to add.
So, here's the game. Think of it as a contest, or whatever. Simply put, you write up a paragraph; something succinct, or you'll get edited, even if I like what you said. It needs to fit on one 4:3 TV frame at NTSC resolution, in quasi-readable type. Send whatever you like to me at dhaynie@jersey.net. Put "[DBV]" in the subject, and your preferred name at the end. I'll put the best ones on the DVD."
Dave Haynie
22.10.2002 Amiga exhibit at Vintage Computer Festival 5.0
Dale Luck and RJ Mical are setting up another Amiga exhibit at Vintage Computer Festival 5.0 next weekend (October 26th-27th, Mountain View, California).

According to Dale Amiga serial #1 will be at the show this year!!!

Dale Luck
22.10.2002 Mini-Interview with Steffen Häuser (Hyperion, Quake II)
"Today we release a english Mini-Interview with Steffen Häuser, developer amiga-version Quake 2."
Andreas Magerl, Amiga-Future
22.10.2002 Software News
Frogger: New mpeg video decoder plugin
There is new mpeg video decoder plugin in download section. This version fixes problems with seeking over mpeg files and includes some minor optimizations.
Also, there is new spanish guide translation available.

MySql 4.0.4 for 68k
SixK: "I have compiled MySql 4.0.4 beta for 68040. Please refer to official MySql site for history."

Frogger homepage
Amiga Community website
21.10.2002 Unlucky 13? No Way!
Issue 13 of Total Amiga Magazine is finished and will be with subscribers just before the World of Amiga Southeast 2002 show.
But fear not, unlike Issue 12 we have printed additional copies for Sale at WOASE. There is now no excuse for missing out on this blockbusting issue.

Issue 13 Features:
Digital Cameras - Includes information on choosing a camera, connecting it to your Amiga and using the images.
Interactive Fiction - A look back at the history of IF, the current state of the genre and how you can get involved with your Amiga.
Interviews with Davy Wentzler (Audio Evolution) and Matthew Kille (Zoeneo).
Flashback - A new retro column, this issue looking at the A4000.
Power Tower Conversion - How Matt Morris of BAC turned his Power Tower into a thing of beauty.
Plus Reviews of: GoldED Studio AIX, Thylacine Zorro USB card, fxSCAN 4 with USB scanner support, Epson Perfection 1650 USB Scanner, Tales of Tamar, Earth 2140 Mission Pack, PD Paradise: Privoxy and MultiRename.
Support: Photogenics 5 Layers Tutorial
Plus of course, our regular: News, AmigaOS 4 Update, MorphOS and Pegasos Update, Columns from Fleecy Moss and Alan Redhouse, Buzz Word (Inside Agent)
New! for Issue 13: Reader Letters!

Unlucky 13? Only for those who don't get a copy of our highly rated magazine. Total Amiga Magazine can be brought via our network of World Wide Amiga retailers or via subscription. Visit http://www.totalamiga.org for more details. Total Amiga Magazine. Total Commitment.
Mikey C, Total Amiga Magazine
21.10.2002 MorphOS, the Pegasos, and other PPC Operating Systems and Platforms
MorphOS News Thendic/bplan: "In complete cooperation with Mai Logic, we have loaded the bplan OpenFirmware on both the Teron CX and PX. MorphOS runs well on both boards. The Pegasos was developed as a open hardware platform right from the beginning; it uses a BIOS to simplify a port of any operating system to the platform. This OpenFirmware is a well known standard (IEEE1275) and is used worldwide by companies like SUN Microsystems, Apple, Cisco, IBM, Motorola and others. We will support any OS vendor willing to port their software to our platform and will allow them to use our retail channels to sell their products. We will simply add the price of the OS to the price of the board. For example, there is no reason why when AmigaOS4.0 is ready that it will not work and we would like to conclude an agreement to make this possible. We are willing to ship a bootable CD of any compatible OS.
However, we will not support any kind of software protection (dongle) with our system. Software licenses can be done by the unique machine ID of each Pegasos system, based on OS vendor supplied method (like FlexLM or others). Alternatively, we can ship the boards to distributors and they can add a dongle. We still contend this is not the right approach, as this will create a distance between the user and the machine. Experienced computer users will never buy a dongle protected OS or program. We feel that this will create unlicensed copies as the dongle will be hacked and removed." Read more
MorphOS-News.de website
21.10.2002 Thylacine Ethernet Bundle Now Shipping
We are pleased to announce the Thylacine Ethernet Bundle is now shipping. This bundle features a Thylacine Z2/3 USB card + a Netgear EA101 USB ethernet adaptor all for just AUD$199.95(+GST AU only)+S&H. Please vist the thylacine website for more information or to place your order.
A.Scott Pringle via ANN
thylacine website
21.10.2002 Amiga Arena Interview with Achim Stegemann
Achim Stegemann developer of Digital Almanac talked in the Amiga Arena Interview about the new Chess programm "AmiChess" and the forthcoming Version 4.9 of Digital Almanac. Read some more information about Digital Almanac IV for Amiga OS 4.x!
You can read the Interview on http://www.online-club.de/~ARENA/interviews.html.
Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena
21.10.2002 OSNews: 'Amiga: The A-Expo Review'
A-Expo Review by ex-Amiga user Nicholas Blachford on OSNews.com.
"[..] There was even a 17 year old Amiga A1000 showing things like the boing and juggler demos. Turned out it was for sale and one nostalgic ex-A1000 owner purchased it. [..]
...and as for the nostalgic no-longer-ex-A1000 owner - that was me :-)" Read more & picture gallery
OSNews.com website
21.10.2002 New Thendic-France Pegasos product site online
MorphOS News Thendic-France has updated the Pegasos product site. Now you can find there all information about the Pegasos system, also a event calendar and many more...
MorphOS-News.de website
Thendic-France website
20.10.2002 New LARP-Videos and Aminet-Demo
First of all, we finally got the video for the second LARP based on Tales of Tamar. This con was again organized by the proven team around Daniel Stein and everybody had a lot of fun. Our thanks go to the great people at Virtual Dimension, who professionally cut and produced the video. You can find it under Downloads.

If all goes well, we will have an ambiente con in winter 2002/03 on a castle. It will also be the release party for the Tales of Tamar base set. Every player is cordially invited. You will soon find detailled information in the LARP section of our homepage.

Last but not least, today we have prepared a tech demo for Tales of Tamar to be released on Aminet. This demo will help you find out if Tales of Tamar works properly on your system and also gives you some background information. It is the same demo as two years ago, but based on new routines and now also works on Amithlon. Unfortuneately, were not not able to test it on MorphOS yet, but if some MorphOS betatesters download this demo, we would like to hear about possible problems.

Wolfen, Eternity
Tales Of Tamar website
20.10.2002 Obligement N°35 now out
"Issue 35 of the French Amiga e-zine is now available. You can read in this issue: latest Amiga news, report of the A-Expo/Alchimie2 show, interview of Chris Hodges (by Amiga Arena), reviews of FxScan 4 and Aqua, tutorial about Tornado 3D, all the news about the emulation and AmigaDE, and lot more! Download it at http://obligement.free.fr."
David "Daff" Brunet, Obligement E-Zine
20.10.2002 AROS Snapshots are back!
"That's right folks, since today you can download again the daily snapshots of the sources and binaries of AROS. You can fo it by viting http://aros.sourceforge.net/snapshots.html.
However, remember that the AROS team doesn't officially support these snapshots, they are given to you "as is", although bug reports are very welcome and should be submitted using the bug tracker, and patches should be submitted using the patch tracker.
For anything else, head to the AROS main site and the the SourceForge project page."
Fabio Alemagna, AROS
19.10.2002 Amiga Flame Today
Crossfire II Coming Soon
Crossfire II from Dreamworlds Development is a mixture of the well-known shoot'em up games Stardust, X-Out and Wing Commander. You have three game modes to choose from in Crossfire II, namely Dogfight, Survival and Campaign.
The developers are eager to get Crossfire II released to the gaming public but need a music/sound expert who can also add music to animations. If want to help Dreamworlds Development with Crossfire II then e-mail Thomas Schulze. Read more

AmigaDE News Jami - New Developer Tool
Gabriel Hauber along with Onno Scheffers of Atomic Digital Studios have like a number of other developers been working on new developer tools for the Amiga Digital Environment. They are working on Jami, a set of Java libraries specifically written for the AmigaDE.
Jami will allow a Java developer to take full advantage of the benefits of the AmigaDE, including advanced graphical functionality. APIs like Ami2D, AmiAudio, modplayer library, the AVE, etc, are all opened up to the Java developer. Read more

Amiga Flame website
18.10.2002 World of Amiga Southeast 2002: It's FINAL!
World of Amiga Southeast 2002 is pleased to announce it's final Exhibitors line up for this year's Show:
100% Amiga Magazine
Amiga (OS4/Quake II Demo's)
Cloanto (Amiga Forever)
Eyetech (AmigaOne)
Fore-Matt Home Computing
Mediator Support Team
The Crypt Magazine
Thendic France (PegasOS/MorphOS)
Total Amiga Magazine
Weird Science

The Following Amiga User Groups will be in attendance:
Amiga North Thames
Amiga Support Association
Blackpool Amiga Club
Huddersfield Amiga User Group

Please visit http://www.worldofamiga.com or http://www.seal-amiga.co.uk/woase for more information, including an exhibitor layout plan for your convenience.
Advanced tickets, priced, £3.50 each, are available from: Fore-Matt Home Computing or Kicksoft.

World of Amiga Southeast 2002 takes place on Saturday 2nd of November 2002 at Poplars Hall, Shenfield, Brentwood, Essex, UK. More News will follow soon.

Mikey C
18.10.2002 Finnish Amiga Users Group's Annual Meeting Photo Report Available
The photo report of the Finnish Amiga Users Group's annual meeting is now online, and it can be downloaded directly from Aminet (directory pix/misc, 4.6 MB). The Aminet release includes both Finnish and English captions. Read more
Anu Seilonen
Finnish Amiga Users Group
18.10.2002 AMIGAplus 10/2002 Announcement
AMIGAplus #129 (October 2002) will be released and sent to all subscribers next week. Be prepared to read the following and more reports... and visit the website at www.amigaplus.de.
68-paged, German colour magazine AMIGAplus is available as subscription object, as single issue for 5 Euro (incl. tax, shipping costs and packaging) or from your local Amiga-dealer. Read more
Nico Barbat, AMIGAplus
18.10.2002 Software News
New YAM2.4 Dev version
Click here to download the latest YAM v2.4 development version, compiled 18.10.2002. Fully optimized 68020 version only. ChangeLog
This version is currently in development, and may not work perfectly!
PLEASE do not complain about these development versions! If you want to continue getting developer versions, please read the ChangeLog file before reporting bugs.

Free Keyfile for PrintManager
Stephan Rupprecht: "This is a free keyfile for my printer spooler Printmanager (prtman39.lha). I want to thank all registered users of PrintManager for their support of the shareware idea. After more than 4 years, I decided to release this free keyfile because I received the last registration more than a year ago. For installation simply copy the file to devs:".
PrintManager v39 is a so called printer-spooler, it intercepts all printer. device calls to the parallel-/serial.device and saves the printer specific raw data to a file. This way, programs sending data to the printer don't have to wait for the slow printer to continue. PrintManager also gives you some control over the data send to the printer. You can even print files directly from inside PrintManager using the datatypes-system.

YAM2.4 Dev page
Stephan Rupprecht's Homepage
18.10.2002 Czech Amiga.News MOVED!
First we would like to apologize that Czech Amiga.News was unavailable for 12 days. For technical reasons we have moved to a new address amiga.czex.com (URL: http://amiga.czex.com, E-mail: newsy@czex.com).
17.10.2002 AmigaOne to be demo'd THIS Sunday for first time in Australia!
The Australian debut of the AmigaOne, the final hardware, will be demonstrated this Sunday (October 20th - 2pm) in Sydney, Australia. So come along and check it out at AmigaOne Australian Debut. You're invited! Location: Epping Community Centre, (School of Arts building), 9 Oxford Street, Epping NSW.
ANN website
17.10.2002 MediatorUP 3.4 & MM CD UP 1.18
ELBOX COMPUTER News The MediatorUP 3.4 update for Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 SX, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV has been made available today.
The update includes new versions of: pci.library, Voodoo.card, Virge.card, MediatorNET.device

The MM CD 1.18 update for the users of Mediator PCI 3/4000T, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 4000, Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 1200 SX, Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV busbords, who are registered owners of the Mediator Multimedia CD has been released today.
The update includes new version of: Voodoo.card, FastEthernet.device, mixer.library, sb128.audio, tv.library, TV, tv.vhi.

Info on the current versions is available in DOWNLOADS | Mediator section.

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
17.10.2002 More details on the IBM's future PPC 970 pocessor
A Brief Look at the PowerPC 970 by Jon "Hannibal" Stokes, Ars Technica
MFP 2002 Preliminary: PowerPC970 by David Wang, Real World Technologies
IBM confirms Altivecked POWER4-lite by Andrew Orlowski, The Register
Amiga.org website
16.10.2002 Nova Design Announces Special Offer for Online Sales
Now that Nova Design's online store is live on it's web site at www.novadesign.com - we'd like to offer free shipping to anywhere in the world for any of our products purchased directly from our web site online!

Our new store offers a fully secure ordering system and all of our products are available, including the fantastic ImageFX 4.5 upgrade package!

If you're interested in Aladdin 4D, ImageFX, Millennium or our Cinematte products - then visit our web site now and take advantage of this free shipping offer while it lasts!

Kermit Woodall, Nova Design website
16.10.2002 (Im)Patient Amigas
"Robert Du Gaue, an Amiga enthusiast and former Amiga columnist for CCN, and AmigaZone's Harv Laser get together to write a good article depicting the state of the current American West Coast Amiga community and the lack of progress from Amiga Inc."
Amiga.org website ExiE
16.10.2002 Software News
Lame v3.92 WOS
Jarmo Laakkonen finally released WarpOS version of Lame MP3 encoder 3.92.
download / sources

Frogger 2.04 released
No new features, sadly (except Vorbis decoder for 68k), but on the other hand, this version fixes lots of bugs and contains improved/optimized mpeg video decoder (much faster, and with much better frame skipping). You can download it from download section. Do not forget about codecs, either update, or whole archive, if you dont have previous version installed. There are also new startup pictures for Frogger available, see downloads/misc.

MPEG-Player: RiVA Version 0.47 released
Stephen Fellner: "I would like to inform you that a new version of this 68k MPEG Player (0.47) has been released. This release fixes audio sync problems and lots of other bugs, contains some n"ew features, including a fullscreen PIP mode and the new RivaGUI. The demo version can be downloaded from Aminet."

Porting of various software packages over to the Amiga
Since the last note I have added: cURL 7.10, SWFTools 0.4.2, highlight v1.2, abcm2ps v3.1.11, RingTone Tools v2.0, Anubis v3.5.0, Speex v1.0. Visit Amiga.sf.

Amiga projects by Jarmo Laakkonen
Frogger homepage
15.10.2002 RELEC announces "PEGASOS": the alternative power!
MorphOS News A brand new website http://www.pegasos-suisse.com is completely dedicated to this new and extraordinary machine. You will soon discover all the hardware & software distribution activity for Pegasos and Morphos, as well as informations and news. Concerning our country, different demonstrations will be organized in early November. These will be announced, on the Pegasos dedicated website, and on http://www.Relec.ch/relec as well as on the different Amiga & Pegasos news websites! It is already possible to get informations on the different proposed configurations if you write to info@pegasos-suisse.com. For the moment, the orders concern the "Betatester II" & Morphos v1.0 and are only for the warned users (according to the Thendic official statement of the 4 of october).
Give a try to the alternative future!!!
RELEC Software & Hardware AMIGA website
14.10.2002 Power Macintosh(tm) Emulation News!
Microcode Solutions has received what we believe will be the final hardware revision of the PCI based PowerPC card being manufacturered by a well known PowerPC accelerator company.
The current board is a high speed G3 board. Other models are being prototyped right now, and these are G4 and dual processor configurations.

Microcode Solutions has always been the leader in Macintosh emulation technology, developing the first PowerPC emulation for a non-Macintosh platform. We will continue this tradition by releasing the first Power Macintosh emulation for the PC.
Besides having a PCI based hardware solution, Microcode Solutions will also be releasing a completely software based emulation to the public at an amazingly low price (under $50).

We know that people have waited an extremely long time for Microcode Solutions to release a new product, and we appreciate your patience. Just like our successful product "FUSION-PC", we feel we should wait to release the product until it is perfected. We are nearing that stage right now.

Microcode Solutions website
14.10.2002 Virus Help Team Canada - Amiga News
VirusZ III v0.9c Update
Georg Hörmann has released a new update to this anti-virus program VirusZ III. It is now available for download at Virus Help Team Canada.

Anti-Virus Boot Disk For VirusZ III Updated
The VirusZ-III boot-floppy has the new v0.9c that was released October 13th, 2002. Read the VZ boot disk history file for changes.

VirusExecutor v2.25 Update
Jan Erik Olausen released a new version of his virus killer. It is now available for download at Virus Help Team Canada. The VE PatchBrain has been updated to v1.44. See the VirusExecutor Readme for complete changes.

Anti-Virus Boot Disk For VirusExecutor Updated
The VirusExecutor boot-floppy has the new v2.25 and PatchBrain v1.44 that was released October 09, 2002. Read the VE boot disk history file for changes.

Anti-Virus Alert and Announcement List
While Virus Help Denmark is temporarily down, the alert and announcemnet list will be handled by Virus Help Team Canada. Please join the free maillist so you don't miss any Amiga virus alerts.
Signup online, Subscribe by e-mail, Unsubscribe by e-mail

Charlene, Virus Help Team Canada
14.10.2002 Wanted: Programmer for DigiBoosterPro
Wanted: Capable Assembler programmer for further development of DigiBoosterPro. Digibooster Professional (DBPro) is a music tracker program.
Interested programmers please apply to Psyria@apc-tcp.de.
Andreas Magerl via Amiga-News.de website
13.10.2002 MorphOS v1.0
MorphOS News MorphOS v1.0 will be released to Betatesters Monday 14 October, 2002.
Betatester II Pegasos mainboards with G3 600MHz CPU module will also be on sale through authorized Distributors and Resellers this week. No NDA required.
MorphOS-News.de website
13.10.2002 GFX-BASE review of Software Tycoon!
"Michael VanAllen and me were hard working to bring you a huge review of the brandnew Amiga-game "Software Tycoon". So what is it like? Find out yourself here.
GFX-BASE website
13.10.2002 IBM to unleash new PowerPC chip
IBM will put its PowerPC processor line back on the map Monday when it talks up a speedy chip that promises a substantial performance boost for desktops and servers.
The PowerPC 970 chip, due next year, will run at 1.8GHz, nearly twice as fast as Big Blue's quickest existing PowerPC chip, the 1GHz 750FX. It will also be able to handle both 32-bit software, the current standard on desktops, and 64-bit software, used on high-end servers.
Engineers from IBM's Microelectronics division will disclose the details of the new chip for the first time at this week's Microprocessor Forum in San Jose, Calif. Full article here
c|net News.Com
13.10.2002 Software News
RadioX V0.3
RadioX is a 'remote control' program with a modern GUI that is designed to take full advantage of the Visual Reality system allowing your Amiga to use modern TV/Video/Radio PCI cards with just about any look you want. RadioX is programmed to be very modular thus allowing support for a wide number of cards with different types of chipsets and tuners. Adding support for a new card (with documentation) is easy. Currently RadioX supports most all of the cards that Visionary supports.

HSMathLibs News
New versions (V.44.50 beta 2 for MC68881/82 and V.44.50 beta 8 for MC68040 and MC68060) of HSMathLibs.
All known bugs were fixed, some functions were optimized and some new features (e.g.: full support of the programs "BlizKick", "LoadResident" and "LoadModule") were added.

SDL 1.2.5 beta released
This version updates SDL to the latest source tree and fixes some bugs of the previous version. The most important one is the SixK P96 fix for hicolor modes.
The archive cointains:
GCC 68k static library.
GCC morphos static library.
SAS/C static library
The 68k SHARED SDL.library, works with any language or compiler able to parse an .fd file.
A few SDL examples with a GCC Makefile to build them.
Inlines, pragmas and .fd files for the 68k shared library.
Includes and HTML docs from the original SDL archive.

CyberGraphX homepage
HSMathLibs homepage
Amiga SDL homepage
12.10.2002 Amiga Flame: Why Amiga need the PDA developer community and how can they be won over?
After six months of exhaustive investigations I produced in June my first Special Report for Amiga Flame readers, which focused on Amiga's potential for success in the PDA market. In that article I reported that the involvement of Amiga and Amiga developers in the PDA market could not have been better timed as the market is flourishing and any company that whole heartedly embraces the market will reap the rewards. In this second report on the PDA market I want to explain why I feel Amiga need the PDA developer community and I will look at some of the ways they may be won over. Special Report
Philip Cosby, Amiga Flame
12.10.2002 Will there be new versions of ?
Lauri Ahonen, SecondSpin author: "Hard to say. The program seems to work fine (apart from the prefs window crashy thingy) and I've run out of fresh ideas.
.ogg support would be possible, but there's no point doing .ogg on amiga (too slow).
x86 native encoder could also be a possibitity - but I would need help on this.
SO - give me ideas and i'll see what I can do.
Open Sourcing could be a viable option too."
Lauri Ahonen via SecondSpin Discussion Forum
12.10.2002 Digital Almanac News
Newly discovered asteroid in the Kuiper belt
In the Kuiper belt beyond Neptune, a new asteroid has been discovered a short time ago. The object has put itself to number one as the largest asteroid right before Ceres. The object called 2002 LM60 has been named after an Indian god "Quaoar". It has a diameter of 1250 km (which is one forth larger than Ceres) and orbits around the Sun in an almost perfect circle at a distance of 6,5 billion km. After 72 years (1930 - Pluto), Quaoar is the largest discovered object in our solar system.
All DA III user can obtain a file from the download page, that contains orbital elements of the four largest objects of the Kuiper belt!

New Email Address
From today on, a new email address is valid. You can contact me at achim.stegemann@onlinehome.de.

Digital Almanac Homepage
11.10.2002 100%AMIGA goes Down Under
Issue 29, the October 2002 issue of the Amiga's only monthly CD magazine is out now. 100%AMIGA are also pleased to announce that Amiga fans in Australia and New Zealand can also buy it locally from AnythingAmiga. This month we tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the forthcoming World of Amiga se Show (but were afraid to ask)as well as our usual roundup of news, features and FREE STUFF.
FORE-MATT Home Computing website
11.10.2002 New driver for Spider USB 2.0 Hi-Speed card
ELBOX COMPUTER News The SpiderUP 1.7 update for the Spider USB 2.0 High-Speed card has been made available today.

Changes: usb.device ver.1.7
The possibility of setting the usb.device driver task priority with Trident GUI added. This option requires the Poseidon stack ver.1.31 as a minimum.

Info on the current versions is available in the DOWNLOADS | Mediator section.

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
11.10.2002 End the eternal flamewar between MOS and OS4
"Tired of seeing personal views presented as hard facts in the discussions? Here's a site that tries to stifle the worst of the FUD and keeping an up to date list of things regarding OS4 and MOS."
Andreas Loong aka reflect
11.10.2002 Tales of Tamar News
"Finally, Tales of Tamar can be preordered. We also took the opportunity to redesign our homepage to make it even easier for you to order. :-)
Take a look at www.tamar.net. We hope you will enjoy the new look and consider to buy this unique new game. Read more
Ulrich Panzer, Valley OF Tamar
Tales of Tamar website
10.10.2002 Mediator PCI 1200 SX sales began
ELBOX COMPUTER News We are glad to inform that the Mediator PCI 1200 SX busboard is on sale now from our distributors. To find the distributor near you, please go to our Where To Buy section.

Mediator PCI 1200 SX is the successor to the Mediator PCI 1200 busboard. Mediator PCI 1200 SX offers Amiga 1200 users the opportunity to use up to 6 PCI cards, significantly improving the computer performance. Additionally, the new Mediator model has a Power Management Interface, which allows waking up the computer with external events (e.g. with USB or LAN signals) and shutting it down controlled by software.

More info about Mediator PCI 1200 SX you can find here.

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
10.10.2002 Amiga Arena: Interview with Chris Hodges (Poseidon USB)
"Read in the Interview how Chris Hodges began to develop the 'Poseidon USB' Programm for the USB Cards 'Highway' and 'Subway' and many more interesting infoa about the future and the concept behind 'Poseidon USB'."
Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena
9.10.2002 Hyperion Entertainment completes Quake 2 Amiga port
Hyperion Entertainment is pleased to announce the completion of its highly optimised Quake 2 port for the Amiga.

A bundle containing the full PC version and a separate CD with the Amiga executable, the Quake 2 installer, GUI and over 600 MB of (compressed) extras such as (nearly 40!) Quake 2 mods, levels and models, will be available shortly from your local dealer. Pricing may vary.

The game complies with all the usual quality standards for which Hyperion has become known in the Amiga market. Users can register their copy of Quake 2 on the Hyperion website to obtain support and download further mods and updates as they become available.

System requirements are as follows:
- PPC equipped Amiga (WarpOS)
- 64 MB of memory (more recommended for certain mods)
- graphics-card (3D acceleration supported but not required)

Dealers interested in distributing this product may contact Timdg@hyperion-entertainment.com.

Amigart website
Hyperion website
9.10.2002 Aseq development for Amiga to continue
Aseq developer: "I managed top revive the bppc and bvision by flashing the rom. I had to get a cheap, crap and tiny tv to actually do that, but it worked. Development of Aseq will continue normally now. Thanks to everyone who responded."

Aseq is a new midi and audio sequencer using an intuitive and easy to use interface for Amiga and possibly QNX, Linux and more.

Aseq homepage
9.10.2002 The latest P96 files released in a long time, almost a year!
Because Matay (Prometheus Guys) officaly can use the P96 RTG system with their PCI solution they have the latest P96 files. With the release of the new PU Update, the latest Picasso96 files can be found there released to the public, the first in a VERY long time (almost 1 year).
You can find the latest P96 files on the worlds largest P96 Repository and General Info Page.
CyberGraphX homepage
8.10.2002 OSnews: A Closer Look at MorphOS on the PEGASOS
MorphOS News Mike Bouma: "Last Saturday I attended a MorphOS demonstration in Rotterdam. MorphOS is a PPC AmigaOS clone capable of executing many 68k and PPC classic AmigaOS software titles through seamlessly integrated emulation. This article takes a close look at MorphOS' current state of development and includes some recent screenshots of the PPC native Ambient GUI environment." Read more
Mike Bouma, OSnews.com
8.10.2002 Finnish Amiga Users Group's Meeting Showed AmigaOne and Pegasos
OULU, FINLAND - October 7th, 2002 - Finnish Amiga Users Group's annual meeting was held in Oulu, Finland on September 28th, 2002. The meeting was visited by some 60 people and this well exceeded last years visitor count. Both Pegasos and AmigaOne were demonstrated at the meeting.
Anu Seilonen, Finnish Amiga Users Group
8.10.2002 Pegasos/MorphOS @ Computer City
MorphOS News Here you'll find a photografic report of the Computer City Pegasos Demonstration held on October 5th in the Netherlands. And on this page you may configure your own Pegasos box and place the order.
ANN website
7.10.2002 WOASE - Quake 2 Announcement
World of Amiga Southeast 2002 is proud to announce that the Amiga area will be demonstrating the soon to be released Quake2 for AmigaOS3 and AmigaOS4 by hosting a 4-player deathmatch using the Roadshow TCP/IP service on a custom designed Amiga level.
Come and marvel at one of the best games ever, now on the Amiga platform, and look forwards to it appearing on the newest incarnation of the Amiga platform.
All this and even more hot news to follow shortly. Buy your ticket now from Fore-Matt Home Computing or Kicksoft. Tickets are only £3.50 (buy 5 or more you pay only £3.00 each).

World of Amiga Southeast 2002, Happens on the 2nd of November. Don't miss it!

Mikey C
7.10.2002 New software for the Prometheus card
Complete PromUpdate V2.3 includes:
- prm-rtl8029.device V1.2 (fixed bug - it will just fail with prometheus.library 1.x instead of hanging up the system)
- prometheus.library V2.3 - prepared for firmware upgrade and DMA handling, can be used on old firmware however with all the drivers not using DMA (10 Mbit ethernet, S3Virge, Voodoo3, 4, 5)
- PrmScan V1.5
- DMAList V1.2 - a tool displaying allocated DMA buffers (requires Prometheus firmware upgrade)
- prometheus.card V6.506
- 3dfxvoodoo.chip V6.412
- emulation.library V40.893
- fastlayers.library V40.48
- rtg.library V40.3992
- Newer "vendors.txt" file used by PrmScan for identifying of PCI cards.
Matay website
7.10.2002 IBrowse: Announcements mailing list
"We have now set up a mailing list which is purely for announcements and significent IBrowse news, and is a read-only list. Anyone may join this new list, and if you prefer not to subscribe to the existing discussion/support list (due to high traffic, etc) then this should be a good alternative."
IBrowse homepage
7.10.2002 Product Reviews Section new in the Elbox website
ELBOX COMPUTER News You are welcome to visit the updated website of Elbox Computer.
A new section--Product Reviews--has been added in the NEWS area.
The new Product Reviews section offers tests and comparisons made in the Elbox laboratory as well as links to reviews of Elbox products published in the Internet.
If you know other reviews of Elbox products in the Internet please inform us at webmaster@elbox.com.
Wojtek Kozlowski, ELBOX COMPUTER
7.10.2002 Games & Software News
WHDLoad News
WHDLoad v15.1 usr & dev archives - AmigaOS friendly Harddisk-Install package. Minor fixes, manual translated to cz/de/fr, some changes on developer files.
Check the same page for many new game installers!

Scalos News
Scalos Beta V40.24 has been released! Visit the Downloads page as usual.
There are some instructions in the readme file in the archive so you should read this before installing.
The WBRexx and WB39 plugins have been updated too.

New Themes for VisualPrefs
A new version of VisualMI is available on the MasonIcons homepage. The following new themes were added: AmberMI, MirrorMI, WinMI and XenMI.

Scalos homepage
Martin Merz, MasonIcons.de
6.10.2002 Amiga Games Classifying: September / October 2002
Here the ranking of September / October 2002:
1. (1) Napalm - 140 pts
2. (4) Quake - 124 pts
3. (2) Payback - 118 pts
4. (3) Earth 2140 - 108 pts
5. (5) The Settlers - 103 pts
6. (7) Slam Tilt - 99 pts
7. (6) Heretic 2 - 77 pts
8. (8) Worms / Worms DC - 73 pts
9. (9) SWOS - 64 pts
10. (10) WipEout 2097 - 57 pts
11. (11) Foundation - 55 pts
12. (21) Fields Of Battle - 50 pts
13. (18) Xtreme Racing - 50 pts
14. (15) Colonization - 47 pts
15. (33) Simon The Sorceror 2 - 47 pts
16. (13) Civilization - 47 pts
17. (17) Exodus : The Last War - 46 pts
18. (12) Shogo - 43 pts
19. (28) Speedball 2 - 37 pts
20. (25) Nightlong - 35 pts
Next votes (AMIGA GAMES ranking of november/december 2002) will begin in mid-November.

David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Classifying
6.10.2002 Aseq (Amiga) development frozen
Aseq is a new midi and audio sequencer using an intuitive and easy to use interface for Amiga and possibly QNX, Linux and more.

Aseq developer: "Because part of my Amiga hardware died (bvision, perhaps more) I have to freeze the Amiga version until I can afford to replace the hardware or buy another system :-( This is rather sad, especially considering the fact I was about to finish a first demo and was planning to promote it on upcoming Amiga shows. On a brighter(sic) side this means I now have more time to port to QNX, Macintosh and Linux. A Pegasos/Morphos version has been planned, but seeing as I can`t yet even afford to replace Amiga hardware it`ll be a while."

Aseq homepage

5.10.2002 Poseidon USB Update 1.31
During these gray autumn days, just when you seem lonely and sad, and all seems dull and dark, waiting for new things to appear, there is this small light on this virtual planet. This location for recovering happiness is called http://www.platon42.de/poseidon.html.
That's the place, where you can download the latest, mindboggingly cheerful update of Poseidon. And no, it's not christmas just yet. Therefore, the only new things you will get are more GUI's to play with (and I know you love to play with the settings ;) ) and the ability to finally mount RDB Amiga partitions automatically! But the good news does not stop here, no, you can even boot from RDB partitions now (and using boot95 from the fat95 package, you probably also can boot from FAT formatted media, if you prefer). Sounds good, eh?
For the people that cannot wait for the HID class to pop up, there is a new experimental wheelmouse mode in the bootmouse which supports a horizontal wheel on some mice. But be sure to have MUIWheelPatch installed! Don't be disappointed, if it doesn't work with your mouse, it's just a quick hack that works with one wheel mouse I've got here, but not with the other (because it doesn't send wheel information in boot protocol).
There is also something new, but this will be published in a seperate press statement. So enjoy the new stuff, and wait what happens next ;)

Chris Hodges, www.platon42.de
5.10.2002 Poseidon USB-Stack now available as onlineversion from IOSPIRIT
Chris Hodges and IOSPIRIT have signed a contract on the online-distribution of the Poseidon USB stack. Thanks to the extensive distribution infrastructure of IOSPIRIT, the worldwide availability of Poseidon and various payment options are now guaranteed.
The Poseidon USB stack unleashes the power and possibilities of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) to you. With Poseidon you can now use modern and low-priced USB-devices such as mice, keyboards, tablets, joysticks, printers, scanners, webcams, digicams, flashcard-readers, ZIP- and floppy-drives, harddisks and many more!

Felix Schwarz, IOSPIRIT
5.10.2002 Amiga Arena: full version Hollywood Pictures and Hilt II missions
Hollywood Pictures - full version
With the manager game "Hollywood Pictures" makes Amiga Arena one further full version by "Sayonara Software" available for download. This is the version "Starbyte Software" had released again at that time.

Hilt II - missions final
The last missions Retrieve, Starwreck and Skeleton had been translated. So now are all missions playable in the German version as well as the campaigns Tutorial, Terrorist and Holowar. "Hilt II" got a rating of 91% by the "CU AMIGA" magazine.

Amiga-News.de website
Olaf Koebnik, Amiga Arena

4.10.2002 Phase II Team Betatester and Betatester II, Frankfurt
MorphOS News "The Betatester Program has been very successful and we need to acknowledge the reliable support we have received from most of our Betatesters for the Pegasos and MorphOS. Thanks!
Of course, we also have to thank the Core MorphOS Development Team who in some cases for years have worked diligently to push MorphOS to a state suitable for commercial release.
We have decided that the best way to say thank you and the best way to get "back to the future" as fast as possible is to bring everyone to one place. So we are going to do that! Read more

1. On 12 October version 1.0 of MorphOS will be released to all Betatesters.
2. The week of 13 October the Pegasos Betatester mainboard will be released to Resellers. It is STILL a "Betatester."
3. On 12 October Phase II of Team Betatester will begin.

Morphos-news.de website

4.10.2002 Amiga University site updates and additions
kevin orme: "Some great stuff now online, and hopefully a few more cool new things in the immediate future, too (stay tuned) :)" Read more

kevin orme via ANN
Amiga University website
4.10.2002 Project Petunia website updated
The Petunia website has been updated with new info: http://amigos.amiga.hu/rachy/petunia.html

Project Petunia is an experimental Motorola 680x0 processor emulation for PowerPC based Amigas with dynamic recompilation. Petunia will be officially the part of AmigaOS4.

Project Petunia pages

3.10.2002 Amiga Source back on line!
"Hello All. After a few rough days of server problems I am happy to report that Amiga Sourceis back on line with more that 800 links for your viewing pleasure. Please drop in and take a look. More to come in the near future!!! Please pass the word!"

Scott A Pistorino
3.10.2002 Catweasel ISA: Public betatest of the windows drivers
Windows News The archive that was published on october 1st has been extended by the Windows 2000 drivers today. These are still beta versions of the drivers. We still don't know if they work under Windows XP, because we don't use that operating system on our machines. Download: CW_win.zip (247KByte)

individual Computers website
3.10.2002 Software News
Porting of various software packages over to the Amiga
"Released four MUInterfaces for my ports: HyperMail, NewsPost, SWFTools, Webalizer and Updated MFWD to 0.5ß. Visit Amiga.sf."

2.10.2002 MILL antivirus package
"There is new version of Polish antivirus package - MILL. MILL to recognise viruses uses XVS and internal routines. Can also depack crunched files via XFD and check archives using XAD. More information you can find on MILL home page at http://zeeball.w.interia.pl."

Mariusz Danilewicz
2.10.2002 Software News
New YAM2.4 Dev version
Click here to download the latest YAM v2.4 development version, compiled 2.10.2002. Fully optimized 68020 version only. ChangeLog
This version is currently in development, and may not work perfectly!
PLEASE do not complain about these development versions! If you want to continue getting developer versions, please read the ChangeLog file before reporting bugs.

gW3S rexx web server for AmigaOS
Carl Svensson released 6th beta of gW3S v1.0, small freeware web server for AmigaOS, written in ARexx.
New features includes an external config file, command line admin tool and some more. Read more

YAM2.4 Dev page
gW3S homepage

1.10.2002 GetBoinged Interviews Zeoneo and Reviews Crossword Evolution
GetBoinged interviews Matthew Kille and Milan Pollé from Zeoneo. Plus reviews their upcoming game, Crossword Evolution!
Grab a beverage and sit back, because you don't want to miss this one!!

Paul J. Beel, GetBoinged
1.10.2002 Catweasel ISA: New windows drivers
Windows News Jens Schoenfeld has released a Windows driver for the ISA version of the catweasel controller.
The Win98 SE version has been released and Windows2000/XP drivers are to follow in few next days. Bundled with a modified version of ADFview and ADFLib, this release goes some way towards making a true hobbyists tool into a product for everyday users. WinUAE users everywhere start converting your disks. Download

ANN website
individual Computers website
1.10.2002 MooVId 1.6
László Török finished MooVId 1.6 now with Divx, OpenDivx, Divx4, Divx5.x, MPEG4, Sorenson Video support and MPEGI-Layer2/Layer3 audio support.
Registered users can get 1.5 -> 1.6 update here. Check the MooVId link for more information.

MooVId homepage
1.10.2002 AmIRC 3.5.25 beta
New beta version of AmIRC is now available (for registered users only).
Changes since last best
- GUI: minimum notify delay lowered to 5 seconds
- GUI: when someone on the notification list joins a channel you're on, an immediate notification is now triggered
- General: extended F-key to 512 chars
- GUI: maximum prefix width is now calculated in pixels instead of characters to avoid bogus limitations with proportional fonts
- GUI: doesn't activate the chat window everytime there's a privmsg
- General: Each instance of AmIRC now has the instance number added to the Commodities name so Exchange doesn't get confused
- General: Removed beta timeout

VaporWare website