31.10.2001 ProStationAudio's (realtime nl-editing for AmigaOS) new architecture for 2002
The ProStationAudio architecture has been enhanced to make this non-linear editing software solution for AmigaOS even more powerful. And faster. The new version based on this design, ProStationAudio Titanium, is ready and will be on sale in a few days.
While Amigas are wonderful systems, their main problem is lack of raw hardware horse-power: Titanium addresses this problem at design level, using optimizations independent on the host CPU, so that 68K (060 recommeded), PPC, and emulated 68K hardware benefit. Read more

dr. Maurizio Ciccione, AudioLabs
31.10.2001 Descent Freespace supports Virtual Memory
The 68K version of Freespace has been found to run on 32 MB systems with Virtual Memory (using the freely available VMM utility) and at least 24.5 MB of free physical memory. There is not more than 2% slowdown compared to running it without Virtual Memory on this setup. VMM-Installation-Instructions to run Freespace for 68k on this setup will be included with Freespace. This especially means that users who have not more than 32 MB in their Amiga will also be able to play Descent Freespace: The Great War.
Future Hyperion Entertainment games will also support the Virtual Memory System of OS 4.0, to provide the ability to use Virtual Memory to reduce the memory requirements also for PowerPC users.

Steffen Haeuser via ANN
31.10.2001 Exotic G-Rex Sound Drivers released
First time support for two different sound chip makers for PCI cards with Amiga, the exotic sound drivers have been released for free. ForteMedia FM801 based cards for the 4000 G-Rex Series of PCI cards. The ESS Solo-1 exotic sound driver for all G-Rex owners. This is free for all G-Rex owners. A1200 G-Rex owners please read this first.
Updated the G-Rex support page with links for everything needed. Make sure you install at least AHI User archive v4.0 first. With the A1200 G-Rex the Ess Solo-1 driver will work in any of the slots. If you can, it is best to use it in one of the DMA slot(s) for best performance.

CyberGraphX homepage
31.10.2001 Software News
SoftCinema v0.15 - shareware movie/animation player (compiled for PowerUP, WarpUP and MorphOS) is available here Changes: V0.15 beta 1 / V0.15
WOS and MOS versions added.
30% faster divx;)opendivx3iv/h263/i263/intel indeo decoding
lot of bugs fixed
added audio.device support, via directaudio.library
added NOAHI and AHIUNIT options
Bugfixes in AVI parser, QT parser and mpeg audio decoder.
Much faster AVI indexx loading, up to 1000%.
Bugfixed timing routines.
Fixed GRAY display on fullscreen.
Fixed RGB15PC and RGB16PC display routines.
Fixed mpeg audio decoder, should not crash anymore.
10% faster mpeg audio decoding.

env-handler v1.13 - HappyENV replacement. env-handler is a RAM disk specialized for enviroment variables that are usually located in RAM:Env. readme.

AmigAIM 0.9435 Beta - an AIM Client for the Amiga by Richard H. Poser II. history

Jacek Cybularczyk, SoftCinema
Stephan Rupprecht's Homepage
Official AmigAIM Page

30.10.2001 Eyetech's AmigaOne & AmigaOS4.0 annoucement
"It's nearly November and the AmigaOne is due to go on sale at the WoA-SE in London, England on November 3rd 201 - right? No, we’re sorry but the AmigaOne wont be on sale until the New Year. Is this the ultimate disaster to befall the Amiga community? Is the AmigaOne another Boxer? Is this the real end of Amiga as we know it? Certainly not."
AmigaOS4.0 = Hyperion, Haage & Partner, the Picasso96 team, Matay, Olaf Barthel and many others. The agreement will be signed this weekend at the London-based WoA-SE show on 3rd November.

Read more
Alan Redhouse of Eyetech clarified some of the confusion surrounding their latest AmigaOne statement.

Eyetech Group Ltd website
ANN website

30.10.2001 Mediator Multimedia CD UP1.07
The MM CD 1.07 update for Mediator PCI users, who are registered owners of the Mediator Multimedia CD has been made available by ELBOX Computer.
The update includes the new versions of the following drivers:
- mixer.library ver.1.2
- FastEthernet.device ver. 1.2
- MediatorNET.device ver.2.3
- pci.library ver.4.3

Added support for EMU10K2 (SoundBlaster Audigy), EMU10K1 (SoundBlaster Live!), Fortemedia FM801 (Terratec 512i).
A bug removed in S2_TRACKTYPE and S2_UNTRACKTYPE commands.

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER

30.10.2001 Pegasos first official presentation & Mainboard specification update
"The Pegasos system will be presented to the public at the Cologne based Amiga 2001 event. Beside the presentation of the innovating hardware, our main show efforts will concentrate on software and system expandablility.
In the software field, the user gets an extensive overview on capacity and efficiency of the MorphOS environment. The perfectly smooth integration of present Motorola® 680xx applications and native PowerPC® programms with absolute transparency for the user is only one among many outstanding features of MorphOS." Read more

bplan website
30.10.2001 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#011030).

Amiga Update website
30.10.2001 REBOL and Morpheus join forces
StreamCast, makers of Morpheus and next generation peer-to-peer content distribution networks, will base Morpheus 2.0 on REBOL's X Internet operating system (IOS) technology to provide interactive programmable content to more than 30 million users by the end of the year. "We're going to see a whole new world of network applications," says Darrell Smith, StreamCast CTO. "Applications will be morphing - expanding and improving - in real time over the network. You will be able to locate and use a variety of innovative applications and services for business, home, education, and entertainment. The agility of this system will enable it to quickly outrun .Net." Carl Sassenrath adds: "This partnership catapults the Internet into a new era. It combines the ubiquity of StreamCast's advanced peer-to-peer distribution system with the power and operating system independence of REBOL's X Internet applications." You can read whole announcement here.

REBOL Technologies website
29.10.2001 Cloanto licences Picasso96 software
Cloanto is proud to announce that it licensed both the "Picasso96" software from Alexander Kneer and Tobias Abt, and Brian King's "UAEgfx" Monitor implementation, for use in Amiga Forever.
A shareware version of Picasso96 has been providing RTG (Amiga retargetable graphics) functionality to the emulation software which is part of Amiga Forever since 1997. With the new license Cloanto would like to acknowledge the precious contribution of the Picasso96 Team to the ease of use, compatibility and speed which made Amiga Forever so successful, and further contribute to the future development of the Picasso96 software. The new license replaces the shareware status of the Picasso96 software included in Amiga Forever. Support and upgrades will continue to be provided by Cloanto as part of the Amiga Forever product. Read more

Cloanto homepage
29.10.2001 New virus found
A new virus is found. As far as we know, it has not been spread. But read more about is here.
Virus name.... : Harrier A
Virus Type.... : Linkvirus
Virus size.... : 4.800 bytes (Uses polmorphic engine)
Infects....... : 020+ machines

Also, new virus translations added to the Amiga Virus Encyclopedia.

Virus Help Denmark Amiga website

29.10.2001 Another snapshot of RadioX & Visionary, and information update
Well last screengrab for this week... this time 1600x1200x16bit full size grab (921K). Many people have asked about RadioX and the TeleText software. We updated the RadioX page with information on how things will be released and by who. Of course there will be a release of Visionary for all G-Rex owners for free soon.

CyberGraphX homepage
29.10.2001 Kick Off 2 - revival
Visit http://www.ko-gathering.com/ to receive info about the new Kick Off by Steve Screech and the official Kick Off tournament in Dartford, UK.

Vasilis Kafiris
Kick Off Gathering site
29.10.2001 Software News
PerfectPaint v2.75b - great FREEWARE ! proggie for painting, animation and manipulating pictures from 1bit to 24bits. Requirements 030 + FPU, AmigaOS 3.x, CGX or P96, Render.library, Jpeg.library and XPKmaster.library. Changes

Douglas F. McLaughlin: "Some may have already discovered that STRICQ does not work under AmigaOS XL. I just released a HACKED fix for this problem. Don't use this version anyplace other than AmigaOS XL. STRICQ works just fine under Amithlon as is." Download

PerfectPaint's page
StrICQ homepage

28.10.2001 Clubbed Issue 9 Now Available
South Essex Amiga Link are proud to announce that the latest issue of Clubbed, our quarterly print Amiga magazine is now available. Subscription copies have been posted and copies are available from stock. SEAL will be at the World of Amiga South East show next weekend selling the new issue. Read more

Robert Williams, Clubbed Magazine
SEAL website
28.10.2001 Spoletium 4
Spoletium 4, the only italian demoparty, will be held the 24-25th November 2001 in Spoleto, Italy, organized by Darkage and Trinity. As always, is possible to send entries by email and receive your prize by post! Check more infos at www.spoletium.org!

28.10.2001 World of Amiga Southeast show is this Saturday!
The World of Amiga organisers would like to take the opportunity to remind you that the greatest Amiga show on Earth, The World of Amiga South East show, will be happening this coming Saturday, 3rd of November 2001 at; Poplars Hall, Shenfield, Essex, UK. Read more

Mikey C, World Of Amiga South East
28.10.2001 New AmiATLAS 6 website
New AmiATLAS 6 website is now online. AmiATLAS 6 - the multimedia travel planer for AMIGA, will be available November 15th 2001.

With AmiATLAS you can very easily and comfortable calculate travel routes, including unlimited intermediate stops. You can choose between the fastest, shortest, cheapest and most pleasant route.

Gerd Frank, AmiATLAS Development Team

28.10.2001 The Commodore Billboard update
26 English Amiga adverts have been added to the nostalgia archive The Commodore Billboard. A 30 second Australian Commodore64 from 1985 has been added too.

Søren Ladegaard, The Commodore Billboard
28.10.2001 Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena - Interview Action!
A new interesting Interview with Chris Perver,the developer from the freeware textviewer EvenMore is Online! Read about the future, UAE and some more infos about Chris! (Geraman and English)

Amiga Arena website
28.10.2001 RC5-64 effort reached 60% of the keyspace
The RC5-64 effort has now reached 60% of the keyspace (2 days ago). Chances are ever increasing we will find the key now, so keep cracking :)

Amiga RC5 Team Effort website
28.10.2001 Software News
Missing file in DA III V4.2 update!
Sorry, but a little file is missing in the update archive on the Aminet and in the mailing-list. The program wants you to insert the CD-ROM after each program start. The missing file does not disturb the program, but you will get no Internet links of the planets. Simply download the missing file and copy it to your PROGDIR:User folder of DA III and things should work well. This message will be deleted, when the corrected update will appear on the Aminet.

ClassAction v4.3 - freeware multipurpose filemanager for AmigaOS.
Some of the improvements: equal functionality of both listers, path buffering, path tabs, cut'n paste, Find feature, edit menu, diskchange detect. But the subtitle belongs to the new popup menus known from MagicMenu! They replace the old and ugly action list, the main menu and the dropdowns.

StopMenu - freeware Windows like start menu.
Work goes on, but it needs more time. I can't say when I can release the next version.

Digital Almanac Homepage
Martin R. Elsner, 's homepage

27.10.2001 Amithlon.net online with useful Amithlon info
Bernie: "Today, we put www.amithlon.net online with a whole bunch of useful info regarding Amithlon."

"Amithlon is a low-level Amiga emulator for current x86 PCs. It provides very high performance CPU emulation, as well as a translation layer that lets AmigaOS use common PC hardware without the usual drawbacks of emulators. The philosophy behind the development of Amithlon was not to create an Amiga emulator that runs on top of some PC OS, but to turn a current PC into an Amiga. With Amithlon, AmigaOS is in the driver's seat, and directly controls all the hardware."

Bernd "Bernie" Meyer, Amithlon.net website

27.10.2001 The Crypt 20 is now out
"Issue 20 is our NEW edition of The Crypt, and it's our Birthday! 4 whole disks worth of the best material for you to enjoy. So what do we have for you this time?"

Steve Evans, THE CRYPT Magazine
27.10.2001 Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena - Uropa2 Shareware Fullversion
With the permission from Stephen Smith (Austex Software) the Amiga Arena makes it possible to brings you another fine free fullversion - Uropa2 (Shareware Version 2.0).
Uropa² is a combination 3D isometric and 3D light sourced vector game which is based on the moon of Uropa. Battle the evil Kapones and seek out the mastermind of their operations!
Exclusive you will find for the Uropa2 CD Rom Version Published by Vulcan Software Limited the Final Updates and a new Installer Fix! Many thanks to Stephen Smith for the support and help!

Amiga Arena website
27.10.2001 Kicksoft News
Riva - The 68k mpeg player has been reduced by 50% at Kicksoft Ltd. Also do not forget to order your tickets for WOASE . Only one week away! Go to www.kicksoft.co.uk for details.

ray mccarthy, Kicksoft Ltd.
27.10.2001 Software News
Digital Almanac III V4.2 update is out!
The new update of DA III has been uploaded to Aminet. Please note: You must have at least DA III V4.0 or higher already installed.

Digital Almanac Homepage
26.10.2001 Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena - Interview Action
One of the most commercial supported game for the Amiga is PAYBACK this time! But the sell of PAYBACK is very bad so if you dont want to lose one of the talented developers, the AMIGA ARENA appeals to you please dont use piracy copies of PAYBACK!
In the Interview you can read all about the future Update 6 and more! Available in German and English!

Amiga Arena website
26.10.2001 Private G-REX 4000D Performance-Tests by Andreas C. Schmidt
"I made some G-REX 4000D/Voodoo3-3000 real world tests. They can be found here. I will do some additional test, including an ethernettest with MNI-driver on the weekend.
I`d love to see the result of my "benchmark" on the fastest available Mediator system (603e/240, Voodoo3-3000). As I stated all necessary information this shouldn`t be a problem. Nevertheless don`t hesitate to contact me on further details of the tests."
Read more

Andreas C. Schmidt
26.10.2001 100%AMIGA issue 18
A reminder to all 100%AMIGA readers that, for the first time in 18 months, the next issue will be a few days late. We are not closing or changing our name whilst dropping the Amiga coverage but in fact the delay is so that we can bring you the most up to date and latest news, views and previews from the World of Amiga Show on the 3rd November. Come along and visit our stand at the show.
100%AMIGA is the UK's ONLY monthly Amiga CD magazine and continues to provide only Amiga related articles - 100%AMIGA by name, 100%AMIGA by nature. We are also pleased to announce that you can now purchase a trial copy or 6 month and 12 month subscriptions from the Amiga Online Superstore www.forematt.co.uk or at the 100%AMIGA website.

FORE-MATT Home Computing website
26.10.2001 UnExoticA News
Since the release of UnExoticA a few days ago the archive has had 77 new game music rips added, bringing the total to 692! Details about the new additions and changes can be found on the Updates area of UnExoticA.

UnExoticA page
26.10.2001 The MorphOS News site
"A new MorphOS-Website is online, -> The MorphOS News !
You find this site at www.Thorty-online.de/morphos-news.html. A english version comes soon."

Thorsten Schölzel, The MorphOS News
26.10.2001 CyberGraphX V4.3 News
CyberGraphX V4.3 driving 2 screens: G-Rex
Here is a picture of CyberGraphX V4.3 (not out yet) driving 2 17" Monitors. On the left is a Voodoo4 based card gfx with Workbench running Visionary with TV/Video in the background. A quick peek at RadioX. Screen #2 is on a ViRGE based card and has AmIRC and AmigaAMP running, with the same TV/Video in the background. Both screens are 1024x768x16bit and watching "The Arrival".

Snapshot of RadioX on a CGX V4.3 screen
Here is a snapshot of CyberGraphX V4.3 Workbench with most of the Multimedia software running. RadioX (under AmigaAMP), Visionary, TeleText software and the ForteMedia801 SoundMixer software.

CyberGraphX homepage

26.10.2001 Software News
WBStartEmu v45.2b - AmigaOS3.9 version of wbstart.library.
Added a new release of the wbrun command. Please note this is not the os3.9 one! The one included here does not require OS3.9 nor wbstartemu! New in this release is a better support of deficons.

If you updated your Flash on your CSPPC/BPPC/MKIII and Blizkick stoped working for you there is now an update.
BlizKick v1.24beta8 - MapROM tool for phase5/DCE turbos.
BlizKick is used to rekick any Kickstart ROM image with Blizzard turbo boards having MAPROM feature (jumper). Also A4000 CPU & Cyberstorm Cards should work. readme

Stephan Rupprecht's Homepage
Am*ga projects by Harry Piru Sintonen site

25.10.2001 Amiga announces first release of its AmigaDE Player
October 24, 2001- Snoqualmie, WA - Amiga announced today that it has released AmigaDE Player 1.0 for both Microsoft Windows® and Linux.
  The Amiga Digital Environment Player is the first step towards its vision of the Digital Habitat and is core to the foundation of binary portability and delivery of content to different platforms and products. Read more

AmigaInc. website
25.10.2001 Aqua Distribution
"FORE-MATT Home Computing have been appointed by Emerald Imaging as the new world-wide distributors of AQUA, the graphical adventure game in the style of Myst. The game can now be ordered direct from FORE-MATT Home Computing at the new Amiga Online Superstore www.forematt.co.uk. Trade enquiries are welcome by mailing trade@forematt.idps.co.uk or calling +44 (0)8700 11 22 34.
John Wilson of FORE-MATT stated "FORE-MATT Home Computing are pleased to be working with a company who still believes in the Amiga platform. We are committed to selling and distributing great games from the past, present and future for the Amiga community. Emerald Imaging have shown that great original games can still be made for the Amiga and we hope to see this continue."
Kelly Samel from the Canadian company who developed AQUA had this to say "Emerald Imaging is pleased to be working with FORE-MATT Home Computing in the world-wide distribution of Aqua. Working with FORE-MATT will ensure that Aqua is available world-wide for all Amiga users. We look forward to Aqua being available through many Amiga dealers, including FORE-MATT Home Computing and directly from our website. It's all about opening up choice and offering quality software and service to Amiga customers and dealers. We feel we will succeed in this goal thanks to Aqua gaining a wide scope of availability and appeal."
For those who want to know more about AQUA you can visit our website or come to the World of Amiga Show on 3rd November where we will be demonstrating the game on our stand."

FORE-MATT Home Computing website
25.10.2001 Software News
A new update of xvs.library v33.36 has been released today. This update is a major update release, so you should download it. And even better new's... Georg Hoermann is back.... Georg will work together with Jan Erik Olausen to update the xvs.library in the future.
Download / readme

FPSE v0.09 - Free/Final PlayStation Emulator.
This release is based upon the FPSE 0.09 windows sources and has quite good compatibility. The dynarec is not finished yet, so do NOT try to enable it! The screenshots section has not been updated, but I'll do that ASAP. Feel free to send screenshots, just remember to state from which game they are taken as well as if it's the US/EU/JP version of the game. Also, PNG is the prefered format! Many thanks to Pete Bernert who allowed me to use his great PSEmuPro-compatible softgpu plugin for this Amiga release!
FPSE 0.09, Amiga revision 1 (011024)

Virus Help Denmark Amiga website
AmiDog's Emulation Corner site

24.10.2001 ImageFX 4.5 now shipping
No va Design announced the immediate availability of the latest upgrade to ImageFX 4.5. This release adds even more features to one of the industries most powerful image editing and special effects package and the top package for the Amiga. Read more

Nova Design's anouncement

Haage&Partner website
Nova Design Inc. website

24.10.2001 Mick Tinker Gives Up: Boxer Project is Dead
Mick Tinker: "Well time moves on, nothing stands still... The Amiga does not make me a living, it hasn't for a long, long time and it doesn't look like it ever will make me a dime. I have moved on in my life and its time that I left the Amiga behind.
It has been an interesting time. I still love the concepts and elegance of the Amiga, many of those concepts will move forward through the experiences of all those engineers that have had contact with it.
Amiga R.I.P."

Access Innovation Ltd website
24.10.2001 Software-Update Catweasel floppy controller
A new version of the multidisk.device is available for download in the support-area. The device works with all Amiga versions of the Catweasel floppy controller.
On multiple requests, we introduced new formats that can also read and write hidden data on the disks. For the most common formats, the track-limits have been increased, and we introduced special formats for PC disks with different sector numbers and sizes.
The C64 disk format has been extended to 40 tracks, and a small bug has been removed. Now it should finally be possible to write the proper disk ID into the sector headers.

individual Computers website
24.10.2001 Software News
MAD v0.14.0b - mpeg-audio player (040/060/MorphOS).
Special features:
o 24-bit PCM output
o 100% fixed-point (integer) computation
o completely new implementation based on the ISO/IEC standards
o distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL)

Because MAD provides full 24-bit PCM output, applications using MAD are able to produce high quality audio. Even when the output device supports only 16-bit PCM, applications can use the extra resolution to increase the audible dynamic range through the use of dithering or noise shaping.

MySql 4.0.0 Alpha (binary for 040) - in this archive you'll find MySql 4.0.0 Alpha binary, with the Create Database function fixed, cause all previous MySql Amiga versions where returning the message : "this database already exist" when creating a new database. Now you'll be able to create new databases directly with MySql without to have to make the directory of the database yourself.

The Amiga Alternative Audio Page
Da SixK Port Page

23.10.2001 AmigaOS XL: Sale started on 18.10.2001
Sales of AmigaOS XL started on Thursday, the 18.10. The delivery of the pre-orders will last until the end of the week. Thank you very much for your understanding. Last weekend the new version was introduced and sold at Pianeta 2001 in Empoli (Italy).

Haage&Partner website
23.10.2001 GetBoinged.org
Paul J. Beel: "We invite you to check out GetBoinged.org at http://www.getboinged.org where we feature Amiga DE and Amiga Classic applications.
If you cannot find the application you are looking for, feel free to sign up for an account and post the application.
We are currently in the process of gathering Amiga DE and Amiga Classic applications. We will have all of the latest Aminet applications soon.
We look forward to your visit and hope you enjoy GetBoinged.org."

Paul J. Beel, GetBoinged.org
23.10.2001 PEGASOS MB running MorphOS v0.8
Projekt Amiga Internet Service has 15 pictures of "PEGASOS1-MAINBOARD RUNNING AmigaOS© with MorphOS© V0.8 ! at bplan© HEADQUARTERS Frankfurt/Germany"

Projekt Amiga Internet Service page
23.10.2001 Amiga Arena: Interview Action!
"A little interview with Carl Svensson the developer from mp3Play is in German and English online!
The Amiga Arena supports the Free and Sharware Scene and I can appeal only to you - please support the developers with Feedback too!"

Amiga Arena website
23.10.2001 Price reduction for German version of DA III
The new prices for the German version of DA III are: DM 50.- for first users and DM 30.- for update from DA II.
The price for the English version is still the same because of high shipping costs.

Digital Almanac homepage
23.10.2001 Games and Software News
New Amiga version 0.38R3 of Tales of Tamar the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows released.

SViewIV - ImageFX loader/saver V1.3 have been updated and are available for download on Andreas website or Aminet. Archive includes a SUPERVIEW Loader and a Saver module for ImageFX 2.6 and above (works fine with 3.3 or 4.5). It enables every owner of a valid SViewIV.keyfile to also import/export images to/from ImageFX directly.
download / readme

TitleShadow 1.0 has been released. This version has been privately beta tested for a number of months to ensure that it works on a variety of Amiga systems. There are a few bug fixes, an Installer (in English, French, Swedish and German), a better guide (in English, Swedish and German), and now you can have different settings for each public screen.
download / readme

Tales Of Tamar homepage
Andreas Kleinert, PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX
Peter Gordon

22.10.2001 Payback Update 5 And Updated Maps Released
Payback Update 5 is now available on the updates page. There is also a new version of the demo available here. This version fixes all the bugs that were been reported with Update 4 - if you still experience problems then please check the updated FAQ before getting in touch. There's also two updated maps on the Extra Maps page.

Apex Designs website
22.10.2001 Price of Pegasos based computer unoficially unrevealed?
There is one interesting post posted on ann.lu discussion boar, unrevealing possible price level of upcoming Bplan's Pegasos based computer: "BTW, I was at Pianeta Amiga, and I saw the bplan Mobo, and I was impressed. Mainly because it actually worked... It seemed an Amiga (a fast one, indeed), only it was powered by a G3 (and a slow one these days...). They were running IsisPPC with video MPEGs at full speed (AVIs displayed with MooVid do not impress anyone, not even an Amiga user :) ) Page Stream, Candy Factory Pro. The new is that they seemed to work. Anyway, I asked the price and I was pleased to hear that they plan to sell the pegasos with G3@350MHz, HD, DVD, RAM, GFX board (either a Matrox G450 or a VooDoo3, which was the one being shown, depending on the user's preferences),Audio card and tower case for just 1000EUROs (950USD). Now the price seems sensible.

Andrea via ANN
22.10.2001 Pagan Games: New AmigaDE Release BLOBULA
AmigaDE News Pagan Games proudly presents Blobula. The first next-generation platform independent game for desktop machines as well as personal digital assistants. Thanks to AmigaDE Blobula runs on most hardware but AmigaDE will at first be available for Linux, Microsoft Windows and the Sharp Zaurus PDA. Read more

Development of RPG called Dafel: Bloodline continues while a release date is still to be announced.

Pagan Games website

22.10.2001 OSNews interview: Carl Sassenrath on Rebol
OSNews.com brings us interview with Carl Sassenrath, CTO and founder of REBOL Technologies. Carl talks about upcoming Rebol/IOS (Internet Operating System), which is supposed to be released soon. According to Carl, "REBOL is a .Net that works". We all know whom that message is adressed to :-) Even more interesing is following info: "Also, and not to be overlooked, we have a partnership that will be putting REBOL onto 30 million desktops within the next few months. We'll say more about that very soon.". And what can we expect from the technical point of view? - "From the system side, we will add several new "dialect" engines for 3D graphics, inferencing ("AI"), additional network protocols, advanced sound synthesis, and more", says Carl. You can read the interview here.

OSNews website
22.10.2001 ExoticA: The new music area is now online!
UnExoticA - Under the Influence - the definitive Amiga Game Music collection.
This section provides complete unmodified rips with full credits for all Amiga game soundtracks regardless of format. Unlike other collections available elsewhere on the internet, UnExoticA's archive hasn't been defaced with rip credits, which often replace comments left by the original composer.
Full credits for the area can be read on its Main Page. At the time of writing the area contains 3440 files packed into 615 archives. That's 269 different composers! Uncompressed there is currently 212 Megabytes of music!

ExoticA website
22.10.2001 CVPPC & BVPPC users with CGX V4 and Warp3D
Older CVPPC & BVPPC Warp3D drivers use fixed addressing. Warp3D trouble is caused by the dynamic memory mapping of cybpci.library, not the new CGX V4 drivers. Using the newer flash will give CVPPC & BVPPC a virtual PCI bus with a single slot which affects memory mapping of CVPPC & BVPPPC cards. Older 4.0 Warp3D drivers are not aware of this. The new CGX drivers support both the old and the newer mapping mechanisms. If you use the new V4 drivers without the new flash, Warp3D should work ok.

Grab the Warp3D 4.2a archive off the G-Rex support page and install that. Using the newer hardware driver "W3D_Permedia2.library" and gfx driver "W3D_CyberGfx4.library" seem to fix the problem.

CyberGraphX homepage

22.10.2001 Suite101.com October Update
Brief October update on AROS. AROS: Native AmigaOS For Your PC, new article by John Chandler on suite101.com.

suite101.com website
21.10.2001 AmigaOS4.x By Hyperion, Eyetech and H&P
"Amiga and Eyetech and Hyperion and others are working as hard as they can on the AmigaOne. Sure there have been delays but the important thing is that it IS being worked on and will be available." - Fleecy Moss, AmigaInc. via ANN.

"H&P will be contributing their 68K emulator, VM solution, OS 3.5/3.9 codebase and further additions to OS 4." -Ben Hermans, Hyperion Entertainment via ANN

Amigart website

21.10.2001 Short report about the Pianeta 2001
There were some highlights to sight on the Pianeta Amiga 2001.
Haage&Partner presented AmigaOS XL running on an 1.4GHz Athlon. The Amiga software compatibility is said to be very good. For example there were MooVID playing two movies in two windows at the same time.
VirtualWorks showed both of the new PCI solutions G-REX4000D and Mediator 4000 PCI in a show-case, but not working.
An absolute innovation was presented at the booth of Titan Computer where one was able to gaze at Candy Factory Pro running on the Pegasos system by bplan GmbH with MorphOS version 0.8.
Furthermore a new Italian print magazine called Bitplane and done by Nicola Morcutti was presented. This magazine is planned to be published bimonthly including a CD and will be available to subscribers only.
Other exhibitors are Darkage Software, Digital Equipment, AGI, Il Piccolo Emporio, and Mirko Cipolla (CIP060) who presented an A1200 with MediatorPCI, Voodoo, SoundBlaste, and TV card.

Amiga-news.de website
21.10.2001 Kicksoft News
Kicksoft are pleased to announce that "Clubbed" magazine covering the Amiga Classic range and future Amiga can now be ordered as a single copy for just £3.50. so you can try this excellent quartly magazine before you subscribe.
Also World of Amiga South East Tickets can also be bought online. It can be purchased online at http://www.kicksoft.co.uk.

Ray McCarthy, Kicksoft ltd website
21.10.2001 H&P will NOT leave the Amiga market
Markus Nerding: "I got the information that amiga.org published the news that H&P will leave the Amiga market. That is complete nonsense and also does not make much sense, because we just released AmigaOS XL and announced Freespace. As amiga.org is down for the moment I think their system got hacked."

Haage&Partner website
21.10.2001 New Amiga Antivirus Poll
The poll for the Amiga antivirus programmer that has done the most for the Amiga scene in 2001, has started. Please place your Vote Here. The poll will run to the 31 of December 2001 - And you can only vote once a day.

Who has done the most for the Amiga Antivirus scene in 2001?

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website

21.10.2001 Software compatibility list for Amiga OS XL revised
On 19.10. got the software compatibility list for Amiga OS XL updated. Shapeshifter runs on Amithlon, some games under Amiga XL.

Amiga-news.de website
Amiga OS XL website
21.10.2001 Software News
AmiGenerator (v0.34) - Sega MegaDrive/Genesis emulator
This release should be easier to use since both the console version and T-version uses the same CLI options. AGA support has been added again, but only to the T-version. Download

Inutilis news: OctaMED plug-in for Inga
The first plug-in for Inga is now available and can be downloaded from the homepage. With this it is possible to start four-channel-songs created with OctaMED within an Inga adventure. So this is meaningful for all adventures that aren't supposed to be released on CD. In addition for the plug-in is the medplayer.library (v6) needed!
Inga is an engine for graphics adventures with a developer package on sales. Detailed information on the Inga homepage.

AmiDog's Emulation Corner
Amiga-news.de website
Inutilis website

20.10.2001 Aminet CD 45
Aminet CD 45, dated October 2001, contains almost 1 Gigabyte of (uncompressed) software in over 800 archives. Since the release of Aminet 44 numerous new software has appeared. The current edition includes the full Amiga Future Website. Read more

Schatztruhe GTI website
20.10.2001 CyberGraphX V4.x releases
CyberGraphX V4.2pre11 released, newer CVPPC & BVPPC drivers
New drivers for BlizzardVisionPPC and CyberStormPPC allowing the cards to work correctly with the new Flash files found on the G-Rex Page (Oct 17th). A new cgxsystem.lib is included with new and updated stuff (new NOMOUSERATIO Env).
CyberGraphX V4.2 'pre11' update

CyberGraphX V4.3beta "release candidate" archive for G-Rex
A "release candidate" of CyberGraphX V4.3beta archive has been released. Whats new? Updated drivers for Voodoo and Permedia2 PCI cards. cxsystem.library has also been updated. As with all CGX V4.x updates you will need your CGX V4 CDROM.
CyberGraphX V4.3beta (r2 pre2) for G-Rex

NOTE: The G-Rex CGX arcihves are for the G-REX ONLY. The normal CGX releases are for ALL OTHER Amiga cards. You CAN NOT install the Permedia2 driver (from the G-Rex archive) and rename the driver for the BVPPC or CVPPC. If you do this it will not work and may mess your system up.

CyberGraphX homepage

20.10.2001 Software News
WinUAE 0.8.17 Release 3 is now in private beta testing. Changes

WinUAE website
19.10.2001 Hyperion and Haage&Partner on Descent Freespace distribution
Hyperion Entertainment is pleased to announce that Haage&Partner will act as Publisher of the Amiga conversion of "Freespace, The Great War".
The eagerly awaited game which was originally developed by Volition and published by I%nterplay, is arguably the best space-combat simulator ever to grace the Amiga platform and offers an unparalleled mix of top-notch graphics, plot and gameplay.
Freespace will run on any PPC equipped Amiga with at least 64 MB of memory or a 68060 based Amiga with 3D accelerator (e.g. Voodoo 3, Permedia 2).
More information can be found at freespace.haage-partner.de.
Freespace can already be pre-ordered from the H&P online store at www.amiga-shop.de. Users who pro-order their copy of Freespace will receive their copy before anyone else.

Ben Yoris, Hyperion Entertainment
Conflict: FREESPACE H&P page
19.10.2001 Farewell AmigActive...
Amiga Active Magazine Announces Major Changes
"Amiga Active, the world's leading Amiga magazine, is undergoing significant changes to meet the challenges of a changed marketplace. With the first consumer version of the next generation Amiga environment, the AmigaDE player, finally available to the public, Amiga have stepped into the future, and Amiga Active magazine is following suit." Read more

Issue 26 of Amiga Active magazine will be the last one... The magazine wil change name and content to reflect the changes of the Amiga (?????) market.

AmigActive website
Vince Morra

19.10.2001 WWW.AmigaSource.com - Your NEW source for Amiga information
Scott Pistorino: "For your viewing pleasure. A new source of Amiga information has been created. After months of hard work www.AmigaSource.com has finally been released to the Amiga community. With 500 links and many more still yet to come this I hope this will be of much use to you all."

Scott Pistorino, www.AmigaSource.com
19.10.2001 First pictures of purpose designed high-end tower for the AmigaOne
"... over the last few months we've been working closely with French industrial designers Naya Design to come up with what we believe is a really stunning housing for the AmigaOne. It is made from a machined aluminium chassis and backplate together with gold tinted (to meet EMC compliance) plexiglass sides and top. It also features a near-silent PSU, so Amiga users can once more enjoy peace and quiet when using their new Amigas creatively." Read more
High-end AmigaOne tower case - front view
High-end AmigaOne tower case - side view

Eyetech's Clarification About Special Amiga One Tower
"We wanted a 'showcase' tower for dealers, shows, press releases and of course those individuals that thought it was worth the extra to impress their colleagues. And no, you dont put a tower like that under the desk - you show it off (provided you like it - and don't buy it otherwise) on top of the desk - which is why the drive bays are at the bottom for easy access.
Of course the A1+A1200 will fit in existing Elbox towers and Eyetech EZTower-Z4's (also sold by other dealers as the Vtower, SL Tower etc) [..] There is certainly no expectation from us that the majority of purchasers will buy this top end tower, but we would certainly be pleased if that happened ;)"

Eyetech Group Limited website Amigart website

19.10.2001 AMIGA-fair AMIGA 2001
November 17th-18th, 2001
MediaPark 6, Cologne, Germany
Organized by falkemedia and AMIGAplus
The long tradition of the wintry AMIGA-fair in Cologne will be continued this year! From 17th to 18th November 2001 the long awaited AMIGA-fair AMIGA 2001 will be held at MediaPark6 in Köln (Cologne), Germany.
We expect all important hardware- and software-developers, distributors, dealers and press-members from the AMIGA-market, and the announcements of new AMIGA-software and -hardware will make many AMIGA-users visit this event. Following the fair on Saturday evening a conference for developers, dealers and distributors will be held.
On the website of AMIGA 2001 located at http://www.amiga-messe.de You will find further details and latest news about the fair. If You have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact falkemedia or AMIGAplus!

An der Holsatiamühle 1, 24149 Kiel, Germany
Tel: +49 431 200766-0
Fax: +49 431 27368

Ali Goukassian, Nico Barbat
AMIGA-fair AMIGA 2001 page

19.10.2001 Zeoneo News
AmigaDE News The Zeoneo website is now online with details of its two new releases for AmigaDE: Convex and Planet Zed.<
Until now, Zeoneo was a company that relatively few people knew about. Indeed, it may surprise many people to know that we have been working behind the scenes for well over a year now. In that time, experience and understanding of the systems that make up AmigaDE has been gained and used to develop our first two PDA-targetted titles.
Convex is an addictive puzzle game where the objective of each of the 25 levels is to remove all the marbles.
Planet Zed is a vertical scroll shoot 'em up game that borrows many of its features from the classic Bitmap Brothers game Xenon2.
Further information and screenshots of these products is available on the website www.zeoneo.com.

Matthew Kille, Zeoneo website
19.10.2001 Software News
WarpJPEG.datatype v44.25 - freeware JFIF/JPEG datatype (68K,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS).
NEW: Raised minimum WarpUp requirements from V4 to V5, due to cache flush bugs in V4 which cause images to be displayed incorrectly (black stripes, corrupt images or completely black images). These bugs affected v44.24. WarpUp V5 does not have these problems.
Cleaned up the WarpOS version, fixing some potential problems that could happen when an error occurred.
Minor code optimizations.
The installer now allows the destination of datatype files to be changed.

WarpPNG.datatype v44.21 - freeware PNG picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS).

WarpTIFF.datatype v44.5 - freeware TIFF picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS).

WarpBMP.datatype v44.6 - freeware BMP picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS).

WarpPSD.datatype v44.3 - freeware Adobe Photoshop® picture datatype (68k,PPC/WarpOS,PPC/MorphOS).

NEW: Raised minimum WarpUp requirements from V4 to V5, due to cache flush bugs in V4 which cause images to be displayed incorrectly (black stripes, corrupt images or completely black images). These bugs affected v44.2. WarpUp V5 does not have these problems. Cleaned up the WarpOS version, fixing some potential problems that could happen when an error occurred.
The installer now allows the destination of datatype files to be changed.

Attention WarpUp 5.1 users: Due to a bug in the official powerpc.library v16.1 from the OS3.9 boing bag, you may experience crashes from Defiant (WarpOS housekeeping task). Until an official update is made available, I recommend that you use the 16.1beta1 version (which is one month older than the official version) of powerpc.library, available from Frank Wille's ppclibemu page.

Oliver Roberts' homepage

18.10.2001 G-Rex 4000D available
"Since today the GREX 4000D in stock is available and therefore. The first cards were delivered today at our distributor Vesalia computer. The cards are offered also on the Pianeta 2001 in Empoli with Virtualworks. Besides we arranged a new driver package to the free use. So that our board becomes compatible PCI the Pegasos board, now the CyberPCI LIBRARY 2.2 is available. This new Flash, enables now for the first time it to Voodoo 3 users the 15 Khz. To output start screen directly over the Voodoo after the system power-on. In addition new diagram cards drivers and new 68060/40 Librarys are needed and made available. Again likewise the diagram cards driver for the SIS is 6326 VGA card. Both RAM versions of the card are supported. For the sound support we offer the drivers for the proven Terratec to sound cards PCI 128 as well as PCI 512. Also compatible cards with the chip corroding ESS SOLO ONE (PCI 128) can do as well as Fortemedia 801 (PCI 512) to be used. Both drivers support the operation under AHI. All drivers starting from tomorrow to the Download will be available."

ForteMedia801 (FM801) based soundcards will not work with the FM801 AHI driver. Currently the only option is to use ESS Solo-1 based PCI cards with the A1200 G-Rex. The FM801 driver will ONLY work with the A4000 Series of G-Rexs.

CyberGraphX homepage
DCE Computer Service GmbH website

18.10.2001 CyberVisionPPC & BlizzardVision owners do not flash yet!
The new Flash files released for the CyberStormPPC, BlizzardPPC and CyberStormMK3 will work if you do not have a G-Rex installed, but if you use a CyberVisionPPC or BlizzardVision also you need to wait until the next CGX V4 updated. The drivers are not compatible with pci.library in flash. There will be a CGX V4 update for this next week. You can find info on the archive on the G-Rex support page.

CyberGraphX homepage
18.10.2001 iFusion and BlizzardPPC
Jim Drew: "We hope that A1200/BlizzardPPC owners will be using their emulation very soon. We have likely isolated the problem to be with the 603e. The 603e uses a software based MMU lookup table as opposed to a hardware based table used in all other PowerPC CPUs. We are relatively certain that if the Blizzard had a 603, 604, or 604e, there would be no problems.
Our developer card has a 603e, and does work fine, but the configuration of this card (memory base and such) is completely different. We are investigating ways to correct this problem."

Amigart website
Jim Drew, Microcode Solutions via Microcode ML
18.10.2001 AmiMPC - Amiga in-car MP3 Player
The AmiMPC website is now available. Check out the Amiga in-car MP3 player based on an A1200 and MAS Player Pro!

ANN website
AmiMPC website
18.10.2001 Software News
MySql v4.0.0 (binary for 040) - this version is a major evolution of MySql, cause it will allow to add all missing functions of MySql such as as queries in the queries...
This version have not been fully tested by MySql team that's why it is Alpha. The first new feature you will be able to test is Union queries, that work's fine. A new table format has been Added, InnoDb, but I didn't manage to get it work, so I have disabled it in the startmysqld script. If someone find a way to make it work, don't forget to mail me at sixk@ifrance.com. For those who wants to use special character set, just have a look at the startmysqld script and mysql:language/charsets/ directory. For more informations about changes in this version, look at the official MySql Site: www.mysql.com.

Digital Almanac III under Amiga-Emulation
"It is known, that DA III runs perfectly together with WinUAE-JIT.
Today, I have been told, that DA III also runs under the new Amiga emulator AmigaOS/XL and Amithlon. I cannot make any assumptions about Linux-UAE, MAC-UAE as I have no results."

A new pciscan V1.1 was released today. V1.1 is needed to work with the new CyberPCI library V2.2 (Flash). Updated the G-Rex support page with links to the new pciscan.

Da SixK Port Page
Digital Almanac Homepage
CyberGraphX homepage

17.10.2001 AAA prototype board on Ebay
Today Dave Haynie added an Amiga NYX - AAA prototype board to the Haynie's Garage Sale on eBay.
"This is an extremely rare collectable, of absolutely no value as a computer. This is a Nyx motherboard, totally nonfunctional. For those who don't know, this was the prototype system board for the Advanced Amiga Architecture (AAA) chipset." Read more

Dave Haynie, Chief Technology Officer, Merlancia Industries
17.10.2001 Amiga Arena News
"With XBaze there is now a easy but powerfull and flexible database in version 7.0 available. The Amiga Arena talked with Rafal K. the developer of XBaze! The Interview is now online in German and English!"

Amiga Arena website
17.10.2001 SoundFX 4.2 in progress
SoundFX: What things are done or in development for Version 4.2
Stefan Kost: "There have been no news for a long while, so here is something. I am currently rewriting lots of code and fixing bugs. Without that a version 5 would be unthinkable. Of couse there will be a few new features too."

SonicPulse website
17.10.2001 TeleText software working with Visionary on G-Rex!
Posted a new snapshot of Visionary running on the G-Rex with TeleText software going, on the The Visionary support page. No set date for a release yet.

CyberGraphX homepage
17.10.2001 VillageTronic completly out of the Amiga market!
'In the past I have asked VillageTronic about allowing vgr to post all their software and drivers for their products as they no longer have them online, Tobias Seiler who knows about VT & Amiga info posted: "I don't think you'll get any answer form VT relating Amiga anymore. Thats because all the Amiga Stuff from VT went to Klaus when he left the company including the whole IP and all the hardware that was around. Also all the 380 defective PIV cards."'

Tobias Seiler: "But I can also say that there will be some small updates for the Ariande I and the Concierto AHI driver soon. Right now most of the files from the VT site can be accesses at Sophisticated Developmen.

CyberGraphX homepage
Sophisticated Development page

16.10.2001 Rebol IOS Express 1.0 release
REBOL Technologies, makers of real-time collaboration and messaging software, today announced the release of its premier Internet Operating System platform, IOS Express 1.0. The product, to ship later this month, introduces an affordable way to provide highly secure peer-to-peer collaborative processes and information sharing within any organization. IOS Express offers enhanced peer-to-peer collaboration to support a wide range of business processes through a set of tiny "reblet" applications. You can read the announcement here.

REBOL Technologies website
16.10.2001 Mediator Multimedia CD UP1.06
The MM CD 1.06 update for registered users of the Mediator Multimedia CD has been made available by ELBOX Computer. The update includes the new TV card driver version: tv.library v1.3; TV v1.2. Additionally, the driver supports TV backdrop functionality.
Other driver updates in the MM CD UP1.06: FastEthernet.device v1.1 and MediatorNET.device v2.2.
As the interest of programmers is really high, who would like to prepare graphic interfaces working with our TV drivers, we have decided to make available the appropriate tv.library developer's documentation. The tv.library documentation is enclosed in the Mediator Multimedia CD UP1.06 in the DEV_TV drawer.

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
16.10.2001 Absolute novelty: TV as a backdrop
Elbox Computer is pleased to inform that Amiga with the Mediator busboard is from now on the first hardware, in which displaying the actual and moving at full speed real TV broadcasting picture in the backdrop has become possible.
Mediator PCI is now the only PCI busboard for Amiga, whose users may use TV cards. Apart from this fact, Mediator PCI is also a pathfinder for new quality standards in the way PCI TV cards are used in computers.
Displaying the full-quality TV picture with absolutely 100% system performance maintained (irrespective whether you use a turbo card with PPC/68060 or with 68030) is now possible with the special method of storing code for the video capturing processor. Read more

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
16.10.2001 AmigaOS XL will be released this week & more
The first official presentation will be this weekend at Pianeta 2001 in Italy.

H&P just released a Software Compatibilty List that indicates which programs will run on the emulators and which will cause trouble.  This list will be updated constantly.

Haage&Partner website

16.10.2001 Software News
AmigAIM 0.9433 Beta - an AIM Client for the Amiga by Richard H. Poser II. history

Official AmigAIM Page
15.10.2001 Haynie's Garage Sale
Dave Haynie: "I'm having a first-ever "Haynie's Garage Sale" at eBay. This includes bundles of various boards, collectors bits, and other Amiga-related junk. May be of some interest."

Dave Haynie, Chief Technology Officer, Merlancia Industries
15.10.2001 SAHARA - IBM's PowerPC competition to Motorola's G4 Altivec?
eWeek brings us interesting article about upcoming PowerPC solution from IBM. It is codenamed SAHARA. IBM plans to release new CPU ranging from 700 MHz to 1GHz early next year. While SAHARA is suggested to become high-end embedded CPU, it contains AltiVec-like unit, without the AltiVec coprocessor itself, so it should offer competitive performance to Motorola's AltiVec powered G4s. It seems that Motorola and IBM are definitely going each its own direction, in regards to further PowerPC CPU development. You can read the article here.

eWeek website
15.10.2001 Amiga Active Issue 25 On Sale
"Yes folks, it's been out in the shops for a couple of weeks, but details of issue 25 are now on the web site! Apologies for the belated update."

Amiga Active website
15.10.2001 Amiga.org fundraiser: Amiga domain names for sale
Wayne Hunt: "In an attempt to raise funding for the purchase of a new, more powerful dedicated server, I have decided to hold a fund-raiser for the purchase of several Amiga-related domains that I currently own, including amigade.info and amigaos.info." Read more

Wayne Hunt, Amiga.org website
15.10.2001 New OctaMED/music production related forums
"New OctaMED forum at aBSTRaCTaSS as well as many other music production related foums. Please register and give support. We would also like to add more Amiga music related forums if the interest was shown."

ANN website
15.10.2001 Interested in Draco PPC-Card?
"Whilst you cannot actually buy it (yet!), I'm trying to gather information from as many people as possible which are interested in both an accelerator as well as a new GFX-Board for Macrosystem's Draco. The more of you reply, the better the price we will get ;)
So if anyone can be bothered to invest some more cash, please contact me directly. Please do not annoy any developer or MacroSystem! I will collect all the mails and forward them to the developer so he can evaluate whether the project seems viable to him.
Help in supplying Draco Tower and Draco Cube schematics would also be welcome, otherwise we will have to figure those out for ourselves, thus virtually shelving the project, before it begun..."

Alex Goedert via ANN
15.10.2001 Kansas City Users Group Meeting Change
"The Amiga Users Group Of Kansas City - Heart of America(r)-USA has a different meeting location this month only. The topic will be serfing Amiga sites. We will be at the Lighton Tower location at Colledge and Metcalf, just west of Metcalf on College. It is the fancy building with the crown looking top. Just to the left inside the front door. Meeting time 7:00pm as usual. Call Bob Kennedy 816 761-9678 if more info is needed."

Robert Kennedy via ANN
15.10.2001 Software News
A new update of VirusExecutor v2.22 has been released today. You can find the update here. VirusExecutor is a virus killer that's meant to be easy to use. There's no 'advanced' options in the program that you almost never use anyway. This doesn't mean that VE is in the lack of power! readme

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
14.10.2001 Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena - MuiVideo v2.40 Fullversion
In Cooperation with Christoph Kirsch the Amiga Arena presents the fullversion of "MuiVideo v2.40"!
MUIVideo is a film database, its user interface was designed using "MUI".

Amiga Arena website
14.10.2001 Obligement 29 is available!
The 29st issue of the famous french e-zine is now available. You can read in this issue: latests Amiga news, interviews of Richard Fhager (author of BabeAnoid) and Jean-Jacques Boulet (the boss of Amiga Center), report of the Alchimie Meeting 2001, reviews of Photogenics 5 and Repulse sound card, article about ADSL, and lots of others interestings articles ! Download it from the website: http://obligement.free.fr.

David "Daff" Brunet, Obligement
14.10.2001 Report from Bad Bramstedt Germany on G-Rex
Jakub Kassim was able to go the the User group show in Bad Bramstedt Germany and see all the new things for the G-Rex. He was very kind and did a report for VGR:
USB, TV, Graphics & Sound drivers shown
USB driver: Keyboard, Digital Camera, Printer
Use early startup screen on PCI gfx cards
VideoTXT & Radio-Tuner available later
G-Rex Boards upto #100 or 105 have only one DMA slot, upgrade free
All boards above that have 2 DMA slots
MorphOS running on G-Rex, Microserver will be 100% compatible with bPlan Pegasos
Haage&Partner a&re thinking about OS4 on BlizzPPC and CyberPPC
You can read his complete report here.

Read more

You can find more G-Rex info on the G-Rex support page or DCE's Product Page.

CyberGraphX homepage
DCE Computer Service GmbH website

14.10.2001 Software News
Martin Blom released a Cross development suite for RedHat Linux 7.1, targeting m68k-amigaos and ppc-morphos. The RPMs are available for download here. "This is an initial attempt of an AmigaOS/MorphOS cross compiler suite, based on GeekGadgets. The packages were built on a PC running RedHat Linux 7.1, but should run on other distributions as well."

MorphOS website
13.10.2001 Kaliko: Last In Line
AmigaDE News Kaliko is a new developing team working on a number of games in particular for the Amiga DE and the next generation of Amiga computers but also for the classic Amiga, Windows, Linux and other platforms. Their first game is Last In Line and will be available for Amiga DE compatible PDAs.
Last In Line is a board game with numbers for one or two players. To master this game you will need to really use your brain and play tactically. The game features a rather intelligent computer-player that will give you a good challenge in the one-player-mode but you could also play against a friend. Kaliko are currently seeking talented people to work on game projects if you're interesting in joining the Kaliko team, then e-mail them at: mailto:info@kaliko.net.
Read more

Amiga Flame website
Kaliko website
13.10.2001 Exotica News
Updated ExoticA's mirror of the High Voltage SID Collection to version 4.3. The collection now contains 16,986 C64 tunes. ExoticA offers the music individually via a simple to use HTML Interface or you can download them all in one large GZIP'd TAR Archive - HVSC.tar.gz. To see whats new you can check out the e-mail announcement text - update28.txt. For more in depth changes, you can refer to the update logs in the DOCUMENTS/ Directory.

A fab new logo can now be found on the Intro Page of ExoticA. It was made by Yon/IRIS and is a very different style from other logos they have had previously. If any other artists out there would like to have their work on the front page then mail Exotica's master at: buzz@totem.fix.no.

Exotica website

13.10.2001 datatypes upgrade?
Martin Machiels: "I think we can all agree that the datatypes system badly needs an upgrade: support for streaming and other missing features in the library and Multiview, read+write datatypes for previously unsupported and new formats like MPEG4 (streaming would make this possible).
It should be backwards-compatible and should run on AmigaOS 3.x, 4.x, MorphOS, AROS and Amithlon. The AROS datatypes.library would be a good place to start with (if allowed of course).
I was thinking of setting up a project at sourceforge in order to organise it. So this is a call to people who are interested in participating in such a project.
If anyone is interested in participating in such a project, mail me at darklite@beer.com with an approriate subject."

Martin Machiels
13.10.2001 Software News
A new update of xvs.library has been released today. This is just a minor update, that will fond the new Installer of the "Bobek 2" virus (CoolBall.lha). readme

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
12.10.2001 Amiga Games Classifying : September/October 2001
Here is the final classifying of September/October 2001:
1. (1) Payback - 172 pts
2. (3) Napalm - 159 pts
3. (4) Earth 2140 - 146 pts
4. (2) Quake - 121 pts
5. (12) WipeOut 2097 - 108 pts
6. (20) Heretic 2 - 100 pts
7. (7) Exodus The Last War - 100 pts
8. (6) Foundation - 95 pts
9. (5) The Settlers - 89 pts
10. (11) Sensible World Of Soccer - 88 pts
11. (15) Shogo - 83 pts
12. (9) Worms / Worms DC - 77 pts
13. (17) Dune 2 - 71 pts
14. (13) Colonization - 70 pts
15. (8) Bubble Heroes - 58 pts
16. (19) Project X - 55 pts
17. (16) Civilization - 54 pts
18. (18) Genetic Species - 50 pts
19. (10) Slam Tilt - 49 pts
20. (24) Wings - 45 pts
Next votes (AMIGA GAMES ranking of November/December 2001) will begun in mid-November.

David "Daff" Brunet, Amiga Games Classifying
12.10.2001 DCE to show USB, TV/Video, 100BaseT & Sound in Bad Bramstedt
"On Saturday Mr. Dellert", of DCE Computer Service GmbH, "will show us all that stuff like USB, TV-Card, Soundcard and 10/100 Ethernet-Card on the Amiga-Meeting in Bad Bramstedt Germany."
Hope to see you there! You can find more G-Rex info on the G-Rex support page or DCE's Product Page.

CyberGraphX homepage
DCE Computer Service GmbH website
12.10.2001 IBM to Unveil 'Sahara' PowerPC Chip
"IBM next week will announce a new PowerPC ranging in megahertz from 700MHz to 1GHz that could shift the balance of power in the professional Mac market away from Motorola Inc. and its PowerPC G4."
Read more

eWEEK website
12.10.2001 OSNews: Interview SHEEP designer
"Wouter van Oortmerssen is a living legend in the Amiga community. Mostly known about his ability to design and code a whole bunch of programming languages throughout the years, interpreted or compiled (counted 38 so far). Today we host a mini-interview with Wouter regarding the SHEEP programming language. SHEEP is a new scripting/querying/ipc/programming language he is doing for Amiga Inc. REad more

OS News website
11.10.2001 USB drivers working on the G-Rex!
On October 13th at Amiga Meetings in Bad Bramstedt, DCE will introduce USB PCI Board and drivers for G-Rex. 2xUSB PCI for Grex will enable users to use USB mouses, keyboards and scanners for the first time in Amiga market.
Supported USB Cards based on the following chipsets:
UHCI compliant cards (Universal Host Controller Interface)
OHCI compliant cards (Open Host Controller Interface)
VIA 83C572 based cards (tested)
Read more (German)

DCE Computer Service GmbH website
11.10.2001 VIRUS WARNING
A new installer of the Bobek 2 linkvirus has been found. Archive name was CoolBall.lha. It was on Aminet for about 4 month, but has been removed now. You can read our warning right here.
The cure are VirusZ, VirusExecutor or VirusChecker II with the use of xvs.library v33.24.

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
11.10.2001 INET DIAL, Home Server for the AmigaOS, now supports VOYAGER v3.3.117
INET DIAL provides X-10 for Home Automation, timed email upload and download, remote access to your home based computer using any browser either via the Internet or by direct 'dial in'. v3.847 of INET DIAL may be downloaded here.
Screenshots of INET DIAL are also available from http://www.mdr.co.uk.

Richard de Rivaz, MDR Interfaces Ltd.
11.10.2001 DLG Pro BBS final release
"The DLG 'Memorial' website has moved from Tripod to my DSL home page HERE. This contains the FINAL beta of DLG at the time that development was suspended. Any and all DLG sysops are welcome to come and get it before it evaporates. Heck, even if you WEREN'T an owner it's free now :-)
Within a short time I will also provide annotated source code for the software and, if space allows, postscript versions of the manual. Enjoy!"

Jeff Grimmett
11.10.2001 Apollo G4 coming soon
According to The Register Motorola's third-generation of G4-class PowerPC called Apollo - aka the PowerPC 7460 - is, coming off the production line and demonstrating good, early yields, up to 1.33GHz. The higher clock speed's impact on power consumption is likely to be balanced by better power management and a more compact 0.13 micron, silicon-on-insulator chip fabrication process. Read more

The Register website
11.10.2001 Kick Off is coming back!
"Although it won't come out on the Amiga, this might be interesting for the Kick Off 2 Amiga fans. A half a year ago some dutch guys made a website of Kick Off 2. The response was low in the beginning, but someday Steve Screech started posting some messages on the forum and was amazed to find a website dedicated to Kick Off 2. Steve Screech was the man who created the gfx for the game. Suddenly a lot of people noticed the posts of Steve and started to post a lot of messages too. Because of this, Steve Screech thought of bringing the Kick Off name back to life. He still works for Anco and started to write a football game in the style of Kick Off for the PC. The cool thing is that he made the game with the help of several beta-testers. The beta-testers could contribute many things to the game. Although Steve started to make this game for fun, a few months ago Anco thought of bringing the game to the market because of the progress Steve made and the interest people seem to have. Now, the game is in it's final stages. There will be a release for the PC, PS1 and PS2. The company (name not known yet)who will publish the game wants to give the game the same packaging as the Kick Off 2 box (at least in the style of Kick Off 2). The game will be named just 'Kick Off' again, instead of Ultimate Kick Off, which was the name until a few days ago. To find a lot of info about Kick Off in general and the new game (the best news is in the forum) go to www.ko-gathering.com

R.Poelstra, betatester of Kick Off
KO Gathering website
11.10.2001 Prometheus net driver update
Krashan: "prm-rtl8029.device v0.24 now is a bit faster. I've performed a test copying 61.23 MB of data (10 files of 6.1 MB) from PC clone (Pentium MMX 166 MHz, 32 MB RAM) running W98 to my Amiga (CSPPC 604/233 MHz, 68060/50 MHz) using Samba and SMBFileSystem. The data has been copied in 142.4 seconds which gives average throughput of 440 kB/s."

Prometheus support page
11.10.2001 Software News
NetMeter v1.1 - Graphic network device monitor, shows how many packets per second goes through the device in both directions. NEW: Window position tooltypes added. Also so called "Mediator protection" has been removed. NetMeter works with a wide range of SANA-II devices including Amithlon NE2000 driver. Note for Prometheus owners - NetMeter 1.1 requires version 0.24 of RTL8029 driver.

Prometheus support page
10.10.2001 AROS - Amiga Research OS (Beta release)
AROS-ibmpc-bin.zip (v40.1b) / readme
The archive contains the the AROS disk image and a program to write the image to a blank floppy disk. The OS is hard drive installable, which makes loading times lighting fast and makes the OS actually useful. This version should be really good, very stable, quite fast and remarkably compatible.

Matt Parsons' AROS page
10.10.2001 French web site for Amiga 2001
A web site was created for the French speaking poeple who go or who want to go to the show Amiga 2001 on November 17 & 18 in Cologne. This site serves also for grouping together all these persons so that they can meet in this show.
For more informations visit http://www.woa.amedia-software.com.

10.10.2001 New ReqAttack release
The new version of ReqAttack is available! ReqAttack is a patch for the well known AmigaOS requesters. It supports both ECS/AGA and RTG based Amigas. Features of new version: iconification of requesters, sound.datatype support, new hotkeys, background pattern for buttons and many more...
There is also some new/updated translations, ReqAttackUpd for users of RA1.80 package and some example presets.

Jacek Piszczek, Dreamolers-CAPS
10.10.2001 A600/A1200: PCMCIA - Compatibility list
Martin Bertelsmann guides an AmigaOS-/Linux-/NetBSD -compatibility list of the PCMCIA-cards in Amiga 600 / Amiga 1200. He asks for further test reports

Amiga-news.de website
10.10.2001 Software News
A new update of Safe v17.3 has been released. Safe is small CLI command to detect linkviruses in Your system. readme

Virus Help Denmark AMIGA website
9.10.2001 Interview with Bill McEwen
Temple Of Technology brings us today interview with Bill McEwen. The most interesting part probably is that one, describing Amiga Inc.'s financial situation:

"VL: Are you close to finalizing second round financing, or are you still some time away from securing it? BM>> This question is no longer valid :-)"

You can read short interview here.

Zoltan Hunt on Open Amiga ML
Temple Of Technology website

9.10.2001 An interview with Tao Group's development team
OS News.com website brings us interesting interview with Tao Group's development team member(s), talking about Tao's relation to AmigaDE, but most importantly - about Tao's technology itself. Intent, Tao's multimedia platform, seems to be widely accepted by electronic production companies, which in turn could mean more potential market for AmigaDE. Tao Group is founding member of OCAP organisation, aiming at: "creating an open platform for Internet contents and applications to run on any operating system or hardware device resolving many of the technical and commercial problems currently faced by manufacturers, content developers, operators and broadcasters". Latest Tao Group investors include Sharp, Motorola, Nec and Sony.
You can read the interview here.

OS News website
9.10.2001 MediatorUP 2.5 with Warp3D
We are happy to announce release of the long-awaited Warp3D Voodoo drivers for Mediator PCI busboards.
The Warp3D Voodoo drivers for Mediator support both modes of pci.library operation: MMU and NO_MMU.
In the NO_MMU mode, Warp3D supports the PPC and 68k processors. In the MMU mode, Warp3D supports only the 68k processor.
The Warp3D drawer contains full release of the Warp3D V4 for Mediator excluding the DEMO drawer. The DEMO drawer is enclosed in the Mediator Multimedia CD and at: http://www.elbox.com/download/Warp3D_V4_demo.lha
The following files, apart from the Warp3D, are included in MediatorUP25.lha:
- pci.library ver.4.2 NEW
- Voodoo.card ver.2.7 NEW

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
9.10.2001 Mediator Multimedia CD UP1.05
Elbox Computer has made available the MM CD 1.05 update for registered Mediator Multimedia CD users.
The update includes:
THE NEW DRIVER: FastEthernet.device
It is the first time when Amiga users may use the driver, which enables using 100Mb/s network cards. The FastEthernet driver enables using Fast Ethernet 100/10Mbps cards based on RTL8139 chipsets in MEDIATOR PCI busboards.
Driver updates:
- TV tuner drivers ver.1.2
- Voodoo 4/5 drivers ver.4.8
- pci.library ver.4.2

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
9.10.2001 Pegasos, OS XL and much more at Pianeta Amiga 2001
Pegasos, Amiga OS XL, MorphOS v0.8, a new Amiga mag and a lot of other exclusive during Pianeta Amiga 2001, 20 -21 october 2001 Empoli (Florence) - Italy.
During Pianeta Amiga 2001 held in Empoli (Florence) in Italy, 20 and 21 October there will be the official presentation and demonstration of Pegasos motherboard from bplan, Amiga OS XL from Amiga/Haage&Partner, MorphOS v0.8, MotionStudio, Papyrus Office, Candy Factory 2 and Rage Hard from Titan, Amiga Classix 4 and Supreme from Darkage, a new Amiga printed magazine, the italian edition of OS 3.9 Book and a lot of other new products. Please see the support website for the complete exhibitors list and all the new products expected to be released during the show.

Nicola Morocutti via ANN
9.10.2001 Amiga Power XV is available !
Amiga Power, THE french Amiga magazine is available. Content:
- iFusion review
- Prometheus review
- FxScan 3.0 review
- Shogo configuration explained
and more!
You may subscribe to Amiga Power following this link (french only).
Amiga Power is a publication by AFLE, the leading french Amiga users association.

Ben Yoris
Amiga Power.net
9.10.2001 Mediator Voodoo3 Warp3D: Payback Fix
Christian Michael: "James Daniels is working on an update. Failure to run is due to Voodoo3 256x256 tex-size limitation. It has nothing to do with system - GRex/Prometheus has exactly the same problem."

Johan Forsberg: "To everyone who gets a lockup when starting Warp3D programs: DON`T USE THE EXEC V44 PATCH!!! I (and Christian Michael too) came to that conclusion when I was betatesting the drivers..."

CyberGraphX homepage

9.10.2001 Software News
Magic Menu 2.31 (beta) - PopUp menus for OS 2.x or later (with optional 3D-Look & transparency).

XBaze v7.0 is a powerful database with very easy fields and layout editor for AmigaOS.
Download / Changes

The World Of MagicMenu
XBaze homepage

8.10.2001 BPlan Pegasos for Q1 2002
This information is revealed in ANN thread:
- Q1 2002 is the planned release date for Pegasos EndUser boards.
- MorphOS Team has a contract from Amiga Inc. since May 2001, but they don`t want to sign it at the moment.
- MorphOS Team thinks that "AmigaXL/Amithlon for x86, AROS, MorphOS for PPC" are the choices for 2002 and beyond.
Read more

Amigart website
ANN website
8.10.2001 CAPS - The Classic Amiga Preservation Society
The CAPS project has been launched! A project aimed at saving original Amiga games from floppy extinction. Games are being dumped and can be re-mastered to fix originals with the copy protection intact!

Kieron Wilkinson, CAPS website
8.10.2001 AROS updated, again
Aaron Digulla added FAQ items on how to use AROS floppies in UAE and in AROS and about the new AROS IRC channel. He also started porting XDME, his editor. The port is almost compete but it crashes soon after start:-) Georg Steger fixed the long standing FPU bug... Read more

AROS homepage
8.10.2001 Payback Review Updated
Amiga Extreme have already reviewed Payback, but they thought it was appropriate to post a short review for the PPC and Warp3D version of Payback.

Amiga Extreme website
8.10.2001 Software News
SoftCinema v0.15 beta is a shareware movie/animation player for the Amiga equiped with PowerPC processor (PowerUp/WarpUp). Changes:
· WOS version is available
· 30% speedup in divx/opendivx/3ivx/h263/indeo codecs
· changes in QT parser, movies from digital cameras now works fine
· lot bugs squashed

MySQT v0.1 (Simple Query Tool) is an utility that will let you to do queries to a MySQL database with an MUI GUI.
This version should be a bit more stable than the previous one, cause dynamical allocation have been added. Actually, columns with more than 255 characters should crash MySQT and request with sevral tables seem's to cause lost connections. Before starting MySQT dont forget to edit icon Tooltypes to fit your Database access. As usual, you use MySQT at your own risk and I can't be responsible for any dammages...

SoftCinema homepage
Da SixK Port Page

7.10.2001 Voyager³ 3.3.1174beta
Both a new AmigaOS and a new MorphOS version of V³ are available at the V³ Portal. This time, it's a full release archive, including all required modules and libraries, and with an Installer script.
Get the m68k AmigaOS-Version here. The MorphOS-Version is in a seperate archive and needs manual installation on top of the AmigaOS version -- instructions for this are included in the MorphOS PPC V archive. The release notes with the complete list of changes (since 3.3.104) can be read here.

VaporWare website
7.10.2001 Interview with Bill McEwen
There is a brand new interview with Bill McEwen, which was published in the last german edition of AMIGA aktuell. Because of the delay, which the translation of AMIGA aktuell International will take, we decided to send you this interview via our newsletter. You can read it also on our homepage at http://www.aakt.de and in the october-edition too."

Amiga.org website
Carsten Schröder, AMIGA aktuell
7.10.2001 www.OnyxSoft.nu not available for some time
Due to a problem with the Internet provider the normal domain 'www.onyxsoft.nu' of OnyxSoft (Cathedral) will not be accessible for some time.
To fix this problem a site mirror was established available at http://onyxsoft.dhs.org/.

Amiga-news.de website
7.10.2001 Service Manager Released
Colin Wenzel: "I have just finished an update to CSM (Service Manager). This new version (12.33) incorporates some change to the Tax Credit Log section as well as some graphical changes, also, a better date parser has also been implimented...
You may dowload just the new CSM from the home page: http://www.hotkey.net.au/~colstv/csm_dload/."

Colin Wenzel
7.10.2001 Report of the Amithlon Demo in UK
A report of the Amithlon demonstration given by Bill Hogget in Blackpool, UK on Monday 1st October.

Geoff Milnes, Chairman HAUG
Huddersfield Amiga User Group's Alt-WoA page
6.10.2001 Payback PPC/Warp3D Update 4 And New Maps Released
Payback Update 4 can now be downloaded from theupdates page. There is also a new version of the demo available here. The two main features in this version are PPC and Warp3D support, but there are a lot of other new features so you should still download the update even if you don't need PPC/Warp3D support. You'll need to install the latest update to get all the new features because manufacturing updated CDs would unfortunately be too expensive. Still, the update will also soon be available on Aminet and on most magazine CDs, so getting hold of it shouldn't be too difficult. There's also one new and two updated maps available on the Extra Maps page. I've also added a link to Amigalien's German Payback Homepage on the Links page.

Apex Designs website
6.10.2001 Warp3D running on Voodoo3, Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 in Mediator
Elbox Computer is humbly informing all the Amiga fans that Warp3D Voodoo drivers for Mediator PCI busboards are on the release now.
Warp3D drivers prepared by Hyperion Entertainment for Mediator PCI busboards work flawlessly on PPC & 68k processors with the following graphic cards:
Voodoo3 2000/3000
Voodoo4 4500
Voodoo5 5500
Warp3D Voodoo drivers are now included in the software package bundled with all the Mediator PCI busboards.
For all the registered users of Mediator PCI busboards Warp3D Voodoo drivers are available free of charge directly and exclusively from Elbox Computer.

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
6.10.2001 Warp3D running on Voodoo4/5 in Mediator: Hyperion declines all responsability
Mr.Ben Yoris, Hyperion: "I must caution everyone that Hyperion has not tested the Voodoo 3 drivers to ensure operation with Voodoo 4/5. In fact, we do not even own a Voodoo 4/5. We can therefore NOT guarantee that the Voodoo 3 drivers work with the Voodoo 4/5 and as a matter of fact, we consider this rather unlikely. We do not have access to the Voodoo 4 (VSA 100) documentation [..]. We did do Voodoo 3 drivers for them (ELBOX) but no Voodoo 4/5. [..]"

"Dear Amigans, recently Elbox announced that they have drivers for Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 gfx boards. Hyperion decline here all responsability about these drivers. They have not been tested in any manner on our side, and thus we can't garanty the trustability and performance of these drivers. We recommend all Mediator users to use them carefully until further investigations are complete."

"It seem that the Voodoo4/5 might have some type of backwards compatibility built in for the older Voodoo3 3D core. It has been reported that The Warp3D Voodoo3 driver for the Prometheus also works with the Voodoo4/5 with some drawbacks. It crashes more, not as fast as it might be running in some emulation mode. The major downside is that it does not take advantage of any of the more advance features in the Voodoo4/5 3D core. In this case all 3 PCI cards (G-Rex, Prometheus and Mediator) Voodoo3 Warp3D driver should run with Voodoo4/5 cards... just not taking advantage of it."

CyberGraphX homepage
Hyperion Entertainment website

6.10.2001 Kicksoft News
"Kicksoft are pleased to announce a price promotion on FXpaint & FXscan
Buy both items together and save £10.
Buy either one on there own and save £4.
Tickets for World of Amiga South East can now be purchased at the kicksoft site for just £3.50 each. Go to www.kicksoft.co.uk for details."

Amiga.org website
Kicksoft website
5.10.2001 Start Planning! There are only Four weeks to go!!
The World of Amiga Southeast show, Exhibitors list is finally here, and Amiga are coming!
Please note, the layout and exhibitors list on the WOAse website is incorrect, please refer to this list for now. A correct hall layout and list will be posted sometime today at http://www.worldofamiga.com.
List of Exhibitors:
1-2................Kicksoft Ltd
3..................Pagan Games
4..................Huddersfield Amiga User Group /Blackpool User Group
15-16..............Fore-matt Home Computing
17.................100% Amiga Magazine
18.................South Essex Amiga Link
19.................Amiga North Thames
21.................Amiga Support Association
22.................Elbox (SharkPPC Premiere)
23-24..............Mediator Support Team
25-27..............Virtual Programming/Amiga Active Magazine (Show Sponsors)
28-30..............Weird Science
31-33..............Stellar Dreams
34.................Hyperion Games Arena
35.................Gloucestershire Amiga User Group
Sadly, Analogic are unable to attend due to commitments elsewhere. On the positive side, Haage and Partner have confirmed their attendance and may take the last unsold space.

Don't forget tickets can still be purchased in advance via our website http://www.worldofamiga.com and via telephone/mail order from Fore-Matt Home Computing on +44 (0)8700 112234. Other important announcements about the show including information on where to stay will follow in due course.
World of Amiga Southeast is sponsored by Amiga Active Magazine.

We have had a number of Enquiries with regards to the following two items...

Mikey C

5.10.2001 Earth 2150 - Escape from the blue planet for MorphOS
MorphOS News E.p.i.c. Interactive Entertainment has signed a contract with Zuxxez Entertainment to bring 3D RTS series Earth 2150 to the Macintosh. EARTH 2150: ESCAPE FROM THE BLUE PLANET will lead the way and should be available for Macgamers this winter. Sequels EARTH 2150: THE MOON PROJECT and EARTH 2150: LOST SOULS will follow at a later date. More information on EARTH 2150 can be found in the projects section. A movietrailer will soon be available. Additional information on EARTH 2150 can also be found on the official Earth 2150 homepage. A version for Pegasos/MorphOS will follow!

E.p.i.c. Interactive Entertainment website
5.10.2001 Ottawa Amiga Show Still A Go
"For those of you who are wondering, the Ottawa Amiga Show, taking place on the 17th and 18th of November, 2001 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is still happening. The show's web site has recently been updated, and so far, these companies have said they'd be in attendance:
Amiga Inc.
Cinereal Pro Video
Downtown Amiga

More companies to be added shortly. Much more information is available on the above-mentioned web site."

Amiga.org website
Ottawa Amiga Show website
5.10.2001 Many G-Rex information webpages updated
The following G-Rex webpages were updated:
DCE Computer Service GmbH, Elektronikdesign, Lohnfertigung:
Product Page - New pics of G-Rex 4000D
Galerie Page - New pics of G-Rex 4000D production process
Main G-Rex Page - New links & FAQ updated
New G- Rex Hardware Page - Info & History pics of every G-Rex made

CyberGraphX homepage
DCE Computer Service GmbH website
5.10.2001 Software Hut NewsLetter
Software Hut's latest newsletter. Welcome to another edition of the Software Hut Newsletter. In this issue:

Amiga.org website
4.10.2001 PREMIERE: Fast Ethernet 100Mbps for the first time in Amiga
ELBOX COMPUTER is pleased to announce that from now onwards Amiga computers equipped with MEDIATOR PCI offer the possibility of using Fast Ethernet 100Mb/s network cards.
This has become possible with the FastEthernet.device SANA-II driver developed by Elbox for the MEDIATOR PCI busboard series. This driver enables using 100Mb/s cards based on RTL8139 chipsets in MEDIATOR PCI busboards.
Fast Ethernet driver is now included in the MEDIATOR MULTIMEDIA CD collection. All the registered MM CD users are now receiving this new driver free of charge. Read more

Mariusz Wloczysiak, ELBOX COMPUTER
4.10.2001 Back to the Roots Amiga-News 233
"We enjoyed the summer a bit, but now it's finally time to update Back to the Roots again - and this is another massive update!
With permission from "Reakktor Media" we can offer you "Subtrade", a brilliant M.U.L.E. clone. Other new games are e.g. Conquest of the Longbow, Zeppelin, Blastar, Seek and Destroy, Zool 1+2 (HD), Banshee (HD) and many more.
Then we added 20 AGA demos, 20 ECS demos, 40 PC demos, 50 Amiga game tunes, 100 demoscene tunes and 70 scene pictures. A lot of stuff for you to download, isn't it?"

Bobic + Hippie2000, Back to the Roots Team
4.10.2001 AROS News
AROS has now an official IRC channel on EFnet. '/join' #aros, the official AROS IRC channel!

AROS homepage
4.10.2001 dynAMIte News
dynAMIte v1.8 has been released. Get it now! See changes.txt for recent changes.
dynAMIte is a bomberman/dynablaster-clone that can be played (only) over the internet (TCP/IP) by up to 8 players! readme

dynAMIte homepage
4.10.2001 Software News
AMPlifier V2.32 - shareware mpeg audio player. New features:
ReAction user style interface
works with zipped skins-archives (.wsz)
ID3v2 Tag support improved
two new AREXX commands
funktion to enter URLs for mp3-streaming
save mp3-streams to harddisc

After one year of a break of development there is a new version of MUIBase v1.6, fast and very flexible database for the Amiga.

Jay Cornwall: "I've been working on a Gnutella client for the last few months, but I've now run out of time to develop it further (I'm starting university soon). It's come quite far, and it seemed a shame to just delete it, So I thought I'd release it to all you coders out there, in the hope that someone might finish it. Source for Storm C 3 is included (will probably adapt to other compilers without too much hassle). A list of features it has so far is at: http://amignut.sourceforge.net/intro.html" Download / Readme

Kato Development Group website
MUIBase homepage

3.10.2001 Defender of the crown re-mastered for Amiga?
"If you want Defender Of the Crown and/or any other Cinemaware game re-released for Amiga with enhanched graphics & sounds then visit the portal at http://clickboom.com/portal/ and answer the poll. If you are not a registered user of the portale then send them an email at info@clickboom.com."

Vince Morra
clickBOOM Portal
3.10.2001 How to install Mediator PCI 4000 in the towerised A4000
The Elbox Computer Website has been updated. The Mediator PCI 4000 Quick Installation Guide has been added in Support - Product Manuals.
The manual illustrates installation of the Mediator PCI 4000 and PCI cards in Amiga 4000D in the E/BOX 4000 tower case (aka Power Tower 4000). To view the installation in html, click here. To download the pdf file manual, click here.

Wojtek Kozlowski, ELBOX COMPUTER
3.10.2001 DCE Product/G-Rex webpage updated
DCE has updated their Product Page with a ton of new information! Big list of PCI cards tested and working with the G-Rex drivers (many new TV/Video Cards). Along with many nice pictures of the many cards working.
Completely reworked and upgraded the super G-Rex Support Page on vgr. Includes a complete list of supported and tested PCI cards. Pictures of all G-Rex models, including new A4000 G-Rex with fan and A4000T G-Rex. Latest info on G-Rex software and more. Also updated the Visionary Support Page with a list of Video/TV cards tested with Visionary (images lifted from DCE).

CyberGraphX homepage
DCE Computer Service GmbH website
3.10.2001 MotionStudio - videoediting software for MorphOS
Titan Computer announces MotionStudio, a new video editor often commodity exclusively for MorphOS. Some the outstanding features are e.g. freely definable particle effects, which can be applied to any s-w mask, 40 video effects, very intuitive GUI and much more besides.
MotionStudio requires MorphOS V1.0 or higher, 128MB RAM, G3 PowerPC with at least 400Mhz, Firewire for DV, supports Pegasos Computer from Bplan and Tsunami and Torro Computers from Merlancia Industries directly.

Amiga.org website
Titan Computer website
3.10.2001 V release still in the works... and more
"V release still in the works. This weekend, perhaps (sorry for the ongoing delays)

And now for something completely different: If you're interested in ambient/electronic music, head over to http://paperhouse.vapor.com/ where can you now (legally) download two full albums from the british band PaPERHOUsE.
Incidentally, PaPERHOUsE isn't your random home studio band #782784 -- it's a new project of the former "Click Click" vocalist and song writer Adrian Smith. "Click Click" was a well-known (well, in independant circles, at least) 80's eletronic band; if you were listening to such stuff back then, you've probably heard them ("Sweet Stuff", at least)"

Oliver 'owagner' Wagner, V3Portal

2.10.2001 New Amiga Online Superstore now open
A new Amiga Online Superstore has just opened from FORE-MATT Home Computing. Hundreds of products are now available to order from the website with many hundreds still to be added. Featuring 128 Bit secure encryption when ordering your desired Amiga items. As well as our vast range of CD software currently on the site, you will also be able to purchase hardware, peripherals, books, magazines, and AmigaOne products as well as selected Amiga retro classic titles. Many titles can be purchased at a lower price than our catalogue or competitors price! FORE-MATT Home Computing is the largest stockist of Amiga software in the UK and many of the titles to be added will be exclusive to the Amiga Online Superstore. Also, to celebrate the opening, there will be FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the world for all purchases made through the online ordering system and received by 14 October 2001.

Amiga Online Superstore
2.10.2001 AmigaOne & AmigaOS 4.0 News
On the AmigaOne mailing list Alan Redhouse responds to requests regarding the AmigaOne / OS4.0 development status:
"It *is* about business, not about a lack of courteousness and, particularly, the A1 project is not a reality TV show or soap opera [..] However OS4.0 is now well under way and looks like it will make a November release, but maybe not the 1st. Read more

PPC AmigaOS Discussion Between H&P and MorphOS
Martin Heine has posted an article to ANN about PPC AmigaOS Discussion between H&P and MorphOS. He says: "The article contains quick and dirty translations of comments made yesterday and today by Mr. Haage and Ralph Schmidt at amiga-news.de, since I thought non-german-speakers might be interested in this, too. Read more

AmigaOne ML
Amigart website
ANN website

2.10.2001 AmiBench is celebrating it's fourth birthday
"This year we have pulled out all the stops and have managed to secure some brilliant prizes from the following sponsors:
* AmigaActive - 4, 6 month subs to AA
* Kicksoft - 1 Copy DrawStudio + Manual
* Idruna Software - 1 Copy Of Photogenics
All you have to do to stand a chance of winning any one of these prizes is pop along to AmiBench and enter the quiz!"

Mark 'tecno' Wilson, AmiBench
2.10.2001 AmigaOS XL: Frequently Asked Questions (in English)
H&P: "We just release our first list of answer to frequently asked questions. This list is has been translated to English now. FAQ List

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2.10.2001 First snapshot of ProStationAudio running on a Amiga with a PCI sound card.
A few days ago Audio Labs posted info that ProStationAudio was working with the G-Rex AHI ForteMedia FM801 & ESS Solo-1 drivers. The Terratec 128iPCI & Terratec 512i digital ".... have passed preliminary tests for analog I/O with ProStationAudio. Drivers for the 512i are being extended with S/P-DIF support." The first screenshot of ProStationAudio working with a PCI audio card on the Amiga.

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2.10.2001 Software News
A new update of Safe v17.1 has been released. Safe is small CLI command to detect linkviruses in Your system. readme

New virus translations added to the Amiga Virus Encyclopedia.

"The latest version of the Toccata-Emulation for the Repulse soundcard is available. Thanks to Christian Haldenwang who placed us a VLabMotion and a Toccata at our disposal so we could fix some bugs. The Toccata-Emulation works now very fine with MovieShop. So the Repulse is the perfect replacement for the Toccata."

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1.10.2001 Mediator drivers support 47 models of TV cards
Darek Dulian, Elbox Computer posted on the Amiga-Mediator ML: "Our drivers support 47 models of TV cards at the present time. In some countries, there are versions of the TV cards under the same names, which have other tuners installed than these, with which cards of the same names are available in majority of countries. TV card drivers produced by Elbox are fully parametrised, which means that adding support for any other new card means special preference files have to be prepared by Elbox Computer. Such preference files are now being prepared for several more TV card versions and shall be made available in the next TV driver update."
"BTW. This week will see many new surprises for Mediator users... :-)"

Philippe van Calsteren has updated his ChannelED for the Mediator. ChannelED is a TVCard channel editor for the Mediator.
Note: ChannelED does not have the "Approved by ELBOX" seal yet.

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1.10.2001 Amiga Update Newsletter
Latest Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb (#010930).

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1.10.2001 Games News
New Amiga version 0.37R6 of Tales of Tamar the internet based roundgame for Amiga, Atari, Mac, Java, Linux/SDL and Windows released.

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